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  1. SQL Server Case Syntax
  2. Case Syntax
  3. Search for a table/string within job steps, dts, database, stored procedures etc
  4. create constraint error
  5. how to if needed recover from mistake
  6. Is there any array or collections in sql server.
  7. Can one create a view in MS SQL across databases
  8. Why is the trigger locking the table?
  9. INSERT INTO sporadically fails - suggestions for possible reasons?
  10. Count Rows Help
  11. How to fix error 207 in ms sql server 2000
  12. Query Help
  13. SQL Triggers and stored procedures
  14. Composite Foreign Key
  15. select 'message'; not appearing
  16. Issue with Multiple Foreign Keys in MSSQL 2005
  17. updatig sys.indexes
  18. Accessing Remote Stored Procedures using SQLExpress
  19. Extracting data in SQL server using crystal report
  20. Problem with NOT EXISTS
  21. approach to creating a procedure that contains dll , dml to upgrade a system
  22. sorting table
  23. sorting table
  24. 2 IDs profiles from one table
  25. MSSQL
  26. SQL server? MySQL server?
  27. unique filed
  28. /usr/sbin/mysqld: unknown variable 'expire_logs_days=10'
  29. i am not able to connect sql server 2000
  30. Database Owner cannot connect
  31. How to execute all rows in a dynamic query
  32. Get last 5 digits of a 16 digit number - How?
  33. So you think your database is secure? Think again.
  34. TRIGGER after UPDATE
  35. Runtime Error 800a100c!!!!!!!!
  36. Want to make ''Get Latest Status'' function more efficient
  37. UNION SELECT from Multiple Subselects
  38. Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows
  39. Subquery returned more than 1 value. This is not permitted when the subquery follows
  40. Passing Parameter Using 'IN'
  41. selecting from 3 different tables
  42. Match exact phrase
  43. Run same query for each day across a date range?
  44. Select trigger?
  45. Moving,Updating and Mergeing in to Single SQL database
  46. Need Some SqlServer Help
  47. Match field and return to "1"
  48. Invalid use of Is operator in query expression 'product is is_clearence=1 and is_visi
  49. Help parsing field
  50. Delta between current and previous row of select
  51. Incorrect Syntax near WHERE
  52. Scoring of returned results with OR
  53. SQL SERVER _ FirePrograms
  54. So you think your database is secure!?
  55. 5-table SELECT giving me problems
  56. Reading SHOW_PLAN output
  57. Date Issue
  58. Stored procedure with if condition on column names
  59. Datetime in Where clause.
  60. How does UPDATE statement work?
  61. delete redundant data
  62. Check Box Value has changed
  63. PROBLEM using CharIndex(), IF, OR etc- PLEASE HELP
  64. Memo field not found
  65. Passing a Parameter through an OpenRowSet
  66. Error 21776 when I change the sa password in sql server 2000
  67. Date function
  68. SQL Server 2000 only using 2GB of 16GB of memory
  69. connecting to Sql Server
  70. Last Day Of Previous Month...with a twist
  71. Combine values
  72. Stored Procedure Times Out from Web Application
  73. Xcopy
  74. Need help in printing the Crystal report in PDF format
  75. Format expression
  76. DBCC INPUTBUFFER results into table
  77. How Import XML file in a table with trigger.
  78. Bulk import a complex XML to SQL2005
  79. calculate commision amount
  80. DB restore question
  81. Narrowed Down Search
  82. Changing license mode
  83. MS SQL Trigger Handling Multiple Inserts Question
  84. Authentication issue
  85. SQL 2005 Job Type subsystem is missing
  86. Number of columns in Database
  87. Output result of query to existing file
  88. How to resolve SQL Server Deadlock
  89. MS Sql 2000 unable to use query analyser
  90. Need help with concatenate Text data field
  91. SQL Query Help
  92. SQL Server 2005 / securityadmin role / SSMS
  93. Extremely Unusual Connection Problem
  94. Web Front End for DTS
  95. how to identify special characters with a single case statement
  96. Inserting ntext into another ntext
  97. Loading data from xml http stream
  98. sql2005/BIDS: getting error 102 with CTE in dynamic query expression
  99. SQL Server 2000 Backup and Restore, Need help!
  100. JPEGs into image column
  101. List of all available sql servers...
  102. new line
  103. Urgent Help
  104. modifying column 'ID'
  105. Sql Server query
  106. Find out last day of the month
  107. Fix Failure result due to no records found
  108. Problem with: Greak characters, superscripts and subscripts
  109. SQL Display Null Values
  110. intersect problem!!
  111. Update a Column
  112. stock control, procedures
  113. Memory Leak in Application running in SQL Server 2005
  114. Update text for a subset of Records
  115. Sorting money with SQL and ASP.NET
  116. Single user mode for Checkdb doesn't work
  117. SQL 2K5 beta 2 setup problem...
  118. Stored Procedure Help For Join Query
  119. MSSQL to Access (SQL Query)
  120. unique constraint on two tables?
  121. How to cancatenate the rows returned by a table-valued function in a sql statement
  122. date comparison
  123. Where conditions, Encryption
  124. Remove Characters in MSSQL record
  125. DataArchitect Version 4.0 now available
  126. Attention All GURUS: Importing Mulitple MDBs in SQL Server 2005 Using SSIS
  127. Importing views from one server to another server
  128. SQL Server Data Type
  129. Mobile Solution with SQL Server 2005 Express edition and smartphone
  130. System objects problem
  131. DTS Job Reporting Failures
  132. Scheduled Jobs failing
  133. Sql Distinct Unique Query
  134. sqlserver
  135. Creating an append query in SQL query design
  136. Using table UDF in a view
  137. what's the correct syntax using DateFormat
  138. Help for Count Query
  139. How To Find SQL QUERY EXECUTION TIME - Very urgent Please Help
  140. SQL query help...
  141. Moving a database
  142. constraint in Trigger
  143. Difference on condition in JOIN & WHERE
  144. sql-problem
  145. create query for crystal report
  146. NULL <> @variable returns FALSE
  147. BCP - help with import/export using collation Chinese_PRC_CI_AS
  148. creating a table
  149. Full Join
  150. Sum question
  151. Naming Conventions
  152. Merging two rows within same table
  153. Specific deadlock problem
  154. SubSelects to JOINS
  155. Log File Problem
  156. import data
  157. Displaying Data Across when data goes down! Has to be easy!
  158. Catastrophic failures with linked servers
  159. Suggestions on how to convert MS Word Data Dictionary to SQL Server "Description"
  160. One trigger, many tables - how to automate?
  161. INSERT - one record at a time
  162. Crystal Rpts Help- Dates
  163. Update every row Column_3 = Column_2?
  164. SQL Stored Proc Executing Another Stored Proc with Multiple Values Passed
  165. Trying to use a batch file to run a DTS program
  166. FYI: Maximum # of indexes
  167. SQL Enterprise Eval => SQL Standard
  168. Visual Studio - process task & Continue without completion
  169. Create table as copy of existing table
  170. Create Table Syntax
  171. what is mirror table in sql server
  172. MSDASQL problem...
  173. DELETE query criteria
  174. SQL 2005 Express dropdown
  175. Getting Execution Time of a SQL QUERY through Dot Net
  176. Problem with procedure
  177. UNION Query
  178. changing IP addresses of MS SQL server in clustered environment
  179. Need to tune a table for performance gains
  180. Dynamic SQL reading statements from table
  181. Need help w/ sp_send_dbmail !
  182. Binary Value Manipulation
  183. Pivot data - with dynamic headers
  184. SQL help name conversion
  185. How can I execute a program from a Stored Procedure
  186. Need to go down path to find if everything is settled (recursive possibly)
  187. How do I sum the values of a column?
  188. SQL quiz
  189. ms sql server 2005 standard edition
  190. Create table using joins
  191. MSDE remote connection failure
  192. MSDE Performance Degredation
  193. Query help: Item below reorder level-find all items for same vendor
  194. XML Templates and Redirects
  195. Completely Stuck Importing Data to SQL 2005
  196. Error Converting Data Type NVarchar to Float
  197. not coming what i want query from two tables
  198. Compare Previous and Next Records
  199. Replicating database btw two sites why aren't the tables identical in size?
  200. Create One Trigger For Both Update and Delete
  201. Yellowfin Version 3.2
  202. Oracle 9i Database Administration in 10 Minutes
  203. How do I import Excel file into SQL Express???
  204. Triggers
  205. retrieve data from sql2005 in
  206. SQL Server Annoying popup upon boot
  207. Transform/transfer 50Gb - how to do it fast?
  208. Active Directory select
  209. SQL Server Stored Proc Issue with Java
  210. How to display last record entered with select query ??
  211. Help Please: Creating Transaction Log Backup
  212. Linking SQL server 2005 and Oracle 8
  213. How to Get 4th Largest salary without using "join" or "where" in SQL ?
  214. Creating a Loop to Insert Integers into a Table
  215. Many Databases on One SQL Server
  216. LOG Explorer
  217. MS Sqlserver 2005: Displaying only dbs user has a right to?
  218. MSSql VB ADODB troubles
  219. SQL server, Image data type pointer
  220. error to send mail using xp_smtp_sendmail
  221. Time part Problem
  222. Unable to retrieve data when using Greek characters in statement
  223. Transaction Log Backup in Bulk-Logged Recovery. help asap
  224. Microsoft JET Database Engine
  225. convert number to text
  226. Joe Celko coming to Seattle
  227. SqlCacheDependency based on what notification event??
  228. MSSQL query
  229. Database Mail: getting bounce info from Exchange?
  230. Database permissions possibly?
  231. Database Mail: detecting undeliverable from Exchange?
  232. Denormalized Database Inquiry
  233. How to Generate all grants to a user role? (SQL Server 2000)
  234. Updating a table if another tables row matches... not sure if that quite explains it.
  235. OPENQUERY UPDATE Syntax help needed
  236. how to use sp_cursoropen
  237. Monitor Object Access
  238. OPENQUERY UPDATE Syntax help needed
  239. getdate() problem: where is the time taken from ?
  240. Populate a Table with Stored Proc.
  241. Number of columns and performance
  242. How to get Recovery Model of a SQL 2000 Database?
  243. Upgrade
  244. Upgrade
  245. selecting the last 3 orders made
  246. T-SQL Debugger Error
  247. T-SQL Debugger Error
  248. T-SQL Debugger Error
  249. SQL2000 - Table Collation Error
  250. what is the difference between unique constraint and primarykey and identifiers
  251. Optional Where Parameters on Null Data
  252. MSSQL Audit using ArcSight
  253. About DateTime in SQL
  254. sql script
  255. How to Generate all grants to a user role? (SQL Server 2000)
  256. Regarding sql error
  257. Populate table with stored proc
  258. Microsoft SQL Server 2005 JDBC Driver 1.1 on Solaris
  259. MS SQL Server Slower for Persistant Queries
  260. Modifying SQL Server 2000 Maintenance Plans through Scripting
  261. Generating XSD Schema straight from SQL Server Management Studio
  262. Problem with Check Constraint Validation in MS SQL Server Management Studio Express
  263. Different UPDATE behaviors across servers
  264. Trigger: To fill another Database with using Stored Procedures of the other Database
  265. Having difficulty setting Back Up to back up file wihout datetime stamp SQL 2K
  266. SQL Server Integration Services please HELP
  267. How to call a function from a column formula in my MS SQL table
  268. questions about a View with a Where clause
  269. Transposing rows as columns
  270. MS SQL 2005: DB Mirroring and Log Shipping
  271. Assessment of Database Stored Procedures
  272. Failover Cluster not using all allocated RAM
  273. Upgradation
  274. Question about move large amount of data from database to database
  275. sql select problem
  277. Update trigger or ?
  278. how to update a column by using 2 or 3 tables ?
  279. Sql Server Import
  280. Restore database in SQL 2005
  281. COUNT many but display just once?
  282. Unexpected LIKE behavior
  283. About calender week
  285. Garbage at the RowEnd
  286. how can i go about executing these querries using joins?
  287. joins syntax
  288. Return Max Value from SubQuery
  289. Return Max Value from SubQuery
  290. Query Optimization
  291. timestamp ans status of database file
  292. complete NOOB hope someone can point me in the right direction
  293. differences between stored procedure and cursor
  294. Accessing COUNT(expr) values
  295. dbcc dbreindex question
  296. Interesting SQL problem : How to track movement history
  297. combining rows into a single row output
  298. flattening multiple source measurements into a single fact record
  299. SQL Select Question
  300. KILL Command in MSSQL Databases
  301. Check if record is full-text indexed
  302. Adding users to linked server
  303. Optimized SQL Pivot type query
  304. Function Parameter
  305. Cursor for a result set returned by a stored proc
  306. Comprehensive Index Information
  307. Net Address - bogus values
  308. C# connects to SQL Server Database
  309. Looping Through SQL Values
  310. SQL Server Integration Services HELP URGENT
  311. SQL Server Integration Services - Foreach Loop Container HELPPP
  312. FORMSOF and variable
  313. Visual Basic InterDatabase command keeps displaying Select Data Source screen
  314. Can I use C# Code in SQL Server Integration Services -Script Component Manager
  315. RESTORE DATABASE is terminating abnormally.
  316. SQL Server Integration Services HELP - URGENT
  317. Column naming/spacing
  318. Error Message: database has exceeded threshold of 85%
  319. Disabling or Getting Rid of Foreign Keys So I Can Drop My Table
  320. Backup Names
  321. SQL Write Access to Shared
  322. Snapshot of databases = Hourly job
  323. what is differences between cursor and stored procedure?
  324. What is cursor? How many Types of cursor? how to create each one?
  325. Sql
  326. The function Len; maybe a solution
  327. SQL server 2000
  328. Sql server error
  329. How to do a Join Using Foreign Keys in Stored in a Database Column?
  330. Changing collation types and the indexes that love them.
  331. questions on SQL Profiler
  332. DB Replication or Table Replication via triggers?
  333. Anyone lend a hand in .NET?
  334. how to use a SQL view as a data source for Excel file
  335. Bulk Insert: Unexpected end-of-file (EOF) encountered...
  336. Combining queries
  337. how to generate reprot using sql server 2000 reporting service
  338. How list out all tables in MS SQL?
  339. cronjob on ms sqlserver
  340. converting data(varchar & float) to money
  341. Very big table
  342. Strange error on linked server - cannot open default database
  343. How to copy a sql server database to disk
  344. Problem in creating Crystal reports
  345. default datetime argument in stored procedure
  346. Tranaction log error- can someone tell me if this error was my fault
  347. Problem in creating Crystal reports
  348. What is better to use?
  349. Yellowfin Argues Embedded Business Intelligence Is The Future.
  350. hiearchy in sql
  351. At my wits' end: LIKE
  352. Keyword Density/Count
  353. Update Last Record
  354. Access to different databases in different domains
  355. SP_TRACE_CREATE in MSSQL 2000
  356. Rants. Difficulty to learn ETL tools?
  359. Date problem
  360. sql server2000 how do i stop running a stored procedure
  361. Dynamic order by
  362. Paging and dynamic sort order (ASC/DESC)
  363. Need help writing a query
  364. SQL Client 2005 on Win98
  365. Database Mirroring Monitor Job Error
  366. sqlconnection open state
  367. execution plan for single stored procedure from profiler
  368. Problem with date parameter in stored procedure
  369. Virtual Cube Hanging When Retrieving Data & Doubling Up Problem
  370. Null value
  371. idea for database system application
  372. how convert date to string
  373. ssis - Export to a file and Rename file
  374. Filter records during Transactional Replication.
  375. WinCMD job
  376. XML Error message: Name cannot begin with the '.' character, hexadecimal value 0x2E
  377. How to Filter condition while Transactional Replication
  378. How To Return A "Range Of Rows"??
  379. Many tables or a big table with views
  380. Theoretical definition for the number of unique values?
  381. Theoretical definition for the number of unique values?
  382. possible to call php web service from sqlserver/mssql
  383. Problem to insert Display date
  384. Problem to insert Display date
  387. ODBC Query ... getting Where Clause
  388. [help SQL SERVER] Query
  389. Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 3 in Sql 2005
  390. Trigger Problems
  391. teradata-java
  392. Extol Chooses Yellowfin Business Intelligence for its neural predictive analysis appliance
  393. record insertion from muliple sourses
  394. Avoiding UNIONS
  395. Submit Resume to 10,000+ Corp-Corp Recruiters
  396. Work with 10,000+ Corp-Corp Recruiters and share Resources
  397. For Loop
  398. Negative and Positve data from Sql
  399. Sum of Column of Blob type
  400. create DBF files using SSIS
  401. Retrieve ALL tables from ALL Databases
  402. How to find out MSSQL 2000 or 2005 ?
  403. Retain/expiration inside a backup device.
  404. SQL Server Performance
  405. looking for a query
  406. Split a string into multiple fields
  407. How to display one field from 2nd table on the 1rst table?
  408. change formula thru SQLServer
  409. How to keep tables updated that are imported from other database
  410. How to join tables in different databases
  411. Stored procedure returns duplicates
  412. The SQL Server management pack script "SQL Server 2000 Database Health" is unable to
  413. Simple query for MSSQL
  414. Bulk Insert with default value
  415. SQL Query using 'OR' Causing problems
  416. Best way to export data.
  417. Problem with replace function
  418. SQL Select Command - Partial Variable String
  419. Help needed for datediff function for SQL query
  420. MSSQL Profiler
  421. SQL - Foreign key with references of multiple tables with same primary key field
  422. Storing records
  423. transferred database
  424. SQL Help - avoiding querying a query...
  425. help needed with update trigger in SQL Server 2005
  426. Convert SQL Account to Windows Accounts + EXEC on ALL SPs
  427. problem in connection of sqlserver with netbeans IDE
  428. How to Delete Duplicate Record in sql server 2000
  429. Inner Join Not Exists
  430. Query Help.
  431. Do I need to install SQLXML?
  432. Limiting results to 3 most recent ID's for a group by...
  433. unable to begin a distributed transaction (Msg 7391)
  434. MSSQL with one or more users
  435. Cursors and Strings to Create a table with two columns
  436. cursors with where clause
  437. More XML query questions
  438. Performing calculation using two rows from the same table
  439. select distinct record only if certain column not null
  440. Error import
  441. Sql Server inserting into z/OS db2 table
  442. FOR XML PATH and dynamic attribute names
  443. How to import apache log file into a table in SQL 2000
  444. I am new for SQL Server please help me to write the code
  445. ChannelAdvisor - DBA Openings
  446. sql server 2000 and distribution
  447. Analysis Manager -copying of databse roles?
  448. MSSQL 2000 and MSSQL 2005 servers run in the same desktop machine
  449. Identifying Repeating values in a string
  450. Update Query
  451. database transfer
  452. Storing Many Fields in a application to one field in table
  453. Capture NT User ID
  454. Urgent help with default value Or Binding MSSQL
  455. Compact and Repair in an adp
  456. How to read second record within XML file by using openxml?
  457. Logging Rows Processed by various stored procedures within a DTS package
  458. Intermittent OLE DB connection problem -- SQL 2005 SSIS
  459. Help with parsing assigned groups and roles
  460. Combining Fields to string
  461. Splitting a field into multiple rows
  462. SQL Server 2005 full backup script
  463. SQL Pagination With Dynamic Order By
  464. Users cannot view stored procedure text
  465. SQL Server
  466. setting up asp server on xp home
  467. Compare to fields from two different tables with same structure
  468. Backup /restore DB
  469. writing the trigger on text field table
  470. Create Temp Table for getting max date
  471. Download Merlin Data Compass 2
  472. Difference between Full Join and Inner Join in SQl Server 2005
  473. Need Assistance with Dynamic Properties and FTP Task
  474. if statements in SQL Query
  475. xp_CmdShell
  476. clone MSSQL server 2000
  477. SQL question
  478. SQL Server 2005 and ASP.NET
  479. GUID's as a partitioning column.
  480. need one record from one table based on list in 2nd table
  481. SQL query help
  482. How to update selected columns of a table in SQL server db using data from a Excel file?
  483. Regarding DTS
  484. indexes and query optimization
  485. stored procedure help pls
  486. Bulk Insert Failure on DTS 2005
  487. Query queued
  488. Different Types Query
  489. Cascade 2 strings in stored procedure for MS SQL
  490. SQL Express 2005 Vs MSDE
  491. Problem in Creating AFTER INSERT Trigger
  492. MSSQL Questions - Images and Frontpage integration
  493. sum of derived value?
  494. Multiple counts(*) returning 1 record
  495. Naming The Database Server(s)?
  496. SQL database auto grow
  497. SQL server 2005 Express - Vista - Invalid object name '#spdbdesc'
  498. Sql Syntax Error!
  499. Linked Server and FilemakerPRO
  500. Linked Server and FilemakerPRO
  501. Pass XML file to SQL stored procedure
  502. Pull info from Active Directory into SQL Server 2000
  503. join the same table more than 3 times
  504. SQL Datatypes
  505. The old inability to toggle/change/switch between ALTER PROCEDURE <---> CREATE PROCEDURE bug (or is it a feature?)
  506. Combine of 2 queries from different Tabled
  507. hi this is dileep
  508. Where r SQL database tables stored ??
  509. Copy the Database Structure to a new DB
  510. How do I save a query result to a new table?
  511. how could I ???
  512. Converting a date field to the month
  513. DTS SQL JOB hangs even after the successful completion of the DTS
  514. Allowing users to truncate log file
  515. After Sql 2005 Install, Sql 2000 Still There
  516. I have a database on a network drive that I use for archiving purposes, but when the server is rebooted the database becomes suspect.
  517. Database Synch. Problem using i'net
  518. Data type in audit record
  519. BrainDamage
  520. log shipping
  521. getting error while installing sql server 2000 reporting services
  522. Backing up MSSQL Server on Windows 2003 Small Business Server
  523. SQL Trigger
  524. Combine multiple records into single row
  525. SSIS PAckage Hangs
  526. Log Shipping Issues
  527. pivot table without aggregation?
  528. Getting the results for month and year by a single SQL query
  529. Stored Procedure
  530. Cannot convert from varchar to bigint
  531. hi
  532. Run query based on values in another table
  533. Restoring backup from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005 but login name is missing
  534. Need help in writing a Stored Procedure
  535. Using OPENROWSET to import a textfile
  536. Store and retrieve objects - Please help
  537. USING BULK INSERT to add data to existing tables
  538. "cursor" what is that
  539. SQL Update HELP!!!
  540. Count and Compare 2 Tables
  541. connections
  542. Delete Time out of Date/Time column
  543. problem in searching data from sql
  544. Flat file source import to SQL databse
  545. Database Mirroring Transport is disabled in the endpoint configuration.
  546. Release Dates
  547. Cyrillic number
  548. Return Record Number with query
  549. data length more than ...
  550. How to convert lower case to uppercase through INSERT query