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  1. Help with calling a job from Stored P and VBA......HELP
  2. About adding a new column...
  3. Return from store procedure.
  4. sp_xml_preparedocument
  5. How do I write a query to get the path from ancestor to node in a tree?
  6. stored procedures using external applications
  7. sql query question....
  8. sqlmaint.exe failed
  9. Execute DTS package from .adp ?
  10. SQLMANGR.EXE optional parameters?
  11. connection based temp tables
  12. Data changes made late at night "dissapear"
  13. SQL script - sum total issue
  14. table copy misses indexes
  15. Version of Windows Server?
  16. Location of logging for temp tables
  17. A connection could not be established LOGIN FAILURE
  18. problem - open recordset - ADO
  19. Creating Text File from Stored Procedure
  20. Extracting Time from the SQL DateTime field.
  21. Reading an XML dataset into a SQL Server dynamically
  22. How to BCP IN to table with IDENTITY column
  23. the 'DEFAULT' filegroup is full
  24. Immediate Synchronization?
  25. SQLDMO Object
  26. Inserting large amounts of data
  27. bcp utf8 file
  28. Multi-table UDF not returning all rows
  29. Schedule a T-SQL Script
  30. DTS- Add global varible's value to text file
  31. writing SQL data to XML files
  32. Problem with uncommited transactions in log-file
  33. inner joins
  34. joining one table with itself
  35. Crosstab Query
  36. Logshipping
  37. Problem writing XML files.
  38. Increasing performance by selecting one table
  39. Slow stored procedures
  40. Getting count with multiple fields
  41. JDBC deadlock on unrelated records
  42. Replacing SELECT with a value in an OUTER JOIN
  43. Massive delete in DB
  44. Escape characters
  45. Regular Expression?
  46. select * from table where column = @AllValues?
  47. Problem with case statement
  48. Reporting Services - Crystal to SSRS
  49. brain teaser - stagger the order of the results
  50. Double quotes replacement
  51. How do I find the highest Unique Identifier?
  52. Question about Service Pack
  53. Slow Query Through Cold Fusion
  54. osql doesn't work - SOLVED
  55. osql doesn't work
  56. Getting Avg to really ignore null values
  57. Problem expanding a Db table (SQL Server 2000)
  58. Counting Results in a field in SQL 2000
  59. Left Join Problem
  60. Update Table Column based on value from another table?
  61. Incorrect syntax in user-defined function
  62. 3rd party Backup Software and MSSQL 2000
  63. COUNT() Idiot
  64. ((cdate("1/1/2001")+30) as task_due_date (Not working)
  65. Joins in MSSQL
  66. View field content update when "real" table fields change
  67. Export Schema in SqlServer 2005
  68. Can I force printing?
  69. list of clustered index in the database
  70. Memory usage in SQL Server
  71. compond index and key faster/better?
  72. The select statement is in a field
  73. Syntax? - Searching combined columns
  74. SET ANSI_WARNINGS in Stored Procs - how to avoid recompilation bottleneck?
  75. SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF in stored procs - how to avoid recompilation?
  76. convert ms access sql staement to oracle sql statement
  77. Assigning Foreign Key To New SQL Server Table
  78. restore problem about sql server
  79. Case Sensitive Pattern Match
  80. Can I access my private db through my web server?
  81. All records within x minutes of each other
  82. SMC violating Microsoft license agreements?
  83. Generating values as part of a compound key
  84. SQl server processors and threads
  85. Strange date/time anomaly, or am I just stoopid?
  86. How to "undo" a delete with cascades
  87. Why the performace differs?
  88. Installing SQLServer 2000 service packs on Clustered server
  89. Will SQL 2k 64bit ed dump files load on 32bit SQL2k?
  90. Can @@ROWCOUNT return NULL?
  91. Backup User - Server Role?
  92. Rewrite a WHERE clause
  94. Memory usage\Performance problem
  95. MS SQL Server 7.0 SP4 on Windows 2003 Server.
  96. WTB:Visual Studio Tools for Office 2003
  97. Database file size question please
  98. need help with SQL Macro in MS Access
  99. Searching multiple entities at a time
  100. Convert float to char
  101. Datediff needs to deliver month AND days
  102. Indexes and UniqueIdentifier Fields
  103. Check Constraints or Triggers
  104. How to keep a running total
  105. Key and Index on Same Column?
  106. Query Analyzer Question
  107. What does schema mean?
  108. WHERE field=(select field from tables)??????
  109. Just being curious
  110. Select Distinct Keyword Problems...
  111. Login failed for user 'null'
  112. Show All Months in First Column of Stored Procedure
  113. Web Survey database design
  114. Application Roles for Cross-Database Joins
  115. Comparing time values
  116. Stored procedure error handling
  117. SQL bug?
  118. Bi-directional Transaction Replication
  119. bump
  120. SQL Reporting Services Passing parameters
  121. Select unique
  122. Managing ntext, text with a long text data
  123. Simple 3 table query failing.
  124. need help : SQL Server and Clear Case
  125. SQL Server Installation Failure
  126. Backup question
  127. Select statement for last and secondlast value
  128. File / table description.
  129. Protecting Database From Code Stealing and Installer Advice
  130. No results found for my search!
  131. Where to find the the allowed users of SQL2000
  132. How to find Sql Server properties programatically
  133. Exchange of login for database user
  134. DB Design / Custom Attributes
  135. certification question
  139. Strange database problem
  140. Problems with MOD-Function by accessing MS-Access Database via SQL in Delphi
  141. Droping and adding new user
  142. Way to create table of months?
  143. need help with query
  144. CrossTab
  145. wrong select or insert into ?
  146. Pull data from Two tables
  147. dbo qualified name problem w/Access 2003
  148. Just starting to learn it . . .
  149. static/dynamic/embedded SQL distinctions
  150. Select where uniqueidentifier = 0x hex?
  151. SQL Server 2005 : Is odbc bulkcopy available?
  152. 60 GB IPOD deal found
  153. ODBC SQL Server database reconnect questions
  154. test
  155. Help With Query
  156. how many char's in varchar record
  157. TSQL Help
  158. When should I to wrap DML to transaction
  159. When should I to wrap DML to transaction
  160. mssql: insert into syntax
  161. Message: Error Enumerating Data Servers - One solution
  162. How to find SQL SERVER ?
  163. Like vs =
  164. Slow DTS
  165. Replication
  166. XML and Reporting Service in 2005
  167. Need help on a select statement using MYSQL ^.^
  168. SQL Server - Access synchronization
  169. Architecture question -- grouping different kinds of stuff...
  170. ok to delete c:\SQL2KSP4 ?
  171. DTSRun Utility Won't
  172. should be easy query question
  173. Tricky questions.
  174. count only records from left table ROLLUP or CUBE
  175. count only records from left table ROLLUP or CUBE
  176. Access running on TS
  177. ROWTERMINATOR in bulk insert query.
  178. Tripling end results of a query
  179. MSSQL SELECT error
  180. SQL Server -- how do I retrieve mail?
  181. HELP! Case insensitive database on case sensitive server
  182. Columns & rowns interchage on string the data
  183. "for" loop
  184. query help
  185. One table link breaks every time
  186. DTS Import wizard does not fire triggers
  187. Can't get SProc to work
  188. SP won't run as job
  189. Freaking column names
  190. SQL Server Software on cluster: local drive other than C:?
  191. parameterised Queries
  192. Insert into #temp Exec sproc not working
  193. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 install problem.........
  194. how to check does some database exist ?
  195. What are common indexes?
  196. View from a table
  197. Updateable vuew
  198. ISQL call problem
  199. Last Entry in a Log
  200. SQL query
  201. Help getting multiple listings
  202. using own functions
  203. EXEC keyword
  204. converting string to date
  205. How do I change the Type of a Stored Procedure from User to System?
  206. How to LIMIT results in an html php/sql query?
  207. GROUP BY column-name problem (need expression)
  208. JOINS to Sub-Queries -vs- JOINS to Tables
  209. SQL Security related
  210. Calling DTS From Stored Procedure
  211. last time someone connected to a database
  212. Linked Server Trouble to Oracle
  213. Installation of SQL Server 2005 on the partition disk drive
  214. HELP PLEASE!!: How to connect to SQL Sever 2000 from Solaris?
  215. XML to Database
  216. Using one single-application connection vs. one connection for every operation to SQL-Server via ADO.NET
  217. Backup failure Error Log Messages
  218. executing querys from a batch file
  219. Copy permissions
  220. Help with trigger
  221. Development - Production Data Access
  222. DB Design Question & Performance in MSSQL
  223. MAC Address attribute
  224. Phone # question
  225. alter table #TempTable problem
  226. BCP Troubles
  227. Select with aliases, please help
  228. Select with aliases, please help
  229. Dynamic Variables?
  230. dbo.dtproperties information
  231. How to get a job current_status in Stored Procedure
  232. How can I synchronize tables?
  233. Choosing Compression Utilities for Database Backups
  234. SQL Server Instances
  235. 256 table limit for partitioned views
  236. Ansi Nulls and quoted identified
  237. How to know a Job Status from Stored Procedure
  238. How to know a Job Status from Stored Procedure
  239. How to obtain constraint (key) info
  240. How to obtain constraint info
  241. SQL select records NOT in both tables
  242. Triiger -vs- Constraint
  243. Adobe GoLive 5.0
  244. Clustered index and varchar
  245. Meta Data Catalogue
  246. For XML: create elements using cell values
  247. Functions and Execution Plan
  248. The process could not log conflict information
  249. Stored Proc Question
  250. Importing multiple files to SQL
  251. Difficult SQL-JOIN/UNION-Problem
  252. Too many sa failed logins
  253. Does MS SQLServer support auditing in the way that you can for Sybase?
  254. index bloat?
  255. Failed insert query
  256. Line 1: Incorrect syntax near '='
  257. Configuring SQL MAIL
  258. Concurrency in Transaction
  259. Help with a list variable
  260. Moving the distribution database
  261. general Q about formulae
  262. Downgrade SQL Server edition
  263. Performance-String searching
  264. change not null to null, default value to empty
  265. self join or stored procedure
  266. DateTime in UTC
  267. Query Question
  268. Help with "IN" in stored procedure.
  269. Shameless self promotion
  270. Convert Foreign Key to Foreign Key with Delete Cascade
  272. Table structure of Linked server
  273. How to get table list from a db? Thanks!
  274. Difficult SQL-Problem
  275. Non-US address
  276. Which is a Good SQL Server Editor
  277. Question about Proximity (NEARness) with Full Text Indexing on SQL Server 7
  278. Insert or update into a Image column causes data to double in size
  279. Problem > 1 GB memory
  280. Migrade Oracle data to SQL Server 2000
  281. Upsizing questions
  282. backup location
  283. All Roads Lead to Rome but which One is Most Desirable?
  284. My design - where did I go wrong?
  285. MIcrosft SQLServer Best Practices document on securing SQLServer
  286. Retrieving metadata
  287. why do generated script begin with empty transactions ?
  288. IF ELSE with WHERE, AND, OR
  289. n00b question: Connecting to SQL Server at ISP?
  290. recreate system tables
  291. Msg 512 but no duplicates!?!
  292. 1
  293. 2006-07-26 00:00:00
  294. identity, plus pk?
  295. general network error
  296. Scheduling a script
  297. Aggregate column comparison in sql server sql ?
  298. Report query
  299. Yukon XQuery question
  300. Need help with SQL query. Keyword matching.
  301. Easy question on UPDATE
  302. Scheduled Job Sometimes Error Sometimes Not
  303. Hardware configuration help for MS SQL server
  304. Anything that you find in SQL object scripts, you can also find them in system tables?
  305. OSQL Unicode Insert of ^F (Hex 06) from Registry Multi-String Value is Duplicating in DB
  306. Help with SQL Query
  307. MS SQL Reporting Service in Windows 2003 Server
  308. Users advice seeked
  309. Very slow distinct select
  310. Question: Sun-developed SQL 'proxy'
  311. RowCount VS TOP
  312. Using CASE .. WHEN to have 'dynamic' sort
  313. Help on creating a user function.
  314. Upgradation Of Service Pack from 3 to 4.
  315. Use SQL-DMO, ADO or ADO.NET?
  316. How to check the last modifys in database
  317. view vs. function vs. procedure - really basic question
  318. security of mssql database?
  319. How can I shrink my TempDB Databse?
  320. Check constraint - SQL problem
  321. Performance Condition Alert Type
  322. Sql Problem
  323. Convert month name, year range to mm/dd/yy
  324. Linking SQL Server 2000 to DB2 Connect 8.x
  325. Flat file to QUASI-Relational ?
  326. Update queries using more than one table
  327. Stored Proceedures
  328. Using Month Year Table
  329. How to query by keyword for image field.
  330. Massive amoutns of Reading
  331. How to find how a record was deleted
  332. Verifying Connection to 3rd Party Application
  333. Auditing user and security related activities in SQLServer
  336. ADODB connection with SQL2000SP3
  337. Use of set xact_abort on/off
  338. YellowFin
  339. mmx.exe as encountered a problem and as to close
  340. I wish to Avoid ...
  341. Using NOT EXISTS in an INSERT procedure
  342. comp.databases , comp.databases.theory ,
  343. Why can't I load my DTS job using sp_OAMethod
  344. How to service data for multiple customers
  345. mssql lacks
  346. sp_ExecuteSQL in User Defined Function
  347. Export to Excel in MS Access
  348. Code for 1st day & the Last day of the Previous Month
  349. reporting services excel export
  350. Make changes to a production database!
  351. Query with single quotes using OPENROWSET
  352. SQLServer and network shares
  353. Query Critique
  354. SQL Login audit log
  355. Port security question
  356. Writing code to compare database schemas
  357. empty status of a variable
  358. Time Out Problem
  359. easily editting fields with more than 1024 characters
  360. Trigger For DateTime
  361. Advance Update Statement Sql Server
  362. temp table name
  363. duplicate rows but no key on the tables
  364. problem about right aligned data when using bcp
  365. OpenRowSet BUG?
  366. Query Help Please
  367. Verify phase fails on SQL Cluster on Win 2003 Server
  368. False error when trying to return data in datagrid
  369. Delete records not matching Top25 in GroupBy
  371. Delete all records in tblA not matching in tblB
  372. Using stored procedure result set in another stored procedure
  373. SQL Server 2000 ODBC related issues...
  374. sql statement
  375. Insert Into with Select
  376. Is it a good to replace SQL script files with XML files?
  377. I want to avoid using a cursor, please!
  378. Synchronized Versions
  379. backup error - error 112
  380. importing chinese text
  381. Left Outer Join vs. pkey in (...
  382. Database User Privilege Report
  383. Suspect msdb database
  384. sp_ActiveDirectory_Start problem
  385. Connecting to MSDE
  386. Strange SP Problem
  387. OPENXML question
  388. Creating a Group By without functions -- possible?
  389. Is it possible to export a View to Excel in MS SQL 2000 ?
  390. msaccess to mssql server query parser/convertor
  391. SQL Server Licensing
  392. Stored Procedure HELP!
  393. Need help with Importing XML data to a table
  394. Query Help Please - Consecutive Dates
  395. IIS 6.0: How to backup IIS 6.0 and How to restore it after it crashes?
  396. rsErrorOpeningConnection with oracle
  397. Bug in Enterprise Manager?
  398. How to Passing Multi Value Parameter in SQL Query
  399. How to convert binary trace data
  400. Selecting from different tables
  401. need help with SQL query
  402. Error Notification from User Defined Function
  403. Basic "getting started" Info on MSDE 2000?
  404. SQL query
  405. Integrity between table and View
  406. Getting 2 SUMs from the same table
  407. uppercase trigger
  408. Dates prior to 1753-01-01
  409. counting field totals as a formula
  411. Timestamp via Java
  412. Table Lock
  413. strange problem with dates
  414. SQL Replication Question
  415. Method of providing standby
  416. SQL Forum
  417. T-SQL how to deal with results from stored proc
  418. Preventing Duplicate Rows on Insert
  419. Copy one row from tableA to tableB
  420. Good site for data mining resources
  421. Query error during runtime
  422. Replication Monitor
  423. use of 'index' as a field name
  424. SQL's equivalent of Excels VLOOKUP formula??
  425. Complicated query - select based on value
  426. Moving data for reporting
  427. Veritas SQL agent vs. SQL .bak
  428. backup from one server, restore to another
  429. STOP unexpected_kernel_mode_trap after installing SP4
  430. Descending Sort on index
  431. Is it a SQL Server 2000 bug
  432. Comparing two SQLServer databases
  433. T-SQL problem...selecting TOP 1 of each GROUP in GROUP BY?
  435. How to disable a warning message ?
  436. Oracle Stored Procedures VERSUS SQL Server Stored Procedures
  437. Erwin or Foglight
  438. Removing system replication tables.
  439. Insert query takes lot of time
  440. difference between FOR INSERT and AFTER INSERT triggers
  441. Select Top Alters Order
  442. Combining Stored Procedures
  443. Fulltext Search
  444. Why nested views are not recommended?
  445. Subqurey returns more than one value error HELP....
  446. Reading data from Navision to SQL Server: Date issues
  447. Problem with Hyphen in Full Text Catalog Search
  448. ##temp table already exists problem
  449. create table from another table
  450. Perot Systems Open House -- Plano Texas
  451. Audit Tables and triggers
  452. SharePoint Services Event ID 1007
  453. Send alert from job
  454. >> Can Google web search index the data in my database?
  455. simple select problem
  456. RenderStream fun!
  457. stored procedure question
  458. Rollback issue
  459. stored procs - specifying ORDER BY as a parameter
  460. Client EM produce OS "failed login errors"
  461. Can I use osql to known the database install on a server via 'guest' ?
  462. Diff between "LEFT OUTER JOIN" and " *= " when condition
  463. User defined data type used in stored procedure parameters
  464. For XML clause
  465. Service fails to start
  466. Explicitly fail a SQL Server Job in SQL Server 2000
  467. Trying to understand triggers
  468. Updating a large table: set @@rowcount versus explicit transactions
  469. Using CASE or IF with INSERT
  470. ?HLEP..Sql Server UPDATE INNER JOIN QUERY ?????..
  471. Can SQLServer produce Excel Spreadsheet output ?
  472. Connect to SQL Server dialog
  473. tempdb log full error with plenty of disk space available
  474. DTS Job - Suspend on fail?
  475. ACT Logins
  476. Performance Issues - Access 2000 Frontend SQL Server 2000 Backend
  477. Last Date Stored Proc Updated???
  478. Unique number/sequence
  479. SQL Installation Problem
  480. Get rows with duplicate values in certain columns
  481. Script to stop a SQL service
  482. Backup on network!
  483. cascaded select
  484. Need Query to Select VarChar Rows that can convert to Integer
  485. Deletion of Duplicate Row
  486. sql trouble
  487. Why is sp_helpdb and sysdatabases different
  488. how truncate scientific notation from Real?
  489. T-SQL create self-reference in depending table
  490. Related tables
  491. Insert Records From Table1 that do no exist in Table2
  492. Can SQL tools be installed from server install?
  493. DBCC DBREINDEX not working
  494. Why is it called Stored Procedure instead of Stored Sets?
  495. MSDE and SQL2000 on Win2k3
  496. Restoration From Network Drive
  497. Reporting Services 2000 Projects In Vis Studio 2003
  498. one to one relationship
  499. Log file size not reduce
  500. Exporting data to Excel from a DTS
  501. SQL queries that have parameters passed by user
  502. stupid SQL question on Where clause
  503. Use of user defined in SELECT clause
  504. Serializable transactions and insert.
  505. Setting permissions on master.dbo.syslogins
  506. Transaction not commited rollback?
  507. MSDASQL to NOTESSQL (odbc)
  508. Global temporary table and SP
  509. How to exec stored proc dynamically
  510. Sales of SQL Enterprise processor 2000 license
  511. The network path was not found
  512. ASP.NET Application - Migrating from Access 2000 to SQL Server 7
  513. Bizarre maintenance plan failure (db backup)
  514. T-SQL UPDATE .. FROM .. ORDER BY problem
  515. Member Key found in Fact Table but not in Dimension
  516. many tempdb locks?
  517. MS SQL 7 and 2000
  518. Comparing Log Tools
  519. Crystal 9 hyperlink text
  520. Replication or bcp or DTS?
  521. Distance Between Postal Codes
  522. Stored Procedure
  523. Sp_executesql Silly Error
  524. Database restore
  525. Deletion old data in replication environment
  526. Dynamic If Update() in Trigger - Urgent!
  527. Need your expertise in SQL Server and Windows Server 2003
  528. SQL 2000 and UTF-16 encoding
  529. How do I bring in a date which is in Integar form into a databse as a date form.
  530. best way to optimize certain tables
  531. timeout issues solved by recompilation
  532. INstalling SP4 for MS SQLServer 2000
  533. SQL 2000 Parallelism - is it worth it?
  534. Can't create table
  535. Unicode chars with like query statement problem
  536. question on index used by optimiser
  537. Restore databases to different server
  538. SQL Agent Mail Notifications
  539. Database design pointers (please!)
  540. SSL only works when ms sql server has "force encryption
  541. How to Change AutoNumber Not Start From 1
  542. Question regarding stored procs
  543. Query help - giving a date range given the start date, thanks!
  544. Copy objects Wizard - deleted data????
  545. Conditional -- ?
  546. Bulk Insert
  547. functional testing a database web app
  548. Multiple Insertions
  549. Linguring SPIDS
  550. Login failed for user null occurs after a period of time