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  1. Auto load SQL on HTML
  2. Able to connect to oracle even with the old expired password
  3. What is @@ means
  4. must a foreign key be a primary key
  5. reg oracle reports
  6. cursor for loop returns o/p as cursor
  7. Lpad and Rpad?
  8. Rollback segment is full
  9. FRM-40922 An Ole error encountered:0x80040154
  10. Virtual Private Database
  11. Retrieve the table names and column names in perticuler schema
  12. problem in join statement
  13. oracle apps
  14. Help in oracle procedure
  15. MSSQL to Oracle Migration Performance issues
  16. Backup in Oracle10g
  17. Stored Procedures - Help
  18. Oracle 11g New Features
  19. trigger
  20. Facing problem in Oracle Report
  21. Inserting 8 lakh records using sqlloader
  22. Please let me know the query for this!
  23. Provide table name dynamically in query
  24. Identity Type in Oracle 10g
  25. SQLPlus substitute?
  26. Good Oracle tutorials - free
  27. How to store and retrieve an image in oracle using java
  28. difference between oracle 9i and 10g
  29. Copying Columns Between Tables
  30. Oracle Problems
  31. UTL_FILE inalid directory path
  32. For Oracle Sql plus
  33. how to tread the primary key and foreign key in fragmentation
  34. Creating Views on base of cursors in Oracle pl/sql
  35. Difference
  36. Bulk copy to text file in Oracle
  37. Rtrim cannot trim certain character
  38. Materialized views log are not getting purged after the completion of related fast re
  39. Oracle basic commands
  40. How can I include Xerces C++ 2.7.0 parser code to Oracle 10g R2 Pro*C's .pc
  41. Converting ip address in decimal to dot notation
  42. oracle connection string in 2003
  43. Simple Join Statement Help
  44. Urgent - 2147467259: [Microsoft] [ODBC driver for Oracle] [Oracle]
  45. Install Oracle 8i on Vista - Processor :Intel Core2 Duo
  46. Duplicate data
  47. Form Builder Error -ORA - 12154 TNS could not resolve service name.
  48. How to read Harddisk number
  49. Oracle Query - column group
  50. SQL query...decimals
  51. Oracle Error - ORA-04021
  52. spooling data to csv file
  53. init.ora file location.
  54. Difficult in database link
  55. Question on hotbackup for oracle
  56. Error using form designer (Developer 2000)
  57. Urgent : Help to convert string to date
  58. Create another instance from cold backup
  59. Viewing available databases with password and username
  60. Export and purge table
  61. stored procedure in oracle9i
  62. Executing a function declared in Oracle Package from Unix shell script:-
  63. Numbers and Nulls
  64. Count multiple items from the same column
  65. Materialized View in Oracle apps
  66. sql date format problem
  67. Help Needed in formatting output data !!
  68. reg data transfer
  69. stored procedures
  70. How to give privileges of one user to another
  71. schedular prob
  72. Oracle XMLTYPE datatype
  73. TAB delimited data and SQL*LOADER
  74. how to start a distributed database
  75. Cannot able to connect the oracle database
  76. Database Listener Problem
  77. Dblink
  78. Difference Between Oracle 9i And Oracle 10g
  79. Database link
  80. blockig error
  81. Why we used ROWNUM in group by clause
  82. Which one is used to better performance
  83. Export Oracle table data to text file !!
  84. Ora-00907...
  85. Oracle Developer Suite installation on Fedora 5
  86. difference between installing oracle 10g R2 software on linux & solaris
  87. Connecting to the DB >> Assertion failed:
  88. backup of one table's data before deleteing its all data
  89. Error occured while saving connectiodefinition
  90. Error occured while saving connectiodefinition
  91. calling a stored procedure from a unix script
  92. user scripts
  93. 'DD-MON-YY' v. 'DD-MON-YYYY' question
  94. Convert LONG format to DATE or CHAR
  95. pl/sql using cursors.
  96. triggers
  97. How to retrieve single column values from table
  98. overview on installicatio oracle database stup
  99. Help urgent Oracle
  100. Import particular field into oracle
  101. What is the best way to store data base source code in Perforce?
  102. Loading XML file content into database
  103. Oracle Connection
  104. triggers
  105. ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis
  106. sql query
  107. Case Insensitive Oracle Query
  108. Joining Same DB Table but want to locate back one record only
  109. ASP-ORACLE-ADODB Performance Issue
  110. Reports Printing
  111. How to connect 2 oracle databases using DBLINK?
  112. Count (*)
  113. single-row subquery returns more than one row
  114. Oracle dateformat
  115. Please help. How can we write SELECT query for this type issue.
  116. how to log in to the oracle db
  117. how to retrieve the image one by one from database
  118. any way to delete commas
  119. Running a PHP script when a new row is added to an Oracle table
  120. password issues
  121. Ora 1033 Error
  122. guidelines for my project
  123. SQLPlus and Special Characters in Oracle
  124. Carriage return at the end of the text line.
  125. Clarify Me
  126. PLS-00307 - Function Overloading Problem
  127. Need a solution.
  128. Pass Through UPDATE Query
  129. NVL Function for Date field
  130. comparision of null values in sql
  131. Oracle Error Codes
  132. updating records ....
  133. Basic Oracle Scripting SQL*Plus
  134. Truncate table inside trigger(Urgent help needed)
  135. Oracle Question - Using Toad (application)
  136. creating raw partition for asm diskgroup
  137. How to extract from LONG RAW data in Oracle.
  138. Update column ERROR to 'Y' on DBA_LOGSTDBY_SKIP view
  139. avoiding indexes on queries
  140. Use of exists when I cannot update to null
  141. how to create trigers
  142. crystal reports returns more rows than expected from an Oracle view
  143. Deleting from an Oracle table when a Where Clause needs to take values from 2 rows
  144. how to use variable with oracle like
  145. ordering of japanese characters in select statements
  146. oracle 9i with developer installation
  147. problem in trigger
  148. Oracle Fianacials And Oracle Projects Upgrade
  149. ORACLE 8i Vs ORACLE 9i
  150. Joins
  151. retrive morethan one value
  152. bitmap index
  153. simple transaction
  154. how to install oracle 8i in win xp sp2
  155. How to connect?
  156. CBO initial parameters - When, What, How to setup them.
  157. What happened if you drop a table and then create it again?
  158. SQLPLUS and Windows Batch Files
  159. %ROWTYPE Insert
  160. Insert data from excel sheet to oracle table periodicaly
  161. how to round off number in oracle!!!??!
  162. Insert data from excel sheet to oracle table periodicaly
  163. Oracle 9i Standby database configuration
  164. Implicit cursor
  165. PL/SQL triggers-how to disable all triggers of a user
  166. doubt in un known block
  167. displaying the date through sql query
  168. ORA-00907: missing right parenthesis
  169. Procedure problem
  170. Tables
  171. diffrence between decode and case
  172. regarding comparison in sql
  173. regarding the data storage in oracle
  174. regarding oracle and sql
  175. Insert duplicate data into UNIQUE index column
  176. ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name
  177. How to write this query
  178. Difference between unique and distinct
  179. drop table
  180. Is any possible function accept three value for one input values
  181. Updating multiple table in one command passing a value through a variables
  182. correct syntax for function/procrdure call in a oracle package
  183. Run Report from Form9i
  184. Creating user in Oracle
  185. Increase The Import Peformance
  186. Is DML statements are cursors?
  187. Difference between Primary and Unique With Notnull constraint
  188. find difficulty in executing this function
  189. Case Statement in WHERE clause
  190. System Analyst
  191. Html And Oracle
  192. (x)HTML & Oracle? Can I create a web based manpower tool?
  193. difference between binary_integer and pls_integer
  194. oracle jdbc connector download
  195. Triggers-Mutating Table
  196. get all hierarchy data
  197. Needed oracle query
  198. about schema
  199. doubt about installation of forms and reports
  200. retrieve data
  201. I am unable to login SQL plus 8.0 in Developer 2000
  202. Getting the FKs established between two or more tables
  203. EXP oracle data
  204. Does ECHO work in SQLPLUS? If not what works?
  205. Tuning The Sql Query
  206. Oracle and Visual basic
  207. Extracting value/selected item from combo box
  208. Determine if Schema exists
  209. Parameter with Range values
  210. [error]: ORA-12516: TNS:listener could not find available........
  211. help with the use of "callfunc" function ?
  212. ORA-04021: timeout occurred while waiting to lock object
  213. ORA-04021: timeout occurred while waiting to lock object PARTNER1.PKG_UTILITY
  214. SQL Query using user_tab_columns and user_col_comments
  215. Ora-06550 Problem Urgent
  216. Oracle Server and Client
  217. how to get formated output of sql into a excel file?
  218. SQL command line + Trigger + Oracle
  219. SQL Navigator - how to pass input values
  220. Hi
  221. Alphanumeric string to number
  222. Primary Key
  223. Hi
  224. Materialized view
  225. sqltracefile
  226. Oracle Report 6i Time Difference
  227. oracle 10g RMAN error
  228. Getting ORA-00604 & ORA-06519
  229. How to get partition script for a table ?
  230. error after completing database cloning
  231. How to write output of a SQL statement to a file?
  232. SQL problem
  233. View
  234. how to connect UNIX to ORACLE
  235. Email+triggers+oracle
  236. Oracle10g`
  237. Sequence problem
  238. Unable to display clob data field with more than 32k characters on discover worksheet
  239. Oracle Forms And Reports
  240. ORA-00604 error occured at recursive sql level
  241. Left outer join problem
  242. query needed
  243. oracle ifs
  244. Materialized view
  245. Connection problem using EM Database control
  246. Etl
  247. writing a query to get the second highest value in atable by using select statement
  248. Oracle 10g (rman)
  249. BIGINT Datatype
  250. [pl/sql] Problem of select and display the result
  251. Create Database
  252. sending emails from oracle upon monitoring the database
  253. REPORT Error
  254. Which table space associated with Global Temporary
  255. PL/SQL Script
  256. tns error
  257. sequence
  258. retrieving data from the primary memory in oracle 10g
  259. [pl/sql] Assign a query's value to a variable
  260. ORA-29283: invalid file operation
  261. how to connect c with oracle
  262. Wildcards in Decode function
  263. Session Block
  264. Handling of table with large data
  265. Cursor, months and loop
  266. MOUNT vs. NOMOUNT
  267. Retrieving Columns With Null Values
  268. about queries of oracle9i
  269. Query
  270. Need to get the count of field from the subquery instead of main query
  271. Oracle clarification
  272. Convert usix time to human time
  273. Configure Oracle ODBC for Access
  274. ORA-12545: Connect failed because target host or object does not exist
  275. how connect to java application to oracle
  276. Query i need urgent
  277. query
  278. logoff trigger does n't works
  279. how to check tablespace space ?
  280. Need Help in Forms 6i
  281. Oracle schemas vs PostgreSQL schemas
  282. Clarification regarding "Raise Application Error" and "seq_collision exception"
  283. How can we store whole in database?
  284. exporting an oracle db table to a flat file
  285. Error ORA-12705 & ORA-00604
  286. Oracle Data
  287. External table
  288. Count
  289. Time Function
  290. Removing the first and last records while importing using sql loader
  291. I want to compare some table records vs a string
  292. Distributed database
  293. Partition a table
  294. Alter Database and Alter System Command
  295. oracle d2k reports
  296. Help me out
  297. Help Appreciated
  298. constraint
  299. Selecting the last date from mutiple duplicate records
  300. handling large volume of data
  301. single-row subquery return more than one row
  302. Problem with Inner Join
  303. way to solve
  304. urgent
  305. Urgent: SQL*LOADER ERROR 500 Unable to open file, file not found.
  306. Protocol Adapter Error
  307. import data to oracle 10g from sqlserver
  308. Improve Insertion rate in oracle
  309. Function To get the number of dots in string variable
  310. Ques????
  311. Select column at runtime
  312. Totalling calculation results in Discoverer
  313. Help: Trigger -Not able to delete data from trigger table.
  314. quota
  315. Problem
  316. Inserting Filename Into A Column While Importing
  317. How To Fetch Rows Before Insert In Pl/sql
  318. Oracle 10g with .net
  319. Sql Sub query "any"
  320. how to import a .dmp file in oracle ?
  321. PRO*C Vs PL/SQL
  322. about dblink
  323. how to install developer9i ds
  324. inserting time while importing using sql loader
  325. execute immediate statement
  326. ORA-01732: data manipulation operation not legal on this view
  327. can we retrieve data from oracle in-built tables using oracle forms?
  328. Developer 2000 error in our organization
  329. How to convert a string to an operator
  330. doubt while installing oracle db in linux
  331. Index on Numeric column not being used when using Like operator
  332. list box in oracle forms
  333. General question
  334. oracle database file searching
  335. Index organised Tables
  336. How to select rows from tables
  337. Hi questions about joins
  338. Oracle error
  339. automating export and import
  340. is it possible the import the date data from *.csv file in to a oracel table
  341. Basic questions
  342. ORA-01467:sort key too long i need urgent
  343. How To Approach Error Messages
  344. EXPORT ERROR encountered
  345. Time function - Oracle
  346. SQL Plus - Flexible Where In (List)
  347. How to call SELECT statement in TRIGGER?
  348. Clarification required while using correlated subqueries
  349. swarna plz give me replay any bady,In this code runtime error is coming can you find
  350. How to get the backend error/exception in forms alert at front end?
  351. Schema Copy
  352. Please help me with this
  353. Indexes
  354. query using where,group by,having
  355. procedures package
  356. How can i do in oracle forms developer
  357. how to copy column
  358. Oracle Server Database Backup
  359. In SQL how to subtract the 2 timings
  360. How to implement spell check control in oracle forms?
  361. Confused with oracle username
  362. Help with query...
  363. STAT Gathering
  364. REG:oracle apps
  365. Stored procedure call from Oracle Reports works in 8i and 9i but not in 10g
  366. How Can implement many to many Relationship With oracle object
  367. "create oracle user" using procedure in oracle
  368. doubt in oracle
  369. sound files in oracle10g
  370. Installation procedure for Oracle 9i on Linux 9 OS
  371. oracle rules engine
  372. Merge statement
  373. Convert MS Access SQL statement to Oracle SQL statement
  374. Recursive query
  375. ORA-01152: file 1 was not restored from a sufficiently old backup
  376. Query to delete one of the duplicate rows
  377. Reg::Trigger
  378. What is purpose of 'Tnsping'
  379. Truncate the partition table.
  380. Can i pass any Key after calling any software?
  381. REG: Synonyms
  382. Oserror
  383. How to workwith these functions in SQL?
  384. Doubt in understanding about NON-UNIQUE INDEX
  385. Spilts the dump file
  386. how to use these functions in SQL?
  387. about Serially resuable pragma?
  388. tns protocoladapter error
  389. Cursor: chronological order - guidance needed
  390. Ora-00280..............
  391. how to use procedures in cursor
  392. substitution variable in where clause in pl/sql
  393. need Oracle Help
  394. Where to place the commit?
  395. can't launch OEM console
  396. What is ANALYZE do?
  397. how to creating another user?
  398. Urgent help
  399. Run TKPROF..............
  400. exp utility
  401. missing right parenthesis
  402. How to identify the login name while running a report.
  403. Oracle session termination
  404. checking null values
  405. oracle script
  406. About PRO*C
  407. Sql Vs Pl/sql
  409. directly hit database
  410. wrap
  411. procedure vs function
  412. how to config Oracle Form 10g
  413. Help For Oracle report
  414. Oracle PRAGMA
  415. Oracle 9i upgrade
  416. constraint error when creating table relationships
  417. speed reading records from Table
  418. query problem for two tables
  419. check whether a value is valid year or not in oracle
  420. how to add dynamic data in list item
  421. get the count b/w the time frame for multiple days
  422. Need help Inserting/deleting from a database
  423. Long Raw to Text Format in Oracle
  424. query help required.
  425. Reg Order By
  426. SQL Loader - Packed Fields
  427. Ora-16019...........
  428. SQL Dayname function
  429. Reg Sum Of Time
  430. error in saving
  431. Creating Oracle Database Remotely
  432. Tablespace error:ORA-01536
  433. catch invalid date value
  434. Oracle user ID problem
  435. decode and least function
  436. Oracle ODBC upgrade error
  437. Oracle Database Connection failure
  438. DECODE Function
  439. sql sequence
  440. Customize the Oracle login form
  441. How to find? "Number of Concurrent user"
  442. sub-string comparison with a number field
  443. cursors program
  444. validate year is numeric
  445. Trigger to delete a record
  446. How to load data
  447. Ora-00904
  448. Sample databases
  449. IS PLSQL BLOCK allowed in CASE WHEN when used in SELECT Query
  450. looking for an oracle graphical tool
  451. Reg-time
  452. Oracle multiple select queries
  453. update statement not working....
  454. DATEDIFF function in Oracle
  455. help in query
  456. to update a table with values from another table
  457. to update a table with values from another table
  458. sqlplus & column heading in hebrew
  459. Help In query
  460. Case statement in where clause is hanging!
  461. unique constraints
  462. Treatment of variables ending with blank spaces
  463. How to make a table format in SQL query screen
  464. Oracle 10g charset conversion
  465. How to add not null constraint to existing table?
  466. hi
  467. Oracle Text - creating of the word-frequency histogram from the Oracle Text
  468. Oracle Unix on Sun server
  469. Oracle query
  470. Ora-01092...................
  471. Function to find Special characters in a emailid
  472. Data Uploading
  473. Oracle Reports:Replace blank spaces with zero
  474. Extract data into Excel and enable macros from PL/SQL procedure
  475. Connecting to an Oracle Database using ASP
  476. Index on Substr
  477. want a guideline for Hospital management
  478. how to find the count of employee in the following issue
  479. exec after executing this i got one error message
  480. oracle doubts-arul
  481. Enterprise Manager is not responding
  482. how to install oracle9i
  483. oracle comand to resolve metasql (%join)
  484. Ora-25143................
  485. Connection in views of one of other users of a sid
  486. Email sent from a form
  487. Oracle Interconnect VS Oracle SOA Suite
  488. Commit outside the cursor
  489. Unable to run a Form
  490. Errors ORA-06502 and ORA-01438
  491. Problem while Accessing the data through "Toad"
  492. Error while fetching the data through "Data" tab in Toad.
  493. Rename column name
  494. Dynamic Execution of Stored Procedure
  495. ORA-12224: TNS:no listener
  496. mutating table error by trigger
  497. sir please help me regarding oracle d2k forms doubt
  498. Join two tables of different database
  499. querry a database
  500. copying table from one schema to another
  501. what would to temp and undo tablespace size
  502. Software caused connection abort: socket write error
  503. select_catalog_role
  504. Connecting To Oracle Database From Unix(script)
  505. Can We Update The System Table All_constraints
  506. Hierarchy without "connect by prior"
  507. oracle
  508. Ado And Oracle Stored Procedure Problem Plzz Helpppp
  509. constraints using alter command in oracle 9i
  510. sqlldr and validating data
  511. facing problem while running a form in Oracle Dev suite 10g
  512. Newbie with basic question about formatting
  513. SQL - Oracle (Get second highest date by group)
  514. Getting the second latest date in a group
  515. single-row subquery returns more than one row
  516. About CRM
  517. ORA-01483: invalid length for DATE or NUMBER bind variable
  518. Error in Procedure to Create Users. Duplicate name.
  519. Ora-02097...................
  520. i m having no idea how to do it
  521. Sort_Area_Size
  522. sound wave files in 10g
  523. Mutating Error in Oracle Triggers
  524. Can we commit in the session which is already created by different user rather than m
  525. Mutating trigger Error
  526. Oracle connection problem from framework
  527. pl/sql block
  528. systime
  529. Simple query
  530. No copy Parameter
  531. No copy Parameter
  532. Universal installer
  533. Procedure with update
  534. frm-40654 - facing problem with oracle 10g
  535. Displays date but not time
  536. Regarding Oracle Developer suite installation
  537. Lag Function in Oracle Discoverer Plus (ODP)
  538. what is the different between ORACLE D2K 6i and 10g
  539. toughest obect
  540. Oracle D2k
  541. Info about compatibility of varous browsers with 11.5.10
  542. how to know pakage DBMS_XMLSave is available or not
  543. How to Insert Bulk amount of Data
  544. how to complete this procedure
  545. update in oracle 10g
  546. Oracle Universal Installer for Windows Vista
  547. stored procedure that can fetch Hierarchical data from a table
  548. Returning dynamic results from a view
  549. Database import/export with putty.
  550. Oracle Vb problem.