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  1. How to get the last row in the table
  2. Creat A login Page
  3. sql query
  4. Need help in formating the output into excel
  5. Arranging nos in a serial order
  6. Help required
  7. Problem with 2 Oracle Clients installed on the same machine.
  8. oracle 9i and windows xp media center edition
  9. what is the command to know orcale service name
  10. Alias in Oracle Case function
  11. Help Me Please.........
  12. Basic Tips Needed
  13. Hirak:y and foreign key relationships,among tables in oracle
  14. spool use
  15. insert into a data field
  16. dsn of oracle 10 xe
  17. COMMIT - If so many no. of records?????????
  18. Resolving Replication Errors
  19. .net/oracle multiple select parameter problem
  20. How to insert a Enter Key (a new line) into a string in Oracle 10g?
  21. extract the integer part of a number
  22. Trigger- before insert
  23. oracle report and form 6i
  24. unix command
  25. advantages of shell scripting
  26. Error in Oracle 10g while adding Order by clause
  27. Oracle Basics
  28. SQL ORACLE major utilization
  29. ccokies has been disabled
  30. Problem in deleteing record based
  31. Problem in deleteing record based
  32. listener refused error
  33. Field naming conventions
  34. sqlldr
  35. shell scripting
  36. Oracle Graph Pattern not seen in PDF format
  37. problem in isqlplus
  38. oracle report tool 6i
  39. need some answer for the following question
  40. Has Anyone Used certmagic For Cissp?, CISSP
  41. package disadvantage
  42. Multiple regression within Oracle
  43. TNSListner Troubleshooting
  44. sql query need to retrive the 5th highest salary from a table
  45. RoundUp script
  46. missing paranthesis
  47. what is difference between backup & export
  48. trickey sql query
  49. RCE objects and table
  50. Exclude records from the beginning and end of a table
  51. DBF file insert into oracle table
  52. hello!
  53. Parallel Operation
  54. Idx on Nested table
  55. Installed Oracle ODBC Driver and not able to see in the ODBC Drivers list
  56. INNER JOIN vs Sub-Query (with where clause)
  57. help needed: getting tns-could not resolve service name
  58. Oracle Function
  59. Help Needed : Output is getting wrapped
  60. vtd-xml 1.9 released
  61. Using For...Loop
  62. find mistake... Trigger
  63. 2 Foreign Keys on 1 column
  64. Pls Help: I want to include the date stamp in Subject of mail
  65. solve the query for me please
  66. For.....loop
  67. how can I create Infinite number....
  68. Using DECODE function......
  69. insert into table
  70. please help me to solve the query
  71. please find out mistake.
  72. First n interger
  73. Need Help!!!!!!!!! Using case statement.
  74. No privileges on tablespace 'SYSTEM'
  75. Need an query in Oracle equivalent to SQL
  76. trigger
  77. Similar Query in Oracle to declare a variable table.
  78. Oca(fundamentals 1)
  79. Oem
  80. SPfile Error
  81. Sql* Plus
  82. Developer9i Icon inserting problem
  83. Best Book Name for Oracle9i
  84. Creating the my own account in Oracle9i
  85. Oracle report export xls
  86. Shell Scripting in UNIX environment for Oracle Database
  87. Query on Trigger
  88. What is pragma...
  89. Oracle database access
  90. Materialized View
  91. Delete_DML
  92. ora-00600 [12700]
  93. Data Dictionary for Columns in all Table of a user
  94. Dependencies in plsql
  95. Developer9i Report
  96. Unexpected Resulf
  97. Doubt in sql query
  98. Pass large amounts of text to a stored procedure written in java
  99. Developer 9i Reports
  100. init.ora file
  101. Oracle Reports Down/Across Print Direction
  102. How to Rollback between two different DB in ORACLE?
  103. permanent to temporary
  104. data dictionary views
  105. how to mount datafiles in newely installed oracle
  106. Import and Export of data from Excel to oracle
  107. tablespaces
  108. creating forms in oracle
  109. creating forms in oracle
  110. How to save an MS Word/Excel file in database?
  111. triggers
  112. multiple foreign keys on same column
  113. How to generate osntab.o?
  114. ColdFusion / Oracle 9i Intermedia application errors
  115. updation in object databases
  116. Database fragmentation
  117. Help w/ SQL / Oracle - Building Tables?
  118. New to SQL - Help with Building Tables/Fields!
  119. Upload And Download Pdf Files From Oracle Database Table
  120. new 2 oracle
  121. i want to calculate tax amount
  122. How to write a calendar with pl/sql?
  123. Alignment problem in 10g
  124. clustered and non clustered indexes
  125. can I use a query as a variable?
  126. internet error message (oracle 9i)
  127. Best naming convention in Oracle Development
  128. I want to update a field of a table from other table on Run_time.
  129. time based triggers
  130. Orcle Forms and Reports for a Beginner
  131. write a package in pl/sql that reads a sql query, encrypt each row and write to text
  132. I want to update a field of a table from other table on Run_time.
  133. Database Error
  134. How to select a WHERE condition depending on another cond
  135. want to update records of 2nd table when i insert values in 1st table
  136. How can I list all users using a particular Tablespace
  137. out of memory oracle 9i
  138. migration from Oracle 8i to 9i
  139. Restore DBF files
  140. real challenge!
  141. missing right parenthesis
  142. Oracle installation
  143. got an error message " ORA -12541 :TNS no Listener" while try to log in to Toad
  144. how to find particular char in entire field ?
  145. From Oracle To Word
  146. Change system date with Oracle sql statement
  147. DB2 to Oracle migration
  148. Problem installing Oracle 9i in Windows XP
  149. Transaction Control
  150. Return MIN and Max for a particular subset
  151. Oca
  152. How to update a set of characters from a given number of char ?
  153. problem with 2 not null fileds on one table
  154. Urgent:Problem with Partitioned Tables
  155. bulk collect
  156. bulk collect
  157. Oracle insensitivity
  158. Sql tuning
  159. How to check a grant
  160. Oracle configuration
  161. is oracle a MS Access like software
  162. Help Required in Query
  163. Inserting into Oracle table from MsAccess using VBA
  164. How to pass Collection Types(Table of Object) present in Oracle Procedure.
  165. Install Oracle Discoverer on Web
  166. oracle 8i not functioning on XP
  167. Having problems with printing using triggers
  168. Displyaing Datatypes in SQL query?
  169. Help needed querying data between two dates!!!!
  170. Forum for DB2 related queries
  171. chart wizard (report builder)
  172. Query to eliminate dulicate rows
  173. Query to find the third largest row in a table
  174. Oracle version 9.2 - Discoverer Version ???
  175. List of all views created upon a specific table
  176. help with querying dates
  177. DELETE query in Multi Threads
  178. Graph Problem.
  179. How to connect oracle with php
  180. Help needed Regardig User_constarint tables
  181. getting distinct multipe coloumn list from duplicate row column data
  182. Exporting to Excel
  183. DISTINCT ON function in toad
  184. how to make simple calculation in oracle
  185. Oracle 10g installation problem on SuSE 9.0 linux
  186. Problems in installing Oracle 9i database on Linux
  187. Basics
  188. sqlldr
  189. Purging records
  190. RUN_REPORT_OBJECT_PROC must be declared
  191. Is oracle a platform like a MS Access
  192. SQL SERVER ---- Oracle Migration????/?
  193. Group functions
  194. help regaring the foreign key
  195. how to create new database
  196. Calling scripts in different server from Oracle9i database
  197. send a mail if insert operation fails
  198. Difference between oracle client and oracle server
  199. varchar2
  200. cursors
  201. HELP - SELECT...INTO Variable ---> More than one variable???
  202. worksheet to a table
  203. new user
  204. Oracle: Grouping by all the columns of a table
  205. error when I try to create a type
  206. ora 12541 :no listener
  207. ora:12560
  208. Trigger - Data from Multiple table
  209. HELP!! errors managing. i need help.
  210. regarding sqlplus querry processing
  211. PL/SQL Developer - question about the Editor preferences
  212. How to Initialize Collection Types/Object Types in Oracle
  213. How to determine if the table exist in oracle?
  214. ORA-06531: Reference to uninitialized collection
  215. Win2K and Win XP based POS registers cannot communicate wih server
  216. Help with Date Conversion to Session Timezone
  217. pls help me. i am an new member of this site
  218. ORA-01555: snapshot too old: rollback segment number 24 with name "ROLL24" too small
  219. regarding on delete set null ....
  220. Wrong number or types of arguments
  221. Urgent Requirement For Oracle Crm Consultants
  222. Urgent Requirement For Oracle Crm Consultants
  223. How to change Oracle Port No.
  224. migration of database
  225. query
  226. update from excel file
  227. How to use two tables in view? which is referred in the block of the forms
  228. prompt the user to insert a new customer
  229. Oracle 9i
  230. how to divide a column into two
  231. how manage errors in Unix's scripts for oracle connection and procedure's calls
  232. SQL Update statement for 50,000 entries
  233. How Can implement One to many Relationship With oracle object
  234. Creating Forms List Item
  235. i dont know why it keep coming up missing expression in line 1
  236. Connectivity Problem
  237. 3 Oracle forms developer Questions
  238. Inner Pl/SQL error in Oracle 10Gr FormsBuilder
  239. Sql query help
  240. How Can We Select More Than One Node in a Tree
  242. pl/sql(help me please) insert into
  243. problem to call a stored procedure from unix using a script
  244. Recover deleted rows from a table from archive logs?
  245. PL/SQL Developer Editor Preferences
  246. Datbase Level DML Trigger
  247. Need To Create Tablespace,Alter TableSpace,Drop Tablespace
  248. HELP Needed !
  249. Forum enhancement
  250. Oracle Export/Import in XML/ASCII format
  251. TNS-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
  252. Timezone Conversions - URGENT
  253. unix script ti connect to an oracle database and call a stored procedure
  254. sequence key only be primary key?
  255. Distinct function in TOAD
  256. data block corruption
  257. How can I connect Oracle with C# and OCI!!!
  258. problem in math formula
  259. insert into table
  260. alter table
  261. extract data from dmp file
  262. How do I use count on relationships?
  263. stored procedure
  264. Create a Trigger to retrieve ROWID & pass to a Procedure... Where do I begin ?
  265. IP address of the machine from which INSERT is given
  266. View Creation Syntax Issue?
  267. Install Oracle 8.1.x on P4 Machine
  268. ORA-214 control file mismatch
  269. Migration of Data
  270. Exception in DB2 sql stored procedures.
  271. New line in procedure.
  272. Procedure to load data from XML file to Oracle Table
  273. trnafer date in oracle from text file
  274. display data with Stored procedure
  275. Creating a .bat file
  276. Simple Select Qry
  277. Oracle client software for HPUX 10.20
  278. How to Reduce the size of tablespace?
  279. Costs of databases
  280. Oracle 9i Jobs on Unix Server
  281. Coding for list item in Oracle developer
  282. Machine from which the transaction is initiated???
  283. least currency notes
  284. Errors...Wrong numbers or typed of arguments in call
  285. ERROR :Trigger is mutating, trigger/function may not see it
  286. forms
  287. Error mesage ORA12636
  288. Parameter in a Query???
  289. Cut testing time in half
  290. Error in writing to directory /tmp/Orainstall .....
  291. SELECT from multiple schema's
  292. Creating partioned tables
  293. Calculating age in Oracle sql....
  294. help me to find the Host string for Oracle
  295. Execution time of a Query -- URGENT
  296. Trigger to update System Date after insert
  297. Oracle Http Server
  298. One service missing: OracleHome81TNSListener
  299. Rollback whole procedure
  300. oracle 9i installation on debian linux
  301. Learning to build a natural dynamic cursor in PL/SQL
  302. orapwd file
  303. Substitution variable prob?
  304. Insert statement with related tables.
  305. Open Cursors value in Oracle database running on Windows
  306. Tracking
  307. submitting a job
  308. Vaildating data in PL/SQL
  309. ORA-00600: internal error code
  310. DB2 Isolation level?
  311. Retrive Sys Pwd
  312. starting user and password!
  313. Can any one help me in [displaying the execution time from db2udb CLP]
  314. internal error code: core dump
  315. Sequence Object
  316. a challenging query
  317. checkponit
  318. orapwfile
  319. inserting .xls file into oracle.
  320. deleting from 2 tables in one Query
  321. Oracle 9i on windows 2003 server
  322. Oracle Warehouse Builder
  323. Update Statment - Help wanted
  324. sqlldr
  325. Oracle Installation Problem.
  326. Copy data to another schema
  327. HTMLDB / SQL Question
  328. db2 catalog question
  329. cost of an SQL Query
  330. Error Logging into Oracle
  331. Oracle Reserved Characters
  332. Metalink Id
  333. URGENT help needed!! TNS issue
  334. Compatibility with 8i, VFP 9 and Win XP
  335. OLEDB error with c#
  336. I need to use an Oracle program for administration and book-keeping
  337. Dbms
  338. E Mail Using PL/SQL Procedure
  339. Optimizing the Query
  340. New project
  341. Setting maximu open cursor limit using OCI
  342. Passing String Variable in FOR LOOP
  343. Needed Query for the database
  344. Oracle beta exams - Exam# 1Z1-221:Oracle Inventory Management 11i Fundamentals
  345. connectivity from lotus notes to DB2
  346. how to import data from csv file into oracle9i very very urgent
  347. sqlplus exit statement prematurely terminates unix script
  348. SMS Data base for Tertiary Institutions
  349. Oracle DBA
  350. oracle tables
  351. Loading data into CSV files
  352. PL/SQL How to user "continue" in a FOR LOOP
  353. Problem in Bulk insert over a dblink
  354. Throw out duplicate results.
  355. Concat in a where clause
  356. how to create reports for all the users to see how many user entered dail
  357. plz help me to create username and password for ma oracle software
  358. and
  359. Need to select multiple values from one column
  360. ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [] [] [] [] [] []
  361. Insert Select to same table in oracle
  362. Limitting by data type Date
  363. ora-01033 oracle initialization or shutdown in process
  364. ora-01033 oracle initialization or shutdown in process
  365. creation of database manually
  366. QuickTestPro questions related to ORACLE application
  367. Get link
  368. rep-501
  369. unable to access the function of other database
  370. Analytical function with where clause
  371. Stored Procedures and COBOL
  372. Finding all tables with a particular field?
  373. Shell script
  374. need some notes about sql loder
  375. How to access oracle in Nodes for a firewalled XP Server in LAN
  376. Help Scripting?
  377. Exercise... from vb to Oracle
  378. Can Java Store Procedure increase performance?
  379. How to update table in for loop with disturbing existing values
  380. Creating Multiple User
  381. Frm-41213 Unable To Connect Report Server
  382. How to insert null value in date column in oracle using visual basic textbox
  383. error-ora-01304 its very URJENT
  384. How to debug a Store Proc in Oracle using TOAD
  385. Urgent Assistance with SQL Query (Please)
  386. Oracle Portal
  387. Procedure in Oracle10g for Run_Product_Report
  388. reduentency
  389. SQL select help
  390. SQL select help
  391. To get n rows for a given attribute
  392. Transfer database
  393. odbc memory use
  394. Oracle Forms and object relational model
  395. IO Exception
  396. oracle error
  397. scheduling external jobs like shell scripts
  398. Oracle Connection
  399. XML Null Node Updation
  400. URGENT- ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small
  401. Urgent----------------please Give Some Solution On This
  402. URGENT----------------blank field and non blank field
  403. open form from the other form
  404. Disadvantages of using cache in oracle
  405. Upsert operation
  406. Update
  407. Update Query for Object Table
  408. backwards LIKE matching
  409. backwards LIKE matching
  410. Procedure Vs Function
  411. Views and performance
  412. Oracle DBA Studio help
  413. Mark Burris
  414. Mark Burris
  415. Steps to install oracle9i on suse 10,Mandrake 10,fedoracore 4
  416. Check constraint
  417. oracle ocp exams guide ?
  418. Regarding UTL_FILE Package in PLSQL
  419. Installing on Mac Os
  420. current sql
  421. Oracle Standby databse
  422. reading oracle schema(structure)...
  423. converting date field to timestamp or viceversa....
  424. Difference between Varchar and nvarchar
  425. Oracle Performance on multiple joins
  426. update and insert
  427. oracle 11i installation
  428. Oracle guides for exams
  429. Oracle-triggers
  430. Logon info
  432. domain knowledge
  433. Oracle Not Available
  434. Oracle-update table values
  435. how to get present time and date?
  436. How to diagnose inaproppriate Oracle SGA component size?
  437. db link hangs after a while
  438. ORA-12560: TNS: protocol Adapter Error
  439. conversion functions
  440. server configuration
  441. RAC nodes regularly freezes for about 10 seconds
  442. How to create external table with CLOB columns?
  443. How 2 split priority, reports low, transactions fast
  444. 7.3 on 03 server
  445. Determine record number in oracle forms
  446. to find scripts - 'export info party(customer)'
  447. Certification
  448. Missing ( Oracle 9.20 /Linux)
  449. SELECT ... WHERE column LIKE parameter||'%'
  450. updating a table using other table values
  451. Help for Backup Online
  452. Does Oracle Apllication server is free?
  453. abt mapping table????in migration data
  454. TEMP tablespace
  455. oracle 9i username & password
  456. Oracle PL/SQL question
  457. Oracle lite
  458. Ora-12560
  459. Accpac 5.4 oracle10g connection.
  460. SQL NET Configuration issue
  461. Web Application using Oracle Forms 9i
  462. Trying to write a view using union statement
  463. OBE-15952 Error
  464. Insert
  465. How can i Install Developer6i with Oracle8i?
  466. Oracle dblinks
  467. IBYKUS Omega9 - New Oracle SQL Developertool
  468. ora-01031 insufficient priviledge
  469. External Tables w/ non ASCII chars
  470. convert sql mysql to oracle
  471. oracle object relatedquery
  472. history
  473. load from file doc into table
  474. Trigger to reflect changes
  475. How to set the server of oracle automatically shutdown
  476. Handling expired passwords in Forms v.6.0.5
  477. list box
  478. PL/SQL - Can function have OUT, IN OUT parameter ?
  479. OCI.dll not found !
  480. chem draw structure in orcale
  481. Need some guidance on my situation
  482. Performance Related Clarification.
  483. Oracle CBT
  484. rman
  485. Database configuration Error
  486. import testcases from xls document to Oracle DB
  487. Really REALLY simple question (I think)
  488. Which database design tool
  489. .NET using ODP and the 10g Instant Client
  490. Copy Oracle / Apps installations
  491. Oracle Schema
  492. converting comma separated values into rows in oracle
  493. ORA-00937 not a single group group function
  494. Oracle Group Group error
  495. Access to Oracle Insert solutions
  496. Need help with attendance project in oracle9i
  497. Autogenerate partitions on table
  498. SQL 3 or 4 trial key needed
  500. Basic Questions
  501. Catching "ORU-10027: buffer overflow" exceptions in PL/SQL
  502. OLEDB and Oracle XE ?
  503. Patience for a Oracle Noobie
  504. How to connect to Oracle database from unix prompt
  505. Procedure
  506. Slow query on date field via views
  507. Complex update query
  508. Crystal report db problem
  509. current sql running
  510. .NET Reporting against and Orcale Database
  511. <REQ> oracle lite info
  512. S: Biomega Mark Newson MN03
  513. Obtaining a Column Which has MAX in Another
  514. CPU skyrockets during contention
  515. writing records while doing select.
  516. Oracle credential retrievial failed error
  517. SQL Update Tables
  518. Multi Master Databases
  519. Constraints on the time stamp column or date
  520. Oracle DB Link issues
  521. spool file: saing to non default location
  522. Request for Resume's - Siebel Production Engineer IV
  523. deducing ranges in SQL
  524. Oracle OLEDb
  525. What is it like to work with Oracle?
  526. Loading Data from SQL-SERVER 2000 To ORACLE 9i
  527. Equivalent of Hierarchy SQL in Oracle
  528. Equivalent of Hierarchy SQL in Oracle
  529. Explain Plan returns only one index usage
  530. Great Job Board
  531. A great onestop spot
  532. Best Job Search Site...
  533. ASP - Reading blob from Oracle to ASP
  534. Generating CREATE TABLE statements
  535. Several question about select.
  536. Oracle 9.2 - c precompile undefined _sqlcxt
  537. c/Oracle on windows-undefines sqlcxt
  538. Instantclient 10 on Solaris 10
  539. Suggest books for beginner, and good as a reference for later use
  540. Remove all tables for user with one SQl statement?
  541. validation testing -- use TPC-C? (or what?)
  542. Oracle Forms - chat tool
  543. Need Media recovery Help
  544. US-VA: Sr.Oracle ATS/Testing LoadRunner QuickTest Pro # 1129R1
  545. Type for COUNT() as VAR ?
  546. Using FORALL with associative arrays
  547. Oracle Driver question
  548. INSTR and string length problem
  549. how to connect to an oracle database from a java source
  550. Oracle MERGE Statement Error