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  1. Relationship between two members - HELP!
  2. PLS.... Help!!!
  3. calculation of subqueries HELP
  4. memory 64bit windows , 32 bit Sql
  5. Joining two tables keeping columns independently distinct
  6. set default precision on decimal type?
  7. Searching for SQL Servers in AD
  8. PRINT debug messages and CURSOR in stored procedure confuses DTS; "Invalid Pointer"
  9. PRINT debug messages and CURSOR in stored procedure confuses DTS; "Invalid Pointer"
  10. MSDE, SQL Server Replication & Local Admin Rights
  11. convert scientific notation to to decimal
  12. to store pictures
  13. Searching for Last DateTime
  14. How to copy database to another SQL server
  15. Snap-in failed to initialize
  16. union with Rank create duplicated records
  17. Asymmetric communication from ms-sql-m protocol from an SQL Cluster
  18. Problem with a stored procedure
  19. Server Properties
  20. Problem opening Access forms and macros from database residing on a Windows 2000 web server using IIS
  21. help me in retrieving the value
  22. Track the changes to normalised tables and update the denormalised tables depending on the changes to normalised tables
  23. 'Select top 10 * ...' returns data but 'Select * ..' does not
  24. Marketplace: Yellowfin reporting 3.1 with BIRT Integration
  25. Converting Columns into Rows without affecting the data in the table
  26. Column Alias Issue
  27. Authentication Issue with IIS
  28. SQL 2000 Bulk Insert attempt on FTP in progress
  29. Adding text to a column!
  30. sql 2005
  31. SQL 2000 Full Text Catalog problem.
  32. Median?
  33. Exec stored proc from select in another stored proc
  34. select count(table) problem
  35. Error handlig in Query Analyzer
  36. FOR XML PATH + file structure
  37. Any Inbuilt function like Oracle's ROWNUM to retrive the order of records
  38. CASE in WHERE clause?
  39. Views / Performance - 2 Rows to 2 Columns
  40. Import multiple .DBF files w/SSIS - OLE DB
  41. Identifying foreign characters in rows of data
  42. Using MS SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Manager with MS SQL Server 2000
  43. Improving the Performance (Millions of Records!)
  44. CASE in FK
  45. connection of sql server via vba
  46. Error :ITransaction::Commit or ITransaction::Abort was called, and object is in a zom
  47. Working with Ints and Nulls
  48. Simple question about stored procedure
  49. Grouping into a Concatenated String
  50. I got "System.__ComObject", Where is my SQL record value?
  51. Dts and Dates
  52. Append to a field in a database
  53. How To use OLE Control like MS Access on SQL Server
  54. Date formats
  55. Table field merge
  56. How to purge errorlog?
  57. SQL server 2000 and PHP
  58. How i can see how many user using database?
  59. DTS Package issue
  60. Batch Jobs ..
  61. query sql server using xml dynamically
  62. MS SQL 2000 installation corrupt
  63. Connectivity Issues in SQL Server 2005
  64. MSSQL and UTF8
  65. Setting foreign key on insert
  66. LIMIT problems
  67. Need Help Getting the day shift after midnight
  68. SqlServer2005: Transfer Sql Server Objects
  69. To Retrieve date stored in type INT
  70. sql data recovery?
  71. Table Partitioning on a RAID 5 Server
  72. Sql 2000
  73. Update - can I do better statement?
  74. connectivity between sql and vb
  75. 10 Random records, 1 from each category
  76. Enterprise Manager reporting wrong server version
  77. Select Distinct Error ??
  78. Windows authentication
  79. PLEASE PLEASE HELP - How can I get a return value from a SQL Stored Proc is ASP.NET?
  80. Help on UPDATE with EXIST
  81. Create SQL database with C#
  82. Stored Procedure looks at sysobjects and process info in each table
  83. Oracle Sequence/Link 2 MS SQL SERVER 2005
  84. Find 2nd Working Day
  85. to get the structure of the table
  86. Inserting into a tmp table using a View --- Please help using SQL Query Analyzer
  88. Update Deadlocks on Primary Key index
  89. Need Emergency Help with SQL Query (difficulty: moderate)
  90. How to import from external SQL database to local SQL database
  91. "cannot find the path specified" when setting up replication
  92. Aggregate functions and locking
  93. using variable as WHERE clause
  94. Syntax for reading in a txt file
  95. Replication - Multiple Distributors, one Subscriber
  96. Insert a field from a table to another.
  97. Find records that comply with either or criteria
  98. wild characters in stored procedures with parameters?
  99. Design Solution Required
  100. Dts . .
  101. Please I need help with table partitioning in SQL 2005
  102. adding up column values (asp & access 2000)
  103. How do I recover data from SQL Server's log files?
  104. To access real time data from remote server to local DB
  105. Inserting Multiple Rows into one table (with calculated fields)
  106. Fiscal year search
  107. SQL 2000 Replication via Internet
  108. SQL Server 2005 objects question
  109. (Announce) Jonathan Robie Will Present at 2006 XML Conference
  110. Problems with Adding text
  111. Collation setup for SQLServer2000 Standard Edition
  113. Conditional Constraints on table columns
  114. SSL encryption for remote SQL server
  115. import and export data
  116. Continuously querying a datastream using SQL Server 2005
  117. How do I create an Insert trigger to copy a table
  118. left outer join ( =*)
  119. How to Save MS Word/Excel Files in Database?
  120. Truncating or shrinking a 65GB Log File with available 2.8GB harddisk space
  121. are wombats good?
  122. where are wombats?
  123. using vbs
  124. Equivalent to SQL Anywhere GET_IDENTITY?
  125. richie robles
  126. Update Query using XQuery
  127. Some XQuery/SQL Server 2005 help please
  128. Default "Auto Close" to no for entire server?
  129. Select statement
  130. How to export SQL Database properties
  131. Performing mathematical operations on Table columns
  132. DTS Data Driven Query vs. Query Analyzer
  133. Error With EXEC sp_attach_db
  134. Need Help to form the MDX-Statement
  135. Transposing repetitive serial fields into Table structure
  136. Replication
  137. How to get the total time of the records in a table
  138. mssql_connect problems
  139. Cross Tab query in SqlServer
  140. Maximum number of Tables - is 4^15 big a number?
  141. Triigers FOR in Merge-Replication
  142. Linked server and text file...
  143. New to SQl Server
  144. NEW to SQL
  145. DTS - Need to Set Destination Filename dynamically
  146. got an error
  147. help needed to fix an error
  148. Waarde uit tabel incompleet
  149. SQL Server 2005 Database mail Command not supported (502) SMTP error
  150. Which Replication Method To Use
  151. HDD still full after shrinking transaction log
  152. How to build a procedure that returns different numbers of columns as a result based on a parameter
  153. Error 0x80040E31
  154. MS SQL server and (missing) ANSI DATE-datatype
  155. help
  157. Exclusive connection MSSQL2000
  158. Pls Help With JOIN query...
  159. sql question
  160. One Record from many tables
  161. XML Data type storage
  162. restore sql 2000 bak to 2005
  163. Variable in while loop not getting incremented
  164. Permission to create views
  165. Xquery Help SqlServer2005
  166. ODBC database slows down over time
  167. Update Trigger
  168. Insert Data into a table
  169. SQL Active Directory Query
  170. Updating 20 some servers
  171. record locking in MS SQL
  172. User unable to update database
  173. Shrinking database log used for mirroring
  174. Severe performance hit with NCHAR queries
  175. Sql Server Distict
  176. float vs decimal
  177. float vs decimal
  178. Link two tables using union
  179. how to find the unique key and foreign key reference given the table name in MS SQL
  180. Have two identical SQL Servers
  181. Any suggestions??
  182. Database updates (using SqlDataAdapter) during runtime but Database Table Does Not Update
  183. Database Updates During Runtime But New Data Does Not Appear in Data Tables
  184. Manual back of database error
  185. Conflict With Network Communications
  186. Sum hours from the date on this row thruout the rest of the database.
  187. SQL select question
  188. Database Cloning
  189. case insensitive
  190. UNIONs and Running Totals
  191. Export SQL05 data to Access
  192. Create Database using C#
  193. A new approach to storing ordered hierarchical data in RDBs.
  194. How to deploye SQL 2005 Express with my application
  195. login and privileges effect on optimizer's choice of plan
  196. How to Add New Line Character in Database in Ms - Sql
  197. dynamic query
  198. math error
  199. Extending or Linking to ASPNET.MDF?
  200. How is better to get SUM OF COUNTs
  201. SQL Server Installation Error
  202. Default Table Owner using CREATE TABLE, INSERT, SELECT & DROP TABLE
  203. appending two datetimes which were converted from strings
  204. Clearing up cache selectively
  205. Maximum Date in a group of records
  206. How to Identify an Array
  207. PRINT 1/(1+26)=0?
  208. Microsoft Open Licence Program - What is it?
  209. Getting Data from SS via HTTP
  210. Count Query Question
  211. Help with FOR XML - How do I return the results like this?
  212. SQL Server Upgrade
  213. Insertion Time problem with SQLAIW32.DLL and SQLAKW32.DLL
  214. noise words in my full-text search condition?
  215. Connecting to more Database
  216. HELP... ihow to mport .txt files into sql 2005!!
  217. SQL Server 2000 + 2005 working on same windows 2003 server as seperate instances
  218. how to swap the value of two colum in the same table
  219. SQL express-solving 4GB size limit by multiple database files?
  220. How To Retrive Data If There Are Large No. Of Datas In Table(by Minimum Time Conusum
  221. Configuring SQL
  222. Configuring SQL
  223. Converting database to MS-SQLServer from PostGRESQL
  224. primary key
  225. different database
  226. top 5 rows without top keyword
  227. strings with sql
  228. In
  229. What am I doing wrong here?
  231. how to script binary data
  232. Yellowfin leads the new players in taking business intelligence mainstream.
  233. Querying 5 tables: SQL using MS query
  234. Best practice for database migration
  235. Help with a complex UPDATE query
  236. Backup Strategy for MSSQL
  237. Optimize query
  238. Databases
  239. How To Retrive Data If There Are Large No. Of Datas In Table(by Minimum Time Conusum]
  240. How to configure a PULL SUBSCRIPTION?
  241. Plz Help me out in this query
  242. import/export utility
  243. SQL Server 2000 Replication problem
  244. Very new to SQL
  245. OLE DB provider "MSDAORA" for linked server "infonet"
  246. How to pass parameters from Visual Basic to SQL Local Package
  247. connection strings problem solution
  248. round to nearest WHOLE number
  249. DTSRUN.exe install
  250. strange results when calling a sql stored proc from within an Access2000 project
  251. Sending a string from a mssql to another server, using the port number and the ip-adr
  252. How to join a table of a local database with a table of Remote database.
  253. Problema Server.-
  254. Problem with WHERE IN
  255. how to use cairage return chr(13)
  256. How to search % in a query
  257. 2005: SSPI library problem
  258. Problem Accepting Null values
  259. database connection with oledb provider for sql server
  260. foreign key to multiple primary keys
  261. SQL tables and relationships
  262. Simple Script to create DB, specify file location and set owner.
  263. Delineating Factors for Code Placement
  264. Grid vs Text output
  265. Select Query - can I use a Pivot table?
  266. Nested Inner Joins
  267. splitting SQL 2000 db into multiple file groups - how?
  268. snapshot agent failure on unknown table
  269. I want to revert back to original state of database before i performed restore database
  270. Reclaim Reseved Space(MSQL) to OS
  271. how to find unknown table name from databas
  272. Converting a file into multiple tables
  273. problem with trusted connection (
  274. combine 2 database into one
  275. SQL to calculate surrounding suburbs
  276. Modifying sp_password
  277. Replication merge instance is not find in Performance Viewer
  278. ODBC Excel - SQL 2000 has but not 2005?
  279. Help needded in Sql2000-Triggers
  280. How do UPDATE
  281. Using temporary tables within the stored procedure
  282. Using a temporary tables within the stored procedure
  283. Conversion Of Sql Statement To Db2
  285. General advice needed regarding MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL/PostgreSQL
  286. SLOW performance on table with image fields (SQL 2000)
  287. Automatic Fields
  288. Len Trim
  289. default is NULL
  290. case sensitivity
  291. 200611 to string 'Nov 2006'
  292. T-SQL Question
  293. primary key
  294. UPDATE & INSERT speed improvement question
  295. MS SQL/ADP loses records
  296. Trigger on an Access database?
  297. Multiple col ina single col
  298. Help for Sql Query
  299. How do i find indexes of the columns in SQL server 2000???
  300. Rolling up spans without breaks between them
  301. Some Data from SS2000 to Oracle : Options ?
  302. xp_smtp_sendmail error disconnecting from mail server
  303. Subquery problem
  304. Non-patched version of MSDE
  305. Nested Tables
  306. How To Connect SQLServer Via a Remote Access Service (Dial Up)
  307. SQL Server: How to shirnk the Bakup file
  308. Instance Licencing
  309. FOR XML not working in a subquery
  310. Need help in retrieving distinct from duplicate column from related column list
  311. Using COUNT FUN and CAST
  312. Tuning Stored Procedures, sub-tree cost, cpu time, and reads
  313. SQL database Diagrams
  314. WHERE columnName = 'this' AND anotherColumnName IS NOT NULL
  315. How to loop through this sql table and display in ms access listbox
  316. First Posting
  317. select records between dates - query works in VS 2005 but it doesn't in asp 3
  318. Schema changes to SQL Server
  319. Transfer data from an excel sheet to table in sql data base
  320. Retrieve data using multiple select
  321. How to execute a DTS Via a stored procedure
  322. mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed - MySQL
  323. Query Data using multiple select statement
  324. single quote
  325. Among Numeric and Float
  326. Adding a new Column after a particular column
  327. Survey...Please help and respond!!
  328. Actuarial sql statement Need Help.
  329. hii
  330. Please Help With Complex Update Statement Logic
  331. parameters
  332. sql server
  333. ISQL: Msg 170, Level 15, State 1, Line 1 Line 1: Incorrect syntax near ' '
  334. how to store photos in sql server and...
  335. Trim function
  336. how to remove leading tab from string
  337. prevent one single row from being updated
  338. regular expression issue
  339. Help with joining/selecting values to show
  340. Select Unique Distinct records for Column
  341. Select Unique Distinct records for Column
  342. Error on updating/adding record
  343. SELECT Problem
  344. SQL with greatest date
  345. help me in sql server codes
  346. Use of Model database
  347. Changing column values on table insert trigger
  348. Stored procedure issue!
  349. t-sql turn off a cpu
  350. Getting Error code from SqlServer to FrontEnd Application
  351. DTS Package Import
  352. MsAccess/ADP - record source doesn't exist
  353. Return dataset in one column
  354. data recovery, after overwritten many times mistakenly
  355. Please any one try to solve this. its Interesting.
  356. Basic Replication trouble.
  357. decimal problem... help please
  358. Get Data From an open Excel Sheet
  359. Remote SQL Server Backups over Internet
  360. How can i solve this problem?
  361. SQL 2005 & MSDE 2000
  362. Copy databases from SQL 2005 server to SQL Express
  363. help needed
  364. BETWEEN returns invalid data
  365. SQL Query Analyzer
  366. Getting back set order from the IN param
  367. Hot to inser row in a table
  368. sql server 2000 cluster issue.
  369. Connecting to an SQL Server using a workgroup
  370. Databases in SQL Server
  371. what does this (+) do?
  372. MSSQL Replace() for first occurance?
  373. creating a database in SQL 2005 - using windows 2003
  374. Problem with IN statement in Stored Procedure
  375. HELP - need a function like MID in access
  376. Embedding sp in to one transaction
  377. using trusted connection from unix
  378. LEFT and string function
  379. SQL query filtering date field by today's date?
  380. get 5 latest invoices (based on InvoiceDate) for each customer.
  381. Lock Problem and application is slowed down
  382. Datetime output diffrent in C# and MSSQL
  383. Connecting to 'localhost' Problems?
  384. importing blobs and other monstrosities from oracle 10g to sql server 2000
  385. looking for beta testers: new SQL comparison tool
  386. Publisher is empty under Replication Monitor - Publisher.! But replication is still running fine..
  387. MAX(DATE) - help
  388. convert / group by date
  389. SQL 2005 -- export table to a "fixed width" flat file -- Posting again
  390. where DTS in SQL 2005; Oracle to SQL2k5??
  391. Sql 2000 Replication
  392. Percentage returning 0 values
  393. Low process speed Large scale storage question...
  394. Tricky group by date problem
  395. query to find a sum of char values present in different rows
  396. Can't connect to SQL Server from Novell workstation
  397. Point in Time Restore
  398. Execute Extended Stored Procedure in user defined function
  399. .
  400. Stored Procedures and Functions
  401. Problem with executing DTS package !
  402. Runnable master awaiting command
  403. Create and then USE a dynamically-named database?
  404. FoxPro vs. SQL
  405. Trouble with Informix datatypes
  406. SQL 2005 & Login Triggers?
  407. Too Many Columns Found in current row
  408. How do i update I record in a table via a Trigger?
  409. Merge 2 queries
  410. SQL views
  411. Direct Client - Long term project for C#,SQLServer, ADO.NET in NY/NJ/PA, US
  412. CASE Help
  413. Database Migration
  414. Comparing Database Data
  415. setting up witness on SQL SERVER Express
  416. SQL 2005 - Export table to a fixed width file.
  417. Encryption keys for Reports Server
  418. Linked Server
  419. Importing text files - DTS help needed
  420. Query related to SQL ERROR
  421. URGENT Connection Ctring help!
  422. Need to declare multiple values
  423. Weird errors when trying to insert with IDENTITY_INSERT on!
  424. Precision Problem
  425. CASE: cannot test for empty string
  426. How to convert binary data to string?
  427. 3 / 2=1? Strange result in expression...HELP!
  428. ACCESS ADP TransferSpreadsheet
  429. Running a DTS with parameters
  430. Selecting TOP X child records for a parent record
  431. Help: Stored Procedure performance issue.
  432. How to Update 1 field with the value out of another row
  433. Indexing on UniqueIdentifier type column
  434. Urgent, Time out Expired/ need something to do from SP itself...
  435. index tunning
  436. SQL Server Client
  437. SQL Scrip help
  438. SQL Web Service Stored Procedure
  439. SQL 2005 CLR run out of memory.
  440. Filters on the data
  441. Filters on the data
  442. Trigger issue on Mass Insert/Update
  443. Import Specs
  444. SQL2005 - don't see my database when I use VPN-connection
  445. Sequential Number in an Update
  446. 2005 connecting 2000 ?
  447. view works, but the sql from the view does not
  448. use variables in WHERE doesn't work?
  449. remote desktop and db performance
  450. SQL 2005 express and linked tables
  451. How to load jpeg file in SqL2000 and how to retrieve from SQL2000.
  452. DBCC Memory Status and Query Plan
  453. move/upgrade MSDE to SQL 2000
  455. database analysis
  456. Duplicate rows in the Dataset!
  457. How Can I Ignore Accsents and diacritical marks in WHERE statement
  458. how to get the time a table was analyzed in sap db ?
  459. Copy Database Wizard across domains?
  460. SQL 2005: Unable to edit linked table records
  461. use IF in WHERE clause?
  462. TOP N Value per category
  463. Encryption of SQL Express database with password
  464. Error after upgrading from MSDE to SQL 2005
  465. Help with a query
  466. How to find query plan for a stored procedure using temporary tables
  467. Return subquery rows as one delimited column
  468. Migrating from JET to SQL Express database - Using Deltek and MSAccess softwares
  469. How to exit from script when find one DB does not exist?
  470. Question on scripting
  471. Data Execution Prevention (DEP) - SQL Server 2000/2005
  472. simple way to convert '1900-01-01 17:12:00.000' to 5:12pm?
  473. Scrambling sensitive data
  474. reference an outer column from a sub query
  475. DBF file export issues onWindows 2000 SQL server w/ DTS/ SQL 2005 with DTS
  476. using PK as Field Name?
  477. .NET 2.0 and .NET 1.1 co-existence?
  478. What am I doing wrong here?
  479. The best methodology to test load script
  480. this is very urgent,please help me
  481. Passing a parameter to views
  482. ExecuteScalar returns null
  483. Posting Guidelines
  484. two versions of sql on one server?
  485. Query autocomplete in SQL Server Management studio?
  486. Help with an update query
  487. Grouped rows inserted into columns
  488. Defining Database with Local Variable
  489. use INSERT INTO with a VALUE which a variable
  490. Duplicate Column
  491. how to load old datafile
  492. SQL Server Sizing - Hardware requirements for SQL Server 2005
  493. ComboBox items from a column in a database table!
  494. Installing SQL server 2000 on windows 2003
  495. Generate SQL Script
  496. Enterprise Manager takes 10+ min to open
  497. Restoring multiple transaction logs
  498. Order of GROUP BY - does it matter?
  499. If Staement
  500. Use array in SQL 2005?
  501. I have a basic question about SQL server
  502. Simple beginners question about stored procedures
  503. Testing load scripts
  504. Monitoring Inserted data and comparing against selected data
  505. Import Excel file into SQL Server
  506. Group By Query Casues TimeOut Error
  507. Query with Group By Causes TimeOut Error
  508. Group By Query causes TimeOut Error
  509. Possible Bug in SQL2005 query?
  510. triggers to transfer to other db
  511. Need your help to remove spaces in the column entries using SQL
  512. ASP SQL installation error problem
  513. Variable in a string problem
  514. Simple update query is making me lose my mind...
  515. SQL Script to find User Names in User Databases
  516. How to run a SQL script from within a VC# code?
  517. making JOINS
  518. Accessing specific records
  519. reindex
  520. SQL Reporting Services
  521. need help on store and compare time?
  522. Store procedure doesn't work for web application.
  523. How do you conditionally fire a trigger (mimic replication)
  524. No Local instance with SQLServer2005 Dev. Ed.
  525. communicating msde with sql ce for pocket pc
  526. Progress DB to MS SQL Server 2000 Sync (Copy) Delay Problem
  527. Need help in writing a VB Script in DTS to establish relation with WMI resources
  528. unable to run mysql server 5 on windows
  529. Making Connection to SQL
  530. Query Problem in Access
  531. retrieve data from 4 tables
  532. MSSQL insert into data conversion problem
  533. Coalesce / Comma Delimitted List
  534. How to combine 3 SQL statements into 1?
  535. SQL 2000 Text Field Problem
  536. JOIN / subselect problem
  537. Sql server Enterprise manager
  538. deleting a backup device
  539. Modeling
  540. Ansi Padding
  541. Ansi Padding
  542. Running a SQL server 2005 job remotely thru an AS400 program
  543. Migration from SQL 2000 to 2005
  544. SQL Server 2005 - SELECT query
  545. Learning about Indexes the Hard Way
  546. SQL statement to compare and return one aggregated value
  547. sql statement to select customers contributing top 60% of sales
  548. What is the best way to store a shopping list or order?
  549. SQL Query return unused values
  550. Moving from SQL 2000 to 2005