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  1. OpenXML Query
  2. Lost Update Problem?
  3. can I return output from stored procedure into an HTA to display in browser?
  4. BitArray to binary
  5. Database change tracking software
  6. Updating tables via agent ?
  7. Erro trapping question
  8. Enterprise Manager Job Scheduler Vrs Query Analyzer???
  9. Problem with date
  10. Where to put ISNULL
  11. pocket pc mssql remote database admin
  12. Select in a transaction hangs when selecting from remote table
  13. AD
  14. Sparse Hierarchy T-SQL Help...PLEASE?
  15. No triggers, constraints
  16. No triggers, constraints
  17. EM - Open table - Return Top... -1000
  18. How to Identify Permissions for SQL Server Tables & Stored Proc. via VB Code
  19. Command works in DOS but not in xp_cmdshell
  20. Connecting to SQLServer 2000 using DNS alias
  21. export from mssql database
  22. Reordering entries in form
  23. Is this possible?
  24. Help! Dates and SQL
  25. Tables and Stored Procedures
  26. How Is The SQL2000 Desktop Licensed?
  27. Help needed with Backup and Restore
  28. Access a table
  29. Lock/block retained after commit
  30. Owner of the table
  31. Select returns one row from two
  32. Problem shrinking a database
  33. Table Name in Variable - Create Statement
  34. Is there an easy way to monitor (audit) who logs onto a database ??
  35. Is Yukon Beta2 download scalable up to 8 CPUs
  36. SQL Server 2000: How to handle licenses?
  38. Access crashes when updating a stored procedure
  39. SQL Server 2000: not enough storage is available to complete this operation
  40. Next Run Date column not sorting
  41. Application Performance advice please?
  42. Logging Errors
  43. how can i manage database on lan base[network base]software
  44. Recover Master database fron only MDF file
  45. Use a downloaded database
  46. Primary Key: I am trying to understand--please help if you can.
  47. SQL Server takes too long to run a query
  48. [MSSQL + VS.NET] Connection - sleeping
  49. Sql Server to MSDE - good choice?
  50. how do i use select statement in update query
  51. Trigger code
  52. ASP / SQLServer connection
  53. how to use select statement in insert query
  54. String searching
  55. how do i connect from one sqlserver7 to other sqlserver7 through internet
  56. Optimizing Database
  57. How to get back the value from exec() ?
  58. Change owner
  59. SQL Server Chat next Tuesday: SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 CLR Q & A
  60. Nulls being allowed when they shouldnt be?
  61. bcp API
  62. Variable in Variable
  63. Backup to remote pc
  64. Active Script OK But Scheduled Job Fails
  65. Reporting Services: Role Assignment without using Report Manager
  66. Vchar vs Char
  67. dynamic killer
  68. Removing non-printing characters ...
  69. Changing Column Name on a table
  70. Regex parser Text field
  71. Current user
  72. Desperate! - Need simple MSSQL server monitoring scripts, ideas, etc that can be performed by operator types (non-programmers)
  73. Relationships getting deleted (MS SQL)
  74. creating trigger to auto set create/modify dates
  75. Error when writing to SQL server through asp page using windows authentication
  76. Transaction through stored Procedure
  77. SQLServer 2005 Beta
  78. limit the access
  79. Indexed Views Vs temp tables
  80. how do you know what transation ID to play forward after restore?
  81. Search Text in Database
  82. audit select on a table?
  83. Log file of test database bloating
  84. Compare two column values with leading zeros
  85. Dynamic SQL and function
  86. Lookup value query joining two tables
  87. odbc sql server driver timeout expired
  88. auditing logins in Analysis server
  89. problems registering new database with EM.
  90. MS SQL Server client under linux/unix.
  91. Adding a day to a date.
  92. Basic SQL Server Question
  93. reporting on a DTS performance reporting
  94. Hiding Data
  95. View Users
  96. Restore DB procedure - date parameter
  97. password hash
  98. Transposing
  99. how to monitor for full table scans?
  100. DBA Responsibility
  101. DECODE in SQL Server?"
  102. Lookup value query joining two tables
  103. urgent - data type problem
  104. Populating an Access combo box with large amount of data causes table lock in SQL Server
  105. Periodic maintenance like sp_delete_backuphistory?
  106. SQL Server 2000 on AMD
  107. DTCXact transaction in DBCC openTran
  108. selecting the latest date from different columns
  109. Help Trigger
  110. URGENT database security question
  111. Data model for a web messaging application.
  112. Change local variable inside query
  113. transform recordset
  114. Update sql syntex question
  115. Text column slows down select
  116. Average Computation Question
  117. Mapping image pointers to page numbers
  118. See the good, the bad, and the ugly of your SQL Server data with OneClickRevelation(tm)
  119. Update Statistics failed, incorrect set options
  120. Temp DB growing to max available disk space
  121. Manual Log shipping
  122. SQL SERVER SMP configuration
  123. invalid object like view, function etc.
  124. invalid object like view, function etc.
  125. Creating view (transpose records to columns)
  126. Data Replication performance.
  127. saving changes made to database
  128. Transact SQL probklems with variable scope
  129. Book recommendation
  130. tran log reader/viewer
  131. Restoring the master to different drive letters
  132. sorting string
  133. DTS -- SQL Server Data to AS400
  134. Help - Server stops responding to connections, stops accepting connections
  135. run 3 dynamic selects from stored proc
  136. Group by on the text colum throws error
  137. SQL Server Service Account
  138. Query returning duplicate field names
  139. Can SQL Server 2005 Express and SQL Server 2005 be installed on same machine?
  140. Export data from SQL2000 to XML
  141. Backup Disabling Randomly
  142. Table size count
  143. Converting a smallint to an nvarchar
  144. Analsis Manager Parent-Child missing Writeback in Select Advanced Options
  145. How to configure sql server
  146. Firing Triggers from 1 SQL Server to another
  147. Is there a way we can implement business logic by storing it in colums of a table and calling it?
  148. database architecture and table design
  149. Second instance creation tiny wittle problem?
  150. Transposing rows into columns
  151. Stop time duration problem
  152. openrowset drivers msdaora
  153. Create query based on a field that won't be the same value in both tables
  154. 2 sql servers with Access Front-end
  155. Recommended method to obtain SQLDataPath
  156. random row
  157. Backup transaction logs and replication simultaneously
  158. Authors and Instructors Needed!
  159. Stored procedure performance optimization
  160. Another question (IN keyword)
  161. MSSQL acting strange
  162. Need to Change Developers Acct to Windows Authentication
  163. How to find the size of the database dump.
  164. Problem with a foreing key
  165. Follow-up: DTS question
  166. Problem with SQL generated from MS Access
  167. Hanging or lockup issue with SQL Server and Terminal Services 2000 on NT 4 Domain Server
  168. server heartbeat function
  169. Internal SQL Server error when using variable
  170. log shipping - out of sync
  171. Changing datatype from char to datetime
  172. strange performance
  173. SA to Windows Authentication
  174. sql books
  175. DTS global variable question
  176. Database Design
  177. Suggestions on front end development tools
  178. Advise: DTS
  179. Need your help with Microsoft Reporting Services
  180. OUTER JOIN problem
  181. Connecting to Analysis Services using HTTP
  182. Saving text to MS-SQL...
  183. Represent a value list as a table for Outer Join????
  184. Changing Data Format On Select
  185. How to connect to a MSSQL 2000 OLAP Server
  186. Strange SQLCloseCursor Problem
  187. user defined function issue
  188. Variables in SQL Statements
  189. Bulk inserts to Data Warehouse - Best Practices?
  190. SQL Web Administrator calls Visual Studio?
  191. Can't import Access DB into MSDE
  192. Pulling 2 values from 2 textboxes displayed in a third
  193. Showing friendly values in the GUI
  194. XP_SQLMaint
  195. Replace SQL server in multiple server network
  196. Replace SQL server in multiple server network
  197. Need help with query or possible Stored Procedure
  198. CAlling a sp outside a transaction
  199. Linked Server on SQL2000 to DB2 - desperate...
  200. Delete using another table's values
  201. Temporary table problem (maybe)
  202. Microsoft Reporting Service
  203. Front-end tools -- Which is the most productive?
  204. Database server connection
  205. How many records in a table?
  206. Replication: Transactional: Multi Publications, One Subscriber.
  207. Can't change datatype???
  208. How do I change the owner from a table in a database
  209. Timestamp Conversion
  210. Using a Select statment for the name of the field?
  211. Design Question
  212. Mailing Lists
  213. Runtime error data provider or other service provided an efail status
  214. Subform problem with unique-table-property set in access adp
  215. Print the Table Structure
  216. How to print the Table layout
  217. image question
  218. Replication as backup
  219. Outsourcinng is being outmoded
  220. Function that returns highest of two columns?
  221. Synchronization of multiple clients
  222. Removing Tuning Wizard Indexes
  223. Stored procedure to grant all users db_owner
  224. Record Snapshots
  225. convert date to MMDDYYYY
  226. Variable Arg Lists to PreparedStatements
  227. Need help with MS SQL research
  228. [webcast] SQL Server 2005: Integrating SQL, XML, and XQuery
  229. full database backup
  230. Missing Record - Phantom Record
  231. Query could not be processed. Access is forbidden
  232. Using Transaction log to update another database
  233. YUKON Setup Failure
  234. index questions
  235. What is the best way to move data from...
  236. Need help with Stored Procedure
  237. Datetime condition in 'where' - international problem
  238. Extended Stored Procedures DB-Lib Alternative
  239. Choosing DB Edition (Std vs Ent)
  240. DTS to add a field on imported data
  241. Entity Relationship Management Idea
  242. Very long rich text information - datatype?
  243. Remote Sync -- SQL 2000
  244. Optimization advice
  245. DTS Job hangs on 2nd DTS Task
  246. Hide databases in SQL EM from dbo owner
  247. Yukon - will it support sequence object?
  249. proc argument type array
  250. SQL Server 2000 - how do I change the name?
  251. Problem: mssql locks several records in a specific table, while no one is editing them
  252. Can a new field be added to an existing table.
  253. ERROR 1141 on mySQL creating a User on NT 4.0
  254. Anybody used the universal table broswer?
  255. How to see contents of image column
  256. Table updates -- SQL 2000
  257. Transaction-style Inventory?
  258. SQL Replication
  259. performance problem with linked sybase tables
  260. replicate a database automation
  261. sql batches in
  262. Report effective permissions for all users?
  263. php integration
  264. SQL Server Components
  265. DBCC PROCCACHE question
  266. OPENROWSET to Access error
  267. ETL library
  268. intermittent openquery error "..The OLE DB provider 'MSDASQL' indicates that the object has no columns.."
  269. Converting Access qrys with logical expressions
  270. Searching question....
  271. Inserting into two tables with one sql statement
  272. Querying single table for multiple summaries - how?
  273. xp_sendmail blocks trigger ?
  274. efficient select
  275. Is a GUID always unique?
  276. Repliation Between 2 Sites
  277. TPC-C Benchmark Kit
  278. Airline Res System Path finder query
  279. Table and Column request as variables error.
  280. JOINs and SUMs Not Giving Expected Results
  281. Capturing events in a DataGrid
  282. Log Shipping Problem/Question.
  283. Need help with query
  284. Weird Cast operator
  285. Attach DB with corrupt .ldf?
  286. Best way to search for all records (Using a Case Statement in a SP)
  287. Transaction Log Rollback
  288. Sql query with a stringfunction
  289. request data from specified time
  290. Disappearing Data -- SQL 2000
  291. temp db
  292. Installing SQL 7 On Workstation
  293. SQLServer 2000 Icoon is not visible in the SystemTray
  294. Updating system tables
  295. Cluster recovery from node failure
  296. How to create a database on pendrive using MSSQL 7.0??
  297. SQL-Query Access by Date
  298. How to query database with multiple queries
  299. How to generate Calculated Field
  300. simple system table question
  301. connecting to sql server (within windows domain) through linux?
  302. Case Statement & View
  303. most recent output
  304. Need to convert a date and time to a different format
  305. How to version control in SQL 2000?
  306. Slow SQL performance with Maximizer Enterprise 8.0 SQL
  307. Database Design Question
  308. Seperating the results of sp_dbfixedrolepermission by fixedbroles
  309. how to force a commit in a sp
  310. Running total count in stored procedure
  311. Changing the server name and IP address
  312. Row-Level Locking
  313. Accessing Estimated Query Execution Plan (QEP) statisitics
  314. HELP! Transaction Log Backup!
  315. Using two select statements in IF Exists
  316. faulting module
  317. [SQL-DMO]The name 'tdb_grabowy1' was not found in the Databases collection.
  318. Zombie Transaction in process -2 Blocking other Transactions
  319. Help on a query
  320. does MSSQL have the ability to do "named row types?"
  321. How to stop mssql
  322. SQL Query help
  323. Suggestions for HUGE DB Design
  324. Performance tuning for a stored procedure
  325. Fastest way to delete hundreds of table triggers and hundreds of stored procedures?
  326. sp_Rename Problem...
  327. xSQL Object 1.5 released - Faster, Better, more Robust
  328. Using Views
  329. Virtual Cube
  330. SQL Statement Count NULL Values
  331. Pass global variable into query through dts?
  332. Order By in Subquery + UNION
  333. Best way to update database behind firewall?
  334. Why use a backup device vs. backup to disk?
  335. Windows Open System/SQL - Sr Systems Analyst Position in PA
  336. Case Expression within a Stored Proc
  337. Sorry, ...
  338. Function to call function by name given as parameter
  339. Calling stored procedure from a C application
  340. Drop temporary tables whilst connected ?
  341. Update Query question.
  342. Database record disappear
  343. Superior SQL Builder version 1.5 released
  344. Query to get column name with specific value
  345. How to find the number of database transactions for a day
  346. HELP! Incomplete data in SQL Server table.
  347. updates across servers
  348. SQL Server Connection
  349. Subquery in FROM clause
  350. Need help on Create View
  351. Insert statement which uses a return value from an SP as an insert value
  352. sql select
  353. Capture existing table
  354. SQL 2000 tape backup fail
  355. Page vs Row locking...
  356. select and insert in one sp
  357. What fields are used?
  358. Looking for SQL Databases for
  359. Write from MS SQL to MySQL
  360. Tables not always replicating
  361. converting access db to mysql
  363. Restoring backup from MSSQL6.5 in SQL Server 2000
  364. slow sql update MS SQL 2000
  365. configuring locks in awe system
  366. dropserver
  367. Wildcard doesn't match using LIKE '%' on a varchar field, wierd!
  368. Script to Export SQL Tables to Access
  369. Special Character
  370. How to force unique entries in a linking table?
  371. replication - use legato / veritas /or SQL's native replication
  372. Unable to create object error in sp_SendSMTPMail
  373. SQL server notification services : Help
  374. SQL and XML
  375. Counting Occurences
  376. Cumulative weeks
  377. Empty a table before using DTS to append records?
  378. Disaster - moving databases
  379. How to get String representation of a Hex number?
  380. help with data transformations with outer join?
  381. help with data transformations with outer join?
  382. Simple I think
  383. SQL Server Identity Field
  384. FoxPro ODBC Link Servers and the Dreaded 7399 Error
  385. Simple/General SQL Question
  386. SQL Server Identity Field
  387. DTS - import flat textfile into two separate tables
  388. SQLXML classes deserializing.... nothing....
  389. Help with Error Message
  390. DTS Excel Import, Transform - how do I use "OR" clause in SQL Query
  391. script to spot OS/SFW/HDW changes on my SQL servers?
  392. Database and Log maintenance
  393. Stop/Start MSDE Process
  394. SELECT query help - Zero padding
  395. SQL Server and Clipper/dBase
  396. OUTER JOIN with multiple tables and a plus sign?
  397. SQL Server 2000 & MS SP2
  398. auto-number/Identity column
  399. Clean up old SQL Server logins
  400. BCP Order on SQL Server
  401. SQLExecute takes 100% CPU usage
  402. problem with re adding a login
  403. Question on database/table priviledges with sql server
  404. How to view triggers in SQL server
  405. Secure Replication
  406. call a Oracle stored proc in SQL SERVER
  407. phone book lookup query
  408. Running Scripts
  409. ntext and AppendChunk in ASP
  410. user defined fields best design
  411. In SQLServer SI in ORACLE NO
  412. Reset msde sa password
  413. Any structure on Sql Server like WITH ... SELECT structure on DB2
  414. Error catch in SQL
  415. problem with timeouts
  416. Proper table structure and SQL Server limits
  417. Application times out while doing the updates
  418. Showing Records where count(*) is zero (in a stored proc)
  419. UMS.DLL failure
  420. Isql Command line parameters
  421. import dmp into SQL Server
  422. join or subselect ???
  423. detach database, attach database without log file
  424. General network error
  425. sql statement help
  426. Math function
  427. Can Transactional Replication affect Publishing Server?
  428. Enterprise Manager - slow updates when editing tables
  429. loooong columnnames
  430. Query value in between two columns
  431. Real experiences with 64 bit SQL Server
  432. Create Temp talbe
  433. Select .... where the Item.ID is in this array?
  434. What resources does truncate table use
  435. a player team tables design?
  436. Calling All Dynamic SQL Gods!
  437. deleted my database log file, can't reattach
  438. aliasing two columns in SQL
  439. can not access clustering SQL Server after relocation
  440. Query Help
  441. Best DataType for content system
  442. What do they need to know? - SQL Server
  443. Sorting so 0 is at the bottom
  444. SQL Server Data Types for Local Variables
  445. Cursor Based SQL?
  446. SQL Server import speeds
  447. tuningproblem : materialized table instead of view
  448. Query help needed (JOIN)
  449. Logging into Microsoft Logfiles
  450. MU ONLINE
  451. Compare like data
  452. granting permission to create view
  453. Identifying Connection
  454. Migrating large amounts of data from SQL Server 7.0 to 2000
  455. difficult select distinct query
  456. SQL Server 2000 Table Data Types
  457. ActiveX VBScript problem
  458. Changind date formats
  459. Tansaction/locking MSSQL2000
  460. SQL 2005 Express decided to fight SQL Server 7 ...
  461. msde
  462. Creating tables within my application.
  463. Move TempDB Database off of the SAN
  464. Password protecting XO Profession Control Panel
  465. Updating SQLServer db with VBA
  466. sql question - returning multiple rows as one record
  467. Fix my SQL "WHERE" Statement!!
  468. show tables
  469. logshipping setup with two standby db servers.
  470. Fail over - DNS change
  471. Possible to parse a column in a Select statement?
  472. MMC SQL Server
  473. Help with Trace
  474. Acessing SQL Server over the web with shared IP
  475. repair torn page?
  476. MS SQL 2000 and Windows 2003 Cluster
  477. SQL Mail: Outlook
  478. Delete Records From a Table Using Records in Another Table.
  479. Design flow suggestions needed
  480. More Info: Stored Procedure Security Question
  481. Stored Procedure Security Question
  482. Inflated number of records returned when adding bit field criteria
  483. TSQL Perplexity
  484. Decrypt credit card number for Reporting Services Report
  485. URL Parameters
  486. Partial searches over a lot of fields
  487. How to compare two databases using their DDLs?
  488. Geting event from ActiveX into database
  489. Creating UDT from another UDT
  491. Divide by zero error trapping
  492. New Software 04.08.19
  493. Ignore Error in SP
  494. MS SQL Server Merge Replication
  495. sp_change_secondary_role problems
  496. How to concatenate multiple rows into one field?
  497. Updating more than 10000 records SQL Server 2000
  498. Weird issue on client laptop
  499. [?]Restore and Backup problem
  500. Looking for very good SQL Server DTS books
  501. Looking for very good SQL Server DTS books
  502. Looking for very good SQL Server DTS books
  503. General questions
  504. Storing variables from a user-defined function
  505. Starter question
  507. Conversion of Access application to SQL Server
  508. Range query
  510. Versioning
  511. Using SQL server to process the data
  512. Century date conversions
  513. Tidying up of sproc
  514. Automatically create ODBC connections
  515. memory
  516. Derived Columns in one to many relationships
  517. Log shipping role change
  518. Problem creating indexed views with linked servers
  519. Selecting ONLY records from one table having ALL data contained in other table (GROUP BY?)
  520. Need help with designing a query
  521. Bulk insert into views that select from table on remote server
  522. User Defined Function: Convert String value of Table to Table Object
  523. speeding up Dynamic SP
  524. row-by-row process
  525. Check SQL Database offline
  526. Help with more Advanced functions
  527. DB Growth Issue
  528. Return two rows from one rows data
  529. Storing all stored procedures in one database to minimize different connection strings
  530. SQL aggregate fuction and GROUP BY
  531. sintassi per Creare un file .cub a partire da un cubo mssql
  532. track all changes
  533. Convert table using DTS
  534. help with linked server on sql2000
  535. copy two table
  536. Parametrizar nombre de BD (Espaņol)
  537. Joins versus relationships
  538. Problem with FILENAME as @variable
  539. compact
  540. upgrading hard drives, best way to back up and restore SQL
  541. Drop Index on System Tables
  542. Is there such a thing as too many relationship?
  543. permissions with sql server tables
  544. performance question
  545. One column is nullable on the composite key
  546. SQL Server table changes log
  547. Less than, equal to Operator question
  548. Less than, equal to Operator question
  549. SP waits for a delete trigger?
  550. use db-lib to update database records