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  1. Problem DB2 connect with JDBC
  2. DB2 V6.1.027 Userexit problem
  3. Querying on table within a variable
  4. Problem with multiple rows insert on MVS OS 390
  5. Data loads: Offline performance with online benefits
  6. simple sortheap question
  7. Stored Procedure problem in DB2 for OS/390 V6
  8. Cyrillic characters from Oracle-nickname
  9. every java sp gets error:sql4301N java interpreter startup or com failed. reason 0
  10. exportXML with multiple records
  11. DBA HELP: Performane Tune SELECT, SUM, & CASE
  12. db2advis giving errors - not able to INSERT into ADVISE_INSTANCE table
  13. DTD to XSD
  14. Connecting to Different Physical Node on Partitioned Database on DB2 8.1.6
  15. Error Executing Assembler Program from a Stored Procedure
  16. hand-rollforward on a standby for windows
  17. update with join of multiple tables
  18. Replace DB2 7.1 CD-ROM
  19. Subquery returning a column value
  20. Testing db2 imp and load
  21. Type-2 index question
  22. Manual Instance removal on XP
  23. select statement -format longer record result set!! HELP PLEASE!!
  24. Error 5005C after Migration from UDB7 to UDB8 (AIX)
  25. Memory used - what is "Other memory"?
  26. db2 CLP and PS output on AIX
  27. Stored Procedures in OS/390 V6
  28. does eXadas really work???
  29. Snaphot_table function gives unexpected result
  30. DB 7.2 Replication And DR
  31. Logging And Performance
  32. SECQTY Maxiumum Value for Z/os version 7.2
  33. access plan with sequence in params
  34. EXECUTE SQL-string from StoredProc
  35. Accessing DB2 UDB on Linux from within a DB2 VM Cobol program
  36. Washington Area IBM-Informix/DB2 User Group meeting - June 7,2005
  37. Myths
  38. View Error : Iseries Navigator
  39. Newbee - Schema concept question
  40. Newbee question - why no create user in DB2 ?
  41. ERWin data modeler, iSeries DB2 reverse engineering error
  42. insert/select question
  43. Java on DB2 for OS/390
  44. Creating Crosstab with drilldown
  45. Help with JDBC Driver
  46. Insert bulk data into table & temporarily disable log
  47. DB2 8.2 Performance drop on Query compared to 7.1
  48. MQ Functions on DB2 for LUW V8.2
  49. Deferring constraints in DB2
  50. Can 8.1 package be bound to 7.2?
  51. standby db on windows
  52. Snapshot_LockWait table function question
  55. DB2 for z/OS problem - empty tablespace growing in size
  56. DB2 for z/OS Visual Explain: Fail to load JDBC driver
  57. DB2 Flush Dynamic SQL Cache and E70081 z/OS V7.1
  58. How many tcp ports does DB2 use?
  59. DB2 Flush Dynamic SQL Cache and E70081 z/OS V7.1
  60. check unique
  61. drop table conditionally
  62. Error in sql REPLACE
  63. indexes
  64. Coverting decimal field to db2 date?
  65. A little question on PREFETCH / MDC
  66. Create Function or Create Procedure
  67. Create Function or Create Procedure
  68. Suggestion for DB2 Improvement
  69. What is the best way to change Extent Size
  70. help request
  71. Recursive queries in SQL3 and graph transitive closure
  72. DB2 Load into multiple tables using control centre
  73. DB2 Replication Error - Oracle 10g to DB2 8.2 (8.1.8)
  74. Cursor Script in CLP please...
  75. Query
  76. Using the SMTP that Task center Uses.
  77. Comparative between DB2, Informix and Oracle
  78. Isolation level ignored when DTC is used
  79. access plan when view has rank()
  80. REPEAT --> Simple Question on Statement Size
  81. How to join with a subquery conditional DB2 UDB 8.1.5 Linux
  82. Graphic columns not allowed
  83. post test
  84. Where can I find the source of structured type?
  85. afficher 2 count de de tables
  86. Logging And Performance
  87. UDB 8.2 FixPak 9 for LUW
  88. Use of variables
  89. Revalidating all inoperative packages from SQL (not CLP!)
  90. Schemas in SQL Stored Procs for WSE 8.2 on Linux
  91. Sort Order
  92. Have you ever met worse case than this?
  93. quiesce disconnects but restart doesn't???
  94. where not exists
  95. Sybase to DB2
  96. plz send the ans
  97. Redirected Restores & Set tablespace container
  98. Too Simple Question: Statement Size
  99. Info Integrator configuration options
  100. BLOB Field Size Limit And Logging
  101. W2K to W2K3: Cross Platform Restore Error?
  102. Create function error DB2 UDB v8.1.5 Linux
  103. dynamic SQL in stored procedure. Need Help
  104. db2look
  105. Oops, dropped an rlv that was in use... Need to recover...
  106. DIA9999E with error code 0x4 during create server
  107. ODBC from DB2 connect does not allow outer joins
  108. TCPIP Error
  109. Automated snapshot data
  110. DDL question WRT adding NOT NULL constraints
  111. Insert LOGS
  112. Dat File Database Format??
  113. show explain plan
  114. Trying to prep .SQC files in Visual C++
  115. call of sqls
  116. Linux and DB2
  117. Is the DB2 Command Center = the Control Center?
  118. Recursion not allowed for common table expressions error
  119. Recursion not allowed for common table expressions error
  120. Recursion not allowed for common table expressions error
  121. Recursion not allowed for common table expressions error
  122. unable to load dll db2app.dll . Error using DB2 in ASP.NET application.
  123. Remove database aliases
  124. DIA9999E with error code -32
  125. DB2 Qualified Table Name Problem with ODBC.NET
  126. Grant global select/insert/update/delete to all users
  127. SQL1131N DARI (Stored Procedure) problem
  128. Column order of an Index
  129. UDF functions interdependency.
  130. DB2Connect V.8
  131. Enter Default Values for all columns in all tables except Primary Keys
  132. fixpak install but only on one instance
  133. Who knows the answer?
  134. Tools db process foiling backups
  135. DB2 UDB Enterprise Edition V7.1 License Question
  136. ignorant DB2 dilletante question: what's the syntax for a procedure...
  137. SQL22201N - I am unable to Proceed further
  138. chnage use identity column to sequence
  139. Creating a database and filling data using scripts
  140. db2look in V8.2
  141. Version 7 Compatibility
  142. UDB Migration from LUW - Mainframe DB2
  143. Concept Question re UDTs in UDFs
  144. Error on data type Number(X, Y) with DB2 Connect v 7.01
  145. SELECT outer join
  146. ODBC error
  147. DB2 & AIX or OpenPower 64-bit Platforms ?
  148. sql help
  149. Need help missing log file
  150. Who to Import PostGRESQL 7.2.2 database into Db2 7.2
  151. Remote DB2 administration
  152. No experiences with UDB 8.2 on Linux Suse
  153. QADBXREF authority - aliases creation
  154. V8.2 SQL stored procedures implementation
  155. 7.2 client slower when connecting to 8.2
  156. IMPORT with REPLACE piveleges needed
  157. showing actual values in sql statement event monitor
  158. what is rowcount from UPDATE called in db2 cobol pgm?
  159. Putting Auto Commit Off on the Server
  160. C# and db2app.dll
  161. functional dependencies from column correlation
  162. hospedagem de sites - planos de hospedagem - hospedagem 22727
  163. Compile problems
  164. Keeping DDL's in sync
  165. sqlj Command Doesn't Work
  166. Which tool to use when creating/compiling procedures?
  167. How to automate creating a database, tables, index, procedures...?
  168. DB2 V7.1 DRDA environment TCPIP and DIST address space CPU usage high
  169. Qucik Question in DB2 2 way Replication (Update Anyware)
  170. Strange error in UDF
  171. MS SQL Profiler equivalent in DB2 8.2?
  172. How to display dependencies for a view (source tables)
  173. Oracle Migration - LAG function equivalent.
  174. Chasing down dormant user accounts
  175. ADO.NET Isolation Level
  176. Can I pass a parameter from a stored procedure to a table function that is joining on other tables?
  177. More HADR thoughts
  178. HELP NEEDED for Internal error 0xFFFFF707 which cause DB to go Crash Recovery
  179. Need help generating SQL select statement
  180. hospedagem de sites - planos de hospedagem - hospedagem 52225
  181. getting LIST APPLICATIONS to run...
  182. SQL0104N on insert of consecutive NULLs
  183. Sr. SAP resource - Fixed Assets / SME
  184. Limit on Items Using "IN" Function
  185. DB2 Governer - db2gov: GOV1062N Unable to start governor at node "0". rc = "53".
  186. CALL Procedure with OUTPUT parameters
  187. Create an SP that references a non existant SP
  188. Latin -- English
  189. Hadr, Congestion, Recover-Pending
  190. How to do a commit after each insert inside an SPL ?
  191. SQL2072N Unable to bind the shared library "". Reason code: "".
  192. Archiving data from 2 db2 tables...........
  193. DB2 v8.2 Installation Problem
  195. More on the design advisor
  196. Copy "related" tables data from MVS to UDB on NT
  197. db2updv8 lead to strange error
  198. DB2 Questions
  199. c# and udb 8.2
  200. Redistribution of V8.2 data warehouse
  201. DB2 v8.2 Installation Problem
  203. generate UI from constraints
  204. Difference between runstats and reorgchk ?
  205. Java UDF Question
  206. Help needed for 'sqloopenp' errors in db2diag.log
  207. table udf's and java
  208. DB2 Configuration Assistant and ODBC System DSN
  209. DB2 Authentication
  210. How to convert MS SQL SPs to IBM DB2?
  211. db2licm -l
  212. DPROP / SQL Replicator
  213. db2jcc with GCJ
  214. db2 unix man page
  215. Best way to transfert high volume data between AS400/DB2 to Unix-Sybase
  216. looping on db2 get snapshot for locks on <db>
  217. Urgent - security issue with SQL SP and UDF
  219. pi()
  220. Temp tables and UDFs and multiple subsystems
  221. [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0109E String data right truncation. SQLSTATE=22001
  222. db2 version 8 load
  223. DB2 WSE 8.1 Authentication
  224. Query Question - Multiple Tables
  225. as400 join sqlserver...
  226. Filling ksh array with db2 returns..
  227. CASE syntax in check constraint
  228. update taking forever
  229. Java UDF Questions re scratchpads
  230. Problem Installing DB2 Connect Personal Edition Version 8.1 for Windows
  231. Table size and index size
  232. Replications "Tables"
  233. Switch Tablespace Type During directed restore
  234. Question on the design advisor
  235. Performance Issue: BI Reporting tool: DB2:Query
  236. Moving CLOB data from OS/390 DB2 to UDB V 8.2
  237. SQL question: Matrix creation
  238. Multiple DB2 versions on AIX
  239. Message i db2diag.log from 'oper system services sqloPostIPCWaitPost'
  240. Federated database
  241. UDB 8.1 - Case Insensitive (shared-weight)
  242. merge error (udb db2 v8.1.5 linux)
  243. Db2iprune location
  244. DB2 Developer Works - RSS Feed?
  245. Why are 2 ports required for a HADR Pair?
  246. SQL1031N Error while creating database
  247. SQL Server 2005 - Still not upto it
  248. no suitable driver db2 tomcat 4.0.6 linux redhat
  249. MERGE commit count
  250. Is there some application can help export only the changed data from DB2 ?
  251. sqlj code
  252. db2look question
  253. can not start database
  254. Cursor
  255. IBM and Ascential
  256. ADO dates and '0001-01-01'
  257. Reliabilty of DB2 Connect / ODBC / AS400
  258. simple select question
  259. Unable to update a Created Global Temporary table.
  260. How to build database to support user-specified attributes?
  261. Multiple INSERT
  262. DB2 on Solaris 5.8 linking with PAM module
  263. Help installing IBM Content Manager 8
  264. Using Purify with db2 CLI application
  265. calling Philip Morris, errrrrr, Mr. Adamanche
  266. Why is this happening in `Enable Query Optimization`
  267. UNInstall db2 code on Win2K
  268. odbc driver for db2 in OS/390 ?
  269. ORACLE MIGRATION - CASE Statements.
  270. How to pass variable in dynamic SQL?
  271. Development Center refuses to work at all
  272. default base
  273. Zugriffstatistiken
  274. DB2 Packages
  275. top ten guidelines ...
  276. Development Center build
  277. Schema query
  278. DB2 Fast Load and Unload
  279. export utility - does anyone have any benchmark numbers
  280. More CPU???
  282. Getting SQL0526N error when updating a Global Temporary table.
  283. V8.2 FP1 automatic startup
  284. DB2 Load Abend
  285. DB2 command slow after Migrate to AIX5.2 ( RS/6000 H50)
  286. Looking for a good book
  287. db2iprune
  288. how to ignore in an insert statment
  289. unable to obtain solaris fixpak for DB2 8.1
  290. federation between MF subsystems
  291. Any equivalent to setSQLstate and setSQLmessage in DB2JAVA UDFs?
  292. Installing InfoCenter on local drive
  293. How to assign a DB2-Instance to a unique IP-Address (and Port - of course)
  294. simple, segmented, or partitioned tablespaces
  295. SQL30082N, Reason 19
  296. Error in DB2ICRT on Fedora Core 3 running x86_64
  297. plug-ins for Stored Proc Builder (Dev Center)
  298. Re-install Development Center
  299. Bitmap indexes
  300. CLI0125E Function Sequence Error. SQL STATE=HY010
  301. Fetch first
  302. Replicate
  303. Migration Problems - SQL1039C
  304. Migration Problems - SQL0535/SQL1088W
  305. db2 v8 fp7 on hp-ux11i
  306. DB2 UDB V8.2 and DB2 V8 on Z/OS
  308. Move a Storage management view
  309. Import of csv-File
  310. Load using VB6
  311. Install problems re DB2 V8 (FP8)
  312. Take a bow IBM with your HADR implementation
  313. Need help with V8.2 install
  314. check constraint performance on zos/v7
  316. SQL 2000, AS400 and Client Access
  317. a non-edu child crashed
  318. Expiry Date of license?
  319. HOW-TO: recreate a big set of interdependent UDFs...
  320. STRIP: Expected tokens may include: "<strip_spec>"
  321. Removal of old entries in Journal or old storage snapshots
  322. DBAINTRN: SQL22206N
  323. Constraints
  324. DB21034E
  325. Container Operations Through a Roll Forward.
  326. DB2 UDB or Oracle (who's got better support)
  327. DB2 User Group Italy - next meetings March 2005
  328. DB2 Connect with MDAC
  329. How to setup lobsinfile when importing LOBs to a table?
  330. UDF Design Question
  331. Need help with an automated backup process problem.
  332. SQL0104N when using STRIP UDF
  333. Retrieving get_db_config information in SQL statement.
  334. Connection port not listening
  335. Help in gathering deadlock information
  336. Speed up backup
  337. Migrating DB2 v7 to v8 on z/OS
  338. DB2 Licensing/Update Questions
  339. Multiple DB2 versions on Windows?
  340. Replication with UDB v8
  341. db2cmnclp
  342. Health Monitor / SMTP Server
  343. SQL30083N Attempt to change password for user id "17"
  344. import & internal commit
  345. Replication with v8 UDB
  346. Local config vs. LDAP, weirdness connecting
  347. UDF Driver?
  348. Help needed.....
  349. update db2 version 6.1 (Sun Solaris 7)
  350. update db2 version 6.1 (Sun Solaris)
  351. Design advice
  352. How to interpret db2diag
  353. Big Endian / Little Endian bind variable problem
  354. Can you rename a DB2 instance?
  355. How to retrieve register values?
  356. Question on a table reorg with clustering index.
  357. US- MN - Functional Oracle Consultants
  358. Need help with SQL - connect to multiple data source in DB2 AIX
  359. Very basic performance question
  360. Static cursors in DB2
  361. How to I delete a column from a table in DB2 on AIX or Window Environment
  362. IBM Websphere Information Integrator - distributed transactions
  363. Automatic Runstats
  364. SYSADM privileges? How to assign?
  365. UDB 8.x FP8 Windows (XP-SP2)
  366. db2_all with muliple commands
  367. questions on HADR on tables with "not logged initially"
  368. How to auto start DB2 service on Linux Suse 9
  369. Federated connection issues
  370. Problem with EXPORT HIERARCHY
  371. DB2 Memory usage
  372. Connect to DB2 database through PHP WITHOUT ODBC ?
  373. Plano, TX -- C++, CORBA, UNIX
  374. Bloomington IL -- Technical Analyst / Security (Oblix)
  375. Meaning of lock_mode values in SNAPSHOT_LOCK function
  376. DB2 UDB LUW 8.2:clp 32 bit connect to 64 bit engine
  377. How to reterive the last 5 records in a table?
  378. "FIND" command is narrowed
  379. Schema mapper
  380. Sample package
  381. Fenced User
  382. Easiest/fastest way of storing a schema and default data in source control?
  383. how to extract one row from each range data
  384. DBMS_JOB equivalent?
  385. uninstalling a fixpak
  386. DB2 v5r3 FULL Join?
  387. 8.x FP8: concurrent database activation with AWE-Memory cause the instance to crash
  388. Installation error with DB@ Personal Edition v8.1
  389. db2diag.log code ffff 8528
  390. Connected, Unable to Work
  391. Semistructured data in DB2
  392. Archiving data on very large tables
  393. db2move
  394. does Not logged initally affect rolling forward recover?
  395. Creditwrench
  396. Load command on table, field timestamp primary key
  397. Escaping semicolon embedded in string values in db2sql92
  398. Require : Dumps and guides for Test 700/701
  399. TO_CHAR(date-value, 'HH24') returns error: type, length or valueof arg is incorrect (42815)
  400. Left Outer Join Using Views
  401. Error SQLSTATE=42703
  402. Field created from case statement / SQL0312
  403. How to perform bitwise operations
  404. Cool File Encryption Software Released.
  405. RID
  406. loading a timestamp
  407. DSN1COPY
  408. numdb reset???
  409. 32-bit vs. 64-bit ??
  410. Page Cleaning of Buffer Pools
  411. migration of postgre to db2
  412. userid disabled or restricted in DB2 8.2
  413. DB2 Image Copy & Restore..
  414. SQL/400 and "TOP x" function
  415. How do I make a VIEW read-only?
  416. do i need to exclude transaction log while replicate
  417. Problems with db2 log archive
  418. Difference between inbound_comm_address and corr_token
  419. Problem with MONTH() function
  420. Problems with archiving logs.
  421. DB2 Universal JDBC Driver and {fn CURDATE()}
  422. Federated setup - additional column
  423. Deleting Rows from DB2 table that Contain LOBs
  425. How to analysis the Performance of DB2 UDB 8.1?
  426. federation windows-aix
  427. What are security risks with running DB2 services using local system account?
  428. Federation of DB2 Instances Across LPAR's
  429. force in a join the election of a table as the most important
  430. What is the difference in the update statements?
  431. trigger logic
  432. Swap space usage
  433. Mark Townsend, Oracle Product Manager, on posting in DB2 newsgroup
  434. IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries database access problem
  435. What is node migration ?
  436. How to analyse poor performance of the database
  437. db2 size and performance
  438. reorg & data corruption
  439. db2eva help.....
  440. Seeking some planning info for DB2 UDB LUW REORG
  441. force rollforward pending state
  442. reorg performance and online reorg
  443. DB2 8.2 on linux x86_64 - authentication options
  444. win98
  445. DB2 UDB DBA needed
  446. Fault monitor question
  447. Question on db2licd command for applying FP6
  448. Updating Partition Key with Before Trigger
  449. Running DB2 Stored Procedures from Microsoft SQL Server 2000
  450. type2 vs type 4 drivers
  451. DB2 V8.2 HADR Questions
  452. AWE Bufferpool: instance crashing with DB2 8.x ESE FP8
  453. proble database
  454. recover tables db2
  455. What is wrong in this statement?
  456. DB2 CLP - formatting text columns
  457. Cross-platform DB2 UDB restores with Linux on POWER5
  458. Stored Procedures error SQL0440N on db2 8.1 fp5
  459. Moving data from UDB 7.1 to UDB 8.1
  460. Wrong values for dft_,mon_table in 8.1 FP 8 in db2diaglog, if chaning it ?
  461. Restoring a Tablespace level backup to another database
  462. V8.2: "Attempt to create interval of 0-dimensions"
  463. DB2 Exam 700
  464. Diffence between Quantified Predicates: IN , ANY, and SOME?
  465. Equivilant of Oracle's DB Links in DB2
  466. Preloading data/table in memory?
  467. num_poolagents doesn't add up
  469. v8 Dynamic Scrollable Cursors
  470. ODBC Issues - SQL0443 SQLSTATE=38553
  471. calling stored procedures via oracle odbc
  472. SQL0443N Routine "ALTOBJ"
  473. HOW To get Monitoring VALUES in sqlmon.h
  475. help with db2image extender 8.2
  476. help with db2image extender 8.2
  477. Prometric Test centers in Chennai(India)
  478. Is it possible to Hexadecimal or Binary Value as the input to WHERE clause in query?
  479. Message in db2diag.log after returning to version 7.2
  480. Websphere Compliance Auditing Tool (DB2 Based)
  481. UDF with dynamic SQL and result
  482. The best tool to analyze and document.
  483. Cannot connect to remote db via 'Federated Database Objects'
  484. Install problem on Windows XP - VerifyPrereqsCA
  485. JDBC Support by DB2 Fixpak
  486. DB2 installation on Mandrake 10.1
  487. task center
  488. Reorg table/index questions
  489. DB2 numerical data type on HOST instead of bigint
  490. What is the difference between Alias and Nickname?
  491. What am I missing?
  492. specify package names for sql stored procedures how?
  493. DB2Connection.typeMaxVarChar=254??
  494. Primary key and Unique indexes in UDB Vs Oracle....
  495. SQL error 204 when we try to access tables via alias
  496. DB2 SQLCode Connection lost.
  497. DB2, SQL Server, Oracle
  499. Replace JAR failed in DB2 Development Center on AIX
  500. DB2 Technical Support
  501. db2 store procedure build failed.(aix 64bit server)
  502. setDB2ClientUser ?? example
  503. .NET and UDB2 Transaction Manager
  504. ZLES 9 Suse Linux and UDB 8
  505. ZLES 9 Suse Linux and UDB 8
  506. DB2 UDB v8.2 - SMTP Server Configuration
  507. Temporary index is not taking in the Stored procedure
  508. AS400 JOB - Sydney CL, Cobol etc.
  509. before trigger on 390/V7
  510. 64-bit instance on Aix 32 bit kernel / 64 bit hardware
  511. DBI1124E Instance inst1 cannot be migrated.
  512. How to reset/restart/modify the IDENTITY counter?
  513. Performance-related Issues on a Restored DB
  514. application program - question
  515. Error using Fast Path DB2 course from IBM
  516. What does this mean?
  517. Accessing a remote DB2 server
  518. single table query multiple indexes
  519. DB2 Client Access Licensing Question
  520. DB2 UDB 7.x BufferPool change
  521. Client Access ODBC driver problem
  522. Exporting and Importing tasks to Task Center
  523. sql0199 error
  524. Obtaining a list of databases within an instance using only the CLI commands
  525. db2 udb 7.2 config question
  526. Install DB2 CAE v5.2 using a response file.
  527. How to find routinename associated with a particular package??
  528. Merging a data mess
  529. export and dateformat to produce CSV file
  530. DB2 Run time client setup on XP won't install TCP/IP
  531. Fun installing db2 8.1 in a suse linux box
  532. HELP --- unirpc no port avail
  533. OnDemand TSM
  534. How can I terminate locks manually?
  535. DB2 & jdbc
  536. Steps on db2 trace
  537. db2 and stored procedure
  538. Identity values in dynamic SQL
  539. Which DB2 for Intel Xeon with EM64T Extensions on Linux
  540. Tips and tricks for fast SQL procedures
  541. Backup of DB2 on Windows 2003 using open file option
  542. reduce size of log files?
  543. reduce size of log files?
  544. reduce size of log files?
  545. Retrieving database record with the lowest value in field aaa?
  546. autonomic feature DB2 V8.2 question
  547. db2fm questions
  548. Date conversion
  549. Explanation/help with DB2 memory Usage on Linux?
  550. DB2 Command Center not working properly .....