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  1. MS ODBC for Oracle Driver 6.00.6001.18
  2. Problem in on delete no action why?
  3. How to search record in oracle form 6i?
  4. select query using cursors
  5. ORA-00922:Missing or invalid option
  6. I have oracle express edition, i need an example of oracle db with html/asp frontend.
  7. How to add two result sets.
  8. How do we handle varchar2 parameter with comma delimiter and no quotes
  9. Does anyone have Oracle Install Media for AIX. Oracle Version 7.1.4
  10. Query help
  11. What is oracle?
  12. String search query in oracle
  13. how to change the feedback of pl sql?
  14. How to crop a postcode in Oracle 10g
  15. have abig problem in oracle
  16. latest date problem
  17. Command to take backup and restore Oracle DB
  18. recursive query
  19. How to select last 10 rows from a table?
  20. rep-0781
  21. beginner with oracle, where to start
  22. help me to get values of a table having only one column into one variable
  23. Choosing Oracle DBA as a career?
  24. check the given date is present in between two dates
  25. arabic query returns empty result
  26. Import sound class Error from Oracle9i form builder
  27. How to Configure Oracle SQL developer?
  28. Bulk collect not updating
  29. How ROWNUM works
  30. Oracle import utility does not import anything
  31. How to insert record into two table at a time
  32. oracle database
  33. How to check for MultiColumn Unique before Adding Unique Constraint
  34. The error on using to_date and contains Together。very Strange。thanks
  35. How to change the color and font of SQL*PLUS?
  36. Oracle-10g Database is not connected by Oracle developer 6i
  37. PL/SQL writing a SQL Query to execute into a table
  38. Want SQL executing fastre
  39. Create table
  40. function that accepts datefrom and dateto
  41. give the corresponding database design of each relation and underline a primary key
  42. Consider the following relations concerning a driving school.
  44. Returning Null Value for 0 row results
  45. Linking Oracle to MS Access for large databases
  46. I want to declare a varray of number and that should continuasly ask me.
  47. Second Latest Date per Group
  48. how to import .dmp file
  49. Last inserted row
  50. DBMS versus file system
  51. How to read data from an Excel Sheet into Oracle 9i database
  52. Using Collections to find duplicates ( PL SQL )
  53. how to call sequence in oracle form6i?
  54. Slow query on 1 million record table
  55. Not getting desired records
  56. select distinct values of a column against partitioned table
  57. configuration listener.ora,tnsnames.ora in a single system
  58. Writing a file to windows directory using pl/sql
  59. block select on table
  60. command not properly ended
  61. UPDATE column using values in same TABLE
  62. about query
  63. How to send a table records from oracel to msexcel
  64. Regular Expressions
  65. how to make oracle function one parameter optional
  66. How to stop execution when will get the ERROR in a perticular block?
  67. COMMAND LINE for generating script for oracle table
  68. How to check primary key in a view
  69. ORA-01438: value larger .. Which column has the error :
  70. Set path in Environment Variable to run JDBC application
  71. full join 3 tables
  72. How to get data for a particular date range as a parameter
  73. dates
  74. oracle (tm) client & network components were not found..
  75. Oracle7.3.4 database in Unix (database media required)
  76. update trigger
  77. Oracle DBA
  78. Oralce10g installation steps for Red hat Linux 5
  79. What is the diffrence b/w varchar2 and nvarchar2 ?
  80. Limiting the date range
  81. jsp to oracle connect
  82. Order a select
  83. One to Many Relationship Between Columns
  84. Materilized view JOB
  85. how to create forms in oracle suite?
  86. Function took long time for execution..
  87. how i can create forms in oracle 9i suite?
  88. Trigger after the commit
  89. connect to oracle via vba without odbc
  90. Insert row number
  91. Bulk inserts to DB through PL/SQL
  92. SQL Not working with the function
  93. Sql developer and oracle 9i
  94. SQL tuning / How to Tune the SQL Query
  95. How to call a member procedure in a subclass/subtype? (object relational)
  96. to create a cursor
  97. Unable to use ABS_ATTENDANCE_REASON_ID as input in BG_ABSENCE_DURATION formula
  98. I am trying to define a variable using an object created in other schema
  99. what do I need to build quick running site and databases?
  100. How to install 8i ODBC drivers into XP pro
  101. view pdf in oracle forms
  102. How to reduce table size using delete or truncate statement in 10G
  103. I am creating this stored procedure. but I am not able to solve these errors.
  104. ORA-00904: "ACTION": invalid identifier
  105. Query with Outer join
  106. displaying a table with PK first then FK?
  107. Oracle 11g code defect with Select SUBSTR funtion
  108. update
  109. Inserting binary data types
  110. some question about proc c/c++
  111. How to connect with rman
  112. How to make Two-Way Replication Setup.
  113. server database not open
  114. How do I transfer data from Oracle Forms into MS Excel?
  115. ora-01110:datafile 1: '/usr5/system/system/01.dbf
  116. need Department details
  117. image from db to local drive
  118. how to export oracle database to a flat file
  119. Join columns
  120. How can we Check if Oracle stored procedure already running
  121. ERROR: You do not have SELECT priviledges on sys.V_$PARAMETER view.
  122. How do I create a Data Dictionary using Oracle Designer
  123. loading xml file into oracle with dtd validation on,
  124. portint database from oracle to postgres
  125. convert number to date
  126. oracle error. Ora 01033 orcle instalation or sutdown in progress
  127. jasper and IReport against Oracle
  128. Discoverer Query
  129. Form 5 and db10g
  130. update based on subqueries
  131. Scheduling concurrent Program
  132. usage of AFTER LOGON DATABASE trigger
  133. Oracle Report 6i and Oracle 11g database
  134. Oracle exp tool
  135. Potential regression with Oracle 11g in Select Sum
  136. Oracle 8i express edition work in windows Xp sp2?
  137. Sequences
  138. pls anybody tell me wether oracle 8i can be installed in windows xp sevice pack 2?
  139. System.Data.OracleClient requires Oracle client software version 8.1.7 or greater in
  140. which command is used to grant all the privileges to hr user......
  141. data manipulation operation not legal on this view - in a cursor
  142. need query hw to select last 3month,3 week, only friday only sysdate using dual table
  143. Call a package function from C#: PLS-00306
  144. Compute Time Difference in Teradata
  145. ORA-31001: Invalid Resource-Handle or Path name
  146. oracle to pg
  147. Can I create an online application that feeds into PeopleSoft Financials 7.5?
  148. Filters in Teradata
  149. what happens when a sql query get executed containing joins in it.explain in details
  150. mail server with oracle
  151. invalid file operation
  152. how to create a view inside a stored procedure
  153. Materialized view Refresh
  154. Count Results for multiple choice
  155. Oracle query help urgent !!
  156. Apache Installation (https service) issue
  157. how to create .mtw file in oracle transalationhub.
  158. can u help me plz
  159. Joining 2 Queries in Teradata
  160. joining 3 tables-using oracle 10g
  161. How to reduce and avoid spool space error in Teradata
  163. Count in teradata
  164. trigger error
  165. add constrain in exsiting table
  166. Hyperlink in Oracle Reports6i
  167. TERADATA Equivalent of ROWCOUNT
  168. Scheduled Concurrent Programs
  169. Grants asssigned via roles not works in PL/SQL
  170. Help need in Encryption/Decryption Concepts
  171. How to find the clear text data in an encrypted column?
  172. What kind of a code is this?
  173. Need Table's Alter History
  174. Need logic
  175. to join two tables which has records in columns format
  176. where table is stored in oracle
  177. Oracle Query problem...
  178. Need help with basic sql oracle queries?
  179. Adding Adjustment element
  180. Oracle Application Server Portal Forms
  181. Help in this SQL
  182. Discoverer, Detailed aggregate data warning
  183. oc4j-island:default_island, ajp-host:-missing-, ajp-port:-missing-
  184. date wise report by using oracle form?
  185. Using PL/SQL code in Excel Macro
  186. convert access sql to oracle sql
  187. capturing user id
  188. Excel to oracle
  189. Need dumps for IZO-146
  190. Discoverer Problem
  191. adding a menu to responsibility
  192. Schema level session idle time out in oracle
  193. Business days calc
  194. Getting error 'Root transaction falied to Commit'
  195. Help with a query to copy files (new to oracle)
  196. registering a function in discoverer
  197. between operator in oracle
  198. check constraint
  199. Create chart
  200. set number of decimal in avg() query
  201. oracle help
  202. Oracle 9i
  203. Ora-01403
  204. Fourth,Fifth Normal Form
  205. newb question about sql+ script for appending to end of table
  206. Replication Issue in Oracle 10G
  207. how can we display particular record by using oracle report
  208. oracle - program around ora-02068 error ??
  209. Limit on the length of query
  210. How to get rid of duplicate value
  211. Oracle Error: Unable to cast object of type
  212. Performance Issue with Alphanumeric Column
  213. Create Procedure Oracle Errors
  214. Oracle error returning value from database
  215. Update table with multiple joins
  216. CREATE Table gives ORA-00904 error
  217. Character Set Question?
  218. php and oracle
  219. Oracle Forms: Disable invoking buttton
  220. oracle sub query issue
  221. Returning an Oracle generated GUID through an out parameter
  222. display dates in a month
  223. User parameters and links -Oracle Portal:discoverer
  224. Registering a disceverer report
  225. iSQL *PLUS variable
  226. Oracle Forms or Java/JSP
  227. I fail to understand this..!!!
  228. File Cabinet
  229. wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'GET_DNAME_FOR_ID1.
  230. Rows To Columns--urgent!!
  231. Organizing Categories
  232. Calender in Disoverer Report
  233. sql with regex
  234. submit request with parameters
  235. Disconnecting from database automatically
  236. Oracle text procedure?
  237. Variables in SQL Loader
  238. Converting report to excel or pdf format
  239. How to design a report
  240. Generate SQL from SQL
  241. Display paremeter in the report
  242. case statements in oracle
  243. HRMS Photo upload
  244. Killing a process and a session
  245. Execute Immediate VS Dynamic SQL (DBMS_SQL)
  246. Triggers commit and rollback through a proc.
  247. Concurrent request from procedure
  248. Paramter Form Builder in Oracle Report Builder 6i
  249. Partitioned Index on a non partitioned table ?
  250. Which cursor to use to execute a DML ?
  251. How to PIVOT in Oracle 8i
  252. what is the error in following query
  253. what is the error in query
  254. Why do I have to manually make sequences and triggers for primary keys?
  255. Reg Reports Builder
  256. Procedure or Function terminates with failure without being handled
  257. problem to find record between perticular value
  258. Mutating Error in Triggers
  259. Oracle Cursor Creation in Reporting Services
  260. Tns name Not Found
  261. Wf_routing_rules
  262. Update Query with a JOIN
  263. Discoverer Automatic Refresh ?
  264. How to load CLOB using sqlloader
  265. How to disable trigger as soon as it got triggered.
  266. Delegation of Responsibility
  267. Insert Statement Within A Case Statement
  268. SQL Loader
  269. OCILogon Fails But OCIError Returns False.
  270. delete and truncate
  271. Problem to use FOR loop to fetch record from a ref cursor
  272. Discoverer Parameter
  273. Implementing Manager Self Service
  274. Problem with the varray...
  275. Error message comming during import the file in oracle.
  276. Access Denied to create view in disoverer
  277. Slow return in Oracle stored procedure
  278. Oracle 9i installation failed
  279. Passing large value to Oracle stored procedure
  280. Getting a MAX() with an upper boundary
  281. Idenfying LOGS in Oracle - Please Reply
  282. Offline Database management
  283. Perl Database SQL query variable passing
  284. How to avoid DeadLock ORA-04020 error (on views)
  285. can u tell me this sql querry
  286. host string
  287. Apps Scripts
  288. Oracle apps Fast formula error
  289. Looking for Trados Multiterm's Glossary
  290. How to implement log file concept in oracle
  291. Discoverer Error
  292. Application that I can paste a query into & extract column/table names
  293. how to join 2 tables
  294. How to export/import the excel file in oracle database using sql promt
  295. Work Flow installation
  296. Loading images into Oracle
  297. Parameterized query for schema name?
  298. Problem with REFCURSOR
  299. Multiple INTO in stored procedure
  300. slipt a string into 2 word in Oracle PL?SQL
  301. How will data of schema will reflect in another schema of same network
  302. How Fast is ULT_SMTP
  303. Installing PHP Oracle Extension on SUSE linux
  304. Date Between Problem
  305. Cursor that is supposed to return one value Returns duplicated values of same row
  306. How to search all columns of all tables in a database for a keyword?
  307. max(orderdate)not working in subquery
  308. seed data base
  309. free ebooks
  310. fetched results not separating
  311. view constraints on table
  312. Return first occurance of record
  313. VB Oracle Connection Data Retrieval
  314. How to implement LIKE Clause in Query?
  315. Sqlplus ora-12154
  316. Long datatype
  317. group by works, order by gives error msg
  318. 'java.sql.SQLException: ORA-01401: inserted value to large for column' in Oracle 9i
  319. top-n queries
  320. oracle and c++
  321. help with "execute immediate" in oracle
  322. Help!!!
  323. For sql and pl/sql
  324. How do you call an external script using DBI
  325. Numeric field in desired format.
  326. UTL_SMTP PAckage problem
  327. How do you spool to txt file?
  328. what is "(+)" in pl/sql
  329. Need help writing sql to check for records that invalidate a foreign key
  330. Nested Sum in Multiple groups
  331. some tips to become an Oracle Proffessional
  332. how to update few records thru join
  333. Does an "IF Exists" clause exist in Oracle?
  334. Is Oracle dead or is everyone talking somewhere else? [eom]
  335. Microsoft .NET vs Open Source (vs Oracle) - when to use each of them ?
  336. To find no of records in a particular time span
  337. pasted sqlplus script no longer running
  338. Counting Parent Child Level
  339. subquery
  340. Oracle question.
  341. I want a query to find all entries on table1 without a corresponding entry on table2
  342. how i select columns names from any table
  343. Linking of Schemas
  344. Set Nocount On/OFF equivalent in Oracle
  345. from informix Database to Oracle
  346. ERROR [STDERR] java.sql.SQLException: Data size bigger than max size forthis type: 40
  347. how can run PL/SQL from oracle FORMS trigger or procedure/funcktion.
  348. Sql
  349. Sql
  350. run executable program from oracle trigger ( or procedure)
  351. Database Administrator question
  352. select query
  353. query slow intesting
  354. Oracle Discoverer Query
  355. Load balancer not working properly Oracle Rac environment 10g
  356. Tables not seen
  357. Oracle Query
  358. PLSQL related query
  359. sqlplus copy
  360. CSV file enclosed by "
  361. Column Settings
  362. How to get the report name before running ?
  363. Query to fetch name with mixed case
  364. database path in oracle8i
  365. Simple update Table query based on 2 tables joined
  366. Oracle - Input Buffer
  367. Error in report
  368. Different answer sql*plus and oracle forms
  369. doubt in query
  370. Error invoking target install of makefile - installing Oracle on AIX 5.3
  371. Creating a new Database and New Schema
  372. External Table with only one column
  373. sql command error
  374. Oracle Vs Teradata
  375. exporting data from oracle to excel
  376. Deleting large amounts of data
  377. how to change the column name to an already existing table
  378. rows of consecutive dates if the value is same everyday
  379. Oracle 10 g Client with perl Help
  380. Uploading JPEG images to Oracle
  381. Group consecutive records
  382. How to access new value Statement Level Trigger
  383. Why Rollback?
  384. Decoding a date & time format
  385. Setting Tab Accessibility
  386. Help with creating a SQL Query
  387. Cursor update
  388. How to delete constant no. of records
  389. Inserting XML into Oracle Table
  390. oracle batch file
  391. hours,minutes,seconds not showing in the database
  392. Simple Update Query using select statement....but why isn't it working??
  393. Oracle crashes on ESX server
  394. selecting tables
  395. how can i get time only in date data type
  396. Archive Logs
  397. Pl/sql
  398. What is a Mutating Trigger and How To OverCome To It
  399. How to find the total number of records updated in a table when a procedure is run.
  400. concatination of data in a column into a single row
  401. like operator for digits
  402. Multiple Join Query
  403. DBMS Jobs V's user scheduler Job
  404. how i can select the latest order for a customer in oracle forms
  405. site map
  406. changing line in display
  407. how to loop in oracle forms
  408. 'Not Connected Message'
  409. Storing image in table.
  410. Sql/oracle format
  411. How to put IF conditions on COLUMN NAMES...
  412. Dynamic Sql
  413. Data Being Populated
  414. Retrieving org id through unix shell
  415. Discoverer Apps Registration
  416. reading text using client_text_io utility
  417. Search for tablename and column name for one value across 1 database
  418. oracle functions
  419. Auto Increment
  420. concatenation of rows
  421. oracle versions
  422. difference
  423. New Member
  424. Procedure - Dates Between
  425. Oracle 10g on Windows Server 2003 (32-bit)
  426. performance issue on report
  427. Subtraction of dates
  428. Oracle Forms Migration 2.4 to 10g
  429. how to change the initialization parameters in oracle 10g
  430. Need to download Oracle 7.3
  431. Oracle Connection String
  432. group by total breaks in sqlplus
  433. Executing API with a Select?
  434. need output without using dbms_output package
  435. Any oracle formatter or beautifier?
  436. sample projects
  437. reg Oracle reports builder
  438. Performance bottleneck in bulk updates/inserts
  439. Where clause problem
  440. how to find the seventh largest number in a column
  441. oracle 10g installation
  442. Delete Duplicate rows without using ROWID
  443. purging data in mviews not in mview logs
  444. Package used in the oracle form
  445. How to find who is eldest from date of birth
  446. how to count no of times a letter occurs in oracle
  447. oracle
  448. Reg Oracle reports builder passing parameters
  449. Er Model
  450. spool old and new values in SQL
  451. Mviews
  452. what does count(1) do?
  453. Oracle query.
  454. reg oracle reports builder bar graph
  455. Comparison of character and number
  456. Stored procedure
  457. Problems with outer joint
  458. Will I able to get a job in software testing industry
  459. Listener/tnsnames.ora issue ORA-12514
  460. PSB ORA error DE_id and Position_id
  461. Reg Database
  462. Total Number of Employees hired in a certain year
  463. What is bitmap and
  464. SQL Plus
  465. Sql%rowcount
  466. calculate business days in a year(excluding holidays and weekends)
  467. Update
  468. creating materlized view in another schema using dblinks
  469. Semi Join with 3 tables
  471. Book or online documentation?
  472. How to sort columns and rows in oracle
  473. number of records
  474. how to sort days in oracle
  475. Schema Files
  476. How to check an jdbc version in classes12.jar ??
  477. ORA-00604 when connect to database
  478. Oracle error: ORA-01401:inserted value too large for column
  479. Deleting large number of tuples from Oracle 10g Db.
  480. PSQUery with conditional rows
  481. on_commit trigger
  482. discoverer installation
  483. Is it ok to use visual source safe for oracle 10 g database?
  484. Oracle vs MySQL vs DB2 please help decide
  485. Oracle Internal Error Code(Oracle Version:10.2)
  486. System freezes
  487. spilit one column into two columns
  488. Migration from DB2 database to Oracle 10g.
  489. Converting a DATE with time stamp to a DATE without timestamp
  490. Delete Duplicate Records from a large table
  491. Please help to achieve this output
  492. open form with parameters
  493. Linking MS Access to Oracle
  494. Can I select from a dual table ?
  495. What is B-Tree is index ?
  496. what are the variables used in sql & pl/sql ?
  497. Query to get the output horizontally?
  498. dba exams
  499. updating using SubQuery Problen
  500. Problem in Materialized view
  501. mutating
  502. Error (C++ does not support `long long' ) while compiling ORATYPES.H
  503. problem to disable a perticular item in oracle forms
  504. open form with parameters
  505. Hanging of select statements/Forms & Procedures
  506. fmcus.msb
  507. Archiving the data
  508. SQL : nth highest salary from emp table
  509. 10 g Installation problem
  510. Normalization
  511. connection string
  512. Copy schema without data
  513. Copy schema without data
  514. Selecting Max Daterecord from Many Records
  515. Sshr-ame
  516. oracle10g production license
  517. important sites
  518. Adding primary constraint on a table if you have duplicated records already .
  519. Running two applications at the same time , having common components
  520. Maximum number of Columns
  521. SWITCH error
  522. DeCode in Column List
  523. Siebel Calendar Issue.
  524. Oracle Installation
  525. where to use ref cursor ?
  526. knowing jusT the lasT row
  527. how to do a realtimeproject
  528. how to connect 9i to 10g forms
  529. Display a field in margin of Oracle Report only on page 1
  530. Hi friends........
  531. simple SQL ELSE IF statement help
  532. insert into primary froeigon key relationship
  533. Connection String for Remote Server
  534. reg hyperlink in oracle report built by oracle reports builder
  535. Sql Plus Utility
  536. Parameter in Discoverer
  537. How to specify person type in table creation
  538. how to create a txt file from PL/SQL procedure
  539. using a join and field concatenation
  540. Exporting whole database from oracle 9.0 to 9.2 (windows)
  541. network adapter
  542. connect database
  543. Update statment with Exists and inner join, need tuning or alternative
  544. TNS Writter Failure
  545. How to increment more than one or to some othe rnumber with Oracle for loop
  546. Export Database tables to a dump file under windows
  547. Use variables in several different places in a big SELECT query
  548. long sql query
  549. Comma seperated column
  550. To check space in varchar2 column