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  1. Fastest method to copy a file across network?
  2. Include column Description with list of table properties
  3. Cursors and dynamic SQL
  4. SQL Server 2000 service not running in local machine
  5. Updating Column Data on the Fly?
  6. simple explanation please
  8. Remote server connection
  9. migrate data from Bull GCOS7 to Windows
  10. create relationship with tables in a linked server
  11. Trigger performance
  12. Help with a Join - join only first or max?
  13. Cannot connect to Server through Visual Studio .NET and Query Analyzer
  14. Need help with Avg and decimal
  15. Calling sp_helptext from ASPNET
  16. Optimal configuration for report generator
  17. Solution to: Ad hoc access to OLE DB provider has been denied. You must access this provider through a linked server
  18. SP3a and strong password problem
  19. Need help with count
  20. Continuation of long SQL statement syntax
  21. Selecting records where multiple foreign keys are a certain value
  22. dtsrun to start a package - cannot find xp_cmdshell
  23. Update only one record
  24. Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Declare'.
  25. Exporting sql table into csv format retaining the column names
  26. LIKE N'@numericvarhere%'
  27. returning string length
  28. Fatal System Error
  29. XML export
  30. Connecting sql 2000 sp3 with asp
  31. Restore SQL hanging
  32. specify a non-linear order by
  33. Marking a table as a System Table
  34. Upgrade Client connectiviity tools on client machines
  35. Textfields show up with NULL but are NOT empty
  36. Query Analyzer vs Isqlw different Format
  37. Recover A Database From Another Hard Disk With A Corrupted Windows 2000 Installation.
  38. Query to group sequential items
  39. Filtering duplicate ID's?
  40. Upgrade Client connectiviity tools on client machines
  41. sql performance monitoring
  42. staff ratios
  43. Query in bat file?
  44. Triggers Won't Script
  45. Connect to remote server
  46. SQL Server Agent overhead / sysperfinfo
  47. Primary Key / Referntial Integrity Question
  48. Repost : Using forms with Sql Server
  49. SQL Server Reporting Services
  50. Different execution plans - same data, same server
  51. Concurrency (recap and idea).....
  52. Error while performing a Distributed Transaction on Linked Server
  53. Simple way of telling if I'm using MSDE or full SQL Server?
  54. Consuming results sets in a calling SQL procedure
  55. Query dbowner
  56. Update clustered column in place?
  57. Replication Reporting
  58. NT, SQL 2000
  59. To name dbo or not?
  60. Using DTS to import data - no rows returned.
  61. Using DTS to import data - no rows returned.
  62. Backup & recovery history
  63. string to datetime
  64. Quick question about performance....
  65. Query Execution Speed
  66. Table Row Count + Index Row Count
  67. SQL Query
  68. Slow Query with Date
  69. Deleeing database
  70. Upgrade of SQL Server driver
  71. Problems with starting Personal server 2000
  72. SQL query
  73. Localization issue
  74. inserting xml data
  75. ADO connection pooling and pepared statements
  76. Hide subquery results in stored procedure
  77. Getting last (newest) one record (datetime column or id)
  78. Logging "On Delete Cascade"
  79. BUG? SQL 2k - IN () allows invalid syntax and fails silently
  80. Frontpage 2000 AND SQL Server 7
  81. timeout Expired when trying to do a 'where' or filter recordset
  82. All my databases are missing
  83. Problem with creating views
  84. Why is SQL Server using so much Virtual Memory?
  85. can't see server
  86. 2 ms sql server backup
  87. Using Forms with Sql server
  88. Exported queries to excel an spreadsheet file
  89. Exported queries to excel an spreadsheet file
  90. How to Deploy SQL server Database to another PC while creating SetUP package in .Net VB
  92. Fyracle: Oracle-mode Firebird
  93. sql alert percent log used
  94. Stored procedure and query plans different
  95. IN() operator problem
  96. Send a warning to current connections
  97. User-Defined functions in DTS
  98. beginner student PL/SQL to T-SQL
  99. Automate restore
  100. Avoiding compilation
  101. Alter column causing log to fill
  102. Calling sp_oa* in function
  103. Variable inside a nested loop
  104. Auto Number or Identity Seed on Oracle Database
  105. sp_who_3 : An Enhanced and Efficient Version of sp_who
  106. Using REPLACE with NCHAR in a stored procedure
  107. Is the MSSQL server on the local machine?
  108. easy table based update statement???
  109. Little puzzle on data selection
  110. not in
  111. Multiple values in one column
  112. Will this query be optimized for a partitioned view?
  113. Number of foreign keys
  114. Can you add an Index to a table variable?
  115. Identity insert doubt
  116. Get one row from detail/child table
  117. Merged columns in OrderBy
  118. automatic process
  119. generating alter table script
  120. How to obtain just the last record grouped by
  121. stupid... simple question
  122. the most recent date and time
  123. Query too slow! Need some performance enhancing tips!
  124. SQL joins
  125. SQL Server Agent Question
  126. Database Trigger in MSSQL
  127. DB replication
  128. Tricky SELECT and ORDER BY
  129. counting the inserts and updates on a table in a sql server database
  130. How to change TrimTrailingBlanks from No to Yes
  131. DTS Help with Update?
  132. What is a cursor?
  133. question re process id's
  134. Is a subselect possible on a stored procedure
  135. dumbest question of the day: run a simple query and save the results into a text file
  136. MS Sql 2000 vs. Pervasive SQL
  137. Query to get all user tables with columns
  138. Select-into with identity
  139. Kaliedo
  140. Query that returns record that arn't duplicated in another table
  141. User Guest
  142. relationships as a table
  143. table columns storage
  144. Enterprise Manager: defaults lost in import/export
  145. use column alias in another calculation
  146. Help! SQL Collation
  147. combine 2 queries
  148. website hosting
  149. Data update
  150. email being sent, but no message
  151. SELECT and UPDATE in the same query
  152. Update Table
  153. Storing japanese characters
  154. Use TSQL to create a data matrix
  155. Help on DTS and selective dates
  156. Daily Devotion
  157. link to access.mdb
  158. Triggers
  159. Store procedure's debug
  160. MS SQL Server JDBC Driver Type 2 and Driver Type 4 Differences
  161. apology in advance for multiple post re AUDIT TRAIL...
  162. Audit trail..
  163. audit trail...
  164. Audit trail..
  165. Audit trail..
  166. Audit trail..
  167. Audit trail..
  168. Audit trail..
  169. Audit trail..
  170. Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.
  171. if..then
  172. Technique for concurrent access?
  173. LIMIT in MS SQL ??!!
  174. sql7\sql200 connectivity
  175. locking and rowid
  176. Executing Script Files From Transact-SQL
  177. audit tables, delete triggers, and
  178. common UPDATE syntax for SqlServer and Oracle
  179. How to use a value from one recordset in another..?
  180. SUM function with negatives values
  181. good table design...
  182. Join stored procedures?
  183. Data replication from MSSQL to MYSQL
  184. SQL Server 2000 Enterprice Manager Error
  185. Peak During Time Period
  186. Table Rowcount question
  187. Seeking Testing Volunteers W2K MTS/DTC to VMS DECdtm Distributed 2PC Transactions
  188. SQL Delete Syntex
  189. When to use the NOLOCK hint.
  190. SQL 7: One column's value is repeated throughout entire result set
  191. Help Cursor Based Stored Procedure Is Getting Slower and Slower!
  192. Please recommend two good books to master MDX
  193. What's the best SQL book for an intermediate level database programmer?
  194. sql server - not enough storage
  195. Dealing with a null parameter in SP
  196. SQL Server 7 Backup Problems
  197. Error Authentication User Informations
  198. 2-table join where only need one row of second table.
  199. creating a view with columns not in another table
  200. query help: need to return 2nd from top record
  201. Beta testers wanted
  202. Qualified table names
  203. Mysql on different servers
  204. Linking Lookup Tables
  205. Help! Top N in SQL Server?
  206. MS sql server on workgroup not domain.
  207. SQL Server Analysis Services
  208. HowTo Update Date Field
  209. help with showcontig
  210. Alter table weird bug?
  211. Restore Database
  212. Query "hightest value" contents of each "folder"?
  213. Variable Table Name in a Stored Procedure
  214. creating a matching program
  215. Multiple Update with multiple condition
  216. Function to remove accent in string
  217. I found this great little site
  218. Domain vs Local
  219. Urgent; Incorrect Syntax Near Go Help
  220. collation problem
  221. Insert Into..Select Problem
  222. Dual Xeon or Dual P4 for SQL Server?
  223. Passing parameters to action stored procedures using ADO, in Access Project
  224. What is the value of this error?
  225. Transaction Log Auditing
  226. Sql 7
  227. logins
  228. Batch insert 10000 rows at a time and commit
  229. Appropriate Use of READ UNCOMMITTED?
  230. select row values to be column name
  231. SQL6.5 restore
  232. Lost deadlocks
  233. Basic Question on Join
  234. Data Access Pages and SQL-Server
  235. How do I Merge two databases?
  236. Dynamic sql - how to use 'if exists' with variable tables..?
  237. Moving SQL server from one domain to antoher
  238. unique constraint vs unique index in MS SQL 2000
  239. Moving from Accesss97 to SQL Server 2000
  240. Help with SELECT query
  241. Trigger to populate another table.
  242. Selecting current time stamp
  243. add leading zero to date column??
  244. Computed column
  245. SQL Query Help
  246. SQL Server runs out of resources or is it my client application. Handle count = 96k
  247. Errori SQL
  248. Calculating Row Size including blobs
  249. Select from a date range
  250. Adding Order by on clustered index
  251. Use SQL 2000 for this???
  252. Checking for transposed numbers
  253. Query Help: JOIN ON CONTAINS with FORMSOF
  254. Load SQL 7 database and transaction log backups to SQL 2000
  255. Cannot empty a data file to another using DBCC SHRINKFILE EMPTYFILE
  256. consolidate multiple records
  257. Transaction log error
  258. Creating Reports based on hierarchical XML file
  259. Access .adp :How to INSERT all but KEY violations
  260. SQL statement for a report...
  261. removing constraints without knowing the constraint name
  262. SQL Server 2000 - preventing multiple update
  263. sql server -- identity problem
  264. Default retrieval from table loaded by DTS
  265. 32643 Mining the Web: eigenVectors, Kriging, Inverse DistanceWeighting Searches 32643
  266. Compare Schema's...XSD
  267. RADiest client for SQL Server?
  268. SQL 2000 padding char with spaces for a type 4 JDBC driver
  269. Calculate Weekending date.
  270. inserting ole-object
  271. strange backup transaction log
  272. Database questions
  273. can I export tables so that existing tables in destination database will be modified?
  274. System tables fragmentation
  275. Using Parameter (@value) for "IN" function list
  276. Error message "String or Binary data would be trunicated", " The statement has been terminated"
  277. Insert Query on table with identity column
  278. How can you optimize duplicated work in views?
  279. Query Cache?
  280. stored procedures with parameters (in .adp)
  281. Lost 'in' SQL - need help with IN function
  282. Horizontal Partitioning question
  283. Problem:MS-Access.adp with MSDE link to csv file
  284. Recover Lost data files?
  285. sp_changedbowner gives error 15110
  286. Tip - speed up "Database Properties" in Enterprise Manager
  287. Insert a jpeg into a column sql server 2000 - desperately seeking help
  288. Performance degrading placing join in WHERE instead of FROM block (using =, =*, *=)
  289. Help joining tables properly.
  290. reboot notification
  291. Accessing Novell EDirectory from SQL Server Linked Server
  292. Error message using "Copy Database Wizard"
  293. OLAP (SUM)
  294. SQL SERVER 2005
  295. How to update if exists else Insert in one SQL statement
  296. SQLMail woes !
  297. SQL corruption
  298. Extract parameters from SQL statement
  299. Expose SQL Meta Data via ASP
  300. How to email completion messages from RESTORE commands?
  301. SQL : ORDER BY question
  302. import of multiple CSV files in one MS SQL table
  303. permissions on a column
  304. Import XML file to database (MS Server 2000) using procedure (transact sql) ???
  305. Can't install 2000 developer
  306. Please help speed up my query!
  307. Conditional SELECT
  308. Is there any guideline to reach the 5NF or above in database designing?
  309. Synchronizing stored procedures
  310. Seems Unavoidable multiple cascade paths. How to avoid?
  311. Cannot shrink the transaction log
  312. Windows Authentication problems after upgrading from 7.0 to SQL 2000
  313. Junction table design options
  314. Ordinal position
  315. dts : call 2 procs within one 'execute sql task'
  316. Parent-Child-Dimension in SQL Srv 2005 Analysis Services
  317. SQL Syntax for distinct select
  318. >> Can Google web search index the data in my database?
  319. Precomputed tables
  320. Stored Proc To Copy Unnormalized to Normalized Table
  321. Removing out of hours time
  322. Insert failed & set option error
  323. Problem - Using Visual Studio to connect to remote SQL server
  324. Help With a query
  325. converting a text field to number
  326. How to update the production database?
  327. Perfomance Enhancement through proper database designing
  328. ntext Question
  329. Help on multiple date range on sql statement
  330. Non Database Owner call to sp_addrolemember or sp_droprolemember
  331. ActiveX info
  332. time based performance decay
  333. time based performance decay
  334. Records newer than 90 minutes (smalldatetime)
  335. Full Backup
  336. SQL calculations different than on calculator?
  337. Connection Error
  339. Tricky Query Help
  340. Test
  341. Date Calculations...
  342. Connection Failed
  343. Splitting a field into two
  344. Info on data replication on sql server 2000.
  345. Syntax to Add 2 constraints using Alter Table?
  346. Indexing in SQL 2000
  347. Indexing in SQL 2000
  348. Indexing in SQL 2000
  349. Indexing in SQL 2000
  350. problem exectuing storded procedure
  351. Upsizing a db to SQL db
  352. Importing CSV data to MSSQL using PHP
  353. doubt
  354. Benefit of moving Master & TempDB to diff HD
  355. Help: Complex Select Statement
  356. Can 6.5, 7.0 and 2000 all co-exist on same machine ?
  357. Log restores fail after database backup
  358. Are transactional settings used only during updates?
  359. SQL - filter out duplicates but keeping all columns
  360. Help with Triggers
  361. Enterprise Mgr
  362. SQL Server 2000
  363. Optimize my stored procedure
  364. file import to SQL Server 2000
  365. Joining and grouping using SQL
  366. BCP command with arguments having special chars
  367. Wierd Problem with Enterprise Manager
  368. Returns TABLE based on a condition
  369. mysql installation problem in Xp
  370. ISNULL Function and String Concatenation
  371. merge replication without rowguid
  372. mdf file become smaller and smaller after shrinking db
  374. importing txt file to multiple table in sql 2000
  375. replication problems with structure/trigger/identity
  376. Summing
  377. Adding times together
  378. SQL Server in single user mode??
  379. Changing column size in existing databese?
  380. Connection without MDAC2.6
  381. problem with comparing 2 text columns in 2 tables
  382. Automation of running queries
  383. problem in installing mysqlserver n client on same machie
  384. probelm in installing mysql on win xp m/c
  385. removing spaces from an nvarchar column
  386. Help INSERT INTO query
  387. MS Scorecard writeback
  388. Table Description
  389. Pass to SQL Connections conference
  390. Upgrading from 6.5 to 7 or 2000 with 6.5 software
  391. sql statement help
  392. third edition of SQL FOR SMARTIES
  393. Installing, creating database, updating schema?
  394. Linked Server (Oracle 9i)
  395. Default Instance Files and Named Instance File Paths
  396. pb with a trigger
  397. Stored procedures with some IFs, performance issues
  398. First Post
  399. (Corrected) Opinion of Filegroup Backups
  400. Opinion of Filegroup Backups?
  401. read windows event log from sql server
  402. How to convert to regular text, data stored in Image data type field ????
  403. Query sort question
  404. how to improve performance in this query?
  405. Getting Memory Status through SQL Scripting
  406. Terminology question - set of related records in multiple tables
  407. Report Services Examples.. please.. VS.NET
  408. How to upload a table as sql?
  409. How to upload table to sql?
  410. How to find out workstation name from net_address
  411. Selecting All Parents in a Path Enumerated Tree
  412. Users, Roles, Permissions management
  413. View stored procedure permissions
  414. checkpoint command and backup log
  415. Still Trying to Figure Out Identification of SQL Server Stored Proc. Permissions via VB
  416. SQLserver programming using MFC CDatabase & Crecordset.
  417. Problems with MSDE
  418. Replication component not installed problem
  419. filegroup backup restore question
  420. Alternative to this clumsy effort?
  421. Partitioned view broken after moving table to new filegroup
  422. encrypt(string) Question!!
  423. DTS - help
  424. Transaction log file too early to apply
  425. Blocking MS Access linked tables...
  426. help needed converting C float value to DBNUMERIC ...
  427. SET options have incorrect settings: 'ARITHABORT'
  428. odbc index problem
  429. location coordinates query
  430. Any MS SQL server driver for JDBC for window NT ?
  431. Problems with enabling subscription.
  432. Character Field Formats
  433. query help
  434. Not applying the initial snapshot when setting up Tran Repl.
  435. Updating from a Text File?
  436. Extended Stored Procedure problem (srv_describe function)...
  437. inserting data into a database alphabetically
  438. JDBC for MS SQL server
  439. Stored Procedure Source Control
  440. SQL buffer size
  441. String Manipulation SQL
  442. Connection problems
  443. Are you looking for a Job?
  444. SQL 2000: Users, Roles, Permissions management
  445. sql server transaction logs
  446. behavior of SQL on joined queries
  447. VLDB Replication or Dev Copy
  448. Checking the type of a variable in SQL
  449. datetime JDBC date conversion
  450. Output Parameters versus Recordsets in Stored Procedures
  451. Cannot generate SSPI context
  452. WriteFileEx system function executed on file "db_.BAK' only wrote 112128 bytes
  453. Moving a database between two SQL Server with different patch levels
  454. please help
  455. rating system
  456. SQL Query Help
  457. variable scoping problem
  458. Execute without Insert
  459. Indexed Views - Group By Redundancy
  460. records won't delete
  461. Storing Documents and Images - In the database or as a link?
  462. Northwest Arkansas - Sharp T-SQL People needed.
  463. Updating text fields
  464. Convert MySQL script to SQL Server script
  465. Restore from SQL 7 to MSDE
  466. Same DTS Package giving different results on SQL 2k vs. SQL 7.0
  467. SQL Server to Oracle
  468. Hugo Kornelis - thanks
  469. help with celko's tree model
  470. Everyone can see the Master database?
  471. String or binary data would be truncated error
  472. Multi Value Values in Varchar field, to show each value separately in a view
  473. Cluster + SQL Agent
  474. SQL Agent + Cluster
  475. Cluster SQL Agent problem
  476. Looking for tools to monitor sql and applications
  477. "Show Execution Plan" and misleading query costs...
  478. Bulk insert stops half way through.
  479. Conversion of Oracle Version 0-1 from DEC Machine
  480. New IBM Laptop running SQL server cannot connect to another sql server on network
  481. MSDE version
  482. too many admins
  483. MS SQL 2000 and TCP protocol
  484. SQL 2000 Caculation
  485. SQL Server administration tools
  486. urgent deliverable
  487. reduce databse size
  488. Local Temporary Tables
  489. Best way of importing Excel to SQL Server
  490. Select * into removes defaults
  491. Point inTime restore
  492. Difference between Access and SQL Server
  493. BCP column insert question
  494. Feed stored procedure with SELECT resultset
  495. Lock:Timeout + urgent
  496. Function to create comma separated list from any given column/table.
  497. Copy Objects From a Linked Server
  498. Error - trying to get only latest
  499. where should I post questions on sql?
  500. MHT File Connectivity with SQL Server
  501. Database Schema Conversion
  502. Toad & SQL Server
  503. Transact-SQL Help - CASE statement and Group By
  504. SQL Server Connection Timeout
  505. nth subset of data from current table
  506. Restoring a database to a point in time
  507. sp_OA* ActiveX problem: reading property works not
  508. CR-V timing belt
  509. Enterprise Manager crashing after Jet sp8 install
  510. BCP question
  511. Help with delete
  512. Execute Big Dynamic SQL in Stored Procedure to Create View
  513. does sql server collect stats on full table scans?
  514. Restore SQL Server 6.5 database in SQL Server 2000
  515. Query Optimization
  516. Puzzled by Query Plan
  517. How to determine how much RAM my SQL server is actually using???
  518. SQL Server ODBC Read-Only Connection Problem
  519. Need help with a query
  520. ASP sp execution returning closed recordset
  521. Separating one field into two fields based on a character in the field
  522. dts, dtsrun and scheduled tasks
  523. Index Tuning Wiz recommends negative performance improvements?
  524. Stored Procedure Runs Slow In Query Analyzer
  525. HELP: Point in time restore : HOW ?
  526. stored proc runs with error after reboot.
  527. Automatic Creation and Modification log
  528. MSDE Question
  529. sql2k with windows 2003 SBS
  530. Strange processing times
  531. Dynamic sets? (i.e. where x in (@set))
  532. return val of stored procedure in query analyzer
  533. Insert query with nested select and parameter
  534. Difference between running MS SQL Server 2000 on a desktop PC and a Server
  535. Auditing
  536. Sql6.5 ODBC
  537. Dealing with large amounts of data
  538. Default value through ADO-SQLOLEDB
  539. Error when installing SQL Server 2000 - cannot configure server
  540. ntext
  541. New to SqlServer
  542. Installing Reporting Services for SQL Server 2000
  543. Return Primary Key on INSERT statement
  544. Hi Dan Guzman
  545. sql-problem
  546. problem in inserting date in sql server 7 through insert query
  547. Don't use clustered indexes?
  548. Google DB Engine ?
  549. logs getting full
  550. I'm dense on Density