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  1. db2ckpwd not running under root
  2. How invoke a function in dynamic stored procedured db2 with dinamic parameters
  3. having issues with BizTalk to be able to see newly created DB2 stored procs and DB2 A
  4. Calculate table and record size
  5. SQL Optimizer - Picks different Logicals/Index when same job run twice in a row
  6. DB2 Corruption table with db2cat
  7. Find out if index was dropped in Db2 LUW
  8. String up to 2048 characters long?? Database
  9. Referential database
  10. Timeout for EXCHANGE between clone and base table
  11. DB2 interview questions
  12. Copy table from one tablespace to another
  13. query to transpose row data into column
  14. how do i set password for a table in access to protect the edit
  15. I need to retrieve the users's data whose their emailid's are in mixedcase
  16. Access Navigation Form with other navigation forms
  17. Stored procedure is taking long time in execution while query is runing fast
  18. query returns empty records despite having equal values in all relational tables.
  19. I am working with access i want to set date for ordering and delivering of item. i wa
  20. Import CLOB Data from DB2 to Excel Using VBA Script
  21. store procedure to insert multiple records at a time into table?
  22. Starting DB2 unix when Log Files Accidently Deleted
  23. Wanting older 32 bit Editions of DB2 for Unix/Linux/Windows
  24. Can we Created a 8k page size Tablespace for already created 4k page size database
  25. Move data from current table to history db2 table
  26. I want to know how can I move data from current table to history table in DB2 with ro
  27. Tablespace state issue
  28. Convert a varchar column in a db2 table to UTF-8
  29. How to copy one column into another in DB2 sql
  30. StoreProcedure............................
  31. Maintain data type in make table query
  32. db2 alter sequence seqname restart with nextval retrieved from SQL
  33. RETCODE : ZRC=0x80040003=-2147221501=SQLD_INTRP
  34. export a table from db2 without column headers
  35. Query to increase scale size of column db2
  36. How Do you write WHERE condition For timestamp
  37. connect to db2 database and execute script
  38. auto execute sql script for db2 database
  39. Vba form
  40. Insert, update, delete
  41. 250 columns in a tables
  42. System views permission for Public role
  43. how to know last committed transaction of backup image
  44. Using DAYOFWEEK to find the Previous rundate
  45. can we get the list of LSN from db2 logs without any db2 utilities
  46. can we use any log file to read using readLogNoConnAPI
  47. How to get the first LSN number from the DB2 binary log files
  48. Adding a Row Number to Duplicate Accounts
  49. attempting to use restore redirect for 3 tablespaces. Job fails SQL2034N The address
  50. 24x7 online logs / traces using DSN1LOGP / DSN1SMFP (similar to CA Log Analyzer)
  51. SQL to retrive 1 month data which is 4 months old
  52. Like in host variable in DB2 Query
  53. jdbc connection problem unable to connect
  55. DB2 online backup hang, cannot connect to DB
  56. Error DIA5000C A DRDA as Token "RECOVERABLE" was detected
  57. SQL0104N An unexpected token"." was found following "".
  58. MSU calculation for DB2 (to decide DB2 licence and DB2 computing capacity purchase)
  59. Into how many divisions DB2 is classified, for example DB2 framework, DB2 LUW.
  60. creating a new database View using the Optimize clause is throwing error sqlcode=-104
  61. SQL Converting decimal type to date type
  62. Check a date on a DB2 table to see if it falls within the last 24 hours.
  63. Supra To DB2 Migration - Need advice on the key set up on variable table
  64. How fetch 2nd last record for timestamp on same Date.
  65. how to update the data db2 based on the last digit number 2 ??
  66. Returning Mulitple Result Sets in DB2
  67. How to see explain plan in iseries - DB2 Database
  68. how to change dates in bash script running db2 commands
  69. Non-Recoverable Option for DB2 Enterprise Stage
  70. Convert Char string with Sign to Decimal in DB2
  71. Got Error as directory not found when trying to connect to database from db2cmd
  72. How to remove duplicates for below scenario
  73. find memoery usage for specific instance??
  74. DB2 An unexpected token "END-OF-STATEMENT" was found error
  75. distinct with order by usage is not bringing unique values
  76. Migration of Tape data (DB2) to SQL server
  77. Getting Result from Null Query. I would like to have the document name from the query
  78. cannot connect to DB2 mainframe for getting tables from metadata
  79. How to get the version of a schema in DB2 database
  80. How do you replace a shared object that contains a DB2 UDF?
  81. designing table in datawarehouse
  82. DB2 External procedure: SQLJ.INSTALL_JAR failing
  83. "P1: begin" and "P2: begin" in a DB2 SP
  84. DB2: Extract definition of a global temp table created using “as select”
  85. How to set up no lock on tables on db2
  86. I need help creating an AFTER UPDATE trigger to add an ‘UP’ record to the Log every t
  87. Please help with INSERT
  88. I need to know if I'm running my process on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Thank you
  89. Windows Clustering and HADR split brain issue
  90. Getting sqlcode -305 instead of 100 while fetch
  91. Active Directory
  92. To Retrieve last inserted records according to their insertion timestamp
  93. Execute Immediate in cursor on ibm db2?
  94. DB2 Stored Procedure - Replacing COBOL-DB2 update modules with DB2 Stored Procedure
  95. How to override the path for my UDF?
  96. -501 error while calling one stored procedure from another stored procedure in db2
  97. DB2 8.2 version I need some inovation idea's to implement in my Working environment
  98. Connect to DB2 database from shell script
  99. how to update current date and current time in DB2 table
  100. Db2 cursor for update with join syntax
  101. How to get the count of clob data?
  102. The use of an hexadecimal variable
  103. Default Allowed Access for RUNSTATS DB2 10.5 on AIX ?
  104. Is there any online site for DB2 querying.
  105. "create tablespace" fails with EXTENTSIZE = 32
  106. Security plug in LDAPAUTH versus Server_Encrypt
  107. Can we work on more than one DB2 database through shell
  108. Update Query needed to update the existing column
  109. fetching a last record inserted from a table and updating it.
  110. Retrieve SQL statements Info from MON_GET_PKG_CACHE_STMT
  111. dBase V SQLDBS Error when trying to open SQL
  112. Write into text file using Db2 Stored procedure
  113. An unexpected and critical error has occurred: "BadPage" continuously on DB2 9.5
  114. Is Query with Union All on federation run parallel?
  115. Use of Like where character = %
  116. How to know DB2 Runstats Profile
  117. How do I fetch a result of a select query in a temporary variable?
  118. array declaration
  119. how to call a stored procedure with no parameters into another procedure
  120. how to create a db2 triggers to copy one filed to another in same table before update
  121. Rollback on a DB2 table doesnt rollback the data - VB.NET app
  122. DB2 syscat.functions table
  123. Multiple DB2inst1 process are running.
  124. Deletion of 10 million records from a table
  125. db2 query fetched data is showing randomly sometime and somtime not in multiple serve
  126. Initialize variable in dbartisan(db2) & return a result set from begin atomic block
  127. how to run db2 sql statement from unix command prompt and store the output in csv fo
  128. SQL30081N A Communication error has beeb detected
  129. Parameter value differs on my procedure
  130. Getting 500 internal server error in enterprise manager while running the sto
  131. DB2: Round timestamp to 29 mins
  132. DB2 force application all and db2start
  133. how to extract output file comma deli. calling XX.sql file
  134. DB2 Federation - Command line based
  135. How do I set up the developer's client in Linux and linkage with the database server
  136. I have a function that modifies data and returns a scalar. The function got created,
  137. Converting Oracle Query to DB2 Query
  138. MQT staging table getting SQL code
  139. Limit DB2 Audit to certain users
  140. Need to insert 2 different set of data into single table
  141. Question regarding FstTup in a DB2 Explain plan
  142. Passing Date Parameter to DB2 Stored Procedure
  143. SQLBindParameter with a hexadecimal containing one '00' like x'420000F3'
  144. How to exit from before insert trigger in DB2?
  145. Creation Trigger with variables
  146. Type Casting In Query calling form jsp
  147. db2 date ?
  148. DB2 Tablespace in Drop Pending state after restore
  149. Creating an Update query with an embedded select statement
  150. DB2 "No Storage Available for allocation" DIA8305C Memory allocation failure occurred
  151. bash shell version of db2uext2 (DB2 USEREXIT),backup archive log to remote host!
  152. how to connect to db2 database in crontab jobs scheduling
  153. changing columns positions in db2 table
  154. How to collect DB2 performance counter values by using query?
  155. Looking for tools to move AS/400-iSeries data to DB2
  156. Stored Procedure( OUT PARAMETER) CANT CALLED.. HELP ME
  157. Can DB2 stored procedure run a .sql file?
  158. Inserting large string into DB2 filed.
  159. SQL0723N An error occurred in a triggered SQL statement in trigger "DB2ADMIN.TRG_MQ_
  160. On using db2 Load to load 1252 data in to DB2 (codeset 1208). The German umlouts are
  161. Cannot Start the DB2 Instance after Config Change
  162. Insert into values for binary data type
  163. Can we delete dmp files in the DB2 Database?
  164. is there a tool or utility which can migrate data from IDMS to DB2
  165. Time interval
  166. update using DB2 MERGE statement involving 2 tables errors out version 10
  167. How to know the subsystem of a DB2 table
  168. how to change locale value in db2 by executing sql statement
  169. I want to know the ip address of the DB on another laptop
  170. to create table inside stored procedure
  171. need help in roolback options
  172. ORA-06503: PL/SQL: Function returned without value
  173. Insert rows into a table by 'With' clause
  174. A particular record is not deleted & ddl opearion allowed
  175. Error Accessing a table space container. SQLSTATE=57048
  176. TRUNCATE ERROR SQL0104N An unexpected token "table" was found following "truncate ".
  177. Unique Rows using Left outer- I am trying to build a query which will give me unique
  178. RRN in trigger.
  179. I want to export a table from ACCESS to DB3.
  180. Extract text (>32500 bytes) from SYSCAT.ROUTINES
  181. Haw to write query to get result in single line in DB2
  182. creating a table as i need for example tree...
  183. Limit Number of Rows Updated in DB2 MVS
  184. DB2 compound sql giving delimiter error
  185. Strange behavior of FOR LOOP CURSOR
  186. Create a federation Windows to ISeries
  187. Create dynamic cursor got ERROR: Invalid use of an aggregate function or ...
  188. Need no data found exception in db2
  189. Tablespace and container states after tablespace damage
  190. Stored Procedure abend SQL state [38503]; error code [-430]
  191. Restore got stuck in between in DB2
  192. case statement column's used in order by , show error 'Invalid Column in the context'
  193. how to get DB2 date version 5.2
  194. SQLSTATE=22001 while trying to load data.
  195. Help with using database partition expressions
  196. send a sms to my customers when database updated
  197. IBM DATA STUDIO Z/OS XML and Schemas
  198. add picture of jpeg format to a db2 table
  199. how to restore the existing production db in development environment
  200. Produce output based on values in table
  201. DB2 multi-thread application and sql error Log full
  202. how to identify greater than one changes of a field in one day from mainframe DB2 tab
  203. Syntax error alter column for bit data
  204. To extract month and year from a column in the table
  205. Unable to create varchar column size 35000
  206. delete data frm tableA n put tat in tableB
  207. List contents of all SPs in schema
  208. How to update the status of a particular row as 1 if the whole record already exists?
  209. Recover deleted rows in table db2 from log file
  210. DB2 9.7 Function + NickName + Dynamic=> Problem
  211. Convert CHAR expression to Binary output (SQL syntax)
  212. split a contents of a field of each record and store in another table
  214. Update or merge field from 2nd table - DB2 iSeries
  215. Calling a stored procedure in a user defined function
  216. How to import sql file
  217. Log file corrupted - how to recover data
  218. DBM parameter NUMDB has value 8. Should I change it to 1 because I have only 1 DB?
  219. Import flat file in db2 table using a clob datatype
  220. Pass table name as param showing error
  221. ixf load error with truncated values - same ixf import is OK
  222. No of rows scanned for execution of query
  223. Locking in db2
  224. db2 9.7 active-active cluster
  225. Stored procedure in DB2
  226. sql prepare in db2 9.7 does not work on db2 9.5
  227. [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1042C An unexpected system error occurred. SQLSTATE=58004
  228. How to execute query "select * from Emp where emp_id=2" in DB2
  229. Not a valid Command Line processor command
  230. listagg and ignoring duplicates
  231. db2 restore fails (symantec net backup)
  232. How to convert columns to rows
  233. Fox pro dos 2.6 password error. I don't know the password
  234. rounding milliseconds to seconds in db2
  235. why db2_all command is not needed to get rows count from table in DPF environment.
  237. Please send Automated DB2 Backup Script on Windows machine
  238. DB2 Stored Procedures called from REXX
  239. MQT over multiple table and Incremental Refresh
  240. nested table type
  241. using union with table type
  242. nls_database_parameters
  243. SQLCODE -489109819 while data loading
  244. Question about tablespaces
  245. Dynamically Setting the Schema Doesn't Work during Fetch
  246. SQL3110N The utility has completed processing. "49" rows were read from the
  247. How to do database mirroring with a witness
  248. How to change privillages for DB2 10.1 ( IBM Data Studio )
  249. Database can't be accessed after restore
  250. DB2 PREP and BIND one source with several authorization identifiers
  251. how to identify rows in the result table with UNION
  252. Error: calling the procedure in a function
  253. How to migrate view tables into real tables?
  254. How to drop corrupted tables?
  255. Container in Use Error when Restoring Offline Backup Image with Data Studio 3.1.1
  256. Restoring Offline Backup to my DB2 v10.1
  257. all sql scripts in db2 should store UTC
  258. DB2 Connect, Dynamic SQL, and chosen Isolation Level
  259. How to configure schema in db2?
  260. Getting my data and queries from my DB2 UDB to Dataquant
  261. Deleting records older than 30days
  262. How long does DB2 take to release secondary logs after a commit.
  263. Using Select and passing parameter to procedure
  264. Need Help in finding row size of a table in DB2
  265. Shared Memory Allocated to DB2 on Windows server 2008
  266. Error in executing single dynamic query that has multiple SQL statements
  267. Cancel DB2 reorg process
  268. calling global temporary table from a function not working
  269. db2 9 fundamentals certification
  270. What is a non-inline function in DB2 ?
  271. IDMS to DB2
  272. .bat file call DB2 stored procedure, without the connection string?
  273. DB2 archive log file layout
  274. how i can increase db.mon_heap parameter in db2 database
  275. if exists
  276. Generate csv file with headers...using db2 export ?
  277. SQL Error for DB2
  278. DB2 : Restore vendor API sqluvint doesn't give proper restore type
  279. DB2 process concurrency/ lock question
  280. Numbers of combinations for columns
  281. How to Distinguish between online and offline backup in sqluvint call?
  282. What is more reliable char or varchar?
  283. DB2 load
  284. Arabic language in DB2 database
  285. Using "LIKE" predicate in embedded SQL in Cobol
  286. Include vs copy
  287. Cursor not defined
  288. Replicate Data to Another Database
  289. Convert BIGINT to TIMESTAMP
  290. Loading a |^* delimited file to a table
  291. Migration from ORacle to DB2
  292. How to Create DB2 partition.
  293. Completed LOAD phase in db2diag.log, db2 load never completes
  294. Cannot Setup DB2 HADR
  295. Count table in DB2
  296. How to retrieve alerts/information from a db of alerts that happened between 7
  297. is an undefined name. SQLSTATE=42704
  298. DB2 v 9.1 to Teradata
  299. How to establish a DB2 connection in while loop using Shell script
  300. connect and db2
  301. sql 1390c error while installing DB2 8.1 on windows 7
  302. REPLACE in packages vs plans
  303. DB2 Error: "MODIFIES SQL DATA" clause has not been specified
  304. How to get out of "BACKUP PENDING. SQLSTATE=57019 on DB2" State
  305. changing schema name after database restore
  306. Replication between 2 As/400 db2 databases
  307. DB2 v9.0 (Enterprise) vendor code
  308. not able to run query from jmeter
  309. Convert varchar to time
  310. Tablespace level issue
  311. How to insert only PNG & jpeg image in DB2
  312. Want to have a key field in 2nd PF in Join LF
  313. Installation of IBM DB2 spatial extension for mac os
  314. JDBC callable insert with registered parameter??
  315. Datastage conversion
  316. SQL0289N Unable to allocate new pages in table space "<tablespace-name>".
  317. Compare 2 columns having similar data
  318. A minor error occurred while installing "DB2 ESE"
  319. If we give this year and weekid like 201106 we have to find last week data?
  320. Db2top
  321. Any one have a powershell script to prune DB2 Logfiles?
  322. how to reorg table that's in pending state ?
  323. SQL0204N error in reverse engineering from db2 to power designer
  324. VARCHAR vs CHAR in DB2 z/OS
  325. Db2 get diagnostic does not returns # of rows
  326. DB2 Nested Stored Procedures and labeled_begin_atomic error
  328. Comparing a string consisting of two single quotes
  329. SQLDA max length for sqlname
  330. " SQL0440N " - error while executing store procedure on v9.7fp4
  331. Jar for DB2 type 2 driver
  332. Errorcode=-668, sqlstate=57016
  333. Create schema
  334. Find Tables/Views used in a View.
  335. Migrate from oracle to DB2 incl. 32 to 64 bit unicode
  336. cursor for
  337. Why explain plan not same?
  338. DB2 tablespace (USERSPACE1) from Drop Pending to Normal stats?
  339. Data partitioning
  340. DB2_CREATE_DB_ON_PATH registry entry does not exist
  341. Websphere Message Queue
  342. B2 Control Center, Missing Database details
  343. Backup Failure - 4 node DPF Setup One node is down
  344. grant privileges in db2
  345. Index length of in the DB2v9.
  346. Query to count the rows count of one column in two tables
  347. Comparision of date in SQL
  348. federation
  349. Federation from oracle to db2
  350. connectivity with database
  351. DB2 Load statment between two tables
  352. Stored procedures
  353. Restart Identity Column Dynamically
  354. Need to create DB2 DSN with the hepl of vbscript or commands
  355. How long does a HADR take to switch from primary to Secondary?
  356. DB2 instance hangs on query
  357. Import in DB2 from oracle dump
  358. Federated Database Objects
  359. How can I get totals of fields from multiple rows, based upon the value of the field?
  360. DB2 Time Stamp format
  361. How to display message in DB2 SQL PL ?
  362. Not able to connect to db2 from java
  363. Selecting the most updated record from each category/group of records
  364. Insert into conditionally
  365. DB2 Clob Data Memory Limit Reached PHP ODBC
  366. DB2 load
  367. Access 2 different databases from one SQL script
  368. How to get list of all table names in db2
  369. Oracle SQL Statement to Microsoft Access
  370. cte odbc sqlstate 42601
  371. Check foreign keys values
  372. Connect Z O/S DB2 database using SQL DEVELOPER
  373. How to get output of queries to files at runtime
  374. how to convert date 'yyyy/mm/dd' to 'dd-mm-yyyy' ?
  375. DB2 Store Procedure with Parameters in Create View
  376. DB2 login issue
  377. capture db2 output in shell script
  378. Table unload in dclgen Copybook Format
  379. Online Reorg causes a timeout with application in Runstats phase
  380. Db2 user login
  381. MYSQL inner join
  382. Error: DB21034E The command was processed as an SQL statement
  383. DB2 log use monitoring - what is the best way to determine usage?
  384. carriage return in Access
  385. db2 cpl snytax to continue sql on next line
  386. Store a query result in a variable
  387. Error invalid lob object. See attached Throwable for details. ERRORCODE=-4461, SQLST
  388. Sql0102n error While inserting a large text into a clob column
  389. DB2 user defined function problems
  390. Writing strings from stored procedures to he text files
  391. creating log file for given db2 stored procedure
  392. Installing DB2 in Windows 7
  393. Exception and Handler
  394. How to Find which SQL Statement is executing
  395. Varchar length question
  396. Issue defining DB2 to VTAM
  397. date comparing with particular date in shell script
  398. SQL0670N createTable with more than 365 Clob columns
  399. Null Indicator in DB2 Load utility for pipe Delimited files
  400. Db2 load invalidates packages
  401. DB2 SQL select
  402. how to grant only select access to a user on DB2 9.5 on windows 2008
  403. DB2 SQL Syntax Validation
  404. SQL1159 Initialization error with DB2 .NET Data Provider, reason code 2
  405. Client For DB2
  406. db2 archive log shipping
  407. index and rows read
  408. can we use a agregate function inside a case statement in db2?
  409. about db2 bind db2cli.lst after install a fixpak
  410. Help me ! Reason code: "6". SQLSTATE=42724
  411. Increase the time an Access Form opens
  412. DB2 - Primary Index
  413. Trim Timestamp XML Tags in DB2 column - Using SQL to query
  414. how to handle parent-child hierarchy in db2 udb V9.5
  415. SQL3126N : Remote client requires absolute file path or directories
  416. Merge in DB2
  417. db2 list history backup (info regarding output)?
  418. Creating Triggers from DB2 with Target Table in MS SQL Server database
  419. Fetch data from DB2 using INNER JOIN with access file
  420. When would you NOT see DB2 objects in PACKAGEDEP if Java is being used?
  421. Effects Of Ongoing Reorg Killed Forcefully.
  422. DB2 Qsec Audit
  423. List of nodes from list of instances?
  424. About command of attrib
  425. opening a ref cursor in dynamic sql
  426. I wanted to drop a column of a tabale but get a sql error with -145
  427. SQL0444N reason code 6
  428. To check the locks on all the tables in a database.
  429. Override values while loading table in db2 z os v8
  430. how to handle archive logs in sql replication environment?
  431. In db2 stored procedure, how can I replace an input string?
  432. Deferred referential integrity in DB2
  433. DB2 Delete query issue
  434. DB2 Compatibilty with Windows 7
  435. In replication,the capture server capture active logs or archive logs?
  436. Does anybody now how big a NPSI DB2 v8 can be?
  437. Is there a way to rebuild an index without requiring exclusive lock on a DB2 file?
  438. SQL30081N A communication error with error code 10061
  439. load sequence and tables hierarchy
  440. How to calculate percentage in SQL DB2 query
  441. DB2 federated architecture
  442. Using Host Variables in Xquery
  443. how a partitioned table choose tablespace when I do not specify?
  444. how to caculate extents for a new table? thanks a lot
  445. Get only clob column names but not its data.
  446. How to delete a schema by using db2 -tvf file.sql command?
  447. In datacom how to find a table name for creted views
  448. How to clear the log files from the circular logged database?
  449. Extraction of data from DB2 table
  450. How to run Oracle SQL stored procedure in DB2 database environment?
  451. bufferpool size automatic without enabling STMM?
  452. Sql10007n
  453. How to replace a special character in DB2?
  454. How to turn off implicit cast db2 9.7
  455. How to find no.of hash partitions per database partition, of a table?
  456. I want to add the SUM(BL_US_CURY_AMT) + FUND_CASH_BAL_AMT into FUND_CASH_BAL_AMT.
  457. How to modify stored procedure to work on date range?
  458. Date Conversion from String
  459. Points of consistency are not getting created when running Load with Savecount!
  460. how to granr reorg privilege to any db2 user
  461. db2 bind db2ubind.lst error,help.
  462. Cursor stability isolation level
  463. How to use db2iupdt -w 64 to update my instance from 32bit to 64bit?
  464. how to migrate db2v8 32bit to 64bit? help
  465. [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL0245N The invocation of routine "TIMESTAMP" is ambiguou
  466. How to find the nodes of a partitioned database?
  467. How to Redistribute database with DISTFILE option:?
  468. "A file or directory in the path name does not exist." - dlopen
  469. What is the difference between connect reset and db2stop force?
  470. A db2 trigger between two tables in two databases
  471. syntax for adding constraint say primary key to a column using alter command in db2
  472. Do you have some examples of the way customers "Document DB2 installations"?
  473. Why a SPILL SORT on *smaller* matchset and not on larger one?
  474. Help with SUB SELECT
  475. How Could I Tuning Performance of a Trigger with MultiCondition in DB2 ?
  476. Why is LOAD API messing up the order of presorted records in the source data?
  477. How to increment a variable inside FOR loop in Stored procedure?
  478. How to get DB2 everyplace to replicate?
  479. How to keep the newly generated sequence value unchanged for insert?
  480. Can I get an example of a DB2 Stored Procedure with Loop & Commit?
  481. How to insert picture into BLOB in DB2 using command editor?
  482. Are nested cursors possible in DB2?
  483. Why does SELECT ColumnName throws up SQLSTATE 42703 error?
  484. Why is SQL stored procedure taking long time to complete?
  485. How long has UDB DB2 Been around?
  486. How to connect to DB2 connect server using Java?
  487. How to get the difference of two column values in db2?
  488. How to pass values from a file to a query in shell script?
  489. Why is configuration assistant empty after Installing DB2 Connect v9.7 on Win 2008?
  490. How to find the primary key of a particular table?
  491. What is the difference between online and offline reorg in DB2?
  492. max(char10) is giving wrong data where column has alphanumeric data
  493. How to import multiple tables in .ixf format to database?
  494. DB2 Query cost on DB2 9.5 on AIX
  495. DB2 v9.5 Trigger Question
  496. How to alter a column from NULL to NOT NULL?
  497. What to check to improve load job performance in DB2
  498. What to check to improve database performance in db2?
  499. what db2 server version does qtp 9.2 supports?
  500. How to load the generated column data into table?
  501. how to find out the last generated key column in db2?
  502. Reorg and then Image Copy
  503. statement and plan "hash value"
  504. How to delete statement by joining two tables?
  505. DB2 client 8.2 and 9.7 in one Windows 2003 machine.
  506. how to store the multiple languages data into table?
  507. What are the effects DB2 partitioning on performance and maintenance?
  508. Can we use For Update Of Clause with Cursor where we are using for 4 tables?
  509. SQL0104N An unexpected token"" was found following"". Expected tokens may:"
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