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  1. multiple row insert
  2. apps output in excel
  3. how to insert very large text into CLOB datafield?urgent.....
  4. SQL command not properly ended?
  5. Query Help
  6. Oracle 9i driver
  7. OrderBy question
  8. Oracle Reports
  9. Report not running in web layout
  10. flush shared pool
  11. Adding minutes to a date field
  12. The same signature of Stored procedure
  13. Failed to load the following object in oracle forms
  14. urgent help needed regarding arrays insertion
  15. Displaying specific data from the database
  16. Spooling more than one file
  17. count(*)
  18. no data found error in an "execute immediate" statement
  19. Creating Customer Address
  20. inser the row
  21. Concat used by optimizer in where clause
  22. Date conversion problem
  23. sql query tuning
  24. LIKE Operator
  25. It's urgent (Oracle running slow)
  26. PLS-00201 error from PHP
  27. Calling a Stored Procedure via a trigger
  28. Lookups
  29. report error
  30. PL/SQL:PLS-00410 duplicate fields in RECORDTABLE or argument list are not permitted
  31. Cannot avoid duplicate results
  32. size of image file..
  33. Update and Insert trigger definition
  34. Amend and udate data using 10G EM ?
  35. hi amit..newbie oracle help me please!!
  36. In correct date format
  37. ORA-00907-passing blank space inside a parenthisis pair
  38. Tracing users by after logon trigger
  39. Urgent Help Needed
  40. PL/SQL Trigger Restrictions
  41. autonomous trans with EXCEPTION fails - why?
  42. need to know about oracle
  43. Use Duration and booking date to stop bookings during this time
  44. procedure
  45. merge
  46. current user
  47. import a .dmp file
  49. need some docs regarding Sql tunning
  50. How do i Optimize this Query
  51. inserting unixtime in database
  52. Counting Commented lines in code
  53. Listener error
  54. Creating A Text File
  55. How to restore the path variable to get OracleDevSuite working?
  56. How to Connect Forms using VPN / DSL
  57. help! i need a solution i use subquery..
  58. Ora-01092 Errror
  59. Need help on using analytical function
  60. Deduplication in 11g works only in alter/modify?
  61. To update a record using rowid in duplicate row.
  62. correlated subquery in oracle
  63. Problem in wirting data in Excel sheet using owa_util package
  64. Stored Procedure Coding Problem
  65. Rewrite query using bulk collect to improve performance
  66. how to write a query to make its execution time better .And the standards.
  67. latest row inserted
  68. how to see all the inserted rows of a particular date
  69. function
  70. Use Serial Port In Oracle
  71. Problem with inserting dates
  72. Access violation at address 00000364. Read of address 00000364
  73. trigger types
  74. Composite primary key
  75. Table type parameter to a procedure
  76. hetrogenious database connectivity error from oracle to sql server
  77. pl/sql coding problem
  78. Calling a Package
  79. resolve this sql query urgent
  80. hi for all
  81. RMAN Duplicate
  82. which oracle version and forms can install on xp2
  83. Copy all values of a column from one table to another
  84. Isnull Problem
  85. Connecting Oracle Forms and DB using VPN connection
  86. Current Opening Balance from the table AR_PAYMENT_SCHEDULES
  87. sql temt table error
  88. Updating a column based on value in another table
  89. Query to find all transactions for a particular user
  90. database is giving data block corruption
  91. Reliability & Efficiency of Database links for far located remote databases
  92. OWS-05101: Execution failed due to Oracle error -6564
  93. Basic oracle quries
  94. Select query for Ageing Report 30,60,90 days
  95. Data limit of Oracle for DataWarehouse application
  96. what is this exactly FND_CLIENT_INFO
  97. problem regarding retrieving image from database
  98. Dynamic sql generation using oracle 10g stored procedures
  99. select query is taking some time to return values
  100. Procedure Return two values
  101. My Stored proc is not able to fetch output in crystal reports
  102. Issue in invoking procedure
  103. B* tree
  104. Use a specific database & find it's tables.
  105. REG PO- INTERFACE in apps
  106. PL/SQL Trying to update a table through trigger on the same table
  107. change in sysdate
  108. how to run this coding
  109. converting Date to Date or Char
  110. Dependent CASE function of another CASE function in a SELECT statement
  111. Trapping system exceptions
  112. how to manipulate indexes?
  113. Oracle 10g r2 setup required
  114. ORA-00922 Missing or Invalid Option
  115. Inserting a record for every value from a query
  116. PL/SQL to Dynamic Method 2 conversion of 3 files ( Pro*COBOL Oracle 10g
  117. Loading unloading data oracle 10g tables
  118. Sizing Of Table
  119. join
  120. REG Conversions
  121. Dynamic Report parameter
  122. Unknown Query Engine error
  123. Oracle Dba
  124. Creating a TAPI Dial button in Oracle
  125. help optimizing transpose query
  126. problem with mutiple row insert in a table using pl/sql
  127. Proecdure/Function with conditional inputs
  128. how to insert data into tables from flat files.
  129. Looping over broken range
  130. Writing data to file using UTL_FILE package
  131. comparing string values
  132. Newbie Question about dynamic table name references
  133. Bulk Data insert excluding the duplicates
  134. Oracle 10g error
  135. Query required to display a row from table
  136. How to update column with data from other tables?
  137. Indexes not being used when using bind variables
  138. importing .dmp oracle 9i file in the database using Forms Developer
  139. basic doubt
  140. I need help below this Query Urgent Please help me..
  141. DBMS.OUTPUT Group Functions from a Cursor?
  142. project consultation
  143. oracle
  144. oracle jsp connectivity
  145. Oracle Report In Word ?
  146. replication: fails to replicate automatically have to manually refresh
  147. ORA:00933 sql command not properly ended
  148. ODBC to Oracle Question
  149. Create a flat file from a repeating table
  150. oracle payables
  151. account payables
  152. oracle financials
  153. Query to return single record from multiple like records
  154. Setting up Oracle ODBC Link
  155. Help
  156. non-duplicate data from 2 seperate tables help
  157. query
  158. in report formula trigger how we use the nvl function with date
  159. time conversion
  160. pro*c information
  161. how to connect vb and orcle database
  162. ASP.NET and Oracle
  163. Running asynchronous processes in Oracle
  164. Urgent Help Needed!
  165. problem with string concatenation in auto-incremented field
  166. Create database error.
  167. ORA-01843: not a valid month
  168. using clob
  169. Help with Complex Query
  170. Mutuation Trigger
  171. Can't Edit inithsodbc.ora in Notepad
  172. Stored procedure input...
  173. bulk collect and for all..........
  174. Creating trigger
  175. Why people recommend oracle rather access?
  176. Oracle Update Statement using Concatenate
  177. Oracle 10g and ASP under Encryption mode
  178. SQL query not using index and explain plan gives very high cost
  179. Difference in Time in SQL
  180. Report Error
  181. Data Import
  182. IN condition and variable
  183. specifying storage parameters
  184. How to transfer data from oracle dump file to Excel Sheet
  185. ORA-02068: severe error from ORAMVS
  186. a doubt in sql please help me
  187. port in linux
  188. problem regarding database and jsp
  189. Number of Weekends in a month
  190. Query to get number of saturdays in any month
  191. retieve the data
  192. Execution plan
  193. Regarding Forms Parameters
  194. CSV to Oracle table
  195. Oracle reports 6i blank lines in output
  196. [C#] Import data from one server to another
  197. Stroing xls in oracle
  198. Range by Partition
  199. DBlink to DBLink
  200. reg apps
  201. How to handle "select a,b where c=' 1 & 2' in a 'hard coded' odbc query
  202. SQL command not properly ended?
  203. Help Needed
  204. selecting records with "%"
  205. ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel
  206. Trigger with insert
  207. ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
  208. Query to Get Primary and Foreing Key.
  209. Query to get Primary and Foreing Key
  210. How to extract data from oracle using C??
  211. how to specify package body in toad
  212. SQL Query with Self Join
  213. Isnull Problem
  214. How to remove primary key from table ?
  215. Result set is forward array.but iwant reverse array
  216. Oracle Application Server
  217. Select a random time
  218. Logical and physical Structure
  219. Microsot Linked Server & Oracle10 Performance Issues
  220. Database Instance
  221. How to retrive value for 12 hours
  222. PLS-00306 .Getting Problems with OUT parameter
  223. Explanation needed
  224. Query in teradata taking long time
  225. materializd view
  226. How to retrinve the first top salary hoder
  227. script by last analyzed database
  228. Sub : Query to be tuned which uses a table hint /*+ USE_CONCAT */ in Oracle 10g.
  229. Frm-10095
  230. Selecting the Same Coloumn Twice
  231. how can select
  232. Using Oracle 10g with Oracle 8 drivers
  233. Difference
  234. Show in one line
  235. I Want Know How I Can Attach Bar Code Device With Oracle Form Bulider Using Developer
  236. Tuning SQL statements
  237. how to use join query
  238. How to insert an image into DataBase? and also retrieving
  239. Change Number
  240. Space constant
  241. send report by email
  242. Help with Trigger Updating same row?
  243. Problem with INT when creating a table.
  244. how to create running clock in oracle forms 6i
  245. Get weired table row reflections. How do I get rid of it?
  246. How to retrive odd number of rows in my table
  247. I want to learn Oracle
  248. Modification of the length of a field in a database
  249. oracle upgradation
  250. selecting duplicate record with one different field
  251. How to get business days between two dates?
  252. how to create control files
  253. let i am using varray in procedure .then how to call it.
  254. oracle reports
  255. Getting the table name which is using a sequence
  256. exceptional handling
  257. procedure????????
  258. how to display the retrieved data from database in a dropdown menu
  259. convert number to float
  260. Stored Procedure processing
  261. GUI tool for Oracle
  262. Connection Problem Oracle7.3 to Oracle8i
  263. convert from 0 to 1
  264. Illegal datatype equivalencing operation using Pro C compiler
  265. problem in writing a Query
  266. Need Help for the error "SQL command not properly ended"
  267. Top 10 salaries
  268. How to add $ sign to number data type?
  269. how do you display the name of a SQLPLUS script that is running
  270. connection with .net
  271. Import
  272. Credentially retrieval failed
  273. is it possible
  274. ORA-12500: error
  276. collection as out prameter
  277. help with pl/sql
  278. i am not getting correct return values :cp_4,plz help me
  279. data transfer
  280. connecting to oracle
  281. finding Difference in pl/sql
  282. upload text file to a database
  283. Plzzz help regarding this......
  284. SQLPlus SELECT Headers
  285. problem installing WITH ORACLE
  286. Read-only DBLink !
  287. Python and calling Oracle Procedures
  288. cursor error1
  289. ORA-00933:SQL command not properly ended
  290. SQL Math Function Help
  291. Heterogeneous Database connections - Oracle to SQL Server
  292. connect Oracle9i on Unix to MS Sql Server
  293. Updating Multile rows in a table
  294. Getting wrong error message when running a command
  295. Clarify Me
  296. error while creating database
  297. A trigger to output to a text file
  298. Concat variable to form Table name inside Select statement
  299. need explainantion about sql quries..
  300. Ora-01795
  301. recently inserted rows
  302. Looking for DBA who knows DATABASE XML
  303. Need help to start learning oracle
  304. ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump
  305. Pipe delimitating function
  306. configuration for *isql
  307. calling Java from Oracle
  308. Oracle DBA
  309. Utl file
  310. Difference between PL/SQL table and Record Type
  311. problem installation
  312. can't install Oracle 8i Client
  313. Insert email into Oracle
  314. FRM-92100 on refresh data in a screen
  315. How to understand this query??
  316. How VB script will retrive the data from Oracle Database
  317. Getting Invalid user ID and Password before the applications starts
  318. Oracle Translation Hub - Using the Trados Glossary
  319. update two columns at time
  320. How to call oracle tables from MSDOS?
  321. How to move backwards
  322. oracle download
  323. otn for oracle 9i...
  324. server problem
  325. PS/SQL script needed to update and prompt user to commit or rollback
  326. Insert into a table with sequence and a value from other table
  327. help with dates
  328. Count of table column
  329. Finding the database culture
  330. Needed DB Query optomized?
  331. How can I use variable value as a table name?
  332. performance tuning in 10g
  333. Random Number Based on another Cell in Row
  334. import to oracle 9i
  335. Reference a package in a script
  336. schema designing
  337. finding a day that had maximum total amount..using sql
  338. regarding dynamic SQL
  339. regarding sql query
  340. reg Oracle Apps
  341. I want formatted output
  342. problem in importing a .dmp file
  343. Storing images in Oracle
  344. REG Layout In Report
  345. help with Perl code to insert a long string (> 32512 chars) via stored procedure
  346. Augmenting a table sorted grouped by month to one grouped by day
  347. reg Reports
  348. Desing and Implement a Data warehouse in Oracle
  349. Frm-10095
  350. Query
  352. Anyone has Oracle 7.3 client for Window XP
  353. Currency field with 2 decimal
  354. Pl/sql
  355. Triggers
  356. distinct BEHAVIOR
  357. problem with UTIL_FILE
  358. null data from bind variable on table insert
  359. ecryption of user-id/password to pass to sql loader
  360. how to insert data into different views through oracle forms
  361. Oracle possible to share schema between users
  362. Migrating From Access to Oracle
  363. Storing scanned documents in 10g
  364. how to view schedular by using oracle enterprise manager in 9i
  365. Performing fast search in huge oracle database
  366. Between operator
  367. instalation of dev 6i and oracle 9i: database connection problem
  368. Pl/sql
  369. Pl/sql
  370. Oracle Apps
  371. plz solve my query i have my exam on monday.
  372. First Function In Plsql
  373. oracle auto incerement
  374. Multiple rows insertion in single insert query.
  375. not null constraint
  376. How To See The Procedure Script In Sql Plus
  377. trigger error
  378. Unique Constraint Violation
  379. How to pass a variable from one form to another in Form 6i
  380. How to copy data from one table to another table with where condition
  381. one server with two different database
  382. ORA-01578: ORACLE data block corrupted
  383. Query Performance
  384. deletion issue
  385. Oracle Connect Error - Please Help - Urgent...
  386. Executing multiple scripts using UNIX command
  387. executing Process-flows manually from SQLPLUS
  388. Converting Rows into Columns without affecting the data in the table.
  389. disable system given name constraint
  390. Oracle is installed or not.... Urgent
  391. execute immediate problum
  392. plz solve this query as soon as possible
  393. Execution details in email notification
  394. Major differences between oracle 9iand 10g.
  395. Decimal data creation Number datatype
  396. ORA-29902 - ODCIndexstart() error for the word "about"
  397. how to use decode?case function in where clause
  398. Plz solve this query
  399. Partition Creation Automation -- Best Methods
  400. ' not in ' function syntax.
  401. Oracle Error -either eof or bof is true-connecting with vb thru adoddb
  402. Please solve this query
  403. Convert MSSQL syntax to Oracle - variable declaration
  404. Basic Oracle Connection Question
  405. views & indexs
  406. data base error
  407. analytical functions
  408. Missing right parenthesis
  409. fetchin limited number of records from resultset
  410. Ref Curser
  411. how to handle data beneath the tabular report in rep 6.0 when rep expand vertically
  412. Need to modify stored proc for crystal report. Important.
  413. Showing Database in Oracle
  414. indexing
  415. external table into Oracle8i
  416. Primary Key Constraint
  417. Jft
  418. bind variable
  419. query problum
  420. address query
  421. how to get the last row inserted into a table.
  422. INSTEAD OF trigger (FOR EACH ROW)
  423. bad bind variable trigger
  424. ALL and ANY
  425. Migrate oracle 8.0.6 hp ux database on oracle 9i linux
  426. inserting into table - object view
  427. how retrive table values from two oracle databases
  428. Connecting to oracle DB through UNIX
  429. Want to call oracle statement in client connection
  430. Please provide me a SQL script for the problem described below:
  431. IMP-00028: partial import of previous table rolled back
  432. How to retrive my data...
  433. oracle
  434. Oracle 9i Startup and Shutdown
  435. Adding parameters to a filter for a report
  436. oracle form
  437. Oracle(tm)client and networking components were not found
  438. Having a problem with the TO_DATE function in Oracle.
  439. inner join outer join query
  440. Create a new instance wif of a database
  441. Query Tuning...
  442. Creating Discoverer ELU's
  443. question
  444. Access to Oracle 9i
  445. Test script to test functions in a package
  446. varchar to_num catching exception as zero
  447. Need to know what are all the alerts enabled in my database.
  448. Working out 6 month prior to the first day of the month
  449. Data migration from SQL Server to Oracle + Identity Column
  450. oracle
  451. stored procedures out parameter
  452. Materialize View
  453. error PLS-00201:
  454. count
  455. Materialized Views in Oracle
  456. Join the result of two different queries
  457. Join the resul of two different queries
  458. Function contained in an Oracle Package
  459. Oracle 8i does not supports Common features
  460. ODBC vs Oracle PreCompiler
  461. Cerating Table In Procedure
  462. Help with COUNT Query :)
  463. Real time Data warehousing- Example
  464. 3 queries into 1
  465. query to convert column into rows in oracle9i
  466. Loop problem, Cursor could not read the next record
  467. problem with Spool ..
  468. How to Create a Table Name from a value in an Existing Table?
  469. Oracle Error-TNS no Listner in TOAD
  470. Multiple Pages
  471. Regarding Forms in D2k..
  472. Tally 7.2 with Oracle Databse
  473. need to compile a file
  474. oracle stored procedure
  475. Problem trying to write a PL/SQL routine that will generate a CREATE TABLE statement
  476. Equivalent of MS Access Sql (first or last function) in oracle9i
  477. SQL...duplicate data identification
  478. TNS Protocol Adapter Error
  479. Oracle 10 g Installation Problem
  480. Opening a Web Page Inside a 10g Form
  481. How to Insert the Special Copyright Character in an Oracle Table
  482. problem in Order By
  483. How to continue processing if an error occur into plsql block
  484. SQL PRoblem with GROUP BY
  485. Oracle 9i forms developer
  486. integrity constraints problem
  487. what are wild cards incase of sql
  488. frm-92100:your connection to the server was interrupted.
  489. no output for to_date function
  490. ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error
  491. copy data from fielld_1 (long ) to field_2(varchar
  492. Where V1 In (select Fun(1)
  493. Working of ROWNUM in Oracle
  494. Help -- Oracle Forms does not support multi-page TIFF.
  495. reg temp table
  496. Most preferred database
  497. Oracle database
  498. execute query for every month of beginning
  499. Adding a barcode field
  500. Aggregate query problem
  501. ORA-29740 in a RAC databases
  502. DBA in Linux and Windows
  503. Sub-Query returns more than one row
  504. nested tables
  505. SQL Case statement
  506. Cursor Error
  507. Why Oracle Counting is so slow?
  508. To change number format from floating point format
  509. connection between windows CE and oracle
  510. Connectivity
  511. Updating and Deleting data with one statement
  512. Oracle 8i and Developer 2000 on Win XP
  513. example of procedures.
  514. Sqlloder
  515. Fetching max in "Page 1 of max" in minimum Time
  516. forall operator
  517. My statment takes too long to run.
  518. reg apps
  519. how to combine multiple sql query into one
  520. Querying data between two datetimes from previous day
  521. isqlplus service randomly goes down
  522. DSN ERROR: ORA -1857 not a valid time zone
  523. utl_file
  524. Bulk copy in Oracle
  525. connecting developer 2000 to existing database
  526. spool data
  527. Oracle Reprots
  528. Please give your scripts
  529. Inserting Clobs In Java
  530. REPORTS 6i
  531. Oracle with window registry
  532. Recursion in PL/SQL
  533. exe plan
  534. C# Web Service in IIS Stops Connecting to Oracle (via ADO.NET) Over Time
  535. creating physical standby database
  536. message only
  537. specific user login
  538. there is a problem with oracle connectivity
  539. Assertion in SQL
  540. oracle
  541. Return ref cursor from oracle procedure
  542. Equivalent of Oracle's "TYPE" in PHP or PostgreSQL.
  543. exchange partition across databases
  544. Oracle database connectionstring problem
  545. reports 6i
  546. Difference between %type and %rowid
  547. Edit Record in DataBase Control Oracle 10g
  548. import .dmp file into oracle
  549. Storing the bill into tables
  550. Storing text fields with imbedded punctuation