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  1. Problem with Translation Hub
  2. SP call does not work
  3. Performance problems with remote queries
  4. top 5 ( or n) salaries in each department
  5. Looking for some help on a simple command....
  6. JDBC / Oracle : beware the bind variables ?
  7. Wrong no of type of arguments for field called 'keywords'
  8. Oracle DB Report Generator - beta testers needed
  9. storing dbl_min in Oracle 9.2
  10. Oracle Report Generator - beta testers needed
  11. How to query a remote database?
  12. Code for "bucket-ized" time table???
  13. Query Help
  14. db defragmentation
  15. store procedure from dbf file
  16. Audit log.
  17. HELP: imp error
  18. How to start ? client & database.
  19. Westell Wirespeed B90-220030-04 and Oracle Services
  20. Oracle Text with Numbers
  21. 11i Newgroups?
  22. PL/SQL: Exceptions & Sub-programs...
  23. MSCOMMLIB * - how to send & receive data via COMM PORT
  24. oracle 9i on debian
  25. Oracle Client Install
  26. Oracle9i: SQL Exam# 1Z0-007 wanted
  27. Oracle install problem
  28. Oracle DB features that support BI/ warehousing
  29. user_exit
  30. External Tables
  31. Creating a database is slow on Windows XP
  32. Database Report Generator - beta testers needed
  33. What Oracle SQL syntax does Oracle have that is not ANSI SQL ?
  34. finanial application....
  35. ORA-12224 TNS:no listener
  36. Read data via COMM port
  37. Defragmentation of Oracle 91 files on W2000 server
  38. creating joins between tables with "group by" clause to limit rows
  40. Finding Statement that ran on x date?
  41. How to find out when UTL_FILE. PATH is VALID but the directory doesn't exist
  42. How to set up LongReadLen and LongTruncOk?
  43. Need to learn Oracle
  44. Not Sure Which Analytic To Use
  45. selecting the differences between 2 large tables
  46. Determine underlying tables in a view
  47. Importing Data to DB with Added tables / columns
  48. ORA-06575: Package or function VALUE_1 is in an invalid state
  49. Strange parse counter on tkprof
  50. Strange parse counter on tkprof
  51. OraOLEDB and Inner Join
  52. PERL/Oracle opening (San Jose)
  53. http://%%20 when running Forms from Form Builder
  54. Query Help
  55. Runing oracle report in Web
  56. connection dropped by firewall
  57. SELECT DISTINCT causes ORA-03113 only on SQLPlus
  58. Calling VB components from PL/SQL
  59. Help! How to solve the ORA-03113 end-of-file on communication channel ?
  60. Generating XML from Oracle 8i datas
  61. OS username?!
  62. ALTER TABLE requires extra parentheses for Oracle?
  63. jdbc failover to standby question
  64. Windows v Unix Performance on Oracle 9i
  65. What do you think about this post ?
  66. copy a DB from PC1 to PC2
  67. Oracle View Problem
  68. OO4O usage in a VC++ 6 DLL ?
  69. loadjava error loading classes
  70. Why isn't bitmap index being used in this example
  71. sqlplus default script directory
  72. Equals-Operator on RAW Columns
  73. Executing Multiple Scripts.
  74. What is use of trim
  75. Array selection and update.
  76. Help on Oracle Update statement
  77. Bin Laden Captured - photos and video
  78. Reestablishing a db connection after a network failure
  79. Client Problems
  80. trying to move from reports generated in CGI mode to reports generated in Servlet mode
  81. Do I need to create a field type LONG?
  82. Creating a table with field type long. Initial storage settings?
  83. Conversion of Location Codes with Foreign Keys
  84. Uninstalling Oracle Client
  85. Materlized view Refresh Interval
  86. PL/SQL: Dynamically passing/changing value in WHERE clause ???
  87. Master/detail in dev2000
  88. PL/SQL Blocks
  89. and Proxy (n-tier) Authentication
  90. LTM
  91. 10g
  92. OpenWithServiceComponents 5 times slower for Oracle than for SQL Server?
  93. New to Oracle
  94. Create ordinary table out of XML Schema
  95. index statistics
  96. XML acceleration
  97. Oracle, loading a java .jar file with loadjava
  98. SQL to aggregate values into LIST
  99. Problems with Micorosft Update KB835732
  100. Proposing a new newsgroup
  101. not single- group group function
  102. SQL standards editor discusses SQL:2003, XQuery and APIs
  103. ORA-00947: WHY!?!?!?
  104. Missing ora_control1 ???
  105. Handle count leak when connecting to Oracle via ODBC on Windows
  106. Hyper-threading on RH AS2.1 with 9i (Standard)
  107. RBO vs CBO
  108. batch loading clobs
  109. batch loading clobs
  110. oracle and SQL3
  111. Certification on 9i .
  112. 9i's runInstaller - is their a commandline or windowless version?
  113. Discovery of node failing ..plz help!!
  114. utl_file issue
  115. 8.1.7 query results yielding erratic sort order
  116. Oracle 9i Installation
  118. Function used in where clause - executed too many times
  119. Merge two cursors data (select from a cursor?)
  120. what does '1' in 'Case.. when' do
  121. condtional display of a page in Oracle Reports
  122. oracle9i on which linux distribution in production? feedback needed plz
  123. 9i on RedHat 9?
  124. Dumb story short- need to recreate foreign keys in oracle db
  125. procedure for numering records - no effect
  126. Oracle client for DOS
  127. Oracle Reports and Oracle installation Q's
  128. conditional selection of 'AND'
  129. Updated lists: XQuery engines, JDBC and ODBC drivers, OLE DB and .NET providers, DB2 extenders
  130. count(*)
  131. test (please ignore)
  132. Oracle & WinXP Pro
  133. Grid Controls in Oracle Forms 6i and Up
  134. Oracle inactive connections
  135. sqlplus "Input is too long (>2499 char)" error
  136. solution
  137. data base link
  138. Inconsistent behaviour creating java stored objects using sqlplus in Oracle 8i
  139. Select for Update fails
  140. Oracle JDeveloper 10g Goes Production
  141. data base link
  142. Multi-User Password Database (Password Storage)
  143. b-tree
  144. oracle on windows cluster
  145. Running a query manually when using web modules
  146. Privilege problem with creation
  147. explicitly closing cursors
  148. MERGE on spatial indexed tables
  149. dynamic tablename with %rowtype
  150. Development Client
  151. Running Oracle Trace
  152. to check if a table exists
  153. Connection Oracle - Sybase
  154. Convert Qualify Rank from Teradata to DB2
  155. locking sga
  156. create table in a procedure
  157. Does anyone know of a good location for a data set?
  158. user interaction in pl/sql
  159. ORA-00911 in Dynamic SQL
  160. Rollback problem
  161. Please help !! Oracle 9i crashes on Windows XP SP1 without reason
  162. Printing a File From PL/SQL In Oracle 9i
  163. How to avoid duplicates here...?
  164. What is the problem my standby database step?
  165. jump 2 next iteration of FOR loop
  166. jump 2 next iteration of FOR loop
  167. Oracle Truncate problems
  168. Rollback usage query
  169. Converting SQL Server to Oracle
  170. how to Spool results from SQL plus
  171. row lock contention
  172. Can MERGE replace UPDATE/INSERT duo on a single table?
  173. Which software can capture all screen shots and composit them into a demo?
  174. Problem with Cross database join
  175. Oracle Problem 1: Please Help
  176. Missing Parenthese Error: ORA-00907
  177. Help with running totals
  178. Mandrake Oracle 9i Installation Problems (netmgr, netca)
  179. Problem with DB Propagate Assistent, (can't copy table data)
  180. Returning Variant data from Java to PL/SQL & SQL?
  181. Marrying SQL, XML, web services, grid computing (2 audio programs)
  182. cost based optimization
  183. What's your compensation for carrying a pager???
  184. Create New Oracle Database in AIX box
  185. Rule Based Optimization
  186. ora04021:timeout occurred while waiting to lock object ...
  187. Migrating db2 to Oracle 9i
  188. Setting Null values to Zero
  189. Help...
  190. Inserting an Oracle Instance into Clustered Oracle
  191. Bitand Question
  192. Custom Response File
  193. RAC and load-balancing a connection pool
  194. examining views
  195. Data in Text file thru Stored procedure
  196. Comment savoir quelle version d'Oracle Client est utilisée ?
  197. How to know wich Oracle Client release is used ?
  198. Creating foreign keys across different tablespace
  199. Using reserved word "MODE" in select queries
  200. datablock sizing
  201. Unable to revoke privileges from a user
  202. Next 33
  203. Business Intelligence - Oracle Financials 11.5.9
  204. is there any future to learn Oracle?
  205. how many tablespaces
  206. JAVA OCI Driver in
  207. BI tool users - message for u
  208. v$sqlarea in Oracle 9i
  209. A Couple of Questions on Views
  210. Char array not long enough: javaCharsToUtf8Bytes
  211. sql to find a numeric range inside another range?
  212. does sqlplus support :"select top 10 * from table1" syntax like MS SQL?
  213. Limit to number of items in a List [WHERE id IN (,,,,)]
  214. Help to optimize procedure (concatenation of rows)
  215. What is the bottom line on Oracle layout on Virtual Arrays?
  216. iSQL*Plus bug with substitution variable?! (
  217. using sdo_geometry
  218. March 15: Rick Cattell, Peter Coffee, Dana Florescu, Jim Gray, Jim Kleewein, Jim Melton discuss XML, services and grid
  219. OneClickRevelation: JDX Provides Instant and Interactive Insight Into Your Data
  220. remove character...
  221. insert in a string... plsql
  222. Where does jdbc2_0-stdext.jar come from?
  223. Where Clause on Nested Selects
  224. Statistics for - WE 02/29/2004
  225. problem installing oracle9i on windows2003
  226. Need help acquiring a database PLEASE!
  227. Error 503 Server Temporarily Unavailable while executing plsql procedure in mod_plsql
  228. vc++ error while compiling pro*c precompiled code
  229. Finding first saturday of month
  230. stored proc returning array
  231. MERGE bug?
  232. silent install oracle 9ias
  233. ORA-01458 invalid length inside variable character string
  234. Oracle 9i Qs: URL contains extra characters and how to maximize servelet
  235. world atlas database
  236. java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when i want connect me to Oracle 9i
  237. Oracle OCI, COM+, dblinks and Multi Threaded Server????
  238. Control Characters in column
  239. rollup not working
  240. Memory leak
  241. Oracle 9i cannot display bfile image properly
  242. Sqlloader: All database in one single plain text file
  243. data handling issue
  244. OCI Tutorial needed
  245. Sometimes ORA-24388 problem - please advice
  246. ORA-24388 problem *Sometimes* - please advice
  247. Package compilation error
  248. Advanced replication: Setting timeout for insert transactions
  250. Mutating tables
  251. ORA-12571, ORA-03114 and other connection errors.
  252. Looking for a file
  253. Can I concatenate varchar2 and long datatypes together?
  254. Reporting
  255. sql file
  256. Need help on a query with analytics
  257. process serial number: serial# in v$process
  258. Calculating SUM and COUNT in one statement
  259. [HELP]Using Oracle9i db to call .Net Web Service from Java Stored Procedure
  260. "EXEC SQL DESCRIBE SELECT LIST" returns "Specified partition does not exist"
  261. A design question
  262. under-transaction ?
  263. Replace LOV with Dropdown
  264. Oracle reports v 6 (&crm ebusiness)--sql query, of using decode
  265. Complex query
  266. ASP programmer looking for Oracle 9i book to get started
  267. tkprof output
  268. Installing Oracle 9 in WinXP
  269. Oracle 9 - tablespace default storage
  270. SQLPLUS command line question
  271. Simple SQL to display text
  272. using case, Valid statement?
  273. ORA-00604 ORA-04031 while issuing a DROP USER USER_NAME CASCADE statement
  274. Error in calling external procedure
  275. Views and Stored Procedures
  276. column name can't include character '-'
  277. CLOB.createTemporary throws ClassCastException - fyi
  278. union of tnsnames.ora
  279. Problem with some SQL queries
  280. Recursive SQL in a events 10046 trace file
  281. append a table onto the end of another
  282. How to protect a PL/SQL proc / func from running more than oneinstance simultaenously
  283. scheduling a PL/SQL proc / function
  284. Oracle ODBC Driver
  285. Mutating table error
  286. Informix to Oracle 9i Migration No Suitable Driver error
  287. Traling spaces in result?
  288. Does Oracle Form allow Multi-thread processing ?
  289. Access violation in JREW.EXE while installing Oracle 8i
  290. Oracle patches
  291. VB Oracle stored procedure problem
  292. Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection
  293. Database design for large numbers of attributes
  294. Java Stored Procedures
  295. Basic PL/SQL script needed
  296. Pls save me
  297. ora-00600 [12700] on SYS.EXU8REF
  298. test this group
  299. Oracle locking up..?
  300. How to fill empty column with number sequence?
  301. trigger puzzlement
  302. Improper result when number table is used to substitute the "IN" clause in oracle
  303. Oracle 9i
  304. oracle on ultra5
  305. How to test for a null value in a date column
  306. automatic refresh of materialized view does not work
  307. SQL Query - Selecting records that repeat / occur more than once in a table -- newbe question
  308. Problem trying to update a record with a value returned by a function
  309. Efficient data model to represent range
  310. Protocol Violation when user password is expired
  311. nt.stp(905) error while installing Ora. Designer 6i
  312. Database query with subselect
  313. extract numeric part from address
  314. Oracle Apache Session
  315. Agent Configuration Assistant Failed during install
  316. Oracle ODBC 3151 Eroor
  317. What is max doing across fields in a de-duplication ?
  318. PL/SQL trigger fires once a day
  319. Oracle Rman Replication
  320. PL/SQL question
  321. Nested blocks in PL/SQL
  322. Oracle Concepts Question
  323. Need to compile and execute plsql files from remote machine
  324. Object Relational Feature
  325. tricky SQL question!
  326. no performance when creating or extending a tablespace
  327. Loading from a column
  328. Analytical Functions Question
  329. count # of unioned values
  330. Strange TNSNAMES.ORA problem
  331. Storing oracle procedures on server from inside.
  332. Suppressing newline during a SELECT returning multiple rows
  334. Transactional haywire...
  335. need help with net8!
  336. Running batch under OWF
  337. How can I make this trigger?
  338. where are the rman scripts?
  339. Problems installing oracle on Win2000
  340. snapshot
  341. Help
  342. updating all tables with a column column
  343. I needhelp
  344. View for prime numbers
  345. Any progammers looking for a killer app to develop? How about a voice enabled forum?
  346. Oracle Connector for Outlook XP/2002 & HTML mail
  347. How can create case-insensitive database in oracle?
  348. SQL*Plus and Shell Programming
  349. Help with OCI oracle 8.1.7 compilation
  350. query issue
  351. Passing multi values into an in clause via a parameter in a store procedure
  352. Oracle Java Stored Procedures Hand
  353. No answer for your problem ?
  354. Oracle Licence
  355. designer2000
  356. Vote tally for period FAQ posting
  357. Handle count leak when connecting to Oracle via ODBC on Windows
  358. need aid with this query
  359. install Oracle9i on Redhat 9
  360. Installation problem help me plz...
  361. Index creation too long
  362. -- advatage BLOB or file on file system --
  363. Need help with SQL Query
  364. Help with ORA-01830 error.
  365. "Union all" and "UNION" ???? Return the same result or not ??
  366. Informix to Oracle Migration
  367. Inserting multiple rows in sqlplus
  368. enqueue statspack top5 timed events
  369. Pass unix variable to sqlplus
  370. Trigger based replication
  371. Very strange IO problems
  372. Snapshot Materialized view : how to ?
  373. iFS or Lobs + InterMEdia
  374. Reports error in 9iAS R2
  375. Renaming an Oracle Server
  376. Oracle Client conflicts between versions
  377. stats pack ?/interpretation
  378. Migrating questions
  379. Install web based Oracle Discoverer
  380. query results slow from db
  381. Foreign key refer to unique constraint????
  382. Universal Installer 9i
  383. Test
  384. DBCA and RAW devices
  385. Connecting from Windows
  386. Oracle designer container problem, please help
  387. Oracle and OpenSource
  388. warehousebuilder deployment manager error
  389. How to create trigger for all user ?
  390. How to display Text after loggin on database
  391. High performance replication ?
  392. With grant option vs with admin option
  393. Oracle Warehouse Builder.........
  394. Final CFV: Periodic FAQ Post
  395. Oracle RAC on Linux...
  396. view puzzle
  397. Where do I get JDK 1.3 that Oracle Lite 5.0.2 wants?
  398. how to create query ??????????
  399. killed session
  400. use of escape character in sql
  401. Reuse Connect dialog box on forms 6i run time to connect to another database
  402. SQL Commands to interact with Windows Files in 9iR2
  403. Oracle 9IR2 OLAP and BI Beans - How to get it working
  404. PL/SQL Compile Problem
  405. SQL question
  406. Help: need avg(timestamp1 - timestamp2), get type error
  407. I found the answer
  408. Open cursors
  409. Cannot read from sys.v_$session
  410. Oracle Warehouse Builder and Workflow 2.6.2 on linux
  411. Oracle DB Type List
  412. A SQL Question
  413. Oracle vs. MS SQL Server
  414. upgrade 8.1.6 clients to 8.17
  415. Export/Import problem
  416. Oracle Client software for HPUX 10.20
  417. restrict user's view
  418. copy a role
  419. what is the most difficult situation u faced & how did u solved it . . i need some best answers for this question as an oracle (DBA)
  420. assotiating SQL text from the V$%SQL% views with sessions
  421. EMC SAN and refreshing snapshots
  422. oracle database for academic
  423. Urgent Query
  424. Perf. degradation due to TIMESTAMP WITH TZ
  425. How to prevent modifying oracle data through MS access or VC++ sql screen.
  426. Minimum Installation for 8.1.7 Client for W2K for ODBC Connection
  427. Help requested..Missing Protocols Oracle 9i.
  428. URGENT ---------> SQLLDR ERROR
  429. what is SQL*Net
  430. Power Objects
  431. Format sqltext from v$sqltext
  432. Executing SQL via MDAC ODBC multiple statements?
  433. PL/SQL package gets invalidated seemingly at random
  434. Know whether oracle is installed or not
  435. Chargement d'un fichier csv calqué sur une vue
  436. meaning of TNS (Transparent Network Substrate)
  437. check who delete the role
  438. user authorazation
  439. Wot, me worried?
  440. How to sign up
  441. Run SQL Script under SYS for other Schema
  442. INSERT Through Pro*C in UTF 8 DB
  443. SQL to retrieve min value of the combination
  444. libobk source code?
  445. regarding oracle 9i installation
  446. oracle listener
  447. oracle Performance decrease when number of connections increase
  448. DBCA fails on Windows ME
  449. Password question
  450. Regarding ORacle 9i installation
  451. Analyzing queries
  452. newby question
  453. basic PL/SQL questions
  454. HELP: create user
  455. ORA03113: end-of-file on communication channel
  456. Adding Index to Table may reduce performance of Some Select Statements ?
  457. Loader and dbf files
  458. PLS-00201 and ORA-00942 when creating a package
  459. Query from the Aggregated Query with different projection
  460. How can I check the Users who are online ?
  461. TNS:protocol adapter error
  462. TNS:protocol adapter error
  463. Check out this critical package for Microsoft Internet Explorer
  464. Information Needed Regarding Oracle Forms 6i
  465. TAF without RAC or OPS
  466. Oracle Security conversion..
  467. Granting sysdba to a user
  468. Problem with date
  469. Any other site other than google that have groups on some specialization like this one
  470. How to rellocate Sun Solaris disk space where oracle installed
  471. Test Case02:: Asynchronous Replication on Oracle 9i Release 2
  472. Error in starting Oracle agent and ORA:01031 on SQLPLUS
  473. What privilege needs to be granted?
  474. Creating a DTS package programaticaly
  475. Replication Test case 01 on Oracle 9i
  476. Standby Database.. Error in password file..
  477. SQL
  478. Help Needed Regarding Oracle Migration
  479. Connecting Windows Clients to Oracle
  480. How can I combine three tables in a View or a Procedure?
  481. term 'Bulk Connects'
  482. 9i oracle oracle enterprise manager
  483. Linked Server to Oracle
  484. how to install Perl DBI and DBD-Oracle Modules ?
  486. Help requested ! Protocol Adapters Missing oracle 9i...
  487. how to use plsql to calculate compond growth
  489. ERROR in Standby database setup with RH9
  490. Oracle9i standby database setup in RH9 .. a minor error pls help
  491. Listener cannot read SERVICE_NAME in TNS-Descriptor
  492. Need utility to update one db (Sybase) from another (Oracle)
  493. Strategy and simple Listener Problem Xplained once more..
  494. Nested Tables in Oracle
  495. Long time to log in
  496. CFV: Periodic FAQ Post
  497. Documenting Oracle procedures
  498. Windows 2003 and Oracle 9i with shared storage.
  499. A simple Listener problem while installing Oracle by copying Ora Home
  500. combining several SQL statements to run sequentially??????
  501. CGI and Oracle 9i
  502. How to improve the deletion rate.
  503. Disable Rollback
  504. windows 2003 and oracle
  505. WTD: Oracle DBA Cert classes w/ Cert pass guarantee - OCP test prep class?
  506. Numeric overflow
  507. bulk execute procedure using odbc
  508. Oracle workaround to the STUFF() MSSQL Function?
  509. EXCEPTION block called erroneously - help
  510. Bulk-bind input and output host arrays to index-by tables
  511. Oracle Help System
  512. Will copying Oracle home directory install Oracle 9i on RH linux 9 system ?
  513. Installation of Oraclewarehouse Builder
  514. Shared Physical Storage .. in Windows Server systems
  515. ODBC produces logoff event?
  516. Index and foreign key
  517. Loading xerces parser in oracle 9i
  518. get default funtion of a column
  519. change perl used by oracle apache on windows 2000
  520. ODBC drivers, .NET providers, OLE DB providers, JDBC drivers: updated lists
  521. Sample to pull data from Oracle proc into an html table
  522. Anybody using OEM to monitor MS SQLServer?? Need some tips!
  523. JDBC driver problem
  524. Spool
  525. Database link: Wrong column length from cursor
  526. Where do SQL/PL programs execute from ?
  527. re-numbering pimary-key
  528. Where to find Demo database with gnarly PL/SQL?
  529. OCI bug - ofetch hangs
  531. SQL Batch Script from MSSQL to Oracle 8i
  532. Moving a table from one tablespace to another tablespace
  533. Bulk Inserts
  534. Oracle 9i OEM login NullPointerException to OMS
  535. How to create a descending index on the primary key.
  536. SQL Loader
  537. its a basic SQL command but require help ?
  538. Basic idea od Crystal reports
  539. 9.2 init.ora file on XP
  540. validate password within PL/SQL?
  541. External Tables binding to Access?
  542. changing date format in update statement
  543. procedures and table scope... PLS-00201
  544. XSU insert into view with object type
  545. Update Problem
  546. UTF-8 and Pro*C
  547. Bulk Updates in Oracle from XML File
  548. RAID
  549. Oracle 9i personal on Windows ME
  550. running utl_file