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  1. Communication betwee two tables
  2. connection ms sql server client to winserver2003 with limited id
  3. One of two subscribers not in sync - Replication
  4. Trouble connecting to remote db using the .NET data provider for Sql Server
  5. views dependent on other views
  6. Cascade update
  7. Plz Help!!
  8. Greatest value
  9. SQL Server 2005 vs Ascential
  10. General Question about doing calculations in SQL
  11. Identifying "filler"
  12. Timeout expired
  13. 2005 Database Mirroring & Witness
  14. convert a datatype
  15. Error (8626) while inserting record into table with text field and which is the base for indexed view
  16. Integrated Services
  17. Values of two columns in two different tables--presentation using select
  18. Problems with SQL 2000 and 2005 on same machine - Can't connect on 2000
  19. Naming syntax in 2005
  20. looking to collect distinct date part out of datetime field
  21. Identifying Duplicates in a table
  22. Pipe delimiter problem
  23. Syntax of updating table variables?
  24. User-defined function and temporary tables
  25. Linked Server via ODBC and stored procedure
  26. SQL Server Scanning Tables
  27. Too Many SET Options
  28. freeTDS ODBC
  29. Transactional Replication with Immediate updation DBNETLIB problem.
  30. dbcc shrinkfile - SQL Server 2000 - invalidate log?
  31. powerfull Oracle specifications PC
  32. Oracle Application and laptops
  33. can i increment the column (c1+2) ---by creating the trigger
  34. Different query plans for view and view definition statement
  35. how to install 64-bit version?
  36. Help optmizing a stored proc
  37. Memory limitations, 2005 Standard
  38. SQLInjection with OpenXML
  39. Problem connecting AS400/DB2 with SSIS
  40. sql query in vb
  41. Execution Plan Hinting
  42. Getting list of recently added IDENTITY items
  43. Possibly simple query but I'm not good enough to fathom it!
  44. Query assistance
  45. Speed up Bulk Update
  46. bcp with format file
  47. need help to take the variables associated with the 1st occurrence of a date variable
  48. Query Brain Teaser - Revenue Projections
  49. Can't fit results of tsql query in excel
  50. Cursor????
  51. Divide by Zero
  52. PK
  53. Unable to access perfmon counters remotely
  54. Sybase tool to manage database
  55. how to write one stored procedure for a (same column )present in 20 tables
  56. MSDE 2000 changing disablenetworkprotocols after installation
  57. Appending tables
  58. Convert VARCHAR into Money Value
  59. Changing Machine Names MSDE
  60. sum with increment
  61. Can a stored procedure parameter be optional
  62. Changing subnets help?
  63. beginner: "Login failed for user 'sa'."
  64. How can I do amalgamate 3 select queries and then get unique entries from the result
  65. Stored Procedure
  66. inserted the image in a column----how can i view the image
  67. Special characters in MSSQL.
  68. How does databse driver manager know the application is "Unicode aware" ?
  69. slecting multiple distinct columns..
  70. itzik ben-gan
  71. troubleshooting data updates
  72. Does anyone know what the "Option value changed" error message is?
  73. Fast look up of long (n)varchar
  74. Out of range datetime value error when inserting using select...union
  75. How to check if DB Constraints are enabled in a database?
  76. Problem with database filegroup restructuring in SQL Server?
  77. Help with Query
  78. SQL Server: beginner: "Login failed for user 'sa'."
  79. Space Available Within A Filegroup
  80. Statistics IO logical reads sometimes 15 million and other times down to 90 thousand?
  81. Query Memory?
  82. Referential Integrity - linking multiple tables to transaction table
  83. How can I remove duplicate entries in a sql query?
  84. Preventing SQL Injection attacks
  85. MSSQL Query Memory when using long fields
  86. Problem with variable of type money?
  87. Replicate between to MSSQL 2000 Servers
  88. Logshipping Corruption Problem
  89. how to import image jpeg file to table in oracle
  90. Select row with only ONE occurence
  91. Convert Sting to Date
  92. comma deliminited coloumn
  93. Can I do this in SQL Analyzer or with a dts package?
  94. How does one set read-uncommitted on the entire DB?
  95. Use MS SQL Server 2005 Developer version to open MDF file?
  96. more date problems...
  98. Executing a Views from a Trigger
  99. Cannot connect to a new installed SQL Server 2000
  100. SQL cache so GREEDY?
  101. Insert first n columns from select
  102. getting the matching columns from two tables
  103. Stored procedure returns no value
  104. Difference Between NULL and Blank in SQL
  105. Checking for existing column
  106. Optimizing a JOIN
  107. How to have strings automatically truncated?
  108. Reasonable to assemble FullName W/ A UDF
  109. restore sql 7db to sql2000
  110. Group By Query Help
  111. Converting Traceid issue
  112. How to avoid cursors
  113. Create New Table advice
  114. page life expectancy=0
  115. Urgent opening for dwh informatica
  116. sql server efficient
  117. LDAP interface to SQL Server 2000
  118. Installer differences - SQL2K under W2K versys W2K3
  119. Error using UPDATE statement
  120. sqlservr.exe memory usage
  121. Script SQL 2005 database to individual files?
  122. Send 2 SQL statements using Integrated services
  123. Automating record selection parameters
  124. Query Analyzer and Profiler won't start from EM Tools menu
  125. Simple SQL Distinct...!?
  126. Import/Restore/Transfer, Only Updated/Changed/New Values Between Two SQL Server Over Dialup Connection.
  127. workgroup information file does not exist
  128. workgroup information file does not exist
  129. tools for analysis relations
  130. Announcing Yellowfin BI reporting Version 2.4 release now available.
  131. International Settings for SQL 2000
  132. advice
  133. MS SQL export / import data
  134. DELETE FROM - Somethings not right
  135. unknown column 'state' in field list
  136. Detroit SQL Server User Group.
  137. Question about Joining 2 tables??
  138. Fields in my tables are disappearing!
  139. Subquery -> slowness
  140. <ANNOUNCE>Building XML Workflow Applications
  141. log/log10 functions truncate my resultset
  142. median query without using function
  143. scheduled dts suspends...
  144. Webserver request invalid query
  145. Linked Server SQL to SQL
  146. linked data bases
  147. long SQL lines for osql
  148. copy a table
  149. How to create SELECT?
  150. Script needed to edit open objects in Sybase
  151. SQL command needed to edit table data
  152. Joing Multiple Columns
  153. Virtual Servers cannot connect to host PC Database
  154. Tricky SQL question
  155. Setting a value for a boolean
  156. export SQLServer2000 DB to Access
  157. UPDATE Statement Involving Tables in Different Databases
  158. select statement returns null in stored proc
  159. Backup users
  160. how to call a stored procedure in an insert command
  161. Merge Replication
  162. How to Determine the unique IDs of duplicated records
  163. Order By
  164. normalization
  165. Lock database to update
  166. DTS Rounding problem
  167. ms sql server
  168. Script to reverse engineering schema
  169. [SQL2000] permissions to use view based on tables from many databases
  170. How to tell how many times an SQL executed in v7 or v2000?
  171. How to tell how many times an SQL executed in v7 or v2000?
  172. Synchronize data between 2 instances of SQL Server Express?
  173. Table spool/Lazy spool question
  174. Query analyzer error message - Cannot generate SSPI context
  175. full text search on doc files
  176. Trigger problem no rowlevel support, please help!
  177. Connecting to SQL server
  178. DB shrinks without request
  179. Loop / Cursor help
  180. Getting closest matching values
  181. Returning Values from a Dynamic SQL
  182. truncating
  183. sql server and membership provider
  184. Embedded Queries?
  185. Store Procedure Query
  186. Tough Sql Query
  187. Can SQL Server work with a Paradox table?
  188. Formula problem
  189. Stored procedures, linked servers, and cursors
  190. Business-to-Business Data Integration in a SOA World
  191. sql query help join
  192. with nolock problem
  193. what are cursors in sql???
  194. SQL query help
  195. SQL Server 2000 conferences
  196. How to correctly update a table which values can be either inserted/updated/deleted on update?
  197. IT tests. SQL, XML, ASP.NET, C, C++, C#, VB.NET, HTML...
  198. Splitting directory and file name
  199. Torn page problem
  200. Recovery model problem; db properities
  201. torn page detection and auto shrink: performance?
  202. Relational Database
  203. Last Year Month to Date Function
  204. Transaction isolation levels
  205. SQL Server float data type
  206. Query Help with Update statement, thanks!
  207. Record Counter
  208. limit resources per user
  209. very slow query (select count(*) from table)
  210. More efficient than LEFT JOIN
  211. Client Web Browser & Remote SQL Script Error?
  212. installing apache, php5 and mysql 4
  213. About Join OR Where
  214. Query Help!
  215. concatenate two fields in a view?
  216. Importing Access database into Sql Server Express
  217. Capturing Mysterious Truncation/deletion of a table
  218. Need Senior SQL DBA
  219. Administration tool web for SQLserver database
  220. IsNull and aggregate functions
  221. Slightly off-topic topic
  222. Select command with multiple tables
  223. select another column where max
  224. fetching unique pins...
  225. Indexing issue, inconsistent performance
  226. sp_executesql question
  227. Java method invocation support
  228. Job Executes Only First Step
  229. Dynamic query help SQL 2005
  230. Design Tool
  231. Errors on DBCC SHRINKFILE(2)
  232. Resolving duplicates entries in table among 10 databases
  233. Why the log file is growing too much upon running nested stored procedures (MS SQL 2K)
  234. Non-English Characters
  235. SQL Server 2005 - Save tran save point name case sensitive?
  236. SQL Sever 2005 - Full Text FormsOf Inflectional
  237. BACKUP LOG cannot be performed because there is no current database backup
  238. Can't reference a Group Field in Footer SUM expression!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  239. How to configure a JBOD disk array (PowerVault) for Performance
  240. Transaction reading from Linked Server without DTC? (Isolation Level?)
  241. Show Server Trace Missing in SQL Management Studio?
  242. SQL Server 2K Linked Access 97 Server not working
  243. Tuning sql in SQL Sever 2005 using the dta utility
  244. 100% CPU Usage (Part 2)
  245. Removing Duplicates rows from Inner Join
  246. Removing Duplicates rows from Inner Join
  247. Testing UDFs with TSQLUnit
  248. How do I NTH Select in SQL????
  249. Interview Questions Feb 09, 2006
  250. Design idea Help for Database
  251. Rollback transaction after connection lost
  252. Performance Problem
  253. Deadlock within select?
  254. interdatabase trigger possible??
  255. Ms Sql Blob ??
  256. SQL question
  257. Help with tricky T-SQL
  258. Class does not support aggregation
  259. REPLACE function doesn't work with null-bytes
  260. Why does SQL2005 automatically insert TOP 100 PERCENT in views?
  261. one for the SQL experts - dare I say TRICKY SQL!
  262. Great Job Board
  263. Full Recovery Model - log doesn't grow?
  264. Best Job Search Site...
  265. Searching/Estracting numerical data
  266. Any T-SQL advice?
  267. how do i replace a substring in sqlserver ?
  268. how do we tune a large sql query
  269. (Hopefully) Easy SQL 6.5 Question - Getting Table Structure
  270. How to go around the SQL Server 2005 User Instance problem when using Remote Desktop
  271. SQL Server DB installation
  272. ms sql equivalent of this oracle
  273. I can't find sql server on my computer
  274. can you tell me why this causes a deadlock?
  275. Developers needed for Healthcare software
  276. MS SQL 2000 SP Query Plan
  277. MS SQL 2000 SP Query Plan
  278. sql server and access
  279. Interview Questions Feb 03 2006
  280. Trigger not firing on update
  281. Read, modify table (locking) question
  282. Database views hierarchy
  283. Performance and data structure question
  284. perf
  285. Deleteing large bulks of data
  286. Int to char conversion
  287. T-sql
  288. Table variables
  289. Interview Questions Feb 01 2006
  290. Monthly date range substitution
  291. Getting the database name in Server-Side trace event
  292. SQL Server 2005: setup problem
  293. Replace chars in any field of a table
  294. Session
  295. do I need a DBA for SQL Server?
  296. Invalid Data for 'Numeric' when EXEC returns empty row
  297. update statement not to fire trigger
  298. help
  299. Set SP parameter
  300. how to restrict data insertion upto 50 MB in a table
  301. URGENT : Help -1
  302. Get Data From CSV to MS SQL DB
  303. Msg 107, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
  304. front end options for entering data into an oracle database
  305. Cant seem to find IUSR_MachineName in users using SQLEXPRESS 2005
  306. Workstation date
  307. timezones in select statement
  308. Connection to sql server 2000
  309. Interview Questions Feb 01 2006
  310. getting rid of trailing zeroes from a decimal output
  311. Database normalization
  312. moving tables
  313. date + 1 ???
  314. UPDATE on a column with a set default
  315. T-SQL ROUND(decimal, int) vs C# Round(Decimal, Int32)
  316. Rqst for Inventory Database Best Practices
  317. SQL Server Interview Questions Jan 30 2006
  318. IT tests. SQL, C, C++, XML, HTML, .NET...
  319. Example of binary data type in SQL Server
  320. SQL Server client tools
  321. How to find first not null value in column
  322. What is the right datatype to store Hours up to the minute precision?
  323. Data Connections for SQL Server Express in Visual Studio Express
  324. MS Access Frontend for remote sql server
  325. SQL Server 2000 Audit for login
  326. Database instance
  327. Views vs Stored Procedures, whats the difference?
  328. New bie
  329. New bie
  330. Formula Parsing
  331. Query out an xml element from a field containing xml data
  332. Problem Building Script with Int
  333. select cast help needed
  334. Truncate table if exists
  335. Scalability questions for extended stored procedure
  336. Insert/Update with dynamic database name
  337. ASC Result Set with Nulls at the bottom
  338. Can i debug/watch on the trigger's INSERTED and DELETED records/values?
  339. Conditional execution of DTS package task
  340. Help creating a SELECT statement for "today"
  341. SQL Server does not exist or access denied
  342. SQL Server does not exist or access denied
  343. Difficult SQL Statment
  344. Question on SQL Server 2000 - 2005
  345. export sqlserver database to ms-access by sql script
  346. configuration/load balancing
  347. Importing from Oracle 10g
  348. Ignore Some Errors
  349. Trigger?
  350. Outer Join problem
  351. ORDER BY in VIEW not working
  352. Commit Transaction Gets Deleted - Unable to save SP
  353. Joining tables in different databases
  354. SQL Server could not configure 'Server\Instance' as a Distributor.
  355. Web based sql server connection
  356. 6.5 to 2000 upgrade problems
  357. Default value: ISNULL()
  358. SQL2K5 Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  359. Linked Server to SQL-Server Question
  360. Connections to SQL server are slow on one machine
  361. ODBC Connection to a linked database
  362. Urgent rek
  363. Want to be able to create or view database diagrams
  364. Conditional Column Name On Insert
  365. Linked Server setup - SQL 2005 RTM
  366. Reporting Services
  367. Question about converting bigint field to int field
  368. Link to DB2
  369. remote permissions
  370. Need Junior SQL Server DBA in McLean, VA ASAP
  371. Odd connection problem (proxy + internal)
  372. How can I update several (not all) fields in table A from table B for replication?
  373. Server Feedback
  374. need help
  375. Failed KB909544 installation
  376. This query must be easy but need help
  377. Advanced Data Shaping - Multiple Relate clause
  378. Querying joined tables with 0 results
  379. Help wanted msaccess PIVOT-query --> MS-SQL view/sp
  380. Can I use stored procedures with PHP via ODBC bridge?
  381. Problem ith DTS and delimited file with empty last column
  382. how to get tables involved in constraint
  383. splitting a comma seperated column into multiple rows
  384. DTS Failed To Run
  385. Audit Logon / Audit Logoff problem with SQL 2K
  386. To Create Unique table names and access them in code...
  387. ODBC in Stored Procedure
  388. Variabe Error
  389. system information about indexes
  390. Facing Problem
  391. database migration
  392. osql batch processing without -i
  393. Truncated Decimals
  394. Unable to Update Table Even After Dropping Constraint
  395. question on inserting a record on sql server with identity column as key
  396. Does SQL Server save any metadata in registry or home folder?
  397. Is it a complex sql query?
  398. problem with filtering data
  399. isql / osql / Windows XP / disable "Automatic ANSI to OEM conversion"
  400. Seeking correct syntax to pass a NULL value for a datetime field from an asp page to SQL
  401. Deadlocks, why?
  402. Baffled! Can't figure out how to do this query. Is it even possible?
  403. Full-text search across multiple tables
  405. Why would adding dbo. cause my function to run forever?
  406. SQL Query
  407. Advanced Sql-Shape Query - Help
  408. NEW @ DTS
  409. Searching a datetime field by time
  410. Searching for a partial match in a varchar field
  411. mesage in Sql Server 2000 log
  412. selecting only numeric data from a string
  413. Convert Text to Int
  414. Store procedures
  415. Record count in all tables
  416. show stored procedure
  417. show stored procedure
  418. Simple SQL query question
  419. SqlCE Synchronization Issue: Native Error 29006, The process could not deliver the snapshot to the Subscriber
  420. change home and data directories
  421. Can LOG PI or Log Explorer recover deleted records BEFORE
  422. Requirement for peoplesoft CRM at SFO,CA
  423. bcp into view with derived column
  424. View Permision sql 2000
  425. Preventing the message 'Duplicate key was ignored'
  426. standard sql: update multiple rows.
  427. Adding column via sp_repladdcolumn...
  428. Unicode Conversion
  429. Testing (Please Ignore this message)
  430. vs MySQL
  431. Browser as Front-End
  432. Experts Profiels
  433. Maximum stored procedure, function, trigger, or view nesting level exceeded (limit 32)
  434. How to omit Schema name when referrring to Tables?
  435. How to mit the Schema name when referrring to Tables?
  436. nested joins - joining one table to another multiple times
  437. Combining 3 SQL statements
  438. Combining 3 SQL statements
  439. Cursor loop is broken
  440. Cursor loop is broken
  441. Cursor loop is broken
  442. Environment and Application Domain between ASP.NET & SQL Server
  443. Help
  444. Default Template for User Defined Function
  445. Is there any performance loss if i have all my columns preceeded with dbo.Tablename?
  446. QUESTION: Exporting data into SQL statements
  447. Problems upgrading to 2005 Trial from 2000 Standard Edition
  448. SQL Server 2000 License Query
  449. *Very Urgent Rek - SQL Server DBA from Direct Client: Full time* @ New Jersey
  450. How to get code of stored procedures ?
  451. "owner name" cannot be omitted in sql 2005 querries?
  452. SQL Distinct Value and Order by some Field......
  453. Configuration file
  454. SQL Server and Workgroup networks, how?
  455. managing users
  456. Connection to Oracle sometimes hangs
  457. Stuck - Cant figure out a Query for this situation
  458. SQL Query question
  459. SQL Query Question - JOIN or not to JOIN
  460. Granting dbo ASSEMBLY EXTERNAL_ACCESS permissions
  461. Granting dbo ASSEMBLY EXTERNAL_ACCESS permissions
  462. No ending Rebuild master
  463. XML Data Processing
  464. Simple SQl question
  465. How to know the User who disabled a Job??
  466. XML data feed
  467. Deadlock on Update using temp table
  468. Ms Sql Query
  469. (Can't get) Media for SQL Server 2005
  470. Index for username/password
  471. Microsoft Distributed Blank CDs for Sqlserver 2005 and MSDN Library at Launch??
  472. dateformat is ignored
  473. Backup failed: Operating system error 112(error not found).
  474. Moving SQL Server to a new drive
  475. Need help with a join
  476. Is "name" a keyword?
  477. Oracle/MS SQL Interface
  478. Best way to interface with Oracle
  479. How many CALs for a web page?
  480. view with auto_increment field
  481. Visual Query Builder with unions and sub-queries
  482. Createa table like a existing table?
  483. SQL Server 2000 Installation error
  484. Synchronising/replicating access with sql server
  485. Synchronising with remote server
  486. C++ and SQL Server programming
  487. Temp Table Faster?
  488. SQL Server Std vs Small Business Server 2003
  489. Stored Procedure only works in when app uses trusted security
  490. How to execute a "batch file" using SQL Server 2005?
  491. Stuck with sorting columns
  492. Export SPs?
  493. Export SPs?
  494. Referential Integrity
  495. Business Analyst with i2
  496. intead of update/insert trigger on view question
  497. MS OLE DB for ODBC with Oracle ODBC source headaches
  498. Index on two columns doesn't allow NULL in both - HELP!
  499. How to schedule a stored procedure
  500. Breaking apart Column into rows
  501. Making a view that shows the results of several different queries.
  502. Where the !@?!@ is my Stored Procedure?
  503. Calculating 'time difference' between two records....
  504. LDIFDE csv import to SQL - looking for Ideas
  505. OLE DB Provider for ODBC and Oracle
  506. How to Restore an Archived Filegroup on Another Server
  507. operand type clash
  508. How do I use SELECT on a column with datatype TEXT?
  509. one transaction log per filegroup?
  510. TransferText dropping fractions
  511. SQL/ASP - Timout Problem w/ Particular Statement
  512. Update Web Form
  513. time format error
  514. arbitrarily delete transaction log
  515. Size of data-set passed back by a select
  516. Store Multi-Select values in an image data type?
  517. Lost Data
  518. Periodic run of stored procedure
  519. changing collations
  520. SQL 2005 Management Studio: Line Numbers in Query Window.
  521. Can't edit Linked Server General Properties after saving
  522. NetSearch the Business Intelligence Search Engine
  523. RESTORE an Old Filegroup into an UpTodate Database
  524. sqlagent.out
  525. Connection pooling
  526. trigger help
  527. database maintenace Plan location
  528. Maximum UNION statements in a query
  529. How to pass table names to a Stored procedure
  530. Concurrent users
  531. Reacting to DB events
  532. MS-DTC / SQL Server 2000
  533. Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation.
  534. Multiple Apps on System DSN on Server from One PC
  535. Regarding table Order
  536. SQL Best Practices Analyzer Rule: Use of Schema Qualified Tables/Views
  537. Can't connect to Oracle Dbase with SQL Server 2005 Express
  538. SQL Server Express Edition vs MSDE
  539. Converting INT datatype to BIGINT datatype
  540. Grouping Dates
  541. Stored Procedure to change default
  542. links for fields
  543. Temp tables vs table variables
  544. Access to SQL Server
  545. Indexing a View
  546. Log shipping and DTS pakages
  547. Fuego, Tomcat, JDBC & SQL Server 2000
  548. Problem in Accessing SQL Server Views from Oracle Using TG4MSQL(Transparent gateway Connectivity)
  549. trigger simple question
  550. un-registering a server