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  1. Oracle 9i personal on Windows ME
  2. running utl_file
  3. running utl_file
  4. Storing/retrieving BLOBs with JSPs
  5. /usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol error
  6. Solaris expert needs to break into as entry-level Oracle dba
  7. SQL statement monitor/logger
  8. oo40 - number type and ODynaset
  9. dbms_alert_info table access from a schema
  10. How to know in a unix script if oracle procedure executed or failed?
  11. help needed to write a oracle function that can do this...
  12. Pass variable to Oracle Query form Crystal Reports
  13. CREATE TRIGGER odditiy
  14. Oracle 8.1.7 hsodbc agent on Tru64 UNIX 5.1B
  15. Where is OUI
  16. need help with PL/SQL Procedure
  17. TNSLSNR.exe - Application Error
  19. how to write a function to call this VB script
  20. case, nvl and datetime fields
  21. Strange TNS problem
  22. LDAP attribute list
  23. XMLType insert
  24. can I remove jdk directory from C:\orant?
  25. Try on these security package
  26. Oracle Query
  27. DiskSuite RAID5 performace
  28. Loading from XML to Database
  29. Install this corrective update from the Microsoft
  30. Oracle's Mission Statement
  31. Help needed in Update SQL that uses an Inline Query View containing 'Partition By'
  32. Designer Forms: Linking update module component / stand-alone list of values
  33. JDBC driver setup in UNIX
  34. Looking for OAS SW
  35. 9ias, fully qualified host name?
  36. Cursor, Fetch, and while...
  37. Need help to understand difference, and contrast between Relational database model and the Object-Oriented model
  38. 2nd CFV: comp.databases.etl
  39. Oracle 9i problem
  40. SQL_TRACE Output Location
  41. ORA-01026: multiple buffers of size > 4000 in the bind list
  42. OMWB
  43. Listener Configuration in Oracle 9i
  44. Dynamic SQL with PROC/C++ problem
  45. ORACLE 9 and Solaris 5.6
  46. Lock table only allow INSERT
  47. Max number of records can be fetched in oracle in one call
  48. 8i and SuSE 9 Pro
  49. More Help Required.. in Replication of Oracle 9i in Rh9 (if the query is repeated by me sorry)
  50. Reply: Replication Of Oracle 9i in RH9
  51. How to emulate WRITETEXT / Writing to LONG fields
  52. Oracle upgrade advice
  53. WinPure .. List Cleaner .. Opinions/Recommendations?
  54. redirect SQL Trace output
  55. Index on Number & Varchar2
  56. SYSRESV Utilitity for Windohs??
  57. select next highest salary or last login date ...
  58. Standby database on Standard Edition
  59. keyword override
  60. Install problem on Redhat
  61. how to install oracle 9iR2 on windows 2003?
  62. Replication Of Oracle 9i in RH9
  63. Question on debugging TNS-12560
  64. Beginners problem with assigning object methods.
  65. ORA-06530 - Uninitialized composite on dbms_fetch for pipelined table function
  66. No Data found error
  67. establish oracle connectiviy with oracle
  68. will Oracle 8i run on Novell Netware 5.0
  69. Addition of constraint during creation of table
  70. RFD: Periodic FAQ & Charter post
  71. Static to Dynamic linking
  72. Passing Java object as parameter to the java stored procedure
  73. Bug of function-based index
  74. new to reports 6i
  75. How to say it in SQL?
  76. Monitor SQL queries
  77. Fatal NI connect error 12560, connecting to:
  78. 816 proC on debian linux; mathcalls.h issue?
  79. Error changing Character Set
  80. ODBC for 8i Single user version
  81. TNS 12545 urgent !!
  82. [beginner] sequence
  84. Statistics information
  85. cursor problem
  86. Q: Oracle Forms on WinCE
  87. Help: Forms 6 Template
  88. trigger problem
  89. Oracle 9i Database Server on Windows 2003 Server
  90. How to load a TABLE fuilly in memory and keep it
  91. how to use select clause in assignment
  92. migration from oracle 8i to 9i
  93. CLOB/NCLOB help needed please.
  94. Connecting to default oracle instance
  95. Hot Backup Question
  96. Q: Oracle Web-Based Tutorial
  97. VARCHAR variable in where clause
  98. Sql select question
  99. thanks
  100. Help with returning XML from Oracle function to JSP
  101. regarding some databse design rules
  102. sql*loader utillity for importing text file into oracle
  103. Remote Function Call: Internal Error
  104. MERGE over db-links
  105. OFFSET function in oracle
  106. PLS-00201: identifier 'P_TEST_DEL_VAL_ERR' must be declared
  107. How to backup a 2 Tb Oracle data warehouse ?
  108. automatic shutdown/startup
  109. Updating LONG columns
  110. Using Veritas Netbackup with Oracle Export/Import
  111. OCI LOBS and AQ, help needed
  112. MINUS operator - How it works.!!??
  113. Complex Searches
  114. ORA-01840: input value not long enough for date format
  115. Oracle9i Forms Class
  116. Oracle Java Certification
  117. Error: ORA-01704: string literal too long
  118. Fast retrieval and display of results to web browser
  119. Migrating Oracle 7.3.2 to 9.0.1
  120. Refcursor value is invalid
  121. Session Defaults
  122. Traversing, while keeping a constant
  123. Conceptual modeling like in the book
  124. Reading flat files from pl/sql
  125. XML DB Repository Update Contents
  126. SQL Formatter
  127. minus and intersect functionality
  128. recomendations for web-based application functional design & project tracking tool?
  129. insert and select in one statement
  130. three table insert
  131. Seeking or
  132. Oracle Financials - security
  133. Ora-942 in stored procedure
  134. oracle designer
  135. Oracle 7, Indexes
  136. Will this work?
  137. Can sqlldr append to bad file?
  138. not available for install on Oracle 9i Client for openVMS
  139. idle time
  140. variable datatype returning
  141. Materialized views are not getting refreshed
  142. Extract the beginning of a string
  143. Client 8.0.6 doesn't work on win XP
  144. where is tkprof in 9.1
  145. connectivity - integration Oracle - SQL server
  146. How to prevent "Oracle8 ODBC Driver Connect" dialog from appearing?
  147. connecting c,c++ to oracle in windows or dos
  148. How to use index
  149. capture oracle pwd change in 3rd party application. help needed
  150. SQL question / Multiple rows output in one line
  151. Weird behaviour with START WITH and CONNECT BY
  152. Privileges On Procedures/Functions/Packages
  153. Seeking Patch 3006854 ( to install Oracle 9i under Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 ES/AS
  154. ODP.Net vs OO4O
  155. Citrix Metaframe and Oracle 7 Client
  156. can't login to oracle dba studio as sysdba
  157. Oracle and Windows Server 2003
  158. Red Hat personal roadmap on the skids. Whither my dev box?
  159. Limit the levels for a query with CONNECT BY
  160. Stored Procedure Syntax to Copy data from Server to Server
  161. New Oracle monitoring tool ... Sorry :-) here is the webpage
  162. New Oracle monitoring tool ...
  163. SQLMENU50 :: user not authorized to use SQLMENU
  164. discontinued XCOFF64 file
  165. Procedure builder 1.5.8 (forms 6.0.8)
  166. Data mining/Data Warehouse on Web services
  167. moving items between databases
  168. Choosing DBMS and architecture for ecommerce website
  169. Help : Convert interbase stored proc
  170. Transaction hangs
  171. After a few minutes of querying the database my session disconnects abruptly. Can som
  172. What is the maximum number of tablespaces that contain data for a table containing tw
  173. To use C sort routines in the server side packages which file must contain support fo
  174. Which clause in a create user statement restricts the number of tables a user can add
  175. Into which file do records rejected by Oracle due to primary key constraint violation
  176. How can I improve performance of queries on tables containing all words in the dictio
  177. In which database memory areas is SQL and PL/SQL parse information is stored?
  178. I am attempting to take tablespace offline and receiving the following error: ORA-
  179. In which table is Oracle database audit information stored?
  180. 1. Do you know in which tablespace the tables that store information about the Oracle
  181. Why length()/dump() return different substring length values ??
  182. Open twice (or more) the same cursor
  183. Third party utility for encryption and full text search
  184. oracle on OS X 10.2.8
  185. query tuning
  186. Boss doesn't understand Oracle ...
  187. sql using full table scan instead of an index
  188. Removing Leading Zeros Using SQL
  189. Oracle JMS problem
  190. Enterprise Manager 2.2 on NT4 gathering from HP/UX11 and
  191. procedure compilable over db link?
  192. Oracle Sql Optimalization
  193. Errors after creating FBI
  194. Oracle Visual Basic Connectivity
  195. bdp or odbc?
  196. Oracle 8i Cursors via JDBC
  197. OODB References
  198. count (1) and count (*)
  199. DBA role
  200. UTL_FILE.OPEN problems
  201. Looking for a Gig Consulting or Full-Time
  202. Passing a space as an argument to SQL*Plus
  203. Keyword delimiters
  204. Not a valid month, please HELP!!
  205. load file to clob using loadfromfile(oracle8.1.7),but the length of file and clob is not equal
  206. Refer to block item using string
  207. how to select all rows where a colums has null
  208. reg oracle 9ids report printing
  209. Remove Duplicate Rows without a Primary Key
  210. niceSQL / SQL Formatter
  211. problem with dbca on Oracle 9i R2 Linux
  212. optimum datatype for primary key column O9i
  213. How to implement 'search' similar to Google
  214. My attempt to read the view creation code stored in the Oracle data dictionary has en
  215. Which Oracle dictionary view gives information about the position of a column in a pr
  216. Does PL/SQL allow cursors to contain subqueries?
  217. What are two components of the Oracle database security model?
  218. In order to set SQL*PLUS session so that NLS_DATE_FORMAT information is altered in a
  219. Having problems running query in Oracle
  220. [Q] oracle spatial functions
  221. Check this correction patch
  222. TEMP Tablespace Question
  223. sql comparison and flag
  224. Creating tables in DB Correctly
  225. "HAVING" problems with query and using 'having' with group by
  226. What is the efficient way to select data from huge database?
  227. simple question about sql*plus
  228. simple question about indexes
  229. db2 vs oracle
  230. Wich newsgroup ?
  231. FWD: Watch the corrective pack
  232. troubles with oracle on a 2k controller domain
  233. Oracle 8.1.7 on Windows 2003 Cluster??
  234. Secure JDBC connection to Oracle 9i
  235. Unable to enlist in a distributed transaction Error in COM+ with Oracle DB
  236. Export dump files and stripe-sets
  237. Forms 9i - LOV icon doesn't show up. Does anyone know why?
  238. How to assign a value to a variable
  239. Oracle Tools - Auto Commit Feature
  241. updating table with two images
  242. Oracle 9i and Connectivity
  243. trouble shooting oracle instance
  244. Page Processing Efficiency
  245. **HELP** Calling Oracle Stored Procedure from vbs script
  246. d2k installation
  247. oracle 8.1.7 + linux .trc dump
  248. How to start an oracle instance
  249. Query optimization
  250. Looking for scenario simulation tools for Oracle
  251. OWB gives ora-00942: table or view does not exist EVEN if the table exist
  252. Are there any contentions in Latchs?
  253. Oracle8i Client 8.1.7 Installation
  254. Oracle vs. SAS numerics - any ideas?
  255. Snapshot from DB2
  256. Oracle Forms XML DTD available?
  257. Query tuning help, please
  258. Oracle 8.1.7 Client Install On Windows 2000 Working
  259. Oracle 8.1.7 Client Install Problem On Windows 2000 - Download, No CDs.
  260. blob dispaly using psp
  261. How to do Media Recovery for System01.dbf????
  262. install orcale 9i in red hat 9
  263. Can Crystal Report access Oracle on Linux ?
  264. does ORACLE support WMI?
  265. Oracle9ias SSO/Infrastructure installation error.
  266. Difference execute immediate within PL SQL
  267. ARCH is FULL
  268. Problems with "IN"
  269. what is the meaning "latch" in the shared pool and library cache?
  270. index stats
  271. stats on indexes
  272. loss of performance when using anonymous pl/sql blocks?!
  273. How to read UNCOMMITED data in Oracle?
  274. Help with sqlplus in Oracle.
  275. Slow Crystal Reports with Oracle
  276. Use SET ROLE in Oracle Forms Builder
  277. Does Oracle + VB is a good combination
  278. Oracle 9i client connectivity to Oracle 7.1.4
  279. remote server access - ORA-01034:
  280. On the subject of Data Warehouses, Data Cubes & OLAP....
  281. what is the meaning of creating database link but omit using clause;
  282. after set db_domain parameter,but can not resolve database link problem.
  283. JDBC with mulitple instances of database
  284. lenth of SQL statement
  285. Oracle 9i database for Solaris 8 intel
  286. Integrating crystal reports with oracle forms
  287. How to enable TNS trace
  288. Why does Windows XP not support Oracle 8i?
  289. Star Transform condition?
  290. "database not open" - Rookie
  291. Oracle Upgrade problem : from 8.1.6 to 8.1.7
  292. Install these package that comes from MS Corp.
  293. sql question
  294. Oracle Applications - Activity Based Management
  295. How to fix? ORA-22990: LOB locators cannot span transactions
  296. oracle plsql & cvs
  297. OG-00637 Unhandled PL/SQL exception 102098
  298. Oracle 9i Installation on RH Linux 9
  299. Oracle takes the wraps off SME database
  300. Create Primary Key on View
  301. REF Cursor returned across db link?
  303. I cannot install Oracle8i client on WindowXP, please help.
  304. DATETIME in Forms 6
  305. sql*loader - partitions - domain index
  306. ORA-01503: Create controlfile failed
  307. Help with DECODE function and crosstab query
  308. oracle applications 11i installation on Linux 9
  309. Check out these security package from the MS Corp.
  310. Basic Sql performance question
  311. Oracle 9i does not install (with a Mandrake 9.1)
  312. Inserting old value into a column
  313. Raw on Linux
  314. Oracle Failsafe Question
  315. Starting database up...
  316. Installing Ora9i on Windows XP
  317. Running Oracle database on Unisys OS2200
  318. [WEIRD] Merge date and char
  319. How to retrieve temporary BLOB value from PLSQL to Java?
  320. Grant Previleges to Objects and Varrays
  321. restore Issue
  322. update using an alternative to correlated subquery
  323. stored procedure, cusor help
  324. Unsigned integer to IP address?
  325. How to improve a simple SQL performance
  326. How do I get an array into a resultset
  327. table name substitution in pl/sql
  328. Seeing double output in SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL
  329. Seeing double output in SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL
  330. Seeing double output in SELECT SYSDATE FROM DUAL;
  331. Importing specific tables from a full export ?
  332. Oracle Database 10g. When ?
  333. Oracle 8.0 Copy long from 1 table to another
  335. Speeding Intermedia Query
  336. Database Integration Question
  337. RAC - rebuild 2nd Node
  338. global temporary table --> invalid ROWID?
  339. Changing table size
  340. Oracle XML
  341. Move BLOB partitions to a different tablespace
  342. Books on Oracle Insall / Configurations
  343. selecting ROWNUM causes query to take forever
  344. Outer join returns incorrect results when using sub-selects
  345. Difficulty to interpret a TKPROF output
  346. parameters.add in .NET (Bind problems?)
  347. Question about Partitions and Indexes
  348. puzzling deadlock
  349. SIGBUS and SIGSEGV Errors in HP-UX 11 and Oracle 9i
  350. Who spawns a dedicated server process?
  351. Oracle login error from the web
  352. Can I delete some statisitcs table(s) from Oracle to tune it?
  353. Help installing Oracle 9i after installing Discoverer
  354. Oracle home selector
  355. Errors per user session!
  356. Oracle export table to ascii
  357. how to change this query, so that it will not use the correlation?
  358. How to imp from oracle 8.1.7 to 8.1.6 in Unix?
  359. Oracle 8.0 - Can't use function index
  360. Oracle certification exam preparation
  361. Help with MIN field value
  362. Third party indexing solutions
  363. OCI DirPath
  364. trim(' ') problem & ORA-03113
  365. Forms 4.5 login -- cannot type username or password
  366. 9.2.0 migration now cant log into Apps
  367. PUBS Database
  368. Question about deleting table duplicates
  369. Oracle stored proc. from VB in ADO
  370. Need an algorithm to process nodes in a tree recursively
  371. How to find PINNED tables/indexes etc?
  372. query oracle_home in sqlplus
  373. combining rows from 2 tables
  374. one code for two tables
  375. case question
  376. Distributed database question
  377. Partitioning and Tablespaces
  378. Best practices: commit by database layer vs. commit by caller
  379. Unistall Oracle with Faulty Uninstaller
  380. How to display a BLOB/CLOB in Oracle Forms?
  381. OCP is not enough, need extensive experience
  382. Linked Servers
  383. Isolation level on Ora 9i
  385. Oracle DBA: Where do I start?
  386. Oracle Long mapped as CString
  387. 8i to 9i upgrade
  388. Please help: Oracle9i/AIX5.2/Veritas vxvm raw devices Problem
  389. Oracle Real Aplication Cluster
  390. Oracle Real Aplication Cluster
  391. Help needed in SQL Query for Hierarchy
  392. Unspecified error when running Oracle 9i package via ASP
  393. saving files as LOB to Db
  394. Oracle JDeveloper 10g Preview is out - includes many PL/SQL features
  395. Oracle 8i on WinXP?
  396. Getting structure of a table in query format
  397. How to create a SIMPLE distributed database in Oracle??
  398. what is the difference to use the password file and normal account to login?
  399. Problem with MERGE and database link
  400. ora-01031 insufficent privileges
  401. How tough can I be for the user PUBLIC?
  402. Diagnosing Transaction Enqueue (TX) Locking Issue
  403. Company thought DB2 will be better than Oracle.
  404. Prcedural replication issue
  405. external table
  406. RMAN restore with Windows
  407. Oracle vs. Informix
  408. question about password file
  409. number defined being truncated in select (sorry double posting ;-( )
  410. ORA-04030 with PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET
  411. control file not created at the time of installation
  412. SS7 to Oracle 9i Migration Problems
  413. How to query a string containing an apostrophe ?
  414. Default User on Windows
  415. Urgent: LDAP Server
  416. Conditional printing depending on number of returned rows
  417. Cannot connect as Internal....?
  418. How to write the select query on self referencing table.
  419. Integrity constraints with type inheritance
  420. Oracle Recover/Restore
  421. How to disabled all constraints when importing data (urgent)
  422. How to disabled all constraints when importing data (urgent)
  423. ORA-01000 maximum open cursors exceeded
  424. initialized or shutdown in progress
  425. Oracle x SQL
  426. Help query
  427. MS Word to Blob
  428. About Error : ORA-12514: TNS:listener could not resolve SERVICE_NAME given in connect descriptor
  429. About Error : ORA-01034 and ORA-27101 ( on Windows XP and Oracle 8.1.7 )
  430. SYSTEM Tablespace is FULL
  431. which SCHEMAS are actually needed?
  432. CHECK Constraint
  433. Insert Order into a table
  434. How fix ORA-01000: maximum open cursors exceeded with out closing Statement.
  435. Anybody Having STUDENT INFO SYSTEM Docomentation
  436. Get the date time from Oracle date time stamp?????
  437. Cursor Value to Delimited String Variable??
  438. oracle on linux and windows on the computer
  439. How to unload data
  440. Teradata DBA in Chantilly, VA
  441. Formatting BRIO Reports
  442. mail merge with Oracle forms and Word
  443. viewing Stored Procedure Definition in SQL prompt
  444. table record distribution query.
  445. SSO error
  446. Oracle , Jdbc & Long Raw field
  447. how to view sample schema
  448. URGENT: VARRAY as Input/Output variable
  449. URGENT: VARRAY as Input/Output variable
  450. SQL*Loader - Commit point reached - logical record count 27
  451. controlled population of 1 million "generated" rows?
  452. How to insert BLOB?
  453. Help!
  454. Commit transaction
  455. Slow slow Pro*C compilation with sqlcheck=semantic
  456. 1
  457. Problem on Viewing SQL in Crystal Report
  459. Big problem with Oracle Portal Migration
  460. Need Query without Union and minus.
  461. 8i to 9i changes
  462. Pfile Question
  463. Cursor parameters - problems with 'FROM [inTablename]' statement
  464. Discoverer inactivity timeout
  465. Oracle Backup
  466. oracle in solaris consume lot of memory
  467. oracle collabration suite experiences
  468. Show long number in Toad
  469. OCA & OCP Certification Books
  470. RTF to Text conversion
  471. select no retrieves varchar datas
  472. Escape sequence
  473. moving a database
  474. Blank line Inserted - I don't like it
  475. Oracle Reports 6 recompilation
  476. Right password -> ORA-12154: TNS:Could not resolve service name
  477. Problem configurating Apache
  478. How do I rename null values found in GROUP BY column?
  479. Oracle/ASP hanging
  480. Updating LOB fields through ODBC, invalid LOB locator
  481. Input mask question
  482. migrate from sql server to oracle
  483. Oracle9iAS + JBuilder9
  484. materialized view. help...
  485. confused about ifs
  486. problem in to_date function
  487. DBMS_SQL.define_column ---- why ????
  488. How to call dynamic remote stored procedure in the dynamic sql
  489. OCI Bind for RAW field, Cannot select a record matching a hexadecimal Key (raw type)
  490. Indexing multiple fields with Oracle TEXT (Intermedia)
  491. URGENT PROBLEM: refresh data in Discoverer
  492. Oracle - Commit Before invoking a trigger
  493. exception
  494. Invitation to Join SV_RFID!
  495. db2 runstats
  496. Korean data load from Excel sheet to Oracle table
  497. P4 Bug and 9iR2
  498. JDeveloper 11i
  499. Strange Utl_File Error on NT
  500. Integrating crystal reports with oracle forms
  501. Query Optimizer does not ignore constant condition?
  502. Oracle password change using the Verify Password function
  503. need a Sample online hot backup script for UNIX..
  504. BLOB and .NET
  505. Un-install Oracle Personal Edition 9i
  506. full outer join question
  507. Problem installing Oracle 9i on XP
  508. Difficulty inserting due to &
  509. help with update sql
  510. PL/SQL Function Help
  512. Compilation unit analysis terminated?
  513. How to handle a long strings in a pl sql stored procedure,
  514. documentation on moving OraHome to different machine
  515. Reserved words with "ROW"
  516. Oracle 9i w2k Client error -Credential retrieval failed.
  517. I have a question with sqlplus...
  518. .NET OLE DB Connection
  519. Oracle ODBC Outer Join Bug?
  520. ODBC Escape {oj} problem w/ ADO
  521. Stored procedure that returns a recordset?
  522. Oracle ODBC error with ENCRYPTION
  523. Downgrading 7.3.4
  524. Java/Oracle thin driver SQL statement limit
  525. Help required with OCI
  526. Statement returing True/False in decode() function
  527. Read Only Transactions
  528. How to Inactivate the Oracle User?
  529. Backup file format
  530. problem of installing oracle on linux
  531. Reports wont print on Citrix server
  532. How to reference table/view that has "slashes" in its name!
  533. Porting database from Oracle7.0 to Oracle8i
  534. Advanced Enterprise Database Planning/Design Books
  535. Oracle tablespace management
  536. Help needed in SQL Query
  537. Apache installation error
  538. using Autonomous transaction
  539. Accessing Oracle from VB
  540. Number of elements in "IN operator"
  541. Designer failing to reverse Engineer
  542. Oracle and Java application
  543. Writing binary data to external file
  544. Backup
  545. User is not allowed to work in a period of time
  546. Calling Operating system command from Database
  547. executeQuery Can't pass variable to SQL. :-( Why?
  548. Unable to compile in TOAD (purchased version)
  549. Groupped count(*) results from a view
  550. ORA-00904