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  1. Bitmaps means Freelists
  2. oracle file full error
  3. UTL_SMTP: relay access denied
  4. Analytic functions
  5. Can anybody send mee a copy of Oracle for DOS....!!
  6. Joins
  7. physical and logical backup
  8. help on Oracle10g edition and developer6i
  9. selecting name from a database table
  10. need an oracle PL/SQL standard functions
  11. A procedure can not create a user?
  12. Table relationship
  13. oracle10g and developer6i?
  14. Ref cursor order by
  15. Append data into Target table
  16. creating a user within a function
  17. oracle MFS
  18. Using Decode Function
  19. How shape files loaded into DB
  20. Query Performance
  21. Update
  22. Oracle 9i Sql complex queries with examples
  23. Update statement ignoring 'where' clause
  24. want logic for this
  25. Other ways instead of using Connect By prior
  26. User Exits
  27. How to update existing menu in database
  28. escape ( in column name
  29. Do oracle considers index if decode is used?
  30. Synonyms database link problem
  31. URGENT..!!!!! Can any 1 Give me query for this pls?
  32. Accessing an oracle table from .NET
  33. oracle snmp
  34. CASE statement.........
  35. Session level auto-commit
  36. Query regarding dates
  37. Query regarding dates
  38. PL/SQL Function
  39. PL/SQL Function
  40. How to select only TOP record in a table
  41. Utl_file
  42. Help me to create stored procedure for paging Using oracle
  43. Select Column in Sequence
  44. Explanation with pragma restrict reference
  45. Oracle Query
  46. SQL return more 1 rows of record
  47. Oracle- one REDO file is corrupt out of 3 ?
  48. in Oracle 9.2.0
  49. Ora-12154
  50. diff between ref cursor and cursor
  51. ..using WITH together with UNION..
  52. Oracle Forms - Checkboxes - When-Checkbox-Changed Trigger
  53. sql
  54. ORA-06531: Reference to uninitialized collection
  55. Oracle10g charset conversion Urgently
  56. Immediate Help............
  57. Dynamic SQL
  58. Pl/sql
  59. Table Partition
  60. Help Error 0922
  61. To remove duplicate lines from the output
  62. Error 30584 & PLS 00201
  63. Alter View.............
  64. Declare variable
  65. oracle
  66. How to do Incremental Load using PL/SQL
  67. oc4j configuration issue
  68. Grant problem
  69. Need help querying a db
  70. Performance tuning...
  71. compiler
  72. rollback in SQL * Loader
  73. varchar2 parameter in stored procedure
  74. relational algebra
  75. could not connect oracle database from remote place - Urgent
  76. ora-04020 deadlock while issuing revoke privilege from public
  77. Running Oracle Reports from a database table
  78. joins
  79. Union or union all...tough task
  80. Stored procedure that accepts multiple values
  81. Need your EXPERTISE and ADVICE on PL/SQL Procedures and FUNCTIONS.
  82. PL/SQL -- 12-month range window count
  83. Which type of argument passes a value from a procedure to the calling environment?
  84. Problem running JSP Page created through Report Builder 10 in web application
  85. assign output of a oracle query to a unix variable
  86. Oracle
  87. convert timestamp to date
  88. form builder to report
  89. FRM 40735:WHEN-BUTTON-PRESSED Trigger Raised unhandled Exception ORA - 305500
  90. To store a text file
  91. about triggers
  92. ORA-00603: ORACLE server session terminated by fatal error
  93. update with left join,from,on
  94. Oracle Forms - Migration
  95. Oracle Forms - Migration
  96. write to a excel file of the text in color using UTL.FILE in PL/SQL
  97. sqlplus/oracle database
  98. TO copy columns from tab1 to tab2
  99. Populating a table using trigger
  100. problem in hierarichal tree
  101. How to connect oracle data base from unix shell script
  102. ORACLE 9i
  103. changing column data
  104. Outer join problem
  105. New PL/SQL Feature in Oracle 11g: CONTINUE keyword
  106. how to include other users in the password file...?
  107. How to run cron tab jobs in sql environment
  108. Store file in database tables
  109. Migration from oracle7 to oracle 9i
  110. Control file could not be located
  111. Global temporary table
  112. NULL values & UNIQUE Key
  113. oracle10g data in ISO-8859-1
  114. oracle
  115. transelate this scripts
  116. Oracle 9i license key -
  117. Create a Funtion to Increment a 7 digit number and call it from a stored proc
  118. com1 data control
  119. Character Report
  120. Row exclusive lock
  121. Getting ORA-01003 error
  122. Parallel Execution
  123. What is the difference between current_date & sysdate function?
  124. Exception In Ref Cursor
  125. Including records in a query result that have no values
  126. Getting Missing Values in the List
  127. stored procedure
  128. data migration
  129. Database doesnot strat automatically
  130. Oracle-Report Writing
  131. Oracle-Query
  132. Procedure explaination
  133. What is the use of command TNSPING?
  134. please help me
  135. ORA-12162 TNS:net service name is incorrectly specified
  136. Trying To Acquire Oracle 8 Enterprise
  137. end of communication channel
  138. Database migration
  139. Help in Query
  140. Handle db events in external programming application
  141. what happened when increasing the size of redologs
  142. alter a co-dependent type
  143. Date and hour in stored procedure
  144. Query
  145. Global Temporary Table
  146. Updating table columns with where exist
  147. how to select rows where column with date is NULL
  148. Procedure
  149. ORA-00917: missing comma error
  150. somi
  151. ORA-00911: invalid character
  152. Trigger on bulk insert
  153. Oracle stored Procedure
  154. About performance tuning
  155. giude me
  156. "NOT IN" performance
  157. write a query row to column
  158. Drop a schema ?
  159. Why The Function cannot be called
  160. Duplicate Removing
  161. How To Find Termination Value
  162. Insert data from pl/sql table in Oracle
  163. Its very very urgent Please....Could you please help.plz help in solving queries
  164. Explain
  165. Charset In Oracle 10g
  166. plz send me aquery about sind months , days between two dates
  167. unload data
  168. report
  169. Grouping sequential numbers with SQL
  170. how populate list item
  171. how can we call the word document by using forms
  172. Trigger giving exception ORA-04091
  173. Report Writing on Oracle
  174. Report Writing
  175. What is error PLW 07204?
  176. Calling functions
  177. how to take hot back up oracle 8i windows 2000 server
  178. PL/SQL - changing one column's value depending another column's value
  179. Help in group by query
  180. revoke permission from another users schema
  181. sqlplus not working
  182. system privileges
  183. SQLplus
  184. tell me about tablespace??????and waht is schemaa???????
  185. REG Apps
  186. how to handle invalid objects
  187. Tns-12560: Tns Protocol Adapter Error
  188. will a primary key change be reflected in the existing records?
  189. Could anyone help me in writing triggers? Plzz
  190. about system privileges
  191. plz help me in dis query...
  192. Triggers
  193. Urgent............Plzzzzzz help me in dis
  194. Data Migration
  195. I m a fresher in oracle plz help me in solving these queries.. plz provide tips also
  196. ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error
  197. help needed for litner creation and new username creation!!!!!!!
  198. sql * plus
  199. disconnect from a user
  200. trying to connect to database
  201. How Oracle 10g searching Queries?
  202. Sql Dynamically
  203. Converting Timestamp to date.
  204. Special guidelines for Oracle forum.
  205. Oracle roles
  206. Strings Length Issue
  207. dat
  208. what is listner in oracle?????i want to create it on my pc!!!!!!
  209. About creating user,deleting user and revoke privileges
  210. Need Query.. Help Please...
  211. help needed for developer2000 installation!!!!!!it's urgent
  212. code explaination
  213. deadlock situation
  214. Therminal Printer Does Not Cut Automatically My Character Report
  215. Global Temprary Tables
  216. Difference between sys_user and system_user?
  217. converting German char into english
  218. Partitions
  219. store procedure for birthday
  220. writing text on new lines
  221. if a data field contains acomma in it then how load it using sqlloader
  222. Segment.....
  223. temporary tablespace
  224. Index on multivalue varchar2 field
  225. Oracle Books
  226. Tempfile offline
  227. check decode fuction for ae,ext,gen and check joining
  228. Update time stamp for CLOB Data
  229. Moving Data In Alike Columns From Table To Table
  230. Can some please sort out my query
  231. Oracle 10g
  232. Alter tablespace to temporary!!
  233. Raise_application_error drop the error number when displaying
  234. Administration Oracle Database in C#
  235. Trigger help
  236. Startup Options - view
  237. Oracle9IAS: How to archive the application log
  238. Trigger and table
  239. How to give a grant like select,update,insert on a single table
  240. SQL Developer Result & TOAD Result is different
  241. External tables in Oracle
  242. Avoiding multiple reference to same value in Query
  243. Question
  244. HoW???
  245. update column
  246. Time slow by 30mins
  247. multi row update using sub query
  248. Oracle Reports 6i on RDBMS 8i
  249. Services
  250. i am not able to connect any user
  251. fetch the record with maximun seq number
  252. alter database command in Oracle 9i
  253. SQL UPDATE command for updating DATE
  254. Doubt in Reports 6i
  255. How to get the List of Active Users in a Responsibility (Oracle Apps)
  256. Oracle Connection
  257. Extract the 3 most recent dates
  258. how to select Row from the table
  259. Script that searches and updates/deletes
  260. Update command syntax
  261. Date format in Procedure.
  262. SQL Error: Missing IN or OUT parameter at index:: 1
  263. Autonomous_transaction
  264. error while shutdown the database
  265. Error in parsing XML File
  266. wait events
  267. why datadapter do not fill dataset with all changes in database?
  268. Postgres type conflict
  269. XSU.insertXML() type conflict
  270. Didnt get OCA certificate
  271. Oracle HTTP Server Help!
  272. Prepare Statement Limitiations - URGENT ANSWER NEEDED
  273. Create Table In Oracle Procedures
  274. Oracle doubts.
  275. can we write a procedure inside the function?
  276. Date format
  277. help me regarding TNS PROTOCOL ADAPTER ERROR!!!!!!!!
  278. inserting images
  279. What could this question be asking about?
  280. Report builder-Forms builder bugs?
  281. how to insert a single row
  282. Error parsing xml files - Help urgently needed.
  283. Advantages of function overloading
  284. help needed to drop unnames constraint!!!!!!!!
  285. From cursor to a table
  286. Sid, Pid............
  287. Need help in using Radio Buttons, Check Boxes at run Time
  288. "SQL Statement ignored" and "ORA-01733: virtual column not allowed here" errors
  289. catalog.sql, catproc.sql and pupbld.sql
  290. sqlloader
  291. reading a trace
  292. SQL Server Tables Import into Oracle
  293. Dynamic LOVs in Developer 2000 forms 6i
  294. Max value in select statement
  295. begginer
  296. Error in PL/SQL block
  297. insifficient priviliges problem
  298. Send mail from procedure
  299. Oracle Sql
  300. JAVA to ORACLE Date Problems
  301. JOINS In Oracle
  302. How can Stored procedures be used in oracle reports for creating reports?
  303. How Indexes improve performance?
  304. Connect by In Oracle
  305. Update table from Flat file
  306. Pro*C and nested tables compiler error
  307. Not able to user synonyms based on dictionary tables like
  308. Advantages and Disadvantages of a Stored Procedure
  309. Conversion of date format
  310. Grant
  311. database design.(rehan)
  312. how to execute package
  313. optimizing the query
  314. home instance down
  315. IN OUT parameters in Procedures
  316. Oracle spatial
  317. Outside and Within Campus?
  318. Testing of Counters?
  319. Difference between Implicit Cursor and Explicit Cursor
  320. Rem Serveroutput?
  321. PLZ Help to connect to deffrent databases togther
  322. Oracle ORA-01033 Error & ORA-01031 error
  323. What is precompiler
  324. oracle
  325. Blob
  326. Displaying records using %ROWTYPE
  327. india localization oracle fast formulas help
  328. when and why do we need to use pragma serially reusable?
  329. Suse 9 -php 4 - oci8 connection
  330. trigger on AFTER LOGON DATABASE
  331. Declaring a cursor ROWTYPE%
  332. How to solve the restricted data type attribute violation ?
  333. Create any table
  334. how to connect from unix to oracle
  335. Dirrence between VARRAY and Nested Table in PL/SQL
  336. Simple question on how to insert record?
  337. Query behaving differently in different times
  338. What is the use of tnsnames.ora?
  339. oracle Index
  340. Theory questions
  341. sql loader
  342. Pragma autonomous transaction
  343. oracle error..ORA-01858
  344. Hit Ratio of Database Buffer Cache
  345. oracle to postgresSQL
  346. Dynamic %ROWTYPE
  347. How to Unloack Lock
  348. definition of SID in Oracle
  349. Oracle applications 11i installation on WinXp
  350. simulteneous transactions
  351. WITH cluase in Oracle.
  352. What is the Difference Between Oracle 9i and 10g
  353. select statement
  354. difference between case and decode
  355. problem with row_number()
  356. Cbo Rbo
  357. Creating a sequence
  358. index
  359. Swapping tuples using single, simple query
  360. Date Range Criteria with Single Date Prompt
  361. Uninstall Oracle 8
  362. sql query of duplicate records
  363. about oracle 8i
  364. Long-Running Opretations (V$SESSION_LONG_OPS)
  365. oracle statement
  366. Oracle Cursor Problem
  367. help for creating trigger to control the insert according to salary>1000!!!!
  368. dev6i
  369. ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel
  370. Help with a Subquery
  371. ASCII Dump of Oracle Table Data
  372. Regarding pl/sql
  373. Converting rows to clumns (max case)
  374. Database Writer / Database Writer I/O salves
  375. "URGENT" please solve oracle9i installation error
  376. new to this group
  377. Need help to import data from excel sheet to oracle database,front end is
  378. insertion with quick performence
  379. what difference i and g makes in oracle version
  380. to fetch ist 25 rows
  381. package takes long time to run insert statement
  382. need help for oracle insertion
  383. turkish character problem in report builder
  384. oracle sid
  385. oracle report builder
  386. regarding pl/sql sql%notfound
  387. ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [FFFFFFFF7E769708] [SIGSEGV] [Address not
  388. pl/sql procedure
  389. Installing ODB.NET
  390. Calling Oracle Stored Procedure from 2.0
  391. Oracle Stored Proc - Compilation Error
  392. INST Command and help breaking apart Syntax (SQL/Oracle
  393. Any way to stop asterisk translation in a view?
  394. Help needed with String Operation
  395. How can I show the default value?
  396. cursor using join in 8i
  397. can't see the hebrew character
  398. Want to change color of text item when got focus in forms builber d2k
  399. Oracle database creation
  400. Logical & Physical Structure
  401. Table - Logical structure
  402. problem with oracle 10g
  403. password reset plugin
  404. Statistics error
  405. Indexes & Dates
  406. is this syntax right?
  407. Cursor in PL/SQL Oracle
  408. retreiving multiple rows using procedure
  409. Tablespace
  410. problem in oracle apps report while registering reports
  411. oracle10g install on IMacOSX
  412. Oracle Partition
  413. how to disable the item
  414. [1]: (Error): ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis
  415. Integrity Constraints
  416. can we change toolbar and menu bar from oracle report 6 in preview
  417. Db_link
  418. can we connect developer 6i with oracle 10g
  419. hi guys, It's santhosh here,
  420. tns Problem
  421. To make table data case insensitive
  422. Looking for Oracle 8 disks for Linux
  423. need help with dates in teradata
  424. rman backup - retention policy , archive logs
  425. How to find a strucutre of atable in oracle like desc in mysql
  426. Populating Active Directory with data from an Oracle DB
  427. merge hierarchical trees
  428. use of group by with union all
  429. How to store and retrieve an image in oracle using java
  430. Usage Of View
  431. how to migrate oracle to sql
  432. workaround for admin option
  433. Oracle Contains() function won't return rows when Numbers are part of the search term
  434. Reg DMBS Jobs
  435. simple sequence question
  436. Formatting sysdate
  437. 'ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended' in oracle dtabase
  438. difference between count(*) and count(1)
  439. Oracle OCI for checking the status of database in VC++
  440. ORA-12514: TNS:listener could not resolve SERVICE_NAME given in connect descriptor
  441. Enabling/Disabling Radio Buttons
  442. tablespacing
  443. Can cursor variables be stored in PL/SQL?
  444. How To Restore A Postgres Database Backup In Oracle
  445. Amending a Startup form of an Oracle 6i Application
  446. Oracle 8i installation problem with Windows XP OS
  447. split out duplicate records in Oracle table
  448. import excel worksheet into oracle table
  449. Terminate the scheduled execution job.
  450. Difference Between Oracle6i And Oracle9i
  451. global_database_name in oracle 8i
  452. need help debugging missing parenthesis
  453. How to select data containing newline characters in them.
  454. Triggers in Oracle
  455. (to_char(myDate,format) < myString) vs (myDate < to_date(myString, format)).
  456. file I/O operations
  457. Query using full table scan
  458. query optimisation
  459. Privilege for AFTER LOGON ON DATABASE
  460. Oracle - Rollup not working when I use Having clause
  461. List items in Oracle Forms 6i
  462. Oracle definitions
  463. import data from oracle to MS-Access using forms6i
  464. unique index and non unique index
  465. How to install forms 6i
  466. oracle import only specific user from a dump
  467. possible to create index on a column which contains NULL values
  468. update and insert within the same trigger
  469. handling Long raw data type tables
  470. to see the contents of a view
  471. need a query to display the row value as a column header
  472. Difference between UNION and UNION ALL
  473. possible for function with DML statement to call other function or procedures
  474. Import .xls file into oracle
  475. Using instr and substr
  476. How to create TRIGGERS for inherited types in Oracle
  477. calculate the avg time of two time stamps like start_time and end_tiem
  478. Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle error '80004005'
  479. Connectivity with Oracle8i and Visual Fox Pro at the same time
  480. preserve links while reconciling Oracle Warehouse Builder Premapping operator
  481. Seeking Suggestions
  482. can you commit inside functions
  483. Oracle Query optimization
  484. Functions
  485. Regarding importing of data
  486. database query to show calculated value
  487. question......
  488. preventing sqlplus output to terminal from UNIX
  489. Function return OUT mode
  490. Update record syntax
  491. alter table syntax
  492. problem in creating database
  493. how to write to get a report like....
  494. Trigger valid/invalid
  495. run dbms_stats for a set of tables through a PL/SQL block
  496. Date and time columns - days, hours mins between in SQL
  497. OCI prefetching with ref cursors
  498. how to give prevalages in oracle 9i
  499. what is a virtual table in plsql
  500. Migration from SQL Server Reporting Services to Oracle Reports 10g
  501. How to drop Not Null constraint (system generated)
  502. Explain Plan and Full Table Scan definition
  503. Displaying null value
  504. function truncate
  505. Use functions
  506. Table using joins.
  507. creation of table in procedure, table name as input
  508. what is a virtual table in oracle?can anyone explain pls..
  509. query to match weekly and daily records
  510. Host credentials
  511. FRM-30087: Unable to create form file
  512. select query
  513. DATA prefix on column names
  514. Fast Formulas
  515. locating a particular table or tables in a complete project
  516. Unable to use loop with user input
  517. Unable to close database, get error ORA-01093
  518. Selection Values From 2 Different Rows Of Same Query For Further Calculations
  519. using a ddl statement in a stored procedure
  520. procedure to copy table
  521. Join query not retrieving records
  522. PL/SQL function to invoke the UNIX command doesn't create file
  523. unable to update database
  524. Query
  525. about odbc from forms 6i with micro soft sql server
  526. Find Product Key
  527. Counting number of records in a form
  528. Oracle & ProC
  529. Converting Data to flat file.
  530. Validate a Field in 2 seperate DB ??
  531. Update Query Doubt
  532. Oracle certification
  533. normalization concept with example
  534. Export Oracle Table
  535. Using Parametarized cursor in Execute Immediate
  536. BPEL for integration of web apps
  537. Cant Connect Database
  538. Borland Delphi 6 and Oracle 9i
  539. ORA-01841: (full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, and not be 0
  540. Creation of calender in forms 6i
  541. Installation Problem
  542. To_char(to_date(1234567,'j'),'jsp
  543. How to make column autoincrement in Oracle 9i
  544. Get the Recent Record
  545. function to convert numbers to characters i forms
  546. Left Outer Join with subqueries?
  547. Database error
  548. oracle procedure
  549. Indexes
  550. Back up contents in table data