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  1. Oracle Real Aplication Cluster
  2. Oracle Real Aplication Cluster
  3. Help needed in SQL Query for Hierarchy
  4. saving files as LOB to Db
  5. Oracle JDeveloper 10g Preview is out - includes many PL/SQL features
  6. Oracle 8i on WinXP?
  7. Getting structure of a table in query format
  8. How to create a SIMPLE distributed database in Oracle??
  9. what is the difference to use the password file and normal account to login?
  10. Problem with MERGE and database link
  11. ora-01031 insufficent privileges
  12. She doesn't want the ODBC users to see system views/tables via M$ Access.
  13. How tough can I be for the user PUBLIC?
  14. Diagnosing Transaction Enqueue (TX) Locking Issue
  15. Company thought DB2 will be better than Oracle.
  16. Re: XML problem on appendChild
  17. Prcedural replication issue
  18. external table
  19. RMAN restore with Windows
  20. Oracle vs. Informix
  21. question about password file
  22. number defined being truncated in select (sorry double posting ;-( )
  24. control file not created at the time of installation
  25. SS7 to Oracle 9i Migration Problems
  26. How to query a string containing an apostrophe ?
  27. Default User on Windows
  28. Contract Opportunity - Ottawa
  29. Conditional printing depending on number of returned rows
  30. Cannot connect as Internal....?
  31. How to write the select query on self referencing table.
  32. Integrity constraints with type inheritance
  33. Oracle Recover/Restore
  34. How to disabled all constraints when importing data (urgent)
  35. How to disabled all constraints when importing data (urgent)
  36. ORA-01000 maximum open cursors exceeded
  37. initialized or shutdown in progress
  38. Oracle x SQL
  39. Help query
  40. MS Word to Blob
  41. Newbie basic SQL question.
  42. re:restricted built-ins
  43. About Error : ORA-12514: TNS:listener could not resolve SERVICE_NAME given in connect descriptor
  44. About Error : ORA-01034 and ORA-27101 ( on Windows XP and Oracle 8.1.7 )
  45. SYSTEM Tablespace is FULL
  46. which SCHEMAS are actually needed?
  47. CHECK Constraint
  48. How fix ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded with out closing Statement.
  49. Anybody Having STUDENT INFO SYSTEM Docomentation
  50. Get the date time from Oracle date time stamp?????
  51. Re: Generic Connectivity
  52. Re: SQLPROMPT in Sql*Plus
  53. Re: generate index ddl
  54. Cursor Value to Delimited String Variable??
  55. oracle on linux and windows on the computer
  56. How to unload data
  57. Teradata DBA in Chantilly, VA
  58. Formatting BRIO Reports
  59. mail merge with Oracle forms and Word
  60. viewing Stored Procedure Definition in SQL prompt
  61. table record distribution query.
  62. SSO error
  63. Oracle , Jdbc & Long Raw field
  64. how to view sample schema
  65. URGENT: VARRAY as Input/Output variable
  66. URGENT: VARRAY as Input/Output variable
  67. SQL*Loader - Commit point reached - logical record count 27
  68. controlled population of 1 million "generated" rows?
  69. How to insert BLOB?
  70. Help!
  71. Commit transaction
  72. Slow slow Pro*C compilation with sqlcheck=semantic
  73. 1
  74. Re: books
  76. Big problem with Oracle Portal Migration
  77. Need Query without Union and minus.
  78. 8i to 9i changes
  79. Re: Indexing with interMedia
  80. Pfile Question
  81. Cursor parameters - problems with 'FROM [inTablename]' statement
  82. Discoverer inactivity timeout
  83. Oracle Backup
  84. oracle in solaris consume lot of memory
  85. oracle collabration suite experiences
  86. Show long number in Toad
  87. OCA & OCP Certification Books
  88. RTF to Text conversion
  89. Escape sequence
  90. moving a database
  91. Re: Chronological row-update procedure
  92. Blank line Inserted - I don't like it
  93. Oracle Reports 6 recompilation
  94. Right password -> ORA-12154: TNS:Could not resolve service name
  95. Problem configurating Apache
  96. Re: Enterprise Manager Question..
  97. Re: LNK2001: unresolved external symbol
  98. How do I rename null values found in GROUP BY column?
  99. Oracle/ASP hanging
  100. Updating LOB fields through ODBC, invalid LOB locator
  101. Input mask question
  102. migrate from sql server to oracle
  103. Oracle9iAS + JBuilder9
  104. materialized view. help...
  105. Re: Oracle Universal Installer does not run on Win2000 install..
  106. confused about ifs
  107. Re: LNK2001: unresolved external symbol
  108. problem in to_date function
  109. DBMS_SQL.define_column ---- why ????
  110. How to call dynamic remote stored procedure in the dynamic sql
  111. OCI Bind for RAW field, Cannot select a record matching a hexadecimal Key (raw type)
  112. Re: help with utl_smtp email headers
  113. Indexing multiple fields with Oracle TEXT (Intermedia)
  114. URGENT PROBLEM: refresh data in Discoverer
  115. Oracle - Commit Before invoking a trigger
  116. exception
  117. Invitation to Join SV_RFID!
  118. db2 runstats
  119. Korean data load from Excel sheet to Oracle table
  120. P4 Bug and 9iR2
  121. JDeveloper 11i
  122. Strange Utl_File Error on NT
  123. Integrating crystal reports with oracle forms
  124. Re: ODBC & Correlation Name (:new and :old)
  125. Oracle password change using the Verify Password function
  126. need a Sample online hot backup script for UNIX..
  127. BLOB and .NET
  128. Un-install Oracle Personal Edition 9i
  129. Re: ODBC & Correlation Name (:new and :old)
  130. full outer join question
  131. Problem installing Oracle 9i on XP
  132. Difficulty inserting due to &
  133. Re: help with utl_smtp email headers
  134. help with update sql
  135. PL/SQL Function Help
  137. Re: Light Oracle 9i Client install
  138. Compilation unit analysis terminated?
  139. How to handle a long strings in a pl sql stored procedure,
  140. documentation on moving OraHome to different machine
  141. Reserved words with "ROW"
  142. Oracle 9i w2k Client error -Credential retrieval failed.
  143. I have a question with sqlplus...
  144. Re: Oracle 9i software- for DBA exam
  145. .NET OLE DB Connection
  146. Re: Error PLS-00201
  147. ODBC Escape {oj} problem w/ ADO
  148. Oracle ODBC error with ENCRYPTION
  149. Re: Instance question
  150. Downgrading 7.3.4
  151. Re: Instance question
  152. Java/Oracle thin driver SQL statement limit
  153. Help required with OCI
  154. Re: Dummies guide to fast inserts ?
  155. Re: OID configuration for replacing Oracle Names
  156. Statement returing True/False in decode() function
  157. Read Only Transactions
  158. Re: Oracle 8i VS Oracle 9i certificate
  159. Re: Oracle 8i VS Oracle 9i certificate
  160. How to Inactivate the Oracle User?
  161. Backup file format
  162. problem of installing oracle on linux
  163. Reports wont print on Citrix server
  164. How to reference table/view that has "slashes" in its name!
  165. Porting database from Oracle7.0 to Oracle8i
  166. Advanced Enterprise Database Planning/Design Books
  167. Oracle tablespace management
  168. Re: Oracle on Solaris-Intelx86?
  169. Re: 8.1.7 Make file errors on Red Hat AS 2.1
  170. Help needed in SQL Query
  171. Apache installation error
  172. using Autonomous transaction
  173. Re: Help please- Heterogenous services suing General Connectivity agent
  174. Accessing Oracle from VB
  175. Number of elements in "IN operator"
  176. Designer failing to reverse Engineer
  177. Writing binary data to external file
  178. Backup
  179. Re: Problems (with Oracle9) using OCI JDBC driver on AIX 5
  180. Re: Problems (with Oracle9) using OCI JDBC driver on AIX 5
  181. User is not allowed to work in a period of time
  182. Calling Operating system command from Database
  183. executeQuery Can't pass variable to SQL. :-( Why?
  184. Re: starting Oracle service automatically
  185. Unable to compile in TOAD (purchased version)
  186. Groupped count(*) results from a view
  187. ORA-00904
  188. Re: oracle server 9i on window + linux client
  189. newbie question
  190. Re: Problem connection to an Oracle Database ??
  191. Re: Problem connection to an Oracle Database ??
  192. Unknown error in Developer 6i
  193. Re: Backup Script
  194. HELP, conexion Discoverer-Informix
  195. archivelog v/s nonarchivelog
  196. OCI Wrapper libraries ?
  197. Re: svrmgrl management API
  198. Bounce the Application Server
  199. Re: svrmgrl management API
  200. setup for online project.
  201. Oracle JDBC slow?
  202. Collections: Bug? Table()? BULK COLLECT?
  203. Problems querying oracle db from Access 2000
  204. Connect to another DB
  205. Re: Oracle 8.1.7 problems installing
  206. Unicode Doubt in Oracle
  207. sqora.gid and sqora.fts file
  209. Re: PL/SQL Collections
  210. dad
  211. Problem of installing Oracle on Linux
  212. Re: PL/SQL Collections
  213. preventing CONNECT BY from generating an error if cycles exist
  214. Re: Loadjava hangs in RedHat Linux (URGENT)
  215. Re: Loadjava hangs in RedHat Linux (URGENT)
  216. Questions about Oracle 9i Upgrade
  217. Re: Oracle on Solaris-Intelx86?
  218. Re: pro*c install in 9i
  219. Please Help me!
  220. Mysteriously dropped connection and deciphering the trace
  221. Shared Sequencers
  222. exception ORA-32101 creating environment
  223. [newbie] Why does not my installer start?
  224. dynamic table creation
  225. drop table from readonly TS
  227. increasing extents because of ORA-01632
  228. Oracle 9i on Red Hat 9
  229. Error installing Oracle 9i
  230. Tuning SQL in Oracle
  231. Oracle client install on AIX 5.1 -- NetAssistant & SQLPLUS do not run
  232. Why is "jdbc:oracle:thin" called a thin driver?
  233. "Grant a Role"-Statement in Triggers
  234. Re: rownum HELP ....
  235. SQL Loader into another user's table
  236. Oracle Discoverer
  237. Re: CTXCAT problem on 9I
  238. oracle terminal 1.0
  239. How to hide ORA-06512 and ORA-04088 error messages?
  240. SQL sequence creation
  241. Need help with SQL statement!
  242. OCI and getting client version
  243. Re: How to create package specification and body for Student registration system
  244. Can i control ORACLE FORMS from external
  245. OWS-05101: Execution failed due to Oracle error -6550
  246. Re: How to create package specification and body for Student registration system
  247. working with dates in oracle
  248. utl_smtp x select statement
  249. Storage Capacity Planning
  250. dbWidget 1.0 - New Heterogeneous Database Development Tool
  251. Developer 2000 v 4.5 in windows 2000
  252. Re: dbms_metadata for Synonym
  253. multi row update in one SQL statment
  254. mutating table error w/trigger
  255. Oracle DBCA java.lang.NullPointerException
  256. Re: Oracle not using Index
  257. Re: Oracle Universal Installer Problem
  258. Oracle Database Applications - platform dependancy??
  259. Commit Status After Failure
  260. Oracle Client9i
  261. Required field for updates
  262. Oracle Collaboration Suite layout
  263. Constraints with several father tables
  264. ORA-00904: invalid column name
  265. another PLS-00201
  266. Please tell me more about packages component
  267. Does OCCI support Unicode?
  268. replace tags in doc files from PLSQL procedure
  269. calling an external java program from a trigger
  270. Tools for debug PL/SQL
  272. Combining 'search' values in DECODE
  273. Re: Oracle Function Ownership Problem
  274. Re: Access violation on setup of Oracle8i Personal Edition
  275. Re: Use of Parallel Query Servers
  276. Dynamic sql query
  277. not able to connect to oracle 8.17 database on win 2000
  278. Re: Use of Parallel Query Servers
  279. Unbale to find sqlcxt reference
  280. What is PL/SQL Packages?
  281. Re: how quick query can be
  282. Re: Oracle Function Ownership Problem
  283. Re: dbms_metadata for Synonym
  284. Insertar de Oracle a Sql Server
  285. Fooling Oracle re: extent allocation
  286. import table between Oracle 9i to MS Access - errors?
  287. Break a table into small finite tables
  288. Cube Viewer Problem
  289. UTL_FILE.put_line limitation under Oracle 7
  290. Re: Oracle JDBC, SQLException, COMMIT is not allowed in a subordinate session
  291. linux-oracle-hyper threading
  292. Problem when using SQLPlus in Oracle 9i
  293. Re: Tunning Indexes
  294. subquery not allowed here
  295. Re: Oracle JDBC, SQLException, COMMIT is not allowed in a subordinate session
  296. Oracle Books For Sale
  297. Re: HASH Function in oracle SQL PL/SQL
  298. Oracle on Linux
  299. Re: SQL construct not supported in informix ?
  300. Fragmented database
  301. Connectstring with SQL*Loader
  302. end-of-file on communication channel while executing a sql query
  303. Re: Package problem
  304. DBMS_METADATA PL/SQL Supplied Package
  305. Which self-test software?
  306. Re: can not delete data from a table which is queried in a stored procedure
  307. Database link and ORA-02041: client database did not begin a transaction
  308. TNS-12560:Protocol adapter error from client side only...
  309. Returning record X-Y from a table
  310. Re: RAID Levels
  311. Re: Can't Open 9i Olap Viewer
  312. Re: Experienced PLSQL, Newbie to Java -- Why would one use java?
  313. - Multidimensional Thought for the BI Professional
  314. Experienced PLSQL, Newbie to Java -- Why would one use java?
  315. Performance probs with Connect 4.2 for Oracle Wire
  316. Re: Attach a file in UTL_SMTP
  317. Re: adding to source coutrol
  318. Difference between archive and redlolog?
  319. Re: Query help
  320. Tables with a row size limit?
  321. jacorb and oracle
  322. Single Complex Query Vs Temoprary Table
  323. Oracle newbie
  324. Test
  325. FRM-10095: Assertion failed in iewbdbc_oracle_to_id
  326. Query for Return character?
  327. Sure-fire "kill"
  328. OCP DBA Certs
  329. Eliminate Duplicates Using SQLLDR and/or .ctl file
  330. Re: plsql.jar and JVM
  331. Capacity Planning for Oracle database
  332. How to insert multiple rows with a single INSERT.
  333. Oracle IRC Channels
  334. OCI: How to insert BLOBs with array interface?
  335. export method
  336. Oracle Intelligent Agent Executable
  337. Re: update empty column according to existen data
  338. Help!! Any non-RAC high-availability experiences with Oracle9 ??
  339. Re: Doubt UTF8 database
  340. Re: Database Performance
  341. Oracle to double hiring of Indians
  342. -- how to check if database link is active
  343. dbms_output.putlin show up AFTER completion???
  344. difference between client adn server
  345. Oracle rounding question
  346. Searching in complete DB
  347. Mix and match
  348. SYS_XMLGEN returning blank records, PLEASE HELP, COMPLETE NEWBIE
  349. The dreaded TNS-12500 error.
  350. Re: How to get the list of variables and constants declared in a Oracle Package?
  351. Re: How to get the list of variables and constants declared in a Oracle Package?
  352. Re: How to retrieve latest record when date and time are separate ?
  353. OCI: How to insert BLOBs from OCI ?
  354. Re: How to retrieve latest record when date and time are separate ?
  355. Minimum requirements for ODBC connectivity to Oracle database
  356. Trigger and DML INSERT on separate table
  357. How to Keep selected text items from being highlighted? In forms 6.0
  358. Re: Easiest way to output XML based on SELECT statement or Stored Proc
  359. Re: How to retrieve latest record when date and time are separate ?
  360. Re: How to install SQLPLUS editor on windows for ORACLE isntalled on UNIX
  361. Oracle error log
  362. connection problem
  363. Re: How to retrieve latest record when date and time are separate ?
  364. Re: Select Top ... * from ... command
  365. How to prevent table entry from being deleted but perform statements in the body of a trigger ?
  366. How can I get database SID in stored procedure in Oracle?
  367. Re: Oracle and W32.Bugbear.B@mm
  369. Info on Oracle Replication
  370. Should developers have DBA role?
  371. Need to dynamically generate a SQL SELECT which excludes NULL columns
  372. Re: ORA-02291: integrity constraint (%%%) violated - parent key not found
  373. Syntax espression
  374. Is text_io part of FORMS or PL/SQL? Can text_io be used with DBMS_OUTPUT in PL/SQL?
  375. Re: problem to connect with Oracle Management Server
  376. returning a multi row select within a single row select
  377. [Quick Question] Programming Jobs on Oracle?
  378. Oracle 9i/9iAS co-existense question
  379. Re: Latest Study Guides for Oracle 8i 9i OCP OCA exam
  380. Re: Visual C++ and Oracle - increase speed and preformance?
  381. Oracle RDB stored procedures and resultsets
  382. Re: Oracle 9i
  383. Tracking users
  384. Inconsistant query results - Please help
  385. Oracle 8.1.7 on Mandrake 9.1 install problems
  386. Strange SQL behaviour when using query short-cuts
  387. undefined reference to `sqlcxt' (Pro C compilation problem)
  388. Re: Help: Oracle Workflow Mailer
  389. JDBC problem in rollback
  390. form not running on 6i
  391. Oracle dba studio
  392. Oracle on NT4 memory use
  393. Re: Newbie question....
  394. Re: Newbie question....
  395. Index on date-fields with NULL values
  396. Two instances of Oracle client on one PC
  397. Which Red Hat Linux version supports Oracle 9 DB?
  398. Strange behavious - inconsistencies between SQL in SQL*PLUS & SQL embedded in PL/SQL
  399. Adonis on Oracle
  400. Closing a data base link
  401. upgrade 8.1.5 to 9i
  402. Oracle install and Java problems
  403. Re: Export from 9i and import to 8i
  404. Re: Export from 9i and import to 8i
  406. Re: Why SAP is doing well when Oracle is not
  407. Oracle certification question
  408. Re: Conditional Constraint?
  409. Re: Conditional Constraint?
  410. Re: ORA-12560:TNS:Protocol Adapter Error on Netware
  411. How can I get Oracle 8i for Windows 2000 on a CD ROM ?
  412. Re: How to duplicate whole database from one machine to another machine in Windows 2000?
  413. Very slow initial connection on Oracle 8i
  414. Re: ORAKnowledge
  415. Oracle OFA, Tablespaces and Redo Logs?
  416. database link
  417. disable O/S file cache??
  418. How To Update A Table From Excel
  419. Help: Problems with ALTER TABLE
  420. PL/SQL: Printing questions
  421. Problem with Distince and Index - Inconsitant output
  422. Re: Rates of change???
  423. Problem with Oracle 9i on laptops -- disk writes every 1-2 seconds!
  424. Orcale 9i -- NOT friendly with laptops -- the probe disk-hit every second!
  425. oracle 9i on a laptop ~~ how do I prevent the ~1 second disk hit on my laptop! This is a MAJOR problem!
  426. -- determine changing time of record
  427. Standby Database Issues
  428. Re: Please help running DBCA
  429. Problem with TOAD 7.5 and 9i DB
  430. Oracle Thin connectio fails from outside the network
  431. Re: Rates of change???
  432. Oracle 8.1.7 Unions with differing datatypes in the selects
  433. Do you have end-users like this?
  434. Re: Forms9i builder not starting on redhat linux 9
  435. Cost based optomizer problem. CBO won't merge view
  436. Re: Running PL/SQL procedure on client side
  437. Oracle Intermedia / Image Import
  438. Sample Data Model for a College - Course Scheduling and student info
  439. Rollback Segment Errors
  440. search on front of compound key
  441. How to improve deletes on a non partitioned table with no indexes
  442. Compiling Oracle Stored Procedure from VC++
  443. Re: Materialized View/Snapshot without Triggers?
  444. Get the user logged on NT with a trigger in Oracle
  445. Decode question
  446. Re: Help needed getting BC4J in Jdeveloper to recognize Rowid and Primary Key info in a MySql database
  447. Where OCIDirPathPrepare is defined?
  448. ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve service name..when using hsodbc
  449. NT client crashes to blues screen on dual processor board
  450. OCI: generic binds
  451. FULL OUTER JOIN for oracle8(i)
  452. HELP: dbms.job - scheduling job at exact time
  453. Re: Slow client operations
  454. Re: Materialized View/Snapshot without Triggers?
  455. Re: NLS_DATE_FORMAT with SOL Loader
  456. Re: JSP not responding on 11.5.8
  457. User DB with User NT
  458. pre-production environments
  459. Inconsistent Query Results
  460. Re: cannot connect with JDBC THIN driver to ORACLE 8
  461. Re: Changing database server location
  462. Re: ORA-12514: TNS:listener could not resolve SERVICE_NAME
  463. Re: Delete child-parent records???????
  464. changing database location
  465. Re: Installing Oracle 11.5.8 on Mandrake
  466. Cannot connect with OCI driver and Oracle 9i (9.2)
  467. ORA-01004: default username feature not supported; logon denied
  468. External Table Query runs in PL/SQL but fails in perl script
  469. File too large..
  470. question
  471. deleting data
  472. DataBase is not Connected through Application
  473. Oracle Parameter not getting value
  474. help with PL/SQL (ORA-06502 & PLS-00204)
  475. DLOOKUP function
  476. How to execute trigger instead of view while changes are done on a field in the table
  477. copy access tables to oracle
  478. Need to connect oracle database using Unix script
  479. Need a unix script to do match two files
  480. ORACLE10: Rename column that has keyword name
  481. ORA-03113 : end-of-file on communication channel
  482. Need help with append and delete duplicates
  483. How to run & view the out put of procedures in SQL:\>
  484. Oracle 9i Installation problem
  485. Informatica Licence Key-
  486. Oracle Apps
  487. How to bring up Enterprise Manager Oracle 10g
  488. Count(*) and performance
  489. Regarding tablespace issues
  490. how to change the password for sys schema?
  491. TOADS Explain plan
  492. Reg AOL
  493. Single sign-on configuration assistant failed during App Server install
  494. Update the first x of the records returned
  495. Encryption
  496. new feature in oracle 9i
  497. Run sql statement through batch file
  498. Using Collections in PL/SQL
  499. Refreshing or recreating a materialized view
  500. New to Oracle Help me out....
  501. Load Xml in oracle (SQL LOADER)
  502. Query too long
  503. Number Formatting
  504. New to Oracle
  505. Command hangs and doesn't end.
  506. SQL statement to store and retrieve 2byte letters like Japanese characters
  507. Oracle Reports 6i Download link
  508. Convert Oracle to SQL
  509. min function
  510. Timed Out Error in Oracle.
  511. What's the best way to load a PDF file into an oracle table?
  512. Top N results
  513. Prblems with DataSet Fill
  514. Duplicate Records
  515. E-Book
  516. Connection error from em oracle10g
  517. REG Oracle Discoverer
  518. trigger compilation errror
  519. Get Top 10 records
  520. decode question
  521. Assign field value based on date range of another variable in another table
  522. Regarding ORACLE
  523. FTP Batch file
  524. Data cloning in oracle 10g
  525. Retrieving the Nth record from a one-to-many subrelation table
  526. Can I commit portion of transaction in Oracle 9i?
  527. Back up or export Oracle Database Lite 10g syntax
  528. how to returning a recordset
  529. problem with connection
  530. Difference between Having & Where Clause
  531. How to connect to database????/
  532. login details
  533. Dates between the two given dates
  534. Data Dictionary Views
  535. Oracle transparent gateway in z/os
  536. Syntax error
  537. insert time only
  538. Tuning a stored procedure
  539. Regular expression in Oracle
  540. Creating Table in Oracle
  541. Calling Apex from Oracle Forms
  542. primary key
  543. date & time between
  544. Subqueries
  545. procedure and function
  546. countfunction
  547. Stored Procedure returning multiple values
  548. multiple row insert
  549. apps output in excel
  550. how to insert very large text into CLOB datafield?urgent.....