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  1. DB2 Configuration won't open
  2. can i create a index using substric in DB2 9 ?
  3. Lock table but remaining lock escalation
  4. How toI change this time duration 1.80 into this 2.20
  5. How can i tell if restore is actually running?
  6. Does PL/I work on DB2 v8?
  7. Write a stored procedure with a table name as an argument to insert data into table
  8. 'hash index' in DB2 V10.
  9. Question with Automatic client reroute HADR
  10. priviledges in db2
  11. How to pass a shell variable to a .sql file
  12. Why is the database size is larger than the server disk space?
  13. How to Create table using like but with modifications?
  14. How to concatenate 3 fields in a where statement see attach
  15. Compare 2 identical tables script
  16. on IMPORT SQL0437W Performance of this complex query may be sub-optimal
  17. Server Crash - Application
  18. Querry using Catalog information..
  19. Tablespace design for range partitioning tables in DB2 LUW
  20. Comparision of 2 identical tables
  21. What type of query will return the correct results?
  22. How to declare timestamp variable with default as current timestamp not working.
  23. how can import data acces to db2 in development center
  24. How to view a CLOB Output parameter returned from a procedure in DB2 control Center?
  25. Slow running sql stored procedure
  26. Hy everybody, i'm getting a error:
  27. DB2 z/o query performance?
  28. Sql0104n ... Sqlstate=42601
  29. Union All causing headache
  30. using dynamic SQL in a function
  31. How to downgrade db2 9.5 to 8.2
  32. I am interested in an answer to a RACF Group issue with an Authid
  33. how to identify the all the dbpartitions up and running?
  34. DB2 tablespace storage
  35. how to get all table names from db2 database schema
  36. how to restore Cognos 8 Sample DB2 tables
  37. I need to expand a field in a db2 table, must I write a conversion program???
  38. Use RID in DB2 z/OS V8.1 to find a row
  39. Is there any recomendation on how much the underlying FS be free for DMS containers?
  40. System: DB2 luw (unix) v9.5 fp4 - Q-Replication & inplace REORG
  41. problem solved: error occurred while initializing the Profile Registry
  42. z/OS DB2 Runstats Utility v8
  43. i have error SQL Exception in DB2
  44. DB2... stored procedures?
  45. what is difference between dbms and rdbms?
  46. A query on SELECT statement in DB2
  47. executes cobol program calling another cobol db2 program
  48. How to excecute a .sql file from db2cmd
  49. Round off the sacle of decimals in db2
  50. Can we move the spaces in the integer column.
  51. How do I find the table dependency information for stored procedures in db2
  52. Closing a .Net OleDB Reader is taking 250ms on DB2
  53. Loading CSV file into DB2
  54. db2 activate database results in 1226 - Overflow agent is not allowed
  55. How to replace '0'
  56. How to drop/find depencies of a user defined function in DB2?
  57. Using recursive CTE in stored proc?
  58. Having multiple databases in my environment...need to start stop every week
  59. To start and stop multiple databases in db2
  60. how can i select one row out of duplicates in a table.
  61. DB2 Triggers
  62. Problem in installation
  63. Connecting servlet program with db2 gives an error
  64. how to update/delete a row with DB2 within the same table
  65. What about "match simple" instruction?
  66. How to get column information from db logs
  67. DB2 Query Patroller failed
  68. does CTE use or create temp tablespace?
  69. How do you join rar files?
  70. Hello all, I am getting a syntax error (see below) while creating a stored
  71. To import bulk data in databse in db2
  72. When retrieving the data from DB2 through Excel do we need to catalog the databases
  73. How to see the collected statistics on declared global temporary table ?
  74. Can we truncate a table data using UDF?
  75. Check-pending status in DB2
  76. Having requirement to fetch record number 500 to 1000 from a table
  77. does alter table add column affect performance
  78. unable to create server for remote data source
  79. How to solve a DB2 Mainframe database connectivity issue?
  80. HADR- NEtwork failure server reboot
  81. DB2 data from AIX to Windows
  82. Calling a DB2 stored procedure from a trigger
  83. DB2 upgrade 9.1 to 9.7
  84. SQL1024N. A database connection does not exists. sqlstate08003
  85. dsn1copy
  86. What is the best practice for storing data in multiple time zones?
  87. How to select a huge table in a readable format?
  88. help required on IMPORT Command
  89. How to prevent the insertion of duplicate entries in DB2 tables.
  90. How to grant SYSADM privileges to user db2admin ?
  91. Connect drupal-DB2
  92. Error when trying to replace one sub-query
  93. DB2 Bind Variables used in queries
  94. is select statement considered as a transaction ?
  95. How to change ? to -?
  96. db2 :insert xml clolumn failed, HELP!
  97. How to create db2 Database programmatically in
  98. DB2 9.5 fix 4 - slow call of procedures ( SYSPROC.ADMIN_CMD, ADMIN_GET_MSGS ... )
  99. Auto Update a table
  100. Create DB2 Database When Application Runs First Time Development in
  101. db2 9.4 fix 4, delay between call of procedure inside of a procedure?
  102. Inserts and deletes occasinally out of order when read using db2ReadLog API.
  103. back up DB2 use TSM
  104. DB2 Database Creation. At Application Startup Time
  105. DB2 Database Creation. At Application Startup Time
  106. How to kill a CICS thread after a online program Abend
  107. database technique
  108. DB2 Text Search, Update Index fails
  109. [DB2] SQLWarning chain holds value that is not a SQLWarning
  110. Temporary tablespace managed by database
  111. Need to find when the customers next vehicle purchase occured in less than 1 yr
  112. DB2 Client on Solaris fails to connect to DB2 Server on Linux
  113. Creating function in Db2 (version 8) on mainframe
  114. Concatenation in case of case expression
  115. Troubles with 16 level nested stored procedure
  116. db2audit command z/os db2 8.2
  117. ALTOBJ (sql-stmt parameter size)
  118. SQLERRMC empty on bind error
  119. how to read exported files?
  120. Data Base Replication Product and problem acessing data bases
  121. How to create table in db2?
  122. Sql storedprocedure return no error code
  123. Error CPD3E34 DDM TCP/IP communications error occurred on recv() MSG_PEEK
  124. Code level Mismatch
  125. DB2 UDB 9.5 FP2a is not using the best index
  126. creation of 32 bit instance on 64 bit System DB2udb v9.5
  127. Find DB2 job name from system tables in DB2 database
  128. Using a Stored Procedure to Update data on AS400 DB2 database from VB.NET application
  129. Returning max summarized amounts
  130. Import specific colums
  131. Attempting to simplify a complicated SQL statement with CASE expression
  132. DB2 HADR creation get failed
  133. Using returned results from a stored procedure
  134. Manual bufferpool flush
  135. Execute a DB2 command from JAVA.
  136. Querry Execution time
  137. Db2 stored procedure fetch multiple rows
  138. Last Mon to Sun
  139. Group / max
  140. Split function in DB2 Version 5 Release 4
  141. db2diag.log doesn't capture deadlock
  142. Multiple condition trigger
  143. Identifying through many columns
  144. Wildcards in DB2 SQL
  145. Java application against Oracle to DB2 migrated Databases
  146. How can I find time/timestamp of instance creation on DB2 LUW?
  147. DB2 via Clist
  148. Db2 error SQL0901N SQLSTATE=58004 : Reason "Sdir len bad: 1542!=1520+14"
  149. Query to Search Data
  150. Error SQL0206N
  151. Compare DB2 source db and target db after replication/HADR
  152. Running Sql script from DB2CMD
  153. Connecting to DB2 database on remote server (UNIX)
  154. DB2 UDB, base sys utilities, sqleStartStopSingleNode, probe:1130 in db2diag.log
  155. Migrating from AIX DB2 V.8.1 FP 13 to WINDOWS DB2 V8.1 FP 9
  156. What are the pre-requisites to install IBM db2connect Version 9.5 FP2
  157. db2move from DB2 AIX to Windows
  158. How to pass a variable as a parameter to DB2 database from shell script
  159. DB2 trigger error
  160. snapshot_statement stmt_text unicode problem
  161. DB2 9.7 High response time on 50 concurrent users
  162. 32 to 64 bit in HADR env
  163. Select only a portion of the resulting rows
  164. DB2 Populate Date Dimension proc
  165. substring command not taking $ symbol in string
  166. Create db2 table directly by importing flat file without prior db2 table existing
  167. Getting Error sql0338n
  168. How to get the stored procedure information?
  169. hw to get the stored procedure information?
  170. Db2cmd error
  171. MQT with MQT
  172. Performance Problem with Order by Clause in DB2
  173. BAckup online with include logs fails !!!
  174. How to write a stored procedure?
  175. locks, transactions and stored procedures
  176. Return union result in one row?
  177. SQL1336N and DB2 CONNECTIVITY PROBLEM. What am I doing wrong?
  178. Journals in DB2 Server Edition???
  179. Migrate DB2 database from Solaris to Red Hat Linux
  180. How to calculate size of partition in DB2
  181. MQT in DB2 V9.1
  182. Problem in fetching procedure text
  183. Problem with cursors
  184. what is bufferpool in db2?
  185. Urgent - DB2 Function
  186. i am getting error of SQL0811N in db2 stored procedure. please help its urgent!!!
  188. db2 user account deleted accidentally
  189. Using LIKE to compare input to column
  190. how to load a Db2 table from a compressed file which is an discarded output of REORG
  191. error in Stored procedure while using cursor
  192. A long string as a Input parameter in procedure
  193. List of ALTER Commands which needs REORG to be issued
  194. Improving a SQL statement
  195. Data export from db2
  196. How to connect db2 to java
  197. Sort table names by foreign key dependencies in a schema/Database
  198. From Oracle to db2 Federation - db2 "crash"
  199. Problems querying tables in federated database
  200. How to insert X rows into a table from a Select clause?
  201. Difference in record counts
  202. DB2 cast issue in UPDATE with parameter marker
  203. -802 error for count(*) query for a DB2 table
  204. Viewing the SQL behind a View in 9.5
  205. Database exception while running a batch program on Db2 V8.
  206. Which function has TOTAL equivalent to Oracle's TO_CHAR?
  207. Connecting to DB2 v7.1 from .NET ?
  208. Updating only the year in a date
  209. Alter an index in DB2
  210. Compare multiple result sets
  211. How to connect from DB2 V7.1 to DB2 V9.5 ?
  212. How can i store the value returned by sql statement in a variable.
  213. Merging Two Triggers
  214. How to have multiple statements in one query using iDB2Command in .Net
  215. Migrating database from DB2 V8.1 to 8.2
  216. db2 index reorg status monitoring
  217. Db2 9.5 behaviour in Solaris 10
  218. Questions with Archival logging for HADR Setup
  219. Few Questions with HADR - 1
  220. how to detect unavailable tables?
  221. Fetch command in cursor is very slow....
  222. Struggling with db2 and ASP app -- Calling a stored procedure
  223. db2 v9.1 UDF in C, Windows platform
  224. The command contains illegal characters or keywords (It does?)
  225. Both my application and reorg is slow...
  226. No one can answer this question
  227. convert 'Apr 19 20:00:03 CDT 2009' string to date
  228. Problem with Update Query in db2 9.5
  229. Connecting to Mainframes DB using a .NET interface
  230. Web Form to Database
  231. Set Null Using Java
  232. DB2 V9.5 Tablespace -pages missing and Total pg's not equal to useable pg's
  233. db2move issue with as400 iSeries library
  234. Incorrect "union all" results
  235. 2 linked inserts in one statement
  236. DB2 table design and performance considerations
  237. Difference Between DB2 zOS and DB2 UDB
  238. DB2 integer to Varchar autoconversion in Update
  239. How to Transmission of Large data accros network?
  240. Help required on using FILTER USING in CREATE FUNCTION
  241. Loading tables from USS on Z/OS
  242. DB2 on delete cascade is not working
  243. Single Tablespace or Separate Tablespaces
  244. retrieve all table names from DB2
  245. Stored procedure, function, very dynamic SQL and casting
  246. problem with db2 installation
  247. Trigger Problem
  248. Migrate db2 express to iseries
  249. db2 cross platform restore
  250. DB2 Join result columns are unnamed due to different column names used in subqueries
  251. Calling a UDF
  252. Row Locking
  253. How can we convert SMS tablespace to DMS Tablespace (Automatic Storage)
  254. help: a speech interface for information retrieval using a .db2 file
  255. same fenced user for different instances with different versions of db2
  256. Larger DB2 spaces
  257. remove newline character from field in exported table
  258. Syscat.triggers valid column
  259. DB2 Cpu Usage
  260. DB2 TableSpace Usage Actual Size vx Allocated Size
  261. Asyncronously accesss data using JDBC from DB2 database
  262. sending alerts to users
  263. Get diagnostics
  264. How to recovery a dropped table?
  265. db2 upgrade to v8.2
  266. DB2 AIX Admin tools ??
  267. Is Replication center v8.1 compatible with DB2 v7 Z/OS ?
  268. restore database
  269. plz suggest reg. cursors
  270. plz help- query related to DB2
  271. Using a DB2 User Defined Function
  272. makefile
  273. Updating an indexed column with the same existing value
  274. SQL0104 on Update with Fetch
  275. Use of OLAP function
  276. How do I change Instance in DB2
  277. Catalog Local windows DB2 database on AIX machine
  278. MS-SQL queries to DB2 conversion
  279. Should system temporary tablespaces generally be on automaticstorage?
  280. u just click u get some dollars
  281. SQL0284N error
  282. how can i generate a unique table name at runtime from db2?
  283. How do I concatenate strings from a column into a single row in DB2
  284. SQL0206N "O.$COID" is not valid in the context where it is used.
  285. Online reorg & log full condition
  286. SQL Doubt
  287. Trigger: After Delete ... for each row behaviour
  288. Views and union...
  289. passing input paramter of type list
  290. diag.log.sav
  291. Can we create a sample database on the app dev client
  292. Explain of update-statement without commit
  293. What the problem with VARCHAR_FORMAT?!?!?!
  294. Confused about memory parameters
  295. DB2 triggers & Cascading deletes
  296. JOIN between 2 tables. No foreign key, just ranges
  297. Online backup locking out processes...........
  298. UDB Stored Procedure
  299. Prepared statement too long
  300. Sustain Business with Regular Audits
  301. DB2 and CIO DIO on AIX
  302. Lock Table and auto commit
  303. A blog to lift the fog on Dataphor
  304. any documents for 32 bit and 64 bit stored procedure conversion ?
  306. DB2 DBA required in Vancouver, BC (Contract)
  308. Java or .NET interpreter startup or communication failed, reason code "2"
  309. No access to the SNAPDYN_SQL view
  310. Stored procedure Slo
  311. How to "LOAD COPY NO" without backup ?
  312. DB2 PHP connection issue
  313. Query doing table scan when added simple predicates
  314. new dba blog
  315. Is this an Invalid option? | db2pd -apinfo
  316. parallel insertion into a table in DB2
  317. NOT ENFORCED RI - what optimization opportunities are missed?
  318. DB2 Career
  319. SQL0746N: Routine violated nested SQL statement rules when attemptingto perform operation "MODIFY" on table
  320. Stored Procedure has no access on a remote file
  321. Please review this Explain plan output - need help
  322. Uniqueness checking overhead
  323. setting optimization level in stored procedure
  324. SQL Error
  325. db2diag -g db=DBNAME,instance=instname
  327. Load performance on AIX w/ SAN
  328. Last access time for index
  329. SQL30081N error
  330. Multiple databases in one project
  331. dsn1copy uses dynamic allocation for multiple pieces
  332. Error using old table() in UDF
  333. Unable to restore DB2 Database on Linux
  334. "WITH RS USE AND KEEP UPDATE LOCKS" An unexpected token
  335. 64 bit encoding in CLOB
  336. Problems with a simple Trigger :-(
  337. sqlqgRouter_conn_lost_cleanup in db2diag.log
  338. How can i modify the following query in DB2
  339. Linux + DB2 + php
  340. Co-releated Update Statement Tuning
  341. Overriding database collation in queries for LIKE operators
  342. Find SQL in Stored Procedures
  343. Getting rid of kuddb2
  344. IBMLDAPauthserver/IBMLDAPgroups, DB2 v. 9.5 ppc-Linux
  345. Database creation failing on AIX.
  346. Migrate schedules from one instance to another in V9.5
  347. runaway sqls
  348. DBA question on locating partition to which a specific tablespace page exists
  349. SQL PROCEDURE on the iSeries
  350. DB2 - forcing a table to cache all data in the buffer pool.
  351. What is the syntax for finding the Month(number) in DB2?
  353. db2 doesn't start on windows2003(update from win2000)
  354. After adding a tablespace container: DMS rebalancer is active
  355. More DB2 Vista NewBee questions
  356. Beginner help needed - error connecting DB2-9.1 with RAD7.0
  357. HADR - AIX
  358. NewBee Express-C Questions
  359. How to debug sqc program
  360. Backup with include logs option
  361. encoding schema in pcap file
  362. Assume a bookshop has database with the following
  363. Capacity of "Trial"
  364. call a SQL Server 2000 stored procedure from DB2
  365. Multibyte data passed from OMVS to DB2 stored procedure gets corrupted.
  366. Problem with calculate difference between rows
  367. capturing optimization level used for certain sql
  368. How to get database size in DB2?
  369. index usage?
  370. DB2 instances in SDLC
  371. Troubles with Start database manager
  372. Optimal Method for Getting Max Value
  373. Dynamic From Clause To Create View
  374. PCML and DEXA
  375. Max table or database size?
  376. db2 questions
  377. V9.5 HADR On AIX
  378. how to run a COBOL-IMS-DB2 program
  379. stored procedures dependencies
  380. Query for selecting NON DUPLICATE ELEMENTS in a table
  381. difference in performance in two environments for same sql
  382. Re: SQL0104N An unexpected token error
  383. difference in performance in two environments for same sql
  384. Replication Connect Error
  385. DB21034E with triggers
  386. dynamic sql - prepare statement
  387. db2fmd - instance crash
  388. Diff in DB2 versions
  389. Unique values in column
  390. Update using WITH statement
  391. SQL1042C An unexpected system error occurred. SQLSTATE=58004
  392. Unicode arguments in posstr(), locate() and LIKE
  393. Restore Questions (32 vs 64 bit)
  394. DB2 federation problem when reconnecting to a remote federated AS/400
  395. How is DB2 tables stored?
  396. regarding cics
  397. db2stop taking time
  398. Merge on LUW 9.5.1 - Not Atomic Continue on SQL Exception
  399. Restrictions for SSL on db2 express c luw?
  400. DB2 Database Administrator
  401. DATABASECAPACITY and SMS tablespaces
  402. stored procedure to drop tables
  403. Health Monitor Invalid history version in header
  404. What happens after new function mode
  405. java torque nullable columns
  406. Possible to manually mark routine packages as inoperative in DB2LUW?
  407. adding nullable columns through torque
  408. DataServices World features Universal Services, SOA, WOA and cloudcomputing (San Jose, November 20, 2008)
  409. SQL3255 on DB2 v9.1 Win32 with db2move
  410. java torque save method exception
  411. issue on
  412. 9.5 LUW, pointers on running 32 bit client against 64 bit server?
  413. Question on SQL-based Administrative Task Scheduler
  414. Yielding timeslice
  415. db2 stored procedure
  416. Get the last day of previous business quarter
  417. NO FILE SYSTEM CACHING - Automatic?
  418. Sigh, Undocumented error - SQL30082N, RC=22
  419. Health Monitor - Manual Backup required...why?
  420. confusion about cardinality in explain plan node on compressed table
  421. confusion about cardinality in explain plan node on compressed table
  422. Procedure performance vs Query
  423. Re: MDC vs. cluster index: which to use?
  424. backup with multiple targets
  425. Add a partition to a table that already has partitions
  426. Supress SQL0347 (CTE may contain infite loop)
  427. update from select
  428. SQL30082N Attempt to establish connection failed with security reason"24" ("USERNAME AND/OR PASSWORD INVALID").
  429. Set Encryption password and SQL20143N
  430. Yellowfin Enhances Business Intelligence Reporting forTelecommunications
  431. CTE is not supported by db2advis
  432. PHP5 and DB2 9.5
  433. Db2 bind issue
  434. query help
  435. Detected the death of an EDU. Process was 11.
  436. reset monitor switches while capturing snapshots with sql functionsor views
  437. DB2 and Websphere MQ transaction coordination
  438. db2 database pages
  439. Solaris 10 Database bufferpool problem
  440. sybase post
  441. How to determine the isolation level of incoming queries.
  442. Unique Opportunity To Join The Elite Group Of Project ManagementProfessionals
  443. Select with odbc_exec (php)
  444. calling stored procedure from Perl code
  445. Syntax error when creating user mapping in DB2 (Data Federation)
  446. actual/estimated cost/cardinality of query plan
  447. progress bar for runstat?
  448. DDF Security?
  449. All about memory
  450. HADR Status
  451. DB2 low CPU low IO (low insert,low update) why ?
  452. DB2advis error
  453. please help
  454. truncate tables in stored procs?
  455. How to Give Operating System Security in db2 if not configured duringinstall ?
  456. How to view the special registers in db2
  457. DB2 V8 String Parsing Question
  458. Migration from SYbase to UDB database
  459. Query execution
  460. lfd length & pd length
  461. Block Comment Confusion ...
  462. DB2 - check if product installed on Solaris/AIX/HPUX
  463. DSNL013I & DDF, DB2 9.1
  464. DB2 9.5 SQL Procedure Developer exam 735 prep, Part 2: DB2 SQL Procedures
  465. Connect to Windows DB2 server from unix
  466. DB2 problem, need help
  468. INPLACE REORG problem
  469. Kernel parameters for db2 v8.2 on Solaris 10
  470. DB2 Client Upgrade Questions ....
  471. HAVING and WHERE clauses: Performance considerations in SQL
  472. how to find middle row of a table?
  473. SQL help
  474. Try ... Catch
  475. Newbie - Partition setup multiple tables
  476. received this error message DB21034E running an ALTER Stmt
  477. Last DB2 to run on Solaris 8
  478. LOAD with COPY
  479. query to retrieve middle row of a table
  480. Difference between byte[] and blob
  481. Advs & disadvs of Self Tuning Memory Management feature of DB2 v9.5
  482. To Execute DB2 commands on AIX with a user other than instance.
  483. Collecting DB2 performance results for my thesis paper
  484. Selecting from a Dynamic Table in SQL
  485. Just checking
  486. Dynamic sql statement called in a stored procedure SP
  487. Please explain query intervals output
  488. On-line file backups
  489. Variables in SQL???
  490. outer join table filtering
  491. Row_number() over() not working in SPUFI
  492. SqlException Unsupported ccsid, encoding, or locale: "Cp037"
  493. why is NULLID.SYSSH200 executing so many times
  494. Leading Zeros
  495. DB2LOOK Privileges
  496. multiple databases in one instance
  497. ******GOD OF GIFTS 4 U*********
  498. IF Exists Bad Parser
  499. Re: Include all columns in an unique index
  500. shell script to extract rows from table
  501. Re: DB2 Container behaviour on EMC DMX 3 San.
  502. using setAutoCommit(false) in DB2 and MSSQL
  503. db2 V9.5 SQL1084C
  504. Re: Include all columns in an unique index
  505. Why is my static SQL dramatically faster than dynamic?
  506. IXF Column Descriptor Record
  507. Re: Include all columns in an unique index
  508. Db2 v9.5 - Undefined Symbol while creating an instance
  509. Merge statement: Index on source table
  510. DASCRT Command failed.
  511. Multiplexed Connection
  512. Re: flush package cache dynamic executed from client.
  513. Self tuning bufferpool
  514. Self tuning bufferpool
  515. regarding RAM size and db parameter
  516. Empty Table
  517. Help with query on sparse timeseries data
  518. Net Search Extender Throws Confusing Error
  519. Prepare Statement in DB2
  520. Ondemand
  521. Dropping indexes on a partitioned table
  522. Rows in a DB2 table..
  523. Requirement - Database Architect - State of Oregon - 6 months
  524. Merge Into using 'With UR'
  525. IBatis DB2
  526. DB2 error in DB2 control center
  527. Changing the DB2 Interface Language under Windows
  528. Does V8 of DB2 zOS supports
  529. db2 tablespace restore
  530. db2 table space restore
  531. Interview Type Question
  532. Time related question (Subtime)
  533. Mass Updation of Records
  534. Rows in IXF file
  535. Need example for accessing Resultsets from COBOL DB2 Stored procedures from Java
  536. Deletion from a large table (with two child tables) takes more than an hour
  537. Yellowfin says Java the smart option for Business Intelligence
  538. Clob variables in stored procedures and SQL10003C
  539. Question Regarding Parameters for DB2 COBOL Stored Procedure
  540. Using load/import with global temporary tables
  541. how to force bind option for JDBC in db2?
  542. DB2 equivalent to this Sybase syntax
  543. DB2 Bulk Load via Java/JDBC
  544. Db2 Explain weird results
  545. Call for speakers for DataServices World in Silicon Valley closes September 26, 2008
  547. retrieving information from 2 tables
  548. blob and clob
  549. MQT cannot be used for queries with parameter markers?
  550. Project Management 2.0 !