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  1. Problem with CSS and the <hr />-Tag
  2. Problem with the <hr /> - Tag in XHTML
  3. Help
  4. Centered equal-width horizontal nav list CHALLENGE
  5. Tools of the trade: globally changing code
  6. Tables
  7. Please help me understand how to do this layout
  8. fix page margin for printing in html or css
  9. Can This 3-Column Layout Be Achieved?
  10. Answering position:absolute query once and for all
  11. javascript time selector
  12. Presto not rendering buttons properly?
  13. Part---Not Whole--of Stylesheet Not Rendered On One Server, But Fully Rendered On Another
  14. css support - current state of play
  15. CSS menu/i.e. problem - help please
  16. robots.txt - as previously posted on alt.html
  17. CSS - IE/Firefox problem - element height
  18. Inconsistent highlighting on dropdown menu
  19. simple "floating pictures" troubles
  20. table row - border on the bottom
  21. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  22. Unnecessary scrollbars
  23. background color mouseover
  24. Hidden Babelfish link?
  25. Google HTML -> WAP converter
  26. Form and enctype.
  27. Web templates for US Immigration Law Firm
  28. 3-Col Layout / Background-Pics - MSIE: ugly white space
  29. Why won't this validate at W3C
  30. Using Background-Image to Replace Text (FIR) etc..
  31. form validation with image containing garbled letters
  32. H1 heading tags Firefox vs IE
  33. fix page size in html
  34. embedding css in the <body> of a document
  35. Launch MSTSC from SHTML Page.
  36. link color in IE
  37. z-index seems to fail in FF on iframe/object combination
  38. help with show hide in a form
  39. Can't remove spacing between <li> items in IE6
  40. tidy html editor
  41. table cellpadding/cellspacing in CSS? How?
  42. Use of <fieldset>/<legend> in Tables
  44. Inserting a variable in a stylesheet.
  45. Again: When plain text page is treated as HTML
  46. Content along a curved seperator
  47. a:hover action not working in MSIE
  48. HTML entities from input fields
  49. video editors/mpg tags
  50. Clarification on Font Size and Inheritance.
  51. Preventing Wrapping In Text
  52. [CSS] How to combine anchor tags w/o underlining images on hover
  53. coming back to html and web authoring after 9 years
  54. <embed> tag not working properly on linux
  55. IFRAMEs show the same page
  56. Help please: List menu and ie
  57. Page Caching Problem
  58. WebPages with cyrillic chars are not displayed correctly
  59. What can be inside an <a></a> tag?
  60. dan cederholm's 2 books
  61. Mozilla & Firefox ignoring negative top property...
  62. Mozilla/Firefox and negative top property...
  63. Dreamweaver or Frontpage or Plain HTML
  64. header and footers?
  65. Mozilla/Firefox and negative top property...
  66. Dreamweaver or Frontpage or Plain HTML
  67. link from selection
  68. File coruption
  69. One word per line
  70. Need help with 'size' error in validator
  71. Finding unused selectors?
  72. IE 6 removing div on any javascript routine..
  73. Please help improve CSS style for a bridge hand
  74. Rabbit Stew Lounge
  75. How can I make a website that downloads videos ?
  76. How to convert this to CSS
  77. Display Images from Web Form
  78. I need a consensus (HTML - CSS)
  79. Please help me find my unclosed element
  80. text-transform inheritance
  81. passing a string in html
  82. Span/background-image IE6 bug?
  83. Css div - strange behavor in FF terrible in Opera. IE looks ok.
  84. creating your own webpage background
  85. creating your own webpage background
  86. Why is right column not aligned with left?
  87. Printer friendly page
  88. Problems with tables and layout in Firefox
  89. Does <A HREF hyperlink require "http://..."?
  90. ALT attribute at Google
  91. radio buttons don't align with labels in css column layout
  92. Help: CSS Menu - Using a htc file for IE
  93. * within CSS
  94. [Selectors] Scripts, ie, alphabets
  95. CSS Frames Help
  96. Problem validating an image map (html 4.01)
  97. Problem
  98. UL margins with a floated img are off?
  99. What do I do
  100. html for print
  101. Photo Album Project
  102. Table layout
  103. Collapse Block to Width of Content
  104. No horizontal scrollbar for textarea
  105. IE and DIV; I am slowly being driven insane.
  106. Happy New Year to all.
  107. Happy New Year to all.
  108. HTML Template Language?
  109. New to css need some div help
  110. comment question /* \*/
  111. Opening Links in a new window. What's the "right" way?
  112. Xah's Edu Corner: Tech Geekers and their Style
  113. Xah's Edu Corner: Tech Geekers and their Style
  114. Displaying code with <pre>
  115. Background image not appearing
  116. New to HTML
  117. Line dividers
  118. Floating DIV positioning. How much does the order matter?
  119. Creating a simple XHTML page
  120. Help! Table acts stragely once uploaded
  121. WYSIWYG editors that don't reformat source?
  122. odd div behavior
  123. Manipulating a forms input border
  124. MS WEFT and i18n
  125. Drop menu loads slow
  126. Trying to position table columns
  127. Javascript+XHTML Validation Problem
  128. Lost ability to center tables vertically
  129. CSS and Random Quotes
  130. inline images
  131. Problems with position: fixed; layout
  132. How to get side nav text and buttons listed after main page text
  133. Browser won't relect font-size from style cheet
  134. Why does Firefox use 47 MB of RAM?
  135. Small simple page validates, works fine in everything except IE - Can anyone help?
  136. what's new in CSS2?
  137. CSS and Tags
  138. Help in CSS
  139. ellipses in a div / table that cut off too long text (and resize with changing widths)
  140. Dragging Iframes
  141. centred text / css selector precedence
  142. Web Calendar Re-Launch, Feedback Requested
  143. Multiple selectors
  144. input size
  145. IE's max-width hack not working
  146. text not wrapping around image floated right
  147. Scrolling TBODY: link provided
  148. How to sort form field data in E-mail?
  149. CSS ignored in IE.6.0.2800 ?
  150. Scrollable TBODY elements without horizontal scrollbar
  151. IE compatible vs. strict mode
  152. Persistent, default and alternate styles
  153. User stylesheets for specific sites
  154. Right margin NS 8 (Maximizing the useable screen width)
  155. Repaint method solution
  156. Two Questions on Link REL/REV and dead-end hyperlinks.
  157. Drop down menu vs scrollable detail rows vs frames techniques
  158. links
  159. that message
  160. Microsoft finally kill Mac/IE
  161. Problem with Zoom style
  162. position: absolute and parent container
  163. Border on text hyperlinks, but not on image hyperlinks!
  164. Using CSS width 'auto' value to automatically justify table column widths
  165. IE changes cell widths upon JavaScript insertion??
  166. Validating HTML in multiple pages
  167. html/css problem in firefox
  168. image declared in xhtml code not showing in safari / konqueror
  169. background-image, what am I overlooking
  170. Unable to see the bottom of border
  171. Position:absolute is crossbrowser?
  172. CSS theme creation tools?
  173. Malformed link?
  174. XHTML Doctype question and THANKS to the group.
  175. How do I set 1 cell to a fixed height, and the other to the rest of the page? Tables, divs, etc...
  176. freezing column headers with dropdowns
  177. other problem with IE
  178. problems in IE
  179. A CSS to group cells
  180. Tooltip to front in IE
  181. DTD? Is address element block or inline?
  182. class=""
  183. Position problem
  184. Problem with text inside <pre> and narrow viewports
  185. font size relative to "top level" font size
  186. Watermarks printing
  187. Overlapping DIVs killing links
  188. CSS validator warnings background-color
  189. Trying for a "modal" layer in MSIE
  190. Selective background tiling - this may be tricky.
  191. Can I assume that Netscape = Firefox?
  192. fixing column width in a dynamic table
  193. Applying CSS file to a <div> section
  194. padding in IE 5.1
  195. Writing Valid CSS (help)
  196. span style
  197. Ellipses nowrap for text that's too long in a span tag
  198. Newb questions: centered image; right bottom footer
  199. Best way to specify font size
  200. xhtml - accesskey for select not allowed?
  201. Kill scroll bars
  202. Dual transparency and CSS3 borders
  203. [XHTML+XML] html and body size
  204. [XHTML+XML] html and body size
  205. drop down
  206. My Website - strange behaviour in Firefox
  207. HTML syntax checking tool?
  208. Help with onmouseout and layers, please.
  209. Firefox and IE problems with my stylesheet
  210. Location header question
  211. Which editor do you use to write HTML?
  212. CSS element dimensions. A problem reading in javascript
  213. Saving HTML Form without Submit
  214. Should css layouts resize nicely or not?
  215. Why Redraw of the whole page when paginating?
  216. Firefox 1.5 CSS problems?
  217. How to export the excel values to crystal reports
  218. To position absolutely an image into a <td>
  219. Confused on how to use @media.
  220. Please help ...
  221. iCab + KHTML test request
  222. CSS split full screen horizontally with pixel and percent
  223. <UL> bigger indent in FireFox.
  224. On-Page Anchors not working properly
  225. Inconsistent Display in Different Browsers
  226. Make white space between <p> and <ul> equal to font size
  227. Will margins look the same in other browsers?
  228. Problem with clearing in IE
  229. Can I prevent an item from scrolling with the page?
  230. Rollover menu with icons: problems on IE
  231. I have the idea about the search engine, it can improve the experience for the web searcher
  232. strange html code to set the type of characters
  233. W3C markup validator and missing table tags
  234. text next to image
  235. Need to borrow your brain for large <table>
  236. Need to borrow your brain for large <table>
  237. Valid HTML Tutorial
  238. fixed and liquid column positioning
  239. A broken link preventer
  240. How to eliminate space between table border and table contents?
  241. How to eliminate space between table border and table contents?
  242. IE 6: Links to Anchors in the Same Page
  243. Rendering problems with Mac Firefox and Layers
  244. Get viewer's browser to open second copy?
  245. Seeking Tool to Archive and Mark Up Websites for Searches
  246. CSS width contrain question...
  247. @import problem
  248. Firefox Fanpage
  249. Firefox insists on ?ignoring most of my CSS
  250. list lines
  251. Making an addable list???
  252. Embed Tag
  253. float: left and
  254. vertical-align: center
  255. Allow the user to increase font size
  256. IE puts content way down the page
  257. margin-top in FF versus IE
  258. Div border not drawn around contents
  259. How to align this?
  260. How to align this?
  261. button look links
  262. simplifying mailto .authoring.html
  263. Why doesn't the width match?
  264. Problem with absolute positioning in IE
  265. Can I specify that some images load before others?
  266. dir=ltr/rtl
  267. How to make a simple ticker on a web page?
  268. Vertical Gap between DIVs in Opera 8.5 Mac + IE 5.2 Mac
  269. Unusual IE float drop issue
  270. Border extends to undesired elements; incorrect menu display (background image).
  271. CSS and Safari - Help Please
  272. CSS and Safari - Help Please
  273. CSS OnMouseOver
  274. Gap in layout - how to solve it?
  275. XP IE textbox style
  276. [Q] Font Sizes again - browser defaults
  277. How to make <th> tag always stay in the window/frame?
  278. How to make <th> tag always stay in the window/frame?
  279. Opacity?
  280. Liquid layout with position: fixed
  281. formatting form fields
  282. HTML: undesired extra space in <table>
  283. No scrolling
  284. Overflowing text
  285. CSS and disabled objects in MSIE
  286. div overlap
  287. Quick encoding question
  288. footer & 3 col absolute layout
  289. How to save one line of code (select command)?
  290. bgimage wont repeat
  291. Border not complete in IE6. Small 1px gap.
  292. CMS system recommendations
  293. One GIF: different areas link to different webpages
  294. Rollover buttons with IE (including framesets) bug
  295. Rollover buttons with IE (including framesets) bug
  296. Rollover buttons with IE (including framesets) bug
  297. Rollover buttons with IE (including framesets) bug
  298. Rollover buttons with IE (including framesets) bug
  299. 3 columns: fixed center column
  300. XHTML authoring and browsers
  301. Help: Can you make this .php less than 1 month??
  302. Please check my CSS
  303. does it really exist any xhtml 2?
  304. All My FAQs revisited
  305. css: vertical align text to a background image in a link
  306. Making tooltips stay longer...
  307. wysiwyg-editor
  308. Using Targets with Objects
  309. Assigning an ID *and* a CLASS to a DIV. Having issues. (A little long)
  310. Search Engine
  311. Be gentle - site critique please
  312. Site Evaluation Criteria
  313. When plain text page is treated as HTML
  314. Indenting headings and adjacent siblings?
  315. Novell Appoints Dr. Jeffrey Jaffe as Executive Vice President andChief Technology Officer
  316. CSS works locally but not when uploaded
  317. CSS - Aligning to the bottom of a DIV
  318. Turning Off CSS
  319. ms ie 6 does do padding-left?
  320. A wee debate, help needed!
  321. Three equally separated images
  322. IE: forcing CSS inheritance...
  323. Opera: Styled button display issue...
  324. Opera: Styled button display issue...
  325. final height: 100% question
  326. valid usage of the label tag?
  327. Showing link for current page
  328. Implementing two columns via CSS?
  329. Not enough height
  330. Question about background: transparent
  331. CSS issue
  332. How do I stop the "flow"
  333. why is the margin being ignored ?
  334. Photo Gallery with centered photos and text
  335. IE Image Flicker with CSS driven drop-down menu
  336. Target="_?"
  337. w3c specs
  338. IE Div hack
  339. Floating images and DL's in IE
  340. Select on my Div
  341. Tough z-index questions
  342. How to avoid printing a footer on a web page
  343. Ajax Book
  344. Giving choices to users in print CSS?
  345. Best practices question
  346. Landscape Printing
  347. Need help with print CSS
  348. Two column layout with strange behaviour in Internet Explorer
  349. CSS in IE6 vs Mozilla
  350. CSS specific for modular code- theory question
  351. Styling a form for print
  352. Can you create a DIV that won't break from its content?
  353. missing borders and background colours in IE6
  354. how to make a TD take up remaining width?
  355. Line width when printing
  356. Tab corner and background not showing in NS 6
  357. controll lengt of block element
  358. Round angles
  359. How to prevent hover of anchored words?
  360. Margin in <body>
  361. (Yet Another) Multi-Column CSS Question
  362. White bars left of <a>-tags on colored background in Firefox
  363. Header, 3 column & footer layout problem - help!
  364. Link indicator to off-site pages
  365. making a bottom margin
  366. Centering a fixed with Div in the browser.
  367. Collect and store form data entered by site visitors
  368. Long navigation alternatives, to frames
  369. Lang attribute basics
  370. DHTML for an input box having drop down entries like at Google Suggest
  371. United States Map / States html ??
  372. Frames question
  373. Random display of 10 text / banners on a page??
  374. How do I remove frames EASILY??
  375. [Semi-OT] Possible RGB Hex Triplet anomaly?
  376. Opera: Styled button display issue...
  377. Need recommendations for Search-engine utilities.
  378. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  379. Overflow: scroll scrollbar colors?
  380. image caption in xhtml
  381. DHTML MENU problem in IE
  382. Google causing excessive bandwidth uasage.
  383. proper ways for empty link
  384. Resource to search HTML code for links to a specific file
  385. Title search options-- Need recommendations for search-engine utilities.
  386. Code added to my XHTML source files giving problems
  387. how to let desappear background from iFrame
  388. Spacing between menu items.
  389. how to display whatever the user types in a textarea
  390. Form Submission Question
  391. Select on my DIV
  392. Understanding simplest HTML page
  393. <q> and IE
  394. simple editor just for the text in webpages
  395. Showing target of a link inline
  396. HREFing a whole cell
  397. Deactivate the effect of back button
  398. How do I name a window so I can TARGET back to it?
  399. HTML UPPER case or lower case?
  400. CSS in IE6 vs Mozilla
  401. Can you create a DIV that won't break from its content?
  402. Calling script form href
  403. 1and1
  404. How to link to a location within another document?
  405. Dynamically showing and hiding browser supplied scrollbars
  406. headers and <br>s
  407. Two column layout - Fixed right column
  408. XHTML 1.0 Strict validation problem
  409. HTML horizontal rule element
  410. Box appearing when I click on graphics in IE 6.0
  411. Centering divs in firefox and scrollbar issue
  412. Do splash pages make you invisible to search engines
  413. Specifying tabular position with CSS
  414. CSS and Lists
  415. HELP!
  416. Critique sites?
  417. hover acting strange in MSIE
  418. do I have "viewport misalignment"? my menu won't center (site)
  419. can this CSS horizontal navmenu get 'centered' somehow?
  420. Hide td borders with border-collapse
  421. [Semi-OT]: All My FAQs
  422. Avoiding Text Anti-Aliasing
  423. highlight rectangle in table?
  424. HOW: Center this popup message on screen.
  425. clarification: dhtml and closing the browser window
  426. dhtml question: onfocusout event
  427. A simple selector problem
  428. 2 Style sheets for one page
  430. Country list with iso1366 codes and local country names
  431. Dynamic width of a text input field in a form
  432. An IE6 CSS float bug stumper
  433. An IE6 CSS float bug stumper
  434. tables vc css
  435. tables vc css
  436. How Top Get "Boxed In"
  437. Using a graphic instead of the "Browse" button
  438. CSS-Validator & color:transparent
  439. Extra line in div
  440. CSS functioning in IE only, FF-NS-Opera not ...
  441. Understanding EM
  442. TR background versus TABLE
  443. Photo Gallery with CSS?
  444. Getting <div> 1px height on IE6?
  445. Problems with absolute positioning in IE6
  446. Class attribute values
  447. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  448. 1px gap between divs in IE for win
  449. Centering an img with text
  450. 100% width in IE?
  451. Anyone know how to make this into a drop menu?
  452. {background-image} Question
  453. Adding custom attributes through XMLSchema
  454. css quesion
  455. Using images for links
  456. Setting Standards for Text
  457. Validating UTF8 encoding ...
  458. Odd border + padding behavior: cross-browser
  459. Floating layers behave differently in IE and Firefox
  460. "Glueing" grapchic with inline text together?
  461. Right aligning text in a table
  462. <image> tag?
  463. floating divs
  464. inline-block: Are things really this bad?
  465. Want box around an image with flowing text
  466. button element in Internet Explorer has too much left/right space when its text is long
  467. Vertical layout -- evenly spacing items
  468. Site review
  469. IE6 picks "wrong" selector?
  470. Show alt text instead of image through CSS
  471. Finding out "internal style sheet" of a browser?
  472. CSS Table problem
  473. Trouble with Layout
  474. centering background image
  475. CSS Absolute and Relative Positioning
  476. vertical alignment
  477. Background image doesn't fill a float:left column
  478. rounded table corners?
  479. variation of css effect on Frameset
  480. Redirect in .htaccess
  481. styling footnotes a la Chicago/Turabian
  482. Web page access
  483. a:visited priority : a bug or a feature
  484. Width of text input box vs. password input box
  485. Warning: robots.txt unreliable in Apache servers
  486. Image inline with text query
  487. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  488. HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List
  489. A line problem
  490. Internet Explorer not rendering CSS properly - fine in Firefox
  491. Firefox en Opera: 1 pixel gap between 2 div blocks with width set to 50%
  492. A row of images
  493. page critique
  494. Theory question: U+000C in HTML 4.01
  495. Problem with tables
  496. Forms and CSS - lining stuff up
  497. css problem with background images
  498. A CMS for Adobe FrameMaker Users
  499. Centering a DIV within a DIV?
  500. XHTML 1.0 validation for ASP pages
  501. Problem: Stylesheets don't always load on first try.
  502. Transparent GIF/PNG link not passing clicks to element behind it
  503. change the list-style-type in nested lists
  504. changing file name in "Save as" option for html files
  505. Optimise screen size with CSS
  506. Recommendations for resources / promoting websites & blogs.
  507. Translating foreign text into html code - help
  508. For your info.
  509. RSS to HTML
  510. Table COLSPAN & ROWSPAN
  511. CSS Bug?? background-image - Not Refreshing
  512. MSIE spacing woes and DIV width & height minimums
  513. absolute positioning of nested divs
  514. Simple question - positioning DIVs to flow properly
  515. Block formatting contexts
  516. Extra padding in IE: known bug? a fix?
  517. breaking hyphen?
  518. Authoring Panel - 1 of 120 sessions at XML 2005
  519. How to align elements and define resize behaviour?
  520. IE: Overflowing images in 3 column design not displayed properly
  521. collapsing margins in css 2.1
  522. absolute positioning inline elements
  523. Syntax highlighting in TEXTAREA - possible?
  524. img width height attributes vs. inline styles
  525. <IFRAME> question
  526. htmldog suckerfish liquid
  527. Text and images in irregular shaped column(s)
  528. Linked images not displaying
  529. IE6 link colors & CSS override (vs. Firefox)
  530. IE6 link colors & CSS override (vs. Firefox)
  531. Who can check my code? Minor problem on my CSS page. . .
  532. same stylesheet for multiple frames
  533. small cross-platform issue
  534. Create a search on my website
  535. version of Dreamweaver, does it matter?
  536. xhtml validation. Encoding mismatch!
  537. Various DOCTYPE questions.
  538. moving a table
  539. Options for real-time plotting of server-side data?
  540. Transition from table layout to CSS: Am I stupid?
  541. HTML Forms, file input. How extensible is it?
  542. URL for direct access - Javascript hides it
  543. How to define links (css?) for just one part of a html page?
  544. height=100% is not working for Mozilla browser
  545. charset=unknown-8bit
  546. Can I sort a file from an ASP code page?
  547. How can I change the value in a css class?
  548. automatically put a default filename in <input type=file...> value
  549. Drop Down Menu Help
  550. Need recommendation on website revenue generation -- subscription-based or sponsorship models?