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  1. is DIV really better than TABLE ?
  2. How to do a <table> with <div> tag
  3. Text-indent with colour
  4. How to share and edit files?
  5. Web Authoring | Meta-Tags
  6. Redirecting a Web page
  7. cookies
  8. IE6 and XP Theme - Background Style
  9. Content-type META tag paradox?
  10. download
  11. Need advice on include-like file for Perl
  12. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  13. Download Button in HTML
  14. How to include an HTML file within an HTML file?
  15. How to include an HTML file within an HTML file?
  16. MS Frontpage is as useless as....
  17. Virtual slow down of network connection to test loading of web pages
  18. Local server HTML validator
  19. Local server HTML validator
  20. need help with displaying 2 web pages on single window
  21. Error = "required attribute 'FOO' not specified"
  22. Problem validating HTML because of ASP code
  23. Tables, bordercolor and CSS
  24. Tables, bordercolor and CSS
  25. Style Width Problem in Text Input
  26. How do you make a long web print pages correctly?
  27. UTF-8 in W3C's validator
  28. Referrer Logs - Strange Entries
  29. Popupblocker bei kleinem Frame
  30. <em> vs.<i> and <strong> vs. <b>
  31. Printed image gets truncated with Netscape 7.1
  32. fixed value for columns
  33. Recommendation for ASP based chatroom source code
  34. Recommendation for ASP based chatroom source code
  35. Coding Problem for Streaming Windows Media
  36. XHTML W3C validation, UTF-8 and meta tags
  37. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  38. Adobe GoLive 6 - Nasty feature with UTF-8 encoding
  39. How do I display character 151 (long hyphen) in XHTML (utf-8) ?
  40. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  41. HTML not coded right for Embedding Windows Media Player
  42. very strange Doctype issue
  43. technical books trade/barter
  44. webpage showing my desktop - how to improve it?
  45. How is this done? (Panoramic image)
  46. mozilla and <td>-Problem
  47. Help with html
  48. Web design shop
  49. Need recommendation for web authoring software
  50. Help requested in understanding significance of code
  51. Same Stylesheet, Different Results
  52. XHTML Basic: style or media?
  53. How do you reduce table rows height with forms and images?
  54. black line over menu in IE6
  55. Prevent text wrap in a table cell
  56. News from the builing site - some questions
  57. Default table tp bottom
  58. HotDog html editor question
  59. Tool needed: to strip some HTML
  60. Scrolling DIVs with inline links -- compatibility issues
  61. REQ: Editor to add subscript & superscript
  62. Microsoft Patents Saving The Name Of A Game
  63. KHTML/Safari, Javascript, and DOM classes
  64. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  65. Html Code List?
  66. Warning Sign, Caution Sign, Exclamation Sign?
  67. Problem in styling List
  68. Fieldset height
  69. CSS: width for <li>
  70. striptag
  71. Once again: effects in Migration HTML 4.01 -> XHTML 1.0
  72. Browser error correction mechanisms
  73. Getting Started
  74. random refresh?
  75. How change address from FORM to location bar without php ?
  76. WYSIWYG HTML ActiveX editing control?
  77. Table alignment question
  78. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  79. Are IE 5 or 6 available for NT?
  80. beginning with XHTML 1.0
  81. phase5: <!--DATE--> produces sometimes error
  82. Link starts with <br />
  83. seeking webdesigners/web company personnel
  84. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  85. Background Gradient
  86. database driven site - recs?
  87. General recommendation for someone who never built a site before
  88. Table alignment problem
  89. Table Layout Driving Me Crazy...
  90. image very occasionally doesn't download
  91. HTML Form - input type="text" formatting
  92. WYSIWYG DHTML editors
  93. Markup validation
  94. Formating a page for printing
  95. ImageReady and W3C-Compliance
  96. We're Mad As Hell And We're Not Going To Take It Anymore
  97. how can I find documentation on screen, window etc?
  98. How do a MAILTO: such that the "body=" contains carriage returns?
  99. Highlight or BOLD a single item in a drop down list
  100. base href question
  101. How can I load the options for an HTML Select element from a file?
  102. autofill form field names
  103. Why does background colour and font colour change when you change the windows settings?
  104. blank line under <h3> tag
  105. Mozilla table always 100% width?
  106. Visible Directories and Contents on Website
  107. dropdownlist and table column width in Mozilla?
  108. How do I control heights of cells next to a ROWSPANned cell?
  109. QwikiWiki v1.4.1 Available for Download
  110. Character set
  111. Q: "clicked" buttons to stay clicked
  112. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  113. WAP development
  114. Marquee
  115. WYSIWYG HTML Editors for Windows ?
  116. Correctness of code for box with header
  117. Executing a program from web page on the client's machine
  118. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  119. Is there a website which gives different browser "views" ?
  120. 35% without JavaScript?
  121. Removing spaces/padding around <input> text fields?
  122. Loading graphics-failed
  123. Creating Advanced Tables For Layouts in HTML?
  124. I want to create an advanced table that will be cool!!
  125. Having trouble viewing source
  126. Linking to Other Websites
  127. Linking to other web pages
  128. Inconsistent problem with Netscape, but not IE
  129. Table-less XHTML/CSS forum software?
  130. how to specify a three-part header?
  131. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  132. Receiving XML Data via POST form
  133. Basic question - HELP!
  134. IE bug? yellow-coloured input boxes
  135. Teaching Onesself Webdesign
  136. How to center my html table
  137. Various reasons why having the footer at the end of a page is a GoodThing
  138. Redirect Magic Needed
  139. Style Sheet Methods
  140. How is the charset determined for this Russian page?
  141. Fatal move to have "table" in editable region in Dreamweaver MX..Graphics & text didnt wrap in "table", why?
  142. Background image fails to display in some pages
  143. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  144. Presenting Irish Gaelic Font on Webpages
  145. Restrict selection on form - How?
  146. How to make footer at the bottom in 5 box 3 columns layout
  147. Text Field question....
  148. page of images only
  149. Please recommand a simple CMS with web standard complianted
  150. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  151. Alternatives to Server Side Include Files when building a site on a CD
  152. [DIV][CSS][TAB] Div mask my input
  153. How to redirect web page to handheld devices?
  154. W3C Validator sees wrong code for redirected page
  155. embedded link density
  156. & in XHTML
  157. disabling modern browsers "remember the stuff you entered on this form?" popups
  158. log in
  159. XHTML 1.1 compliance
  160. using basic authtype hides directory??
  161. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  162. W3C Validator Local installation on Windows
  163. Meta tag problem.
  164. Help with Position attribute
  165. target="_blank" with xHTML
  166. Non-ASCII characters in web pages
  167. Italic rendering problem in Safari
  168. Possible to prevent pasting into form-entry fields?
  169. CSS Frameset Borders
  170. How do i get dotted table borders?
  171. Two different values set in one select/option choice
  172. russian font problem
  173. Repost: Forms Problem
  174. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  175. HTML character entities needed, but in which cases?
  176. font size in table
  177. Problems with meta tags.
  178. software want to publish letters to surfer via shopping cart auto loads to their email
  179. Validate your members
  180. How to make a table render to the width of the window ?
  181. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  182. Hybrid table accessibility techniques
  183. Colspans, rowspans, table accessibility
  184. HTML Code for Forwarding
  185. Weird email problems and frames
  186. Image submit buttons and form data set
  187. Validation error
  188. No target attribute in the A element (XHTML 1.0)
  189. How to get a Virtual Private Server
  190. Problem with the date of expiration of a cookie.
  191. comments/advice needed
  192. Forms Problem
  193. Fitting complete browserwindow
  194. vertical scrollbar problem in IE
  195. Forms Using EncType = Multipart - Text Is Not Passed !
  196. SGML Charset explorer..
  197. IE doesn't show hourglass when form is submitted, but netscape does
  198. Command output ...
  199. How to, load txtfiles with htm-content using js
  200. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  201. Relative or absolute font size?
  202. Problems with website display
  203. displaying page numbers on html
  204. Python Scripts
  205. IP restricted site
  206. EAD/Etext/XML Courses at Rare Book School
  207. HELP ME!
  208. PRE-Tag with double-linespace?
  209. How to set Expect :100 Continue in http request ?
  210. what is the recommended "lang" for Chinese simplified?
  211. Prohibited nesting questions
  212. <% nav:displayheader %> in HTML page?
  213. Char encoding and subsets
  214. XHTML: <select> tag and numeric name attribute
  215. Tool for cool expandable navigations ?
  216. IE 6.0+ refuses to pre-cache images?
  217. merging daily logfiles
  218. span + Css
  219. tables: help me debug this...
  220. "How To Rectify This Error On Page?"
  221. referrer string - how reliable?
  222. ISO college program for web design
  223. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  224. DOCTYPE Statement
  225. MSN-Messenger Window in HTMl-page?
  226. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  227. Logos in address bar
  228. How to disable text selection? (css?)
  229. width of an <OPTION> in a table
  230. Handling browsers with Javascript turned off: W3C way?
  231. Containing ANY data in a table cell.
  232. The semantic meaning of HTML form (elements)
  233. onclick in netscape
  234. Streaming video/audio authoring tools for Mac?
  235. HTML VIEW
  236. laying out text into an 'L' shaped space.
  237. Need Help With Members Area and Newsletter CGI Forms
  238. W3C Issues RDF and OWL Recommendations
  239. html print
  240. table realign on display:none.
  241. <ol> Lists in HTML
  242. How to call a perl script that returns nothing in an HTML
  243. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  244. "degrees" notation
  245. HREF question...
  246. ampersands in urls (get)
  247. software
  248. Double quotation mark within a URL
  249. Colorizing Editor
  250. z-index and layers
  251. DMOZ Question
  252. Offline saving of form data
  253. captioning images
  254. Headers (H1,H2,H3 etc) without a trailing blank line ?
  255. bullets
  256. migration from html to xhtml/css
  257. IE result != NS result
  258. Link INTO a frame
  259. Anybody know how to put a video in an HTML file ?
  260. css and borders
  261. Centering tumbnails
  262. Clients network login
  263. Testing my website's appearance
  264. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  265. Downloading files
  266. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  267. HOw to log in to remote user group
  268. IE onMouseOut bug when associated with a <table>?
  269. Avoiding empty parameters in URL and more
  270. Try on the pack
  271. Use the internet patch
  272. background
  273. How to build a menu, which looks like a Half moon?
  274. table
  275. left alignment 3
  276. left alignment 2
  277. left alignment
  278. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  279. Advice on Web Promotion Software please!
  280. Meta tags and Google
  281. Printing modification date
  282. how to make non existant pages redirect
  283. Displaying GIF's
  284. Any support to layout controls &zwj;, &zwnj;, &lrm;, &rlm;?
  285. verifying email addresses entered in forms on our intranet
  286. Stricter 4.01 Strict DTD
  287. Using <fieldset>/<legend> without forms
  288. XHTML framespacing
  289. question about PHP
  290. IE doesn's display this although it's standard compliant...
  291. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  292. Wierd apparent auto-download of Shockwave audio
  293. Browser configuration?
  294. A whole div or p as link - possible?
  295. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  296. submit shortcut
  297. Any advice?
  298. name instead of email address in To: field from mailto: link
  299. <ol> to spread over two columns
  300. Creating a Newsletter On The Web
  301. movies and media for html
  302. Hiding text - an acceptable method?
  303. Stragglers in 4.01 strict
  304. Multiple <h?> hierarchies on a page
  305. poissble to automate access time?
  306. Passing HTML tag to Run command line
  307. Toggling display problems
  308. Dynamic page formatting
  309. IE scrollbar pushed off right side
  310. xhtml strict
  311. Control how Cold Fusion query columns are put in spreadsheet
  312. CSS beginner requests advice
  313. Are <META> keywords language/DOCTYPE dependent ?
  314. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  315. Hotmail shows CID: files as attachments?
  316. css clas names allowed to have - but not _ ?
  317. XSLT outputting XHTML 4.01 Strict from XHTML 1.0 Strict source
  318. Select tag how do i set length in mozilla?
  319. what technology is used
  320. generating html tables - variable number of <TD> .. fixed <TR> break???
  321. Simple margin?
  322. Including music/audio on a web page
  323. background image -- bleed off page
  324. How do you remove old files from your host server?
  325. site check please
  326. acces database not working on server
  327. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  328. words per line OT?
  329. Does anybody know how to pass mime content-type in mailto: tag?
  330. non html tags
  331. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  332. How to set space between radio button and text
  333. Avoid refresh when clicking on "BACK" button
  334. different pages for different screen resolutions
  335. target
  336. "BR" tag equivalent in XHTML Strict?
  337. Very very simple table question
  338. WYSI approximately WYG
  339. How can I hide text on my homepage ?
  340. The perils of Google ad banners
  341. Search results to a non-existent page
  342. Comment on new website requested...
  343. Benchmarking
  344. Lang attribute values
  345. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  346. What exactly is wrong with the object tag in IE?
  347. NT / XP html difference
  348. scrolled window of links... possible ?
  349. Another DL usage
  350. maito links and javascript OT?
  351. legal form names
  352. Html Style sheet help
  353. Apache .htaccess Hides Folders
  354. Converting UTF-16 encoded chars in querystring to unicode
  355. markup for a printable form
  356. image maps
  357. Validating <textarea>
  358. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  359. Content-Type not a reserved name?
  360. numbered list > 1000
  361. Wrapping things other than text or images
  362. Repeated field names in a form... Standard behavior?
  363. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  364. Help with list item css
  365. INPUT TYPE=FILE Alternative
  366. How to deal with it?
  367. CC/PP: Yet Another W3C Standard
  368. Password generator for .htpasswd for .htaccess file
  369. Run a web site on your Personal Computer
  370. Use the important package
  371. Web authoring tools on Macintosh OS X
  372. change cell bg color
  373. Nested SSI with passed variable
  374. Wierd Problems with textareas.
  375. ASP - HTML not recognising line break
  376. Embed MPG in Firebird?
  377. Slow-loading drop down boxes
  378. html output for usernet threads
  379. Empty a valid or not?
  380. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  381. animated gif help
  382. How to display &lt; and &gt; in textarea
  383. eBook standards vs HTML
  384. Can action in an iframe change look and feel of the containing HTML?
  385. numbered lists
  386. Need a nice graphic font
  387. XHTML Validation using Javascript in <td> tag
  388. Accessibility simplification for highly-dimensional table
  389. Introduction to JavaScript
  390. Looking for arguments in favor of valid markup
  391. use CSS to flatten a tickbox?
  392. Trying to recreate a page layout
  393. Problems with width of input / CSS
  394. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  395. [Win32] Embedded HTML editor?
  396. How can i fix this issue?
  397. TEXTAREA Formatting
  398. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  399. Row height with CSS
  400. UTF-8 vs ISO-8859-1
  401. What Is A WDF File And How Do I Open It?
  402. Resizing a Table Background Image
  403. Skip Navigation Best Practice
  404. Different background colors for inidividual words ?
  405. Opening firewall for w3c validator
  406. Help with select tag
  407. Mail to form help
  408. Default button for ENTER key
  409. plot
  410. Are frames still frowned upon?
  411. Is there an XHTML replacement for using tables?
  412. There's nothing customers can't break through good intentions.
  413. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  414. disabled vs readonly input elements
  415. hitml editor
  416. Oscar of the Web?
  417. Help please..
  418. Making input read-only
  419. proper use of <cite>
  420. XHTML simple little header questions
  421. Author tag (<author> or <au>)
  422. XHTML Strict vs Basic Madness
  423. Opera 7.23 doesn't show me inner tables
  424. Which Netscape 4?
  425. Regulars: read this
  426. OT wrapping
  427. Replacing <IMG ALIGN=RIGHT ...> with CSS equivalent
  428. cellpadding definition in HTML/CSS ?
  429. TARGET="_top" in strict HTML ?
  430. Correct XHTML: <FONT class=aaa> .... without "FONT" ???
  431. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  432. Dead Centre
  433. a in h2, or h2 in a
  434. Compliant CSS + HTML that displays incorrectly
  435. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  436. How do you restore 'full source'?
  437. How to move <PRE> definition inside <TD> ...< /TD> to a stylesheet ?
  438. "Exemplary" alt text: "Tim Berners-Lee smiling 2003-12-31: ..."
  439. Which fixed size (width) font are usable/recommendable ?
  440. "Valid XHTML" Images
  441. There oughta be a law...
  442. forcing maximum width
  443. ISO review on domain hosting sites
  444. XHTML 1.1 strict validation of <THEAD> and <TFOOT>
  445. How to move most "search-engine-friendly" a web page (address) ?
  446. Liquid Layouts: The Easy Way
  447. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  448. Problem with NS 7 - Layout works in IE6, Opera 7 and NS 6
  449. What to do? Intranet structure question.
  450. Radio button circle outline color
  451. How to outsource Javascript code from html code ?
  452. Question About Frames Usage?
  453. 2 errors - HTML 4.01 Transitional validation
  454. javascript menus for website with frames
  455. <noscript> validation with XHTML problem
  456. Indicating tag locations in the browser
  457. program for quickly browsing local .htm files
  458. How to validate a URL that receives POST variables?
  459. GET url plus #gohere
  460. Check out this correction patch from Microsoft Corp.
  461. <person> <profession value= "csee"/> </person>
  462. going from code heavy WORD 9 html doc in Norwegian- to - normal HTML
  463. просуществует лидоллар до 2005года?
  464. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  465. How to hide html code?
  466. How to get the hyperlink underlined with MouseOver or getfocus
  467. Andkon's brand spanking new website
  468. site mapping and javascript
  469. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  470. vertical alignment of image
  471. Shopping cart question using paypal
  472. How to make "this" form look like "that" button?
  473. Favicon
  474. How to replace standard Input buttons with image files
  475. Dynamic Resize TextArea?
  476. confused re media="print" / printing pages?
  477. New Yahoo Group
  478. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  479. Grey Text
  480. Table header id use
  481. webhost question, can this happen?
  482. A Border Around Everything
  483. <form> GETting to an #anchor
  484. IFrame compatible browsers
  485. link to another page with button
  486. Prove these security update
  487. Looking for a tool to make plain text document out of a simple HTML document
  488. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  489. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  490. weird problems with css and link hover
  491. <body bgproperties="fixed"......
  492. IE Accessibility Toolbar
  493. Access file system with HTML
  494. Strange behavior of a table
  495. Generating multiple XHTML pages from an XML file
  496. Automatic new window from frame
  497. Load smaller graphic file first in IMG SRC?
  498. Line Spacing, Endnotes, and Superscripts Annoyances
  499. Use of Xenu Link Sleuth on very large sites?
  500. Password and Text field anomalies in IE 6.0
  501. HTML 4 Spec error: Violates RFC 2616?
  502. MHTMLRedir.Exploit
  503. 'Dreamweaver' alternative for linux? (RedHet8)
  504. AOL 5.0 for Mac issues
  505. understanding coordinates
  506. IE6 centering text - unwanted
  507. euro symbol
  508. Is Something Wrong with the W3C Validator
  509. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  510. Safari and Perl
  511. Best Browser for speed, space and security?
  512. charset for accented characters
  513. SSI if/else includes
  514. Icons
  515. DC.creator and multiple authors
  516. Wrap text to the right of an image
  517. Usage Counters and Graphics
  518. HELP: Dynamically resizing iFrame
  519. Java title
  520. Automatic login via asp (vb) .net
  521. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  522. Scrollbars within HTML
  523. Am I Using Tables Appropriately?
  524. Why this now??
  525. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  526. Robot.txt?
  527. Writng data to a text file from HTML form
  528. page naming conventions OT
  529. How to change font for select list in a form?
  530. Looking for application to preview content in a range of browsers
  531. form field limits
  532. Search engines?
  533. Nice Take on Selectors from Eric Meyer
  534. smtp server
  535. LABEL Element in a 2-dimensional table
  536. what font is sans-serif (IE Win)
  537. Writng data to a text file from HTML form
  538. Creating and Implementing a 404 Page
  539. HTML Comment that Displays the names of Inventor's of HTML
  540. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  541. <br />
  542. Math and usability/accessibility
  543. Install this important package for Internet Explorer
  544. span and div
  545. difference between h1 and title
  546. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  547. Misaligned text.
  548. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  549. Check these correction update for Windows
  550. How to Import a Flat Text File Into an HTML Table?