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  1. how to ensuring MQT freshness
  2. SQL0101N The statement is too long or too complex. SQLSTATE=54001
  3. DB2 UDB LUW full time positions in California
  4. V9 client accessing V7.2 server
  5. SQL27984W - Some information has not been saved (import create mode)
  6. Delete and concurrency problems
  7. DB2 Consultants required at Bangalore
  8. DB2 Consultants required at Bangalore
  9. Need help with dayofweek function
  10. Temp table issue
  11. Temporary table issue
  12. Problem using/naming subquery
  13. Query about DB2 unload
  14. DB2 update using CTE
  15. db2 hash functions
  16. Use of inequality in where clause
  17. query on query plan and MQT
  18. Type 3 driver definitely dead in DB2 V9?
  19. Need help to replace OLAP
  20. Specifying statement delimiter in DB2 Universal JDBC Driver
  21. Can JOIN be used as alternative to NOT EXIST
  22. db2gcf -k, Why is it used?
  23. NEWLOGPATH and folder NODE000
  24. DB2 Host variables - PL/1 locator reference
  25. Best way to create a table
  26. load and generatedoverride
  27. migration of db2
  28. Help with rollforward through most current active logs
  29. DB2 hangs on USEREXIT failure.
  30. Archival logging and USEREXIT BEHAVIOR.
  31. Statistics on temporary tables?
  32. why this 2-column index not used
  33. Enforcing one-to-many relationship in an existing join table
  34. Property for setting codepage or codeset in JDBC
  35. LUW generation 8 -> 9.1 or 9.5 experiences?
  36. Sybase IQ to DB2 for LUW migration helps
  37. Can constraint replace a trigger?
  38. lowering HWM
  39. Unique db id required for n-tier websphere application
  40. DB2 dynamci Query execution ??
  41. Viewing table constraints
  42. db2 design advisor giving error SQL0180N The syntax of stringrepresentation of a datetime value is incorrect
  43. DB2 does not complain(or warn) about data loss
  44. How to form a date value from decimal or smallint values
  45. IDUG North America 2009 - Denver (May 11-15, 2009) - Call for
  46. QUESTION: Task Center job won't complete
  47. Select and Inserting into two different databases
  48. Re: How to fix duplicate SSN without table recreration?
  49. Potential abolition of leap seconds - USNO impact survey
  50. How to learn IBM-DB2
  51. Can we create UDF using View instead of table
  52. host variables in cobol
  53. what is DB2INSTDEF
  54. default timestamp value and performance
  55. DB2 taking a long time to start archiving logs
  56. SQLerror code
  57. Problem in getting the columns name in export command
  58. SQLCACHE_SNAPSHOT function returns no records.
  59. db2ckpwd not running under root
  60. Re: select in a stored procedure call
  61. question: multiple row insert vs. merge
  62. deleting backups with db2adutl and meaning of keep parameter
  63. Generate 'Create database' statement
  64. set write suspend on database takes multiple hours
  65. How calculate date/time difference in DB2
  66. Location Intelligence where to from here?
  67. Join two identically structured views
  68. Sql Stored Procedure
  70. Filter Factors when using Parameter markers?
  71. How to implement insensitive scroll cursor
  72. isolation levels and locks
  73. Array Insert x db2Import
  74. what wrong with my UDF use?
  75. DB2 partial matching in COBOL
  76. How to prevent duplicate insertion without locking the entire table?
  77. DB2 Response File Installation
  78. Exporting large data from QMF to mainframe dataset
  79. read only database
  80. Re: Reg: Owner for Declared Global Temporary tables
  81. FP2 Vista cannot configure default instance
  82. remove DB2 Connect Server ?
  83. Do you know how I can monitor z/os DB2 activity from a unix/windowsmachine?
  84. Problem DB2 9.5 connection to Iseries
  85. DB2 RTCL for linux
  86. Db2 Dba
  88. Create Database with RESTRICTIVE Option
  89. Load syntax help!!!!
  90. Software Problem resolution
  91. Query plan / table partitioning
  92. Strange 911 error
  93. Re: Statements with 2MB size
  94. Large number of reads on sysibm.sysuserauth.
  95. Re: select rows where
  96. soliddb db2 sql conformance?
  97. dumps for db2 certification no 730 and 731
  98. What is DB2 agent ???
  99. How to move tables into different tablespace ?
  100. DPF on 9.5
  101. Scalar sub query in db2
  102. Multible inserts in one Trigger - return code -206
  103. Multiple tables or single table in one tablespace ?
  104. How to get top 1000 rows
  105. Temporary Table
  106. LDAP authentication
  107. problem in creating a db
  108. sysproc.snapshot_tbreorg: What does rergo_status value '4' means ?
  109. Please Help: Insert generating -803 in Trigger
  110. Re: Recursive Data and Stored Procedure in DB2
  111. Runstats / OLTP environment
  112. db2 700 exam
  113. DB2 Best Practices
  114. SQL0101N The statement is too long or too complex.
  115. tablespace queisced after load fail in partioned db
  116. Automate Log shipping
  117. DB2 Migrate to Oracle
  118. How to replaces 1 with corresponding position
  119. Project Management Knowledge Base !
  120. Dynamic SQL
  121. how to get db2 lock waits details
  122. SQL query help
  123. Verify attribute content
  124. Range partition overlap
  125. SQL30081N error while connecting to a DB2 ver. 7.2 Database
  126. connecting servers for playing with HADR
  127. SQL0440 error on delete statement
  128. DB2MOVE
  129. Control Center extension
  130. Removing a newline character from a VARCHAR
  131. Moving tables between tablespaces
  132. Regarding concurrency MERGE x UPDATE
  133. Date function help subtracting dates
  134. recursive query - donot repeat the sub path that has already beendiscovered in the tree
  135. Sybase to DB2 Migration
  136. DB2 Stored Procedure Refresh
  137. DB2 Stored Procedure Refresh
  138. installing db2 connect product on a machine with db2 ese alreadyinstalled
  139. How to access DB2 using DataSource?
  140. Embedded SQL returning uncatchable error - Procedure/Trigger
  141. DB2 on AIX - Authenticate against Active Directory
  142. DB2 UDB Objects Dependent on UDF
  143. Max Lehgth Of A Row In Db2
  144. Db2 loading from Tab delimited Txt file
  145. Database release level
  146. Max Length Of Varchar
  147. How to Write this SQL Statement?
  149. SUM function with conditions (>) or (<)
  150. Can't view tables through Control Center
  151. db2 get snapshot for dynamic sql output question
  152. Problem with Db2 Export Command
  153. matching criteris for a 10-digit number
  154. DB2 backup Valid or Corrupted
  155. DB2 Web Tools - Error code 101
  156. First iteration of stored procedure is slow.
  157. Having problem restoring incremental backup
  158. db2 procedure in solaris
  159. Alternate server for the db2 connect --fail over
  160. DB2 V9.5 FP2 release date
  161. ErrorCode
  162. Re: SQL 2008 published - Highlights
  163. Recursive SQL Question on breaking the infinite loop.
  164. Add a DB2 database partition in different drive
  165. Add a DB2 database partition in different drive
  166. Add a DB2 database partition in different drive
  167. Add on New partition IBM DB2 Database
  168. settign DB2 environment under Windows without using db2cw.bat
  169. Need help on SP with GTT
  170. SOMET_09
  171. PRIQTY and SECQTY
  172. Re: Need help to canvert oracle funciton last in db2
  173. Db2
  174. Difference between automatic and Auto-resize tablespace
  175. SQL 103 - "Numeric literal invalid" on SELECT *, but not SELECT a,b,c
  176. Maximum number of STRIPE SETS in a Tablespace
  177. DB2 EE LOADER
  178. Read Blob field
  179. Yellowfin seeks resellers for BI product
  180. Monitoring DB2 JVM
  181. robust optimisation
  183. Storage required for VARCHAR in V9.5
  184. DB2 page structure
  185. db2 express C and file XML
  186. db2ckpwd uses a lot of memory
  187. IBM DB2 Content Manager eClient v 8.4 configuration fails
  188. Certification in Mind???
  189. More than one second of CPU in one second
  190. clustering index - will your table be arranged by the columns here?
  191. Crash recovery for LUW on Linux
  192. Which are the best R&D websites for DB2 internals?
  194. disable windows db2 user
  195. Error in Stored Procedure (DB21034E)
  196. db2 udb crashed
  197. sql0954
  198. How to safely trim log space
  199. Midnight query chalenge
  200. Can I create unique index on selected records ?
  201. Urgent openings for Informatica with CMML @ PUNE, India...!
  202. Can I use "Get Snapshot" for DB2 on mainframe?
  203. Tablespace containers not accessible
  204. connect Z/OS database from windows
  205. Activate NIS authentication
  206. Problem While loading from Client Database
  207. Parameterizing Schema name
  208. Copying a DB2 database from one server to another
  209. Call to SP in partitioned env. not allowed
  210. DB2 Express-C on Vista/Business
  211. Looking for participants for a 30-minute DB2 survey
  212. Run sql from Dos
  213. Automatic maintenance policy files
  214. conversion from db2 to oracle
  215. Change value in IMPORT
  216. Query size limits
  217. Query size limits
  218. ANy one can plz send me some DB2 V9 (730 exam) dumps
  219. db2 username length 8 characters limit
  220. Function to convert for bit data column / field to INTEGER?
  221. Function to convert for bit data column / field to INTEGER?
  222. How does a SYSIBMADM created
  223. Lock issues in db2
  224. Is there a 'non-mandatory' relationship in DB2 8 for Z/OS?
  225. perl dbi built on DB2 8.2 does not run on 9.1
  226. How to call a stored procedure from a trigger ib DB2 ver 7.x
  227. Newbie question - this is highly unusal
  228. Purging task output
  229. Remote debugging in Java stored procedures
  230. DB2 Live Database Replica for Reports
  231. DB2 UDB for z/OS V8 Sample Programs needed
  232. Connecting to CA-IDMS via JDBC drivers
  233. calling SP from UDF
  234. Paging steadily increasing over time
  235. MQT on a nickname
  236. PL/1 DB2 V8 Table Declaration for a CLOB
  237. PureXML
  238. trouble with C-written application and UDF on 64-bit Windows
  239. remove large number of rows using SQL only
  240. remove large number of rows
  241. Control Center problems
  242. max sequence value --- how?
  243. FETCH into sqlda structure
  244. Treatment of SMALLINT in Java Program
  245. cannot run db2imigr even if LIBPATH set
  246. DB2 Run time client
  247. SSL support for natvie DB2 LUW (non-SQLJ/JDBC)
  248. Preventing First Steps Launch Pad screen
  249. formula to calculate DB monitoring parameters
  250. Finding Tables without any Primary key
  251. What can we do about these non-topic postings to this group?
  252. What can we do about these non-topic postings to this group?
  253. Table in Load Pending state but Terminate command does not work
  254. Cobol cursor and update processing
  255. enable_MQFunctions in DB2 V9.1 x64
  256. How to import database schema back to DB2
  257. spam
  258. how to backup db2v8 in linux os
  259. HADR support for DPF partitions
  260. Why this Stores Procedure is not working - puzzled
  261. Not able to connect to db !
  262. Re: Rewrite LUW query to work on z/OS
  263. I need to check the position of '(' in a string.
  264. mon_heap_sz
  265. hello i need help with torque (java )to setup him to db2
  266. [Test]
  267. Why is DB2 not releasing memory sooner?
  268. Newbie on SQL & Excel
  269. Latest updates in database mangement and many more
  270. Re: How to check SQLCODE in trigger
  271. SQLOGDIR permissions in AIX
  272. spam
  273. spam
  274. TCPIP problem
  275. DB2 Express UDB 9 with db2jcc JDBC driver- Issues with Auto generatedfield
  276. Re: How to avoid 2nd trigger
  277. Any suggestion on how to speed up large batch inserts?
  278. Sql Code = -311
  279. Problem with IN predicate
  280. Re: ADVICE NEEDED: Removing Inner Tie Rod Ends - TWO QUESTIONS
  281. Special register USER
  282. db2exfmt and missing function EXPLAIN_FORMAT_STATS
  283. Offline backup logs
  284. V9 runtime client setup problems
  285. overflowlogpath and hadr
  286. SQL0100W error...while returning result set
  287. UDF Portability?
  288. Calculating Business Days Between two dates...
  289. What's the meaning of IID=0 in output of db2pd command
  290. User-defined aggregate functions and OLAP windowing
  291. Job Opening
  292. about online reorg
  293. How to connect IBM DB2 with JSP?
  294. notify/listen?
  295. Tablespace qualifier in DB2 UDB On Linux/Unix/Windows
  296. Aggregate Concatenation
  297. backup falsely marked as in progress. can i clear this state?
  298. store procedure error
  299. issue for label on table
  300. How to LOAD deleimited data with linefeeds to mainframe DB2
  301. Query exceeds specified time limit or storage limit
  303. DB2 Views
  304. Automate delete archive log !
  305. search image by content
  306. changing the authorization of the tablespace's tables
  307. never-ending LOADs
  308. inserting data into a dependent table
  309. Redirect SELECT results to a file
  310. need help with the trigger
  311. DB2 patches - need historical record of proof
  312. Schema size(Size of all the tables in a schema)
  313. How to invoke db2top in batch mode
  314. Backup Online db2 9.1
  315. Latest updates in database management and SQL server
  316. brothers and sisters must register and send this article to users
  318. Declare result set variable in procedural SQL
  319. DB2 8.2 Workgroup Server Edition limitattions
  320. Sqlcode=-443, Sqlstate=38553 Sysibm:cli:-727
  321. SQL0101N The statement is too long or too complex. SQLSTATE=54001
  322. Timestamps on data records, Documentation on old versions of DB2
  323. privileges on functions
  324. Find a sentence with words separated by multiple spaces
  325. Re: Migrated From v7 => v9 ... and Now Can't Use Semi-Colons inStrings?
  326. library compatibility undefined reference to`__cxa_guard_acquire@CXXABI_1.2.1'
  327. Yellowfin Business Intelligence Release 4.0 Announced to Industry
  328. Temp tablespace - system or user?
  329. TRANSLATE function
  330. SMS TableSpace - Reorg not releasing space.
  331. Multiple fault monitors from different db2 versions
  332. Re: Delphi + Stored Procedure + Locks
  333. Change default TimeZone in DB2 [JDBC]
  334. Export utility is taking long time
  335. Export utility is taking long time
  336. Export utility on a table is taking long time
  337. Runstats error
  338. DB2 Performance tunning
  339. Re: Community's water tower perhaps somewhat in questionable taste
  340. Re: Migrated From v7 => v9 ... and Now Can't Use Semi-Colons inStrings?
  341. Urgent - need help
  342. When does a stored procedure use an MQT
  343. the option CPU_PARALLELISM of LOAD
  344. Re: Question on syscat.keycoluse.colseq
  346. Parallel SQL (forking) in SQL stored procedures
  347. FYI: IM Consumability Survey
  348. Getting group of data for each member of primary key
  349. Question: restore from backup in relative path...
  350. converting DB2 triggers to Oracle
  351. error messages for key constraint violations
  352. Re: Otra vez sin news ( ...
  353. z10 or z9
  354. MQ Functions included in DB2 Workgroup Edition?
  355. FYI: DB2 for LUW Best Practices
  356. Re: Questions to FAILARCHPATH and HADR
  357. Find the latest updates in database management of IBM
  358. CLOB and searching by it
  359. Reorgchk, Reorg, Runstats not having any effect after completion. Why is this?
  360. SQL to find if table has identity and/or row change timestamp columns
  361. DB2 9 runtime client install
  362. import XML file into DB2 table
  363. How can I use shell script to remove specific records from a flat file?
  364. Estimating performance on an OLAP database (virtualization vs. serverinstall)
  365. bind file recovery
  366. How to terminate idle agents?
  367. DB2 query hours difference
  368. Trigger fire a query
  369. DB2v9.5 64-bit does not allow me to chose location of user tablespaces. Why?
  370. Migrated From v7 => v9 ... and Now Can't Use Semi-Colons in Strings?
  371. How to get 'message text' portion of error from SP
  372. Control Center SQL Assist
  373. String comparison in DB2
  374. Getting memory size for an application
  375. Getting rid of nuls
  376. Is it possible to "enable" auto-rollback functionality whiledead-lock occurred on DB2/400?
  377. BACKUP & RUNSTATS running simultaneously
  378. Catalog Service - User interrupt detected
  379. CPU usage in DPF on Windows during massive parallel single rowinserts
  380. db2 load using v9.1 client into a v8.1 fixpak 16 database
  381. Parameter markers in LIKE clause
  382. CTEs in UDFs
  383. Loading Data from SYSCNTL and SYSREC files
  384. What is SQLCODE=-3196?
  385. Oracle Database Training, Practice Tests
  386. Need help w/.ksh script to REORCHK & output Recommended tables to a file
  387. How long does it take to migrate db from 8.2 to 9.1 on LUW
  388. How can I installed DB2TOP on my windows or Linux?
  389. Re: Takers for a Friday SQL puzzle? Timestamps and recursion...
  390. Re: Takers for a Friday SQL puzzle? Timestamps and recursion...
  391. Re: Takers for a Friday SQL puzzle? Timestamps and recursion...
  392. HCL, Aricent, Infosys and many more companies hiring fresh &experienced engineers ,
  393. Database Application Front End
  394. How to get list of database?
  395. Re: Olympialaisia terävänä
  396. db2 client hang - db2osse!ossLockGetConflict
  397. [z/os] Finding location of DB2 specific copybooks
  398. Lock waits during online backup
  399. how to develop embedded SQL program by C language?
  400. Is it possible to develop ODBC program on AIX?
  401. Redirected restore DMS -> SMS (or automatic storage) possible?
  402. How to reset auto generated id in a DB2 table
  403. Re: How to reset auto generated id in a DB2 table
  404. Is replication really transferring data via my desktop PC?
  405. DB2, vim, and dbext
  406. Ask for help from ORACLE board: matching normalized and denormalized tables
  407. DB2 'CASE' puzzle slqerr -811
  408. how to define such a trigger....
  409. DB2 Performance Monitor.
  410. Cross Platform db Restore
  411. Re: How to get stored procedure definition?
  412. Distributed statistics and optimizer
  413. How to get stored procedure definition?
  414. Can someone enlighten me on 'handles'?
  415. .databean.jdbclob from DB2 Control Center
  416. how to create Store procedures without using development center
  417. SMALLINT casting difference on Windows vs AIX
  418. Is there is a way in DB2 to return multiple fields from a single case
  419. DB2 9.5 fixpack 1 stalls when running script
  420. Re: perform date and time arithmetic, represent seconds and dates inDB2
  421. Update, case, and -407
  422. SQL-> RDF or other question about linked data? Win a pass toLinkedData Planet for best question.
  423. Can i drop a cloumn from a table in DB2 for Z/OS
  424. Re: DB2 Query Help
  425. root owns files in db2 instance directory.
  426. Control Center - Activity Monitor Permissons?
  427. DB2 Intelligent Miner - for 64 bit AIX 5L
  428. DROP PACKAGE with hex zeroes
  429. Performance Goals for DBAs
  430. Query from ORACLE board is not working in DB2
  431. stop remote instance
  432. stored procedure or SELECT statement
  433. SQL statement not supported error SQL1042N for MQT defn on a nickname
  434. monitoring backup
  435. Generate Unique Number in DGTT
  436. any warehouse database upgraded to v9.1? or v9.5?
  437. Stored procedure, first run slow
  438. decimal to date
  439. loading in to generated row change timestamp column
  440. LDAP and caching on DB2 9.5
  442. DB2 memory usage help
  443. Reading Arabic data from db2 v8 using db2 wire protool
  444. DB2 UDB Installation on Windows Vista
  445. ho w to see the output of "Message_Text"
  446. DB2 on z/OS different than on LUW ?
  447. move rows from one table to another
  448. Re: Long compilations
  449. Multitable insert in DB2 v8 os no Merge is avilable:
  450. Database Management
  451. TRUNCATE stored procedure
  452. How to fined un-unused indexes on DB2 /ZOS
  453. Re: Long compilations
  454. Plug-In extension for Control Center
  455. V9.5 and SQL1084C
  456. Get Diagnostics
  457. Multi-row insert timestamp error
  458. DB2 contoken split by PLI compiler
  459. Is this is output from EXPLAIN?
  460. Schema on Db2 database installed on Main frame machine zOS.
  461. How to calculate difference between 2 columns excluding nulls
  462. collating sequence
  463. Re: SQL - Unexpected result
  464. Re: SQL - Unexpected result
  465. problem: sum is incorrect (e-10)
  466. Rolling out V8 client using response file
  467. IDENTITY PK-FK corruption of data
  468. Re: DB2 equivalent for ORACLE SQL*Plus BREAK???
  469. Seeking simple after insert example
  470. Re: rollup for DB2 UDB for iSeries ?
  471. Throttle automatic runstats
  473. Symbolic links for containers?
  474. IDENTITY columns as foreign keys
  475. How to replace VALUES IN UNPIVOT QUERY
  476. LIST all available db2 server in my farm lan
  477. size of numeric data
  480. Cannot redirect restore into a different database name.
  481. DB2 Tools, DB2 administration server, transmitRunCmdMessage, probe:30
  482. Subquery decorrelation
  483. Altova v2008r2
  484. Re: Update Statement and frequent commits
  485. Instance choice in JDBC url connection
  486. Archive logs?
  487. about snapshot monitor
  489. Not able to assign select query "WITH UR" CLUSE TO A VARIABLE
  490. ANSI Dynamic SQL syntax in DB2 [789] for z/OS
  491. DataServices World (June 24, New York City) early bird registrationexpires 9 May
  492. Row and Statement based Trigger Question
  493. Re: Looking for SQL statements database
  494. Administration server startup error after installation of DB2 V9.5
  495. Federated database access
  496. Trouble. Please help.
  497. convert a decimal number into character
  498. parameter limit for XML datatype
  499. Shift_JIS to UTF-8 Conversion
  500. db2 connect 4 minut delay after adding partitions
  501. Date function in DB2 V8.1 for Z/OS
  502. Alter Table causes SQL0901N ( SQLSTATE=58004 )
  503. Again against generated columns or (missing) row value constructor inwhere clause
  504. db2 v8
  505. How to add leading zeroes
  506. How to reduce the highwatermark for a DMS tablespace?
  507. Question about tablespace design
  508. db2rbind after runstats?
  509. Deleting ID which owns scheduled tasks...
  510. Extract LOG file from Backup Image created by NCLUDE LOGS
  511. DB2 CONNECT configure and Sysplex support
  512. Determining Table Status?
  513. Best scripting language for DB2 with a java implementation?
  514. Space between characters
  515. Get a COUNT(*) for all tables in a schema?
  516. SYSSH200
  517. Problem using sqlj with type 2 universal driver - Db2, z/Os, v8.2
  518. SQL0437W Performance of this complex query may be sub-optimal. Reason code: "1". SQLSTATE=01602
  519. CLI Trace - Syntax Error
  520. Get "user" tables
  521. express-c and php very slow
  522. connect to db2 9.5 server slow
  523. ROLLFORWARD failed
  524. Dynamic statement cache on LUW
  525. concept behind in db2 software as root with some files as worldexecutable
  526. db2 8.2 base release download
  527. Select privilage on all the tables in a schema.
  528. commit active -- forever
  529. Question about MIN/MAX optimization
  530. Commit Active
  531. safe fallback procedure in windows on version 8 fixpack 14 to backon Verison 8 no fixpack level
  532. What is the optimal average bufferpool read time in a multipartitioon datawarehouse?
  533. Current week job updates-visit
  534. DB2 UDB Warehouse
  535. db2stop and db2start require password in partition env
  536. Re: How do I turn 2 separate select queries into the columns of 1select query
  537. Group privileges and views
  538. Sleep command in db2
  539. can a trigger do an execute immediate?
  540. Moving tables between an iSeries and DB2 for Linux
  541. A simpler truncation function that renders credit card numbersunreadable
  542. Learn querying DB2 system catalog tables -basics
  543. Raise signal with dynamic message_text
  544. Java Architects - Immediate Opening
  545. Query Help
  546. Deadlock due to table level exclusive lock
  547. db2vshelpreg.exe error
  548. Re: heavy inserts and bufferpool
  549. Repost (sort of) of an old problem
  550. store procedure to transpose rows to columns