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  1. Precision errors when aggregating data
  2. Using a SQL Table function in a view ...
  3. SET Integrity Exception Table - How to use
  4. about recovery
  5. Snapshot monitor, SQL statement question
  6. Oracle statspack Vs DB2 ???
  7. qmail SMTP server rejecting DB2 email notifications
  8. Looking for Experiences Running DB2 for OLTP Database (>300GB)
  9. Oracle Net VS DB2 Connect
  10. "Connection is dead" on ODBC insert of decimal into DB2
  11. DB2Connect - JDBC Problem
  12. Linux db2 memory limit
  13. EXPLAIN - Influencing the Optimizer
  14. big difference for the query time cost
  15. Unloading LOBs on DB2 v7.1 on OS/390
  16. Error CLI0129E and use of CLIPKG
  17. DB2 equivalent to Oracle:Trace or SQL Profiler?
  18. certification/validation resp. stability of IBM DB2 UDB for state-of-the-art linux distributions (eg. suse 9.0 professional)
  19. Regarding Online Backup logs
  20. db2-php on linux
  21. Admin API equivalent to "db2 terminate"
  22. Serious DB2 error
  23. SQL1224N A database agent could not be started to service a request
  24. AIXupgrade with Db2/SAP
  25. Severe Problem using JDBC PreparedStatement with IBM DB2 Universal JDBC Driver as Type 4
  26. store binary data in db2
  27. SQL30020N return code 1245 when accessing db2 VM db via .asp
  28. DB2 DASD Storage (MVS)
  29. 64GB limit for 4k page sized tablespace
  30. Trial & beta version limitations?
  31. Does this newsgroup also cover DB2E?
  32. DB2 physical layout - comments needed
  33. Express edition and Novell
  34. drop tablespace in 390
  35. OLEDB and Dates and Timestamps
  36. Upgrade for DB2 7.2 Workgroup edition?
  37. UDB Logging Strategy ?
  38. SQL7032N Store Procedure is not created
  39. Security implications of using set current sqlid
  40. character-based Windows DB2 interface? Recommendations?
  41. Using single processor license on multiprocessor machine
  42. Restore of tablespace
  43. sms tablespace: decrease Size
  44. How does DB2's estimate size tool calculate avg row size when the table is empty?
  45. "USE" statement in AS/400 DB2 SQL
  46. "USE" statement in AS/400 DB2 SQL
  47. Does changing computer name impact WAS ?
  48. Can't get stock Mandrake 9.2 PHP to connect
  49. Parallel tasks during DB2 for Z/OS Copy
  50. LOB SMS file segment allocation increases exponential means more fragmentation?
  51. DB2 Database Uptime
  52. DBCS enabling in DB2
  53. EXT3 as problemsaver
  54. DB2/UDB 7.2EE , db2 admin user db2xy1 password change timing under AIX
  55. When $INSTHOME/sqllib is created and populated?
  57. Authentication at Instance Vs Authentication at Database
  58. Simple FORCE APPLICATION question....
  59. Help with DB2 Client for Linux
  60. Row Number or subset of select.
  61. Maximum number of connections per user
  62. Restore Error - SQL1035N The database is currently in use
  63. Error in db2diag.log V8.1 FP4
  64. Too many items in IN clause?
  65. Identity OR sequence which is better
  66. Database backup in V8
  67. UDB 7.2, LDAP and ODBC Data Sources on Client
  68. page was victimized
  69. Cannot run scripts from Script Center
  70. Missing Summary tables after Restore
  71. Issues with LEFT JOIN through ODBC iclient Access
  72. Error using autoloader config file in V8
  73. DB2 Command Question
  74. Intra-parallelism Parameters
  75. Passing a java array in to a DB2 stored procedure
  76. DB2 FP4, BackupCompression
  77. DB2/UDB 8.1 (64bit) restore to DB2/UDB 7.2EE (64 bit) under AIX
  78. UDB Query
  79. Getting Offset error
  80. db2mtrk
  81. Error running db2 utilities on ZOS
  82. referred more than once in access plan means?
  83. Index on CHAR(N) FOR BIT DATA?
  84. db2 db2wa.war deployment on websphere.
  85. Better index access = worse performance??
  86. unable to get result data using php
  87. FP backout
  88. views and db2look
  89. DB2 capabilities
  91. How to check Application Client installed or not in Solaris?
  92. Can not uninstall DB2 V8.1 FP4 under Windows 2003 Server.
  93. Windows query tool for DB2/400
  94. Unable to allocate new pages in table space
  95. DB2 Stored Procedure in REXX
  96. Updating columns w/ same value - will DB2 optimize for me?
  97. Upgrade DB2 v7 -> v8 and new server h/w. Best approach?
  98. UDB 8.1.4 & VB6/ADO
  99. Equivalent of VARRAYs in DB2
  100. SQL5035N The database requires migration to the current release.
  101. Where can i find Natural for DB2 programmer guide?
  102. Problem with db2mscs
  103. Does anyone use database modeling software?
  104. Unable to See"Sample Contents" of a Table
  105. Pseudo Check Constraint
  106. yipeee!
  107. RI violation. Has somebody ever seen this?
  108. Migrating from MsSQL to DB2/400
  109. RAID5 and tablespaces
  110. importing data from customer workstation
  111. Health Monitor
  112. How to set default schema name?
  113. Intermittent Beep
  114. Problem with locks
  115. Failure while installing Event Database. TEC 3.9
  116. Exporting large tables with a lob column
  117. Union in Views: No Branch Elimination because predicate with NonCor-Subselect ?
  118. Need help with error: The specified driver could not be loaded!
  119. Which tablespce is used when running ALTER TABLE & CREATE INDEX
  120. v8.1 fp2 application server for DB2. Where is it?
  121. How to list tables in order (parent & child relationship)
  122. DB2 Archive Log from Tape to DASD
  123. Create server error ...
  124. Did you know... that IBM's DB2 websites are now "googled"?
  125. checksum question
  126. DB2 suddenly become unable to NIS authenticate?
  127. how UDB reuse the Secondary Log Files
  128. Using GROUP BY and MAX() to ignore NULL ?
  129. Migrating from Solaris to Linux
  130. Recovery after Crash
  132. DIA7523E, Error in Generator?
  133. SQL1092N "" does not have the authority to perform the requested command.
  134. Communication error SQL30081N ?
  135. Import vs Insert into with select
  136. Why no unsigned integers in DB2?
  137. FP4a 32 bit Aix compatibility question
  138. transaction log
  139. Clearification of 32 and / or 64 DB2/UDB 8.X backup restore under AIX 4.3 and AIX5.2
  140. How to determine field length in an unicode database
  141. db2 export - how to make it faster
  142. How to trim leading zeroes when converting decimal() to char()
  143. Uninstalling IBM Distributed Debugger?
  144. Reference books - DB2 C/C++ App development
  145. DB2 8.1 AIX Client Installation Problems
  146. dxxShredXML limitations, dimension limitation?
  147. UNIX UDB V 7 - In db2diag.log interpreting Obj={pool:1;obj:2;type:128}
  148. LDAP to populate SQL 2000/Active Directory
  149. convert rows to columns
  150. Administrating configuration data on clients
  151. backspace and delete button in command center
  152. "SQL1035N No database manager SQL1035N No database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019
  153. Kinds of drivers for connecting to DB2 on os390
  154. Does os390 db2 version 7.1.1 support olap function
  155. jdbc driver for os390 db2 version 7.1.1
  156. Db2 version 8 on os390
  157. pagination
  158. export from DB2/390 as del
  159. DB2 and File Replication
  160. different tablespace containers has same bad index page error
  161. Relative Performance between SQL Procedures & SQL Functions
  162. Problem when migrating DB from v7 to v8
  163. Defragging removed Data Warehouse Center services ??
  164. Websphere DB2 Connection problem
  165. Data modelling tool for UDB 8.1
  166. error from db2dart
  167. error from db2dart
  168. novice question about password
  169. inspection result from db2dart
  170. using smtp on DB2 V8 for windows XP
  171. Slow Trigger
  172. sql can't execute on different condition
  173. How to find the C compiler
  174. help on error from db2diag.log
  175. extract from db2diag.log
  176. listing user created stored procedures
  177. ado updatebatch problem
  178. W2K did not restart DB2 service as specified in the 'Recovery' properties setting
  179. Do you have to always specify schema when using db2 CLP?
  180. replication troubles
  181. SPUFI
  182. how to validate the RETURN CODE in db2_all
  183. the size of db backup image
  184. test
  185. 1
  186. Problems debugging Java Stored Procedures in V7.2 FP9 (WinXP)
  187. Log Mirroring + User Exit AIX
  188. accessing databases
  189. Catalog DB Problem in 7.2
  190. No answer for your problem ?
  191. Case INsensitivity for string comparisons
  192. Control Center - current query opt error
  193. SET CURRENT SCHEMA in a Trigger or Procedure
  194. Please Recommend Books
  195. Backup - without getting an SQL0290N ?
  196. Finding % of used space in container
  197. Control Statements in Command Center
  198. SQL - Update stmt
  199. DB2 server & fixpack installation step
  200. Java Stored Procedures in DB2 V7.2
  202. DB2 Cluster with Peoplesoft
  203. ICM question for searching
  204. stored procedures developers guide
  205. db2 and lotus notes
  206. IDS to DB2 conversion
  207. callerac value or response in REDIRECTED restore
  208. How to find indexes working on a temporary table in UDB AIX.(UDB 8.1)
  209. Server buyers database
  210. Redirected restore, when only Instance is created & cataloged
  211. Count(*)
  212. yo
  213. db2 recepies
  214. Peoplesoft on Federated UDB?
  215. What is the best way for storing lengths in a database?
  216. db2 event log
  217. db2 connect
  218. Rollforward recovery...another question...
  219. Invalid Handle
  220. Remove import file after load
  221. Unable to create test DB2 database
  222. Windows & DB2 - need administrative access?
  223. Change SQL Terminator for SPUFI
  224. Binding after Fixpack Installation
  225. Remote User Defined Functions
  226. Inserting Multiple DATE values into a column.
  227. Problem creating raw container on RedHat
  228. rebind after DB2 client upgrade
  229. Replication
  230. Problems creating a task in DB2
  231. Using common table expressions - in line views
  232. SQL Joins and Cost
  233. Converting from unix timestamp format into db2 timestamp format
  234. Catalog system/database from DB2v8.1 to DB2v7.2 using CCA
  235. SQL1220N The database manager shared memory set cannot be allocated.
  236. column wise array insert hangs !
  237. select on table T1 while importing into table T1
  238. BackUp and Recovery for DB2
  239. Calculating Business Days
  240. SQLERROR -204
  241. Tablespace Design
  242. Max container file size for W2K
  243. Tables without indexes
  244. Trigger to create flat file for new row in table
  245. db2 connect problem
  246. select * from table AND navigation
  247. select * from table AND navigation
  248. text extenders error can't find indexes
  249. Tablespace conteiner I/O statistics
  250. db2 for educational use
  251. Compile-link options for DB2 V8
  252. Scheduling a Task
  253. Problems Converting T-SQL code to SQL PL
  254. rank(), denseRank() etc...
  255. getPrimaryKey on Db2
  256. Java procedure and the "alter sequence" statement
  257. different chr(0) handling in v7.2 and v8?
  258. Export an ixf file to ASCII
  260. SQLZ_DISCONNECT_PROC in V8 FP4 Stored Procedure
  261. ADO performance problems
  262. question on embedding literals in load statements
  263. add dbpartitionnum
  264. Distributed Database for OLTP?
  265. Log write batch performance problem DB2 V8 for AIX
  266. Cobol Stored Procedures in DB2 on Windows
  267. DB restore
  268. resources for preparing db2 interview
  269. is there something similar to Oracl'es metalink for DB2
  270. db2relocatedb trouble
  271. learning mainframe db2 without mainframe
  272. Enabling INTRA_PARALLEL config - does it help?
  273. FixPak Disk Space
  274. C stored Proc problem on AIX
  275. internal db2 rc
  276. Logistics of DB2 Administration Certification
  277. Identity column
  278. XML Extender
  279. Starting DB2 Universal 8.1
  280. User IDs with special Characters
  281. storing in mixed case
  282. How to connect the DB with user created manually?
  283. Used Space for Tablespaces ESE/DPF
  284. DB2 Version 5 - Module DSAA not found error - Please help
  285. Rollforward recovery algorithm...
  286. Works in one environment, not in the other
  287. Need Help Converting MS SQL Server Stored Procedures to DB2
  288. List sequences?
  289. Counting connections per user using sql
  290. Unable to restore a v7.02 saved database into v8.1
  291. DB2 EEE autoload fails due to insufficient storage (SQL3011C)
  292. Multiple queries in a single SQL string
  293. Documentation CD for V8 ???
  294. DB2 Configuration Advisor issue
  295. DB2 Data Provider for .NET
  296. IMPORT'ing XML
  297. SQLprocedures() API performance on UDB 8.1
  298. SQL1131N with INSTALL_JAR on DB2 7.2 FP11
  299. PHP, DB2, iSeries, PASE, binary field question
  300. Loading data and keep available
  301. Bug: SQLGetDiagRec returns SQL_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO
  302. Invalid fullselect specified for MQT, more info available?
  303. DB2 UDB Admin tools
  304. "RenameArray: add unarchived log" and "Common - OSSe - OSSHIPCSemaphore ... Time out" in db2diag.log
  305. Create partitions on FOR BIT DATA column: how to?
  306. How to create a db2 subsystem and then databases for DB2 V7 for OS/390 ZOS
  307. V7 data transfer/load into V8 databases
  308. DB2 install problem
  309. Sybase to UDB conversion
  310. DB2 SNMP Support on V8
  311. Multiple DAS server on the same machine
  312. how to find out this ..?
  313. CTE0190 Executable program "cteadmsv" could not be started
  314. Problem with Fault Monitor Coordinator
  315. Experience witch CLOB ( and COBOL )
  316. DB2/zOS: when VARY WLM,APPLENV=name,REFRESH
  317. How full is my Tablespace Container?
  318. Standard scripts for basic montoring of db2
  319. parallel strategies within db2 udb ?
  320. DB2 UDB 8.1.2 client: problem with SQLGetFunctions
  321. Method which acceses a reference to another object
  323. How can I kill a pending job ?
  324. Beta testers wanted for new "blueshell Data Guy Professional"
  325. Performance improvement for Stored Proc resolution
  326. Problem with installation of DB2 UDB ESE on Solaris2.8
  327. datalink in DB2
  328. db2xml.update problem
  329. Backup using prefetch size for reading.
  330. V8 migration - Control Center errors
  331. Create v8 FP4 DB from v7.2 FP4 bkup
  332. Problem with ResultsetMetaData with DB2 universal jdbc driver(Type4)
  333. delete child table rows based on predicates in a parent table
  334. Memory lack
  335. Deadlock or timeout on executeBatch()
  336. twophase-commit via gateway to host-db
  337. Bug in calculating ISIZE for REORGCHK on indexes??
  338. CLI call SQLTables and RTRIM
  339. Trigger and nickname
  340. ODBC Connection
  341. DB2 Migration from 7.2 to 8.1
  342. DB2 UDF calling external application
  343. SQL Stored Procedure Question
  344. SYSMON
  345. Installing DB/2 8.1 on RedHat Advanced Server Version 3
  346. Performance of SQLProcedureColumns() API in UDB 8.1 ?
  347. How to speed up database scripts
  348. Dynamic SQL in table SQL UDFs
  349. Configuration Advisor
  350. Memory and bufferpool issues
  351. What ARE these HFS datasets for? (Os/390)
  352. aps_general_service
  353. No results in command center
  354. No Call in UDF, what other options?
  355. BLOB in Table
  356. DB2 book suggestions
  357. BETWEEN operation on TIMESTAMP fileds
  358. How to get catalog information ?
  359. kocham was niedorajdy
  360. DML Transaction List
  361. DB2 Security
  362. installing UDB v7 local Administrative authority error
  363. Call Java Stored Procedure fail after Migrate DB2 V7 to V8
  364. DB2 8.1 PE Installation on WinXP -- Invalid User Authority
  365. sysibm.sqlprocedures performance on UDB8.1 (Solaris)
  366. Is there a way DSNZPARM using db2 trace's - DB2 on OS/390 zOS
  367. Connecting to database
  368. VB.Net (OLE) Stored Procedure problem
  369. DARI memory utilisation
  370. Historic data on index utilisation?
  371. DB2 Windows Client
  372. Control Center on Linux
  373. DB2 UDB 8.1 for Windows installation questions
  374. Sample UDF "Counter" -471
  375. Strange JDBC error when retrieving data
  376. DB2/zOS: Recreate DBRMs from remote bounded packages
  377. CPF5257
  378. is there a recover "db2 subsystem" command in DB2 for OS/390 ..?
  379. db2diag.log error : sqm.sqlm_log_ev_err
  380. Which gain better performance : multiple columns or use SQL built-in function?
  381. Equivalent of Oracle "@" in db2
  382. using Admin API from within Java
  383. Are people using db2 on Windows?
  384. db2 hangs when connecting with jdbc
  385. Delphi + IBM DB2 UDB (under MS Win 32) with Ado
  386. Bufferpool access on insert
  387. DMS vs. SMS on RAID 5
  388. Error establishing simultaneous DB connections in UDB 8.1.
  389. Net Search
  390. is it possible to pass 2 SQL statements in a single call ?
  391. external scheduling in datawarehouse center
  392. problems creating a simple stored procedure in DB2
  393. How to decrease primary log space usage during restore?
  395. indexing documents with datalink datatype
  396. [V7] Problem with memory ?
  397. Possible to update a file for all w2k servers via script?
  398. db2 api sqlesetc() not connecting to catalog node
  399. Version Control
  400. parsing a comma-separatinf list
  401. db2 full-incremental-delta restore/recovery question
  402. SQL Stored Procedure
  403. DB2 UDB 8.1 on HP-UX 11i installation problem resolved
  404. db2javit.dll error starting Control Center (or any GUI app) with DB2 8.1 on Windows
  405. More than 254 chars in text DB2 client
  406. jdbc-error from linux udb81.4-client to windows udb 8.1.4 server
  407. No nicknames shown in control center V8.1.4
  408. What means SBDB?
  409. Diag.log. data protection sqlpghck
  410. v8.1.4 new features
  411. Archived log path directory
  412. Unable to load data that has * value
  413. UDB 8.1.4 and MS DB2OLEDB driver
  414. db2connect to connect Windows client to a DB2 database on Unix platform ?
  415. Can a COBOL batch program CALL to COBOL batch db2 program?
  416. Strange 'cnv' ?
  417. CPU usage of DB2_USE_ALTERNATE_PAGE_CLEANING setting in V8.1.4
  418. DB2 SQL Statement Optimization
  419. DB2 on Mac OSX ?
  420. Drop and Create alias statements took a long time (7.2 FP7, AIX)
  421. Double datatype value display in select statament
  422. CASE problem
  423. ODBC drivers, .NET providers, OLE DB providers, JDBC drivers: updated lists
  424. newbe question: convert codepage
  425. DB2 OLAP vs Hyperion Essbase (version, package)
  426. Update 'db cfg' to all servers via script
  427. Table statistics
  428. Web Tools
  429. one server, two version, instances with different vision-- is this possible
  430. SQL0501N during import
  431. How to change the isolation level of a database alias
  432. data space missing in user defined tablespace
  433. -805 Error
  434. SQL PATH?
  435. Redirected Restore of DB With Stored Procedures
  437. SQL0805N
  438. Windows installer error when installing fixpak 4
  439. Function "1"
  440. data space missing in user defined tablespace
  441. -805 Error
  442. SQL PATH?
  443. Redirected Restore of DB With Stored Procedures
  445. SQL0805N
  446. Windows installer error when installing fixpak 4
  447. Function "1"
  448. about replicated summary table on two base tables
  449. What means this db2diag.log?
  450. Control center problem with remote accees from terminalserver
  451. Allow DB2 acces through db2connect only from delimited clients
  452. Where is DB2_BDINFO ?
  453. Problem with stored procedure
  454. how to create additional instance in different diretory----Help
  455. How could the optimizer choose to use the MQT
  456. Auto updating field created from the value of an IDENTITY field
  457. Exporting Records from AS400 file to an ASCII delimited file
  459. sql0444
  460. bufferpool
  461. DTS from SQL Server to DB2
  462. V7 client and V8 client on same machine
  463. Retrieve and display unicode data using ADO and DB2 V7.2
  464. Message: data protection sqlpghck
  465. Can system catalog tables be pruned?
  466. drop schema problems
  467. INCLUDE in index
  469. cataloging database after unistalling -> installing db2
  470. SQL1651N exporting to/from db2 v8.1
  471. Message : DIA8309C Log file was full.
  472. problem while creating sample database
  473. Stop DB2 instance
  474. db2mtrk and instance crash
  475. Restore..why?
  476. LogPrimary
  477. Overflowlogpath
  478. 8.1 win and non-java command center (db2cctr)
  479. SQLForeignKeys ODBC call
  480. db2 resources on linux
  481. Suggestions for the DB2 Information Center
  482. copying logs then roll forward problems
  483. erwin and Db2 version 8
  484. [Google] DB2 query
  485. Good and up-to-date book on DB2
  486. DSNZPARM - New Bie's Quiestion
  487. db2 connect migration from v6 to v8
  488. Development Center
  489. Pattern to ensure executing ONLY required SQL statements ?
  490. ISERIES driver for AS400 return erroneous data for NULL Values
  491. DB2 Performance Issue
  492. Problem in V8 : db2 ? command
  493. Date roll over functionality
  494. DB2 major migration from V7 to V8
  495. Agent not allocated, sqlcode = -1223
  496. (no subject)
  497. US-IL-Springfield: DB2 DBA, 3-6 mo., analyze DB performance with native tools, Jan. start
  498. call db2dari proc pb on V8.1 FP4
  499. IBM looking for Feedback on Installation and Packaging - DB2 andWebsphere
  500. Creating a SP using the control manager
  501. data from several rows in one field
  502. db2 crash
  503. List or Force Applications by Auth ID
  504. Trigger Advice ? - Thnx
  505. How can I create groups?
  506. SQL Stored procedures
  507. SOAP-Interface for DB2
  508. test
  509. any community for db2 certified people
  510. DB2 multiple trigger activation order for column UPDATEs
  511. DB2 on As400 ADO.NET compatibality
  512. DB2 on As400 ADO.NET compatibality
  513. nonequijoin
  514. MVS DB2 tables - connecting with PC
  515. execute DB2 VSE operator commands from user program
  516. DBI1222W error when migrate the instance from 5.2 to 7.2
  517. Inserting CLOB data to OS/390 DB2 6.1
  518. SQL Stored Procs
  519. Advice sought on best way to get data into a Linux db2 8.1.4 database
  520. ESQLC --- Function Parameters as Host Variables
  521. UDB Commands
  522. Local or remote instances.
  523. 2nd CFV: comp.databases.etl
  524. proper way to shutdown db2
  525. Binding after FixPack installation?
  526. Problems when binding DBConnect against OS/390
  527. DB2 8.1.4 I/O Performance
  528. Problem with DB2 field type CHAR(n) FOR BIT DATA
  529. IMS database migration
  530. db2 language
  531. DB2Driver; rollback closing resultsets
  532. How to remove constraint
  533. DB2 Cube Views
  534. DB2 8.3.1 on RedHatLinux AS2.1 problems
  536. DATE function problems
  537. Moving SQLJ Stored Procedures
  538. Turn On/Off Foreign Key Constraints?
  539. db2batch from windows client: SQL1427N An instance attachment does not exist
  540. Date parameter as a criteria for data in db2 accessed from msquery returns error
  541. DB2-SQL questions (grant...)
  542. Calling Stored Procedures
  543. translation error on windows services ?
  544. DB2 connect - user id question
  545. Backups for e commerce site
  546. Resolve Error for SMCODE: -28 relative to DBA4730E
  547. shared memory - can't backup
  548. DB2 SELECT COUNT(*) problem
  549. Memory hogging after restore with a warning
  550. Where can I download the DB2 V7.x personal edition?