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  1. My table is not sizing right in the div
  2. Hide input text
  3. FireFox - graphics and Condition Statements HTML
  4. Problem with my CSS/HTML, What is wrong?
  5. A Tale of Two Divs
  6. Star Rater for a form
  7. WCAG Compiliant
  8. table within a floating div
  9. Make downloadable...?
  10. positioning of icon button on part of border
  11. <li> problem. Shows perfectly in everthing except dear IE7
  12. Charset ISO 8859-1 Not Working For French Characters
  13. table on firefox vs. IE
  14. Floating divs
  15. Which Doctype Should Be Used?
  16. Simple positioning problem
  17. Meta tags and FireFox
  18. tabbed display going wrong in Firefox
  19. Web Site Design Company In Uk
  20. menu list problem
  21. text scrolling in front of image
  22. centering divs in middle of screen
  23. Text Larger in IE than in FF
  24. keeping position of buttons fixed
  25. run Java applet with <param> from HTML
  26. Funny interaction of float and page-break-before
  27. i am using HTML database connection with Access but not done
  28. Move last span to the right side
  29. semi transparent
  30. one more validation question
  31. html validation issues
  32. In opera we are good, everything else..not so much so.
  33. Color vs Hex Codes?
  34. Open Your Own Darn Window!
  35. Display auth_ldap username on html page
  36. CSS @import Rules
  37. Div: Css rounded corner problem
  38. <OL type="1"> and IE
  39. Aligning content in table cell to top of cell
  40. Aligning content in table cell to top of cell
  41. css border clipping differently in ff and ie
  42. FireFox expert needed - My CSS won't play ball!
  43. using image on submit button
  44. Placing a picture on a page randomly
  45. Problems starting application on machine with HTML page
  46. Div And Float Gods?
  47. Drop Down list breaks layout in Firefox
  48. website displays properly in IE7 and Firefox 2 but not in IE6
  49. image map
  50. circular div
  51. div lengths
  52. Formatting Prob: Span Moves Outside Containing DIV
  53. Highlighting hyperlink value in text box
  54. How to display <>
  55. copyright help
  56. absolute positioning
  57. Div problems visible in Firefox
  58. Problem with my churches css website
  59. p + p
  60. Problem with my churches css website
  61. Divs not floating properly
  62. Insert a web page inside another page
  63. Drop Down menu breaks layout in Firefox
  64. Breaking our of <object> (vs. <iframe>
  65. Help CSS breaking layout
  66. How could I format a <ul> or <ol> tree into 2 columns using CSS?
  67. CSS applied to XML elements?
  68. uploading text on to internet.
  69. list problem
  70. Form Not Posting in Frame in IE7
  71. Cross browser way to inherit?
  72. comment
  73. image gallery
  74. <SELECT><OPTION> tags
  75. Dark font in spite of opacity
  76. How to setfocus() a specific frame
  77. Image maps within <table>
  78. how can I display an image in same page where its hyperlink is
  79. Float:left firefox issue && YUI calendar z-index issue.
  80. White Box Covering My Blog in IE 6.0 and lower?
  81. floating divs
  82. CSS & Font Sizes
  83. How I Can, Solve font Problem ?
  84. How to link an image in CSS?
  85. Format Button
  86. how do I stream content from my webpage/server?
  87. Best practices?
  88. Flash movie postioning with CSS
  89. CSS Content Linking
  90. change the default connection time-out value for browser
  91. linking page with google
  92. Hyperlink Colors Do Not Change
  93. No hosting? I support you .
  94. Site Template - Any Internet Explorer XML Parser errors?
  95. Allowing Component/Text to Flow Across Table Cells
  96. Nested Lists
  97. designing a wesite
  98. UL list formating CSS problem with IE - works fine with Firefox
  99. regarding the mail form validation of typo3
  100. Text overlapping other text when I resize my page
  101. alignment
  102. Padding or Margin ????????
  103. while aligning text to bottom of page ,facing resize problem
  104. CSS problems with IE
  105. Only with CSS
  106. repost: some random IE problems with this site
  107. partitioning the program depending upon browser
  108. iframes problem in firefox
  109. Extending HTML Elements
  110. Spanning directories and .css files
  111. CSS problem in IE7
  112. Conditional statement and flash postioning
  113. How do I imolement a navigation bar?
  114. How do I imolement a navigation bar?
  115. HTML Text Wrap
  116. Liquid or not?
  117. Mozilla <div> problem
  118. 2-column layout and top margin of floated column
  119. ciwah FAQ posting policy?
  120. wrapping long lines (div tag)
  121. Faking up a run-in header
  122. Why won't this validate?
  123. CSS Difficulties in Firefox
  124. BBEdit Lite GREP Problem
  125. XHTML 1.0 Transition CSS Problem
  126. scrollbar extends with additional divs, help
  127. CSS Challenge: center a div like a table
  128. DIVS and CSS
  129. Beginner needs help: How would you code this design?
  130. need help seeing my alignment issue solution
  131. image problem...
  132. What is my error? I can't find why code doesn't work!
  133. Font Style Not Working...
  134. background images and div's
  135. Text outside of div visible
  136. META refresh (redirect)
  137. Recomendation for RichText Editor?
  138. Image Map Editor needs testing
  139. Nested Tables
  140. Video on the web
  141. REQ: Buttons with borders using a SPAN tag and background image
  142. "Submit" button is not functioning in Mozilla
  143. test
  144. Woooooooooooooooooow The Best Music Search Engine
  145. some random problems with this site
  146. Layout problem that works in IE but not in Firefox
  147. page break in datalist
  148. containers side by side
  149. Using the browser's default style for an element
  150. Firefox issue - Not able to scroll down and up thru mouse wheel navigation icon
  151. Arabic word listing
  152. How to work with alternate stylesheet in a html page using cookies
  153. Drop Down Box Manipulation
  154. correct equivalent construct for 1 line of code
  155. Maximum width
  156. CSS problems
  157. index.html?
  158. new one
  159. What is #navcontainer?
  160. CSS The web would be a better place
  161. XML browser support
  162. No access to view html source
  163. container's not expanding
  164. Disabling Anchor Href Tags
  165. how to update the content of HTML frames after sucessfully login
  166. Two Column layout has extra space in IE
  167. hidden text
  168. floating menus
  169. podcasting - how do you do it?
  170. violation of copyright
  171. violation of copyright
  172. violation of copyright
  173. Generating CSS from XML: how to?
  174. Accessibility issue while using Image buttons
  175. assistance with css - h1 styling in two different div that are differentclasses
  176. Putting a button at the bottom of a table cell
  177. CSS and FireFox problems.
  178. Float text or tables
  179. CSS with firefox
  180. z-index drop down list
  181. [help] firefox ignoring my CSS!!!
  182. Layout problems
  183. IE& and Frames
  184. Openeing PPT file in Browser
  185. Text Size INCREASES after FORM submits
  186. Menu and ajax
  187. doing away with cross-frame scripting security in IE 6
  188. Fixing case-sensitive file errors? Mac Dev to Unix host
  189. Opacity causing problems for text boxes
  190. website menu's
  191. Box with Image + Footer; how to avoid max-width, max-height?
  192. can we link more than one external css file in single html
  193. Box model problem
  194. how to use different css file link in one page(for changing the color of the page)
  195. Testing a file-type input element
  196. background image is not visible
  197. Liquid css help please..
  198. Tables: <tr> difference in Firefox/IE
  199. auto thumbnail
  200. CSS problem in browser compatability
  201. Marquee's motion
  202. firefox problem with div and css
  203. Three columns , two rows
  204. Wireframing Tools
  205. Hidden navigation on test in IE5x
  206. Editing Math Formulas
  207. My CSS built homepage doesn't render immediately and shows the doc flow for a minute
  208. Users editing web pages
  209. HTML headings article
  210. HTML include?
  211. Div references in CSS
  212. img-elements with align-attribute do not break in ie7
  213. Question with centering content with css
  214. making one table appear like another, with only css
  215. Empty Anchors, I can't find a W3C specification for it
  216. Background image within a wrapper...Is this a valid layout?
  217. CSS Drop Down Menu in IE7
  218. login problem
  219. absolute positioned li wont collapse in ie 6
  220. aligning text in a selext box
  221. "tuning" CSS
  222. What is the difference between a List Box and Combo Box?
  223. Mega hosting..Is it real or fake?
  224. CSS Height problem
  225. Why didn't the include work?
  226. HTML generation tool
  227. Centered div with unknown width and floating elements inside
  228. Changing text fiels dimensions in a form
  229. IE CSS image overlap
  230. Where is a mobile phone :-)
  231. overlapping nested list problem in ie
  232. Markup Validator
  233. img and spacing
  234. xhtml & flash
  235. iTechArt Group - Custom Software Development and Offshore outsourcing Company
  236. iframe help
  237. Mouse Over Problem in FF
  238. css problem repost
  239. How to prevent DIVs from overlaying?
  240. design varies in IE and FF - CSS compatibility issues
  241. Ignore CSS for a partcular div in the page
  242. Need help using OBJECT tag
  243. How to link an HTML page to a Div tag in another?
  244. video too slim in ff
  245. How do I put an image right next to javascript with NO spacing?
  246. Setting intelligent, consistent CSS default values
  247. how do i put a code in a scrollbox?
  248. fancy text
  249. Email Read Receipt
  250. making block inline collapses its width
  251. Specifying width as a percent
  252. Problem with overflow on inline list
  253. how to change the color of the text
  254. How To Wrap Text With CSS
  255. Check whether browser is in quirks or standards mode?
  256. create html pages in hindi, telugu and tamil languages
  257. I'm new and having problems.
  258. creating a form using MS Publisher 2003
  259. How should get table centered?
  260. How do i create frameset inside the css
  261. Button Background Images Trouble in WinIE
  262. Positioning H2/IMG/UL in CSS
  263. HTML/PHP question
  264. Textbox dont show scroll bar in Firefox but ok in IE
  265. In Email for mass mailings
  266. How to wrap up text shown with a table cell after a certain length intervals ?
  267. How to control floating of <div> elements
  268. html css form looks different in IE7 when hosted on server
  269. auto margins in IE
  270. IE7 - how to exterminate the image toolbar?
  271. Replacing tables with CSS layout
  272. how to place an image
  273. DIV align help
  274. Using image for borders
  275. drop down menu for rollovers
  276. Anchor tags in html emails
  277. Frightened new owner of wide screen finds her web pages are in tiny print on it...
  278. cutenews help
  279. Image Links and Hover not working on IE
  280. Firefox and IE Difference
  281. Webpage/Website date
  282. Meta tags target parent?
  283. submit text redirect http
  284. Questions about hyperlinks
  285. ahhh help im new to html and stuff
  286. Help about j2me
  287. Image with credit and caption - an experiment
  288. nested tables?
  289. Looking for a good HTML editor... for Mac
  290. link on pop-up image from thumbnail using css
  291. The </li> before a nested list. Why not?
  292. attic
  293. how to get objects side by side
  294. The Meta Tag, how many of my pages?
  295. So whats with IE6? just one more time.
  296. Underlining text using CSS
  297. IE7 max-width oddity -- any known solution?
  298. how can i use Rich Editor in my PAGE?
  299. what is META TAG.... ?????
  300. HTML and XHTML ...
  301. anchor bg image not displaying properly when URL wraps in IE6
  302. Tags Organization
  303. How can I replace a <frameset> with an <object> aka IE6/strict box model (and hacks).
  304. how do I get my div wrapper to expand?
  305. Checkbox multi column alignment
  306. achieve a nicer hover-effect for images
  307. nice hover-effect for images
  308. Image in TH-Elem
  309. how to load image on to html page using <input type=file">
  310. how to make a textbox readonly using CSS
  311. MathMl in browsers
  312. difference between <h2> and <span>
  313. stretching page to fit content
  314. horizontal dropdown menu using html and css
  315. do search engines index blogs?
  316. CSS 2 columns layout full screen with floating nested divs
  317. IE problem w/my website
  318. Quick Question regarding error
  319. Form Button OnHover Question
  320. Does my menu work in IE7?
  321. mailto: form using GET. Cannot get spaces in text.
  322. Empty div in a table
  323. Swap and Iframes probs!
  324. by listing them
  325. Internet Explorer and overflow: hidden with images
  326. having issue positiong a divrollover in another div.
  327. floating image in css over a background?
  328. Uploading on FTP host
  329. Use of includes / virtual
  330. CSS table relative width
  331. Embedding into a DIV table.
  332. css selector as alias of another
  333. URL Redirection problems
  334. Problems with Borders using CSS
  335. CSS help
  336. How do I Center My Rollover Buttons Horizontally?
  337. Firefox requires refresh to render nested tables properly
  338. CSS positioning from the center of the screen problem....
  339. Page Looking Different in IE and Firefox =/
  340. Javascript encryptor
  341. Center an image at the top of the page.
  342. Changing Cellspacing in a single column only
  343. How can I get 2 forms into 1 page?
  344. Wrapping an Image!
  345. iam able to load a pic which is there in my sys but how on other desk
  346. Hi all.
  347. Disable html to display in a scroll box?
  348. Creating tables with DIV tags
  349. getting "afterimages" when moving layers in Firefox
  350. Scroll-Down does not scroll-down
  351. works with IE but not Firefox
  352. IE7 Oddity (Site works in other browsers)
  353. right justify image?
  354. Doctype question from amateur
  355. Disable save as option
  356. frameset background
  357. Embedded WMP
  358. Control font color
  359. Crossbrowser percentage width inconsistancy
  360. FF to IE (CSS prob)
  361. Image positioning in Firefox
  362. Naming used in HTML
  363. Looking For Writing Job?
  364. CSS XHTML Firefox Right-Align Table
  365. same html code behave differently in IE and FireFox
  366. Picky bar height question
  367. How to refresh page ONCE onload?
  368. background animated gif
  369. font family css
  370. Markup Validation Service ??
  371. Client and Server basic HTTP commands help needed
  372. How can I find my homepage on Google?
  373. How to make a dynamic content in CSS
  374. IE 6 CSS Issue
  375. Align a table
  376. FF Padding Problem
  377. IE adding extra spaces between DIV among other things
  378. CSS "background-position: fixed;" problem, workaround with JS?
  379. few, but very useful links for web designers
  380. hovering div
  381. Positioning DIV's relative to each other
  382. Web Page headings not posting
  383. Title attribute and firefox with forced new lines
  384. Title tag and firefox with forced new lines
  385. Super wierd FireFox problem/Bug ? Please help
  386. Website looks different in IE to Firefox
  387. iframe tag
  388. CSS inline italics ?
  389. div height
  390. Problems with canvas and Safari
  391. How can we make a webpage without extension....?
  392. font align declaration dropped
  393. RFC: From XHTML to HTML via XSLT
  394. How to increase the height of left panel div as the content div increases.
  395. How do I place an image on my wordpress template?
  396. Truncating text in a table rather than wrapping to a new line?
  397. Truncating text in a table rather than wrapping to a new line?
  398. CSS Float Positioning Question
  399. Stretching a portion of an image
  400. Password input box
  401. li:hover - IE issue
  402. html
  403. Absolute beginner!
  404. Inline css tags: need to add link color and hover over behavior
  405. Menu Bar IE Problem
  406. CSS Float, large image and short text
  407. Exporting ImageReady slices as CSS rather than tables
  408. How to remove fieldset margin in IE?
  409. when I use DOCTYPE, margin and padding are ignored
  410. fckeditor inserting double<br> with browser
  411. Help with IE6
  412. Hindi Web Designing
  413. UL and LI in Firefox/IE
  414. IE7 Creating White Space Under Unordered List
  415. Best min-width, max-width hack for IE6 ?
  416. Trying to remove table within a table.
  417. Print Background Image
  418. Firefox CSS display problem
  419. Need Help with HTML on Form
  420. Problem with Firefox
  421. passing parameter to html page that uses frames
  422. IE6 only display text when you mouse over it (!)
  423. Curious Kink
  424. differences between curl command line and firefox address bar ?
  425. equal height floated columns
  426. Editable regions?
  427. Assistance Requested: Margins refusing to disappear?
  428. When are alternate stylesheets invoked?
  429. Change display order (vertical)
  430. strange DOCTYPE problem..
  431. n00bie css problem.
  432. how to specify often-used text just once?
  433. CSS Button fail
  434. Hi All,
  435. Disable printing of flash in favour of internal content
  436. Disable printing of flash in favour of internal content
  437. CSS image popup help
  438. rounded edges...
  439. Which open source text editor to use
  440. Pure CSS Popups
  441. Showing the html?
  442. When is CSS actually required ?
  443. IE Woes...
  444. CSS navigation queries and fix bugs with Internet Explorer
  445. HTML / CSS clearfix
  446. Pls help to Resize Frames
  447. My code successfully running in internet but not working in mozilla
  448. replace text except when mouse hovers above it
  449. IE table spacing issues
  450. Table In Which We Can Enter Data From The Browser
  451. Making an iframe just big enough, but no bigger
  452. page linking
  453. Font sizes on Windows and Linux
  454. Using a Variable in an <a href statement
  455. CSS text colour anomaly??
  456. HTML 5 - the evolving tag soup
  457. Roll over for menu
  458. Pls help it's urgent n needed
  459. div border differences in IE and firefox
  460. image display whacky in ff on 15" monitor???
  461. HTML image alternate tag is not displaying in FF
  462. Div on the right wont stretch with the page??
  463. html form help
  464. problem with frameset dtd
  465. Need to generate a tree structure in jsp
  466. Problems with Nested Divs and Firefox
  467. sloppy form alignment, what's the best css fix?
  468. Difference between IE6 and IE7 with respect to CSS.
  469. dynamic image size
  470. iframe issue - please help!
  471. Position <DIV> Based on Click Link/Cell
  472. centering a page
  473. Im in school and need help with Validation
  474. IE vs Firefox : Floats, Margins, Clears etc
  475. clearing floats to content edge
  476. HTML form
  477. nav menu without using links
  478. Text does not appear in IE, and contents spill over in Opera. URL included.
  479. div position problem
  480. IE bug, but what?
  481. can't replicate this css
  482. div overflow doesn't scroll in Safari
  483. Combining 100% width tables with float
  484. Space at top of webpage in Firefox
  485. divs transparency problem
  486. comp.infosystems job link
  487. Anyone know why IE6 is creating the space around my divs?
  488. Headers
  489. I'm Still Having IE problems
  490. moving images side-by-side in myspace
  491. Confirm a serious CSS bug in IE 7 (infinite loop)
  492. Stationary navigation bar
  493. Descendant chart rendered in CSS
  494. Internet Explorer won't hide nested paragraphs
  495. input tags in forms and xHTML...
  496. Three "<div class=foo>" boxes in the same line, is it possible?
  497. Web page Breakdown resizing browser window?
  498. Small Screen Rendering : Forcing It
  499. Highlighting a Link Destination
  500. Table Troubles
  501. Background image black in Konqueror
  502. Struggling to convert this layout into CSS
  503. <TABLE> vs. <DIV> when and where
  504. my user control is not working in mozilla cause i ve given divs instead of tables
  505. Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both
  506. Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both
  507. Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both
  508. Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both
  509. Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both
  510. Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both
  511. Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both
  512. Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both
  513. Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both
  514. Positioning relative v absolute-- Style or functionality, not both
  515. Three column layout, middle column clear:both; affects other two columns;no tables
  516. How do i center align divs
  517. Finding a Web Host
  518. how to link a flash?? is it ned any coding?
  519. Text in H3 tag is missing when using CSS
  520. Do we need softwares?
  521. Good web templates
  522. * html>body hack?
  523. how to get animations to repeat themselves endlessly
  524. URI scheme for (geographical) map or address location? To-Do?
  525. Is it true that screen readers will ignore display: none;?
  526. Position movies on top of each other
  527. drop shadow
  528. Display Text for mouseover image
  529. converting from tables to css
  530. Link styles not displaying properly in IE6, 7
  531. applying style to table
  532. image padding
  533. IE messing me around
  534. cache-control:private what does it mean?????
  535. Fixed width and relative nested divs
  536. The tale of three divs
  537. alternative of tables in HTML/CSS
  538. Align text fields
  539. Is there a way to set the width of <option> in a <select>?
  540. css not working in CGI-PERl
  541. Documentation
  542. overriding font colors with... ?
  543. [moved from WAP/WML] how to link mysql to xhtml
  544. i have a problem with css and netscape
  545. Just need a bit of help. Please?
  546. Manipulating file input with CSS
  547. centering images inside div tag
  548. FireFox CSS problem...
  549. CSS Text Over Images - Centred
  550. my webpage in Firefox is ok but in IE not