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  1. Oracle table Maintainance.
  2. cursor is open or not?
  3. How to Run Oracle Sequence to MS Access
  4. Problem with query
  5. procedure
  6. Problem with joining two tables
  7. triggers to monitor stock options backdating
  8. choosing index for inner join
  9. choosing index for inner join
  10. woking BLOBS with OLEDB
  11. Persian date on oracle form6i
  12. Oracle and XML
  13. How can i insert thousand records using single query?
  14. update query problem
  15. Accesing another user's Table
  16. Query Help in Teradata
  17. hierarchical tree
  18. How to grant privileges automatically to newly created user?
  19. SQL Query doubt
  20. Rollup and Cube..
  21. REDO Log file corrupted
  22. Use of hierarchical tree in Oracle9i forms
  23. Find growth rate of a table
  24. return a variable value in a cursor
  25. SELECT query syntax
  26. Error while trying to load jar file using loadjava
  27. Explain SID and TNS names
  28. extract data from the partitioned table
  29. Oracle9i Form Report connection
  30. Grouping By a To_Char
  31. PL/SQL equivalent of Select 0, Select 1 etc
  32. Query to find Primary and Foreign keys
  33. Could not create an environment: OCIEnvCreate returned -1.
  34. declaration and scope of variable in procedure
  35. Cascade deleting
  36. What is connect by prior?
  37. to_timestamp fomatting of Dates
  38. ORA-01033 : Oracle Initialization or shutdown in process
  39. "PLS-00201:identifier' <User>.<Procedure Name> ' must be declared"
  40. To_Date in query returns date only
  41. How to update all columns in a table
  42. Sql Date and Time doubt
  43. Tables
  44. Datatype Problem
  45. cx_Oracle.NotSupportedError
  46. Return data from stored procedure
  47. Overloading
  48. Function Overloading
  49. Packages
  50. Some questions..
  51. SQL Query
  52. Dept wise max sal
  53. SELECT query on joined tables
  54. PL/SQL Sorting Function
  56. D2K problems
  57. usage of Dual table in oracle
  58. SELECT query to find max
  59. Stored Procedures & Oracle
  60. Max(Date) in select query
  61. UNIX script for EXPDP/IMPDP IN Oracle 10g
  62. Mutation table
  63. Records in hirarchial
  64. ORA-01092: ORACLE instance terminated. Disconnection forced
  65. Some questions
  66. the status field value
  67. SELECT query on joined tables
  68. trigger a particular date
  69. How to compare the contents of two tables of identical structure?
  70. UPDATE query
  71. List of tables on which a trigger is used
  72. Joined date
  73. maximum date and not zero records..
  74. the name of a table inside a function
  75. Code Comprehension Exercise
  76. This is the query somebody ask me to do in my first interview of a career.
  77. Need Help for the following Query
  78. update and case clause
  79. Update through join
  80. Problem with MERGE statement
  81. Import Problem
  82. Query Formating In Sql-need help
  83. dynamic cursor?
  84. Duplicates only
  85. Needed Query ..
  86. Oracle Scripts
  87. Dynamic datastructure of objects
  88. query output in CSV
  89. to find top 10 salaries of employees with their names
  90. sql related questions
  91. inserting data into oracle database using perl script
  92. results of left outer join and =(+) in oracle are different
  93. global temporary table.
  94. How to import dBase data to oracle in Linux?
  95. Oracle Errors
  96. siebel
  97. Need help in Update statements with Set for Oracle
  98. oracle pro*C problem:varchar variable is truncated after calling C function
  99. Whenever OSError Exit gives error, O/s Message : No such file or directory
  100. oracle9i -- installation hangs
  101. ORACLE Report Builder 6i parameter form problem
  102. Fatal: Stack size too small., when installing oracle - plz help
  103. Need Query..
  104. error in oracle: maximum number of processes () exceeded
  105. Delete query is slow
  106. create temporary table
  107. call function to function in pl\sql?
  108. pl/sql problem, please help!!!
  109. Sequence at run time
  110. Dependent User Parameters in Oracle Reports
  111. temporary tables
  112. Parameter Store procedure
  113. Change the Sort order of the columns in the table structure.
  114. Need Help with Database Trigger
  115. Do we have GOTO statement in Oracle 9i
  116. Cursor problem
  117. Procedure, to get the Used space in Oracle
  118. PL/SQL theoretical questions
  119. Stored Procedure return
  120. ORACLE Report Builder 6i parameter form problem
  121. Tricky LEFT OUTER JOIN with possible union???
  122. DECODE function
  123. Import Problem.
  124. get record count with out using count function
  125. How to refine the catsearch
  126. Case with greater than/less than
  127. How to use group by?
  128. changing column type from Varchar2 to BLOB
  129. Data Transfer between InterSystems Cache & Oracle.
  130. date 3 month
  131. .sql file to Oracle tables.
  132. how to insert
  133. Data Type
  134. Oracle Query questions
  135. Export-Import
  136. About Execution Plan
  137. oracle quary
  138. Run Action Queries in VBA-TERADATA
  139. Marthi font Issue with Oracle 9i / D2k 9i with Application Server 9i
  140. Reading xml file and writing it to a text file using PL/SQL
  141. ODBC Driver migration from vers 8 to 10
  142. case statment in oracle
  143. User Privileges Problem.
  144. How to use for loop
  145. using for loop
  146. stored procedure
  147. Login Credential (Oracle9i Form Developer)
  148. Report Parameter (Oracle9i form developer)
  149. how to run oracle9i server with JSP connectivity
  150. DELETING Millions of rows from a table
  151. Like '&'
  152. Sometimes an error come out "Could not connect to database"..Why??
  153. to find diff b/w time
  154. To Find The Diff between time
  155. Top 10 Rows
  156. null value in joins
  157. need help in update statement
  158. Connect by Clause
  159. Connect by Clause
  160. Decode grouping error
  161. Full outer join issue
  162. problem to write connect user command inside the procedure any other option is there
  163. problem to write connect user command inside the procedure
  164. ORA-01427: single-row subquery returns more than one row
  165. Performing Bulk Inserts
  166. Fga
  167. create menu in Oracle 9i Forms
  168. how can you populate a textbox with a parameter being passed?
  169. What is snapshots in Orcale?
  170. Lab Scripts
  171. DB connection
  172. Creating Temporaory Dynamic Table in Oracle 8i
  173. How to find last row and last column of table?
  174. using :NEW and :OLD in Dynamic SQL URGENT!!
  175. i have problem with store procedure
  176. Batch Command to Switch between two Oracle Homes
  177. Required Query help
  178. Problem of trigger
  179. To retrive data in two tables
  180. Random function
  181. nearest and previous date
  182. search for a string in the entire database
  183. Array of ref curosr
  184. import database 9 to 10i
  185. trigger
  186. Need Dynamic PL/SQL block
  187. top bottom query
  188. functions in oracle
  189. Want to Pull "x" number of records.
  190. separate numeric and non-numeric values from alphanumeric
  191. Exporting data from Oracle to Excel
  192. Problem selecting distinct record
  193. procedure problem
  194. output of dynamic query
  195. Can we convert rows into columns in oracle
  196. MS-access to oracle migration
  197. column updation
  198. defragment a database.
  199. issue with group by
  200. Sharing
  201. spotlight on oracle
  202. ftp file transfer of datafile problem
  203. storing image in database...
  204. Fetching records based on two dates and with a certain time frame from a table two
  205. Help needed in SQL query
  206. i want 2 create a trigger.Plz help as soon as possible
  207. i want to know rate of total salary for each department
  208. i want to know rate of total salary for each department
  209. How can we make disable a Field of a FORM at run-time?
  210. SQL Trigger
  211. Turning this select statement into a delete statement
  212. schema in oracle
  213. Need oracle help
  214. Dynamic queries
  215. display the records 10 by 10.
  216. oracle 9i installation
  217. Outer Join _ SQL
  218. Prasing the column names
  219. installation of oracle 9i working with VC++
  220. Update Procedure.. for two tables
  221. How can I copy a Sequence objects of Database for other whith script??
  222. Regarding insertion of records
  223. if i lost installation of oracle how to retreive tables i created?
  224. btree to bitmap conversion
  225. SQL Project to make music playlists HELP!!!
  226. Deinstall of Oracle 9i from C and D drive
  227. how to coonect java program to oracle database
  228. Prevent update to column in a table
  229. Oracle date formatting problem
  230. Oracle 10g Sequence Help please?
  231. Configuration assistants failed
  232. Building a View (basic SQL ?)
  233. Oracle error
  234. export porblem
  235. Oracle Update based on multiple table syntax
  236. creating physical standby database
  237. How to call Oracle report in oracle form?
  238. How to disable a Field (FORMS 6i) in runtime?
  239. oracle 8i can not auto start in MS server 2003
  240. oracle 8i can not auto start in MS server 2003
  241. Please help me to figure out my error.
  242. Information about tables in database.
  243. Oracle 10g Form glitch
  244. how to copy table in access to oracle?
  245. how to make table importing ?
  246. Performance problem with 10G Application Server via internet
  247. Conversion of SAS date format into Oracle date format
  248. dynamic sql
  249. cursor
  250. Oracle10G Sql loader
  251. having clause
  253. Linux Web Server access Oracle 6i with Jinitiator 1.7.31
  254. SQL Optimization
  255. dealing with composite primary keys
  256. Using XML as a table?
  257. Package Execution and Error PLS-00306
  258. Correlated Update
  259. protocol adapter error
  260. Passing arguments to Cursor
  261. Extract tables from several databases
  262. is there any driver level difference between oracle 8i and 9i
  263. Oracle Logging
  264. How to update the xml data using plsql
  265. MS ODBC driver for oracle
  266. Index
  267. Can anyone say that the difference between oracle and informix
  268. how to use the following sybase function in oracle
  269. updating one table based on select from two tables
  270. Column Offset problem using sqlplus from Command Prompt
  271. to update multiple values in a single query
  272. Oracle :import database from linux sever on local system windows
  273. scope in oracle for B.E(I.T) graduate
  274. DBMS_RANDOM Package
  275. Oracle 10g Optimization
  276. Conversion of csv to Oracle Form with examples
  277. avoid "no changes to save" error in module
  278. oracle
  279. How do i setup a join query for this?
  280. how to store data from oracle to sql
  281. error message:no changes to save
  282. missing right parenthesis - new to SQL need help
  283. VB and Oracle connectivity
  284. merging two tables
  285. max value from a string
  286. what's the problem with query
  287. Ora92 Install Path
  288. Exporting a table from Access to Oracle
  289. What the diff
  290. Oracle assistance in Triggers, Procedure and Cursors
  291. how to reteive blob data through java
  292. oracle connection error
  293. how to run reports in forms9i
  294. Unique constraint Help
  295. Constraint
  296. Procedure to backup/restore Oracle 9 to Oracle 10
  297. Using Max In Subquery.
  298. D2k and oracle 8i in same machine
  299. Creating table
  300. Oracle9i connect with jdk1.4
  301. DBMS Job
  302. date and timestamp storage problems
  303. How do i get clob data using java and assign to a variable
  304. How to delete particular column by keeping primary key
  305. ORA-12514 listener does not currently know of service requested
  306. Oracle and SQL Server on the same machine?
  307. identifier must be declared
  308. TNS:protocol adapter error
  309. Unix Cron Job Schedule
  310. One Stored Proc for 2 db owners
  311. convert a dbf database to any oracle version
  312. run_product
  313. host name and password for oracle
  314. oledb in oracle
  315. Droping the table
  316. Need OCP latest question
  317. Oracle Discoverer
  318. Dynamic Pl/sql
  319. how get the size of long raw data?
  320. Display fields
  321. What is Different Between Empty String and Null value in Oracle?
  322. Minimizing The Buffer Gets
  323. problem with dates
  324. Set user name and password
  325. problem on installing oracle 9i on windows XP
  326. Problems with decode function in Oracle ... Turning me mad
  327. Hierarchical View
  328. Parsing the last name (from full name field) into temp table
  329. code to connect jsp page to oracle 9i
  330. XML file to oracle table
  331. Help!!! Non-RAC database on AIX HACMP cluster
  332. from XML to ORACLE
  333. Login Problem OEM 9i
  334. unable to add foriegn key constaint
  335. Make Pyramid in PL/SQL
  336. Ora Error 12560
  337. Hi,it 's Me Again!
  338. Using Oracle Proxy User feature
  339. help me with update
  340. Tables on which view is made
  341. PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call ?????
  342. Oracle Wrong number or types of arguments error
  343. restricting a user to access his own tables
  344. Begginer , Problem In Keys
  345. Runing package script for Oracle Database in .net installer
  346. Migrating from Access to Oracle
  347. compare data between tables in test and production
  348. Upgrading Oracle from to
  349. self join error
  350. Starter
  351. PL/SQL Fix Record Length file
  352. ODBC connetion from Access to Oracle 10g...
  353. Solve this
  354. insert record from inside a catch block
  355. merge statement
  356. How can I extract the output to excel sheet with the heading
  357. insert into from where order by ?
  358. insert into from order by
  359. oracle 10g
  360. oracle
  361. oracle
  362. Multiple table join issue (Oracle)
  363. Problem in Installing ORACLE REPORTS 6i
  364. Pro*C doubts clarifications required
  365. Use Of Between Operator In Teradata
  366. accessing sql * plus instant client on my local machine
  367. I need a help in TERADATA
  368. Oracle Discussions
  369. Hi,How to list only user created schemas in oracle
  370. Tell me the diff.
  371. Procedure Help
  372. Table join from different servers
  373. Oracle 10g and XP
  374. Retriving Last ten modified Records
  375. Log On Database Trigger :ora-00406 :
  376. How to single numeric values from a field in a table which has multiple numeric value
  377. sql query to csv file
  378. comparing 2 tables
  379. Loop thru columns in a Trigger
  380. Oracle Error -12538
  381. error while using loadjava
  382. Client Oracle 7.3.4
  383. oracle client 7.3.4
  384. Migration to Oracle from MS-Acess
  385. VBA codes for oracle database
  386. retrieve row to encrypt witth dbms_sql
  387. Grant Privileges
  388. time without date
  389. Oracle Migration from SQL Server 2000
  390. Pass a variable into a Oracle View
  391. Slowly Changing Dimension
  392. Full outer join in oracle
  393. Optimization of delete query
  394. Teredata
  395. Query to create a total
  396. iASDemos.htm
  397. find default user
  398. Using Case Expression-----tuning
  399. Difference Between Oracle 8i And Oracle 9i
  400. How can i get learning material for Oracle 8i?
  401. UAC & Bind UACs
  402. Relating TableID to multiple instances of itself
  403. Oracle 8 with Win2k3
  404. Oracle CD Required Chennai
  405. Forms 6i
  406. removing time from date format
  407. How to add picture in oracle database table
  408. Need to get the numeric value alone in a alphanumeric string
  409. update to lower
  410. Insert
  411. change data
  412. Alter Command
  413. Sql query help
  414. Opening a file in Append mode
  415. pls help me
  416. duplicate records
  417. Comma-delimited File PL/SQL
  418. Convert from Number to binary
  419. inserting values into table
  420. Insert script
  421. Renaming user in oracle 9i
  422. what is schema
  423. UAC & Bind UACs
  424. adding row at run time
  425. displaying xml tables in oracle
  426. Group by on Nested Query ??
  427. SQL Script
  428. oracle 9i post installaton information
  429. Oracle 9i first use
  430. Asynchronous Replication
  431. error in cursor
  432. Load Balancing
  433. Crystal in Oracle forms
  434. external table
  435. wat is a cursor
  436. query to get list of tables
  437. Manipulating long data type fields in query
  438. Japanese Character on SI Browser...
  439. rollback after commit
  440. MS Access Table
  441. How to Oracle shutdown
  442. Oracle update statement help
  443. Greatest Function Problem
  444. writing output from Pl/SQL o txt file
  445. for oracle
  446. How to Get the Column name using entered Data
  447. how use variable more than one time in a same query?
  448. how i store o/p values in excel sheet....
  449. Temp Tablespace in Oracle9i
  450. Time taken for insertion into a table
  451. Can I create and drop a function from inside a stored procedure in Oracle ?
  452. Accessing Oracle DB with C Program
  453. How to execute more than one database query in a JSP page
  454. Update from Select - can I get there from here?
  455. query based on another query
  456. Sqlloader
  457. copying oracle database file from one computer to another computer
  458. Give a look here
  459. Unable to migrate data from Access source to Oracle destination
  460. installation problem
  461. error message
  462. add an '
  463. Problem with Oracle 9i
  464. Oracle 11i apps on web
  465. dual
  466. inserts and select
  467. Logging of an UPDATE
  468. Problem in Update with Order By clause
  469. my application server stopped automatically....
  470. how to know the nos of unnecessary open cursors
  471. In Search Of Job Opertunities
  472. Getting the first row of columns with same values
  473. oracle form got error -- ora-12560
  474. Outer join or sum function?
  475. LGWR and ARCH
  476. convert rows to columns
  477. Triggers on user_objects and user_constraints
  478. Changing multiple sequence values using SQL Query
  479. Problem in using Connection By in inserting hierarchical data using Oracle 10g.
  480. data ware housing
  481. Sequential search then update record
  482. image in oracle
  483. Self Join?
  484. Unable to migrate data from Access source to Oracle destination
  485. Rman Book
  486. Oracle Backup using Netbackup
  487. Loading emails into a table using ORACLE PL/SQL
  488. Convert Date
  489. update diff datatype in same table
  490. Stored Procedure
  491. Cannot Store Chinese Characters In Oracle 9.2 Database
  492. Multiple IP on Listener.ora & Tnsnames.ora
  493. Online booking system problem
  494. Getting Error while opening database
  495. Changeing the user name in oracle 9i
  496. Errors in Oracle
  497. converting amount to text
  498. Oracle Sequences
  499. TOP Command
  500. How to Handle Exception in ORACLE. Please
  501. Oracle Enterprise manager for oracle 8i on sco unix platform
  502. Placing oracle Database over web
  503. Replace certain portions of data tied to an ID.
  504. Help with connecting JSP to Oracle
  505. Removing Oracle especially Listener
  506. Does checkpoint queue have RBA (Redo Byte Address)??
  507. Problem Update
  508. another oracle_home to install report builder 6i
  509. What is difference between datatype Time and TimeStamp?
  510. Group By Function
  511. Oracle
  512. Procedures in batche.
  513. Ref Cursor Out Parameter in Procedure.
  514. How to export and import oracle DB using toad?
  515. Oracle SQL Developer Connection Error
  516. Problem to run forms under developer suite 10g
  517. Heterogeneous Services-not able to connect access database from oracle
  518. formatting output in oracle
  519. Maximum number of tables in Join
  520. Which fields are changed on update - History tracking
  521. Identifying Value Sets Against A Specific Table
  522. reriving records from multiple tables.
  523. Table Mutating Error
  524. query for selecting lastday of the previous month
  525. Calling word application from oracle forms 10g
  526. Need books "oracle-Banner"
  527. To find a cut off date based on the working days setup
  528. How to install Report Builder 6i
  529. How to use VARRAY and NESTED TABLES in Oracle Stored procedures / packages
  530. difference between decode and case expression
  531. Spooling Techniques.....
  532. unique constraint when value = 1
  533. how to check if the database is created
  534. Help Required: To run the attached UNIX script
  535. Great thread on normalization in db2 forum...
  536. User_constraint
  537. Convert MS Transact-SQL to Oracle SQL
  538. Problem in Oracle 9i installation on XP
  539. how i create a delete trigger that will save the deleted row into another table, like
  540. case sensitivity in 9i & 10g
  541. Two tables....
  542. Count total columns
  543. Temporary Table..
  544. I want every 100 th record in total of 1000 recors in a table.
  545. Primary and Composite keys
  546. difference between primary key and not null constraints?
  547. Query data from one table to another
  548. difference between time and timestamp in oracle 9i
  549. how can save text item value in table
  550. HELP - Export/Import with version 8.05