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  1. help with query
  2. Numeric overflow . No errors. Insert the wrong number
  3. How to add a do loop in sql? Thanks a lot!
  4. IsLogin problem
  5. List of Logins
  6. bcpinit problem
  7. Full Text Search - Ranking Algorithms
  8. Reindex maintenance plan fails after adding secondary data file
  9. 16 gig of memory (AWE or WSRM)
  10. Fastest way to execute aggegate functions on a table?
  11. How to determine if stor proc parameter is output or input
  12. Query Analyzer. Align/indent stored procedure script
  13. Help Needed!!
  14. importing and archiving
  15. Need details on Query Profiler
  16. How do you improve SQL performance over large amount of data?
  17. Particularly Challenging SQL Problem.
  18. how do you know indexes have been fragmented?
  19. How do I write a point-in-time record to another table?
  20. Capture Returned Value From Exec(@Build) into another variable
  21. sql query syntax
  22. Executing a DTS Package using an ASP (VBScript)
  23. Indexes and File groups
  24. Need help figuring out SHOWPLAN_TEXT help
  25. assigning each record to one string
  26. From excel file into MS SQL server
  27. JDBC: calling a stored procedure with multiple return values.
  28. Query joins problem
  29. Evaluating Lumigent Entegra
  30. Querying data from multiple views
  31. Reporting Services security issues
  32. Table export removes primary key
  33. Stored procedures and Visual SourceSafe
  34. Microsoft Exchange to Microsoft SQL Server
  35. Multiple Deletions From Different Tables in SQL Server Trigger
  36. database prioritizing
  37. How to copy Database Structure from one db to another w/o affecting data
  38. Query timeout problems
  39. Any easy way to change column length like varchar 30 to varchar 100?
  40. Any easy way to change column length like varchar 30 to varchar 100?
  41. Any easy way to change column length like varchar 30 to varchar 100?
  42. Any easy way to change column length like varchar 30 to varchar 100?
  43. SQL Server 2000 cannot listen on TCP/IP!
  44. changing the default value for a column
  45. Update remote table from local table
  46. integration betwenn Analysis Manager and GIS applications
  47. Determine which user has locked a record
  48. website problem with mySQL data base
  49. Two questions about SQL Server 6.5
  50. Running Cognos from SQL
  51. Disabling Named Pipes
  52. group by clause query help
  53. SQL Server Network Utility - where is it?
  54. SQL instances ports
  55. CommandText issue - SQL Reporting Services
  56. Index creation causes error "The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted..."
  57. Connecting to Sql Server from Application
  58. Incrementing or updating a TIMESTAMP field.
  59. BCP Large Table.
  60. Slow performance of like operator
  61. SQL Database design question
  62. Update Query (Access vs. SQL Server)
  63. Reporting Services security
  64. schema extraction for multiple interdependent databases
  65. Using Visual SourceSafe with Sql Server
  66. ETL: OLTP -> DATA Store
  67. ignored words in full text indexing
  68. Implementing read-write locks
  69. Poor Performance on Dual Xeon Machine
  70. How do I reinstall the SQL Server ODBC drivers?
  71. need help
  72. How stopping and restarting full text indexing?
  73. Solved
  74. Avoid caching image datatype
  75. How to get the date part of Datetime
  76. Possible?: Count(*) returned by EXEC
  77. Connection string OLEDB - SqlServer
  78. Help with query plez
  79. Sql Server ODBC applet won't start can't configure problem
  80. Query problem
  81. Replication with Triggers
  82. How To Round With Negative Numbers?
  83. Third party reindexing utilities
  84. Create table with 15,000,000 default rows
  85. Making a Stored Procedure in MS-SQL 2000
  86. Time Function?
  87. Can we use details hard coded into exe directly in reports without storing in DB
  88. Sql Server does not exist or access denied issue again
  89. Replication issue
  90. insert double quotes into sql server table
  91. SQL Using LIKE Command with Subquery
  92. Triggers and Replication
  93. RS ASP.Net code
  94. "organize and view datasets using toad"
  95. Very small table incredibly slow
  96. 6GB 2 row table????
  97. Question about debugging
  98. organize and view datasets using toad
  99. Quick question: how do I get the name of the current database?
  100. Collation problem with SQL 2000
  101. But the documentation is NOT correct
  102. Need to change IP address of server
  103. EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION: Odd Error in Event Viewer
  104. Keywords
  105. Storing result of EXEC into a variable
  106. Concatenate String and Pass to FORMSOF?
  107. Performance problem while using Linked Servers
  108. Reporting Services
  109. Transposing?
  110. Database Administration Survey
  111. cannot add windows user, cannot delete sql user
  112. More than one column FOREIGN KEY constraint specified for column
  113. Manipulating the result set of one stored procedure from another....
  114. SQL Server Client tools installation
  115. DTA package handling multiple file formats
  116. Controlling Data Modification at row level
  117. Chicken and egg problem: FOREIGN KEY reference to a table that doesn't exist yet
  118. How to Add a Missing Index to a Table in Merge Replication?
  119. MSDE Performance Governor - knowing when its kicked in
  120. Default Stored Procedure Parameters
  121. SQL 2000 log shipping question
  122. HELP with SQL Statement...urgent!
  123. [ monografia Administração [
  124. Enterprise Manager appears to slow my dial up connection
  125. Basic SQL Question
  126. Combine matching multiple rows into one row
  127. Showing record rows in group by SQL
  128. Showing record rows in group by SQL
  129. Query Analyzer. Error : Unable to connect to debugger
  130. Delete rows from one table using rows from another table
  131. selecting changed rows only
  132. Alter table alter column in MSACCESS. How can I do it for a decimal field?
  133. SQL Server to Generate XML instead of Redendant Query..file open during write problem or job not running...
  134. linked server from sql 7 to ms access 2000 ... some tables not available - solved
  135. Linked Server Limit in SQL Server 2000
  136. Access Data Projects
  137. Concurrency, have I got this more or less right?
  138. Simple sort on a table...
  139. Dependency Info
  140. SQL precision arithmetic overflow error for numeric and decimal datatypes
  141. best jdbc 1.0 centric driver for sql server
  142. XML and Searching
  143. count rows question
  144. find out active Sql statements
  145. Update multiple fields Accross a Join
  146. Ext. SPs
  147. SQL -2005
  148. Multiple Databases and multiple exe for a single solution
  149. Case Statement Within A Select Where 2 or More Instances Of The Record Exist.
  150. SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 Transact-SQL Enhancement
  151. Multiples Instance of SQL server 2000/SQL server 7.0 on Windows server 2003
  152. Replication - Single Publication versus Multiple Publications
  153. Help me rid my curse... please.
  154. optional parameters passed to stored procedure
  155. Join the Result of xp_logininfo with a table
  156. Filtered joins
  157. How do I search for the same criteria in three or more fields in one table?
  158. Linked Server: WHERE clause not being executed
  160. How to automatically replicate remote database which is not permanently online
  161. Stored procedure where clause
  162. how to report the size of each table in a database?
  163. Convert Rows to Columns
  164. Execute a Stored Procedure
  165. Finding Stored Procs that Ref/Update a column
  166. Dynamic Sql: Truncate Table: Trap @@ERROR
  167. Stored Procedure does not appear in the sysobjects table.
  168. Update / Delete with Joins
  169. Generating Multi Level nodes in Stored Procedures
  170. extended character search
  171. unique key with optional field
  172. DTS 2005 and quoted table names
  174. Finding dashes/hyphens in a column.
  175. Configuring mail for SQL Server Agent - Problem with Exchange and Outlook on same machine?
  176. Creating a directory command question
  177. How To Get Covariance Matrix
  178. Bit Value
  179. Get with the program
  180. Thanks all
  181. Help with insert into query plz
  182. Problem using Access 2000 as a front-end to SQL Server 2000 tables
  183. Query help joining 2 tables
  184. Index= <th scope="col"> ?
  185. Export from MSDE
  186. Rows in a table
  187. How to stored a stored procedure's results into a table
  188. Multi processor OS restriction?
  189. SQL query builder
  190. Scripting ALTER TABLE
  191. How to load a Unicode file into the database in the same order as the file order
  192. revoke permissions TO stored procedure
  193. Asking the user a question
  194. Iterating updated fields within a Trigger
  195. Report Server Subscriptions - Job Owner
  196. Dynamic evaluation
  197. crystal reports and Sql Server 2k
  198. Order By Case Cast Convert Error
  199. Customize Prompt Message for Stored Procudure
  200. Assertion Errors:
  201. Concurrent Access - New Record, Primary Key problem....
  202. Correct access to TempDB?
  203. Correct access to TempDB?
  204. prob with SQL script that work with Date/Time abd boolean
  205. Enterprise Manager Cannot Display Table Records or Run Query
  206. performance and locking problems - urget
  207. Simple Query Question
  208. Editing table data in Query Analyzer
  209. char vs. varchar
  210. Correct access to TempDB?
  211. MS SQL Reporting Services Server - Activation errors
  212. Passing control flags to stored procedure
  213. DTS Package - Append Results to Text File
  214. Collation problem
  215. ODBC via Windows authentication
  216. Connectivity issue - SQLServer not listening on port 1433/ms-sql-s
  217. Openrowset and mdb -Files
  218. A query where two tables are linked to the same another table
  219. sqlserver page
  220. How do I change the SQL server for Access ADP?
  221. Tough Date Manipulation Issue.
  222. Grabbing characters from a string
  223. Performance of extended stored procedures in SQL Server 2000
  224. Error 0: Timeout Expired HYT00 when trying to backup DB's
  225. Error 0: Timeout Expired HYT00 when trying to backup DB's
  226. Search query between two tables
  227. Is SQL Server SQL99 Compliant
  228. Split a column into 2 columns
  229. Querying date
  230. Subscriptions not working
  231. SQL Transpose Table
  232. Dynamic formulas driven by table
  233. Transaction across 2 databases?
  234. Practice test for 70-228
  235. Computed Column calculations
  236. SQL Delete prob.
  237. inserting one query before another
  238. ReportParameter.ValidValues
  239. MS Access front end to SQL Server problem passing Form value to Report
  240. Indexing question
  241. workstation sees 2 instances of the SQL Server?
  242. Execute DTS Packages
  243. SQL Losing Data
  244. Correct Table Structure - Optional Values
  245. SQL Server execution plans
  246. Feasability of storing PDFs and WORD.DOC files in MSSQL?
  247. DB and Log backup
  248. Wrapping query batches in a single transaction.
  249. Querying across databases on same server
  250. Search All Tables and Replace
  251. Question about procedures to create procedures in a different database
  252. Migration Tools For 2005 Express
  253. Can't unlock records in SQL Server
  254. Script / Function ... to find difference b/w 2 similar tables
  255. CREATE INDEX on large table
  256. tsql Substring question
  257. SUBSTRING question
  258. UPDLOCK on a mult-table join
  259. tsql Substring question
  260. MSDE 2000A
  261. how to update a datetime field
  262. sql server 2000 Table Maintenance
  263. What is expert SQL knowledge?
  264. toad for mssql problem
  265. They're invading my node!
  266. Deciphering deadlock information..Please help!!
  267. update versus rebuild
  268. stored procedures synchronization
  269. Scary Results
  270. Local cube with Parent-child dimension
  271. sp_executesql
  272. Stored Procedure Reuse
  273. Join syntax help
  274. How to include variable in CURSOR SQL Filter clause?
  275. Data modelling question
  276. Best way to send email from a stored procedure (dynamically changing paramenters and attachment)
  277. Bitwise question -
  278. Troubleshooting SQL Buffer Cache Hit Ratio
  279. Log File Full Stored Procedure Error
  280. Mysterious query problem?
  281. Storing result of EXEC into a variable
  282. Which collation name to use for a database that store Korean characters?
  283. A VoIP usergroup
  284. Optimizator and indexes
  285. How to find my previous topic??
  286. Stored Procedure Sebquery as a Paramater
  287. SQL fails after SP3a has been applied. Slammer?
  288. Restore SQL master database from a file
  289. Any Fuzzy Software ( Other than SOUNDEX / NYSIIS )?
  290. Backing online database table data to local machine
  291. re-insert / templating records
  292. looping through results of a OSQL query
  293. Comparing a column list split to a table.
  294. Replication - Can not create Publication database
  295. Troubleshooting needed
  296. Bad Query?
  297. Working with MSDE
  298. Optimal SQL
  299. Securing local MSDE applications
  300. Restore of Backup problem
  301. how to fine a hole in a records?
  302. SQL NULL or Value
  303. LoadFromSQLServer won't work......
  304. querying by date on smalldatetime
  305. Connecting to SQL Server 2000
  306. How To Access Visual FoxPro Data from SQL Server ?
  307. Automatically run a stored procedure at 6am every day?
  308. Stored Procedures - Help
  309. enable a trigger
  310. Unusually High CPU on SQL Server the 2nd day after a reboot.
  311. An interesting holistic question for the groupmind...
  312. Sleeping processes take a long time to kill-
  313. English Query
  314. Strange datetime conversion error in stored procedure.
  315. Changing physical SQL Server
  316. Word Update
  317. Database Replication
  318. Database marked as suspect please HELP!
  319. Large amount of pages for few rows
  320. Data checking?
  321. Design Question
  322. SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 3a installation fails
  323. Replication(Publisher-Distributer Problem)
  324. New login cannot retrieve data from db
  325. Create a database login in the default domain
  326. New login cannot retreive data from db
  327. New login cannot retreive data
  328. Why no access to db table?
  329. Best way to keep track of SQL Server Changes
  330. XML output serialized for remote query
  331. Starting the SQL Service through Enterprise Manager
  332. Best practice for Data size/Log Size ratio
  333. Collecting Active Directory dates
  334. transaction question
  335. Does the client have to be running IIS??
  336. Question on generating SQL scripts using Enterprise Manager
  337. Can't trap sql errors using ADO (DTS ActiveX task)
  338. Backing up design changes
  339. Backing up design changes
  340. Maximum user connections?
  341. ORIGINAL SIN IN SQL 2005!
  342. Log Shipping - false alerts, real problem...
  343. Connection Problem with the Workstation
  344. Insert Trigger Help
  345. SQL Agent Job Fails Immediately after Invoked
  346. Potential issue with DTS and Log Shipping
  347. Transfer from 2000 to 7.0 - what can be done?
  348. Checking backup file questions
  349. How to query for records that have not been replicated
  350. still not clear
  351. What happens to Windows Authentication if domain failure occurs?
  352. Datepart query example help needed or something else??
  353. Connection Failed
  354. Is it possible to save and force a plan?
  355. MDF and LDF files size command
  356. SQL "Commandments"
  357. Sql View
  358. Database Design Question
  359. Can a stored proc swallow an error
  360. nocount on problem
  361. Intensively used function in view needs a minimum and maximum from a table PartII
  362. problem using ntext data type in OPENXML
  363. How can I get c# text and use as parameter?
  364. Any way to easily add this computed column (divide by zero problem)
  365. securing db access
  366. SQL Server: Backup/Restore
  367. ListAvailableSQLServers Problem
  368. Can't Get Decimal to Show Up!
  369. Why two different views?
  370. Why two different views?
  371. Backing up and restoring SQL Server
  372. PDF Bookmarks
  373. t-sql alter table udf help!
  374. SQL server log file is not shrinked
  375. Select on large table.
  376. Second call: third edition of SQL FOR SMARTIES
  377. executing DTS - DSN error...
  378. sql server & crystal reports
  379. ASP COM and database access
  380. Insert and Update Trigger on same Table
  381. Releasing resources on the server
  382. Can I integrate a "reporting services" report into app?
  383. HELP! Non-Replicated DB thinks its a Publisher
  384. Database authorisation problem
  385. help with error handling
  386. Getting my finished SQL Reporting Services report in my c# project to view it??
  387. connection problem - windows 2003 +sql2000
  388. Query to find what is not there
  389. why is execution of a storedprocedure in QueryAnalyzer faster thanexecuting this SP as scheduled job?
  390. Intensively used function in view needs a minimum and maximum from a table
  391. MSMerge_tombstone cleanup
  392. List of SQL Server Users
  393. List of SQL Server Users
  394. Resources used by UDF
  395. transactional replication - re-syncing publisher from subscriber after failure
  396. Help: Update Query with Linked Servers
  397. Data Recovery SOURCE CODE ( SOURCE CODES of Professional Data Recovery Software )
  398. not associated with trusted SQL Server problem - windows service
  399. converting queries from Access2k to MsSql2k
  401. Q: DTS and global variables
  402. Need Customer & Sales Database Designed /for Internet Sales Business
  403. Need Customer & Sales Database Designed /for Internet Sales Business
  404. Need Customer & Sales Database Designed /for Internet Sales Business
  405. Need Customer & Sales Database Designed /for Internet Sales Business
  406. Incorrect Date Conversion - Help Please
  407. SQL field sep question
  408. Connecting to MSDE w/read only file?
  409. Update Versus Append
  410. Blogs
  411. Design
  412. Creating a common table expression--temporary table--using TSQL???
  413. Q log shipping
  414. No buffers
  415. sql server job output file -passing it onto second step
  416. Reference for Security Nazi's
  417. move a database
  418. Database not Shown
  419. Creating Database in OSQL Error
  420. Hints
  421. View Diagram Pane - how save layout after I change it? 2000
  422. How to correctly propogate data back to the database
  423. sql server 2000 installation problem
  424. DB design question - survey system
  425. Create Database by using OSQL
  426. SA Password?
  427. Client/Server Connection
  428. Execute windows on client machine
  429. group by clause Query help
  430. Comparing two sets of data
  431. Log all connections to a SQL Server
  432. Classification crosstab query - 2000
  433. SQL Server 2000 and Windows 2003 SBS
  434. master db restore
  435. Convert 1084313300 (Ten Digit) value to Datetime
  436. osql timeout
  437. ODBC
  438. Securing Databases From Porting
  439. is there a quick way to get a list of roles a user is a member of?
  440. Modified Date For Stored Procedures
  441. SQL job and login
  442. Which one of these SQL Monitoring tool is the best?? Please advise..!
  443. Order of Joins and Performance
  444. tempdb and templog - moving
  445. tempdb and templog - moving
  446. Changing the day of week in SQL Server 2000
  447. Porting from oracle to SQL Server
  448. Running SQL Server 6.5 on Win2K Server??
  449. SQL Client & Licensing
  450. Help with Stored Procedure
  451. DTS data from MS SQL 2000 to DB2 7.1 on OS/390
  452. DTS data from MS SQL 2000 to DB2 7.1 on OS/390
  453. DTS data from MS SQL 2000 to DB2 7.1 on OS/390
  454. Fix: T-SQL Debugger in Query Analyzer and Visual Studio breaks when Windows XP Service Pack 2 is applied
  455. timeouts!!
  456. where to find comments property
  457. Merge Replication
  458. How does adding constraints affect performance?
  459. SQL Server Express setup snafu
  460. Truncate Database Statement help
  461. MSDE 2000 On Windows 98 SE Installation
  462. SQL Server 2000 Cannot Restore
  463. Some comments on DTS package
  464. alter column fails due to statistics
  465. SQL-DMO: SQL Server Agent properties - Mail session - Mail profile
  466. Help with SQL stored procedure
  467. Mutually exclusive counts on ordered queries
  468. sqlmaint.exe failed when backup db
  469. Install Enterprise manager without install sql server
  470. use function from asp file in stored procedure
  471. Altering table & trans. replication
  472. "Microsoft SQL Servers" not showing in Computer Management.
  473. DAO and SQL server
  474. DTS Text Import Question
  475. secret text messaging for a DBMS?
  476. How to use BETWEEN with custom-ordered values
  477. problems running memory intensive queries
  478. Lost sysadmin, but I still have it???
  479. SQL View/Table question
  480. Designing a database within a database... design question storing data...
  481. SQL Analyzer
  482. Identity columns
  483. UML and SQL
  484. ExecuteWithResultsAndMessage2 SQL-DMO and perl
  485. Can you filter SELECT results?
  486. DELETE problem
  487. I want to transfer ONLY new records AND update any modified records from Oracle into SQL Server using DTS
  488. How to customize view of SQL Server Enterprise Manager on startup?
  489. Execution of script at login
  490. Job failure notifications for non-administrative users
  491. WHERE
  492. import multiple accessfiles in dts
  493. Access migration to SQL Server
  494. Why xp_sendmail Doesn't Work With Hotmail?
  495. Constraint question
  496. Connecting to online database using local Enterprise Manager
  497. MySQL vs SQL Server?
  498. export data without trailing spaces
  499. Tricky Case Sensitive Query on SQL7
  500. Obtaining the version of ADO installed on XP
  501. How do i replicate data from MySQL into SQL-Server
  502. Let your customer find fast and easy all text he searches !
  503. How to Identify user defined data types
  504. insufficient memory to run this query
  505. sp_who2 displays funky CPU usage on pentium4 server
  506. Easy to Say but hard to implement
  507. Easy to Say but hard to implement
  508. Ascending and count help
  509. Query Analyzer locks up!
  510. Task/transaction token by logging
  511. Is there any third party s/w that lists SQL servers in a network and query more info about the server?
  512. Is there any third party s/w that lists SQL servers in a network and query more info about the server?
  513. SQL Triggers: Transfer Data from SQL Server 2000 to Visual FoxPro DBase
  514. Slow Insert - Help?
  515. Slow Insert - Help?
  516. Help with Slow INSERT - MS SQL 2000 - Help?!?
  517. Cluster /AWE / 3GB Switch /Memory Usage
  518. How to get SQL Server Info(Version/SP Version/Server Statistics) from a network.
  519. SQL Function to convert RTF to plain text
  520. could not open the file for reading. close any other application that may be locking the file.
  521. Data modeling question
  522. Replication
  523. Stored procedure performance mystery
  524. Select Into works, Create table does not
  525. Runtime Error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Invalid time format
  526. SQL Clusters and Analysis Services DSO
  527. Pratical size of a SQL Server database
  528. Adding DEFAULT columns
  529. password in a Table
  530. Distributed Transaction takes far too long
  531. database recovery
  532. SQL crosstab results in numbers on the 'diagonal'
  533. Query for percentage of a SUM
  534. sorting problem with linked server
  535. Running out of Sql Connections
  536. Instead of Delete in replication
  537. DTS file name to include System Date/Time
  538. Possible DTS File Import Bug
  539. Merge two rows in the same table
  540. Declare Variable Dynamically
  541. SQL Reporting Services hyperlink question
  542. Help with NOT EXISTS query
  543. Fastest method to copy a file across network?
  544. Include column Description with list of table properties
  545. Cursors and dynamic SQL
  546. SQL Server 2000 service not running in local machine
  547. Updating Column Data on the Fly?
  548. simple explanation please
  550. Remote server connection