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  1. Named Pipes Problem
  2. Setting nulls in Development Center for SQL Functions
  3. DB2 V8 Client / DB2 for z/OS Upgrade Path
  4. Running the same script across multiple DB2 databases, instances and servers
  5. can't create database cause access failure in db2spcat
  6. MS-DTC and .Net client doesn't work with Transaction Required
  7. Unable to select from temporary tables
  8. DB2 SQL Formatting
  9. Problem with Rebuild Index after loading data with DSN1COPY
  10. Handling Special character in openquery
  11. Problems with national characters
  12. SQL PL online manual/guide?
  13. Last Chance for VDC Embedded Database Survey - Takes Less Than 5 minutes...
  14. Last Chance for VDC Embedded Database Survey - Takes Less Than 5 minutes...
  15. DB2 UDB Security
  16. access pseries DB2 from iseries using COBOL and RPG
  17. Apply Program Not Moving Data
  18. db2_awe and more than 4GB memory on Windows
  19. NAS for DB2 active logs
  20. MDC Rollout
  21. Shameless self-promotion
  22. Oracle DBA Inherited DB2 System
  23. Trigger Failure Cancels calling transaction
  24. Performance of union all views
  25. Why does the execution plan hav a nested loop join when an UDF is used?
  26. SQL Procedure Question
  27. Embedded Database Research
  28. Where are the downloadable versions of the V8 manuals?
  29. Sybase to UDB Migration - Code Freeze
  30. Update Fails with SQL0407N
  31. sql replication script
  32. problem while index creation
  33. DB2 replication - Apply program not replicating
  34. Error in nested SQL Procedure
  35. SQL Statement length exceeded
  36. compact and compress?
  38. materialze query?
  39. Putting Information Center on hard drive
  40. 64-bit platform support for XML Extender
  41. Can I store binaries outside /sqllib/function?
  42. clob question.
  43. Get the DB2 version number through SQL (onMVS)
  44. How I can get statistics by indexes using?
  45. Packagename of a routine
  46. Change Server Name on a DB2 Server
  47. drop table/recover space
  48. Can I replicate data between a pair of databases in the same instance?
  49. Stored Procedures (db2dari.exe) sucking up memory
  50. Does DB2 WSUE supports 64 bit computing ?
  51. DIA3819C A file sharing violation has occurred, filename was ""
  52. UDB V8 FP9a "log data" monitor elements
  53. Cannot connect to db2 using jdbc
  54. Statement sequence in SQL Stored Procedure
  55. retrieving clobs over wan
  56. UDB V8 (Fixpak8) - "Database files closed" monitor element
  57. Why are the "same" queries optimised differently ?
  58. DBA2052E
  59. Db2 help needed
  60. DB2 V8 - user account TROUBLE
  61. DB2 port
  62. using jdbc to connect to db2
  63. Difference between a 'file' and a 'table'
  64. load utility does not work from control center
  65. Char in US Code page vs Char in UTF-8
  66. problem with unloading data from DB2 ver7
  67. problem with unloading data from DB2 ver7
  68. DB2 and PHP
  69. No future for DB2
  70. Vargraphic not available in GUI
  71. Prevent Infinite Looping in Q Replication
  72. Help! Call sql procedure - SQL1109N The specified DLL "SYSIBM.SQLPROCEDURECOLS
  73. show comments for columns ...
  74. solution on source code page "1114" to the target code page "UNKNOWN".
  75. Merge stmt
  76. Design Advisor does not recommend indexes !!
  78. Reorg of very large tables
  79. UDB V8.2 (FP1) - DGTT WITH REPLACE vs. delete * from DGTT
  80. HADR / Q replication comparison
  81. Trying to get scrollable result set from SQL stored procedure
  82. commands to copy archived logs in disk to tsm
  83. DB2/390 v8 - union all subquery in select list returns wrong results
  84. Inner Joins and UDFs
  85. how to archive logs to disk and then use tsm to back them up to tape
  86. Table function GET_DBM_CONFIG missing in Fixpak 9
  87. How to Stop a Database
  88. DB2 AS400 convert character to date format
  89. DB2 AS400 convert character to date format
  90. unable to install SQL Express 2005 CTP
  91. overflows : interpretation
  92. DB2 Event Monitor puts "?" for all the values
  93. Help to compile C UDFs using gcc on AIX (bldrtn)
  94. Table size estimation
  95. Copying my DB2 database connections
  96. Need FixPack 7a urgently. Plz. Help!
  97. DB2 v8 --- Creating the DB2CERT database...
  98. DB2 v8
  99. DB2 replication setup step by step
  100. Help with "SQL30081N A communication error has been detected"
  101. DB2 and cygwin ...
  102. resetting monitoring switches
  103. Cursors defined as "WITH HOLD" are closed after commit.
  104. MQT/Staging Table/Syntax
  105. Division by Zero or changed order of applying predicates in SQL
  106. q replication/sql replication
  107. Pick until enough
  108. very strange ... SQL0910
  109. Modification time
  110. SQLSTATE 42997
  111. DB2 Replication - synchtime
  112. How do I increase the size of the output message parameter of a debugger
  113. SQL0270 RC 73
  114. HADR Questions
  115. DB2 solaris installation without open windows?
  116. DB2 Warehouse Site Agent!!
  117. privileges on packages - db2 8.2.2
  118. Journal - Task History - Database backup success is expired
  119. [Restore DB] backup from linux & resotore to windows
  120. Can we create an alias for a sequence in db2
  121. error : DIA3207E L'appel TCP/IP "gethostbyname"
  122. Will the new RECOVER Command run in parallel on a partitioned database ?
  123. DB2 migration v5 to v8.1
  124. Change a table's tablespace
  126. db2advis - Disk Limit Constraint
  127. TPC-H Query Results - 1GB DB
  128. Problem running control center.
  129. UDB 8.2 poerformance problem
  130. How to DELETE with COMMIT COUNT
  131. DB2 Before Insert Trigger not acting like before?
  132. SQL Problem - Date / Txn Sequences
  133. Bogus data type incompatible error SQLSTATE=22001?
  134. Select column user via clp without getting token user
  135. Can CLP output be timestamped?
  136. Problems with Java SPs on Win2003 server
  137. SQL0289 when Alter table space
  138. db2spmrsy
  139. Question about VARCHAR Vs. CHAR fields
  140. DB2 8.1 32-bit Linux migration to 8.2 64-bit on AIX
  141. Delete vs. Merge
  142. DB2 Connect V8, Schema functions, and CLI driver
  143. Materialized Query Syntax--I can't get the samples to work
  144. Problems with connection pool for DB2400
  145. Question on Package Cache Overflows
  146. db2move questions
  147. db2move questions
  148. temporary tablespace without sufficient page for replication
  149. SQL UDF works very strange. Bug or feature?
  150. Same software, different hardware and abominable performance
  151. replication scheduling
  152. Migration path -> Unidata V6 to DB2 V8.2
  153. Any Info to join the "Serrano" Beta for the Next Websphere Information Integrator?
  154. Nickname in two phase commit ???
  155. Nickname in two phase commit ????
  156. -22205 return code from task center
  157. APAR IY66088
  158. Windows authentication on DB2 UDB 8
  159. Test Post - Ignoe
  160. DB2 Views
  161. Isolation question for DB2 beginer
  162. DB2/UDB B-Tree Indexing, Reverse Scans
  163. Call a View over SQL (DB2 UDB V8.1.6)
  164. using nextval in external udf
  165. UNION ALL View
  166. Stripe sets, high watermark and restores
  167. export package
  168. join 2 databases
  169. DB2 & System Dates
  170. DB2 Client on SUSE 9.3?
  171. Triggers - can I have it fire only if certain columns actually change?
  172. Raw Device Wiggle Room?
  173. read only standby db
  174. SQL Abfrage auf DB2 UDB V 8.1.6
  175. Problem with UDF
  176. Migrating Application SErver with DB server
  177. DB2 HADR 8.2.2 for REORG maintenance
  178. Database lost - Help me
  179. Database lost - Help me
  180. locate and select
  181. Database lost - Help me
  182. Confused over data page utilization
  183. Unexpectend end of ZLIB input stream ???
  184. split mirror : high availability
  185. db2move problem
  186. Problem with sqlp_AsyncLogReadAPI, generating error every 2 second
  187. Scope problem? UDB DB2 R8.1.5 Linux
  188. result set is closed
  189. Handling Money Via UDT / UDF (i.e. homegrown "extender")
  190. Oracle Transparent Gateway
  191. How large of a bufferpool can you create?
  192. Message being sent to port 523 (DAS)
  193. PRUNE Logfile Command Question
  194. Days/date redux UDB DB2 8.1.5 Linux
  195. HADR works with Peoplesoft (JDEdwards)
  196. Password Settings
  197. some problems with the replication
  198. Cleaning up after a crash
  199. Problem Upgrading to FP9a Using Alternate Fixpack
  200. update db cfg dbheap
  201. SQL0567N
  202. Fixpack 9a now available
  203. Index / Primary Key
  204. Transaction Log Full and Stored Procedure
  205. Redirected restore problem
  206. DB2 Connect Problem
  207. backup
  208. JCL or CICS from store procedure
  209. Search multiple job sites for you!
  210. Problem with SQLFreeStmt
  211. backup image compatibility between different versions
  212. windows executable error - db2
  213. Db2 select statment
  214. Different NUMBLOCKPAGES across Partitions (DPF)?
  215. problem with db2 authentification
  216. Passing And ARRAY to a Stored Procedure
  217. Problems with Type 4 jdbc driver
  218. Consultant Needed
  219. Best Practices for Copying of Data Between Instances
  220. file versus command line issue
  221. How to extract a list of top running queries on a database on a single day
  222. Poor insert performance
  223. Tempspace only one container is being used - EEE!
  224. how to update sqlj routine source in catalogs ?
  225. Invalid arg exception when connecting to db w/underscore in name
  226. convert duration in seconds to hh:mm:ss
  227. Activate db - command changed in 8.x?
  228. abysmal performance with scalar query
  229. Program querying DAS for isntances/databases
  230. How to pad a sequence value with zeros
  231. Emergency question about SQL0818 gotten on SQLJ proc
  232. converting existing DB2 v8.1.1.72 AIX 5.2 to 64-bit. Need info please.
  233. Database size
  234. Prove HADR
  235. db2 store procedure-- sqlstate=38503
  236. jdbc connection crashing database
  237. Union Problem
  238. Moving database to a larger hard disk partition
  239. DB2 Managed Service Provider
  240. script to restore db from comand line
  241. Change passwd programatically?
  242. Last commited transaction less then backup image timestamp after restore with rollforward?
  243. Moving home directory on DB2 instance?
  244. HIS 2000 connectivity problem
  245. replication
  246. db2 AIV extenders for Linux
  247. problem with a binary (maybe)
  248. installing db2 8.2.2 on RHEL4
  249. How to use cygwin xterm and db2
  250. SQLSTATE: 23505 UDB DB2 8.1.5
  251. Backup Options
  252. DB2 in production environment.
  253. Schema Mapping
  254. Connection to iSeries with Windows credentials requires Local Admin rights
  255. Tools to convert Mysql DDL to DB2
  256. AppDetective and DB2 instances
  257. Federated Insert and local update in on transaction not possible
  258. decimal to char problems
  259. Libeay32.dll conflict
  260. Make DB2 administrative APIs available through SQL
  261. DB2 Everyplace problems
  262. File System Full
  263. RTRIM is not truncating trailing spaces at the end of the line
  264. files under db2dump
  265. Replication Center SQL Replication Subscription sets
  266. User password?
  267. Seek DB2 translation of complicated Oracle join statment
  268. DGTT Changes access plan (extra SORT + RIDSCAN)
  269. Accessing old IBM DB2 V5.2
  270. restore db2 backup with include logs
  271. ODBC Driver
  272. Decomposing XML
  274. DB2 Archive Failure
  275. Workload/Query Generator
  276. Execute multiple statements in a Procedure
  277. Backup Question
  278. db2advis - works with indexes but not MV
  279. Status codes from Various UDB Utilities
  280. Automatic table maintenance
  281. Pivot or Invert row data
  282. Restore catch 22 db2 udb 8.1.5
  283. DB2/UDB and Read Locks
  284. DBexpress with DB2 questions
  285. Max number of Cursors?
  286. SQL30020N Execution failed because of a Distributed Protocol Error
  287. Cannot create sample database
  288. Date format db2 udb
  289. Where do I find out more?
  290. What is the difference between workgroup server and enterprise server edition?
  291. DSNTIJMS job in DB2 for z/OS
  292. Get human-readable error meesages ala db2 ? sql00911
  293. Number to Time Conversion
  294. No error messages from bind
  295. SMTP refuse email <instance>@<host>
  296. Structured type
  297. CONNECT TO hangs, no response
  298. How to detect running under RRSAF or CAF?
  299. Size of "Indexes and Materialized Views"
  300. Seek DB2 translation of Oracle statement with date stuff
  301. performance & behaviour question
  302. Lost active log, can't connect to database..
  303. db2v81 PE inst on gentoo(linux),amd64
  304. HADR primary connection failure tryin to communite to standby
  305. Empty Query Cache
  306. Warehouse Manager Agent problem
  307. * Need help on Backup *
  308. use dynamic SQL in external user-defined table function
  309. Monitoring And Maintenance
  310. Position open to fill - embarking on Data Warehouse project
  311. problem with a restore maybe ...
  313. Corrupted download files for DB2 8.2 PE Linux 2.6
  314. MQSEND on z/OS and DB2
  315. Other memory
  316. Help Product Information - Information Integrator for SyBase to UDB Migration
  317. SQL - Unexpected Token "date/interval"
  318. OFF TOPIC: x86 Server Selection
  319. db2diag.log error
  320. generate row number in result set?
  321. Dates not in the future
  322. Query Execution Time
  323. >255 chars into stored procedure via ado
  324. Latest stable version?
  325. Transferrate / overhead
  326. -101 on alter table statement
  327. Restoring from a crashed system.
  328. URGENT:Exporting and Importing data using IXF format
  329. question about online backups
  330. Problem with updates via MS Access
  331. logfile on db2
  332. Can I customize DB2 catalog with my own tables?
  333. SQL0206N "C" is not valid in the context where it is used. SQLSTATE=42703
  334. Information Integrator - AIX ODBC - any user experiences?
  335. Question on dropping a trigger
  336. Library issue
  337. No Subject
  338. problem with different access plan (slow & fast) for the same SQL-Statement
  339. Code in the database or middle tier (the CLR controversy)
  340. db2pgixt
  341. log_retain_status and logarchmeth1
  342. Problem with federated database
  343. I am a new user help needed
  344. Problem with a query with MAX function
  345. why I can't display a jpg Blob field in web?
  346. SAR file -- can this be imported and edited?
  347. SQL-to-XML error when calling dxxgenx
  348. way to speed-up/tune database creation?
  349. Database market share 2004
  350. db2 backup issue on windows
  351. SQL10007N Message "-1390" could not be retrieved. Reason code: "6".
  352. haven't got a clue on this error.
  353. Unable to restart DB2 Instance
  355. Run-Time Clients
  356. customize CREATE DATABASE
  357. URGENT:Anybody out there with DB2 6.1 SDK for windows
  358. URGENT:Anybody out there with DB2 6.1 SDK for windows??
  359. SQL0270N How to create Java UDF with SQL?
  360. ERROR when using get db cfg command
  361. SQL0950N error
  362. SQL0518N
  363. Unlocking DB2 table/row locks
  364. reorgchk reorg interpretation
  365. SQL0973N QUERY_HEAP_SZ to small
  366. Date format question
  367. Query syntax
  368. Query question
  369. Importing from DEL file where a column value begins with a " ?
  370. Could not build query
  371. Hardware Planing..
  372. How to make a Query with diffrent variables, beeing empty or not?
  373. DB2 8.2 JDBC Application --> CHARACTER and CHAR
  374. increase cpu usage for a db2 process
  375. Importing V8.2 IXF files into V5.2
  376. where to find V7 release ?
  377. Automatic Storage
  378. unable to connect to a db2 server through the control center ... - Help !
  379. db2/UDB replication problems (maybe ...?) - Help needed
  380. Test
  381. Extender server problems
  382. Replication Cold Start
  383. Production Support Analyst Needed
  384. Matching IP Address to subnets.
  385. Net View Ext & BLOBs
  386. Connections
  387. NetApp Filer
  388. Vennela Technologies Offering Beautiful Courses On Oracle
  389. Insert CLOB / BLOB
  390. Loading datetime values from SYBASE into DATE type in DB2
  391. DB2 restores with Veritas NetBackup?
  392. Where can I find what type of field DB2 has
  393. JDBC issues with setBinaryStream an AbstractMethodError and a cast
  394. Calling a DB/2 v8.2 stored procedure from perl
  395. Supra to DB2 migration
  396. cannot connect from Crystal Reports to remote DB2
  397. 8.2.2. Windows "net stop db2-0" with activated databases does not work
  398. looking for not JAVA admin tools for UDB V8
  399. DB2 Stored Procedures called from REXX
  400. Login to AS400 from SQL Data Transformation Services
  401. 8.2 Windows: Health Monitor not always work
  402. CLI0112E Error in assignment
  403. Coding Standard for developing Stored Procedures
  404. SQL0444N Routine "DB2XML.CONTENT"
  405. need header values
  406. Db2 v 8 is buggy
  407. Code page problem: workaround
  408. Where to find FP9 for Linux with kernel 2.6?
  409. Optimization level in db2?
  410. Error: [IBM][CLI Driver] CLI0125E Function sequence error. SQLSTATE=S1010 while using ADO
  411. copy database structure
  412. compact lob data?
  413. Problem connecting from AIX to Windows.
  414. PDE 8.2.2 untar problems
  415. federated databases on 2 instances
  416. Transaction log full
  417. Comparison of Performance of SQL and external Procedures
  418. Doc Fixpack 9 for V8 ?
  419. URGENT! trouble with char conversion from nickname
  420. iSeries DB 2 to UDB2 V8.1
  421. a query at db2
  422. unload data
  423. String data right truncation. SQLSTATE=22001
  424. unable to load DLL 'db2app.dll'
  425. Allocation error when allocating memry to CLOB host variables
  427. relation_data_serv problem
  428. sqldEscalateLocks and performances
  429. Stored Procedure - Handling all error code with a single condition !!
  430. Problems with code page
  431. the USER
  432. I think to have a problema with DB2_SQLROUTINE_COMPILE_COMMAND
  433. Install DB2 in an FSIOP/IxS Card in an iSeries
  434. JAVA udf 8.2.2
  435. SQL Stored Proc - Security issue
  436. creating dsn for mainframe db2
  437. New Registry Variables in 8.2.2 (FP9)
  438. HELP ME problem with *.sqc
  439. Handling Time Stamps
  440. No system temporary table space and a SQL query
  441. Deadlock or Timeout when delete/update rows with BLOB
  442. Restoring Journals on an iSeries Box
  443. method to write to a flat file from Stored procedure
  444. HELP! Variable looses value in loop within trigger
  445. get snapshot for dynamic sql
  446. Strange or normal IDENTITY behavior?
  447. DB2 V8.2.2 Manuals (FP9)
  448. Seek equivalent of Oracle's empty_clob() for CLOB creation
  449. Equivalent of Oracle's DBMS_LOB.GETLENGTH(COLUMN_NAME)
  450. Enabling database for DB2IMAGE
  451. Strange inconsistences when repeating a query more than twice in a row
  452. Strange inconsistences when repeating a query more than twice in a row
  453. Is there a "go to" statement in DB2 Stored Procs.
  454. viewing privileges for stored procedures
  455. Aggregating text
  456. Trigger syntax ? problem
  457. multilanguage problem
  458. connecting to remote 7.1 db2 database
  459. Equivalent of Oracle's to_date('03/04/2005','MM/DD/YYYY')
  460. Comparing dates using date function and arithmetic
  461. db2LogRead API Error
  462. how to print a new line character
  463. Control Center lock
  464. accent insensitive diacritic insensitive data retrieval
  465. custom collating sequence
  466. generated column
  467. Stored procedures in SYSPROC schema
  468. primary =/=> unique?
  469. FP9 / can't find Apar GG04517
  470. FP9 installer breaks Information Center (Windows)
  471. Using LOWER function in DB2
  472. db2app.dll
  473. Creating Dataset from DataAdapter VS.Studio.NET & Db2
  474. db2 concurrency control question
  475. DB2 equivalent of Oracle to_char(created_date,'MM/DD/YYYY')
  476. How to define this kinds of constraint.
  477. Accessing Oracle from DB2 Stored Procedure
  478. Shameles self-promotion
  479. problems with UNION
  480. changing password
  481. unloading data from db2 v6 tables to os390
  482. Queston on DB2 lock
  483. SQL Stored Procedures X Java Stored Procedures in DB2 8.2
  484. Problem with sequence in UDB 8.2
  485. data warehouse
  486. DIA0001E An internal error occurred. Report the following error code : "ZRC=0x8136001C".
  487. SELECTing from multiple databases?
  488. Performance: CAF vs RRSAF
  489. Password invalid, when logging on as db2inst1 with a password
  490. SYSPROC.ENV_GET_INST_INFO() not working...
  491. Need good idea
  492. DB2 UDB v8.2 Fixpack 9 Problem starting Information Center
  493. tablespace move from 32K to 4K page size on same instance
  494. DB2 version info
  495. Error Installing ESE Fixpack 9 for Windows - Help Please
  496. error sqlriResolveOpFunc
  497. Quck question on port numbers for V8.X and HP
  498. Stored Procedures: RESULT SET.
  499. Stored procedures debugging.
  500. DB2 Fixpak 9 now available for LUW
  501. [Fwd: Double lock on iseries db2 transaction]
  502. Sr. Database Engineer Needed - Preferably DB2 (Silicon Valley)
  503. Help creating trigger
  504. db2 connect statement with current schema
  505. DB21015E - New Error with Fixpack 8?
  506. how to copy a clob column data......
  507. selecting data based on rowid
  508. federated database
  509. Simple question
  510. how to pass value to a stored procedure at runtime....
  511. SQL
  512. Clone a partial DB on Linux running in circular mode
  513. SET INTEGRITY question
  514. Help with an SQL Query
  515. Calling sqleintr or exit causes program (linux) to hang (due to deadlock by pthread)
  516. Cannot grant sysproc function to user
  517. DB2 Data directly into Microsoft Excel
  518. DB2 crash?!?
  519. UDB v 8.1 - SQL0925N SQL COMMIT invalid for application execution
  520. UDB v 8.1 on win2000 - SQL0925N SQL COMMIT invalid for application execution
  521. Connect to remote server using db2 and Perl
  522. Translate this Oracle Trigger ...
  523. Help with Oracle to DB2 trigger translation
  524. Row Locking issue
  525. event monitor -dropped default one
  526. Db2 server problem, Urgent please need suggestions
  527. Data Compression
  528. SEARCH / KNOWN discovery question
  529. Same statement, different application, different runtime
  530. If statement
  531. Passing a resultset from a nested Stored Procedure
  532. Cannot alocate 2,4 GB for Bufferpools, DB v 8.2.1 on AIX 5L
  533. problem running db2cc, DB2 v.8.2 on AIX
  534. Generating rows on the fly
  535. Please Help - DB2 Specialist Consultant Required
  536. sql1042C / sql1036C on create database?
  537. client v7 to connect v8.1 mts error
  538. DB2 Optimizer is not using Summary Table (DB2 V 8.1.7)
  539. Load commit
  541. Problem when archiving log files
  542. DB2Advisor error
  543. How to configure windows with ibm db2 odbc driver?
  544. Proyectos de Inversion en IT en la Universidad Tecnologica Nacional
  545. DB2 SNMP Monitoring - Missing the Boat - Big Time
  546. JDBC Driver Defaults
  547. Client Access ODBC DB2 driver problem
  548. LDAP authentication for DB2
  549. Placing a Lock at record level in a table.
  550. Browsing through a table