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  1. Error when setting up ODBC Connection
  2. Performance monitors
  3. Help with phoneBook db design
  4. Text datatype as local variables in Trigger
  5. Migrating to SQL 2003
  6. Adding Time Totals in SQL
  7. Why I can't drop a table
  8. query plan in clear text
  9. How to copy data from backup or data files to new SQL installation?
  10. dynamically trasnpose rows into columns
  11. Sync to databases nightly with BLOB data
  12. Strange FK relationship - how, and is it right?
  13. maintenace plan question please
  14. Deadlocks and Parallel Query Processing
  15. SQL Debugging Tool
  16. Export Data from SQL Enterprise to SQL Express 2005
  17. *=
  18. 1 question about psql table
  19. Please help the performance issue.
  20. When Linking A Server; Only System Tables Are Accessible!
  21. Database security (crosspost)
  22. Database security
  23. datetime
  24. Help with blocking on querying two joined tables
  25. XOR and foreign key constraints
  26. Toad & S2K5
  27. Transactional Replication
  28. SQL relationships and identities
  29. listing SQL Server databases on a network
  30. Disabling Constraint for Bulk Loading
  31. How to Load SpreadSheet in AxSpreadSheet object in VB.NET or C#.NET
  32. Regarding Index Rebuilding
  33. Help with SQL Query !
  34. Role/Person Table?
  35. Should I worry
  36. Concatenation Limits in SQL Server 2000?
  37. Reporting Services
  38. fix for long running transaction problem
  39. Help with select query
  40. Lock table problem
  41. Need Material for "Sybase to Sql Server Migration"
  42. Replication of several satellites into one central db: adding location key ?
  43. Query Optimization: CPU speed or Logical Reads better?
  44. Query Optimization: CPU speed or Logical Reads better?
  45. Using muliple smaller SPs and Functions better than using 1 big SP?
  46. Nested Nodes in XML from a table
  47. Compile/combine the contents of several records.
  48. Is this an efficient way to create a comma string
  49. Excel file import problem
  50. MSE
  51. Get previous record
  52. help with grouping query...
  53. User Loggon Password Changed
  54. 1 SP with dynamic input parameters and multiple rows as the source of the query
  55. Nested Triggers
  56. Getting data from multiple rows into one column
  57. SP and ADO Page Property Not Working Properly
  59. error handling and bulk insert
  60. Inserting dummy lines and padding
  61. Planning multiple queries
  62. Mini Index?
  63. Select *
  64. cannont create SSPI context (SQL connection problem after 30 minutes)
  65. Databases not showing up in Enterprise Manager
  66. upgrading to SQL 2005
  67. Help needed by deadlock problem
  68. Can REPLICATION on SQL Server 2000 allow dirty reads
  69. 2000 Replication with DB in 65 Compatibility Mode
  70. Application & Database Security Consultant
  71. Can I install 2005 / 2002 / SQL 2005 / SQL 2000 in one PC win2000 sp4?
  72. Why upgrade to MS SQL Server (be it 2000 or 2005) from Access (say, 97)?
  73. Extracting and joining header from denormalized table
  74. HELP: Strange Blocking Performance Problem with Simultaneous Queries
  75. Indexing and Queries
  76. problem creating DTS package
  77. splitting a string
  78. Help needed with query syntax
  79. Clustered versus Create table on high speed FILEGROUP
  80. big log file
  81. String case problem
  82. accessing mssql in linux through c++ code
  83. Index Design Recommendation - Examine Column Uniqueness
  84. Index Design Recommendation - Examine Column Uniqueness
  85. PAGEIOLATCH is a lead blocker
  86. Query question
  87. Monitoring replication
  88. Wildcards On Columns?
  89. Show owner of database
  90. Temp Table and SP Advise
  91. Subtracting two columns from diff tables
  92. LOAD .SQL file
  93. Regarding BCP utility
  94. STORED PROCEDURE - passing table name as a parameter
  95. Passing DateDiff rather than Actual Dates as Parameters
  96. log shipping
  97. Problem with spid by sp_who
  98. Format() Function in MS SQL
  99. Select into / Linked Server / Missing IDENTITY attribute
  100. SQL errors, trapping in Server Agent
  101. multi-field primary key
  102. Bulk Import with header in text file
  103. Data grouped by 20 minutes?
  104. About: An INSERT EXEC statement cannot be nested.
  105. CASE problem
  106. An INSERT EXEC statement cannot be nested error.
  107. Strange Performance question
  108. Can't send operator email in SQL Sever 2005
  109. sql 2000 64-bit
  110. Return pkID of last saved record - ASPUpload & @@Identity
  111. connection TCP/IP through the port 1433
  112. Microsoft SQL 2000 Documenter
  113. Using the copy database wizard
  114. Timeout Period in SQL Server 2005
  115. SQL View Performance
  116. Bulk delete on operational data
  117. Performance when using php and mysql
  118. Query Retrieval is slow
  119. Oracle licensing for dual core processors
  120. SQL backup - dun understand
  121. Prepared SQL Plan vs. Procedure Plan
  122. difficult summing query
  123. SQL Query Help
  124. SQL server - script execution time
  125. Subquery headache with Count and GroupBy
  126. query problem
  127. 100 % CPU Usage
  128. How to move two separate databases into one?
  129. Combining INTO with UNION
  130. Enterprise Manager - problem
  131. Tuning API CURSORS
  132. How to drop one of the tempdb files
  133. SQL Equivalent of MAX and IIF
  134. Need help with Count function and temporary tables
  135. Limit saving DTS package to SQL Server
  136. batch replication
  137. problem with Select query
  138. About bcp_init
  139. Scheduled Job Hangs the server
  140. Active directory and SQL 2K
  141. Scheduled job hangs the server
  142. Compressed folder & Query speed
  143. UBOUND
  144. Recordset
  145. Requirement : IBM Process Choreographer
  146. Hiding secret columns from users
  147. Splitting a filename out of a filepath
  148. verify if database exists
  149. SP 4 error
  151. About dtsrun
  152. Database Problem related Clusterd data
  153. need a DBA Suggestion.
  154. Make a Bunch of Rows from a Table Resemble a Column
  155. Simple SQL Query (To Neglect time from DateTime DataType)
  156. Alex
  157. Log Invalidated after truncate table
  158. stored procedure with array of parameters
  159. HIT and MISS
  160. SQL Server Msg 1105, Level 17, State 2, Line 1
  161. Query returning 1.7million records slow
  162. Best use of inner join
  163. Is this normal
  164. What looks like a basic SQL query still not resolved
  165. Inner join weirdness in DTS
  166. exam ms 70-228
  167. need help
  168. Creating WHERE clauses based on IF (or CASE) STATEMENTS Transact-SQL
  169. Creating WHERE clauses based on IF (or CASE) STATEMENTS Transact-SQL
  170. Optimizing Stored Procedure with Datetime parameter
  171. SQL statement to compute employee pay for a year at different pay rates
  172. adding identity column dynamically
  173. need information on SQL SERVER 2000 with multi-threading CPU
  174. sql query update
  175. There is a question when i work on Linkedserver~Pls kindly help me:)
  176. full text catalog on remote (shared) server
  177. Merge Replication - Adding a new table
  178. QUESTION: Connecting with SQL Admin across domains
  179. Indexes being improperly used when selecting data through a view
  180. SQL-Server DBA-Full Time, Permanent, National Institutes of Health
  181. Optimal search for the nearest date
  182. get the DB index SQL
  183. NEWID()
  184. SQL 2005 Unhandled Exception Error
  185. SQL 2005 Developers Diagram question
  186. flexible back-end data handling in .net + sql project
  187. Query Question
  188. Options to upgrade an SQL 6.5 DB to 2000
  189. DTS package design - Not allaowed link
  190. Is DTS source file's name parameterizable?
  191. Tracking Package Execution Status
  192. Install or not to install Launch Give away version?
  193. Room availability
  194. Concatenating strings from different rows
  195. who knows reporting service
  196. SQL Join with unknown tables - but it works!?!
  197. Star Join
  198. why the MS DTC always stop services automatically ?
  199. SQL server connection problem
  200. working with large numbers
  201. regarding BLOB
  202. How to delete data older than X days, without considering time
  203. Something Basic
  204. Something Basic
  205. Store data horizontally or vertically?
  206. Need security advice on xp_cmdshell, bcp, xml procedure
  207. Linking a table
  208. Simpleton question please
  209. migrating form standard to enterprise edition
  210. how to have the DB diagram
  211. Parse Return value of SYSTEM_USER
  212. DBGEN TPCH Compiling
  213. How to do a JOIN statement for a table with 2, one-to-many relationships.
  214. Bulk Delete
  215. Help with SQL query
  216. Terminal Service cause TimeOut Expired
  217. QUESTION: No Support for SQL 2K on W2K3??
  218. Database optymalization(??)
  219. Filegroup restore problems
  220. Where are the maintenance plans stored in SQL Server 2005?
  221. stored procedure update HUGE PROBLEM
  222. grouping select query
  223. Tables in Parent-Child order
  224. DTS question: 2 source tables, 1 target, 3 connections
  225. Question about Views and sp_refreshviews
  226. Interesting SQL query requirement for <SELECT> menu
  227. Insert
  228. update spends 1800 times more than select
  229. Sql Server 2000 causing TCP/IP to crash?
  230. optional parameter in sql query
  231. commit and rollback problem
  232. tree structure select problem
  233. OpenDataSource trouble with Advantage SQL
  234. newby - AUTOINCREMENT problem.
  235. is WITH ENCRYPTION now safe in SQL2005?
  236. Return Stored Procudure Values
  237. MDF File Still Exists After DROP TABLE
  238. stored procedure
  239. DELETING 100 million from a table weekly SQl SERVER 2000
  240. row level security across multiple columns
  241. BlackBerry Enterprise Server - SQL problem
  242. an unexpected error occured during this operation
  243. mirrored sql servers
  244. How can I tell if a sql server is MSDN or Standard or Enterprise version
  245. sysprocesses memusage sleeping
  246. access MS SQL/ACCESS from linux?
  247. TCP/UDP ports used for Index server OpenQuery
  248. aggregate question
  249. Looking for an opinion
  250. help
  251. Using Query Analyzer with Windows Auth across domains
  252. Whats wrong with my join statement?
  253. Approximate String Searches
  254. Pros / Cons to this approach
  255. learning Microsoft Query Analyzer
  256. Automatic SQL Queries to dump data to folder
  257. Updating a Chunk of data without crashing transaction log
  258. Tables are skipped or export failed error occurs when upsizing MS Access to MS SQL Server
  259. Default charset in sqlserver 2000? / jtds
  260. History of logins or Userids
  261. TPC -H creation script
  262. Torn Page
  263. Is there any REGEXP library for TSQL?
  264. Database design question...
  265. host_name
  266. SQL query question
  267. Unique Constraint on Multiple columns
  268. Stored Procs and db_owner
  269. Information Schema Query Question
  270. Passing authentication from PHP to reporting services
  271. Possible to keep MS Access interface and migrate the MS Access to MS SQL Server?
  272. Mira Laura, toma la direccion web,,, dime algo. MS58
  273. Rendering directory structures
  274. question about log file size when alter Huge table
  276. Problem with HOST_NAME Function with Linked View
  277. Creating Tables on the Fly
  278. have sql file and want to run it on an ftp connection
  279. unique constraint to a column from another table
  280. DTS Table Import Issue
  281. error message 18542 level 16 state 1
  282. Count(*) Locking up things ...
  283. Distinct Filter in SQL Reporting Services
  284. Multiserver Administration
  285. MSDE and two instances on the same server?
  286. Attaching MDF without LDF
  287. Statement for returning stored procedure params
  288. SQL Server 2000 and 8k limit
  289. advice needed on new server product
  290. Find the Data Bases which can not be Backed up are some resons
  291. Find the Data Bases which can not be Backed up are some resons
  292. String manipulation challenge in SQL
  293. Table Synchronization across databases on the same server
  294. How to take data out of table, restructure the table and then put the data back in
  295. DTSRun causes The Memory could not be "read" application error
  296. Server Listing for TCP connection
  297. Identical database w/ identical stored procedures?
  298. Record , Row number
  299. Record , Row number
  300. Deriving unique rows from historical data
  301. too many connections
  302. User Defined Functions, passing parameters from another udf's results (end result=Crosstab)
  303. Tool for clients
  304. Stripping Punctuation
  305. Create Procedure Output ntext
  306. need to replace replication server with main server
  307. DAO > SQL Server Processes
  308. How to select data
  309. Quarterly trending
  310. Quarterly trending
  311. excluding fields in SELECT statement
  312. mssql ide (front ide)
  313. SQL Server 2000 Error 17805 Invalid buffer received from client
  314. Many data entry tables - which ones hold records?
  315. CAST Command
  316. EnterpriseManager-->Process Info Screen
  317. How to create table names by using macro variable? Thanks!
  318. Sql Server 2005: Get a list of all configured Web Services in the "Object Explorer"
  319. historical data
  320. How do I concatenate text to a sql statement
  321. Table Documentor
  322. DTS vs triggers
  323. Synchronising access and sql server
  324. I wish upon a new server ....
  325. Problem with simple cursor
  326. Foreign and primary keys
  327. Adding an auto-increment column to existing table with a particular order
  328. Derived tables from multiple resultsets
  329. MOM blocking analysis
  330. sum of sums
  331. Identifying results sets when stored procedure called multiple times
  332. simple userdefined function question.
  333. Unable to update view in Sql Server 2000
  334. A way to recursively look up hierarchal data using a lookup table
  335. How is inheritence like data best done in SQL
  336. .dat
  337. Certification is not so easy job.
  338. Query help
  339. Moving Data for Audit - Best Practice
  340. Sequence of columns in primary key
  341. How to display just user defined objects?
  342. Creating Primary key with ODBC
  343. Form Slow, Then Fast
  345. Database Access over Internet
  346. How to Interpret Merge Agent History and Session Detail
  347. determine tables that are Simple recovery
  348. Organization tree
  349. MS SQL Server 2000 - Search a table with 300,000+ records in less then a second or two
  350. Wrong default constraint shown from Object Browser in Query Analyser
  351. Tracking user activities
  352. Column By Column Comparison
  353. Relational Database Usage survey
  354. Unique Selections In Back End
  355. Using "SELECT * " is a bad practice even when using a VIEW instead of a table?
  356. Using "SELECT * " is a bad practice even when using a VIEW instead of a table?
  357. Type Mismatch Error On Bulk Insert
  358. Overflow error
  359. Defragment Heap Tables
  360. Bulk insert
  361. Bulk Insert Command
  362. Update One Based on ANother Table
  363. Help with Query
  364. Is logging the execution time of Stored Procedures with standard settings possible?
  365. registering SQL Server not in domain
  366. Problem with SUM
  367. Join statement
  368. Changing the 6th character of a string?
  369. Bulk Insert Data in Millions - Lock Issue
  370. AutoNumber vs. Key
  371. Any way to optimise this query?
  372. embedded control characters
  373. Errors with SP4 upgrade... Please Help
  374. One-One Relationship
  375. ...Contains more than the maximum number of prefixes. The maximum is 3.
  376. Template function
  377. Sql Server backup vs HP Data Protector (HPDP) -- Do *not* use SQL Server?
  378. LIKE and IN can I combine
  379. database in simple mode yet txn log file can be out of diskspace ?
  380. selecting only the last record in joined table
  381. Sooper Newb Ques: Starting with SQL Server 2000 DE
  382. Schema Diff Tool
  383. Dates in a date range
  384. Temp Table on Linked Server
  385. PK and Timestamp in same table?
  386. Backup for one new DB failing in regular maintenance job Error 3201
  387. SQL Import of LArge Amount of Data
  388. question about like
  389. OpenRowSet with Excel DENIED
  390. SQL Convert function!!
  391. changing indexes
  392. SQL for field names from a table
  393. Change Data Type
  394. seeing FMTONLY/NO_BROWSETABLE ON stuff in the profiler
  395. Import cell data from XLS into SQL table
  396. Please suggest backup software
  397. delete of mirrored rows
  398. Joins: strategy and how-to approach
  399. Unique ID added to a result set
  400. how to determine programatically what output of a sp will be?
  401. Display Money Type using + and -
  402. image data type
  403. Transaction Management
  404. resultset of proc in another proc
  405. new sql version control solution!
  406. Search Advice
  407. PostgreSQL Linked Server question
  408. OPENXML vs BCP
  409. my new function not found
  410. Error installing SQL Server2000: A previous program installation created pending file operations on the installation machine
  411. word xp
  412. Calling a Data Pump task from DTS?
  413. copying server objects
  414. Can't "SELECT" using CREATED_DATE
  415. Multiple level nested Corelated query
  416. Problem with case expression
  418. Error handling when calling external sql-Files
  419. Trouble with SPROC
  420. Unit Testing
  421. Autogrow question
  422. Need help formulating a query
  423. ASP.NET + SQL 2005
  424. Query Help, thanks!
  425. How to save DTS package as an application
  426. How to convert from CHAR to Numeric in the table
  427. Horizotal to Vertical Display
  428. How to check Backup of SQL Server Database
  429. Controlling fields in a select statement by use of parameters
  431. Howto set Access Recordsource onto a "select" sproc
  433. SQL Server 2000 Backup + Restore question
  434. SQL Mail setup
  435. SA can not create users
  436. Multiple entries
  437. Database Replication
  438. Transaction log ???
  439. Problem causing me to have to restore tlogs WITH MOVE
  440. Restoring a missing db
  441. Job invoked by Alert but Alert never occured
  442. Fast Date Ranges Without Loops In SQL Server 2000
  443. Howto setup my user in order to grant him the drop privilege
  444. Performance and second table
  445. How to remove MSDE manually?
  446. Can I speed up this
  447. Stopping Query Execution from PHP
  448. Simple question
  449. Does DBCC DBREINDEX update stats?
  450. Consolidating Records
  451. Finding the most recient datetime
  452. ordering an int column
  453. SQL Server Hanging
  454. date format
  455. Access Control List (structure) invalid - updating Virtual directory information
  456. parsing varchar fields
  457. iSQL - Blank line at the end of the iSql output file
  458. Error : Difference of two datetime columns caused overflow at runtime.
  459. Error : Difference of two datetime columns caused overflow at runtime.
  460. The SMTP Server in xp_smtp_sendmail
  461. Blocking and Transactions OK?
  462. bit off topic: street name database US
  463. Report Services
  464. SQLColumns crash (Access violation)
  465. updating multiple fields
  466. Howto Format a string in a sproc ?
  467. Connecting Trace info to blocked users?
  468. PASS User Group Austria looking for MS-SQL professionals to take part
  469. Is there a way to find growth in log (ldf) and database(mdf) ?
  470. Any way to find out which SP is updating data in a specific table?
  471. min(date) + 1
  472. searching a list of tables, derived from another table
  473. XP and Replication
  474. Help finding the top 3 zipcodes within the top 5 counties
  475. Syntax to add records if primary key = list
  476. Renaming a Server
  477. Is there any way in a sproc to LOOP thru the records of a table ?
  478. inline if
  479. search on concatenated fields in sql server
  480. Original Data and Log size
  481. Rejoining replicating servers
  482. MDF / LDF
  483. Data Load Query
  484. Linked server
  485. Dynamic data elements for a data collection application
  486. Security Admin on a server with NO public permissions
  487. delete records
  488. bcp header
  489. Delete relationship?
  490. Insert based on a select query
  491. DataDirect Technologies Releases DataDirect XQuery to Simplify XML and Relational Data Integration
  492. Single quote in NVARCHAR string?
  493. How to update 1000s of items in 50 tables
  494. Identity...I need to get the last (or highest number in Identity column)...
  495. Stumped by SQL challenge
  496. SQL Server paged recordset problem
  497. SQL 2000 installation on WinXP Pro problems
  498. Can't connect
  499. Scheduling Database - Design Help!
  500. Scheduling Database - Design Help!
  501. Reg Exp for digits
  502. Converting Binary Image to Readable Text
  503. IDENT_CURRENT and empty table
  504. NOLOCK and READPAST on same table?
  505. Determine fastest query in Query Analyzer
  506. Using IS NOT NULL on column result from subquery
  507. Query Syntax help
  508. Aliased column in stored procedure not seen by datagrid
  509. SQL Mail - MAPI profiles on Windows Server 2003
  510. Best way to tell if a SP is a query Programatically
  511. Tools for design recovery (reengineering) of C# source code with embedded sql statements ?
  512. Extremely Slow Table
  513. how to do text replacements
  514. SQL Server bouncing connections
  515. Dont backup if Database hasnt changed
  516. The "right" way to distribute a database to end-user
  517. Why dosn't IIF work here?
  518. saving output from multiple queries
  519. Can someone help me with multiple "Left Outer Joins"?
  520. Can someone help me with multiple "Left Outer Joins"?
  521. Need Help with "Left Outer Join"...
  522. Removing white spaces in a varchar column
  523. Help on a SQL query
  524. oracle pl/sql -> sql server
  525. Index corruption on table without key: what could be the reasons ?
  526. SCOPE_INDENTITY() Not Returning
  527. Script to search for a string in all varchar columns in all tables in a database?
  528. VB 6 & SQL Database: How can I create reports with charts ?
  529. Saving query plan
  530. Output stored procedures as text problem
  531. XML generation issues
  532. How to count
  533. How to override zero rows returned
  534. Monitoring Software
  535. xp_sendmail problem - body message breaking onto new line..
  536. Find the Stored procedure
  537. Round problems in SQL 2000
  538. Changing From Windows To Mixed Authentication
  539. sql datatype help
  540. Systematically determine DRI problem(s)
  541. Any SELECT Statement Gurus Out There?
  542. Import Spreadsheet error
  543. How Do I Prevent SQL 2000 From Posting This Message To The Event Viewer - Application Log
  544. desinstall MS SQL
  545. XML Tables generation
  546. desinstall MS SQL
  547. Help with calling a job from Stored P and VBA......HELP
  548. About adding a new column...
  549. Return from store procedure.
  550. sp_xml_preparedocument