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  1. Indexing strategy
  2. Real newbie on SQL ....Know list database and table in SQL Server
  3. use result set returned by sp as derived table
  4. MIN(Count(*))
  5. Create XML in ASP.NET 2.0 then use for joined table in SQL Server 2005 Stored Procedure
  6. SQLDataset.WriteXml and filtering bad characters
  7. output parameters
  8. A basic question: Removing duplicate results from Max function
  9. Project Management Interview Questions June 5th, 2006
  10. Maintaining variable values
  11. Most efficient way to run update query
  12. if-then in select stmnt
  13. collation SQL_EBCDIC037_CP1_CS_AS
  14. Importing data into MS SQL 2000 from XML file
  15. New trigger stops scope_identity / @@identity from working
  16. SQL2005 Rebuild Index Not Working
  17. i want ot convert xml data format into the general data format
  18. Backup log - will it truncate?
  19. peraphs thi spost go here...
  20. Times in SQL Server
  21. composite index and column order
  22. Help with 2 datetime fields-1 stores date, the other time
  23. exporting data into tables from excel file
  24. SQLXML
  25. Store program EXE in table?
  26. Disabling the AUTOCOMMIT option in MSSQLServer
  27. Log Explorer vs. ApexSQL Log vs. SQL Log-Rescue
  28. noob sql learn! web interface and sql express!
  29. Dump of databasse
  30. Scripting Databases
  31. need information for "Before Select" Trigger
  32. Cannot Alter Table being Published for Replication
  33. SQL Server + Oracle Data linked in one query
  34. Format a datetime columns output?
  35. update
  36. Help with large text fields please
  37. Get results from VB SQLCRL Stored Procedure
  38. SQL Server 2005 stored procedures decryptor
  39. Create project/stored procedure for SQLCRL
  40. Calling Stored Procedure from an ActiveX task
  41. Challenge: Can you optimize this?
  42. Transactional Replication - Adding New Articles
  43. Record size more than 8060B
  44. SQLServer 2000 SP4 Enterprise Manager crashes immediately...
  45. SQL Union Problems When Trying to Retrieve Random Records
  46. McAfee Recruits Database Engineers
  47. Line 1: Incorrect syntax near
  48. How to Insert date in sql server database
  49. Parameterized SP in WHERE Clause of Another SP
  50. Question about returning a smalldatetime from a Function
  51. Dummy Question
  53. Automated email
  54. My article on Dynamic Search Conditions
  55. deadlock problem
  56. Reporting Services Report Viewer versus Report Server Problem
  57. Referential Integrity problem
  58. Trigger to populate table or database
  59. SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CS_AS
  60. register hasn't been updated
  61. Finding prepared statement sql
  62. HAVING prob !
  63. Interface for SQL Server database
  64. this sql command make me sick
  65. Question about using AND in WHERE...
  66. money data type
  67. listing all SQL SErver and fill a sheet
  68. default value on quantity and price field
  69. XML issue.
  70. Complex Query
  71. Linked Server Time Difference
  72. Backing up Logins and Permissions for SQL Servers
  73. Very chalanging question - Explanation
  74. View SQL transaction log details
  75. batch file to send email
  76. Insert from parameters and select statement
  77. VERY chalanging question
  78. sql client in sql server 2005
  79. 2005: SIMPLE QUESTION: error log
  80. need help in SSIS ETL development
  81. Help Needed
  82. Storing SQL Server Agent logs in a relational store
  83. SQL syntax question
  84. port specification
  85. port specification
  86. DBA Interview Questions
  87. Can't view Locks / Process ID
  88. sp_helprotect COLUMN has NULL value
  89. T-SQL CLOSE Connection to DB
  90. How can I conserve the initial zero when convert numeric to string using STR()
  91. sufficient user permissions for install error
  92. Moving Log Shipping Monitor
  93. Oracle Server Quick Reference Guide
  94. Insert a record in a particular place
  95. Trying To find a Match in computed columns
  96. error: Cursor not returned from query
  97. SQL Server 2005: CLR functions vs SQL functions
  98. AS 2005 Cube/Perspective/Measure Group AutoDoc...
  99. script
  100. Limiting Rows in a Report
  101. Output stored procedure
  102. SQL Server 2005 blindingly fast
  103. Interested in SQL server 2000?
  104. Log shipping failover
  105. using lookup and display only field as control field
  106. field is part of an index
  107. How to import Dbase file
  108. Hanging during READ_COMMITTED_SNAPSHOT ON
  109. Substring and Charindex Script Not Working
  110. How to make a correct select
  111. Duplicating a Database using RMAN
  112. IIS issue
  113. Concatenation getting truncated
  114. What's wrong in this query ?
  115. Web Application Testing
  116. Creating dates from table columns
  117. Book contrasting Oracle and MS SQLServer?
  118. Question on Transaction Log Backups
  119. converting integer zipcodes to a 5 character char
  120. What permissions do I need to manage users?
  121. Need Tech Review of MSSQL Backup Chapter for O'Reilly Book
  122. My boss beats me
  123. Returning multiple rows from a stored procedure
  124. MySQL -> ms-sqlserver
  125. Probem in executing a long Dynamic MDX from SQL server
  126. eternal lock?
  127. Effects of a Database restoration.
  128. how to insert data into to image datatype
  129. Problem While Connecting a folder containing sql files in Execute SQL Task in Execute Sql statements in loop example
  130. SQL 2000 -> SQL 2005 conversion sql authentication problem
  131. sys.tables starting with #
  132. to read backup file
  133. rowcount help
  134. Use ANSI Join or Old Style Join?
  135. HW Requirement for SQL Server 2005
  136. SQL Query Help
  137. Upgrading HA Applications with Replication
  138. Numbering in SQL
  139. comparision of sql server & mysql
  140. SQL IN Query
  141. Insert into a table recursively
  142. SQL Script Debugging - Just being curious
  143. Conditions on latest record
  144. Help to optimize query
  145. Parsing a varchar(79) column
  146. ADO.NET Timeout Exception - I have tried everything
  147. Copy a table from one DB to antoher in SQL Server 2005
  148. Copy a table from one DB to antoher in SQL Server 2005
  149. Customize Prompt Message for Stored Procedure from Access Form
  150. sp_fkeys stored procedue is very slow
  151. New server setup and RAID recommendation
  152. SQL Server 2000 running out of space.
  153. Copying files between servers
  154. how to improve performance of 'LEFT JOIN'
  155. JDBC connectivity with SQL Server
  156. Your Professional Advice Please - Design
  157. How do I start sql listener on a port?
  158. deadlocks
  159. loading sql files from a master file Oracle equivalent
  160. Retrieve good records from a bad record table
  161. Convert Access Query to SQL Server View
  162. SQL server thrashing?
  164. Using BLOB
  165. alter table nocheck constraint still some dependencies
  166. Compare databases between 2 SQL servers
  167. MS SQL Script Optimisation
  168. the datatype
  169. purpose of OUTPUT keyword in sql server
  170. Problem with Delete On Linked Server
  171. db upgrade code
  172. Putting attribute on root node using FOR XML PATH
  173. How to debug in SQL Server 2005
  174. detect connectable db servers
  175. Create Status Table
  176. Indexing strategies
  177. create table with recursive relationship
  178. Formatting database content
  179. Problems with remote conexion
  180. high cpu, low speed
  181. udf
  182. deploy Report
  183. View from a merge of two tables
  184. Adding new lines into results in the
  185. Truncate Table On Linked Server?
  186. Logging Into Linked Server
  187. Transferring Data Between Servers
  189. NovelSpace Media, LLC announces the launch of their new online bookstore and web portal devoted to developers and programmers.
  190. Qouted String
  191. CAL Licensing and user limitations?
  192. Import spreadsheet using TransferSpreadsheet
  193. LogReader Agent Lacks Required Privilege
  194. update SQL field with stripped data from other field
  195. Create view from cursor
  196. MS SQL: how to fill down values from row above when column meets specific criterea
  197. 64 bit SQL 2005 Memory
  198. DBTool (another database toolbox for MATLAB ) new release 2.4
  199. Tool/Best Practices for installing BI Project
  200. SPs from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005
  201. Create Peer-to-Peer Topology Error Message
  202. 'MSDAORA' was unable to begin a distributed transaction - why?! (SQL <-> Oracle)
  203. SQL2005 collation vs Oracle
  204. Need OLAP Dev in Colorado
  205. Exotic SQL Question
  206. Clustered Index considerations
  207. Transactional Replication and Failover Cluster
  208. Access 2000 project
  209. bug: data file autogrowth set to 12800%
  210. how to create a real (not virtual) table from view1 & view2 ni sql server?
  211. Select several values into a single variable
  212. Monitoring Production Instances.
  213. How to import several excel files using one dts package
  214. Copy 60GB table?
  215. Can't start the SQLAGENT
  216. Looping through several Excel data sources in SSIS
  217. Tempdb grows rapidly and fills up disk space
  218. T-SQL Debugger Doesn't Allow Stepping Through Stored Procedures no other procedure with the same name
  219. Setting up a Settings Table
  220. SQL Server 2000 and 2005 co-existence problems
  221. JDBC - varchar or nvarchar fields?
  222. Running SQL and Oracle on the same server
  223. Multicolumn correlated subquery?
  224. Need Emergency Advice
  225. Urgently Required a System Support Engineer
  226. Merge replication issue - one column not replicating
  227. Update statement performance problem
  228. C# / Sql Server question
  229. TRANSACTIONS in a WHILE LOOP. Flow Question
  230. Using ADO AddNew and my simple trigger won't execute
  231. WinXP, SQL Server 2000, Queries
  232. locating set of points close to one another (within a threshold)
  233. Backup SQL Files
  234. Problem moving msdb
  235. Help with update trigger
  236. Wild cards in query designer
  237. Updating recordsets in MS SQL 2005 not working
  238. return into one string
  239. Using trigger to export xml file
  240. DTSRUN privileges?
  241. Table Joins on more than one field
  242. how to find conditions across rows (attendance)
  243. help for query
  244. All Interview Questions And Answers
  245. Gather Format and Store - Right or Wrong
  246. Attach a read-only restored database
  247. Join multiple records into one field
  248. Partition function - Unknow range column
  249. Problems with view
  250. Use variable for datasource in Opendatasource
  251. Date creation in SQL
  252. Tuning on Oracle 10g and SQL Server 2005
  253. How to do an equivelent First() operation
  254. Selecting MAX (Date) - Performance Question
  255. SQL Counting number of non-distinct rows?
  256. Problem with using BETWEEN for date range...
  257. Updating SQL Server Table Using Excel
  258. how to store XML Document in MS SQL using JAVA
  259. Transactional Replication over the Internet
  260. An odd quandry.
  261. Raising errors in a catch block in SQL2005
  262. How do I use pass data to/from stored procedure
  263. How do I use pass data to/from stored procedure
  264. Load XML souce file to a SP parameter
  265. select statement and Distinct and or Group By
  266. String matching precedence
  267. How can I insert # in a character field
  268. ANSI Nulls
  269. HELP is needed for MsSQL
  270. Stuck execution plan?
  271. return values from DTS wizard
  272. Script to find last time Cubes get processed
  273. Transactional Replication - Modifying Target Tables
  274. Remote connections error SQL Server 2005
  275. Converting Int value to datetime
  276. Syntax Help!
  277. Database name not found in the Edit job step in SQL Server Enterprise Manager
  278. Getting a unique ID in SQL Server - other than a GUID
  279. RAID 5 beats RAID 10
  280. sql server - "use database" not found
  281. DTC
  282. Sql 7
  283. Trigger to encrypt field before write
  284. Problem deleting publication
  285. Update Statement
  286. Update statement
  287. SQL Function
  288. Conditional Query
  289. VB (5or6) does something wierd with image data while saving to sql2000
  290. the Best way to build a 5 million entry database?
  291. MySQL Cluster
  292. Declare dynamic Cursor from String
  293. Limits on rows in a table
  294. sql query help
  295. SQL 2005 Encryption questions
  296. Please help quick statement check
  297. Compound Primary Key - order not as expected
  298. Log Shipping to two Databases on One Secondary Server
  299. SQL in Access Report
  300. Simple JOIN, INTERSECT query
  301. How to performance case-insensitive search on XML data type in SQLServer 2005?
  302. Correlated Query Summing Question.
  303. How to page SQL query result returned from FOR XML statement?
  304. query hheeelp
  305. Cannot insert explicit value for identity...
  306. Removing embedded SQL from database application
  307. No distinct in a select into stement ?
  308. SELECT and regular expression
  309. Sorting the result
  310. Access PErmissions issue
  311. Articles on Dynamic SQL and certificates/impersonation
  312. SELECT * FROM "multiple_tables" WHERE "field_(in_those_tables)_have_the_same_paricular_v alue" ?
  313. backup failure
  314. SQL Server 2005 Import/Export not copying stored procedures
  315. instance of sql server
  316. Search Between Times
  317. Exporting sql data to specific cells
  318. Performance Question: Cursor-based vs Set-based
  319. Strange issue with SQL Table read only in Access
  320. Trigger Question
  321. security for row level but not based on Database user's login
  322. Any functions to replace NZ in SQL Server?
  323. SQL and Terminal on 2 different PC's
  324. Undo last statement
  325. SQL and Terminal server on 2 different PC's
  326. Selecting rows from one table that are not in the other
  327. Date (not datetime) datatype in 2005?
  328. Basic, perhaps silly SQLServer 2005 question
  329. Restoring Master on another machine...
  330. Efficient SQL Backup?
  331. Using IF inside SELECT ?
  332. Get all records from Last Two Days?
  333. SQL Server Backup File Format
  334. Timeout errors
  335. How to Get the 2nd the 2nd Record AND DISPLAY IN SINGLE ROW ?
  336. How to check werther sqlexpress is present on system while installation
  337. Time Over 24 Hours
  338. delete sql syntax for linked notes table
  339. wrong result set
  340. select * in views
  341. SQL 2005 Express vs SQL 2000
  342. MS-SQL Standard Memory Cap
  343. SQL 7.0 Stored Procedure Execute Privileges Only?
  344. Sum Accumulating Data
  345. Advice on middleware products for TRUE Scaling out of SQL Server
  346. selecting a set for min value
  347. How Do I Restore A Warm Backup If My Primary Server Fails?
  348. fmtonly problem (bug ??)
  349. Different query plans
  350. Left Joins and record insert problems
  351. SQL Server 2000 and 2005
  352. Count all records in all tables
  353. Linked Server To Lotus Notes
  354. SQL Query Question
  355. failover cluster using 64 bit windows 2k3 on single HBAs and DS400 with dual controller
  356. insert into temp table based on if condition
  357. Smalldatetime comparisons with non-clustered index
  358. Are sub-subqueries possible?
  359. Literal value with "IN" clause
  360. "group by" by excluding prefix
  361. Killing the process automatically
  362. find matching sets of rows
  363. SQL user and group audit report
  364. Time to shrink a database
  365. Inconsistent SQL results
  366. Looking for MSSQL table structure
  367. HELP with MS-SQL
  368. Some basic questions
  369. ## How to acquire the SQL Server 2000 Performance data? ##
  370. HELP with sql query
  371. Retrieving autonum / IDENTIFIER value from SQL table using DAO.
  372. UMS Scheduler Hang
  373. Remove Duplicate Rows
  374. Configuring Peer-to_Peer Merge Replication
  375. Need some practice
  376. What is a full-text index?
  377. Changing Domain for SQL Server
  378. Saving .mdf database
  379. Difference between multiple primary and secondary files..
  380. Re-display result set without re-running query in Query Analyzer?
  381. Disk or network error
  382. SQL-DMO and C#: retrieve the list of User-Defined Functions
  383. SQL Svr 2005 Express Does NOT Support DTS
  384. creation of table that type of format........
  385. Trigger Question
  386. Full-text Search applied on a View
  387. scripting objects in sql server 2005
  388. The database name component of the object qualifier must be the name of the current database
  389. Maximum number of records per second that can be inserted into SQLServer 2000.
  390. Help: 900 byte limit on stored procedure parameter?
  391. problem with count, group by and ntext
  392. check diskspace UNC via T-SQL
  393. Exporting From SQL SERVER
  394. SQL Server needs help from MS Access (or something)
  395. Auto Number
  396. MS buys Proclarity
  397. temp db
  398. SQL: how to display top 5 then sum the rest
  399. Incorrect Syntax using IF statement
  400. Getting all nodes and node details from xml using xquery
  401. SQL server express 2005 local accounts problem. please help!
  402. SQL 2005 Management Studio Bugs
  403. SQL Server 2005 vs Oracle
  404. datetime diff query syntax
  405. Calculate time lapse
  406. New to MS-SQL
  407. Installing database while setup
  408. Problem concatenating column values into string...
  409. XQuery vs OpenRowset
  410. programmatically restore a database
  411. Reversing string concatenation
  412. Transport Level Error has occured
  413. Scheduling DTS Package using a stored procedure problem
  414. rights issues with linked server
  415. How to make correct join
  416. Download image datatype to Jpegs or GIF's
  417. String Comparison using "Score Method"
  418. Dose MS sell SQlSerever with student rate?
  419. Row sequence number
  420. Row sequence number
  421. Testing Query Performance - clear out cache
  422. float numbers
  423. Passing a file path to a SP
  424. IF funcionality in SQL server views
  425. Are embedded views (Views within views...) evil and if so why?
  426. Complex query
  427. alter table column, which is part of foreign key
  428. Math functions
  429. JDBC Driver NOT throwing Exception
  430. error when trying to do datamining
  431. The transaction has exceeded the allotted time
  432. Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week??????????????
  433. ERROR_STATE() Always = 0?
  434. Need a So-Called SSN Encryption
  435. Update SQL 2000 Query (converting an Old Access 2k query to SQL)
  436. SQL Server 2005 Client Tools
  437. Timeout Expired
  438. Bind Variable in CURSOR
  439. Timeout fixed by recompile
  440. Automatic statistics update
  441. Full text indexing with Japanese characters problem
  442. I'm sure this is an easy one...Error trap to skip over a "bad" object.
  443. Sqlserver Login and user
  444. Transpose Rows to Columns ?
  445. Hiding NULL
  446. Optimizing SQL - Union
  447. speeding up inserts
  448. Down and dirty database infrastructure
  449. 2005:how to find installed assemblies
  450. database design for fast client updates
  451. Stored procedure with unknown numer of paramters, how?
  452. Problem with a join due to multiple Nulls
  453. how to setup the permission of share fold in log shipping ?
  454. Stripping input mask from phone numbers
  455. SQL Consultant Required
  456. Cursor looping versus set-based queries
  457. Odd query plan for view
  458. Updating Linked Records Across DB's
  459. Select first n rows of table
  460. Sql server report
  461. Update Table
  462. Database poster
  463. Management Studio Express
  464. SQL Server 2005: Migrate DTS to Where?
  465. column name change
  466. How to fire a trigger without changing table data
  467. Row Numbers for a View
  468. ranged datetime predicates & cardinality estimates
  469. Order by in a INSERT INTO..SELECT
  470. Assigning group numbers for millions of data
  471. Where to write XQuery statements?
  472. I need help, please
  473. SQL Server 2005: Collation Conflict Error when selecting Database Properties
  474. LDAP authentication for Yellowfin on SQLserver
  475. Multiple Foreign Keys on Same Table
  476. Multiple Foreign Keys on Same Table
  477. Multiple Foreign Keys on Same Table
  478. Query/View: The 2 newest periods for each indicator
  479. Copying encrypted stored procedures.
  480. French characters are not imported properly with bcp
  481. Accessing Oracle Tables From Within SQL Server 2000
  482. Licensing Question
  483. SQL Server 2005 install - no Management Server
  484. generation of sql for an alter column etc
  485. Grant Win Acct Permission
  486. Help selecting an alias
  487. help with group by statement
  488. bug - insert miliseconds
  489. Website navigation hierarchy with SQL Server 2005
  490. connecting in a script to another db
  491. Optimising queries
  492. Help selecting the proper child record
  493. slow insert, logical fragmentation
  494. Performance Enhancements with Service Pack 4?
  495. Select 'Current LSN' and 'Transaction ID' from ::fn_dblog
  496. Connecting to another SQL Server
  497. Join returns more than one row, Post code regular expressions
  498. Update the salary of each manager to be double the average salary of the employees he/she manages
  499. SQL Server 2005: TRIGGER AFTER INSERT
  500. Maximum number of databases used for each query in 2005?
  501. Update n rows
  502. Monitoring SQL Server transactions
  503. Transactional replication without synchronizing snapshot initially.
  504. open MDF file without MSDE
  505. How do I change the default collation string of an installation
  506. SQL Server License Control and Management
  507. trigger to parse a string from insert statement
  508. Many to one Select
  509. Unwanted Sort
  510. Using OSQL and DTSRUN
  511. can you launch a crystal report from a sql trigger
  512. IDENT_CURRENT problem
  513. sql commands dont work in mssql????
  514. charindex question
  515. Joing tables using more than one field
  516. SQL script for changing all identical columns
  517. Resource for developing your own accounting software using MS technologies
  518. Job succeeds manually but fails if scheduled
  519. SQL--- GROUP BY Clause
  520. T-SQL Problem
  521. MS SQL server 7.0 restore/create
  522. Reporting a table with two columns from another table
  523. Help with a substring query
  524. Check constraint does not work (compare with null)
  525. Ink
  526. Possible to disable welll-formedness checking when inserting XML data.
  527. Row to Column
  528. add a column specified location in Table..
  529. Ink
  530. Design problem
  531. Query Problem
  532. bigpubs2000
  533. mysterious corruption of stored procedures
  534. SQL Server Maintenance Routines/Procedures
  535. Dell Raid 0+1
  536. Stored Procedure Help
  537. outer join column
  538. waittype=WRITELOG
  539. Delete Many Rows
  540. Help with INSERT TRIGGER - fails with error.
  541. Deploy .MDF to a web host
  542. To retrive a table from one database to and another database(same table)
  543. Alternative to OpenXML
  544. Memory allocation in MS-SQL 2000 instances
  545. SQL query - duplicate records - different dates - how to get only latest information?
  546. bcp right truncation: how to ignore
  547. 2000 vs 2005 -- AnsiNullsStatus
  548. Sql Server Performance
  549. Full text index on a view
  550. Performance