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  1. Converting binary to text
  2. Suggestions for a reporting system
  3. function call with table as parameter
  4. db_owner rights
  5. Subquery parameters
  6. One ms sql server 2000 instance blocks the other (thru a dts-job)
  7. Parsing a SQL Statement as a parameter and executing it
  8. Need help creating query
  9. BINARY_CHECKSUM algorithm
  10. Alternate to a not in query
  11. Has anyone seen a 25 TB data warehouse on SQL Server?
  12. Concurrency Handling In Stored Procedures
  13. OpenQuery and passing variables
  14. No disk activity during database restore
  15. Change ODBC pointer on workstations after database move
  16. Query table based on multiple keys
  17. Indexing etiquette
  18. Replication Problem!
  19. Returning average of multiple rows in a table join
  20. selective sql request
  21. SQL Openquery & Oracle
  22. Sql Query with one column as the name to another column
  23. selective sql request
  24. Search multiple job sites for you!
  25. Create Views via Access ADP
  26. query to trace all parents
  27. Problem with script
  28. Caller identity
  30. Reporting Services Menu -Web
  31. MSQuery Question
  32. exclude query
  33. Problem In Doing Shrink Database
  34. Win 2003 x64 + SQL 2005 < Win 2003 32 + SQL 2000?
  35. Beginners Question
  36. sql server causes No buffer space available (maximum connections reached?): recv failed
  37. A Query
  38. Advance SQL question
  39. Fast copy big table content
  40. Union Query
  41. Can an update statement be used for interpolating missing data?
  42. merge history ip address
  43. retrieving agent id?
  44. Sql Server Password Expiration?
  45. Sorting - character after 'Z'?
  46. QUESTION: Status column of FK Constraints in sysobjects - ????
  47. set of dates
  48. using a stored procedure as a sub query
  49. Problems with Windows Authentication
  50. bulk copy error: Received invalid row length x from bcp client. Minimum row size is y
  51. SQL server process architecture
  52. Delete-operation performance problem
  53. Programming Field Lengths
  54. Change SQL Server Serial Number
  55. How to Disable ALL Constraint In ALL Tables
  56. request issue
  57. Have a better UPDATE statement than what I wrote?
  58. Please help with this query
  59. Tedious but not difficult!
  60. Top 1 Row for each ..,
  61. Top N rows, discard duplicate
  62. Wide Primary Keys
  63. MSSQL linked server to Oracle RDB
  64. Encrypt payroll fields
  65. Join Small Table to Big Table or Vice Versa, does it matter?
  67. Accessing publication properties from Visual Basic (VB6)
  68. formatting question with osql batch file
  69. Appending data to a table but not duplicates
  70. Outer Join not working when using SQL-92
  71. moving data files to a new disk, same server
  72. Care and Feeding of Databases
  73. sorting based on various data types
  74. ordering problem
  75. deadlocks involving parallelism
  76. Problem converting rows to a string
  77. Excel - Read-only
  78. Please help with a query
  79. Temp Table in a Stored Procedure
  80. To Use Triggers or Not?
  81. SQL Server 2000 - restoring (point in time)
  82. Restoring a DB
  83. Raising Error from Trigger to Stored Proc
  84. SQL Server performance problem!
  85. Locking on Tempdb...
  86. Own Query language for non-technical Users, any frameworks known?
  87. Searching
  88. Normalization Question Regarding Column Combinations
  89. VB6/SQL Server application runs locally, but not from server
  90. Problem in Update Trigger in SQL Server 7.0 - Need some help!
  91. Running VB Function in SQL?
  92. Multiple insert
  93. What happens if a table has no Primary Key?
  94. Transferring Data from MSDE Database to SQL 2000 Database
  95. SQL Server Process and Memory Usage
  97. DTS Import Wizard Causes Crash
  98. Restoration of Transactional log Backup
  99. SQL Server Agent + SQL Mail
  100. cursor application?
  101. Restricting returned rows
  102. multi keyword search SP
  103. merge database content
  104. SQL Query: Merging Tables
  105. xp_sendmail Error
  106. Printing a word document from T SQL
  107. Retieving data with "for xml"
  108. Put multiple results in one field
  109. Connect via ip not name - why?
  110. Create view with data from multiple servers
  111. SQL Date Fields ASP.NET
  112. data deletions
  113. sql query
  114. How to write trigger for ON_DELETE_CASCADE?
  115. SQLSever not using index
  116. CHECKSUM_AGG and BINARY_CHECKSUM performance problems
  117. Deadlock in View with Select Union - Creating A/S Dimension
  118. SQL Server Row Size - Stored Procedure ?
  119. How to connect to sql server on another machine through
  120. Secure/selective data access
  121. Best way to add to DB while checking for duplicates
  122. Obtaining count for identity
  123. Transact-SQL Tutorial
  124. Multiple Queries
  125. How find user is sending a packet every .02 sec to MS SQL?
  126. SQL query to check against a list
  127. Convert Informix Stored Procedure
  128. Ver número de Serie en SQL Server
  129. Create a time series
  130. The Curse of Dynamic SQL
  131. Truncation errors in MS SQL
  132. UPDATE SQL Statement in Excel VBA Editor to update Access Database - ADO - SQL
  133. Linked server insert problem
  134. Why is my Output Parameter not working?
  135. Shrinking SQL2000 Database w 20 datafiles.
  136. Rookie question about query/View
  137. Bulk insert from netware problems after applying SP4
  138. Help with full-text search
  139. Backup Query
  140. Insert or Append?
  141. Maintenance job fails
  142. nested queries, stored procedures, temporary table
  143. key column from 0000001 to 9999999
  144. Locking behaviour on JOIN
  145. Date format in Sql Server 2000 italian and english
  146. Table order when inserting data
  147. Need Help with Adding a Duplicate record count column to Query
  148. Upgrading from 3.23 to 4.1
  149. replication problems sql server to db2
  150. WRITELOG lock on databases set to SIMPLE recovery
  151. Conceptual ideas - 2 tables one changes other complete Cursors?
  152. MSDTC: Receive Returning Out Of Resources Error
  153. Misunderstanding of backup
  154. A curious case of data corruption
  155. Query/Workload Generator
  156. predicate locking
  157. SQL Server 2000 SP4
  158. Fastest way to build a database out of SQL scripts
  159. Text and Ntext fields
  160. .net / weserver problem
  161. Strange behavior
  162. Trigger assistance
  163. List of columns from tables across databases.
  164. The specified file was not found
  165. xp_startmail return code checking
  166. Sort procs in a given db by most recent modification
  167. SQL 2005 testing
  168. List of columns from tables across databases.
  169. Backup Plans and Locking Database
  170. The specified file was not found
  171. xp_startmail return code checking
  172. Speeding up inserts
  173. Sort procs in a given db by most recent modification
  174. ANSI-89 DB JOINS
  175. sql2000 replication
  176. question about performance issues w/SQL2000 with NO indexes
  177. SQL 2005 testing
  178. Windows 2003 Server and ASP
  179. Query word starting with....from string caught in web app
  180. Backup Plans and Locking Database
  181. triggers
  182. Testing for cursor's existence
  183. sql2000 replication
  184. Speeding up inserts
  185. ANSI-89 DB JOINS
  186. question about performance issues w/SQL2000 with NO indexes
  187. Windows 2003 Server and ASP
  188. Query word starting with....from string caught in web app
  189. triggers
  190. Testing for cursor's existence
  191. stored procedure issue
  192. Non-Unicode to Unicode Data conversion
  193. Max Filegroup Size set to 20 how do I change it?
  194. QUESTION: Converting Oracle shell scripting from AIX to Windows
  195. long running transactions w/ other users needing to read data
  196. SQL DTS query using WHILE Statement successfully executes (only updating 200 of 1494 records)
  197. Sql Server Backup - Remote -> Local
  198. SOLVED: [dbnetlib] connectionread (recv()) error
  199. Best Practises for Server Sizing for MS Reporting Services
  200. CreateFile error while generating Snapshot with SP4
  201. SQL server job timeouts?
  202. SQL and UNIX
  203. test
  204. How to set-up sql server 2000 in win2k3 Server to store big-5 Chinese data
  205. How to export a DTS
  207. what type of Constraint to prevent duplicates
  208. How can I restrict bandwidth between to SQL servers
  209. Select distinct one some fields, but return all feilds
  210. When changing to type text from nvarchar, the 255 character limit is maintained?
  211. sp_who2 output
  212. SQl server using high Virtual Memory
  213. Triggers on tables underlying a partitioned view
  214. How to Use Varchar with Int column
  215. Scheduled DTS
  216. Using DiskIO in sp_who2
  217. Reporting Services PDF Size
  218. Connection is busy with results for another hstmt & Win2003 SP1
  219. Exception repeately occurring
  220. Deadlock detection problem! help
  221. Two records of same Partner together
  222. Table Backup
  223. EMC Replication Manager/SE
  224. When this fabulous offer is going to expire.
  225. Index Creation Date
  226. Help on INI file
  227. Does the transaction log on a publisher SQL server get truncated when the database is backed up, but the distributor is down?
  228. Enumerating instances without DMO
  229. Issue with msxisapi.dll
  230. row length exceeds 8060 bytes
  231. Want to grab a list of available databases on a given server
  232. query with a table name that has a space...
  233. Log Shipping and BLOB data
  234. Date/Time Stamp
  235. Error with OPENXML
  236. Need help with query
  237. Conversion Probs..
  238. authentication issues, security groups
  239. identity column
  240. Backup strategy
  241. TimeOut with ms sql 2000
  242. INSERT failed because of incorrect SET options
  243. Format function in SQL
  244. Issue in browsing msxisapi.dll please help
  245. RS - Multiple Development Environments on one machine
  246. how to script security permissions?
  247. How to repair sql table - Error in DTS
  248. Licence Question
  249. Strange Backup Problem!
  250. general question of before image vs checkpoint
  251. Export view result using transferdatabase
  252. Which has the best performance?
  253. Network performance for simple select statement
  254. Help with a simple query please
  255. Finding designation of an employee on a given date
  256. top n percentage
  257. Problem faced in Join(T-SQL)
  258. What is purpose of semi colon after procedure name
  259. UPDATE/INSERT to make One-to-Many table become One-to-One
  260. How to convert datetime to DATE '1936-04-13 07:00:00.000'
  261. log shipping - synch
  262. log shipping - synch
  263. Restore latest backup and logs
  264. SQL Server only use one cpu
  265. How do your keep text formatting when you insert it into database
  266. problem returning rows from SPROC
  267. SQL UPDATE Database from Excel Table
  268. Rows to Column Names
  269. Stored Procedure vs SQL huge difference in execution time
  270. Upgrade Wizard
  271. Missing Program group
  272. Sort Expression as Store Procedure Parameter?
  273. SELECT works but UPDATE fails. ?
  274. test
  275. Printing query results from sp
  276. binary_checksum and validated software environments
  277. checksum_agg and row size error. Require explanation.
  278. Loading Flat File using DTS
  279. Stop replication of deletes
  280. SQL Server license checker
  281. Can someone tell me what's wrong with this code?
  282. SQLTransaction locking up table
  283. Getting Data from a storeed procedure in a stored procedure
  284. query in dataview.rowfilter
  285. How to add a foreign key constraint using the SQL server 2000 enterprise manager
  286. SQL Server Performance and permissions
  287. New to merge replication - simple scenario......
  288. Case Insensitivity
  289. Port Fowarding or VPN with Linked Servers
  290. Import schema into SqlExpress
  291. My first trigger
  292. Is Cursor Best Way To Go?
  293. EMC Replication Manager long recovery time
  294. table/index and page mapping
  295. passing parameter
  296. Cannot use TEXTIMAGE_ON when a table...
  297. SQL view / joins query
  298. SQL server - 'cold' database clone, was this ok?
  299. Restore Problem
  300. SQL query in
  301. SQL Connections with VB.NET
  302. How to find transposed data and near misses
  303. how to determine dbas?
  304. current date/time formula
  305. Incrementing number in a column -- rookie sql user
  306. Finding a column in a database
  307. sql server and vpn: performance/speed
  308. ODBC driver for MySQL does not work properly after version upgrade
  309. Code in the database or middle tier (the CLR controversy)
  310. Script for adding fields to table
  311. stored procedure and if exists
  312. dates issue
  313. clustered index on composite primary key
  314. QUERY HELP: Selecting distinct for two columns group by one
  315. Tx Log Truncate and Deadlock
  316. Giving Active Queries Priority
  317. Query Question
  318. Filter Expression
  319. sqldmo ListAvailableSQLServers crashes
  320. Need help returning a null value, please
  321. Query to compare table data between Test and Production?
  322. text or varchar ?
  323. Set READ UNCOMMITTED (dirty read) at login.
  324. Problem to Run DTS from Stored Procedure
  325. datatime error
  326. Logic problem in cursor/SPROC
  327. Question: ODBC Connection Error .. multiple thread (urgent, pls)
  328. Creating index on a view to prevent multiple not null values - Indexed view?
  329. Blocking
  330. Need an allround DBA (development&Admin) in MSSQL and Oracle
  331. Can't install MSDE
  332. Column name in functions
  334. ADO Error Code:0x80040e4d
  335. One-to-many with a twist
  336. Problem with DateTime and strings in stored procedures
  337. SQL Server Database Comparison
  338. sa Vs sysadmin login
  339. log-file for interface-use
  340. deadlock
  341. Stored procedure fails execution sometime
  342. tips on securting sql server
  343. How to delete a big amount of data
  344. How to delete a big amount of data
  345. system time on sql server is wrong?
  346. What is the right value for BCP's ROWS_PER_BATCH
  347. deadlocks
  348. Change SQL Server Authentication Programmatically
  349. Can MSSQL load a tab delimited text file?
  350. SQL Server Express
  351. Query Help, thanks!
  352. Encryption and "WHERE encrypted_column LIKE"
  353. Getting Plan of previously executed Queries
  354. SQL Memory Issues - Need Advice
  355. Help Needed With Job Scheduling
  356. displaying a table
  357. SQL Automatic Growth
  358. Displaying database name within select within UNION
  359. Doubt to be Clarified
  360. What's the difference? Unque Constraint and unique index, etc.?
  361. Need some help with design of tables/views
  362. Db Owner
  363. Setting password for each database
  364. Upgrade from SQL Standard edition to Enterprise edition
  365. Restore master database from 64bit sql server to 32 bit server
  366. ACCESS 2003 query size high problem help
  367. Converting Text to Proper Text in SQL
  368. Increase number of process(thread)
  369. Writing multiple queries to a file with BCP
  370. Help with SELECT please
  371. Concurrent queries error
  372. Permissions with views and tables
  373. some sort of cross tab query in sql
  374. getting a stored procedure's code
  375. Find similar strings in two tables
  376. Error While Reindexing Job
  377. EM
  378. Creating a DB by restore - problems
  379. Multiple SQL statements in a stored procedure
  380. Help with SQL Query
  381. Sql Server incorrectly functioning
  382. retrieving backup
  383. BCP fmt and Create Table
  385. URGENT - DTS - Need to run the object to perform the operation - Exception Access Violation
  386. Trigger Error
  387. Passwords in Sql Server 2000
  388. Create table from Text
  389. Proportional fill
  390. sql server transaction syntax help
  391. Locking an MSSQL record with ADO.NET
  392. setting remote path for "text file (source)" - DTS
  393. sql 2000 with windows 2003
  394. DTS
  395. Display Image Datatype from a table in Reporting Services report..!
  396. what is the true definition of catalog table?
  397. Backup Help
  398. SQL Union / Intersection
  399. DBs not appearing in query analyer dropdown
  400. Question on generating SQL scripts using Enterprise Manager
  401. Heterogeneous queries
  402. Selecting Min/Max over multiple rows
  403. Easy way to remove international alphabet from all rows?
  404. Help with the Security/Login/User area of operations
  405. Suggestions?: Querying tables from multiple databases
  406. how to continue on error
  407. Returning a count of items including zero
  408. update sql errors using linked server
  409. Crystal reports - maximum group total??
  410. Insert performance different between two servers
  411. SQL Injection Attack
  412. Forbidden access to ReportServer (error 403)
  413. Subquery in case statement
  414. Joins on UPDATE
  415. Copying Database from 2000Server Machine To 2003 Server Machine
  416. SQL Job failing error 8198
  417. Collation conflict isssue
  418. How to reclaim space in columns changed from nvarchar to varchar
  419. personal edition then move to enterprise
  420. Test
  421. bad page ID
  422. Foreign key constraints?
  423. Compare SQL objects
  424. CS vs CI database
  425. Network Restoration Of Database
  426. help with for xmp explicit
  427. Cant use ODBC data source on SQL SERver 2000 sp3a named Instance
  428. Order Schedule.
  429. Problem linking tables
  430. Informix Date Function Equivalent
  431. Delete Duplicates
  432. Using IN(xxx, yyy) with table row
  433. Update question
  434. MSCS SQL2000 Cluster 64 and 32 bit servers
  435. Conversion Error...nvarchar to Datetime
  436. Data Comparison
  437. Query Analyzer on 2003 WE
  438. Procedure Encryption - Any side effects?
  439. Restore database April CTP 2005 Failed?
  440. Sql query help
  441. SQL Query Analyzer Greyed Out
  442. How long is a SQL statement allowed to be?
  443. SQL server 7 physical storage
  444. BULK INSERT Question
  445. How to assign quota on a specific datafile?
  446. Updating indexed views - who pays?
  447. Updating SQL Server Database from Access
  448. Adding Active Directory login (ca vs. samaccount)
  449. Checking The User's Server Role
  450. Very Urgent: Required document for R/3 installation on SQL server in disrtibuted environment
  451. Collation problem
  452. A floating point exception occurred in the user process. Current transaction is canceled.
  453. Extended stored procedure performance tuning
  454. creating data for a histogram.
  455. IF...ELSE error
  456. Front Page 2002 and SQL Query
  457. Confusion over "ANY" keyword
  458. Remote ODBC Connection problem \
  459. Service Pack 3 to Service Pack 4
  460. Service Pack 3 to Service Pack 4
  461. Error 7201: Permissions problem?
  462. SQL SERVER BACKUP problem in different DEVICES
  463. Company-calendars
  464. [Fwd: Reverse pattern matching]
  465. Using EXISTS
  466. Negative values for RowModCtr col in sysobjects tbl
  467. Working with date ranges
  468. Building / Modifying an SQL Database remotely
  469. complexity of nested self left joins?
  470. Changing collation when installing SQL2000
  471. ODBC connection to SQL server failing
  472. Delete recordsets with same Date and Line
  473. SQL Files Query
  474. Problem finding values with aggregate functions
  475. Moving all DTS packages from server to server
  476. Deadlocks & BEGIN/END TRANSACTION
  477. Excessive stored procedure [COMPILE] lock
  478. Bad executed Plan and wrong Result by SQL
  479. NOT FOR REPLICATION, Enterprise manager
  480. Date poition comparison of a datetime field
  481. How to deploy a report in Reporting Services without using VS 2005?
  482. hash table (#) order by problem with more records
  483. Avoid index scan with LIKE and a variable
  484. help with exists
  485. Query Produces Jumbled output / output not in sequence
  486. Compare two databases and update objects?
  487. Will it auto convert datatype???
  488. db_owner to all tables
  489. Which is more efficient, join or straight select
  490. importing from .txt
  491. How to send data from a remote Client to my FTP site
  492. How to send data from a remote Client to my FTP site
  493. How to Copy and Rename a Database: same server
  494. SQL query - highest rated or least voted items
  495. FK on a column to a table where the column is not the PK but a Unique Index
  496. Could not find the index entry for RID...
  497. Script for comma seperated values
  498. Output Select results to a text file.
  499. Storing pdfs in an image field
  500. compare data
  501. ntext and update/insert triggers
  502. A query runs fast in Query analuser but slow in APplication
  503. Cannot start MSSQL Server 7
  504. Insert datetime problem
  505. Why....'PRIMARY' filegroup is full????
  506. insert current date/time
  507. How to insert new rows to master table
  508. storing text data in a binary field
  509. dynamic SQL variable with Output ??
  510. Need hardware suggestions for SQL 2000 server
  511. Basic Syntax explanation
  512. lookup table relationships best practice
  513. Serverwide Rollback
  514. Troubleshooting failed job
  515. Insert Trigger to Update table
  516. Split a field
  517. Date Format Conversion
  518. Can't create table
  519. SQL Syntax - group by and having count
  520. Can I recover from the database files?
  521. BCP and SQL Server 2K
  522. Sending data to a Stored Procedure with ASP error
  523. Syntax question
  524. Theta join or equijoins??
  525. Importing from PL/SQL to MSSQL
  526. How to convert binary or hexa to decimal?
  527. WHERE clause delima
  528. XML Problem in SQL Server 2000
  529. Syntax Question
  530. removing data
  531. varchar only up to 256 characters?
  532. Xquery Support in SQL-Server 2005
  533. equivalent Oracle rownum in SQLServer
  534. Memory leak in SQL Server
  535. Create Second 'sa' Account ('sa2') on SQL 6.5?
  536. SQL Databases compare tool
  537. Need help relocating transaction log file.
  538. C# SQL-DMO ExecuteImmediate
  539. Propagation of event notification when tables are updated.
  540. Which is better for making a copy of a database, restore or DTS?
  541. testing a connection string
  542. Process Info (SQL Server Enterprise - Management - Current Activity)
  543. Slow MDB Linked View
  544. delete last added row -how to
  545. Memory Running Out
  546. Help With Some SQL
  547. Global temp table permissions
  548. How to restore database to point in time (no full backup)
  549. time from datetime
  550. XP_SENDMAIL problem after windows trust with exchange server established