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  1. Delete Column
  2. Web Page And Sql
  3. help with query
  4. database problem
  5. Creating stored procedures in SQL Server 2005 Express
  6. least currency
  7. Convert month into its number equivalent...(Ex. JAN=1,FEB=2...)
  8. identity
  9. how to access sql server 2000 on ms server from unix platform
  10. Regarding Integration services in Sql 2005
  11. Execute an schedule job from MSDE with LINKED servers in SQL Server
  12. MSDTC?
  13. "the data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status"!?!?! WT-???
  14. CDOSYS Mail Using SQL Server
  15. SQLServer 8.0 Sp3 to sp4 upgrade
  16. automated role creation
  17. Recursive Stored Procedure?
  18. SQL Batch - Slow Response - Remote DB query
  19. can anyone solve this sql query?
  20. can anyone solve this sql query?
  21. 2005: T-SQL to download?
  22. MS SQL rollback!
  23. Related Tables: Help Needed With JOIN Query
  24. Er-win connection problem
  25. SQL standards
  26. Creating tables in SQL 2000 using C#
  27. SQL Server
  28. SQL Codings
  29. DB2 Reason Codes ?
  30. a beginner question
  31. How can I create a cool data model table map?
  32. user defined funcyions in sql server 2000
  33. Unable to create index 'PK_Contact_Table
  34. how to get the difference between two dates ,excluding weekends in ms sql?
  35. viable question
  36. reading log files mdse (sql server 7)
  37. Chain Multiplication on a column
  38. Sql Database marked suspect
  39. Select Range
  40. weird database back up sizes
  41. (datediff(ss,,) / 60) rounding down the minute
  42. Return percentages in the query.
  43. Update & Select in one?!
  44. Calling C# Code within DTS SQL SERVER 2000
  45. Trigger Fireing
  46. Using trigger to notify an assembly of changes.
  47. Case Statement in Where Clause
  48. Using Substring to Update data in a column
  49. T-SQL (Stored Procedure) upgrade from 7 to 2005
  50. Processor licensing
  51. what is wrong with sysfiles tab
  52. Hard Code the start date and the end date from an existing SQL query!!
  53. Subquery in DTS No Longer Works After Years
  54. cubes in sql
  55. Stored Procedure - Urgent
  56. table copy
  57. .DAT files to MS SQL ServerV7
  58. Want to Compile C embedded sql code by MSSQL server 2000 on linux
  59. Stored Procedure to run query and insert
  60. how to fetch case sensitive distinct data from sql server database
  61. Transfer user password from old database to a new one
  62. user/schema problem in SQL Server 2005!
  63. Parameterized Query Performance Help!
  64. Is there a way to view Stored Procedure, Trigger andFunction Usage in SQL Server?
  65. complex(?) query
  66. Tutorials on XML, XSL, Javascript, SQL & ISS
  67. How to Copy Users? Help
  68. SQL 2005 Processor VS Cal
  69. Updating part of an XML column in a sql server table
  70. Unique Identifiers & Select Queries to MSSQL in PHP
  71. Query Assistance Needed - Please
  72. Query Assistance Needed - Please
  73. Query Assistance Needed - Please
  74. run a Package from package
  75. [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Syntax
  76. changing default value in alter statement
  77. C++ programmatically reconnection to SQL Server 2000 after stop/restart SQL service
  79. clever date to find most recent .bak file
  80. SQL 2000 - Initiate or Force Replication
  81. Replacement for ISAPI in SQL Server 2005
  82. Multiple table join
  83. Deleting duplicate rows in a table
  84. MS SQL 2000 Performance / Ram Usage
  85. T-SQL FROM SQL to DB2
  86. Dan <-- 香港IT界超级溅人
  87. Text too long to be edited
  88. Compare record count in table1 to qty in table2?
  89. Converting Access Query to SQL Server Query
  90. Synchronization of two SQL Server databases
  91. Double summation
  92. How to connect to MSSQL server from HP-UX environment
  93. how to retrieve random records from table
  94. provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specifie
  95. time out expired
  96. how to delete lines from text file
  97. Adding text to a text column
  98. sqlserver problem
  99. installing sql 2000 & 2005 side by side
  100. how i can import data from multiple servers
  101. Dynamic addition of columns to a View
  102. Database Connection
  103. Information No.of database deadlocks and No. of transactions per second/minute in MS Sql Server
  104. Sharepoint and MS Access
  105. Delay between CREATE DATABASE and ability to connect to that database
  106. Help with statement
  107. Drop all indexes in a table, how to drop all for user tables in database
  108. Value zero is being returned.
  109. Replacing the second carriage return
  110. diadvantage & advantage of identy column
  111. composite primary key...
  112. SQL Server 2005 Replication
  113. Incrementing within a Group/Subset
  114. cursor error must declare scalar variable
  115. complex merging query in sql server 2000
  116. Retriving multiline Value from a database
  117. Sum Comma Seperated string
  118. Peachtree to SQL Server
  119. dynamic cursor - sorting in declaration
  120. Stored procedure works, Agent job aborts
  121. need to open text file for datapump from activex script
  122. need to open text file for datapump from activex script
  123. Updating a sequence number (not identity insert)
  124. Output of international characters to text file
  125. SQL Query help
  126. running backups from a batch (.bat) file
  127. how to move data files from one location to another with MSSQL.
  128. SQL Build Scripts .bat files
  129. Changing compatibility level from 65 to 80 - Whats up?
  130. Artificial Mind - Part One - Basic Architecture and Cognitive Structure is now available
  131. How to retrieve query results with now field names, dotted line or footer
  132. Copying a DTS Package and Jobs
  133. Selecting a different field from a group.
  134. Passing parameters to stored proc from Crystal reports
  135. How to delete repeated entries from table using T-SQL statement
  136. How to find All Permissions in the Current Database for a particular User
  137. After a corrupted publisher
  138. sql statement
  139. data types
  140. Calrification on number of columns fetched to server memory
  141. DB2 ver.4
  142. execute command - urgent!!
  143. How to transfer data from Oracle Table to SQL Table
  144. Sql Backup
  145. Date overlapping
  146. Problem Copying Table
  147. Spectra force @@@@@ HOT LIST@@@@@
  148. MSSQL Script execute in .bat
  149. How to copy data from MS Excel to MS SQL Server using DTS
  150. MSDTC error in Windows xp environment.
  151. List users and permissions in a SQLSERVER2000
  152. mmc.exe - .dll files are corrupted
  153. CONTAINS in SQL Server
  154. Insert statement conflicted with foreight key contrait.
  155. Connection string problem.
  156. Urgent requirements ----- Oracle Apps Finance Functional
  157. Migrate from MS Access to SQL
  158. Problem with stored proc.
  159. Creating a text file
  160. Could not find installable ISAM
  161. Blank Password Policy problem
  162. [help] ALTER TABLE: error message 4929
  163. Need to utilize exec('use '+@nvcDatabaseName+';
  164. INSER at runtime?
  165. Select Statement.
  166. transaction log file is full
  167. Best way to force a varchar column to have no whitespace
  168. MS SQL server uses 3.7 gb memory and %100 of my huge server
  169. MS SQL 2000 import from MS SQL 2000
  170. Installing SQLServer2005 but Preserve Current SQLServer2000
  171. White space in a field
  172. drop down list
  173. Not In / Not Exists
  174. A script to delete views
  175. keep running process even killed
  176. Replace Multiple LIKEs
  177. Building data base on local machine.
  178. query to obtain files whose last status=2
  179. how to query for text containing parens?
  180. Snap-in creation failed
  181. please if you no how to fix this help me please
  182. build a query which access to multiple databases
  183. Exporting Data from tables to text file all at once
  184. ALL and empty set
  185. Need help with SELECT Query. dont know what topic
  186. connecting oracle and sql
  187. Unexpected Casting With Sum & Coalesce
  188. call stored proc on sql 2005 from 2000
  189. how to change default data directory for SQL 2005
  190. SQL SERVER 2005 maintenance plan
  191. Recover Mode set to Simple for Unknown Reason (not MSDB)
  192. Update Query containg static data and data from another table.
  193. Invalid column name 'ProjectQuestionContentDateTime'
  194. Insert Japanese from ASP page into MSSQL Server 2000 database
  195. Searching problem
  196. Sql Server 2005 Maitenance Plan
  197. get todays date and a certain time
  198. Q on joining tables with nullable fields
  199. Passing multiple values into a stored procedure...
  200. Sql Server 7 To Sql 2000 Upgrade
  201. Non English Characters
  202. Use of LIKE in Cursor degrades the performance?
  203. question on reindex
  204. SQL 2005 hogging resources
  205. datetime columns
  206. Update Query Help!!
  207. Install Problem
  208. How accurate is GetDate() ?
  209. software RAID-100
  210. CVS with SQl
  211. Text Data Type Problem
  212. concatenation
  213. getting problem while inserting using linked server
  214. MSSQL arguments in PHP
  215. Alter Table name
  216. concatenation with space
  217. one of the tab in SSISS is not working correctly.
  218. Sql server 2000 performance tunning
  219. Invisible stored procedure?
  220. store db objects in *.ndf vs. *.mdf??
  221. set default value for a char column??
  222. SQL Server 2000 Transaction Log Backup Question
  223. Date comparison problem
  224. Date comparison problem
  225. SQL Server Slow
  226. Cursor help please
  227. query
  228. SQL Server Agent
  229. insert statement blocked
  230. DTS from excel file (excel filename is different everyday)
  231. stored procedure compile
  232. what should i do when i want to save a select resultset,but not in a new table,in memory is the best?
  233. reset sa password msde (sql server 7)
  234. Problem displaying extended ascii characters from sql server in html
  235. Better way to use BETWEEN Begin and End Dates
  236. SQL Transaction Log File
  237. ODBC: Call Failed
  238. how to get this resultset...
  239. DTS Works, job fails!(data source Foxpro and destination SQL Server 2000
  240. Master File not Accessible for Copying
  241. Regarding Replication Concept
  242. MD5 encryption
  243. Help with Crystal Reports subselect
  244. Insert trigger to populate other columns in same row
  245. xp_cmdshell problem
  246. SQL Address
  247. SQL help Needed
  248. Interesting Data Mining Forum
  249. SQL and MSMQ
  250. Keyword Search Help
  251. Point in Time Backup (impossible for some points?)
  252. Where to Begin
  253. Using USER value in SQL code
  254. QUESTION: Performance issue on *one* database on a server
  255. Breaking down Total Hours worked into Day and Evening hours
  256. How to Delete Login (SQL-DMO)? - SQL 2005
  257. Upate table using ADOX in VBScript
  258. Question on moving logs
  259. Dyamic view/function based on table data (?)
  260. FK - urgent
  261. UNION / INTERSECT / EXCEPT in SQL Server 2000
  262. How To Calculate Database Size In Sql 2000
  263. Obtain the query plan of a running process
  264. data is not exporting to excel in sql server 2005 client edition
  265. Create Procedure Permission ONLY
  266. Migrating data from SQL Server 6.5 to SQL Server 2005
  267. Trigger to reset Table Rows
  268. composite primary key
  269. about efficiency(rephrased)
  270. Converting from String to Numeric Problem
  271. cursor to compare/report on the same fields in 2 tables
  272. lookup data in form
  273. Export/Import data
  274. how many times Identity value has been reset?
  275. What queries were run?
  276. Question on System and Data Restore
  277. Foreign Key Relation with composite primary key table
  278. Sql-dmo
  279. Trace file in MySQL
  280. about Efficiency
  281. help with Select statement
  282. Character set support
  283. DELETE failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings: 'QUOTED_IDENTIFIER'
  284. dba activities
  285. SQL server connection
  286. Foreign Key
  287. Cannot Open .bak File from ms sql database. either 2000 or 2007
  288. DTS Packages from 1 SQL Server to another
  289. Help needed with DATETIME Arithmetic
  290. SQL Server "Light"
  291. Replicate SQL Server to MS Access MDB
  292. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
  293. Updating columns in sql server from text files
  294. Show data in ASP.NET datagrid control in cyrillic
  295. Download Ebooks
  296. Why cannot set Unicode string
  297. Why cannot set Unicode string?
  298. Go to the last record
  299. rebuild
  300. Send Sms From SQLServer2005 to MobilePhone
  301. optimization
  302. Looping a stored procedure in a dts package
  303. How To Select a Certain Limited Number of Rows Per ID
  304. Appending data to an existing record
  305. Copying table data from a different database
  306. Update using Substring
  307. Help - Finding the newest date without using max()
  308. import txt-file via batchscript to SQL 2005
  309. Update sub query
  310. Update sub query
  311. time stamp data type
  312. Indexes vs Clustered Indexes
  313. SQL 7 to SQL2005 Migration
  314. Trigger - On insert ~ if [column] value = XX, change it to YY, then insert
  315. howto use the query results as view column?
  316. formatting for a birth date field??
  317. Problem running stored procedure inside another store procedure
  318. Yellowfin Reporting Release 3 OLAP Connectivity
  319. The scripts in the store procedure run slowly, but quickly exec in the Query Analyzer
  320. Using a trigger to generate an ID value
  321. Select and Insert Question
  322. looking to tune query...
  323. Removing HASH Match / Inner Join
  324. Deletion on multiple tables
  325. Dynamic Select in MSSQL
  326. last record in table
  327. Row versioning in SQL 2000?
  328. Line Break in T-SQL
  329. Actual and Estimated Rows
  330. how to run the servlet
  331. Can I avoid temp tables, etc.
  332. Synchronizing Access and SQL Server
  333. sql server i/o bottle neck ?
  334. For SQL Buffs
  335. sql 2005 client tools
  336. Excel Inserts Null Values in DTS package
  337. How do I send query output to a file?
  338. DTS Automation - Huge Problem
  339. SQLRef - Website Created by Programmer to Programmers
  340. database migration using DTS help
  341. The user does not have permission to perform this action.
  342. urgent!!! convert to datetime format from varchar...someone please help...
  343. PKZip issue
  344. Trouble with converting time/date
  345. sp_executesql in triggers
  346. Query is slow sometimes
  347. Error 18024
  348. stored proc bug with datetime variable
  349. export to sql 2005
  350. SQL Between Dates
  351. Recurring Scheduled Job
  352. database converters
  353. Union or Join or or
  354. Flattening Parent Child, an issue, please help
  355. How to make this an efficient query?
  356. Select * and display days overdue
  357. SQL troubles with VPN connection
  358. est
  359. test
  360. Best practice for storing long text fields
  361. Managing MS SQL on Linux
  362. Error in my SQL Syntac
  363. Find out the percentage complete of Stored Procedure
  364. Tree table
  365. sql profiler
  366. Memory setting right ?
  367. Database Maintenance Plan
  368. How to get a SP return value on another SP?
  369. convert column into datetime format
  370. Moving objects from 1 SQL Server to another
  371. Permissions for ODBC to SQL
  372. Want to get monthname from a date
  373. DTS Automation - a tuffy
  374. [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Invalid object name on Linked Server
  375. return values and recordset in one stored procedure
  376. Top and Views
  377. Passing SELECTed rows to a calling SP
  378. cross server update problem
  379. HOW TO Transfer my sql server 2000 data base to server on the internet
  380. Computed Column Specification
  381. One more connection problem-Security Issue
  382. I have no blog
  383. SQL Server E-Learning
  384. ADO.NET problem?
  385. need query...its urgent
  386. query in msaccess
  387. Order of Merge Replication
  388. See Sql server but not databases
  389. .NET assembly for BULK INSERT
  390. Problems with DTS
  391. Please evaluate this approach to shrinking log files
  392. why the difference in DTS?
  393. Osql join command
  394. how to use SP's output in the SELECT Statement
  395. trigger - v.urgent
  396. how to get all records of a person in perticular month
  397. SQL Server 2K Database Name Problem
  398. How to display the managers and the employees working under that Manager
  399. Reg: database connectivity between SQL and ORACLE
  400. Finding a line number
  401. How to converting float to date
  402. Is it possible to move a database from 2005 to 2000?
  403. Need advice on reading material
  404. SQL Server 2005 connection unusually slow even errors.
  405. Unable to Insert in Temp table through RPC
  406. transaction inside sp_executesql
  407. How to use result set returned by Stored Procedures?
  408. How to use result set returned by Stored Procedures?
  409. Replication between SQL7 and SQL2000?
  410. Finding name of DTS package thats called from scheduled job
  411. trigger
  412. About Creating Relationship
  413. Sql Server 2005 Image Storage and Retreival
  414. Creating a dynamic Global Temp Table within a stored procedure
  415. Trigger problem
  416. What is the meaning of "LTRIM(N' ')" ?
  417. what is the system requirement installing ms sql server 2003 client version?
  418. Which to install first, VSTO or SS 2005 Developer??
  419. move/copy database objects from SQL Server Express to SQL Server Standard??
  420. Getting non matching records from 2 tables?
  421. Upgrade SQL Server 2000 Failover Cluster from SP3 to SP4
  422. Are these DB's required??
  423. Running MS Access db as a Linked Server on SQL Server
  424. specjalista od mssql2000 na jednorazowe zlecenie
  425. Download the JAVA , .NET and SQL Server interview question with answers
  426. An interesting Lastname, Firstname, Middlename challenge
  427. How to convert rows into columns?
  428. Server configuration for MSSQL 2000 and MSSQL 2005
  429. BULK INSERT Help needed bad!
  430. MSDE
  431. Facing some problem in Instead of Trigger for MultiRow Insert
  432. Query performence about nText
  433. collation
  434. difference between BCP and DTS
  435. How can i see all trigers that i created
  436. ldf & mdf
  437. SQL Server 2005 - BULK INSERT
  438. installation of ms sql server 2000 developer edition on windows xp pro
  439. login failed for user
  440. procdures and functions
  441. foreign key
  442. rowid is there?
  443. Sql Server connection problem
  444. Can't Keep Primary Key Columns when moving db to SQL 2005 from 2000
  445. Storage usage for Enterprise Applications
  446. Comparing two tables and spitting out an XLS
  447. besoin d'un petit coup de pouce
  448. Drop Replication components
  449. Stored Procedure To Update Columns
  450. Restore Messed Up Table Names
  451. BULK INSERT into table with identity column?
  452. Does SQLMail require a mail account on the Exchange Server?
  453. DTS that does HouseHolding with Millions of records
  454. Basic TSQL - DISTINCT in PK
  455. need help on normalizing the tables
  456. Column order/presentation in virtual table (result set from viewor UDF)
  457. Text Column question
  458. Insert Uniqueidentifier after the fact
  459. Need advice, new to VB 6.0 and SQL server 7
  460. need a query please help
  461. Replication Query
  462. estimation the buffer cache hit ratio
  463. CREATE FUNCTION with COBOL doesn't work!!
  464. identity insert
  465. Create CUBE Roles automatically: Please help
  466. Import data from excel sheet to ms sql server table
  467. primary key
  468. Cursor Problems
  469. Foreign Key Constraints problems
  470. Databases updating simultaneously
  471. Self-Reference cascading deletes
  472. SuperSocket info: (SpnRegister) : Error 1355.
  473. Return a string representing the day of the week
  474. Need most recent record from views.
  475. Stored Procedure to return table?
  476. Concatenation and Formatting output in T-SQL
  477. About LogShipping-Urgent
  478. Inserting Data
  479. Calculating Positions Query Required...........
  480. Looking for database backup command
  481. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - DB
  482. Deleting record in table B on deleting record in table A using Trigger
  483. Changing schedules for a Job outside SQL Server
  484. sql server case sensitive?????????
  485. Mssql
  486. Easy cross referencing question
  487. Error 8115, Level 16, State 2
  488. How do you create ##Temp tables if they don't exist, use them if they do?
  489. Converting strings to dates
  490. [DBNETLIB][ConnectionOpen (SECDoClientHandshake()).]SSL Security error
  491. books online download link please
  492. Distinct
  493. How to install SQL Server 2000
  494. SQL server Back up
  495. Update a column
  496. cross server insert @@error
  497. Import ASCII Data
  498. DTS From SQL Server 2000 to Btrieve
  499. Tough Correlated Subquery issue
  500. How to allow FULLTEXT SEARCH INDEXING to non-admin user?
  501. Is there a way to transfer ntext data from one table to another? MSSQL2000
  502. functions and procedures
  503. is rollback possible here?
  504. Using DAO to access binary data in Sql Server 2005?
  505. OLE error code:80040E14
  506. MSDTC and Delete transactions
  507. MSSQL2K5 Install Path
  508. dbcc checkdb
  509. Installation of local database
  510. grant access to extended properties
  511. delete sql server registration in tsql
  512. MSX/TSX
  513. problem on login: user is inactive
  514. Database indipendent queries
  515. [Sql2000] how to limit table size
  516. How to change db owner for SQL Server 2000 database
  517. how to change password?
  518. Checking if DB Connection is active or not
  519. Row mapping from one table to another
  520. Counting the occurence of a string ...
  522. Moving from mssql to postgres, advice needed
  523. joins
  524. SSIS Standard Edition and Script Task
  525. Totals on change
  526. SQL Http Interface
  527. Finding a creator of object
  528. sql server is not starting
  529. can we provide security for .war file in java
  530. deleting duplicate records
  531. Import Excel into Ms SQL 2005 Automatically
  532. When DTS hits a bad date
  533. Normalizing a Crosstab
  534. Variable Math in Stored Procedure
  535. Primary key generating
  536. Transaction log keeps growing
  537. Replication performance - how to measure it ?
  538. Candidate key
  539. Problem with export of a table to a text file
  540. Can any one explain this query behavior
  541. Temp Table Column Type?
  542. Table Query Timeout Problem very specific
  543. Merging two tables with selection
  544. Help me with this query please.
  545. Help me with this query please.
  546. Case help and Identity help
  547. Efficient Store Proc for Paging Very large DataSet using Cursor Approach
  548. minimun installation
  549. wow
  550. Performance: Server Agent v's Query Analyser