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  1. SQL Server 2000 2GB memory limit?
  2. Formating Numbers with Commas
  3. Formating Numbers with Commas
  4. How to synchronize 2 tables on different sql servers
  5. Constructing Email message
  6. SQL Replication
  7. Does DB-Restore on a different machine omit user/login information ?
  8. SQL DTS package to process a remote OLAP database
  9. How To set delimeters and text qualifiers in a file
  10. How To write An Sql Crosstable Select statment
  11. How To write An Sql Crosstable Select statment
  12. Using DTS to move data to a new table with some datatype changes
  13. HexToInt, vbintoHexStr - fun with CAST
  14. how to add 1 to the field
  15. Help with SELECT Query
  16. Is this correct use of INSTEAD OF Triggers?
  17. Tunneling enterprise manager over https ASP.NET?
  18. Conecting over the Internet for getting data from clients.
  19. Number Data Types...
  20. openrowset - problem in reconnecting to oracle
  21. Help ! Database Still says loading after restore
  22. Help ! Database Still says loading after restore
  23. Select JOIN problem
  24. Wrong syntax in where smth in case ?
  25. Query Analyzer Template files, object browser bug
  26. wil s2k developer edition really work on XP Pro box?
  27. SQL Profiler
  28. DTS of data between two tables, same field names but differnt datatypes
  29. Sending external email from within a Scheduled Job
  30. What is purpose of N in SQL examples?
  31. cursor insert with like '%'
  32. DTS vs Datastage or Informatica
  33. Connecting for entire session, or just when performing an operation?
  34. How do you lock an entire table?
  35. Crosstab queries
  36. User interaction with SQL
  37. BULK INSERT row terminator
  38. Help Please - Backup FileGroup and Restore
  39. MDX Query Book
  40. Stored Proc not updating multiple rows
  41. DBA on mulitiple databases
  42. 7.00.1078_enu.exe on msde
  43. Problem returning a datarow
  44. Storing binary files in MS SQL 2000
  45. simple SQL update
  46. How can I INSERT w/Constraints in other tables?
  47. SQL 2000 - 450+ Databases
  48. Loop through a recordset to populate columns in a temp table
  49. HexToInt and HexToSmallInt
  50. update from ...?
  51. SQL update statement in VB
  52. Field not being updated within Stored Procedure
  53. Complicated SELECT Problem
  54. Book and class
  55. How to delete rows in a table when no primary key is defined
  56. Primary key
  57. Database Modelling in UML
  58. Mails are stuck in the Queue Folder
  59. odbc errors on terminal server
  60. XML to View
  61. SQL problem
  62. DTS package doesn't execute
  63. Totally shameless self-promotion
  64. Sql server authentication not set
  65. Error while running xp_cmdshell
  66. timeout expired w/SQL2K SP3
  67. any SQL guru's out there?
  68. DEFRAG disk drive
  69. Need good idea
  70. Problem using CAST with Zeroed out Field Values
  71. How can i get the details of the error
  72. Very large number of rows
  73. Will MSSQL DB Server perform better with 2k3?
  74. Database design, inherit
  75. How to get the status?
  76. User-Defined string Functions Transact-SQL
  77. Changing the default port number and still connecting
  78. Need advice for process of swapping DBs
  79. How to convert recursive function into recursive stored procedure
  80. Crosstab query
  81. Database Backup Security
  82. Separate an And/Or parameter
  83. Best way for a Set-based query
  84. Recovery and Backup
  85. ODBC and MSDE
  86. Customer IDs without identity
  87. SQL Server -> MS- Access VBA
  88. persisting data for a pluggable tree
  89. What hardware to get?
  90. generating auto sequential numbers
  91. case, joins and NULL trouble
  92. PRIMARY Files
  93. Install Client Connectivity (SQL Server 2000) Only w/ Less Files?
  94. Write only database
  95. sp_elpuser rights
  96. Mail Profile disabled in SQL Server Agent Properties
  97. Linked Servers - Postgres 8.0.2
  98. Ignore Triggers
  99. checking success of a request in a stored procedure
  100. Session State InProc. HELP??????
  101. can't print variable
  102. Timeout Expired Error
  103. Monitoring Data file size
  104. Splitting of database
  105. don't permit manual access to database
  106. Frontpage 2002 & passing an SQL variable
  107. Snapshot replication
  108. SQL - query improvement MAX(date), IN
  109. Problem with dbo.sysindexkeys in SQL 2000
  110. Creating a trace file with the date appended to it's name
  111. SQL Server & MSDE on same machine?
  112. Help with DTS script
  113. Linking Two SQL Servers
  114. Can I ghost an SQL server?
  115. Tables get Locked
  116. MS SQL 2005 Express
  117. Count of related records??
  118. Net Send Failure
  119. Monitoring Deadlocks
  120. Best way to create dynamic update statement
  121. Edit .mdf database
  122. importing a .txt file
  123. SQL Backup procedures...
  124. Installing MSDE2000 for Remote Connection
  125. Noob: Why does this Query work?
  126. concatenate where clause
  127. Moving db across the country- full copy, then differential?
  128. Inserting Records with limited privileges
  129. Scripted delete rows
  131. A query that chooses non-matching items
  132. Counting based on a field combination
  133. SQL Server Hot Fix Install Error - dbmslpcn.dll is WRITE LOCKED
  134. Enterprise Manager Collision
  135. Views Are Deleted
  136. quey help
  137. Storing a month
  138. Storing a month
  139. problem with OUTPUT params in Stored procedure
  140. not exist in place of outer join
  141. Dates incorrectly being saved incorrectly. DD and MM swapped round ?
  142. Primary key on combination of nullable fields, at least one not-null
  143. SQL statement
  144. create database at shared hoster site
  145. Refresh data from production to development
  146. SQL datetime from incorrect char(10)
  147. Interesting Problem
  148. SQL Server on Windows XP Workgroup
  149. paradoxical query results?
  150. Int versus Char primay key performance
  151. Tables seem too big - timeouts happening
  152. SQL Server Distribution Server Licensing
  153. SET FMTONLY being added to in-line SQL
  154. Proyectos de Inversion en IT en la UTN
  155. what does [dbo].[Accounts] mean?
  156. web hoster only allows 1 sql server database
  157. problem in registering sql server in enterprise manager
  158. query result as comma-separated list
  159. Last edit time?
  160. Installation Issue
  161. compare
  162. Question with filegroups
  163. help with query
  164. I need help connecting Access 97 to SQL Server 2000
  165. IsNull Evaluation within EXEC
  166. Parameters in Reporting Services
  167. Database Environment Naming Production -vs- Development
  168. restore from command line
  169. SQL to find short, fat and stupid people
  170. Strange Problew with user defined function or stored procedure
  171. Get lowest date
  172. How to reinstall RS Standard Edition on top of expired RS Eval edition
  173. Format display of current row
  174. Connecting Access Front End to Remote SQL Server
  175. Connecting Access Front End to Remote SQL Server
  176. Modifing the row that invokes a trigger from within that trigger
  177. instead-of trigger and contraints
  178. Advantage of Temp Table
  179. VBScrip Type Mismatch Error
  180. Diagram of Master DB
  181. Linked Server gives Internal SQL Server error
  182. prevent DELETE and/or UPDATE
  183. binding SQL server to localhost?
  184. Cache HIT ratio problem
  185. Would you please suggest a good backup tape drive?
  186. Verify dynamically specified table exists
  187. command line
  188. DBA HELP: Performane Tune SELECT, SUM, & CASE
  189. QA tells me my table is ambiguous
  190. Breaking up a Table
  191. query analyzer returning messed up data
  192. Call DTS package from VBA/Excel?
  193. MS SQL Server 2000 / MS Access - ODBC connection question
  194. Lost My Diagrams
  195. New SQL Server and Photos
  196. I dont have any backup of my database, but I have the mdf's and ldf's files
  197. How to get parameter passed to SQL query from access
  198. Creating a view from a linked server
  199. How to comment a server template
  200. How do ITables moved to a new FileGroup ?
  201. Sum of hours by week
  202. Destination Columns Question
  203. Remote access to sql database...permissions
  204. Using MSDE and moving databases
  205. Help! Cygwin X slows down Query Analyzer
  206. How to copy db from test server to local machine running MSSQL2000 Per.
  207. Inserting a record for each separate aggregate (solved)
  208. Import RIS format to SQL Server?
  209. Run DTS in safe way.
  210. Neq to SQL
  211. How to fetch or store a BIGINT using dbExpress and Delphi 2005
  212. Deadlocks in Profiler
  213. DBCC SHOWCONTIG inconsistency????
  214. Access Violation on Saving a DTS Package
  215. Assistance developing Query
  216. Convert variable into dynamic select
  217. Windows groups for SQL Server - what am I doing wrong?
  218. Run DTS package
  219. Primary Key
  220. Move mdf/ldf files for a replicated database
  221. Gather Meta Data
  222. Checking datatypes of a field accoss multiple tables
  223. How to call functions via ODBC
  224. Learning SQL Server 2000
  225. Date problem in SQL Server
  226. Data Parsing in SQL Server views
  227. Changing collation for tempdb and model
  228. Changing collation for tempdb and model
  229. Changing collation for tempdb and model
  230. Design Problem...Please Help!!
  231. Char to Bit
  232. SQL Server Agent - E-Mails
  233. Help with update query linking 3 tables
  234. sp_configure missing - need to allow updates!
  235. Alias has confused me.
  236. sp_configure missing - need to allow updates!
  237. time-series SQL code.
  238. Log Shipping Transaction Log Question
  239. 100,000 lock requests/sec
  240. [TRANSACT]Can't switch from master to another database
  241. "Users shopping for A were also interested in B"
  242. SQL Server Query Optomizer
  243. xp_logininfo and Domain Local groups
  244. "Unable to validate product key"
  245. Help with JDBC Driver
  246. Object Owners.
  247. Compare data in Tables
  248. MS SQL Server 2000 Log Shipping problem
  249. Getting error c:\windows\system32\odbcad32.exe error
  250. International Motivation Survey
  251. Need one Query to obtain results I can only get with two queries
  252. Transaction Replication & Data archiving on SQL server 2000
  253. SQL gurus, please help
  254. Connection problem from Access front end application to SQL Desktop Engine backend
  255. Strage characters displaying in Enterprise Manager 2000
  256. Return Type of COALESCE?
  257. Strage characters displaying in Enterprise Manager 2000
  258. Using DTS Global variable in task
  259. Creating a Select statement with subqueries to 3 other tables...
  260. SQLDMO - Operating System Cannot Run %1
  261. Microsoft Access doesn't support design changes to the version of Microsoft SQL Server
  262. Seaching mulitple fields?
  263. Importing txt files with sql server 2000
  264. Do's and Don'ts of SQL
  265. Reorganize data and index pages
  266. Unhandled exception in mmc.exe: : Access violation
  267. How to solve "Tables or functions 'inserted' and 'inserted' have the same exposed names. "
  268. Openings in an online game company for sql coders
  269. Return results of mulitple select statements in another Stored Procedure
  270. Query runs slower when converted to a view
  271. Poor performance for business day calculation from aspfaq sample
  272. Database design
  273. Limiting active processes?
  274. Delete with 2 keys
  275. Example of Internal SQL Server Error
  276. SQL Server Best Practice Analyzer and T-SQL coding standards
  277. Merge results from two fields
  278. Problems with joins
  279. Big table
  280. How to assign string value to TEXT output parameter of a stored procedure?
  281. Using an if statement
  282. parameterized pass-through queries from Access front-end?
  283. Optimization of a select query
  284. Maintenance Microsoft
  285. A little script help
  286. SQL Server Backup Applications
  287. HELP PLEASE. Query Question.
  288. Help with a Join and Duplicates?
  289. How to extract part of a string
  290. How to upgrade a stored procedure this way?
  291. Help with dynamic SQL Stored Procedure
  292. SubQuery or Temp Table?
  293. Database Design
  294. Inserting data to tables belonging to different databases
  295. howto check the sql server edition from code
  296. Paper about SQL Server 2005
  297. New to MS Sql
  298. Data transfer
  299. Convert a existing SQL Server 2000 database to 2005
  300. System DSN / Registry
  302. relation & query
  303. remote stored procedure on MSDE
  304. Fastest way to handle the search
  305. naming column names
  306. help on query
  307. MSDE installation fails due to detection of previous installation
  308. Table size and Computed Columns
  309. trying to avoid using cursors!
  310. How to Go From a Database to A Calendar Format?
  311. Help with 1205 Not raised
  312. cursor vs. select
  313. ASP + SQL loads really slow over intranet
  314. Insert produces error
  315. HELP - SQL Server 2000 Install Files needed urgently
  316. User input in SQL2000
  317. Can stored procs run after handle is closed?
  318. Restore Log Fails Msg:3433
  319. Date Display
  320. Error on link Servere
  321. Dev. Team - Keeping Three Tiers in Sync
  322. How to add 2 columns together
  323. SQL 6.5 migrating to SQL 2000
  324. Import XMS into SQL Server 2000
  325. NTEXT vs NVARCHAR for large number of columns
  326. Crear una BBDD desde VB.NET
  327. Memory Mgt in SQL SERVER
  328. Enterprise Manager Date format has changed
  329. Copy a database
  330. How to backup a database into a number of smaller files ?
  331. loop through a datagrid
  332. SQL Like.
  334. Query Optimization
  335. sp_send_cdosysmail - Parameter Inside Body of Email
  336. can't do that request
  337. owner of a temp table
  338. Accomodating 'Dummy' Data?
  339. Problem with query and date ranges
  340. Error processing cube with disabled lowest level of shared dimension
  341. Locking Problem: SQL Server
  342. How to copy tables from local machine to remote SQL server
  343. isql error message
  344. Dynamic Build SQL in store procedure based on select
  345. bcp is inserting blank space for empty string
  346. Is it ok to use 100% of SQL Server CPU?
  347. SQL 6.5 - to - SQL 2000 replication
  348. parse XML strings in SQL text field
  349. 3 quick queries
  350. Insert value in an auto-identity column
  351. My db grew 8.2GB in two weeks BUT only 4MB of data added
  352. INSERT violates primary key. Which way out?
  353. Cannot Generate SSPI Context
  354. Distributed transactions with multiple instances of Microsoft SQL Server
  355. email on insert
  356. Enter Default Values for all columns in all tables except Primary Keys
  357. update fields with searched first date record fields
  358. SQL Query Help
  359. Re-using a calculated sub-select field in a view?
  360. What is wrong with this procedure?
  361. help with santax
  362. How can i copy data
  363. Copy field data from table to another
  364. (((((((((( Anyone know where I can pickup MS SQL 02? ))))))))))))))))))
  365. ((((((((( Can someone post SQL 03 program ))))))))))))))))))
  366. NULL values and Indexes
  367. Installing Without CD - Help
  368. Obtaining business hours based on start and end date
  369. Domino VBA
  370. Domino VBA
  371. Is Physical server name stored in the Master database
  372. Renaming logical file names
  373. Utilizing compound indexes
  374. Converting tables to Upper case
  375. Selecting single sorted row from many column
  376. Profiler Trace file format
  377. Join using max value
  378. ZZZZ New text 1/1 New Text Document.txt (1/1) 18
  379. ZZZZ New text 1/1 New Text Document.txt (0/1) 18
  380. filelistonly vs verifyonly
  381. How to connect using C#
  382. audit trail triggers
  383. Checksum not working
  384. Exam 70-229
  385. exec sp_executesql vs. sp_executesql and performance
  386. Need help in Updating multiple rows
  387. CHECK Constraint to prevent a conditional duplicate
  388. Transaction MS SQL
  389. SQL Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer displaying different Row Counts
  390. Database definitions
  391. urgent
  392. Oledb stored procedure rowset binding
  393. GROUP By clause or DISTINCT clause
  394. Specific Book Recommendation
  395. Question on using patindex
  396. Server not using all available memory.
  397. Grouping columns
  398. Importing Access databases into SQL Server
  399. What is Cardinality
  400. 'Suspect' DB won't open - OS error 32- Help!
  401. Inserts gradually slow down
  402. Need help with complex(?) querie
  403. SQL Union with ORDER BY
  404. isqlw.exe
  405. Restore Production database to Development
  406. Duplicate Reference Numbers using MAX()+1
  407. sql charindex split string
  408. Determine Quarter End and Beginning Dates
  409. owner data objects
  410. Transaction log shrinking... weird behavior?!?!?!?
  411. SQL Server: command line support
  412. Connecting to SQL Server 2000 on another subnet
  413. Count consecutive numbers
  414. Front-end website search using Full-Text
  415. local data
  416. .RMD or RMX. to sql server
  417. Which is better? Int or smalldatetime(MSSQL)
  418. SQL Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003
  419. Many databases vs. 1 database
  420. a new SQL tool to help maintain SQL code is now out
  421. a new SQL tool to help maintain SQL code is now out
  422. Restore database fails because database is in use.
  423. More on mysterious data loss in mssql2k - a possible solution?
  424. read only database performance question
  425. Dynamic Column amount query
  426. Can someone explain this behaviour?
  427. top keyword and sorting
  428. can't do that request
  429. Count the number of cubes
  430. Column Names with a cursor
  431. Sample ASP Script??
  432. Database backups growing exponentially
  433. sql service run as question
  434. How To PROTECT SQL Server Database Files ?
  435. Database Move
  436. Mysterious loss of data from mssql2k
  437. Great News Blog!
  438. Query problem
  439. Having Trouble Installing Reporting Services
  440. Help with query
  441. Interesting issue with Full Text Search
  442. Tough little trigger
  443. SQL Server Performance
  444. Need help with SQL query
  445. Virtual Server 2003 Issue! Access Denied- Admin web screen !!
  446. Process not getting any memory
  447. Dropping FK Constraints in a Stored Procedure
  448. C#, SQL-DMO, Add FileGroup Issue.
  449. Insert SP results into variable?
  450. No longer need default instance of SQL Server
  451. basic sql question
  452. SQL Server 2000 Table Auditing for HIPAA
  453. Log Shipping Problem
  454. sql server replication performance
  455. Recursive Query ??
  456. Getting SUM Function Result
  457. Executing sql statements
  458. Syntax for updating table variables
  459. Handle SQL errors with severity 10
  460. Timestamp problem!
  461. Error 15401 adding login to SQL Server
  462. SQL database structure question
  463. How display number records in query designer VisualStudio.NET
  464. help on a sql request
  465. Views / Stored Procedures / Updating Records
  466. Compairing updated data base.
  467. Calling Encrypt2 function from Sqlserver select query
  468. manage transaction to avoid locks
  469. Virtual Primary Key = Slow
  470. SQL Server Scalability
  471. SQL Mail
  472. Help! SQL Server error - [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server] Invalid object name ...
  473. access 03 query datashet view problem help
  474. Combine two queries - help please
  475. Import Password Protected File Via DTS
  476. using count somehow
  477. Is it possible to write a format file that skips a few bytes of header in data file?
  478. How do you export?
  479. Dataset Code Debugging
  480. Altering functions and CHECK constraints
  481. Results of SQL SELECT statement into Stored Procedure
  482. Server Reboot
  483. Replication Problem
  484. View Optimization?
  485. SQL Connections using NAT
  486. Updating a field for multiple records
  487. C#: Running DDL to Create Functions.
  488. search engine in SQL server ?
  489. slecting a table using a local variable name
  490. Need help with query that does both timediff & sum
  491. copying data and structure from one database to another
  492. Please help: Create View
  493. Please help: Create View
  494. stored procedure question
  495. Inserting multiple rows with a single INSERT INTO
  496. Cacluated Field
  497. smalldatetime and sorting
  498. Derived Fields
  499. To compare fields between two table
  500. union with sub query
  501. Data import - foreign key question
  502. urgent DB export issue
  503. Vote on a new newsgroup proposal
  504. Windows 2003 - SQL server does not exist or access denied
  505. T-SQL Help
  506. Unable to create a step in a SQLServer Job
  507. Can't connect to SQL Server (developer edition) from another PC?
  508. Help with java connection to MS SQL 2000 with windows integrated security
  509. automatic rename in FROM clause of dependant objects ?
  510. typical audit trail ?
  511. difference between SYSTEM_USER and USER
  512. How to find max from a table by row
  513. HELP: REGEXP accurences count
  514. Inserting to table with dashes in fieldnames
  515. Calculate/create Row Number without identity
  516. sp_attachdb time varies
  517. Exists query with priorities
  518. Date range problem
  519. BCP and Bulk Insert to Linked Servers
  520. How to simplify my endless query. Thanks.
  521. question on trigger/procedure plz reply?
  522. Question on FOR XML issue
  523. sql query help
  524. Help with SQL if statement and adding fields together
  525. treat contiguous records as 1
  526. quick question on SQL server and object support
  527. Null How to handle
  528. Table Design Question
  529. Stored proc location
  530. Change data type during INSERT INTO ?
  531. Urgent
  532. Finding last "whitespace" character in a string?
  533. Question on Idenity Columns
  534. How to handle this Linked Server error trap in SQL2K?
  535. Setting up backups
  536. Parse a numeric string from a field
  537. updateblob
  538. Switched to simple recovery model when will the transaction log shrink?
  539. limiting result set from MS SQL Server Query
  540. How to get info in SELECT directly instead of UPDATE? Thanks.
  541. Can you qry sys tbls to find Triggers, Constrants etc?
  542. How to build database to support user-specified entities and attributes?
  543. Poor performance
  544. working with xp_sendmail
  545. AND query in single column
  546. Stopping a script
  547. How to get a batchjob to run on more than 1 processor ?
  548. SQL Query to return rows only when a max limit on SUM has been reached.
  549. dynamicall execute SP without dynamic sql
  550. Get next unique ID from a table before insert @@identity / Sequence