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  1. Oracle 8i defrag
  2. Oracle Application Server webcached leaking file handles
  3. Connecting mobile application to database
  4. Empty string behaviour...
  5. Upgrade from 10.1 to 10.2
  6. Oracle data unload into DB2
  7. Sqlplus (set verify command)
  8. Oracle Rac
  9. SQL re-parsing on query executed against a remote database usingdatabase links
  10. Questions regarding materialized view logs ...
  11. help!...Call Oracle Store Procedure in a Package
  12. Wanted:Oracle Portal Course Material
  13. BLOB from Oracle
  14. Joins vs nested selects
  15. Oracle and Postgre SQL Help
  16. Virtual Indexes
  17. question about internal
  18. Inpersonate a user
  19. I cannot install emca anymore on oradb10g which runs o.k. after upgrade mac osX 10.4.2
  20. Question about init file
  21. Binding an array to an input variable in OCI
  22. Very basic question
  23. Oracle Vs. Ms Sql: Comparing Date To Variable
  24. Help needed to connect DB2k on PC to v7.3 on VMS
  25. SELECTing multiple rows to a single output line
  26. Oracle 10G RAC stability problems
  27. whether timestamp types are supported in oracle dynamic sql?
  28. oracle designer-timestamp-date
  29. PowerPoint Slides Available for Intro & Advanced DB Course
  30. Mysterious (on HP-UX) problem
  31. PL/SQL Object Question
  32. Help with JDBC
  33. ff
  34. why to migrate from infromix to oracle
  35. How to do UPDATE with GROUP BY
  36. Oracle 7.3 v 9.2 client connection problems
  37. ORA 7.3 v 9.2 client conneection problems
  38. "No size set for variable length data" Oracle update error with empty string in .NET
  39. tnsnames.ora
  40. XML Batch Processing (large files)
  41. with clause for subquery factoring
  43. DW + Oracle: see tbls w/ recordset but not insert
  44. Rules Engine
  45. Convert timestamp to date
  46. Oracle Reports JDBCPDS
  47. Changing db_block_size
  48. Great News Blog!
  49. Which Operation of the Complex SQL is doing full table scan
  50. Fast bulk load with API?
  51. Is it possible to delete parts of a table without using rollback??
  52. Help needed for Database Replication
  53. Why you don't usually get answers here ...
  54. Why you don't usually get answers here ...
  55. SQL - Select and filtering whereby a date is not null.
  56. Forms Builder speed
  57. Performance difference between Windows and Solaris 10g
  58. Sequence Error ORA-02287
  59. Order By Performance Problem on View
  60. How to build database to support user-specified entities and attributes?
  61. Pivot query in oracle- Please help!!
  62. Pivot query in oracle- Please help!!
  63. Read Text file into Oracle Reports
  64. OCI library for Oracle on OpenVMS
  65. Follow up to previous post
  66. SQL Query
  67. AVG and SUM in subquery return wrong values
  68. Invalid attribute/identifier error
  69. XML joining Nested resultsets
  70. How to build database to support user-specified attributes?
  71. port/protocol for sqlplus connectivity
  72. Problems: Oracle 9 Installation and Windows XP SP2
  73. Oracle 9 Installation Problems under Windows XP SP2
  74. install oracle 8.1.7 and developer 6i under same oracle home.
  75. Installing Oracle on Linux Redhat
  76. Converting a bare number to an interval and back
  77. ORA-29531 - And the method is declared both PUBLIC and STATIC
  78. External SQL functions exported by DLLs
  79. How to debug .pc file instead of debug generated .c file?
  80. PL SQL Cursor beginner
  81. Aarrrgh - this is NOT the place to ask!!
  82. Flashback over database link
  83. Pro*c for Windows
  84. how to do dbms_application_info.set_module from JDBC code
  85. SQL - Date Math question
  86. Pro*c for Windows
  87. Sample database with SQL triggers
  88. Open help file through forms 6
  89. Oracle Software Updates fees
  90. PL/SQL Examples
  91. Export of data
  92. Calling an Oracle stored procedure
  93. Invalid Date Stored In Oracle - Any Guesses ?
  94. how can I connect to oracle in C language?
  95. How to pass an Integer Array to a Stored Procedure?
  96. Version control of Oracle Stored Objects.
  97. Oracle Text for searchengine across multiple columns/tables with different datastore
  98. UTL_SMTP Stripping MIME-Version header information
  99. UTL_SMTP Stripping MIME-Version header information
  100. Pro*COBOL and (possible) NULL host variabe in WHERE condition
  101. DB2 User Group Italy - next meetings March 2005
  102. object_id vs data_object_id in user_objects
  103. Oracle to SQL Server using JDBC
  104. format date with Oracle Dynamic SQL
  105. Oracl Lite 10g and ADO.NET problem :(
  106. Need latest patch for 6i Tools
  107. Printing Bitmap instead of Character
  108. Does Oracle JDBC driver support data compression
  109. Pls help,oracle error
  110. How to put traditional Chinese text into Unicode Oracle 9i database via Internet Explorer
  111. iSQLPlusTimeOutInterval in 10g
  112. sqlplus 10g and OS X
  113. Alternatives to SQL *Plus
  114. Converting a type (e.g. Decimal) BEFORE writing to ResultSet ?
  115. Comparing DATE with TIMESTAMP fields possible ?
  116. serious problem in advanced replication
  117. I need records to be in the same order as they were inserted in
  118. Inner join with where
  119. Trigger insert on parent table question
  120. moving oracle DBs & 9ias from system A to system B
  121. OBE error
  122. Spotlight For Oracle
  123. Can you help me with JDBC getDate() error?
  124. Retrieving database record with the lowest value in field aaa?
  125. Converting NUMBER, DATE and VARCHAR2 database fields from Resultset to variables?
  126. Getting MetaData for JDBC tables with getTables() does not work?
  127. J monografia Administração J
  128. Detecting the INSERT format for DATE database fields?
  129. DB2 Crushes Oracle RAC on TPC-C benchmark
  130. CLOB: Why are they so slow (compared with VARCHAR2)
  131. Instant Client 10g
  132. Help, need hiring manager input
  133. replication and primary key
  134. Looking for authoritative reference on PL/SQL grammar
  135. acceptable way to program
  136. Ocp Certificate Question
  137. Minimal Install Config?
  138. What (dev) tools does Oracle use (internally) to create applications of the E-Business suite 11i or older version?
  139. A possible breakthrough in analyzing 500GB+ data bases
  140. configuration management
  141. design of application / schema / multiple development schemas
  142. table API
  143. ora-04021 - how to analyze
  144. Which oracle server ?
  145. DLookup uses twice the SEQUENCE numbers
  146. Breaking News: MySQL beats Oracle in Benchmark
  147. Unhandled Exception on Oracle Form Builder
  148. website hosting
  149. common UPDATE syntax for SqlServer and Oracle
  150. to oracle or to ms sql server 03
  151. Avoiding automatically starting Oracle
  152. MOLAP info
  153. Inserting a value for a BLOB field using an SQL script
  154. I found this great little site
  155. Debugging "Table Mutating" errors... 8.1.6
  156. Function called for row not in query result
  157. [q] Designers
  158. DBA Needed
  159. Cross: Molio bih preporuku...
  160. Oracle DST Setting in OpenVMS Version.
  161. Native Delphi driver
  162. Oracle Download Fails (Disk Full)
  163. HELP: ORA-12571: Packet writer failure
  164. Linked Server (Oracle 9i)
  165. barcode function
  166. Dynamically execute PL/SQL statement
  167. insert into returns 0 rows
  168. 9i DBA Fundamentals I CDROM
  169. Why would explicit system privileges work and inherited through a role fail?
  170. Unique constraint and NULL values
  171. Oracle Forms Developer error on Oracle9i Developer Suite
  172. membership operator with pattern matching
  173. selecting a column according to a minimum
  174. RMAN
  175. Comparison of DB2 and Oracle?
  176. how to sql query this?
  177. How to Fail at Software Development
  178. Uninstalling Oracle9i Personal Edition
  179. How to specify column header titles in a SQL CREATE TABLE statement?
  180. MSAccess and Oracle
  181. Oracle Frontend / Backend Protocol
  182. Server Data on Insert property
  183. Oracle 10g & EM
  184. Number of Quarters
  185. How many pre-decimal positions/integer digits has a DECimal (5,3) defined field ?
  186. Good tutorial or book on Oracle db?
  187. Distributed transactions and Oracle RAC load balancing problems - advice needed!
  188. ADO Addnew and identity columns
  189. cursor select/delete where current of not working
  190. Missing from one table
  191. Data not importing correctly
  192. Oracle programs - no source, only executable?
  193. Using the NEW_TIME function
  194. Calling COM or DLL's from triggers ?
  195. Implementing complicated constraints
  196. Service Temporarily Unavailable (Help)
  197. Update question
  198. hi
  199. Failing to connect to Oracle Server in ASP Session_OnEnd
  200. Selecting a column twice
  201. 9i and W2003 server
  202. 10g timestamp
  203. GLOBAL TEMPORARY table - serious join performance problem
  204. Desperation Post JDev/Applets
  205. REF CURSOR returned from Java -- How to use?
  206. problems with export
  207. Oracle ODBC connection problem
  208. Retrieve the DBMS_OUTPUT buffer from ASP/ADO
  209. Question about commit
  210. Optimization advice
  211. Anybody used the Universal Table Browser?
  212. Can we delete files from cdump folder
  213. Oracle9i: very big problem with precition of SYSTIMESTAMP !
  214. Granting privileges on table owned by different owner
  215. Granting the privileges of existing objects within a schema to a new role
  216. Oracle 9i: Problems with SQL parameters
  217. dead.letter in my RMAN backuppiece
  218. accessing a view from another user
  219. Oracle Data Server
  220. Oracle 11i position/Ottawa/Canada
  221. test
  222. Caompaq fire wire usb 2.0 PCI cards and Redhat Linux / Oracle RAC10g
  223. Administration script to check DB
  224. Schema changes on on large tables
  225. Creating an EUL Gateway for Discoverer
  226. Creating a table in Oracle DB if it does not exist, using SQL
  227. user_tab_columns
  228. Migrating tablespace from dictionary managed to locally managed
  229. Index Organize Tables
  230. [q] How To Create Rpository
  231. how to identify 2 different session on same machine
  232. can I audit a truncate on a specific table in Oracle8?
  233. when to merge two databases
  234. Configuring 10g OEM for USER DEFINED ALERTS
  235. Bring over Oracle 9i db to Oracle 10g
  236. Oracle ODBC Drivers
  237. SQL Loader
  238. Oracle_sid
  239. Easy end user reporting and graphing tool for Oracle standard edition.
  240. New install of 10g
  242. Openning/Shutting down Oracle database from the Client's SQL*Plus
  243. Tables without primary key
  244. 10g job scheduler errors
  245. Poor performance after oracle 8i upgrade
  246. Red Hat Professional Workstation
  247. Bakbone Software
  248. Help with Import ORACLE
  249. Installing 9i or 10G on Linux RedHat x86 - errors.
  250. test
  251. database structure problem - advice please?
  252. Start 10g Infrastructure and AS
  253. Again about Oracle 8i on Win XP Pro
  254. Create trigger on view with long raw column
  255. Java Tree In Oracle Forms
  256. Find the store with the Max Sales for each month
  257. Regarding query
  258. error linking oci7 with oracle9i on AIX 4.3
  259. Reorder Primary Key - any problem?
  260. Oracle Database performance on Windows 2003 with IIS 6
  261. Create ResultSet "from scratch" in Oracle Java Stored Procedure?
  262. Oracle error
  263. can you intergrate oracl REPORTS with version constrol software LIKE.....
  264. oracle
  265. PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to '||'
  266. Migrating from HP-UX to AIX
  267. Installing Oracle 9.2 without using OUI (Alpha OpenVMS 7.3-1)
  268. Subject: Oracle Analysts, Designers, Developers needed. Oracle 9i, 11i, PL/SQL, tools knowledge etc
  269. AIX CIO with Oracle
  270. For Billy Verreynne
  271. import dmp into SQL Server
  272. Covert Oracle SQL to MSSQL statement?
  273. basic plsql question
  274. SQL optimizations in Oracle
  275. Killing oracle sessions
  276. Oracle (6i) application crashes in Citrix farm with error ORA-06508.
  277. Oracle (6i) application crashes in Citrix farm with error ORA-06508.
  278. Application Development Framwork for 10g and BC4J for 9i
  279. send a table of records from pro C to Oracle pl/sql stored procedure
  280. DBFlash for Oracle - looking for beta testers (modified post)
  281. DBFlash for Oracle - looking for beta testers
  282. db2 vs oracle
  283. PL/SQL Intervals are dizzy
  284. O8 reorganization or O9 upgrade - which first?
  285. Show/Hide column name
  286. Oracle administration and Performance - Linux Cluster vs Windows Cluster
  287. ORA-06502 PL/SQL character string buffer too small
  288. dbms_job polling interval
  289. table relationships
  290. Oracle Forms Reference
  291. PROC Problem : Select for update
  292. [9i] Not enough large pool during export
  293. Is the Oracle ORAOLEDB.DLL oledb driver thread safe?
  294. Oracle 11i with AIX 5.2
  295. TNSPING works SQLPLUS fails whsn connecting to remote server
  296. connections differences between 8i and 9i
  297. Large Table Update/Merge problem
  298. FETCH arbitrary columns from a ref_cursor
  299. ORA-12154: TNS:could not resolve service name
  300. Understanding "lsnrctl status"
  301. [q] IMAGE
  302. Question on select count()
  303. RMAN resynchonize question
  304. How to call a private package level function
  305. Convert Long to Varchar
  306. direct path insert
  307. how to increase processes?
  308. How to return a status from sqlplus to .ksh unix script ?
  309. PL/SQL error !
  310. change port number
  311. Resizing the SGA
  312. How to bulk insert an array to Binary data using OCI.
  313. question about Oracle certification
  314. problem w/ creating view to show previous year's data...
  315. ingres odbc driver
  316. Select query for sum of hours
  317. How to UPDATE using ROWNUM and ORDER BY
  318. Unable to install Oracle 9i on IBM R51 notebook
  319. Oracle 9i: Keep multiple servers in sync
  320. Insert multiple rows via XML?
  321. calculating aggregates over row intervals in an update
  322. Transactions on remote databases
  323. SQL Update with a Join Syntax
  324. HOW to USE 'LONG RAW' in Bulk Insertion using OCI
  326. PL/SQL problem with Updates that specify varchar
  327. ORA-00054: resource busy... - what on Earth?
  328. Calculating Average on columns with zeros.
  329. Report Generator for Oracle and other RDBMS - beta testers needed
  330. Oracle Forms
  331. How to insert an Array to Oracle?
  332. Conversion UTF-8 -> CL8MSWIN1251
  333. encapsulate/embed pl/sql in DAO
  334. sql - statement: building differences between data-sets
  335. View-Concept Data Mining Oracle
  336. Enterprise OpenSource Project using Java Stored Procedures of Oracle
  337. tablespace
  338. Dynamic SGA and pinned
  339. Error message on ODBC Connection
  340. Problem with Oracle
  341. Corrupt Primary Key index on table causing ORA-600 internal error
  342. Java Stored Procedure extraction from Oracle database.
  343. Fastest for Inserting into Oracle?
  344. Invalid attribute in connection string. Nuby needs HELP!
  345. low cardinality and highly concurrent db
  346. Oracle SQL query by date
  347. dynamic sql substr length strange value (aix/hp differences?)
  348. Law for ORACLE administrators
  349. Database design
  350. Report Generator for Oracle and other RDBMS - beta testers needed
  351. Oracle JDBC connection string : how to hide password ?
  352. Easy as Oracle Forms, powerful as java
  353. rowid ?
  354. Oracle Noob need help with function
  355. How to lock a row over a SELECT followed by an UPDATE
  356. SQL*Plus Parameters
  357. Query Performance
  358. Trying to store field values in a variable
  359. is Oracle technically better than Ingres ?
  360. PL/SQL - ref cursor
  361. Oracle10g on Solaris10
  362. Arnold Schwarzenegger Commits Suicide
  363. query help
  364. Report Generator for Oracle and other RDBMS - beta testers needed
  365. PL/SQL online programming courses
  366. getting server name and db name
  367. Recovery From Loss Of Control File
  368. DB Logoff vs. Schema Logoff
  369. Cisco Access Control Server and Oracle Internet Directory
  370. Couple of Days Oracle Work Available in Surrey
  371. Ahhhhhhhh
  372. INFORMIX equivalent of DBSERVERNAME in ORACLE
  373. Load Balancing in Oracle 9i Forms Application
  374. CBO bug?
  375. Output parameter and dynamic sql
  376. PL/SQL code
  377. Ordinal Function
  378. Oracle 10G Net Config fails to start - installation issue on Windows in a domain
  379. Misterious Error in Pro*C
  380. Pass variable into View?
  381. optimizing sql joins?
  382. Oracel database consolidation criteria
  383. Manually convert data from ZHS16GBK to UTF8 on ORACLE 8(Character Set US7ASCII)
  384. accessing multiple instances
  385. sql corrector
  386. Optimizing Sql - unable to use index
  387. Wrapping up of Views in Oracle DB
  388. Return multiple queries from stored procedures
  389. Return multiple queries from stored procedures
  390. archived active redo logfile group corrupted
  391. Transform Cursor to Bulk
  392. Oracle DB with Pro/5
  393. Oracle ETL consultant (discoverer & warehouse builder exp.) - canada
  394. SQL Problem
  395. update table a.fkid from table b.pkid
  396. Pro*COBOL Precompiler - Generic Make File
  397. Oracle column default value
  398. Oracle column default value
  399. Optimising Oracle 9i for million-record JDBC read-only access
  400. Rollback segs,
  401. connecting to Oracle via .net web application
  402. Using the same type in 2 instance
  403. Oracle 7.3.4 media for AIX 4.3
  404. Is Storage Capacity Planner available inOracle 10g?
  405. UTL_SMTP and attachments
  406. Oracle database creation
  407. system tablespace
  408. Autonomous procedure falsely committing?
  409. problem with windows and linux
  410. Get calling instance information in external procedure
  411. Installing Oracle XML DB ro Oracle 9.2 on HP
  412. os_authent_prefix
  413. Locking a Table Within an INSERT
  414. help!ORA-01445: cannot select ROWID from a join view without a key-preserved table
  415. Help writing an SQL Script
  416. Project help!
  417. sql*loader packed decimal date format to be loaded to Oracle.
  418. obtaining the PL/SQL code of packages ??
  420. User defined data elements
  421. update table a from table b
  422. How to Clear the List of Oracle Client Homes install on a User Machine...
  423. best reporting tool?
  424. I must be missing the obvious
  425. poor performance because of slow storage
  426. Oracle Dates through Data Provider - ORA-01858
  427. How do you create an XML document using SQL
  428. Trigger Question
  429. Export Problems
  430. Help Need for a Query
  431. Sql output problem in SQLPLUS....
  432. RUN_PRODUCT -- (6i to 9i Web)
  433. how can i join the group?
  434. sql optimization
  435. having trouble installing 10g
  436. Export Problems
  437. OMLETv4 The Ultimate Visual Real Time Oracle Monitoring Tool
  438. dropping FGAC package
  439. Tomorrow...
  440. Performance issue with new 9i database
  441. Bad performance calling stored procedures
  442. Help Need for a Query
  443. Changing Login Banner
  444. ora-00600 error while connecting to oracle database
  445. How to track structural changes in db
  446. Book recommendations
  447. NLS_LANG and language of ORA-[xxxxx]
  449. Need help with an SQL query
  450. Q: recreate table with index on another tablespace
  451. convert string to int
  452. "shared memory realm not available" on Orc9i, W2k
  453. 11i Expense distribution report
  454. how to make a column at column no X, a primary key
  455. change long row to blob
  456. Problems installing oracle 9i on Suse Linux Pro 9.1
  457. Report Generator for Oracle and other RDBMS - beta testers needed
  458. Function Based Index and java.lang.String
  459. Devoloper licenses
  460. question about database design
  461. Upgrade question
  462. Backup Database
  463. Is there an equivalent of Microsoft DMO object in Oracle land ? Need to talk to Oracle from web page..
  464. how can i find out the bitwise OR in oracle
  465. Fetching from LONG in Pro*C
  467. Outer join problem
  468. Comments on InterSystems Cache Database Platform
  469. error when calling external c function
  470. Printing french accents
  471. Help me please!!
  472. recompiling the invalidated dependent packages
  473. control file heartbeat
  474. Need help on oracle 8i db
  475. UTL_FILE and Network path
  476. pro*c insert failed
  477. TOra
  479. TOra - Error ORA-12705
  480. Some SQL Help Please
  481. Execution Consistency
  482. Fluctuating Cost with Range Scan
  483. Can't connect to oracle & java error
  484. Range Scan Cost Fluctuations
  485. GetString equivalent
  486. ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
  488. If exists in PL/sql
  489. compare many values from two tables
  490. escaping those darn ' in a package/procedure
  491. # of bill cycle
  492. Computer Books, Inc Oracle Books - up to 80% off
  493. replicating a database
  494. Start With Connect by usage without Prior keyword
  495. Sorting on NUMBER or DATE
  496. Linux x86-64 version OEM tools missing
  497. LONGs with Oracle ODBC vs MS ODBC - Strange Translations
  498. Rollback and Commit
  499. Fine Grained Acces Control & cursor
  500. How to make a table insert trigger to hit a servlet?
  501. value of last identity inserted
  502. Last Identity added
  503. Data Modeling
  504. Timestamps and computing aggregate time.
  505. Unindexed foreign keys and full table scans
  506. How To?: Cursors and Recursion
  507. How can a 'non-owner' grant access to a table.
  508. creating a trigger on v$session.module
  509. tablespace SYSTEM used by others user, not sys. Help!
  510. Problem installing 10g on a laptop with DHCP
  511. Performance for deleting multiple records
  512. snapshot / materialized view with column types
  513. Scheduling Snapshot Refreshes
  514. Timeout on SQL calls when using the Oracle Provider for OLEDB
  515. How to return a record set from a PL/SQL procedure/function?
  516. problem calling Stored Procedure from Access
  519. ora-01847 when updating a record...please help
  520. Variable inside a variable
  521. 10GAS on Linux with 10GDS on Windows XP.
  522. I am using Oracle on IBM AIX 5.1 L System. Our DB Server had IP of "" and our Tomcat Application Server (IP of used to talk to above DB onn Port 1521. The system was working great for 6 months or so.
  523. Problem to move user in LDAP with the function DBMS_LDAP.rename_s
  524. Why ORACLE doesn't do it?
  525. creating a reports servlet - error 50125
  526. Oracle 9iAS Administrator Position Open with Major HealthcareCompany in Atlanta, GA
  527. Using pl/sql tables with Object types
  528. Career as a DBA
  529. SQL for Modeling Generalization Hierarchies
  530. Oracle Financials Proj Lead-Kingston, Jamaica-FT, bank
  531. FRM-10142 HTTP listener is not running question
  532. Moving to Visual Studio??
  533. Impact on Oracle8i (when upgrading HP Ux 11.0 to 11i)
  534. Use of 10G Database and App Server
  535. Oracle Workflow - 6 mths - Jamaica/Canada - Bank
  536. OMLETv4 The Ultimate Visual Real Time Oracle Monitoring Tool
  537. Update rows when in other table
  538. Trigger to delete record from one table with check on another table.
  539. Any suggestions to improve this query performance
  540. Grant Problem?
  542. brain cramp or bug: inner join returns rows w/null
  543. Can NOT create Materialized View
  544. Can NOT create Materialized View
  545. Question on migrating from MSSQL temp tables and remote queries
  546. data integrity problem of Oracle 8.1.6 Standby Database
  547. IOWAIT time
  548. Host credentials?
  549. Oracle Connection Pooling
  550. Problem with Translation Hub