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  1. How to acess a PostgreSQL database from an Oracle database?
  2. Bad bind variable error
  3. how to changing number to word in oracle forms
  4. SQL query to display the Ename of employees in EMP table in lower and uppercase
  5. I am getting Bad bind variable error when i try to create a trigger before insert, up
  6. connection description for remote database not found FROM SAP ORA-02019
  7. How can I get list of all tables underlying in a MATERIALIZED VIEW
  8. How to create KEY for hyperlink Rpeort in Oracle 11g
  9. Oracle Critical Patche Updates and Security Measures
  10. display pdf file into ole field using forms 6i
  11. Case Statement in Oracle with multiple like conditions and one single column as resul
  12. create a schema for existing database
  13. Unable to call the Procedure inside Trigger
  14. Reports problem:I am submitted this code but reports not run.
  15. how do i start printing after previous line printed on page using oracle report devel
  16. integerated heterogeneous database(Mysql and oracle)
  17. how to update some value in different rows
  18. Oracle Sql query having error ORA-00933
  19. Oracle Select Destinct Dups?
  20. Disable\enabled Constraint
  21. How to delete a row with all foreign keys
  22. Need to dynamically select columns in a table which are not null
  23. Hi, I am getting error to execute a pkg.
  24. I need help. I am trying to run this in SQL devoper and Im getting an error ORA-0900
  25. How to combine the three SQL statements in a single statement
  26. Searching multiple columns for a single word.
  27. How to load different language data into oracle database?
  28. How to run multiple queries in SQL Navigator?
  29. ORA-01002: fetch out of sequence occasional exception while running business process
  30. how to get minimum item in a block- oracle form? what's wrong?
  31. how to add primary key constraint at the table level what is the syntax for that expa
  32. Retain and Swap characters in String
  33. ORA-06519: active autonomous transaction detected and rolled back
  34. The specified store provider cannot be found in the configuration or is not valid
  35. Different results for Date range
  36. how to set in r12fnd_client_info.set_currency_context(reporting_ sob_id_char);
  37. Removing semicolon data containing in 3 columns arrange in 3 row data
  38. How can convert column have html data to text with same design in crystal report
  39. Deleting Duplicate Records from the production table
  40. error (ORA-01704:String literal too long)
  41. get min_value, max_value from Table_Name/Column_Name in a table
  42. ORA-00922: missing or invalid option
  43. How to sum two fields value in third field in oracle apex
  44. To know user default tablespace size
  45. PL/SQL Cursor - Reading records row by row and ignoring values
  46. Is being DBA Good for me?
  47. How can I find out the min/max value form multiple tables?
  48. Update multiple rows of a column by same value in Oracle
  49. ORA-01467: sort key too long error on oracle 10g
  50. Convert ms sql query to oracle query
  51. count number of grants in a role
  52. How to handle null columns while using minus
  53. RMAN bkp through oracle scheduler for noarchivelog mode db
  54. Getting SP2-0640 Not connected error on Sql Cmd Line
  55. Which db is good for 64bit cygwin on windows7
  56. Oracle Forms ( Custom Form development Issues on Oracle ERP 12.1.3
  57. export data from oracle 8i and import it in oracle 11gR!
  58. in and out oracle parameters in result in null errors
  59. GIS for Oracle
  60. TNS Listner is not started
  61. fetching rows one by one and inserting rows in another table to cursor
  62. ORA-00933:SQL command not properly ended
  63. how to check the dob is less than the curent date
  64. Min value with all other columns from the table
  65. How to use a db from other system?
  66. Do we cab to create two ASM instances in the same server for allocating disk groups b
  67. remote database connection via SQL Plus
  68. ORA-02291: integrity constraint (STARTUP.SUPER_SSN_FK) violated - parent key not foun
  69. trunc(hiredate) = trunc(sysdate) or trunc(hiredate) = to_date('2012/02/12','yyyy/mm/d
  70. Count of Consecutive Values in Oracle
  71. before delete trigger to confirm
  72. How to store Arabic Characters in ORACLE database?
  73. How to combine DECODE and SUM with a calculation
  74. consult about procedure insert clob into db
  75. ORA-06508 PL/SQL: could not find program unit being called
  76. How Oracle9i Form Builder interact with Html waebpage??
  77. result coming twice , no conversion
  78. load pdf in oracle 11g database
  79. View pdf files in Canvas Oracle form 6
  80. Update Query working on SQl server not on Oracle
  81. ORA - 12541 Message "NO TNS LISTENER"
  82. How to find fourth Saturday of month?
  83. How to collect Oracle performance counter values by using query?
  84. Now to prevent cycle creating in hierarchical data
  85. Compare two tables field by field
  86. Instr function seems to be vague
  87. ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row
  88. Hoq to DROP and Re Create the parent table P1 which has child tables C1,C2,C3?
  89. CAN Python,Ruby and Perl be used as front end for oracle SQL???
  90. Need help creating PL/SQL procedure using function
  91. career shift.
  92. last modifications in column in table oracle 10g
  93. oracle database problems
  94. date format
  95. second highest salary use the subquery
  96. Sql query - orcale database.. Need to retrieve a row with generic condition
  97. Regarding Source - code of Oracle Database
  98. Datediff
  99. comments need to add in one row
  100. how to convert varchar into integer type in sql
  101. Query to return multiple minimum rows of each value
  102. For each month show count - multiple count
  103. cross tabulation query related to pivot operator
  104. read value from exe
  105. Toad download link
  106. Issue with Cursor in the Stored Procedure. Please help as soon as possible!
  107. Oracle11 G database partitioning
  108. how to find server-class of a database
  109. What materials should use to prepare for OCA certification exams
  110. Oracle 8i release 8.1.5 installation in windows XP sp-2 or in Windows7
  111. Query to get IST(Indian standard time) time
  112. how to delete archivelog automaticly
  113. report error
  114. Group Employees without Table using PL/SQL
  115. ORA-01830: date format picture ends before converting entire input string
  116. how to insert nclob data into a table
  117. Least rate in 6 months bought item base on item name
  118. Retrieving data by using live parameters....
  119. Copy (Import) Data from Oracle Database To Another
  120. first time- query is running fine, then executing the same query is failing.
  121. how to pick mail data from any mail server and store it in oracle database
  122. Update a table column with data from other table
  123. how to convert date of birth in (dd-mon_yyyy) this format?
  124. What kind of Oracle certification have you got?
  125. Sql instant client giving error during installation
  126. created PL/SQL procedure and get error PLS-00306
  127. Excel/CSV data to Oracle Tables and compare data
  128. Need SQL Query: produce output of 100s, 1000s, etc. based on table data
  129. Where Are Transaction logs saved in Oracle Db
  130. Using exception handling in a Loop w/ Cursor
  131. Execute triggers in order wise in PLSQL
  132. embed image into html body using oracle it is not working in gmail and yahoo
  133. check user is catalog user
  134. How to load a specific row alone using SQLLDR ??
  135. How to do this query?
  136. Help me in searching the link, for downloading SQL * PLUS in windows.
  137. how can i insert 3 list box data in one column in database
  138. Datatype cannot be changed in table
  139. passing values from unix to stored procedure
  140. In PL/SQL what is a difference between a cursor and a reference cursor?
  141. How to execute a small piece of code in Toad?
  142. Executing a procedure
  143. Difference between a stored procedure and a procedure?
  144. Why are we going for cursor, can't we use procedure instead?
  145. Find table Name based on column name
  146. List out data from database if data status not equal to yes with joint table
  147. Oracle 8.1.6 on Windows XP - database not starting
  148. insufficient privileges when i create a tablespace in user flshop
  149. How to get data for a particular date till Today
  150. oracle error ORA-02449: unique/primary keys in table referenced by foreign keys
  151. error run_product(reports no longer use inestted (run_report_object)
  152. Search a string in entire schema
  153. ORA-01735 : invalid alter table option
  154. Inner Join with similar tables bring different results
  155. change window color on pressing push button
  156. Importing data from JDE char 3 via datalink into Oracle; "0xC14040... display in rows
  157. Select with AND OR clause
  158. Difference between In and Out parameters in Oracle functions
  159. find total row
  160. count row after select statement
  161. Primary Key duplication in the primary key column
  162. how find total row of count(1)
  163. Invalid symbol displayed in select query result
  164. how to code for data mining
  165. column type incompatible with reference column type
  166. what is the difference between inner join and equi join?
  167. CONNECTIVITY of oracle table to vb
  168. How to make indexed or linked table
  169. error in code UTL_FILE
  170. problem in spool command
  171. toad login
  172. how to move one schema db to another schema db using toad 9.5?
  173. Aggregate function, count or max, on >2 joined tables where pk is composite
  174. how to insert video into oracle database?
  175. Inserting date (mmyy) into table
  176. Help with Order By AND ROWNUM by a student
  177. Fatal pl/sql error after submiting report im getting this error
  178. 1Z0-820 exam training
  179. Problem: Importing .csv file into oracle database 11g
  180. examples of non-printable characters.
  181. How to restore the Oracle 10g XE database.
  182. Error: ORA-01427:single-row subquery returns more than 1 row?
  183. How to return records where the value in column is less than 4 digits using cursor
  184. PLS-00049 bad bind variables??!!!!
  185. ORA-01445: cannot select ROWID from, or sample, a join view without a key-preserved
  186. Split field that has multiple Carriage returns as field delimiters
  187. Equals Ignore case query
  188. How do I Create a Comma-Separated List using a PL/SQL Query?
  189. how to take full database backup using toad
  190. how to execute this PL/SQL procedure?
  191. how to change sessions_highwater value of v$license
  192. Connecting to Oracle Database from Unix?
  193. how to grant sysdba privileges to user
  194. what is the best datatype to store a file in oracle database
  195. Performance Issue when substr used in where clause
  196. Oracle Forms Problem in virtual box using ubuntu
  197. datediff
  198. Dynamic SQL in PL/SQL, DBMS problem
  199. how to insert values into a table
  200. how to display only those data which is specified in a given year
  201. How to update a specific column using trigger
  202. Oracle express 11g? Constraints
  203. Writing to Windows using Oracle concurrent process to a defined mount point on Window
  204. Oracle BI Publisher
  205. to solve trigger
  206. How to Exclude Sat and sun in APEX 4.1
  207. How to write the trigger to update 2 tables
  208. How to find the difference between two timestamp column
  209. Nested statements using Update
  210. i want to export data from oracle to excel using the command line
  211. Maximum open cursor
  212. Table Partitioning over 2 computers
  213. How to update the table during the runtime
  214. Search query by date
  215. retrieve a value from database
  216. How to Get the Column Value in Newline in Oracle 10g
  217. Connecting to Oracle in Unix shell
  218. how to check item sold ? date
  219. connection failure
  220. Inserting a column from two concatenated columns
  221. How to copy the tables of ORACLE 10g from my home pc to other system?
  222. Oracle 10g and 11i SQL command difference
  223. I have to find the primary key of a table in oracle
  224. error conectivity problem
  225. database
  226. Internal and Fatal Plsql Error in Oracle Report 10g
  227. Primary key and foreign constraint in oracle
  228. how To check table exists in Oracle?..
  229. how to update multiple columns of a table from another table?.
  230. How to insert and update in single query?..
  231. Oracle .dmp import problem
  232. Oracle Rows to Column Transformation
  233. meaning
  234. Create new Database Link Problem
  235. Need Function help
  236. How to change the table name during the runtime
  237. indexing varchar2(200)
  238. Oracle 10g client - Please help
  239. How to wrap a package
  240. how to change directory in oracle
  241. How to select whole column from SQL table
  242. How to execute stored procedure in oracle with cursor as a out parameter
  243. command that will tell the table size and available space
  244. about database
  245. Max of three different tables
  246. java using plsql
  247. I really need help with this subquery
  248. synonyms
  249. how to create table in procedure?..
  250. Calculating percentages
  251. How to get username and password for oracle 9i database?
  252. How to generate the report from oracle forms
  253. COUNT AND display and Column Name in ORACLE 10G
  254. how to get schema corresponding database name
  255. regular expressions in oracle
  256. storing images
  257. Highest value from a column
  258. Oracle RDB ODBC with .net web service
  259. ocj4 configuration issue
  260. Toad for oracle - error
  261. Problem with ALL_CONSTRAINTS
  262. ora00932 inconsistent data types: expected date got number when i update a date
  263. oracle,sql
  264. oracal
  265. Hot to get most used table in databse
  266. Script to delete rows in a table and partition of the table
  267. Script to delete rows from a table
  268. Question about query
  269. upload a file by oracle store procedure using utl_file package.
  270. how to call a function in oracle
  271. how to make oracle table names case insensitive
  272. plsql procedure
  273. Every 5 minutes query
  274. ORA-04071 error
  275. Connection Error to the database
  276. how to find column detials
  277. Getting Syntax Error When trying to use input variables to populate where clause
  278. please resolve this problem i am getting this error after running this procedure
  279. Help! Sqlplus error: PLS-00201: The identifier 'ALTA_PREU' must be declared
  280. what is the use of decode function in sql and how to use decode function
  281. how to call select statement in trigger
  282. Can I add another PK to the existed table?
  283. Passing Object type to a remote database procedure input
  284. how to fetch all relational tables from oracle ?
  285. Case Query
  286. Accessing two Databases using a single SQL query
  287. EXP-00056 ORACLE error 12154 encountered
  288. Function not returning values ( Sometimes??)
  289. Using Reg Ex
  290. missing set keyword
  291. missing set keyword
  292. Help with duplicate rows due to date/time in query
  293. Ora-04092
  294. Time datatype in Oracle Database
  295. Creating a schema
  296. Right parenthesis error
  297. How to display chinese characters in output file of a concurrent program in oracle ?
  298. defineColumnType
  299. Difference between HAVING and WHERE?
  300. Enable Parallel Execution
  301. Automatic Refresh Materialized View
  302. Need help in understanding the query technically
  303. Time and date in sql
  304. Oracle Time Conversion from EST to UTC and Back is 1 hour off?
  305. performance is poor in this query where this table has got millions of records
  306. Integrate oracle forms 11g with JSP
  307. How can I make virtual table whitout create privilege?
  308. oracle 11g database link
  309. how to image browsing in form from oracle database?
  310. how to get dates of all saturdays in 2011
  311. Oracle system trigger fired twice on drop table
  312. Microsoft ODBC of oracle error in windows xp
  313. tns:could not resolve service name
  314. Ora-02291 error when inserting data
  315. PL/SQL return count for all dates
  316. How to limit oracle table search?
  317. How to export data from oracle to excel and other databases
  318. where should i put update with this count function?
  319. edit the varchar in the columns
  320. How can I insert the system date into a table?
  321. Ora 00933 error
  322. jre missing in scratch path
  323. Order in left and right joins
  324. Query to display column name and value
  325. Sum two columns of different tables
  326. Database error: database not open
  327. directory service error
  328. Help with SQL script
  329. SQL Connection Refused
  330. Accessing oracle in a unix platform
  331. Oracle 10 Query by Unix Sysdate
  332. usage of CASE statement
  333. query from oracle
  334. Please advise a better index
  335. SELECT with OFFSET oracle
  336. Issue in enable/disable the value set in concurrent program
  337. how to encrypt the complete table
  338. ora-01033 error in oracle 7 server release on unix
  339. ora-01033 oracle initialisation or shutdown in progress
  340. how can i convert float to number in my following prog. as i m getting wrong o/p.
  341. Error: imp-00002:failed to open the xyz.dmp for read
  342. How to exchange a string in oracle sql?
  343. Insert error: ORA-00936: missing expression
  344. Materialized view creation taking too long
  345. How to play Gif file in oracle form 6i/
  346. How to get 1st two characters and last two characters from a column in table?
  347. Store procedure question...
  348. How to improve performance on query
  349. ORA-01219: database not open
  350. Regarding Object ID in oracle
  351. How to import the dump file into oracle 9i
  352. How can I monitor the execution result of a stored procedure at run time?
  353. what is the input required here?(after running)and what's the right query?
  354. Oracle certification: complete ocp in 10g
  355. Explanation of how to implement oracle grid computing
  356. Migrate DB from UNIX to Windows
  357. Oracle SQL Query> Collect certian time intervatal data
  358. Internal error has occurred issue
  359. ORA 1033 Oracle intilization or shutdown in progress
  360. finding the emp info
  361. Aggregating Related Text Data
  362. How to call store procedure from DB trigger in oracle 10g?
  363. Delay Time when executing sql command
  364. How efficient are queries that use DISTINCT (vs filtering data yourself)
  365. why we cannot use decode in pl sql blocks ?
  366. Why Can't I Check Straightaway That at least One Row Matches My Criteria in a Query?
  367. how to set default value for column of new created table from select statement in 11g
  368. missing right parenthesis when creating table
  369. ORA-12541: TNS:no listener
  370. Toad Errors....???
  371. Merging result from three queries
  372. Oracle certification question
  373. How to clear IOException ?
  374. I am using Oracle 9i as backend Then how we can create .dmp file to my project?
  375. how to alter back this table to read write?
  376. How to Evaluate Pairs of Records?
  377. how to link primary and forgein keys in sql for oracle
  378. How to call Sql * Loader Program Without passing Database user name and PAssword
  379. Call to undefined function oci_connect() error.
  380. I am creating the following trigger. It seems to be working but return error messages
  381. Increase the length of the table_name cloumn in USER_TAB_COLUMNS table
  382. if loop is not woking pls clarify
  383. oracle services are getting started automatically on rebooting....
  384. Materialized view is not getting refreshed as expected.
  385. How to display one column values to multiple column values?
  386. How to convert from long to varchar2?
  387. error Object reference not set to an instance of an object..plz help
  388. ERROR: JRE missing in scratch path
  389. Unable select all columns from 2 tables using Union all...
  390. Sql query having problem
  391. How to import a database exported from an oracle 7 into 10g?
  392. How to represent HEX in Oracle?
  393. How to convert data with different charsets into other databases?
  394. Having problem with PRO* compiler
  395. How to create macros for Oracle?
  396. I am not able to run Multimedia Database program in oracle9i
  397. show column heading as table value in select statement
  398. Hi...question regarding a script for expdp
  399. How to update 1st record in a set of records with unique constrains?
  400. summing of child level display the parent level
  401. how to turn off auditing in oracle
  402. SQL Interpolation query
  403. Use of ASC & DESC indexes
  404. Round(45.923, -1)
  405. How to get the encoding of an oracle database?
  406. How to delete an Unknow table name?
  407. How to evaluate and get results of formula stored in column?
  408. How to execute a function with one out parameter and 2 in parameters & out parameter?
  409. Can we pass multiple arguments in 'nvl' function ?
  410. How to use a case statement in where clause with an 'in' operator?
  411. How to access a Result Set?
  412. How to join 2 tables A and B one field(x) is common in both?
  413. How is data captured through fingerprint scan & stored?
  414. How to load data from/to utl file?
  415. How to retrive data without table name?
  416. How to convert this MsSQL statement into Oracle?
  417. What are some sources to learn more about Joins?
  418. How to change the character set of a database?
  419. Why we are using to_number function in this query?
  420. How to tune the query?
  421. How to rename each column values with distinct prime number?
  422. How many varchar2 datatypes present in a table?
  423. Why are spfile contents are readable in text format?
  424. How to hide a main report header when a subreport is open In Crystal Reports?
  425. Why the query returns results having hire_date greater than given date?
  426. How to import old version dmp file into 10g express edition?
  427. How can I declare a ref cursor for unknown table?
  428. How to connect to my Oracle DB through VPN Connection?
  429. How to update column (ISO_WEEK) in TOAD Oracle?
  430. How to call report from Oracle form 10g?
  431. How to fix "Problems occcured with jrew.exe" error during installation on Vista?
  432. Help with an Oracle Error...
  433. Parametrized stored procedue on SQL prompt
  434. How to fix error on procedure creation?
  435. How to get the form_id or function_id or function_name?
  436. How to create a new Database from Toad Oracle?
  437. Can one user accesses two tablespaces?
  438. How to create synonym and privileges?
  439. How to import data's into oracle having existing values?
  440. Invalid Cursor Error while inserting data in a table.
  441. what is the difference b/w VARRAY,RecordType,table type and nested tables data type?
  442. TNS-12560: TNS: protocol adapter error TNS-00515: Connect failed because target host
  443. Trouble with SQL join on update statement
  444. Can I use my software developed by oracle form builder in Linux?
  445. How to select same column twice with different condition?
  446. How to call to procedure without Cursor giving me a Statement Handle Error?
  447. SQL PLUS FORM OUTPUT - how to do it
  448. How to update a table setting date as '11/30/2010 12:30:01 PM' in particular records?
  449. Why is package taking more time than expected?
  450. How to Close One Window from another window in oracle form6i?
  451. Crystal Reports: query prompts (date) and dynamic parameters
  452. Question on Creating Placeholder Rows
  453. How To Call .Swf file into oracle form6i?
  454. Reg Oracle Article/Content writing
  455. How to solve stock calculation Error?
  456. errors PLS-00302: component 'CALLS' must be declared How to solve this
  457. How to drop primary key referenced to other foreign key?
  458. Set constraint on column type?
  459. Why does assigning a default value cause invalid identifier error?
  460. Oracle Report 6i not print on Receipt Printer (CZERLOP)
  461. How to fetch data from oracle in xml format?
  462. Sql-2113 error
  463. Display all columns of a table using group by
  464. How do i avoid re-minising the value through a button when i click ?
  465. Query for specific duplicated values
  466. How to run oracle developer 6i report from client machine?
  467. How to calculate Stock information?
  468. How to restore Rman backup from unix to windows?
  469. How to use "rownum"
  470. How to run a LIKE query with multiple values?
  471. How to make report with help of D2k in oracle?
  472. How to transfer tables from one oracle to another oracle
  473. table contains name column i want to display senthil at first remaining in order ?
  474. Create sequence <seq_name>
  475. can i create dynamic menu in oracle forms 6i .
  476. ORA-01732: data manipulation operation not legal on this view
  477. Calculate leap year days between two dates
  478. I got error like "ORA-00971: missing SET keyword" why?
  479. how to retrieve data which have been overriden in oracle database?
  480. how to get a particular column alone in select statement?
  481. How to retrieve data from oracle database to Visual Studio -2005 grid view?
  482. none of the passwords are working in my PC,someone please helpme
  483. ORA-06572: Function ADD_NUM1 has out arguments
  484. seventh max user-id(NP09_USR_ID) from the table(NNPD00.NP09_PRFL_USR)
  485. The query below keeps yielding "SQL command not properly ended" when run. Why?
  486. PLS-00306 wrong number or types of arguments in call to
  487. How to merge rows from a Virtual Table, based on a foreign key
  488. How to need to access the DB1 procedure through db link from DB2
  489. What is the maximum query length in Oracle?
  490. Error. ORA 12535: TNS operation time out. How can i resolve it?
  491. looking for data of the market share of SGBD's
  492. How to display the names only with character '_' in oracle?
  493. Update and or insert
  494. retrieve commands from committed database
  495. How to view a created table query in oracle 10g
  496. materialized views
  497. How to reject the data when particular column value is null in sql loader?
  498. Integrity Constraint error ORA-02291 even if the parent key exists.
  499. Application Express and Passing JAVA URLs with Bing Variables
  500. How to fix oracle 8i on Win XP installation problem
  501. How to import a dump file into Oracle on linux?
  502. how do i fix the error ORA-01401: inserted value too large for column in PL/SQL
  503. What is the issue when a check is cut but doesn't hit the GL cash/AP?
  504. How to load an audio file in oracle form6i
  505. Can Oracle forms 11g connect to DB2 or SQL Server?
  506. How do I remove CHAR(10) and Char(13) from a table column
  507. Trigger to restrict alter session
  508. How to fix error on create table
  509. how to skip the bad record and continue with loading in SQL Loader?
  510. looking for making project of forms(oracle9i)
  511. How to solve ORA-02291: integrity constraint error
  512. how to take tables from oracle database
  513. How to get the last saturday of a month?
  514. Select statement within the select statment
  515. SELECT CONVERT(SMALLDATETIME,GETDATE(),20) ...i want the date to be 2010-02-02
  516. Validate pattern of field in combination of char & int
  517. Error while creating DBLINK Oracle - SQL Server
  518. Error (ORA-00904) after i run for this command
  519. some of my data is getting overwritten by the update query i want to save my old data
  520. Query taking too long to finish
  521. Date and Time comparison
  522. Calculate mode from series of date of birth
  523. How can I find out the min/max value form multiple tables?
  524. Join tables with empty records
  525. Comparing and updating values in same table but in different rows
  526. i inherited an windows oracle box. when i try to login to database, i get 12560, etc
  527. how can i update a table which is self joined?
  528. Stored function
  529. Create a stored procedure
  530. Repeat AND statement, but remember first result?
  531. how can i solve the error ora-03113 ?
  532. what is node cluster architecture
  533. Comma Separated to Rows
  534. Having problems to build a proper update in oracle10g
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