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  1. Sum fields
  2. Exatract Data, thanks.
  3. change license mode on SQL 2k cluster
  4. change license mode on SQL 2k cluster
  5. How do you execute an Oracle Stored Procedure from a SQL Server DTS package?
  6. Other than UNION
  7. Query help -- extract data, thanks!
  8. isnull and ntext variables (short question)
  9. Easiest way to copy a MS-SQL Database from one machine to another
  10. "IN" clause limitation
  11. change to not allow nulls
  12. Converting DateTime
  13. EXEC stored procedure for every line of SELECT result table - how?
  14. sp_executesql & Output Variables. One Ball#$#%% of a problem.
  15. Help with WHERE Clause in Stored Procedure
  16. rollback via query analyser
  17. Handling Schema Changes
  18. Trigger
  19. BULK INSERT - does it lock the file while reading?
  20. How to convert from ntext to float?
  22. SQL Server 2k - Timezone question.
  23. Updating the same column multiple times in one update statement
  24. Repeating Records!
  25. SQL Server DBA needed for Florida-US
  26. How to apply complex constraints
  27. SQL Reporting Services PDF Chinese Characters Problem
  28. Simple SQL help needed
  29. How to compare Binary and Int colns
  30. Performance -- count(*)
  31. How to build database to support user-specified attributes?
  32. query to fetch data
  33. Moving a database from one machine to another and the lack of speed
  34. Replication Question about job names and categories
  35. External Access
  36. Very unhappy front end developer looking for advices
  37. Record count in all tables
  38. Can SQL Server 7.0 handle a SQL Server 2000 mdf?
  39. low cost method to check database before inserting data
  40. Import data from Adaptive Server Anywhere 7 DB
  41. MULTI-Table Update Queries
  42. stored procedure varaiables
  43. Code page translations are not supported for the text data type. From: 1252 To: 950.
  44. Active directory query 1000 page size limitaion
  45. Java against SQL Server
  46. problem making Oracle linked server work
  47. SQL Server 2000 vs. MSDE
  48. Need Trigger Help
  49. Using Access with SQL Server
  50. trigger event after time period
  52. IF..ELSE in function - unknown error
  53. Db installation
  54. long time to establish a connection
  55. Connection string for the Ms-SQl Server using
  56. Question: changing case on existing records
  57. SQL Server 2000 Book Recommendations? Including Good Coverage of Reporting Services
  58. Pivot Chart Value Axis Scaling Question
  59. Sql query timeout, expensive cast operation?
  60. Single complex INSERT or INSERT plus UPDATE
  61. Outer Join - shifting result set.
  62. How does SQL 2000 Server back up user database?
  63. creating a new numbered column as primary key in a table
  64. best way to compile thousands of TSQL stored procedures?
  65. Where do views and SP's execute?
  66. Default base
  67. sp_spaceused
  68. Query Help, thanks!
  69. getting english column names into a german database
  70. Can't register local instance of SQL Server on local server PLUS
  71. Usability Evaluation Study n570
  72. Need help with creating view
  73. SQL Server concatenation error
  74. UPDATE ORDER BY error
  75. DTS Restore from a file
  76. DTS package with unexpected issues
  77. SQL Report/View
  78. Can't register local instance of SQL Server on local server PLUS
  79. Alert on data deletion
  80. data types
  81. Importing .txt to SQL
  82. problem : random error with with IIS6 and MSSQL
  83. SqlServer2000: autonumbering records - how to ?
  84. Asignar a una variable el valor de un campo
  85. How to enable TCP/IP connectons to SqlServer
  86. Ordering, Grouping - HELP!
  87. auto numbering
  88. SQL 2K Backup Log Monitoring
  89. SQL 2005 Integration Services Help
  90. Performance mystery -- SP vs script
  91. Database Restore Woes
  92. SQL Server 2K problem with fractional real values
  93. Query Help, thanks!
  94. Transforming rows into columns
  95. Script to restart replication
  96. How can I find what tables are loaded in memory ?
  97. Windows 2000 Server / IIS / SQL Server 2000
  98. why does a user function require dbo.* and a stored proc does not?
  99. DTS import does not import all rows / records
  100. Query not using index
  101. Table lock
  102. Senior Infrastructure Database Administrator - Calgary, Canada
  103. "Storing an image into Sql Server Database "
  104. Convert Seconds to hours:minutes:seconds
  105. SQL 7 SP 4 Installation Hangs
  106. Connecting to SQL Server from ASP
  107. SQL Statement Tuning
  108. Cloning a table
  109. debugging stored procedures
  110. Enabling Microsoft EFS in a SQLServer 2000 Cluster
  111. character sets in SQL server
  112. collate SQL_Latin1_General_CP850_BIN to SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
  113. syntax question whole word finding
  114. SQL Connection Log
  115. Stored procedure deadlock on self with subquery
  116. Insert Into Column problem ...
  117. T-SQL too big for Task Scedule - HELP!
  118. Using LIKE with underscore and forward slash..
  119. Identity In SQL VS Autonumber In Access
  120. Client connection to SQL Server on shared hosting
  121. SQL Statement Help
  122. Speed cost for using "or" clause and functions on join statement
  123. Design question: Nested views and functions?
  124. various working with dates issues
  125. Another DTS question
  126. Update query
  127. Lock:Timeout events
  128. slow performance on specific query
  129. curious result
  130. Anyone interested in getting Microsoftt, CISCO or any other IT CertificationzzzZ
  131. Help, im new to MSSQL
  132. Asking Email Address Up David Portas and Erland Sommarskog
  133. SQL Server/PeopleSoft DBA Needed!
  134. Is there a way to autoincrement a field with mixture of alpahbetic characters and numbers?
  135. Stored Procedure Not Returning Recordset in ASP
  136. SQL Server on chared hosting with client connections
  137. Column calculations
  138. Database performance degrading (again)
  139. Permutate rows based on table
  140. BCP Issue w/Right Truncation
  141. SQL 2000, AS400 and Client Access
  142. Get the field value after INSERT
  143. Question on aggregate statement
  144. Query/Report Help needed
  145. Stand alone client tools installation
  146. Mystery Database IDs in Profiler
  147. Query - check for a string in stored procedure
  148. Report Containing Sequential Dates (removing date gaps)
  149. Update Time Out?
  150. MS SQL Server - User Rights
  151. Null & String Ops Again
  152. Login Confusion
  153. SQL Query - Aggregate data
  154. Script to lock down a regular user?
  155. Concurrency issues with "Tree" structures.
  156. get the description of a column
  157. Problem backing up Database and Transaction Log due to disk space limitations
  158. TSQL: I want to use a SELECT statement with COUNT(*) AS 'name' and ORDER BY 'name'
  159. Complex query help needed....
  160. DTS Package and ASP.NET
  161. Urgent deliverable
  162. Update Query
  163. How to remember last record read
  164. multiple foreign keys on same field, based on other field
  165. ASP to SQL Connection Prob, Same Server, IIS
  166. Using select results in a stored procedure
  167. DB2 User Group Italy - next meetings March 2005
  168. simple division problem
  169. How to Backup Read-
  170. How to Backup Read-Only databases
  171. Dr. Michael Rys on Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and XQuery
  172. Cannot Drop Database
  173. Select first type problem...
  174. 'NETWORKDAYS(start_date,end_date,holidays)' in SQL ?
  175. Database design question
  176. A Query-Transpose of Data
  177. Some Queries
  178. Delete data, but file size increase
  179. Log all commands executed in QA
  180. Profiler not reporting reads accurately
  181. SQLServer Redirector Port 1434
  182. Get list of files in directory using a SP
  183. SQL Monitoring
  184. Format result of sp_helpdb
  185. backing up read-only database
  186. Conversion between Date Formats
  187. Conditional JOIN
  188. Timeout expired
  189. execution plans
  190. list of databases in Analysis Services
  191. Full Text Indexes do not fully populate
  192. About SQL field Type
  193. New Question Regarding LOG SHIPPING & MASTERDB
  194. Looking for MCDBA certified individual with a TS/SCI Clearance
  195. using DTS question
  196. Slow SQL Query - Case in Where Stmnt
  197. Help needed to improve the performance of the query
  198. SQL Server reports
  199. Can I EXPORT tables to a backup DB and delete them from my production server?
  200. How to remove WITH FILLFACTOR = 100 when Generate Sql Script ?
  201. How do I get uppercase values returned only.
  202. BCP Beginner - Please Help
  203. Failing replication requiring restart of SQL Agent
  204. aggregate sql question
  205. DataSet Update Problem
  206. Pivot table not showing blank value column ...
  207. Problem with Excel Pivot Table
  208. Security and access rights using local and global groups
  209. Best practices for field sizes
  210. sp_executesql vs. stored proc.
  211. sp_executesql vs. stored proc.
  212. Tricky group by order by query
  213. Tempdb gets out of control when inserting records
  214. How to create a new serverinstance but with old datafiles?
  215. [DBNETLIB]ConnectionCheckForData (CheckforData())
  216. forcing dbsqlexec to exit cleanly
  217. Stored Procedure and multiple keys which could be NULL
  218. Efficiently joining same table twice
  219. Problem Installing SQL 7 or SQL SERVER 2000 on Laptop
  220. Converting Decimal to String W/O Decimal Point
  221. Help with update query please!
  222. BCP Format File
  223. BCP Utility - Skip rows..
  224. Importing CSV files
  225. MS SQL 6.5 Unable to connect.
  226. How to check when a stored procedure was last called/executed
  227. error 7965 not a valid recordset property
  228. Date query question!
  229. Simple select question!
  230. SQL-problem
  231. data transform and compare with in a query
  232. Parameterized order by clause: doesn't work
  233. 2 Questions: license Installation and Speed
  234. Spinning Image
  235. Need help / suggestion
  236. 2005 Express - Concurrent Connections
  237. passing a field name into a parameter
  238. Machine Name In Trigger
  239. Assigning column types in select into
  240. Delete rows in Excel From DTS package
  241. Key Lock Hashed Resource Text Value not unique?
  242. Importing Access DB
  243. [mssql][ant] Failed to execute: GO
  244. Syntax problem
  245. Syntax error in update?
  246. Update using an Inner Join
  247. Error with the trigger
  248. Sql Server Developers Licence
  249. Query to tranform rows to column
  250. Need help in log shipping
  251. Using SELECT LIKE with ADO Parameter in ASP Page
  252. access data in remote SQL server with trusted authority
  253. open query help
  254. orphan recods
  255. user defined functions & default parameters
  256. SQL DATEADD function
  257. What's a significant LockTimeout measurment in PERFMON?
  258. What's a significant LockTimeout measurment in PERFMON?
  259. Date Compare in SQL Server Stored Procedure
  260. Date Compare in SQL Server Stored Procedure
  261. Cannot DTS connect to SQL Server 2005
  262. Datatype
  263. Seek method, table-direct, and sql server2005
  264. pass hash (#) table with different structure to stored procedure
  265. Date Compare in SQL Server Stored Procedure
  266. Group by Problems
  267. list schema's of a sql server
  268. Question about SUM and Nulls
  269. SQL Query Help
  270. Auto-increment PK - Use MS or Grow your own ?
  271. Query Analyzer does not see Enterprise manager database and vise versa
  272. Find Missing data from table
  273. SP To create table
  274. T-SQL Cursor Variable..
  275. IF (SQL server)
  276. checking the existance of fields and types
  277. I need help with SELECT statement
  278. tab character
  279. Books on Data Warehouse Performance Tuning for MS-SQL 2000
  280. Backup - Solution Needed
  281. Email on insert in a table
  282. Question: Upper row limit of 6080 characters
  283. Bizarre case behavior.
  284. SELECT-how to get only the last 20 records?
  285. Will OSQL Produce SQL Backup?
  286. Can't Export Fields w/ over 255 characters
  287. Large binary writes slower than expected
  288. "Hill Climbing" -- a More General Question on Systematic SQL Skill Upgrade
  289. Import MS-Excel to SQL-Server
  290. Semistructured data
  291. looking for a tool/ middleware tool which...
  292. Win xp sp2
  293. Help needed
  294. Anyway to recover delete stored proc?
  295. Query help with 2 tables plus one more - easy I think
  296. SQL JOIN help
  297. SQL 2 tables ask
  298. IF statement in DML
  299. Creditwrench
  300. sql LEFT JOIN and IN question
  301. restore db stuck loading
  302. Multiple Table Joins Makes Query Go To Sleep
  303. SQL ask 2 tables
  304. Writing your own aggregate functions
  305. Using the same View repeatedly
  306. A story of incorrect syntax
  307. ASP.NET/IIS/SQL help !
  308. SQL Debugger Problem
  309. SQL Transaction Processing - Learning Resources
  310. Execute same statement for each value in result set
  311. Export
  312. Question:Killing sessions before nightly CHECKDB
  313. Question:Killing sessions before nightly CHECKDB
  314. SQLMail does not start
  315. stored procedures/security
  316. simple problem, it's friday...
  317. Return most recent membership based on year stored in joined table
  318. DB design thoughts??
  319. execute proc on stopping mssql server
  320. Having Clause won't run on Linked Server
  321. importing DB from another SQL server
  322. SOX Solutions?
  323. incompatiable data sync
  324. Sending file contents in the body of the email with xp_sendmail
  325. Cool File Encryption Software Released.
  326. VB and SQL Reporting Services
  327. ms sqlserver chat room
  328. Impossible to use a scalar UDF to pass a parameter to another UDF?
  329. How to build Gui or forms to wrap SQL queries that are normally run in query analyzer
  330. What's wrong with this View? Duplicate columns?
  331. VB6 connection problem to MS SQL Server 7 table
  332. Planning for SQL Server 2005: 64-bit, OS, processor, memory
  333. SQL Server Agent Job History
  334. Obtaining timezone offset in T-SQL.
  335. T-SQL script for tran log with - in database name
  336. Select * from something where field1 = N'literal'
  337. Agregar una tabla a un filegroup existente
  338. Select * from something where field1 = N'literal'
  339. language-font problem
  340. osql feedback
  341. Error converting data type varchar to float
  342. MS SQL connection could not be established
  343. Between Question
  344. SQL 2000 whitepaper?
  345. Merging Duplicate Rows
  346. comparing data between two tables...
  347. DLookup equivalent in SQL Server
  348. How to get the last occurence of rows containing disticnt value in one column
  349. Alternatives to SQL *Plus
  350. strtdb80.exe has encountered a problem
  351. searching for any data string in database
  352. SQL Server Backup
  353. Is user logged-on?
  354. Help optimising SQL Query
  355. accessing the database remotely from non-microsoft platform
  356. Select for Cursor Returns 0 Same Select Highlighted Returns 2,000+
  357. Quick SQL Server 7.0 index question
  358. How do I format an integer
  359. why does this deadlock?
  360. Capture Records That Failed Insertion From XML
  361. SQL Server 2005 Datetime data type
  362. How can I avoid table lock in SQL2000?
  363. @@servername returns NULL
  364. Odbc - binding sql server binary field to a wide char field only returns 1/2 the daat
  365. Help - Corrupted SQL Server 2K Log. Is this serious
  366. Access Data Projects Uniqueidentifier problem
  367. Find Table Size
  368. LogPI performance
  369. Moving log files
  370. Conditonal SUM function, or similar conditional aggregates
  371. As a Beginner's I'm having trouble finding a sample DB on which to learn to model my own.
  372. SQL Server Table Backup
  373. SQL 2000 Linked Server Hangs Due To Trigger
  374. How pass column to udf in join
  375. Validating and updating colums
  376. Managing DB updates to client DB servers
  377. Select data from table an return all all months
  378. Accelerating MS SQL Client
  379. Output an SQL Query to a text file
  381. Which Sql Server error number is used when a table has a deadlock?
  382. HOWTO: Installing SQL 6.5 on Windows 2000 Server
  383. Very strange behavior of SQLServer with connection from CGI
  384. Conditional summaring
  385. Finding out all the User Tables being used by an application
  386. Performance decrease after OS upgrade
  387. Need help speedig up query
  388. CRecordset + char + stored procedures inoutParam
  389. Shrinking database files
  390. Updating a text field in SQL Server
  391. Sequence no group wise
  392. best practices for writing SQL server stored procedures
  393. avoid using cursors
  394. High Performance SQL Server (article)
  395. SBS 2003 Monitoring Database
  396. Beginning SQL Server Book?
  397. sql 2 tables ask
  398. problems trying to import data from excel file
  399. Procedures v. Functions
  400. Build ID w/Incrementing Digit
  401. Problems when trying to rebuild indexex
  402. Unable to connec to SQLSERVER server from client
  403. Detecting (local) sql-server
  404. don't understand the following locking behavior
  405. How to recover SQL database from a removed laptop hard drive?
  406. Create User Function w/Case
  407. Connecting to Webservice from DTS
  408. Changing lost SA password
  409. cannot edit text cell
  410. Create variables with same format in one single step?
  411. Loading db & Read-Only db
  412. Sql puzzle
  413. Convert RTF to plain text
  414. What is the best way to create a script to update a new version of a the DB
  415. Recommended Stretagy for Bi-Directional SQL DB Synchronization
  416. Local SQL Service Not Starting but SQL Server is running?
  418. Help! - Query On Time Field In SQL Server - How?
  419. Representation for Heterogeneous Attribute Set
  420. MS SQL Server Service Manager does not find instance
  421. Basic SQL question...
  422. Performance of views accessed by multiple SPIDs?
  423. Retrieve Manager/Subordinate hierarchy from Self-Referencing table
  424. query that select extended procs
  425. using logins
  426. Connecting to SQL Server OVer Internet
  427. A Query Help!
  428. Linked Servers to Lotus Notes
  429. UPDATE a variable to different categories by a single step?
  430. When is procedure cache flushed or cleared?
  431. problems with a stored prc
  432. Local variables in stored proc
  433. FYI: a weird performance problem with MSDE and possibly SQL Server 2000
  434. Cleaning unused stored procedure best practice?
  435. Automatic Execution of a Stored Proceedure
  436. Uninstall second instance
  437. Log backups - what does a database name of 0 mean?
  438. WHILE loop speed compared to cursors?
  439. Ye Olde GUI display/sychronization problem...
  440. Can 98SE read files from NTFS Drives?
  441. Regarding a sample query
  442. SQl server connection from another location
  443. authorization error in reporting services on win2003
  444. Scan count
  445. Strange SQL Question
  446. SQL Server and Automated Emails
  447. Need advice on best way to make dbase record updates
  448. SQL Server BIGINT and MS ACCESS...
  449. What datatype to use for PK?
  450. SQL Server 2000 performance counter
  451. Is it MS SQLServer or something else?
  452. Log IP Address of attempted logins
  453. Accessing SQL Server Databases from Networked PC
  454. Error in store procedure
  455. relocating transaction log
  456. Advice on table design which will allow me to enforce integrity
  457. Database back end - SQL Server or Access
  458. .
  459. Optimization technique
  460. Store Gitar Codes
  461. New setup of MySQL on my machine....
  462. linked server referred by insert trigger
  463. How to dedicate a cpu for SQL Server?
  464. Database Setup and Design
  465. BCP and treatment of NULLs when export to fixed format text file
  466. How do I programatically acces a database with a '-' in the name?
  467. How to have a batch transaction?
  468. Strange OSQL behavoir.
  469. Now if a update worked in a SP
  470. Enterprise Manager Problem with registering connection
  471. ISO 6346 Check Digit Calculation in T-SQL
  472. Problem with Parallel Query Execution
  473. Varchar vs Char in 1st field of composite clustered index
  474. IN (subquery) slower than calculation @VAL and then IN (@VAL)?
  475. using application roles
  476. using application roles
  477. using application roles
  478. using application roles
  479. permissions to see design view
  480. using application roles
  481. Selecting the same column twice in the same where clause
  482. using application roles
  483. using application roles
  484. using application roles
  485. Select
  486. australian postcode db with longitude/latitude
  487. Replication and sql server 2005
  488. Copy permissions of a database role
  489. Compare datetimes
  490. select from subquery
  491. Chosing the right hardware configuration for SQL server
  492. Extended Stored Procedure - ODBC Loopback Connection Problem
  493. iif stored procedure
  494. Move Log File Locations
  495. sql server backup job timeout
  496. Data casting, casting operations
  497. Merge Repliction - Run Stored Procedure when merge agent starts
  498. Bring db online/offline
  499. WTD: Data Base/Application Needed
  500. SQL Server for data processing
  501. Winter SQL Server Gurus Event at UCLA
  502. Numbers and Crystal Reports 9
  503. Question: Date field
  504. How to update just one record
  505. online questionnaire w connection to database
  506. MSDE and ODBC Tables
  507. characters encoding
  508. Is bookmark in a nonclustered index ordered?
  509. Database server will not expand mdf or ndf files
  510. Imbedding a Select Statement within an Update
  511. How to update a table with SUM function?
  512. Vanishing parallelism
  513. Sort Results by Number of Hits
  514. Table Corruption?
  515. Is @@IDENTITY really unique in multi-sessions scope
  516. Extract data from SQL 6.5
  517. Odbc unstabil
  518. [22003][0][Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Numeric value out of range
  519. SQL 2000 Physical Layout Question
  520. Gripe: interoperability
  521. Urgent Deliverable
  522. Passing Paramenter to SP for Column Name
  523. Using SQL Server (T-SQL) to parse text
  524. Conditional WHERE statement?
  525. Aggr
  526. When Export to Excel
  527. Record Locking in Access ADP
  528. Return rows where column is less than 10 characters
  529. Ordering varchar column numerically
  530. sql server database installs
  531. Error in connection with database
  532. Simple MAX query?
  533. Database Normalization/Design Question
  534. Reclain space after DROP COLUMN
  535. Adding Execute permissions on Stored Procedures
  536. large arrays, UDFs and the text datatype
  537. How to learn sql from beginning?
  538. SQLXML - Soap/Any Authentication? Exporting SQLXML IIS Settings?
  539. How to return large amount of data in the XML format
  540. Extract data in "Insert Into..." statement format
  541. Does Alter Column do work if column already the same as desired?
  542. ODBC in SQL Query Analyzer
  543. Inconsistent Database Performance
  544. Search for a field name in stored procedures
  545. MDF Disk Fragmentation - Backup and Restore
  546. How to tell if AWE is actually working?
  547. help with query
  548. Numeric overflow . No errors. Insert the wrong number
  549. How to add a do loop in sql? Thanks a lot!
  550. IsLogin problem