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  1. Cyrillic number
  2. Return Record Number with query
  3. data length more than ...
  4. How to convert lower case to uppercase through INSERT query
  5. Problem with connection String for remote mssql Server
  6. performance tuning of stored procedure
  7. Store unicode
  8. Performance : Stored Pocedure taking more parameters
  9. Using SQL Scripts at runtime
  10. Split multirow resultset to single row, multicolumn resultset
  11. to generate all the dates for a given month and year..
  12. connecting to analysis server
  13. Retrieving data from database and displaying it in text box
  14. Help Using DTS to import multiple tables into Access Database
  15. Group By Problem
  16. Referencing a field in another table as part of a formula in a computed column
  17. VarChar being truncated.
  18. SQL division of cumulative totals on one select statement
  19. Want the number that passed the first time.
  20. SUM function adding two fields in one table
  21. Merge data in SQL Server databases
  22. PLS-00201 Error
  23. Excel Query to SQL Server and data type manipulation on SELECT
  24. stuck again, if else after where clause
  25. importing a database into ms sql server
  26. SQL Server Problem
  27. Update Status Field after Expiry Date
  28. Bulk insert error -- "Unknown version of format file"
  29. aggregation or what?
  30. SQL 2005 automatically partitioning?
  31. Full outer join issue
  32. SQLAgent 2005 SP1 failed to run .bat file.
  33. synchronize the database
  34. urgent deadlock problem on Sql Server 2000
  35. Trigger to update a master table
  36. Converting string to unicode string in T-SQL
  37. what are isolation levels in sqlserver
  38. hi
  39. How can I join your Group
  40. store and retrive audio file from/in database
  41. Concurrency Issue
  42. DB Maintenance Plan SQL 2005 on 6300+ Database
  43. Transfer data using SSIS
  44. how to update two table writing only one query?
  45. directly deleting sql view
  46. Crystal Report sub-report expert advice needed.
  47. newb - mutiple-column join
  48. Group SQL Select Statement
  49. Indexes on SQL Server 7.0
  50. Syntax error in the proximity of GO
  51. views not updateable
  52. Service Broker with offline application
  53. error connecting to sql server 2005 from a small c++ program
  54. Online Connection between Access and SQL Server
  55. SQL stored procedure returns duplicates
  56. dbmail failing
  57. bi-directional mirroring
  58. Attaching data at differnet levels in a heirchy
  59. I hate MS Management Studio Tabs, IS IT THAT HARD to fix.
  60. maximum from columns
  61. sql server
  62. Can I Use If Condition In View
  63. xml into mssql 2000
  64. Clarification on Joins
  65. Database table data modifications with PK/FK relationship
  66. help with parameter in WHERE
  67. cascading parameters in sql server 2005 reporting services
  68. Table name starting with prefix tbl
  69. Remove spaces in a column
  70. Senior Database Administrator, Toronto, Canada
  71. install SS 2005 on win2k3 ENT or STD, which is better??
  72. Using count() across multiple tables
  73. delete syntax
  74. Accessing external data from SQL Server
  75. sql server 2000 remotely
  76. Comparing two databases
  77. Converting Rows to Columns
  78. Converting Rows to Columns
  79. Mentored Learning
  80. XML, schema collection and "large value types out of row" problem
  81. shows all the months in the result
  82. Server is not responding.
  83. Sub-Query / Cross Join / or something else?
  84. Complete Newbie Help
  85. Procedure
  86. max no of rows which can be updated in a table which is replicated ?
  87. Multiple db query call from within different context into #temp table
  88. How to debug sql programme
  89. Quick SQL Select Statement ?
  90. Data Feed / Make / Model Catalog
  91. Help needed creating select statement
  92. user defined type as a primary key
  93. which is the role with minimum permissions including a one to execute jobs.
  94. Database error
  95. help to store audio file in database
  96. nulls
  97. Which is fater to search NUMERIC or ALPHABET
  98. SQLServer Login as sa vs dbo
  99. Access 2k adp
  100. Append Query from Access to SQL Server
  101. Date query help
  102. Connecting PHP to MSSQL 2000?
  103. MSSQLSERVER trying to load deleted extended procedure
  104. Help with Select and IN
  105. Inserting foreign keys
  106. C# to SQL Recursive CTE Translation help
  107. I cannot view table content in MS SQL Server Express
  108. Updating 2 tables
  109. Europe syntax for desimal
  110. Updating two different dbs once with same data
  111. Transaction not rolling back
  112. How to create a .BAK file
  113. SQL query in an ASPX "Expressions Web" page to a database (beginner)
  114. Find a newly inserted record from table without using MAX or TOP
  115. Date Format in MS Access using a query
  116. Features in 2005 that work in Compatibility Mode 80
  117. Change connected user to avoid owner prefix in queries
  118. JOIN without excluding non-joined rows?
  119. Auto Numbering Rows
  120. Query for Backup Model
  121. StoredProcedure help
  122. Is it possible to avoid a loop?
  123. selecting max and min year
  124. selecting records based on date
  125. Importing text file fails
  126. Cannot find sql express trigger in object explorer
  127. Importing a notepad txt file into SQL 2000 Server
  128. Set a value for identity key
  129. restaurant database
  130. Sql server 2005 Remoting Configuration
  131. sql server 2005 enterprise - Max CPUs
  132. SQL server and MSDE
  133. user defined type as a primary key
  134. Error while saving Maintainance Plan
  135. Dts Problem!
  136. Exam:070-229-An Excellent Resource
  137. Not able to read data from some columns of an excel sheet while using sql server DTS
  138. Case sensitivity in SQL -- ignore
  139. Query help needed
  140. How to spool output in MS SQL?
  141. SQL Server 2000 Install:
  142. How spool the output on MS SQL?
  143. How to increase the default row size in sql server 2000 only
  144. problem while declaring a a cursor
  145. 'Like' withing CASE statement ???
  146. language problem of ms sql 2005
  147. SQL Query help
  148. Wishful thinking: SourceSafe integration with SQL Server
  149. SQL 2005 Backup Problems
  150. SQL 2005 Backup File
  151. SELECT statement returns duplicate rows when a single row is desired
  152. MS Sql 2005 Master DB sysprocess with ASP
  153. Return error with Automated sp date Variable
  154. A Search for SQLFiles
  155. How to show roles with permissions to objects
  156. Configuring SQL Reporting Services for SSL
  157. Restoring a SQL Server 2005 database in SQL Server 2000
  158. How To write a query to get all Names without starting with an alphabet
  159. download pdf
  160. Sql Server - Jobs
  161. Can i write T-SQL statements to skip other job steps
  162. default filegroup for creating indexes
  163. move indexes via ALTER INDEX
  164. how to select 200 first records from table?
  165. displaying something else in results instead of value in DB
  166. Remotely accessing SQL database
  167. Conerting MS Access query to SQL
  168. Scripted CREATE INDEX
  169. Create indexes - own File Group
  170. Increasing field sizes in Microsoft SQL
  171. Trying to add a NON-DISTINCT field to a DISTINCT record set in a query.
  172. SQL field character limit change
  173. pulling ntext values sql server 2005
  174. Identity reused problem
  175. How to Join
  176. Performance of Partition Merge in 2005
  177. CREATE VIEW - script to automate column names?
  178. Sub query as multiline column
  179. connecting problem in ms-sql
  180. SQL Server and Oracle on the same server?
  181. update a field drom another table
  182. Finding the earliest datetime entry, and then updating the database on these reults
  183. Stored procedure limits??
  184. MSSQL 2005 SP2 install error 2259 - what gives?
  185. Possible to run MSDE (2000) and 2005 Express at the same time
  186. Transaction Logs
  187. What is SQL Server?
  188. Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'WHERE'.
  189. A belated thanks to all who have helped in the past!
  190. index fragmentation LogicalFragmentation -how bad is bad - silly question alter
  191. Merge two tables with conditions
  192. How do i connect and operate with data
  193. SQL 2000 renaming columns in tables
  194. Select question
  195. SQUirrel installation
  196. Europe to Test 1000s Chemicals on Millions of Animals
  197. Time based event
  198. Parse fields
  199. Change Tracking in SQLserver
  200. Removing the duplicate rows from a database
  201. how does SQL 2005 store Non-ASCII values and how it will be displayed in VB 6?
  202. Best approach to sending field names dynamically
  203. SQL to combine columns
  204. Incorrect syntax
  205. need emercency help DoCmd.RunSQL Sql error
  206. Partition Merge Performance - Sql Server 2005
  207. SQL Server 2005 Transactional Replication problem
  208. Sql Help
  209. Creating "Cross Tab tables in SQL?
  210. I am trying to convert a MS Access Query to a SQL query and I need help?
  211. Backup of a MS SQL 2000 DB
  212. Trying to get the right registry key through sql script to change listen port
  213. restore differential backup *
  214. Long query rollback - can I rename the table?
  215. restore differential backups
  216. How to increase the default row size in sql server
  217. Shift or Copy Data from Sqlserver to MS Access using Stored procedure
  218. connection Failure - -3709
  219. how to fetch all databases from server
  220. BETWEEN now() - 6days???? AND now()
  221. 2000 to 2005 query processng difference?
  222. How to delete records from 2 tables
  223. Transaction Register
  224. Retrieving an integer value from a database function via PHP
  225. textcopy.exe failure
  226. get value of last item in column?
  227. Simple SQL Help
  228. problem executing dts package using xp_cmdshell in querry analyzer
  229. MS SQL - Copying data from one table to another in two different databases
  230. Updating one table when Insert in other table
  231. Using raiseerror
  232. Urgent Help needed in Sybase query
  233. Query to find Number of Working days in a month.
  234. Triggers 101 - Invalid Column Name
  235. query
  236. Update query from Select
  237. system tables in MS SQL server 5
  238. Most recent meter reading in a database
  239. Problem with trigger
  240. how to recompile / refresh UDFs ?
  241. CXPACKET and contention within TempDb
  242. Help with SQL Server 2005 Publication
  243. insert into linked server problem
  244. Table copy from 1 db to another
  245. Retrieving Day, month and Year separately from the date
  246. Identity range managed by replication is full and must be updated by a replication agent. Error Message Makes NO SENSE.
  247. dbcc shrinkfile
  248. Problems with transactional Replication in sql 2005
  249. SELECT DISTINCT Problem
  250. Delete and update
  251. Recommended:How to get control of you life and time
  252. Real to datetime - how to...?
  253. Unique constraint in sybase
  254. Collation Conflict
  255. Year of the Pig brings good fortune to Yellowfin Business Intelligence
  256. Year of the Pig brings good fortune to Yellowfin Business Intelligence
  257. Viewing events as they happen?
  258. Difference between the querries.
  259. Merge Replication Error: 'Failure to connect to SQL Server with provided connection
  260. Need Help migrating VBA to TSQL
  261. SQL Server 2005 DTS problem: "Error 21776: General Error"
  262. Replication on W2KP
  263. Debugging a stored procedure
  264. Problem modifying out-of-the-box TFS Report
  265. SQL2000 New Index for replication
  266. SQL7 Add new fields for replication
  267. SSIS 64bit to Oracle 10G
  268. How to normalize these relationships?
  269. Grouping numbers
  270. Year, Month, Count on an Invoices Table
  271. Arrays and lists in SQL 2005
  272. cannot exit from if else block
  273. SQL 2005 Database to take to other pc
  274. Something I'm missing with condition?
  275. MS SQL BACKUP problem
  276. Heap table: why 454 rows of two INT columns use 2 data pages?
  277. Recursive CTE Question
  278. Reporting services - SQL server 2005
  279. SP2 Database Mirroring - "The remote copy of database "ABC" has not been rolled forward..."
  280. Write Data to two databases using SOAP/XML
  281. test
  282. how to change the first record go to last & 2nd record have to come to first??
  283. change rowset position at runtime
  284. How to Print Data directly to Text File using Stored Procedures
  285. CASE statement in Store Procedures
  286. Parallel Operation
  287. can any experts pl help me out in insert query..
  288. If statments in MSSQL
  289. Updating SQL 2000 server using VB6
  290. hi , query for displaying data
  291. bp server and e-mailing server lowest price Waiting for u
  292. Access and SQL Server Speed Comparison
  293. Access and SQL Server Speed Comparison
  294. SQL Query - distinct with 2 values
  295. Transaction Log File Compression
  296. SQL 2000 SP4 and SQL 2005 Express Co-Exist?
  297. Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'FROM'
  298. Excel DSN Query
  299. Can't attach 2005 DB on Vista - Erland? Anyone? Help me please!
  300. How to find last record in sql server 2000?
  301. Transfer logins using Dts package - sql server 2000 standard edition
  302. Row_Number Function
  303. SQL Serwer 2005 + HP LTO Ultrium
  304. SQL Server Upgrade Wizard
  305. Client-Server App vs MS Access Data Project
  306. Script to ammend column data
  307. Joining tables
  308. SQL Help with purging old data
  309. Parameters
  310. Stored procedure to create a new database with tables
  311. Does anyone use SSIS for database schema maintenance?
  312. Need help with CONVERT function
  313. How to view all triggers
  314. Accessing which data caused a trigger to fire
  315. How to restore sql server 7 backup to sql server 2000?
  316. table columns
  317. SQL database name Alias
  318. Query regarding Tiggers.
  319. Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server conn
  320. Reading a directory
  321. Help required!
  322. Last Table Access
  323. Stored procedures
  324. millions records archiving and delete
  325. help with a query
  326. SQL mail work around
  327. Problems with SQLXML bulk load
  328. Convert integer to datetime
  329. return duplicate records
  330. sum from two tables with two columns
  331. MS SQL SERVER via C programming
  332. Advantages and disadvantages
  333. How to get values from 2 tables
  334. export/import
  335. Create Table Script Incorrect syntax near 'Collate'
  336. Hexadecimal format .mdf file
  337. Importing DTS package to SSIS under x64 More options
  338. Visual Basic 6.0 + Crystal Reports XI + SQL Server
  339. newbe question: need a way to read in large query with .net
  340. SQL Server 2005
  341. How .BAK files are restored in SQL Server 2005
  342. which driver to use to make a linked server connection between MSSQL 2005 and Access 2007
  343. nvarchar & varchar
  344. maintaining a database?
  345. Is there an issue running SQL 2000 on a 2003 R2 64 bit operating system?
  346. Scheduling an Import in MS SQL 2005
  347. Which implementation will give faster result (Table design to Joins)
  348. faster count(*) or alternative
  349. Sql Query
  350. file share
  351. how many tables a dataset can store at a time?
  352. faster count(*) or alternative
  353. SQL Challenge - how to return a record set starting at a particular record?
  354. Copying .MDF & .LDF files for new server
  355. New database from backup
  356. INNER JOIN between a CLR-TVF and a table returns no rows
  357. unable to specify UNC path for restore through GUI??
  358. Help, did SP1 install work?? SQL Server 2005
  359. Splitting Date/Time Records
  360. Complicated count w/ subquery
  361. constraints across normalized tables
  362. SQL Help
  363. Non integer counting
  364. CASE in a Select Problem
  365. connect to ms sql from C# code
  367. Remove a character from a string
  368. Hi
  369. calling a php webservice in mssql server
  370. SQL 2005 compatability mode
  371. Current Database Context?
  372. ASP cannot run stored proc until the web user has run the proc in Query Analyzer
  373. SQL error
  374. Query for the first and latest wish
  375. How to run replace on all columns
  376. Methodology
  377. test
  378. test
  379. Return Columns along with MAX Value
  380. Format money value as padded string
  381. SQL statement - INSERT INTO and SELECT
  382. error for sending(saving) data to database
  383. error for sending(saving) data to database
  384. Insert Date as Formatted String
  385. SSIS declare output
  386. Getting an Error while attaching the database using System Architect Enterprise manag
  387. Struggling with date in query
  388. Move clustered indexes to new filegroup
  389. problem with date range
  390. parameterized view in SQL SERVER 2000
  391. How to Union dynamic tables
  392. T-SQL for the following?
  393. Somewhat complex report
  394. Output results to text with formatting
  395. timeout or re-trys.
  396. Replication and Reports
  397. Invalid column name using BCP
  398. Just a quickie..
  399. Restoring the .bak in MSSQL
  400. Iif MDX Strings
  401. Use RTRIM function on TEXTBLOB (text) field
  402. Error for saving data
  403. storage format of image in SQL server
  404. Microsoft Releases SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance)
  405. Unicode characters (Japanese)
  406. How to run profiler from cmd
  407. What is the best availability and backup solution?
  408. Storing variable values whilst using cursors
  409. Subquery and display help
  410. Is there a Query Analyzer
  411. Help w/ installing SW on SQL server (2005).
  412. Partition Scheme using a function
  413. Stored Procedure, error when executing (
  414. Restore SQL DB with correct logical file names
  415. resetting Identity Seed on change of primary key
  416. Select Statement Issue - Date Formating/Selecting
  417. SQL Deployment tool
  418. Ho Do I Implement Ms Access Dsum() Function Within Ms Sql
  419. My Sql
  420. creating a database link between DB2 and SQL server
  421. Function to return "remaining" of field after it finds a character in the field.
  422. Simple function for returning a character based on search criteria..
  423. SHAPED SQL: Need help!
  424. Int / Int does not give decimal value
  425. Import Excel Spreadsheet (Residing in Internet) Data into SQL Server Database Table
  426. how to take backup through network in MS SQL 2000
  427. Support for Spanish and English language
  428. Stored procedure
  429. SELECT *
  430. SQL 2005 AND SQLXMLBulkLoad
  431. a substitute for UNION?
  432. Returning an existing column OR the scope_identity
  433. SP2 for SQL Server 2005 is out
  434. How can we insert data through triggers
  435. adding the vc express bundled sql server to odbc
  436. Installing Ms-SQL 2000 with Win XP Pro on Stand alone computer
  437. Performance of SPROC changed by dbo. prefix
  438. Best method for inventory insertion
  439. Improving performance
  440. Fresh SQL Server 2005 giving problem in accessing access 97 file through Jet Ole DB Provider
  441. sql server 2000 robo copy
  442. Inner Join on Partitioned View
  443. how to parse a string in mssql
  444. MSSQL and Unicode data
  445. SQL how to view the list of tables in DB, the columns in the table, stored procedure
  446. Ms Sql Server Giving Timeout Expired
  447. SQL Server Runtime?
  448. SQL Server Link Server
  449. query
  450. Question About a Check Constraint
  451. Violation of primay key
  452. Writing SQL Help
  453. sum a table within a table
  454. How to Access MS Access File in Stored Procedure ?
  455. count records in several months
  456. Question on deploying .SQL files
  457. A trick query.
  458. SQL 2005 AND SQLXMLBulkLoad
  459. ms sql server
  460. Connecting Sql Server 2005 on Windows 2003 using ASP local
  461. Full bakup of Data
  462. Change Object Ownership
  463. A list of autoexec stored procedures
  464. T-SQL Gathering fields from a table
  465. T-SQL in Mngmt Studio Express Doesnt affect change- obvious omission?
  466. Possibilities to restore an old database
  467. Sqlserver
  468. Sql Local Server
  469. SqlServer
  470. tempdb is full error in sqlserver2000
  471. Package 'Microsoft SQL Management Studio Package' failed to load
  472. trying to group by two diff criteria
  473. Invalid object name '#temp'
  474. Auto gen record id as alphanumeric values
  475. Encrypting mdf files
  476. Restoring from transaction logs to running database
  477. Where the database is in SQL Server 2005 ????????
  478. Syntax, please :-((((((((((((((
  479. show number of values as % of total records..?
  480. Blobs in SQL Server
  481. Kill connection
  482. Updating Multiple Records Based On Records Returned By A Select Statement
  483. Performance
  484. Whats wrong here?
  485. Sql server process memory question
  486. Put 3 tables with same fields into one
  487. ORA-04091: table is mutating, trigger/function may not see it
  488. cursor in Stored Procedures
  489. Merging contents of one db to another huge db.
  490. Imprting to a parent and child tables from two csv files using dts package
  491. Backup and restore database hourly: how to implement it?
  492. Replace Multiple Spaces with One Space?
  493. export database structure
  494. restoring to a point in time
  495. MS-SQL question about GROUP BY
  496. Delta compression of query results
  497. .BAK extension file ??
  498. SQL Server losing sql code in stored procs...HELP!
  499. need help and advise with database
  500. delete records from one table that occur in another
  501. Urgent Help
  502. cannot write logfile Error 1059 : Circular service dependency
  503. in query, how can I compare string?
  504. Trying To Change Identity On Field W/Data In SQL Manager
  505. string matching in T-sql
  506. Basic Questions
  507. Project Planning
  508. Can't Connect to SQL db
  509. Can't Connect to SQL db
  510. Running access 2000 ap on sql 2005 express edition
  511. How do I use a variable to modify this sproc?
  512. Counting Orders for the Day
  513. specific records returned from 3 views using sql
  514. Getting a best selling brands list
  515. PIVOT query - access to mssql - help wanted!
  516. Order by - testing on true/false
  517. Memory Config (2005 Standard + x64 Win2k3 Enterprise)
  518. scripting data
  519. updating a stored procedure
  520. Link Tables
  521. Java DatabaseMetaData and MS SQL 2005
  522. returning one single record rather than multiples
  523. Callable statements, SQLServer and JRun
  524. Callable statements, SQLServer and JRun
  525. Trigger does not affect the code written in the loop... pls help its urgent
  526. SQL Format Function "0000"
  527. Urgent: MS-BI (SQL Server 2005-AS/RS/IS)-CMM 5-Hyderabad (with possible onsite)
  528. SQL Scripts
  529. Migrating to 2005, need advice
  530. Problem with SQL server 2000
  531. SQL Data concatenation
  532. which one is faster...
  533. Replication to a Custom OLE DB Provider
  534. Problems loading SQL server 2000
  535. vb with sql server
  536. databases
  537. Text Functions in SQL ...
  538. SSIS Import
  539. sql 2005 upgrade problems
  540. Log File is Full error: How to prevent this happening?
  541. Can't connect to SQL Server(SQL Express) in VS 2005
  542. Large number of INSERT statements - not all are executed
  543. Hanging Query
  544. Learning SQL Server with Win XP Home
  545. get record with earliest datetime value
  546. DTS Package Execution (From Job)
  547. Where is my dts?
  548. How to move table data in one server to another server
  549. Convert Access to SQL Server
  550. Inserting wav data