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  1. Optimizing a big query
  2. Backup fails using SMO with big databases
  3. Full date value not being written via JDBC - any ideas?
  4. create table
  5. Stored procedure returning wrong value because of ANSI_WARNINGS
  6. Effective permission for a group
  7. how to normalize
  8. compare in database
  9. Need advice on system performance
  10. xp_cmdshell sql server 2000
  11. Column update structure change
  12. Need help running query on data/time field
  13. odd stored procedure behavior
  14. RE: Combining multiple databases into one
  15. Can this deadlock issue
  16. Locate rows in table where column value missing (I think!)
  17. Why optimizer is not smart? Is dynamic SQL my only option...
  18. Date function
  19. Wifi Barcode scanning -- need middle ware help
  20. Dynamic SQL does not work!
  21. Sql Server Enterprise manager and stored procedures
  22. SQL Server 2005: Unable to add SQL2000 subscriptor using non-standard port!
  23. web service in MSSQL
  24. APIs for monitoring MS-SQL
  25. Connecting SQL 2000 using SQL 2005
  26. how to check sql port
  27. Exporting sql server database
  28. Monitoring memory usage
  29. Using parameter on Query condition not working
  30. Link Two tables
  31. Stored Procedure querying another database
  32. Query RowVersion in SQL Server 2005
  33. Increase speed when retrieving data from a Hosted SQL SERVER into VBA
  34. looking for a consultant
  35. "insert on existing update" in MS SQL Server?
  36. Users Can see all the Database
  37. NULLS and ''
  38. SQL job error
  39. @@Error not catching error.
  40. Migrating SQL logins with password
  41. sql server 2000 in window service
  42. Uargent Oracle-DBA professionals required
  43. T-Sql for changing the Owner of the table objects in a database
  44. Exporting data from SQL table to Excel File - How to delete rows before inserting new
  45. great tool to compare data from two different queries
  46. Stored procedure and SQL Job Agent Task
  47. MS SQL using TSQL via JAVA jdbc
  48. use of union in indexed views
  49. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005'
  50. "ODBC--call failed" Error
  51. Need help writing T-SQL statements?
  52. Problem: Performance difference between MSDE and SQL Express 2005
  53. Using DTS to migrate Access ot SQL Server
  54. Print data through Store Procedure
  55. Using LIKE in a CASE statement
  56. I don't understand this "server timeout"
  57. Doubt about SQL Server
  58. creating backup of MS SQL database
  59. VB Code to BackUp Data from SQL to Access
  60. SQL Server does not exist or access denied
  61. replacing join operation in XML
  62. Bulk Insert
  63. Noise words issue in full text seach Sql server 2000
  64. How to remove rows where only part of the row is duplicated
  65. SQL Slow from MSDE 2000 to SQL Express
  66. SQL a range in the all dataset
  67. any way to debug stored procedures without buying visual studio?
  68. Ansi SQL92 question
  69. SQL Collation Problem
  70. Why transaction gets promoted to Distributed transaction
  71. monitoring applications querys
  72. How may cause Record disappearing from table ???
  73. MS SQL 2005: Where clause and optimizer
  74. Software Developers/Programmers
  75. How do I determine the backup date of a restored Database..?
  76. filtering data correctly?
  77. Trouble with getting this query
  78. SQL Server 2005 order by date does not sort properly
  79. Getting a count from multiple columns
  80. why i can't post message here? tried twice.....
  81. bcp and trigger: missing data in bcp out file
  82. bcp & trigger: got missiing data in bcp out files
  83. Querying towards a responsive UI
  84. Arcserver 7 Backup With SQL 2005
  85. SQL Query - Newbie help with summaries
  86. Need help with error 17137
  87. I need SQL Query Help
  88. extract data from SQL .mdf file?
  89. How to Execute a Query Stored in a variable in Stored Procedure
  90. Failing to launch
  91. Database security
  92. urgent requirement for project leader/apm required
  93. BCP error - missing data
  94. BCP error - missing data
  95. Help With complex SELECT
  96. SQL Server 2000 SQL Agent Error [393] Waiting for SQL Server to recover databases
  97. Update Statement
  98. Varchar to Integer Typecast
  99. HELP! Synchronize db and maintain foreign key relations?
  100. T-SQL, Cursors, Best Practices of pulling from multiple tables
  101. DTS and SOAP Web Service
  102. 10080 sql server 2005 configuration caused error?
  103. DTs and Buisness Intellegence
  104. filter data by row number
  105. Create DTS package validation
  106. SQL Server CE
  107. Updating online SQL 2005 database from local database
  108. how to compare value of two fileds and based on that insert value into third fileds
  109. select a data from sybase table to sqlserver 2005(its urgent)
  110. how to use rowcount to delete rows?
  111. 1st Image Control Shows Wrong Image
  112. Bulk insert rollback
  113. How to auto-generate age field when DateOfBirth is given in SQL Server.
  114. JOIN columns question???
  115. intermittent OLE DB error
  116. sending email from SQL Server 2000
  117. Turn OFF identity property
  118. SQL DTS Transform Task - new output table
  119. How to Design and Handle a Table with 30 Million rows
  120. Storing SQL Server 2005 objects and queries in Perforce
  121. Maximum Numbers of Tables and colums to access in select statement
  122. Hi.. friends get set go is my position
  123. Query Time Out Expired
  124. Executing Stored Procedures
  125. Convert FLOAT to NUMBER without DECIMAL PLACE
  126. using count to filter data
  127. Selecting from a stored procedure
  128. Can't Connect to Database Engine
  129. Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint...Cannot insert duplicate key Problem
  130. Making Inegration Services visible/available in SSMS 2005
  131. a q about counting
  132. Transferring databases from MSDE 2000 to SQL 2000
  133. backup/restore of Tables ONLY (please)
  134. Setting recover model with TSQL
  135. Specified SQL server not found. [SQLSTATE 42000]
  136. Inexperienced with Queries
  137. Update bad addresses
  138. sql 2005 - optimization - cannot use index
  139. Query Help
  140. Editor with visual SCC / TFS support ?
  141. Input Paramter as part of OPENDATASOURCE
  142. Varchar Truncation
  143. Paging records on SQL 2000 : Followup question
  144. The age old argument of Temp table vs Table variable
  145. downgrade SQL2005 to SQL2k - Unicode ANSI issue
  146. Same table query
  147. Find all jobs scheduled between two dates
  148. Determine MS SQL License Mode on Wintel Servers
  149. Problem in SQL 2000 2136 The limit set by NX_SQL_QUEUE_LIMIT of 50 has been reached
  150. copy data from MSDE to SQL Server
  151. Disappearing output parameters!
  152. Words suggest or spellcheck in MS SQL 2005 Express
  153. sql server error
  154. Saving ER diagram on SQL server
  155. script to copy logins and users with all permissions
  156. Log Shipping on SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition
  157. Find Partial Text From Return Of Subquery
  158. Save your data schema and SQL statement to mSQL.mdf
  159. Paging records on SQL server using derived tables : more question
  161. Connecting an ADP to a remote MSSQL database on the same network
  162. Insert into tables - many to many relationship
  163. transaction log files clear
  164. MSSearch Owning CPU because of FT Catalog.
  165. Subquery in SQLServer
  166. automatic number increment in ms sql 2005
  167. Paging records on SQL server using derived tables
  168. Things I didn't know until today
  169. Accessing remote MS SQL databases from PHP web pages
  170. stored proc or something else
  171. Problem with Restore (SQL 2005)
  172. Difference between Enterprise Manager and Query Analyzer
  173. Dynamic Query
  174. DROP Database sql server 2000
  175. Crystal Reports for VS 2005
  176. Problem Store Procedure in OutPut Parameter
  177. Generate XML File in SQL Server 2005
  178. DTS question reguarding text import and tranformation
  179. SELECT statement - How to not get column field names?
  180. Ignore-this is a test
  181. quick date conversion - not hard!
  182. SQL Server 2005: Using SQL to find the last time a table was written to
  183. JDBC ResultSet and cursors
  184. Turning Rows into Columns
  185. Problems with using Variables in place of Nested Queires
  186. Giving values to multible Varibles with SET and SELECT
  187. list all tables in master
  188. SQL Replace in Replace
  189. Issue with DB on particular machine
  190. what diff between procedures an triggers
  191. y use procedures
  192. inserting from a virtual table
  193. SQL 2000 examz
  194. MS sql server Problem
  195. How to get last records in grouped query.
  196. Problem with view
  197. Problem with view
  198. CONTAINS clause with multi-word "AND" inflectional searching??? help...
  199. Using Variables inplace of nested Queries
  200. SQL-Access Help Please!!!!!
  201. Where is the SQL Server Management Folder located?
  202. updating two tables
  203. UDF and persisted column
  204. using a count to filter excess data
  205. Bi-Directional Data Sync between SQL Server and Access DBs
  206. To find out which stored procedure is using a particulat table
  207. Network error while connecting to the Database through sql server 2005
  208. Combine two databases
  209. Stupid Question: Joining Strings
  210. Multilingual Table
  211. Update table using partial word match
  212. Match your Design site's data schema and SQL statement to Application site
  213. Server Error
  214. SQL query Syntax
  215. Design phase - dealing w/ many to many relationships
  216. Architectural question
  217. Encryption tutorial for SQL Server 2005 Express
  218. xp_cmdshell from within a trigger on SQL 2000 SP4
  219. Any idea what the purpose of this SPROC might be? (no prizes, sorry!)
  220. sql code for UML composition relation - anyone?
  221. shrinking a table of database
  222. Reporting Services
  223. SQL Statement to return first unique record
  224. Problem with Full Index Search
  225. price formatting
  226. DB2 --> 2005 Linked Server Mystery Solved
  227. Row triggers equivalent in sql server 2000
  228. Need a fixed-length table
  229. How can I sum the Case Statement?
  230. SQL Server 2000 and Milliseconds (datetime data type)
  231. Is this query possible?
  232. View definition includes no output columns or no items in the FROM clause.
  233. Query which calculates a field value based on previous row's values
  234. Link two tables using partial word match
  235. delete old files
  236. Query Question
  237. Issue with CONTAINSTABLE statement
  238. Beginner question: find or create function
  239. DTS Save Package dead end
  240. HOW to check for last modified time of a table Structure in SQL Server
  241. Job to be run ever first for the previous calendar month
  242. linking tables from other databases?
  243. Multiple rows into one row
  244. SQL Server on production very slow
  245. Disappearing Records
  246. New SP vs parameters
  247. Domain logins to a SQL 2005 Server User Rights Assignment
  248. SQL Server 2000 SP4 not importing stored procedures
  249. Try to use ROBUST PLAN. Somebody help?
  250. NVARCHAR Search Problem using LIKE
  251. SQL Query question. what's wrong with this query?
  252. MS SQL Server 2000 installation problem
  253. Trusted Security in a Workgroup
  254. Correct Schema for this business problem?
  255. MSSQL Trigger
  256. (pas de sujet)
  257. MS Reporting Services
  258. How To Aplly Check Constraint
  259. SQL server lock issue
  260. Stored Procedure / Cursor Help
  261. SQL server lock issue
  262. Inserting nulls in to table conflicting with rule
  263. Saving my MS SQL Query results in a spread sheet or CSV file
  264. Regd SQl server Enterprise Manager
  265. purpose of writing dates in this format
  266. ALTER DATABASE statement with Table Partitioning (SQL 2005)
  267. Auditing:Extracting changed fields from Inserted table
  268. Calling a script within a script
  269. Go and goto in one sql script gives error label not declared
  270. Round .99 to .00
  271. DTS - Schedule - Filepath - Permissions denied
  272. Login failed for user <servername>\<aspnet> error!!
  273. Text for Stored Procedure
  274. How Can i know how many USERS are in agroup.
  275. Group by returning multiple data
  276. Why is a simple WHERE clause so slow?
  277. 2005 Copy database objects from one server to another
  278. Count Item function
  279. How can I modify a report in Crystal Report 7
  280. Interesante relacion
  281. Stupid timing question
  282. Packages in SQL Server
  283. Trying to calculate from most recent of duplicate records in MSSQL
  284. Extended Stored Procedure
  285. can't alter function
  286. System resource exceeded (SQL / Access Application)
  287. Alem
  288. stored procedures
  289. msde data migration
  290. how to login from VB into sql server
  291. Bizarre slow query problem (again)
  292. SQL Server Script to get Date Format
  293. Restoring databases
  294. Bulk Insert - Fixed Length File
  295. Could not obtain information about Windows NT group/user "Domain\username" error code 0x5.
  296. Suppress Repeating Data in SQL Report
  297. Log Shipping - Move DB Changes?
  298. URGENT : SQL Return Code: -25001
  299. getting top 10 by group
  300. Sql Server (no items) - Over TCP/IP
  301. giving a proc database and table names as parameters
  302. Querying different databases
  303. max date select stmt problem
  304. 'aging' tables
  305. Convert Char To Datetime
  306. LInk two tables from two databases
  307. About deleting old files from a folder
  308. Creating functions
  309. to transfer data from a datagrid output yo a table in sql
  310. Visa Encryption with Sql Server
  311. Calling a Proc From a Proc
  312. to transfer data from excel to MS SQL
  313. Help with displaying information not booked on a certain date.
  314. INSERT special characters into SQL Database (Protect my Tic)
  315. Redefining an auto-generated primary key constraint name
  316. Unable to attach a database in SQL Server 2000
  317. Checking Table dependancies fron Store Procedure
  318. INSERT INTO using SELECT and values, and inserting multiple rows
  319. OLAP Calulated Measure Total Error
  320. Max Length of "Text" and "Varchar"
  321. Delete rows from one tbl based on whether row in another tbl?
  322. Default owner using ALTER AUTHORIZATION
  323. Simple SQL Server Question -- Is space within column name allowed?
  324. UPDATE a table with aggregate results for multiple columns
  325. Count the number of rows in a UNION ALL statement
  326. SQL database connection
  327. Damn! SQLServer2000 can't add a NOT NULL COLUMN even in one empty existing table!
  328. Connection from ASP page to SQL Server Express
  329. Autonumber field
  330. How to improve the performance of a query?
  331. stored procedure to concatenate column value sin a single cell?
  332. SQL server alert systems?
  333. Link Server doesn't work except through query analyzer: MSSQL freezing / timing out
  334. How to stop query in QA from continuing
  335. Idea: new database object that defines a FROM clause
  336. Splitting Full name data to First, Last
  337. Using Variables in Order By Clause
  338. Creating A Trigger
  339. How do I reference a table in one database from a SQL script running in another database?
  340. Select Subquery Filtering out problem
  341. How to automate deletion of oldest rows when table reaches certain number of rows?
  342. Import flat file into SQL Server 2005 Express
  343. set multiple procedures to execute
  344. Select max value of each group
  345. Removing Name pipes
  346. Should you perform maintenance on System databases?
  347. Using Local Variables In A Stored Procedure
  348. INNER JOIN/Index Threshold?
  349. Adhoc vs PROC
  350. BCP import with Blank lines in text file
  351. Linked server between sql server and oracle
  352. BCP import text file with blank line at end of file
  353. Datetime conversion problem
  354. display sql datas in xml file with stylesheet
  355. send mail from sql
  356. Help needed with trigger
  357. Weekday names
  358. Delete Duplicate Rec
  359. constraints of the attributes of a table
  360. Alter more than one view
  361. Merge Replication and Trigger Problem
  362. recovery
  363. How to find a lower date
  364. DTS Local Package
  365. Sp_executesql with Dynamic SQL string exceeding 4000
  366. Perfmon - improved tools
  367. Filtering on parts of a date/time field
  368. Need help refining lengthy re-iterative (looping) query
  369. database creation in XP
  370. any doc-tool for SqlServer?
  371. user defined function problem
  372. SS2000 shows password in icon tooltip
  373. execute xl macro within DTS 2000
  374. SQL Problem. The log file for database...
  375. sql server6.5
  376. ssis issue
  377. SQL 2000 and SQL 2005 together
  378. proficiency
  379. Capture CPU Utilization in TSQL
  380. design question
  381. Problem with Updatetext in SQL 2000 trying to concatenate multiple text fields
  382. Changing a BIT to an INT where there's a CONSTRAINT and a DEFAULT
  383. many tables vs one big table
  384. Getting record count
  385. temporary tables
  386. Custom Ordering question
  387. PIVOT
  388. does ms sql support two phase commit protocol
  389. Bulk Insert Questions
  390. SPID in Blk By is itself
  391. argue why sql2005
  392. when to use fully qualified names ([database].[schema].object)
  393. Which SQL Server
  394. Maximum stored procedure, function, trigger, or view nesting level exceeded (limit 32
  395. Crosstab. 2 totals ?
  396. Connection SQL Server 2005 with DNS hostname mismatch
  397. Time Intervals
  398. Hi Sashi
  399. Insert query firing Insert & Update trigger at the same time.
  400. Inserting into a text field in SQL Server 2000
  401. SS 2005 Express- Allowing null values and Foriegn Key Constraints
  402. Slow using compute command
  403. url cannot be found
  404. How to use SQL Server to keep track of remote site DB2 table update?
  405. Picture in database
  406. Document Search for CMS
  407. Convert from Access to SQL Server
  408. drawbacks of full text search of sql server 2005
  409. Question: re-associate dbo with sa??
  410. Replacement for my LIKE Clause
  411. New record results in blank foreign key in subform
  412. Site Search Code Help
  413. putting names of objects to control-flow loop creating objects
  414. Only functions and extended stored procedures can be executed from within a function
  415. how to try-catch 'sp_addrolemember'?
  416. server version
  417. Generate LOG file
  418. Bitwise
  419. Dba Issues
  420. sql server 2005
  421. clustered index
  422. help me plz!!
  423. Connections
  424. Calculating Trigger Syntax
  425. Selecting last date
  426. combine separate date & time fields into one datetime field?
  427. Dynamically Changing the length of a varchar(n) field
  428. DBCC Shrinkfile
  429. Fetch Query that triggered the TRIGGER
  431. Sql server is not running
  432. Script to combine multiple rows into 1 single row
  433. How to search binary fields?
  434. protecting functions from view it
  435. Stored Procedure Range Not Working
  436. SQL Server CE and VS 2005 EE
  437. Dts (ms Access To Ms Sql Server)
  438. upload database to remote server
  439. Problem with trigger
  440. Comparing Date to SQL Server Date
  441. removing chr(13) and chr(10) from SQL
  442. SQL coulmn comparison
  443. Export Data in a specific format
  444. Writing file from SP with text column
  445. date format default for xp_cmdshell
  446. [scripts] prompting user
  447. Downloaded 100 data changes (0 inserts, 100 updates, 0 deletes, 0 conflicts)
  448. The Process Could Not Log Conflict Information
  449. Need popup window whenever any updates
  451. sp_executesql vs. EXECUTE
  452. if exists condition..
  453. Security Tips
  454. Reporting Services/Report Manager
  455. normalization
  456. PHP5 and SQL Server- Help!
  457. Problem with passing password to sqlcmd
  458. Compare Zero,NULL and one without if condition
  459. Problem with CCommand::Open when query str is too long.
  460. 2-3 words in field name
  461. Procedure to send an email to a customer using procedures in SQL Server 2000
  462. string function
  463. Security warning when running SQL Server query within an HTA
  464. SQL Auditing
  465. Retrieve Identity Field Value from a stored procedure into a form
  466. pagefile and memory advice??
  467. Max. number od users in SQL server
  468. SQL 2005, "build" scripts?
  469. Programically backup sql server database
  470. Conditional query results
  471. A question about an error message
  472. Hi Guys,
  473. Timing a trigger or a procedure to execute In SQL Server 2000
  474. a question about Exec
  475. Replacing NULL value in multiple columns in a table
  476. Help-Can I use 4 GB memory by SQL Server2000?
  477. file group decisions
  478. DTS: MSSQL 2000 DTS abruptly exits after clicking Define Columns
  479. xp_cmdshell
  480. SQL 7 to SQL2000 Upgrade
  481. Split Data file into multiple file groups..!
  482. Help!? Combining SQL Queries? Can it be done??
  483. Permission denied trying to delete user
  484. Weird millisecond part of datetime data in SQL Server 2000
  485. SQL 2005 Express with Advanced Services: missing providers
  486. SQL 2000 Stored Procedure move
  487. Dts
  488. insert record in a table with 'identity' constraint on it ... ?
  489. Need help in writing SQL stored procedure
  490. Need help in SQL stored procedure
  491. migrating access to SQL
  492. Advantages/Disadvantages to using more than one database
  493. create a table frm another
  494. Convert AlphaNumeric to Numeric
  495. Unable to Display Image Loaded into SQL Server
  496. printing messages with a Stored Procedure
  497. View Order Dissappearing
  498. How to create the ER Diagram for SQL Server Database objects
  499. Execute proceduers from another Proceduer with error handling
  500. Performance Difference between SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition
  501. Don't want Trusted Connection option...
  502. Reporting Services Excel Export
  503. max degree parallelism
  504. only authorized users can access the database in enterprise manager in MSSQL Server
  505. OPENROWSET and network share
  506. Restore .mdf file
  507. Top 5 rows
  508. Security issues in SQL Server 2005
  509. Help with joining records
  510. Opinion about design needed (splitting string data)
  511. Inner Join Problem
  512. SQL can it be done ?
  513. getting length of 8 characters
  514. Converting XML Reader to SQL Reader
  515. SQL Trigger to output to a text file
  516. Data out of range error
  517. How do I find out how full my files are?
  518. How to match records on several substring functions
  519. Backup Priority level
  520. Query help please
  521. Missing the zero (0)
  522. How to connect sqldatabase to the project ctreated in .NET 2.0.
  523. SQL Search Engine
  524. Can't connect to SQL server Northwind database
  525. Problem after Restore
  526. please, how to realize generalization in sql server database
  527. Ssis
  528. Problems with "SELECT USER" - Result always dbo
  529. how to display separate field after a condition
  530. Converting a varchar to int
  531. SQL2005 Default accounts
  532. odbc-timeout error on a linked table from Access2k
  533. Laws and Myths of Usability & Interface Design
  534. view and table
  535. backup
  536. status help
  537. Alter Table
  538. Overlaping time intervals calculations
  539. asdb - what is it? Shold I back it up?
  540. Need to convert cursor
  541. Database Migration from MS SQL Server 2000 to DB2 on Z/OS
  542. Order By Start_Date
  543. Migrating MSSQL2000 to MSSQL2005
  544. Urgent....please respond
  545. Caculated Fields in a Query
  546. Northwind - execution plan bug? Why Index Seek and no Bookmark Lookup?
  547. Querying information between two values
  548. How can you track user actions in a table?
  549. How to calculate response time.
  550. Relationship between two members - HELP!