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  1. Microsoft SQL Certification Materials
  2. dynamic column creation
  3. Using BULK upload, how to remove Space present in file
  4. Show Multiple rows of data in line line
  5. How do you get the sum of all the detail rows in a BIDS report?
  6. error '80040e31' Timeout Expired but runs fast in Query
  7. Repeating in sql query, how to remove
  8. Bulk import CVS file (comma delimited)
  9. How can i upload a file in jsp and storing it in sql server using servlets?
  10. What is the best data type for storing different file types in ms sql server 2008 r2?
  11. How do I aggregate rows into a single row?
  12. My append query won't add new records.
  13. How to load data into table with foreign keys
  14. Import data to SQL DB Using Bulk Upload
  15. Incorrect Syntax near the keyword 'IN'
  16. MS access updating to SQL Server Identity Column potential weakness
  17. Bulk insert fails sometimes for a given file
  18. Function is Causing Deadlocks
  19. Using LIKE syntax in nested query
  20. Cannot attach mdf file named master
  21. SSIS job fails intermittently only on production.
  22. How can I find Miscrosoft SQL Sever 2005 notepad?
  23. SSAS and SSMS memory limitations
  24. Replace logic is required
  25. How can I set values of variables using a loop?
  26. sftp batch file
  27. load data from one DB in a server to another DB in another server
  28. ssis execute sql task
  29. Spatial index hints don't work in SQL Server 2008?
  30. Text searching
  31. SQL error 2714
  32. how to caluculate average of duration(starttime-endtime)
  33. Join T1.distinct_identifier to T2."choice"_identifier
  34. Please help writting this query
  35. How to Add an Auto-Increment Field With a Unique Name
  36. how sql server decides datetime format to use implicit conversions?
  37. Modify "Script Table as" template
  38. need to convert data
  39. Invalid column name 'RowTimestamp'. In Snapshot Replication(SQL Server2008)
  40. Is it possible (if so , how) to filter out Distinct values from a Query that uses two
  41. how to normalize tables
  42. text direction right to left for arabic text input
  43. Val() is not a recognized function name?
  44. A SQL query on the existence of columns in two tables
  45. Return value from stored procedure is "nothing"
  46. Jsp-Sql Server 2005-Unicode Symbols
  47. HHSS calculation
  48. set blank password for sqlserver 2005 for XP?
  49. T Sql join query
  50. MAX Date Value
  51. Restarting System?
  52. Transfer Data from one table to another table
  53. Inserting only time in the database
  54. Repeatable Read doesnt prevent this or am i wrong about it
  55. How to find Uppercase text in a text field
  56. SQL Server Report Builder 3.0, and I can't get the data to the formated report.
  57. Could not open a connection to SQL Server
  58. sql-Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UNQ_SID_PID_DOCTYP_DELMETH_SRC'. Cannot inser
  59. How to Add Dependent Variable into Where Clause?
  60. automatically run a SQL statement quarterly or monthly
  61. How to transpose this table ?
  62. Updating Datetime field in sql server database
  63. Dynamic date on Leap Year
  64. select max
  65. problem with trigger
  66. SQL agent Error - Critical
  67. using group by in tables joined together in sql server
  68. Joining tables on columns with differing data types
  69. How to speed up query that returns nulls and dates within a range
  70. Set timeout for a stored procedure across a link to another server
  71. Undoing a delete operation
  72. How to create a jobb that sends an email
  73. Performance Improvement of Stored Procedure
  74. Stored procedure to cancel an order
  75. SQL Server 2000 Temporary table(#temp) issue
  76. i want to calculate base on condition
  77. Picking latest 'duplicate' entry and linking to second table
  78. Change mdichild on runtime
  79. Update query with split funtion
  80. Help on selecting current record from one table with additional fields
  81. How to get rid of generated constraints?
  82. How can I hide my code from a stored procedure
  83. Case statement insde where clause
  84. Putting attribute on root node using FOR XML PATH & With XML NameSpaces
  85. Workstation Components
  86. Zip Count
  87. Rollback
  88. DB design for Privacy setting
  89. Combine more than one column in the same table and display the result as next next li
  90. Case statement and group by clause in function
  91. How to read from a text file in SQL query ?
  92. Median Calculation on a Column in a Table
  93. Nested Query
  94. substract two date
  95. Concatenation of Two Strings
  96. sql after insert trigger
  97. Not in or Not exists sql help please
  98. Case when statement in where clause
  99. creating an insert update trigger in sql
  100. WHERE clause with IN clause with CASE WHEN...
  101. COALESCE with MIN
  102. select count(*) from table_name not showing desired result
  103. How to validate textbox control in vbSql?
  104. How to correctly use join i sql queries
  105. Complicated date selection
  106. Multiple Queries from the same table ordered by user not working
  107. Right Join and Left Join acting different
  108. SQL Server query connecting through SAS
  109. Reset Database to default/initial state
  110. How Do I Retrieve job Information that how many times it occurs in a week?
  111. Transferring Data from one database to another located on the same server
  112. Msg 262, Level 14, State 1, Line 1 CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database 'mas
  113. How do i compare 2 rows from the same table (SQL Server)
  114. The conversion of a char data type to a datetime data type resulted in an out ofrange
  115. SQL Query to display records that dont match in consecutive rows
  116. Combine multiple records into a date time line.
  117. Sub query Question
  118. Sqlserver Instalation in command prompt with Mixed mode?
  119. Sql Server Tuning
  120. I am new to SQL can anyone tell me what this hint does?
  121. how to recover deleted records in sql table?
  122. how to fetch total working hours from the table for every employee for a week
  123. Disctinct query plus total column value
  124. subtract two datetime values
  125. Automating Sql(2008R2) backup/Restoration process
  126. Sql Transaction log for database is full
  127. data from Four table
  128. sp_who
  129. ssis derived column
  130. Output type of following query
  131. how to find working hours
  132. Remove Single Quotes from data
  133. Call .sql from .sql
  134. Converting number to text for concatenation
  135. SQL server VS2005 Between Date problem
  136. Ho Do I find List of file names on specified location in SQL Server
  137. To update single column of multiple table
  138. Printing File using SQL Procedure
  139. Txt File Print in SQL
  140. ssis derived column
  141. How do I Find Best Match of Disease from Symptoms
  142. IF ELSE to cause a WHERE
  143. SSIS send mail task
  144. call dll file in sqlserver
  145. How to Get Indian Standard Time in Sql server 2005
  146. getting the first letter of each word
  147. string vs varchar
  148. Ms sql
  149. Filter duplicate value
  150. Searching between 2 Date Values using vb sql
  151. date Form Datetime using Where Clause
  152. How do you select current record data to assign to variable in While statement.
  153. Case Select on 1 to many record relationship
  154. Question about RowNumber
  155. how to convert the unicode string to four byte signed integer
  156. How do I Set a defined variable = fieldname?
  157. Mutilple rows should write into one row with TAB delimited
  158. How to format a date from a form for SQL server
  159. I'm trying to import from a table of a password protected Ms Access database by using
  160. How to check indices with other columns?
  161. I got an error message when I am trying a select Query to import a table from Ms Acce
  162. The name "xxxx" not permitted in the Context (insert) ???
  163. GROUP BY troubles
  164. Avoid Duplication
  165. SQL Server Index Screwup??
  166. Choosing to select a column based on null values
  167. Using SQL Developer to work on SQL Server
  168. Timer for Executing the procedure automatically
  169. how to find the data type of a field in a table
  170. How does one do the reverse of a union query?
  171. sql exec copy file failed
  172. Converting from SQL server 2000 to SQL server 2005
  173. How to send tables as XML files?
  174. Help About Stored Procedure In Sql Server 2008
  175. Inserting values using INSERT INTO
  176. SubReportprocessing - RDLC
  177. Help in stored procedure Using Sql Server 2008
  178. How Can I Do Stored Procedure ?
  179. Batch script for database restoration
  180. Can one copy data dynamically from ms SQL to DB2
  181. getting error which says to create unique aliases for duplicate fields
  182. bulk query
  183. select sql query problem
  184. Insert into table after update trigger
  185. Sql database
  186. Dynamic SQL query Multiple rows based on table names linked in another table
  187. Update Last Record in SQL Server 2005
  188. SQL Server: Create an ID field (PK) based on two fields with a trigger-- HELP!
  189. How to Display Column Data in Comma Separated Form in SQL Server
  190. Can not connect to SQL Instance without specifying Port.
  191. migration
  192. How to provide password to SQL Database
  193. Bulk Insert with Errorfile
  194. SQL select query
  195. Is it possible to skip a bad record when selecting records from one Table?
  196. How to display the first record of the group in the group header in SSRS
  197. New to sql server could someone point out the error in this query
  198. Change php mysql to php mssql
  199. how to exec a query stored in table field and the field is TEXT
  200. Problem with a complex SQL Query for SQL Server
  201. Query multiple fields in same table.
  202. Sql, mysql
  203. Update statement in sql server timedout
  204. Using a variable in VARCHAR
  205. SQL Query
  206. SSIS packages - Transformation Help Require
  207. Result of comparing null
  208. SQL Query to text file "WHERE" syntax
  209. Can I safely disable VSS Writer?
  210. Return Only Sat/Sun dates in a date range
  211. Looking for some help with JOIN logic
  212. sql year function
  213. Bulk load: An unexpected end of file was encountered in the data file.
  214. Merge data from one table into another
  215. SQL Server mail won't alert my phone by text message
  216. Scheduling stored procedure to run once every hour
  217. How to get a cumulative total of fields up to a date specified in each record?
  218. sql if conditons
  219. server msg :207 errror
  220. Enter into database only new values found in the SQL statement, skip the ones already
  221. SQL Server Native Client
  222. SP to add next sequential user ID
  223. Prompt for User Input
  224. How to edit dataset.xsd created in sql server 2005 in sql server 2008?
  225. Delete error: Key column information is insufficient or incorrect
  226. Error in inserting multiple records
  227. Number of people logged onto SQL database
  228. updates in sybase
  229. append from table1 any sql equivalent query
  230. Connect to programme from other pc's
  231. Role Based Authorization to pages in an Application
  232. Maintenance Plan schedule fails
  233. Japanese sorting In SQL
  234. punctuation in between characters
  235. Agent Job Duration exceeds manually launched program duration
  236. Trigger to update multiple tables
  237. How can I transfer an encrypted stored procedure in SQL Sever 2008 R2
  238. how to join based on substring in sql query
  239. Insertion Into Multiple Tables Through Stored Procedures
  240. How to remove unwanted ASCII character in a SQL column
  241. How to decrypt the encrypted stored procedure in sqlserver 2008
  242. Pass throughs / UDF / Stored Proc / Views.. The differences in my upsize..
  243. SQL Server drive died, data drive is OK... now what?
  244. copy rows for a speadsheet that matched a word in a partuliar coloumn
  245. Our developers suddenly need to specify port number.
  246. Multiple foreignkey in single column
  247. Connecting Php with MSSQL server 2008 remotely
  248. SQL: what is the diff between "any" and "all"
  249. Error while using Aggregate function(sum) with joins in sqlserver
  250. sql server 2000 database file unable to attach in sql server 2008 ?
  251. SQL login error
  252. subtracting 2 datetime values
  253. PIVOT or CASE? - Combining multiple rows into 1 row..
  254. Fix Error SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service
  255. Transaction log
  256. Setting up Linked Server on multiple servers with mulitple types of authentication
  257. How to copy rows from one table to another with same structure
  258. Get records based on month and year
  259. how to extract an email from the FROM field
  260. How to retrieve column name of table in SQL 2005 and display in dropdownlist in ASP
  261. Report Service Subscription
  262. Data conversion
  263. How to get required output in sql
  264. Stored Procedure Sub-Select?
  265. find nearest meximum date
  266. How to remove carriage return and line feed at the last record of the flat file
  267. Is Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Standard version compatible only to Windows Server 2008?
  268. How can i use a different NT user (not the login one) to connect to sql sever?
  269. CLR for sql server 2005
  270. LIKE Parameter Problem Stored Procedure
  271. Update WHERE checking with another database
  272. Using a max for the Added Date
  273. Highlight max value in a subtotal row of a crosstab
  274. dynamic variable names from table
  275. SQL Server Express 2008 R2(free version) from SQL Server 2008 R2 Management Studio
  276. Displaying Query Result Vertical Display
  277. scientific notation to original numbers
  278. Installing ODBTP
  279. sql 2000 security sa password problem
  280. alter statement
  281. INSERT INTO EXCEPT doesn´t work
  282. removing redudant data
  283. How can I do a "Grouped TOP 1"?
  284. Comparing data in two tables to find missing records
  285. Getting current date as part of an Stored Procedure
  286. Add not null
  287. Dynamic order by
  288. Crystal report date parameter and sql expression
  289. update customer id numbers
  290. calc % from 1 col 1 table
  291. create after insert trigger
  292. Corruption of Metadata in Analysis Services
  293. INNER JOIN Options
  294. Trace Table in Sql Profiler
  295. bulk insert rowterminator issue
  296. How can i take my DB mapping?
  297. Last deleted record
  298. Copy of Production DB into Reporting DB on daily basis.
  299. how can get below output?
  300. What is the best practice for databases containing People and Organizations?
  301. error 26 connecting to named instance sql server from network share
  302. Installed SQL Server 2008, how to create an instance
  303. How to remove duplicate rows from a temp table
  304. Adding Active Directory User as Sql server users
  305. Id reset every 12am
  306. Displaying Data Accross
  307. Update a column when..
  308. SQL rows to columns plus calculations
  309. connection error with sql server 2000
  310. select count with table join
  311. Error while opening my Executable file?
  312. 95th percentile and Median functions in SQL server 2008/2005
  313. Query to Find Unmatched Data
  314. The dependency service or group failed to start/
  315. Transpose Data into Buckets
  316. Time Out Expires messages during printing and transactions
  317. Replace the variable value with new one (in all SP's)
  318. DBA member updated the data. How to confirm that he did the update.
  319. Updating ',' separated values in sqlserver with different values
  320. Encode special character for sql insert statement
  321. best book for SQL server 2008 design and implementation (70-433)
  322. Snap in Creation Failed
  323. SQL 2008 vs pervasive
  324. How to get reference information between parent and child tables (MS SQL Server)?
  325. Log Shipping inital Backup left in (restoring...) mode
  326. MS SQL Trigger only for insert.
  327. Overpunch Character Conversion
  328. how to write a trigger after insert
  329. SQL Table = Access DB Table = Excel Spreadsheet
  330. copy table data from ane database to another
  331. Import and Clean Dirty Excel 2007 Files to SQL Server 2005
  332. How to include count to complex 3 table query
  333. Outer Right Join on SubQuery
  334. Alter all tables of a database having one column common
  335. MSSQL - Search and Ranking - Strange Occurrence
  336. How to add years to date?
  337. Convert Access 2003 to SQL SERVER 2008
  338. Get table sizes from DB
  339. How to return results for multiple words in query?
  340. Invalid column name
  341. Inventory counting system advise/critique
  342. SSIS package script exception: device is not ready
  343. size limitation for dynamic SQl query
  344. What is the maximum number of records SQL Server 2000, 2005 and Oracle 11g can handle
  345. Visual Studio "freezes" when connecting to MSSQL
  346. SQL database design question
  347. eliminate comma from string
  348. Excel data to populate SQL tables
  349. Using Like statement in parameters
  350. sql query with sub clause
  351. Filter Scalar Subquery
  352. how to update a value in other table
  353. Data Of AutoGenerate ID Columns Of Sql-2000 Server
  354. SSIS: Comparing/Manipulating multiple .CSV files
  355. Sql Update Query
  356. Creating team match ups using unique combinations
  357. How to load records into a subform using stored procedure
  358. Cannot Start SQL Server 2k To Restore DB's
  359. SSIS Taking to Long in Pre-Execute phase after switching to Access 2007
  360. How to set dates in a single row?
  361. How do I arrange my tables information in alphabetical order
  362. Single login for multiple database.
  363. Help With Query to Get Totals Sorted by Month & Year
  364. how can i convert my DB access to MS-sqlserver?
  365. Should i create separate login table??
  366. how do I join two complex Statements with different number of targets
  367. Error converting data type nvarchar to float?
  368. how can transfer the data?
  369. database not support arabic language
  370. Getting results using Union
  371. Sql Server Works Slow in Network
  372. SQL Server 2005 how to partitioning an existing large table
  373. creating Trigger for every table in a database
  374. About syntax
  375. What is a SQL Injection?
  376. What is the exact meaning of sql pooling ?
  377. Select the first string
  378. Problem in installation of SQLEXPR32.EXE
  379. Anybody know how to restore sp_addlinkedserver procedure?I dropped accidentally..
  380. i have got an error when i execute an internal representation of the XML document.
  381. Need help for NOT EXISTS query
  382. VARCHAR(MAX) only contains 8000 characters?, Need more than 8000
  383. The column prefix does not match with a table name
  384. Importing multiple tables
  385. Only printing 8000 characters after using varchar(max) instead of max(8000)
  386. Getting error :- Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 18: Incorrect syntax near 'MAX'.
  387. How can I grant "deny access" to all but 4 tables in a schema?
  388. How to update data in a table based on holidays of the specific year?
  389. SQLMail sitting in outlook
  390. Getting an error When i am going to convert my SP as dynamic
  391. get start date and end date sequence
  392. Login failed for user
  393. How to update the data using stored procedures code?
  394. Finding MAX value from emp_id column using SQL query?
  395. SQL Syntax Error
  396. Slow SQL Server Express (50 times slower than on other machine!)
  397. sql2000 with windows2008
  398. Query Req:of having same days
  399. DateAdd Function
  400. How do I create a trigger that will insert only changes to a field?
  401. Stored Procedure or Trigger for the login
  402. how to write script in datafolw from Excel to DBTable?
  403. Ambigiuous column name
  404. How to transfer Data from Multiple Excel sheets to single Database Table?
  405. Coverting decimal to a date value
  406. What is the syntax for nesting a query in mssql2005
  407. Sql pivoting dynamically
  408. nested query
  409. Increasing by percentage
  410. File Browser for Access 2010
  411. Sql SUM and Update
  412. How to install microsoft sql server 2000 as server tools on Windows XP?
  413. How can i use REGEXP_LIKE() in sqlserver?
  414. How to use concat method in sql server?
  415. How to use sequence method in sqlserver?
  416. How to select Max ID following Insert Statement and direct it to the following page?
  417. How to fix "Error : Source file or directory missing or cannot be read" error?
  418. How to connect to sql server 2000 on a LAN?
  419. My computer's SQL server is not working properly.
  420. Cannot create link from SQL Server to MYSQL
  421. How to fix "Source file or directory missing or cannot be read"
  422. How to query for conflicting values in a table?
  423. How to create an EXCEL file in advance and want to export data to it in sql2008?
  424. Error when using openrowset for particular record
  425. How to fix error "invalid column name"even though the column exists in the table?
  426. Calculating Min/Max Timestamp Intervals For Inserted Rows
  427. Who to return two counts in the recordset?
  428. how make stored in sql to search between 2 date and search by date only without time?
  429. SQL 'FOR XML' query
  430. How to modify records in tables on web server using desktop application?
  431. HELP: error 3154 when restoring a backup file
  432. how can i use NextVal() method in sqlserver?
  433. Hellp Convert MS Access Pivot querty to MS SQL
  434. Junction Table or bit field?
  435. SQL Create Dynamic Table View From Another Table
  436. How to Import CSV into MS SQL?
  437. Insert into two related tables
  438. Is there any equivalent for Oracle's NEXT_DAY function in SQL Server?
  439. How can I connect Sql Express?
  440. How to convert database from ms sql server to mysql?
  441. Recordset becomes NULL after first read/use
  442. Information-Schema and Sys user accounts
  443. How can I use output parameters to return some values from database usin sql server?
  444. MS Access connections issue with SQL server
  445. How to insert Arabic characters in MS SQL Server 2005?
  447. How to resolve error 233 in sql server 2005 in windows 7?
  448. How to pull multiple fields into one query row?
  449. How to create a job to run a query and save the output in .xls format?
  450. SQL 2005 Tables seem to have become read only from Access database
  451. two queries summing into a single value
  452. sql parameters
  453. How to convert rows into columns?
  454. check all data from a SQL table dependent upon another two tables
  455. Why unique takes only one null as we know all null are not equal?
  456. How to fix error 26 when trying to connect to a database file?
  457. How to fix Invalid object name errors on working query?
  458. i want to restore backup from Network drive in MSSQL server 2003
  459. How to search 3 or 4 numbers from a string?
  460. How to compare date and time field in sql query?
  461. How to sort calcuation by date and transaction id?
  462. How can we add bulk data into a variable in SQL Server using Stored procedure?
  463. How to delete records of one table that exist in another table have no keys?
  464. How to take averages of data and place them into a temp table?
  465. How to calculate the next available Sunday to the following Saturday?
  466. How to fix syntax errors in this query?
  467. Is there a way to use like with an array of values?
  468. How to propagate date table automatically?
  469. How to select all records one criteria, but not another?
  470. How to redirect the Web Site Adminstrative Tool or create the Security DB?
  471. How to Retrieve Records of any other Date IF Current Date Record is not present?
  472. Is it possible to cast the return value of a compute avg(X value) to show 4 decimal?
  473. Is it possible to use .MDF file without installing full SQL Server?
  474. How to save in Sql Server or Filesystem?
  475. How to mark a date stamp and also 2 fields as yes?
  476. How to drop & recreate all indexes via script?
  477. How to show dates from Sunday through Saturday?
  478. Getting error message ORA-01008: not all variables bound.
  479. How to convert rows into columns and vice versa in sql 2005
  480. Help! SQL select statement for an uncommon task
  481. How to convert commas into periods?
  482. send mail through sp_send_dbmail in sql 2005
  483. Query optimization - where - ISNULL
  484. Rounding up to the nearest minute
  485. Can a table be both parent and child to another table.
  486. How to get Max value from a column?
  487. Converting a stringbuilder object to a stored procedure
  488. Need help recovering a corrupt SQL database
  489. How to move mssql data to mysql database ?
  490. What am I doing wrong on this one?
  491. How to increase the users to connect SQL SERVER 2000?
  492. Problem with updating dates
  493. Query of SQL Server
  494. SQL Case Syntax Issue
  495. General question about specific SQL problem
  496. Is it possible to generate xml from a sql server database using php?
  497. Select queries with columns populated with Null
  498. How to make column data into column headers
  499. Invoking stored procedure takes a long time to start
  500. Street Address Clean up using sql server
  501. How can i get records from table A which is not in B in sql server. eg A-B
  502. Get all Records from table1 and the correspond values from table3 verify MId table2
  503. Need help with scripting
  504. How to solve this syntex error?
  505. SQL Loading where to start?
  506. possible to use @variable in function?
  507. How to display a numeric value in different formats depending on value
  508. Job action completed Exception occured:unable to export file [0x80020009 ]error
  509. To copy the data in Excel file,XML file into a database?
  510. How to get list of tables linked to current table
  511. fetch value without duplicate column
  512. what is wrong with my select for the retrieval of function data - getting error 216
  513. Unable to connect to DB using ODBC
  514. Converting Number to Time in SQL
  515. Performing desktop queries vs. server based
  516. How to delete a unwanted university field from my instructor table?
  517. when I wright the statement in SQL 2005 error
  518. How does data indexing work in MS SQL?
  519. Is it possible to rename table to datetime?
  520. Why are leading zeros not displaying?
  521. Difference between oracle 9i and sql server 2008
  522. How can I compute my Age_Group field? It's based on a calculated field, CURR_BAMTIME
  523. Adding a primary key to a table
  524. Do i need to shrink database
  525. Update table with result from stored procedure/query?
  526. how can I retrieve the data '2010/05' by using the getdate variable
  527. how to select specific year/mo from table stored as varchar(7) '2010/05' in query
  528. How to select yesterdays records in sql server 2008?
  529. Why does an SQL2000 database appear to change size, then revert to original?
  530. execute procedure automatically at the specified time...
  531. How to setup replication between different Domains?
  532. Is it possible to use Case in Where clause as follows?
  533. SQL in dev and live environment
  534. How to most recent records from the following recods sets in SQL Server?
  535. SQL to Excel [Paramater Query Syntax Issue]
  536. How to integrate the data from SQL database to quickbook?
  537. UPDATE Query : Incorrect Syntax
  538. How to copy or insert records into the previously created table from another table?
  539. how to join these two queries?
  540. Query by date optimization
  541. convert nvarchar(number with thousandsseparator) to integer
  542. Condensing Multiple Rows Of Data into One Row of Data (into Columns)
  543. Changing Rows to Columns
  544. how to join 2 sql queries
  545. How to transpose (partially) table fields
  546. How to run a Inner join on same table?
  547. How to pull the most recent transaction based on entry date?
  548. simple problem with a table value function
  549. Update and replace query error
  550. How to import data from ms access 2000 to sql 2005?