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  1. [SQL Server 2005] T-SQL for configuring replication
  2. Insertion automatically truncates the value
  3. OLTP vs OLAP (Data Warehouse) as a DataSource in Analysis Services 2005
  4. Need Query help please...
  5. Dynamic Query
  6. No mapping between account name and security ID
  7. Merge data in SQL Server 2000
  8. Copy one column to another
  9. Inserting values Using Stored Procedure
  10. table page allocation
  11. Connecting to SQL Server 2000 Via Internet
  12. Resource to learn code and share code and knowledge
  13. If Statement
  14. Birt201
  15. Quiz help required
  16. Best program for SQL database manipulation
  17. sql server
  18. different datatypes avaliable in SQL 2005
  19. Need Scheduling Support for Your Databases?
  20. how do I return a default record if result set is empty
  21. year month date format?
  22. mssql from linux
  23. Combining Values
  24. Update date field
  25. Mass Update on Table with Trigger
  26. Sending formated Email with database mail sql 2005
  27. Connecting to SQL 2005 using VB6
  28. Mismatch between Count(*) and Properties -> Rows
  29. How can i merge three table?
  30. SQL Hierarchy and Sum on Same Table
  31. SQL Query - Explain please
  32. how to find median in sybase /sql server (Using query)
  33. How to fetch primary key after an insert command? (MS SQL 2005 Express)
  34. How to write QA test Script
  35. Scope in derived tables
  36. Output Column names in each Row along with the row Value
  37. Problems getting return codes from xp_cmdshell
  38. my Log file size is 10GB....
  39. what is back end
  40. Count Parameter not right
  41. DTS Package user permission
  42. How do we know the change history of Stored Procedure
  43. How to make the DTS package fail, when the source table is empty
  44. Is Not Null and Query Optimization
  45. delete rows by checking conditions in more than one column
  46. Finding total and Concurrent number of users logged in
  47. how to stop the query
  48. Stored Procedure Help
  49. DELETE where syntax ... need help :)
  50. Incorrect syntax with Declare
  51. find the size of data base
  52. Performance between Standard Join and Inner Join
  54. Can I install SQL SERVER 2005 on secondary drive?
  55. find a primary key
  56. How to make a SQL run longer?
  57. the best way to implement batch job
  58. This is a tough one. Help....
  59. mass alter table fields - script help
  60. Parse field into multiple rows
  61. Select rows containing users from same usergroups as current user
  62. sql Cannot resolve collation conflict equals - comparing rows and fileds between Table1 and View1
  63. SPROC: How To Change a Value From Positive to Negative??
  64. Using Pivot
  65. Copying large amount of data form MS Excel to MS Sql Server
  66. delete the databse
  67. Help with Dynamic SQL
  68. Stored Procedure definition not updating, causing DTS copy error
  69. How to find the maximum possible value of a given datatype
  70. Select Using field data length
  71. Concat tables into one row in view
  72. Help with Nested loops in SQL Server 2000-Transact SQL
  73. Permissions and Users in SQL Server 2005
  74. could this be done in SQL???
  75. stored procedure squery
  76. Strange performance issue with UPDATE FROM
  77. select alias -- invalid column name
  78. rman backup in sql server
  79. SQL order by only for non empty fields
  80. Sql Server Reporting service
  81. sql profiler trace file
  82. how to get the sum of the fields ...Very URGENT
  83. INSERT - EXEC never returns
  84. How do I convert Dates stored as int
  85. Finding a column in all tables within the DB
  86. Break in sequence
  87. Executing A File In Sql Query Analyzer
  88. compare 2 values in same solumn
  89. Subselect Query taking a long time in SQL Server 7.0
  90. Navicat ERROR: Cannot connect to MySQL server on localhost
  91. Trigger Deadlock
  92. sql server database tuning
  93. MS SQL Parelleism
  94. problem with highscore
  95. Parallel build and subsequent re-name of a cube
  96. Can any body help me for creating user datatype
  97. Security with SSAS 2005
  98. SQL 2000 date format problem after migration W2k to W2k3
  99. Tracing error
  100. Log Shipping does not Ship to Secondary database
  101. how to reconcile two tables using cursor.
  102. Dynamically input columns feilds in a select stmt
  103. Database design question - Isolated, unrelated tables
  104. MSSQL datadump
  105. date search in SQL
  106. triggers
  107. DB hostname, username, password etc
  108. Table alias in nested query
  109. Insert into two tables using transaction
  110. transpose columns
  111. Trouble with homework
  112. how To Create Auto Generated Unique Identity Code in a SQL Table
  113. error 126
  114. Foreign Key
  115. Sqlserver 2005 restore database
  116. BULK INSERT ignores UNIQUE index with IGNORE_DUP_KEY set?
  117. correct syntax for this select in SQL Server?
  118. count() and sum() on multiple tables
  119. Unable to connect to SQL Server Express Locally or Remotely
  120. Looking for code libraries for aggregate functions
  121. SQL Server Log
  122. BULK INSERT not loading all rows from a text file.
  123. Sql server
  124. Error Locating Server/Instance
  125. Deadlock transaction
  126. union query taken more time
  127. Need to shrink the size of log file
  128. cannot open backup device 'DLT VS80(\\.\Tape0)'.
  129. Help with Subquery
  130. Data base encodings
  131. Sum result of a Select
  132. Help with SQL IF
  133. Using the same column in bother SUM and ORDER BY? How?
  134. textcopy binary transfer fails on certain files
  135. Viewing backup in a different location
  136. Using CTE Common Common Table Expressions
  137. Insert into a table that has identity column
  138. SQL CASE Statements with IF EXISTS
  139. Migrating SQL 2000 to SQL 2005
  140. MS SQL Linked Servers(Linking MySQL to MS SQL) Collation problem.
  141. SQL Joins
  142. Reduce field data Length
  143. SQL Joins
  144. executing a query
  145. Foreign Key
  146. Need some help with query
  147. Can SQL Lose Records?
  148. Welcome to the -Net User Group
  149. Welcome to the -Net User Group
  150. Welcome to the -Net User Group
  151. Win2003 / Sql2000 Memory usage
  152. Help with a simple query
  153. Read Backup File Directly?
  154. SQL Duplicate Error
  155. User ip tracking
  156. Building Table for Duplicate Records
  157. How to use two pivot columns in a single querry
  158. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80004005'
  159. How to manipulate records using SQL
  160. SQL - how to - minimum number of steps
  161. automatic restoration
  162. Update a column
  163. can someone help me pls
  164. how to ignore time and get only date in a query?
  165. Help
  166. passing arguments to a trigger
  167. I need to find the rows that exist in one table but not in the other with condition
  168. Solution needed
  169. Creating table in linked server
  170. How to export/import database
  171. Problem mapping SQL Server mobile and Visual Studio 2005 Dataset
  172. SQL 2005 Function to Convert Dotted IPs to Long IP Format?
  173. Why won't MS SQL allow nullable primary key components?
  174. How to get the error message rather than the code error
  175. sql string
  176. how to make an Update trigger capture the foreign key text value
  177. Max value in SQL runtime
  178. Separating Address Field into Multiple Fields
  179. Alter existing table to add a IDENTITY column
  180. how to delete rows using linked server
  181. DateTime
  182. how do i know who accessed/ran a procedure or query
  183. Date Range
  185. Search: CONTAINSTABLE
  186. Web Server Can't Connect to Sql Server
  187. how to compare 5-10 chars from 2 tables.
  188. Improving SELECT statement
  189. Hiding the Database list from a certain user\group
  190. Delete an excel worksheet only if it exists, in a dts package
  191. tlog size
  192. How To Connect Sql Server 2000 From Java
  193. mdac 2.8 and sql 2005 cursor performace issue
  194. tlog backup
  195. UDF for a complex calculation
  197. converting char date value in date value
  198. Multi access in SQL Server
  199. T-SQL Pivot type of problem plus AVG
  200. Simple SQL Query need Help
  201. sql server 2000 connection fail
  202. Parameter for Stored Procedure
  203. How to conver 24 Hrs. time into 12 Hrs. time
  204. Simple SQL Query Need Help
  205. Help with database design.
  206. Help
  207. DB2 Viper 2 beta - Compatibility features, Need your help
  208. deadlock help please
  209. Go Through Each Row in Trigger
  210. Help with Setting up a SQL Insert Statment, from a web form
  211. timing out error
  212. Characters not allowed in SQL varchar?
  213. need an sql query for the following situation
  214. Turkish character problem in stored procedure
  215. T-sql
  216. Windows/Linux
  217. Windows/Linux
  218. Sleeping Status
  219. sp_columns
  220. work day fields?
  221. Dynamic database selection?
  222. how to implement fuzzy search using soundex in SQL SERVER 2005!
  223. Error handling with CREATE INDEX
  224. SQL 2005 error: Replication-Replication Distribution Subsystem: agent (null) failed.
  225. Syntax for storing query results from one server to another server
  226. update one colum with other column value in same table using update table statement
  227. Loose connection in vpn enviroment
  228. how to retrieve the value of a primary key
  229. Using SSIS to backup/restore databases
  230. Debugging SQL 2005 SP
  231. Select all tables in a database
  232. Problem in creating foreign key when sql server 2005...pls help.thanxs
  233. Full text indexing on Encrypted columns
  234. Calculations in Database
  235. SSIS sp_send_dbmail
  236. maximum number of fields that can be created in a table
  237. Would like a stored proc to convert rtf field to text
  238. Move Images (BLOBs) from MSSQL to a folder
  239. many-to-many help
  240. Linking sql table in MS excess over dialup.
  241. how to learn
  242. new
  243. how much bytes needed in sql server
  244. bcp_init and SQL Native Client
  245. Transaction (Process ID 474 ) Deadlock
  246. transfer a value from one table to another
  247. Question about simple query..
  248. Error converting data type varchar to numeric.
  249. Modification Logs
  250. how to update foreign key while primary is auto generate int
  251. Creating query that allows user to choose criteria to be used in one or another field
  252. how to convert dvd-binary data-url
  253. Remove the last carriage return and line feed from sql text field
  254. Dynamic RDLC generation question
  255. Visual Studio
  256. Deadlock within stored procedure - need help
  257. User configurable table designs
  258. Creating DTS Package to archive database from one sql server to another
  259. timeout expired
  260. How calculate space that occupied?
  261. MSSQL - DTS Package - Find distinct rows - Output to TXT file - ActiveX?
  262. MSSQL - DTS Package - Find distinct rows - Output to TXT file - ActiveX
  263. Dynamic SQL and NewID function - pulling random records
  265. Stored Procedure Local Variables
  266. Trigger problem
  267. Duplicate table
  268. Can't Edit Maintenance Plan
  269. Can't connect to SSIS
  270. How do I execute a .sql file from command promt
  271. Establishing Precedence In ORDERBY Condition Causing Problems.
  272. MSSQL Insert Permissions
  273. sqlserver.exe-Applicatyion Error
  274. database security
  275. Local Admin Rights Needed to Use DSNs on W2K3 Server?
  276. Query help?
  277. can we use stored procedure inside trigger?
  278. hi all
  279. TSQL coding style - an example
  280. parentheses in a check constraint
  281. Lock Error
  282. Download Subform Alternate Colored Rows
  283. SQL Server 2005 with 2005
  284. How to Gnerate a Random ID Number
  285. Searching Binary data from sql server 2005
  286. Error: Must declare the scalar variable
  287. How to list tables with Primary keys
  288. Bulk Additions & Updates in SQL 2000/2005
  289. SQL 2005 Upgrade on a 64 bit machine
  291. difference between MSDE and SQL SERVER 2000
  292. ALTER how long should it take?
  293. SQL Changing the Result from blank to something
  294. finding mismatched rows between identical tables based on 2 or more cols
  295. Database Design Question
  296. A binary field problem
  297. Syntax error in string in query expression
  298. Connection string to SQL Server database
  299. Build a Data Cube?
  300. Sql server security problem
  301. Login failed for user 'DomainName\shhi'. [SQLSTATE 28000] (Error 18456).
  302. In implicit conversions between char & varchar, are indexes used?
  303. execute a query command string
  304. Changing Datatypes
  305. SQL 2005 trigger Help
  306. SQL 2005 : AFTER INSERT - Trigger
  307. Error: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection
  308. Computed Column specification formula
  309. hierarchical selection within a select statment
  310. SQL Server and Net Apps
  311. Domain Change on SQL 2000
  312. float storage and usage
  313. how to quit an sproc
  314. Change name of exported csv file
  316. Unable to schedule DTS
  317. how to access a sql server 2005 which as by default windows authentication
  318. Order by Issue in SQL Code while using temporary tables.. ?
  319. MYSQL to MSSQL or vice versa
  320. Linux Servers
  321. Linux Server(Verified)
  322. Turn off "Documentation Feedback" section of BO for printing?
  323. Update query not working
  324. Strange character in column
  325. xml as sql script ?
  326. How To Script
  327. SQL 2K Combining similiar rows without creating temp table?
  328. Using SQL in VB
  329. Clustering SQL
  330. Problem looping through excel workbooks(sheets) in a excel file in ssis
  331. Full Text Indexing (job)
  332. Merge two exact tables
  333. find server name using query
  334. Linux Servers(Usage)
  335. Deadlock
  336. Extract text from fixed-length text rows to SQL table
  337. best way to add column not null
  338. How to pass table temp to DLL COM
  339. Openquery & Local Table
  340. Data import definition
  341. Help connecting pages which has Database connection.
  342. Returning different table results based upon variable
  343. SQLServer Table Partitioning
  344. Linking 2 Databases
  345. CASE statement advice needed
  346. Maintenance Plan Database Selection
  347. Linked Server, ODBC, OPENQUERY, Collation and Network Traffic
  348. How to?
  349. Problem with foreign key
  350. Bulk insert data conversion error (truncation) for row 1
  351. procedure using cursors
  352. Sub Query Help
  353. jdbc createConnection(String url) throws exception
  354. Restore Database Fails
  355. Nulls in columns additions when 1 or more column values is blank
  356. Copy Row Of Data From Table to Table In Same DB
  357. DTS import with dashes in source data
  358. Database Infrastructure Failover Capability
  359. ADODB Command (Stored Procedure)
  361. Reset Primary ID back to 1
  362. Failure Audit - MSSQLSERVER EventID 18456
  363. How to install SQL Server Schema (.sql) from remote machine
  364. Not Equal To
  365. Set Numeric_roundabort { On | Off }
  366. Dowt in create View
  367. Problem with inserted tuple in triggers
  368. How to Format date without "Convert " function in T-SQL
  369. Image Datatype in Sql Server
  370. Database connecytivity from ASP using IP address
  371. Db Design for Matrix Lookup
  372. escaping data for update query
  373. Converting Integers to DateTime
  374. My ms sqlserver database is in suspected state how to recover or restore it
  375. HCL hiring IT professionals -Chennai/Noida/Gurgaon/Bangalore
  376. How to format numbers in SQL Query
  377. SQLserver Image filter
  378. Updating Table syntax
  379. use array for storing multiple data
  380. dbinit(), dblogin(), how often?
  381. ANNOUNCE: Release 3 of Altova v2007 XML software available
  382. Problems backing up SQL DB.
  383. Copy rows across to another db
  384. Hi Here Nasir
  385. Update & Merge MultiDB into Single DB - Do this as a Routine - Weekly
  386. SQL Server error '80040e31': please help me!
  387. problem connecting to sql database
  388. ntext problem
  389. dbinit(), dblogin(), how often?
  390. Help on Partitioning column was not found.
  392. Is there a maximum perameter set for sql server?
  393. SQL connection logs
  394. merge rows of data within a table
  395. DTS w/ Oracle Issue
  396. insert into using a sub select apostrophe issue
  397. RebuildLog
  398. How to distinguish operation type in trigger?
  399. Locking Select queries on rows
  400. Count of is null of datetime field
  401. Programming a Dashboard using SQL
  402. Dynamic Granting of Insert Permissions?
  403. How to send email through stored procedure
  404. Nearest time from 3rd record
  405. SQLSTATE=42601 error
  406. Slow Query Processing
  407. connection to sql server
  408. Forcing a join
  409. Conversion from MSSQL 2000 to MSSQL 2005
  410. SQL Enterprise Manager - Not very usefull tool for building views
  411. OLE DB Error
  412. Book recall
  413. URGENT: Cascading Parameters in SQL Server Reporting Services 2005
  414. Select Most Recent Record for all Customer IDs
  415. sorting table while inserting
  416. Cross-database ownership chaining in SQL 2005
  417. MS Sql 2003 problems - HELP!
  418. Mssql New Shell
  419. Escaping international (unicode) characters in string
  420. What do you think about the checksum function ?
  421. Merging Dataset into exisitng SQL DB
  422. Sql query help
  423. sql query
  424. Transpose column into rows
  425. needed: 1 + null = 1
  426. Calling Function From Stored Procdure ???
  427. hi,need help.....
  428. sql server2000 a problem
  429. How to import/export dump file from command prompt in SQLServer
  430. Is SQL Server 2005 backward compatible with SQL Server 2000
  431. Trigger Problem
  432. Urgent - Strange Problem With Stored Procedure
  433. How To Take Copy of SQLSERVER 2005 DataBase
  434. Char or varchar for a primary key?
  435. Slow Query Processing
  436. Automatic Email Sending to multiple Email addresses
  437. Information about sql server
  438. problem with Stored procedure ,Please help
  439. Tracking when a Trigger runs... MS SQL
  440. Custom Software Development
  441. Moving database back to its original position
  442. uploading image files
  443. Database design
  444. Trigger problem
  445. Need Help with a SQL Statement - Trying not to use a Cursor
  446. Storing 2 instants of contact in a seperate table
  447. transfer users' telephone numbers from sql database to active directory users
  448. SQLExpress
  449. MS SQL Linked server - error on connection
  450. Use CVS server with SQL Server
  451. WHERE statement - need to check if Cell is blank
  452. Cluster IP address change and delay
  453. T-SQL automatic resizing of columns in table
  454. How to find Double Majors in a statement
  455. Any Input: Converting from Sybase to SQL
  456. Remove neighbouring duplicates
  457. Password Changed. udl refused to work
  458. Query result sent via e-mail
  459. summing up values in each record
  460. Synchronous Bulk-Copy into two table
  461. Converting Assertion to a code in sql server 2005
  462. Earliest Date from Common IDs
  463. DTS - send mail task fails
  464. SUM a range of records from a fixed DATE in the DB
  465. Selecting data from two databases within MSSQL
  466. SUBSTRING in User Defined Function - Invalid column
  467. Decimal Format
  468. How to copy data of Sqlserver 2000 to MySql
  469. Become MCSD Certified
  470. Question about Transaction isolation level="readCommitted"
  471. Select top (7 - (datepart(weekday, Fordate))) from table1
  472. hourly average help
  473. Installing Sql server 8
  474. Error in upgrade process
  475. Whats the use of creating the index
  476. Finding values containing milli seconds!
  477. Duplicate key insertion error when concurrent users insert same data into table
  478. query on procedure
  479. Invalid object name 'Product'.
  480. Sql server 6.5 Enterprise Edtn Installation
  481. Collection of All SQL Commands
  482. Accessing SQL Server 2005 via Scheduled Task
  483. [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Restricted data type attribute violation
  484. Stored Procdures
  485. Stored Procdures MS SQL
  486. SQL 2005 and Scheduled Tasks
  487. Sql server 6.5 Enterprise Edtn Installation
  488. Transaction log and tempdb
  489. Transaction log and tempdb
  490. Transaction log and tempdb
  491. Transaction log and tempdb
  492. Transaction log and tempdb
  493. constructing strings from table
  494. SQl server 6.5 Enterprise Edtn. Installation steps
  495. Sql server 6.5 Enterprise Edtn Installation
  496. Transaction log and tempdb
  497. view of max values from many tables
  498. Transaction log and tempdb
  499. export data from Sql table to xml file example please
  500. how can i access SQL 2005 OLAP Service
  501. To get the Child query for TreeView in .NET
  502. how can i access SQL 2005 OLAP Service
  503. SQL 2005 OLAP Service
  504. Using local VAR as FILENAME in CREATE DB Statement
  505. Getting Result of query inside another query
  506. Write a Script as Varchar Parameter in Stored Procedure
  507. Return data from multiple tables
  508. Uniccode Data trasformation from text file to a table
  509. how to setup a server?
  510. Inserting multiple rows with a single INSERT query
  511. How to choose SQL Collation for multi language
  512. Need help with converting Access Query to MSDE
  513. Bulk insert, skip rows with duplicate key error?
  514. SQL Query to insert data to a table
  515. self referential database table
  516. Help for Ordering the rows
  517. Transaction log file size - does it do any harm?
  518. help query sql server 2005
  519. Migration from MSSQL Server Reporting Services to OracleReports 10g.
  520. Excel based query for SQL-data extraction to excel
  521. Backing up a DB @ a Hosting Company
  522. JOB POSTING: Looking for a senior database manager /department head/ architecture
  523. Is it possible to change login of 'dbo'
  524. Trigger
  525. Moving SQL Server 2005 databases
  526. Syscomments system table limitation
  527. Trigger problem while updating
  528. SQL Log.ldf files reading
  529. is there a way using sqlexpress to review the most recent set of sql commands submitted to a database?
  530. Multiple values into single cell
  531. Run DTS within a DTS
  532. Microsoft SQL Server DBA's required immediately
  533. How to attach a MS SQL 2005 database (.mdf) file to MS SQL 2000
  534. SQL server 2005 express import and export
  535. SQL Query Error Help
  536. SQL Server Case
  537. Server Hardware
  538. SQL Server 2005 - > = 0 is not the same as > 0?
  539. Insert into problem
  540. Optimalization - SELECT tatement
  541. DTS package executing a stored proc
  542. Automatic Database Backup
  543. SQL Server 2000 - Recover Database using only File System Backup
  544. Hi Friends, JOB ID: SB 0501 >>> Urgent req for SQL/.NET
  545. SQL server 2000 - database problem
  546. join reducing selected data in undesired way
  547. SQL Server 2005 SSIS Progress Question
  548. SQL Code for todays date -90 days
  549. SqlServer 2005: How *best* to copy one database to another
  550. SqlServer 2005: Importing Data: Idenitity fields getting made into non-identities