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  1. Converting NUMBER, DATE and VARCHAR2 database fields from Resultset to variables?
  2. Getting MetaData for JDBC tables with getTables() does not work?
  3. IDUG 2005 - Europe: Call for Presentations
  4. Some thoughts on netiquette
  5. Performance problems when inserting into a large table
  6. Questions regarding large MDC tables
  7. Please take a look at this great program
  8. Is the Database Administration Service part of the standard installation or an option?
  9. No Keys on Federated tables
  10. DB2 Backup Error
  11. Finding if a character is alphanumeric
  12. Database Administration Survey
  13. create triggers
  14. Any DDL Information on the DB2 Logs?
  15. deleting records without writing to the transaction logs
  16. Reason Code: negative number
  17. E monografia Administração E
  18. questions on Design Advisor after FP8 apply
  19. Question on FP8 install process
  20. Detecting the INSERT format for DATE database fields?
  21. ODBC update error with DB2 timestamp data
  22. Full-time DB2 UDB DBA position in downtown Portland, OR
  23. db2jcc driver issue with getting an empty resultset
  24. sqltypes.h compile error?
  25. Issue with a stored procedure
  26. Statment too long or too complex
  27. Full Backup of DB2 V8.2
  28. How to use collect statistics for temporary index?
  29. Which DB2 on IBM xSeries 346-8840 with SuSE Enterprise 9 ?
  30. DMS tablespace size calculations
  31. .net installers
  32. Trigger porting problem
  33. SQL Code Beautifier for DB2
  34. I dont think y can
  35. Before delete triggers
  36. Federated Table Errors
  37. Access DB2 UDB thru teriminals
  38. Access DB2 UDB thru teriminals
  39. db2_all/rah completed rc=-10 on Windows 2000
  40. DROP error level (20) on iSeries UDB
  41. vargraphic column Question.
  42. Using SQL against Non DDS files?
  43. Memory Visualizer?
  44. create trigger -> invalidates stored procedure
  45. Can a table UDF modify SQL data?
  46. revoking select from all tables
  47. DB2,UDF,modifies sql data
  48. Reading triggering table data in trigger (without error SQL0746N)
  49. 3390 mod3 vs. mod9 performance
  50. DB2 V8.1.4 aix 32-bit to 64-bit migration
  51. Client for DB2 UDB 07.02.0007 database
  52. Large table redesign
  53. How to find actual LENGTH of a CHAR string
  54. Fixpack 6b?
  55. Is there a rule for determining number of Page Cleaners?
  56. Windows
  57. SQL0204N
  58. Multiple Tablespaces
  59. Washington (DC) Area user Group Meeting - January 27, 2005
  60. Will we be able to apply FP8 directly ?
  61. SQL0104N An unexpected token "END-OF-STATEMENT" was found
  62. updating a lob
  63. how to read exported files?
  64. db2 conf. on HP UX problem
  65. IBM DB2 Connector throws exception with .Connect() in .net
  66. Decrease database size
  67. How to determine what table got offline?
  68. Bufferpool reduces performance.
  69. Suppressing DB2 logon prompt
  70. SQL output, do I need recursive SQL todo this?
  71. Copying an existing DB2 database
  72. db2 block archtiecture
  73. DB2 Basic queries..
  74. DB2 Basic queries..
  75. Need help decrypt db2diag.log
  76. Where does one find a DB2 UDB DBA?
  77. Insert with RR causes Table Lock (DB2 z/OS V7)
  78. jsp - jdbc connection to db2v8 failing
  79. Stored Procedure Question
  80. How to retrieve FK reference infomation
  81. DB2 redbooks RSS feed
  82. AIV Extenders - where can I find it?
  83. db2 connect 7.2 on Linux with OS400 V5R3
  84. DB2 Personal Edition License Question
  85. IBM Visual Studio Add-in v8.2 , Problem when trying to compile a stored procedure
  86. db2look spools DDL in the ascending order of DB objects Timestamp only
  87. Connection to other database
  88. Problem to build Java stored procedures on DB2 V8.2
  89. multiple DB2 instances under one OS userid?
  90. DB2 8.1 Work group Edition Pricing/Licensing
  91. Multithreading in java stored procedure
  92. CLI0108E Communication link failure
  93. Branch elimination for a query on a UNION ALL View does not work as expected
  94. check constraint questions
  95. FP8
  96. DB2 error using the command with USERID/PASSWORD
  97. Not logged initially for Simulation catalog tables ?
  98. Uniqueness in a Nullable Column
  99. Question on reorgs
  100. Data moving from iSeries to DB2 UDB
  101. A VoIP usergroup
  102. Dont visit this site
  103. Error Reading DB2 BLOB field : Please Help
  104. Insert Clob using Perl into DB2 v8 on OS/390
  105. How to find the number of threads ?
  106. udb cursor (or curser)
  107. automatic statistics
  108. DB2 error using the command with USERID/PASSWORD
  109. GROUP BY question on standard
  110. log files full autocommit
  111. Windows UDB Question
  112. Functional Index.. How to?
  113. DB2 error using the command with USERID/PASSWORD
  114. memory leak in APPLHEAPSZ ?
  115. Cross-endian DB2 backup compatibility?
  116. the database with many inserts vs less reads
  117. Control Centre - Create -> Text Index (V8.2) , can you do it?
  118. Redirecting DB2 output in Korn shell
  119. Type 4 driver licencing error message ....
  120. Creating UTF-16/UCS-2 database in AIX
  121. How to log the source IP address of DB2 connection?
  122. db2advis -m C?
  123. SQL Compiler for Linux on AMD/Opteron-64 bit machine
  124. am I too tight on memory?
  125. How to find the version of the client...
  126. Can we use ORDER BY clause inside a SQL UDF
  127. db2diag error - "oper system services sqloWaitInterrupt Probe:10 "
  128. util_heap_sz - optimum value?
  129. Second call: third edition of SQL FOR SMARTIES
  130. Bookish Question Regarding DYNAMIC RESULT SETS
  131. LOADing BLOB
  132. Problem while using PUT Routine.
  133. Increase Decimal length in v7.x
  134. DB2 v MySql
  135. Triggers fire before commits... and can not be rolled back?!?
  136. where to buy udb 8.2 express
  137. Reg 704 - DB2 UDB V8.1 for Linux, UNIX and Windows Advanced Database Administration certification
  138. SQLCode -512
  139. REXX routines, zpharma DB2
  140. REXX routines, zpharma
  141. Data Recovery SOURCE CODE ( SOURCE CODES of Professional Data Recovery Software )
  142. Is it possible to create index for temporary table
  143. Large Data Tablespace Page Allocation
  144. Problem when connecting to DB2 from standalone java application
  145. write-back cache on or off?
  146. Slow odbc connection to AIX DB2
  147. Suggestions for configuring a laptop to learn DB2
  148. Having problems with Timestampdiff
  149. Help! my db2 cann't execute custom function. - db2diag.log (0/1)
  150. error after installing cwbodbc32.dll
  151. Restore Method - Delta and Incremental Backups
  152. authentication
  153. Trigger on update of ANY column?
  154. Difference between DB2 for LUW and DB2 for z/Series
  155. Anyone using Enterprise compiler co-processor (PL/I or COBOL) ???
  156. Why a simple select all query uses index scan and not table scan ?
  157. Need a bit of help with temporary tables
  158. registering UDF from shell script
  159. DB2 Compatibility
  160. db2move, problem importing data into table with GENERATED ALWAYS identity column
  161. DTS data from MS SQL 2000 to DB2 7.1 on OS/390
  162. DTS data from MS SQL 2000 to DB2 7.1 on OS/390
  163. DTS data from MS SQL 2000 to DB2 7.1 on OS/390
  164. IF statements in SQL Table Functions & Bad Plans
  165. Server side default JDBC driver
  166. hi
  168. Need Help With SQL Statement
  169. Capturing and restoring views and triggers
  170. stored procedure problems
  171. Configuration Advisor, Several Instances
  172. DB2 certification test
  173. SQLSTATE=58004 on rollforward
  174. can I restore a database from one system to another?
  175. Help with stored procedure execution....
  176. Can I see rewritten SQL?
  177. ERROR:Could not switch current DB2INSTANCE to "db2inst1"
  179. dynamically created column names
  180. DB2 authentication : how it works ?
  181. Incremental backup on DB2 7.2
  182. db2 min, max, count functions are very slow
  183. configuration advisor
  184. DB2NOEXITLIST variable does not seem to work?
  185. More Fixpak7a help - space problem
  186. DB2 OLAP 8.1 with iSeries
  187. version compatibility
  188. DB2 7.2 Z/OS - Functions - Where's the Function source text stored
  189. Install Fixpack 7a and stop Db2fmd
  190. Database replication
  191. Let your customer find fast and easy all text he searches !
  192. cics to db2 connection(attachment)cookbook
  193. DB21034E The command was processed as an SQL statement because it was not a valid Command Line Processor command.
  194. Backup DB2 UDB 7.x on Linux Restore on Windows?
  195. optimization
  196. worst performing dml
  197. no SQL return code / resource name
  198. Another SQL SP bug or feature
  199. SQL30081N - Need solution for solving this problem - URGENT
  200. Carrer in Data Mining?
  201. multiple instance monitoring
  202. filter systables from ado recordset adSchemaTables (repost)
  203. repost: filter systables from ado recordset adSchemaTables
  204. What is the IBM policy on alternate fixpacks ?
  205. filter systables from ado recordset adSchemaTables (repost)
  206. Strange FP 4 installation Problem (DB2 V 8.1)
  207. Archiving blobs
  208. Reorg fails when associated tablespace size reaches 1Gb
  209. Some Basic Questions.
  210. Static SQL
  211. Why isn't ALLOW REVERSE SCANS the default?
  212. Problems with scheduled tasks (SQL22283N)
  213. MERGE syntax error
  214. multi-row parametters + BLOB
  215. Catologing
  216. Equalent to Statspack for DB2..
  217. Cannot modify procedure created by another user
  218. 390/V7 timestamp column auto updated??
  219. Need for UDB DBA
  220. Good Resource on Explain Plan Format
  221. Raw DMS single- vs. multi-table tablespaces
  222. interpreting encrypted data stored on DB2 using Perl
  223. Select statement return result very slow
  224. filter systables from ado recordset adSchemaTables
  225. How do I take table name from user in UDF
  226. Finding out the membername in DB2/ ZOS DATA sharing env.
  227. Select satement return result very slow
  228. System clock vs. DB2
  229. CALL in Trigger, -746 and the WHEN clause ...
  230. Statement Event Monitor Data
  231. How to compare objects between two database?
  232. Scheduled tasks never run on time
  233. DB2 Connect vs. DB2 in an AIX environment
  234. When does a UOW start on the DB2 Log
  235. Error SQL1265N
  236. CURSOR Keeps Closing
  237. IBM human resources may be stealing from you
  238. DB2 Administrative Server and "discover=KNOWN" setting
  239. Sysbase to Db2.
  240. RID Failures
  241. exception handling in db2
  242. Remote Instance connectivity issue - DB2 8.2.0 on Windows 2000 Server.
  243. Exception handling in db2 UDF
  244. Certification Tutorial for Advanced certification (704)
  245. Certification Tutorial for Advanced certification (704)
  246. Certification Tutorial for Advanced certification (704)
  247. a question on "High performance SQL"
  248. Apparent contention issue with DB2 backup
  249. DB2 under win xp
  250. about auto-commit
  251. Federated Database
  252. Federated Database
  253. Quiesce Database and Logs
  254. How to check data integrity of a DB2 instance?
  255. Need Help With a Load
  256. Date column and table scan
  257. content manager - help
  260. Need help with unspecific error
  261. How to get a password in V8.2
  262. Breaking News: MySQL beats Oracle in Benchmark
  263. REBIND fails with SQL0029N
  264. Connection contexts in SQLJ routines
  265. SQL OK in 8.1.0 but not in 8.2 ?
  266. Oracle-mode Firebird
  267. NLS Support in DB2 as a configurable parameter
  268. what is true image?
  269. installation de db2 (V 8.1) sous linux suse
  270. reporting errors in a separate transaction
  271. Informix to DB2 Replication Problems
  272. java invocation of db2 clp
  273. DB2 Syntax for Outer join
  275. License question
  276. Is db2gncol gone?
  277. Is the DB2 server on the local machine?
  278. db2advis not working in 8.2
  279. agent bufferpool hit ratio
  280. RAID 5 is Killing Performance?
  281. Question on userexits
  282. RAID 5 is Killing Performance?
  283. Joining Multiple Members
  284. New AIX DB2 instance requires new user?
  285. Unlogged Deletes in DB2/390 (or zOS)
  286. Unlogged Deletes in DB2/390 (or zOS)
  287. get/put routine
  288. searching on all fields
  289. Floyd's algorithm in SQL
  290. Informix "foreach execute procedure": converting to DB2
  291. Table display in CC
  292. looking for one good HACMP specialist to implement it in AIX / DB2 environment...
  293. shutdown
  294. maximum size of a database/tablespace
  295. DB2 AIX Create Database fails with Memory Allocation Error
  296. Database Administration Service
  297. Bit & SBCS
  298. db2advis not working in 8.2
  299. Db2 Instance owner and SYSADM authority
  300. how to perform muti byte to single byte conversion in DB2
  301. "Bad container path" during Backup?
  302. DB2 slow response on first connection Win 2003
  303. backup time
  304. differences
  305. Windows - DB2 Command Center - Create Database Wizard starts on its own
  306. time measurement
  307. measure recovery time
  308. UDB 7.2 fp9, dynamic-sql plans with parameter-markers
  309. Information Integrator
  310. Microsoft Access as Frontend for DB2
  311. New JARs (e.g.db2jcc_javax.jar) inside \sqllib\java after Fixpack 7a on DB2 v 8
  312. Problem in using DB2 Type 4 driver
  313. table with 7000 columns
  314. watch db activity
  315. Limit on number of params to an SP?
  316. Task Center From name
  317. 64 bit
  318. Trigger calling INVALID SP - strange behaviour ?
  319. Binary values in the database
  320. which registry variable to set ? (updated from 8.1 to 8.2)
  321. db2 corrupts data while loading from a TXT file
  322. Daily Devotion
  323. how to enable user exit
  324. DB2 Runtime Client
  325. Syntaxic statement coloration in Command Editor ?
  326. reorgchk with display full tablename
  328. Lock Situation with a special Sql-Statement
  329. connect to a remote DB2 on z os
  330. Package NULLID.SYSLN304
  331. not logged initially - opinion
  332. DB2 Universal Language support
  333. SQL Query Question
  334. Catalog table used by Client when connecting via ODBC
  335. Extenders don't support long names?
  336. Mirroring to remote server
  337. Extenders don't support long names?
  338. about auto-commit
  339. problem with group by and maximum
  340. Need to rebind??
  341. Installing/configuring DB2 Connect V8.1
  342. DB2 version 8 rename command
  343. ID DB2 IDENTITY columns w/ type 4 JDBC DatabaseMetaData?
  344. Message SQL22212N when trying to run a task
  345. db2Backup API and missing SQL1152
  346. pctfree, pctused & data page
  347. estimate log size of "insert * from..."
  348. Lock Escalation, LogRetain & Backup Question.
  349. Crystal Reports 10 connection to DB2 v7.1
  350. DB2 PREP ... PACKAGE USING ... without implicit binding
  351. script to automate instance connect/catalog in client
  352. I found this great little site
  353. Need Information on DB2 Certification
  354. Top DB Site?
  355. table size question!!
  356. Generating unique
  357. Problems running db2setup on Redhat 3 ws
  358. Defragmentation
  359. restore db
  360. Database Administration Server (DAS) -- is there a stealth or IP lockout feature?
  361. many ports
  362. SQL Null handling in predicate evaluation involving IN
  363. How to get TABLE NAME displayed in SYSPUNCH card.
  364. Building DB2 CLI in Borland C++ on Win2K
  365. Searching SQL-Funktion ...
  366. help with database research topic
  367. subtypes
  368. New "High-performance SQL" article on developerWorks/DB2
  369. dms, index destroyed, pls help
  370. DB2 Development Center
  371. sub select
  372. Universal jdbc driver : version ? and where ?
  373. Urgent: Is DB2 7.2 available for z/os?
  374. UNIQUE INDEX bug when Trailling blanks in VARCHAR column
  375. Unexpected SQL0100W
  376. sql0012w
  377. page size error SQL0286N
  378. Optimizer choosing bad plan?
  379. get server date
  380. How to migrate UDB v7.2.9 to UDB V8.1.5 in MSCS
  381. disable isolation level switch
  382. Problem connecting to database directory after installing fixpack 7a
  383. How do identify the source of Sort Overflow?
  384. Impossible to remove error
  385. Generate DDL works only for 30 tables?
  386. I want to monitor all sql statements
  387. db2 problem restarting WAS 5.1 on linux (intel)
  388. need to view all sql statements
  389. Certification Questions
  390. dynamic SQL from Hibernate and SQLCODE -301
  391. OS2 Warp v4.0 and DB2 v2.1.2 Daylight savings time problem
  392. table update with or without indexes enabled?? 390/V7
  393. LOB insert in CLP?
  394. Need recommendations re a good DB2 backup/recovery tool
  395. db2audit checking
  396. logarchmeth1,logarchmeth2,logarchopt1,logarchopt2
  397. Does 'select 1 from mytable where 1 = 0' do a table scan?
  398. UBD upgrade from vs 7.2 to vs 8.1 causing slow inserts.
  399. Udb Db2 Vs 7.2 Vs 8 Upgrade Resulting In Increased Insert Times
  400. Use of ROWID in DB2 on Z/OS v7.1.1
  401. UDB 8.1 and multiple connections
  402. dms management
  403. Query in Prepared statements caching
  404. rownumber() over - which versions support this
  405. SQL Join question
  406. DB2 CPU USAGE
  407. sp in db2
  408. Unicode DB2 Performance
  409. db2set
  410. V8.2 - SQL/PL Continue handlers not working?
  411. Does anyone have experience with the efficiency of global temporary tables?
  412. Is there a straightforward way to export/import an entire schema in DB2 UDB?
  413. DB2 not using all processors
  414. finding CPU utilization per database or instance
  415. windows CLASSPATH in a Java UDF
  416. DB2 z/OS procedures - Nested Block error in Exception Block
  417. [DB2] Erreur CLI0102E Invalid conversion. SQLSTATE=07006
  418. Session tables problem when used from multiple threads
  419. Determining JDK_PATH
  420. rename server when DB2 installed
  421. reclaim disk space
  422. DMS Tablespaces
  423. What is wrong with SQL syntax
  424. UDF on DB2 V7.2 and AIX V5.2
  425. Lock Mode Question
  426. I-Series DB2 Self-referential constraint issue causing locks
  427. Transaction Logs
  428. Options to set will not be saved under DB2 Console
  429. Index usage
  430. obtaining authority to run list applications - ordinary users
  431. hacmp
  432. please let me know the procedure for doing rollfoward mininum recovery using long talbespaces
  433. Searching DB_PATH
  434. How to kill running procedures.
  435. Take a Look at This ...
  436. production and qa
  437. Question to Independent IT Consultants
  438. create users in db2
  439. Problem with DB2 JDBC driver?
  440. Editions from DB2
  441. victim selection
  442. Log Shipping Issue
  443. what is this supposed to mean?
  444. Scoping out the size needed for running DB2 audit facility
  445. Accuracy of Data in /DDEL of db2dart
  446. How to stop FMC?
  447. Integrate and merge multiple data sources
  448. Problem with Catalog database
  449. Can you Fool DB2
  450. Memory is full
  451. How to delete data from a table quickly
  452. Transpose rows to column
  453. Personal Edition
  454. Stored Procedure commit point
  455. stored procedures problem
  457. V8.2 - How to stop SPs always being explained?
  458. Fixpack 7a
  459. Two questions about "alter table tbname activate not logged initially"
  460. db2advis
  461. db2advis
  462. db2Advis
  463. Migrating from DB2 UDB 6.x on Solaris to UDB 7.2 on Linux
  464. Same query, different access plan in Prod. and Dev.
  465. How to find build level or fixpack level?
  466. DB2 8.1 FP 7 on AMD Opteron
  467. db2 v8 on windows
  468. why should temporary table space page size matter?
  469. /usr/lib64
  470. Fifty Thousand Foot View needed for DB2 audit capabilities
  471. DB2 Explain
  472. Database backup & Schedule problem
  473. Problems with setting up replication
  474. Max length name of a database/schema
  475. Time functions in db2
  476. AddNew Fails when too many fields are added
  477. simple csv export db2 with *column names*
  478. Development center
  479. connecting to the DB2 UDB Windows 2003 Server
  480. SQL-Statment that add to strings
  481. ROW_NUMBER on ZOS/OS390
  482. Import and triggers
  483. Adding a column - Column oder a concern?
  484. Load Problem With MDC Table
  485. DB2 8.1 Client
  486. Kernel Parm Settings for DB2 v7.2 On SuSe 9.1
  487. Help with UDB and MQSeries. Can't use the UDF wizard to create MQ UDFs
  488. Where can I get the DB2 backup/restore errors?
  489. Federated Database: performance problem with outer-joins
  490. table index organized ?
  491. Weekend date for given a date
  492. Backup DB2 MVS OS/390 7.2 and Restore to DB2 UDB AIX 8.1.6
  493. Weekend date given a date
  494. How to integrate ForUpdate iterator in Development Center
  495. Floats become decimals when read from a resultset.
  496. Lock Mode QUESTION
  497. UDB 8.1 FP7a / Error DBA 1107
  498. UDB 8.1 FP7a / Error DBA 1107
  499. Online reorg and super exclusive lock cause many problems
  500. Deleted Backups on Control Center
  501. Can I ALTER a column to have a DEFAULT
  502. db2dari processes remaning after db2stop/db2start
  503. Tomcat DB2 connection - No suitable driver
  504. communications error when starting with multiple "nodes"
  505. change log path
  506. licences
  507. Move from Solaris to AIX
  508. Length of Data in CLOB Column
  509. DRDA and accessing a db2 database hosted on Windows 2000 from OS400 V5R2
  510. Is it bad to see "High water mark for database heap = 4291373408" when the server has 4G memory?
  511. DB2 SQL Stored Procedure Build problem
  512. DB2 8.1 installation error
  513. Need to connect to DB2 via a CLIST
  514. aix db2 client
  515. Statement Problem Update
  516. Online SQL query simulation DB2`
  517. any way to obsfucate a stored proc?
  518. Guide to Clustering using Linux and multiple machines
  519. Colocated join question
  520. db2look didnot get all the admin cfg at all
  521. Deleting all Data in a DB
  522. get time in a sp
  523. rollforwaring a database which is NOT is rollforwarding state
  524. How can I resale or return DB2 8 and QMF?
  525. Mystery db2agent Processes
  526. V8.2 - SQL/PL Continue handlers not working?
  527. DB2 8.2 on Linux - Table Functions get_dbm_cfg get_db_cfg
  528. parsing dynamic sql and removing constants
  529. UDB 7.2 DB binary-compatible between OS/2 and Windows?
  530. [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0112E Erreur d'affectation. SQLSTATE=22005
  531. unixODBC client problems
  532. runaway/zombie fmps slowly starving engine of resources?
  533. Health monitor causing issues!
  534. can't start db2isetup
  535. trigger question
  536. DB2 64-bit fallback to 32-bit
  537. 64-bit to 32-bit fallback
  538. Need DB2 V7 Sample programs for CLOB and BLOB's
  539. JAVA :: Timestamp from DB2
  540. nodes can not be uncataloged
  541. How do i connect UNIX TO UNIX Machines???
  542. How to change a NOT NULL column to allow NULLs?
  543. how to verify
  544. more instances
  545. Apple clients for DB2?
  546. Somewhat obscure Q about clustering
  547. FYI: DB2 UDB V8.2 on the Windows Environment
  548. Bufferpool size Problem
  549. reason code = "54"
  550. Optimizer bad with sparse keys?