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  1. memory leak, urgent help needed
  2. DB2 8.1 to SP10
  3. DB2 ODBC connection timeout???
  4. send email with db2
  5. Statistics - Table Name, Number of Rows, Number of Columns
  6. db2 and NIS
  7. What is a JOBLOG
  8. Exciting Oracle News :: Oracle DB Worm Code Published :: Oracle PasswordsCrack in Mere Minutes
  9. Linux Runtime Client 7.1
  10. version 7 backup close connections
  11. ImapgePlus mouse support
  12. Migrating from DB2 7.2 to 8.2 Questions
  13. Restore From Offline Backup
  14. SQLJ won't run static....
  15. db2start
  16. database reorg
  17. AYUDA error DB2JAVIT :RC=11
  18. Retrieve last inserted id
  19. HADR incompatibility between the two databases
  20. Diag File Log Entry??
  21. web service leaves thread active
  22. Need Help: Using UDB-Type2-Driver on z/OS DB2 version 7
  23. Need Help, DB2 Crash with Error DIA8301C
  24. db2dasrrm process / monitoring db2 processes
  25. Recover Wndows SAM
  26. DB21061E
  27. "User mapping missing" when accessing FEDERATED nickname
  28. Automatical enable and disable a task center task
  29. Error: SQL0971
  30. Windows Client for db2
  31. DB2 installation problem in the db2 database.
  32. Interested in feedback on DB2 UDB autonomic computing features
  33. SQL0101N and SQL0723N - Recursive Triggers Should Not be Happening
  34. db2 health monitor alert action to run script
  35. How to determine size of a table without running statstics
  36. Attempting to connect with client to remote DB2 instance
  37. WSE 8.1.5 LUW Trap file not written as claimed?
  38. Select the latest record for each ID from a table of historic records
  39. Problems creating database using scripts provided by LMS
  40. To generate Unique id for every SELECT statement
  41. db2 UDB Fixpack 10 on Redhat Enterprise Linux V3
  42. Searching for newline character with posstr
  43. DBD::DB2 $sh->prepare () after FixPack 7 upgrade
  44. why commit while finish a select statment
  45. Install db2 database in the Linux
  46. Foreign constraints DB2 UDB v8.1.7 Linux
  47. I don't understand results
  48. Inserting two spaces into a char(8), DB2 omits a space
  49. Latest Pictures and News from IDUG 2005 Europe Conference
  50. FreeHandle error
  51. Restoring to Different RAID Stripe / Extent Size
  52. User Data Maintenance users
  53. Scripts for HADR failover
  54. Strip titles from varchar string
  55. How to optimize this query in DB2
  56. Edit routine & access path
  57. Trigger structure
  58. ALTER TABLE <TABLE> DROP UNIQUE <INDNAME> doesn't recognize index name!
  59. Complex expression in select list, where, and order by
  60. LOAD vs. IMPORT
  61. Cannot turn on logging for tables with names > 18 chars
  62. Problem of two applications connect to one DB2 server
  63. What is the max length of a trigger name?
  64. Triggers DB2 UDB v8.1.?
  65. Pictures Live from IDUG 2005 Europe Conference
  66. Encryption question - please help
  67. Downloading UDB 8.2 Linux x86-64 PDE
  68. How to decipher a SQLCODE
  69. How to concat several lines into one
  70. LOGARCHMETH1 TSM logarchopt1 db2uext2
  71. Loading a delimited file to a table - new bie question
  72. IBM encryption tool question
  73. JDBC,CLI0109E,VARCHAR(2000) to VARCHAR(4000)
  74. db2 restart required after changing varchar(2000) to varchar(4000)
  75. Problem When Creating Views
  76. Tomcat and DB2
  77. Order By values of a column
  78. Serge......Help me
  79. "Merge Into ..." Trouble
  80. Problem with PreparedStatement and DB2-Function...
  81. Support for Generated columns on iSeries
  82. Long Error Messages in Command Center
  83. General Questions- Need Clearance
  84. Disk Space Calculation for tables
  85. First of each group
  86. remvoing statement event moitors
  87. Searching ODBC-Driver
  88. sending health monitor messages to another application
  89. Indexing Question
  90. Redirected Restore From one server to another Issue, db2advis error.
  91. Sanity check: primary key(a, b) implies index
  92. Query regarding Snapshot API
  93. Help - Migration to DB2
  94. access varchar error
  95. ReadOnly DB? - Improved Performance for Data Mart
  96. DSNTIAUL - Unload a Table that has a Null Ind
  97. Massive sql via WAN
  98. how can I use db2adutl to view TSM info of another physical server
  99. Multi-level Stored Procs and Savepoints
  100. Visit the IDUG Europe Conference Blog for Daily Updates and Conference Information
  101. Problem in DB2 AVI Extender
  102. Problem in DB2 AVI Extender
  103. Net Search Extender for Linux / DEV. ED.
  104. (Visual) Explain for z/OS
  105. Query regarding Performance
  106. db2app.dll could not found Error
  107. Where Am I ?
  108. Where Am I ?
  109. SQL0101N The statement is too long or too complex
  110. A pre-Wilma freebie for the DB2 crowd
  111. Slow connect to local server if VPN active
  112. When are CHECK constraints evakuated?
  113. How to move a database into "global" area?
  115. inconsistent rowcount
  116. Comment in an insert statment?
  117. problem with an insert
  118. probelm with temp table
  119. Need Help : Power Builder and DB2
  120. Unable to list tablespaces from Control Center
  121. Capture memory leak
  122. Error SQL0104N on very simple client setup. Help.
  123. Is dual-mode authentication possible under DB2?
  124. HADR disconnected status
  125. Regd: Platinum Fast Unload
  126. DB2WMI and DB2 PE
  127. XML DAD Library List
  128. VBS return value from stored procedure
  129. script to automate table grants like a current user?
  130. Sybase to UDB migration --- help required on joins
  131. Location of Task Center tasks
  132. what query to ask the codepages a DB2 will read?
  133. Fenced user/instance question
  134. Replication - Not replicating deletes
  135. Intel Dual Core Processor and DB2 Licensing
  136. Java interpreter not starting after update to FP10 (testet with JDK 1.4.1. / 1.4.2)
  137. Syntactic sugar for INSERT
  138. Net Search Extender
  139. Have any function in the DB2 database that can generate unique id for each String?
  140. How to UPDATE with joins
  141. DB2
  142. cataloging and rerouting questions
  143. How can I move a table from a schema to another one?
  144. how to get parameter value from dynamic select statement ?
  145. How can I cast a BLOB-value to a VARCHAR-value?
  146. Last Chance to Register Online for IDUG 2005 - Europe - Register Today
  147. Relational Database Usage survey
  148. How can I output my own messages? Can anybody describe the Errorhandling please?
  149. privilege issues
  150. Getting rid of "schema" from DB2 statements in COBOL programs...
  151. SYSADM privilege
  152. null -> not null or vice versa?
  153. Is a statement like this possible: SELECT * FROM (CALL myProcedure)
  154. DBRM Generation
  155. DB2 for AIX Version 2.1.2
  156. case expression with SQL functions
  157. db2 v8 install hangs on windows XP pro
  158. Agents stolen from another application HIGH
  159. DB2 BIND from one database to another
  160. db2 toolsdb
  161. Is there a way to estimate view table size in DB2?
  162. Scaler Function: "Strip"
  163. Incrementing sequences in the same select statement
  164. db2connect and
  165. transitive closure of a graph
  166. Trying to create a heartbeat for db2
  167. Q replication not replicating after an online reorg.
  168. UnInstalling DB@ admin tools....
  169. How to db2level
  170. DB2 SQL Developer Tool
  171. Is there a way to get DB2 z/OS 7.1.1 to cache/reuse statements with jdbc ?
  172. Rebind of Stored Procedures in response to a Table Drop/Create
  173. Where does DB2 UDB v 8 for UNIX write its application log files?
  174. Stumped With Clob data
  175. Can't load library "/usr/lib/libcore.a", because load ENOENT on shared library(s)
  176. Can i write a user defined function in db2 Universal8.2 by the java or other language?
  177. Find my aliases
  178. Logon
  179. DB2 Memory Allocation Error
  180. SQL/PL - Difference between OS/390 and UDB?
  181. Time is Running Out to Register for IDUG 2005 - Europe Conference
  182. how to stop db2jd?
  183. How can i write java store procedure in DB2 universal database8.2
  184. Migrating PostgreSQL to DB2
  185. how to caculate the total size of an index?
  186. how to move package
  187. Load command
  188. checking existing before drop a table
  189. Update/Load Slooooow
  190. Schema Diff Tool
  191. LOB Access Error
  192. General LOB Performance Question
  193. Federated databases on different instances on the same machine
  194. DB2 Installation Error
  195. DB2 Installation Error
  196. I/O error "243" when backup to tape
  197. All linked DB2 tables viewable on 390, but only some are viewable after migration to AIX and v8
  198. LOAD doesn't seem to work using JDBC
  199. UDF in GENERATED ALWAYS column
  201. Integrity pending
  202. SQL0901N - Any comments?
  203. Table Comparison Tools?
  204. recreate a same database
  205. Trigger Db2 V8.xx
  206. Probably dumb question
  207. UDB v8.1 fp 6 Summary table with an index
  208. Simple question on case statements and aggregating data
  209. sequence
  210. db2diag.log -> "MESSAGE : Invalid private sort memory request"
  211. What is Max Length for Index Column
  212. DB2 7.x and Linux 2.6 kernel + RHEL 4
  213. Use fedb to access remote orcale database through a db2 fedb
  214. DB2 8.2 UDF_MEM_SZ / ASL_HEAP_SZ
  215. about cursor load
  216. DB2MSCS problem
  217. Stored Procedure SQL0443N
  218. v8 cursor positioned update causes SQL4903N error
  219. How to increase page size 4k to 16k
  220. Reorg Table daily?
  221. Viewing last execution Date of Performance utilities (e.g. Runstats, Reorg)
  222. Drop column from table
  223. IDUG 2005 Europe Conference: Call for moderators
  224. Cannot find db2idrop
  226. SQL30081N A communication error has been detected
  227. Creation of Indexes in UDB for LUW
  228. IBM Single System View Monitor for DB2
  229. DDL for Creating the Auxilliary table associated with a CLOB column
  230. Slow connects to database
  231. Need DB2 Tuning/Optimization Specialist in D/FW for 6-8 weeks
  232. Need DB2 Tuning/Optimization Specialist in D/FW for 6-8 weeks
  233. load in an atomic statement -anyone resolved this??
  234. 8.1 and 8.2 "compiling"
  235. rows read vs. rows selected.
  236. iwh2serv.exe error
  237. Exporting just schema/metadata (w/o data) in DB2
  238. Db2 version 8.1 & FP5 installation Steps
  239. DB2 DAS causes transaction log to fill up
  240. trigger fire at not null columns
  241. as400 driver
  242. as400 driver
  243. filesystem layout for installing db2
  244. .Net and DB2 triggers
  245. Log Shipping from Primary Server to Backup and vise versa.
  246. Do I observe the DB2GENERAL calling convention in my Java UDF?
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  248. querying the number of connected components
  249. DB2 Federated connection problems
  250. Cannot allocate additional FCM - v8.2 DPF
  251. DB2 concurrent connection
  252. max number of colums - DB2 version 8.1
  253. About logfiles in db2
  254. Java Store Procedures Help
  255. Question on event monitors
  256. Notification email address gets truncated
  257. DB2 Locking: Subquery to a Long Federated Query
  258. HADR and Type 4 Driver
  259. Instance on Multihomed Host
  260. db2 Script and Outputlinesize
  261. PK--> FK relationship between tables of different databases
  262. Small & Large Lobs
  263. YYYYMM "between" selection on date column?
  264. Hardware & stuff
  265. get request dynamicaly
  266. Order BY with FETCH 1 Rows Only DB2 v7.1 not allowed
  267. Development Center, 8.1 or 8.2, UDB
  268. how to monitor restore process during rollforward ?
  269. How to start Control Center in different language?
  270. Problem with Time Stamp as a Composite PK
  271. Problem in Insertion
  272. DB2 Architect
  273. Custom Trigger Event
  274. help request
  275. Exporting Client Configuration Assistant definitions from one computer to another
  276. DB2MQLsn - Where?
  277. How to lode/import all files in same time
  278. java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver when connecting to a DB2 database using driver
  279. start instance node problem
  280. PREPARE stmt FROM stmtText and table names
  281. database name
  282. Formatter for SYSTABLES PACKED_DESC ?
  283. DB2 Error
  284. WANT limit the database accessible to some machine
  285. using dynamic sql to write a procedure for table creation
  286. Unable to update DB2 V7.2 FP5 to FP14 on AIX 4.3.3
  287. Host Variable, SELECT INTO
  288. [IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30081N communication error on DB2/POrtal on AIX
  289. Net Search Extender
  290. Multiple connections to the same database in Cobol
  291. TCP/IP Comm Error
  292. Getting just the first couple records
  293. Primary-Contingency Setup
  294. need sql queries for following
  295. Bug?
  296. DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -204, SQLSTATE: 42704
  297. db2 udb 8.2 ignores indexes
  299. upgrade to bd2 udb 8.2 slowed down queries.
  300. Default date format for a DB2 instance
  301. Scheduling Database - Design Help!
  302. Mysterious Trigger error DB2 UDB v8.1.5
  303. Source code resource
  304. DB2 UDB 8.2 for Linux and the ODBC-driver ?
  305. Wrapper development question
  306. error message DB2 UDB 8.1.5 LINUX
  307. month between 2 dates
  308. Best practice
  309. Upgrade
  310. describe table ignores alias ?
  311. DB2SET issues
  312. Getting next val in a sequence when the table is empty
  313. SQL to Generate Record Combinations from input string
  314. check_backup script required
  315. db2icrt on Debian Sarge fails
  316. DAS/email notifications
  317. JAVA UDF Accessing Another static class
  318. Tuning for rollbacks?
  319. Omnifind and DB2
  320. sqledosd(), sqledgne() - list db directory
  321. Db2jdbcBind
  322. Can not run DB2LOAD in parallel
  323. IBM.Data.DB2.dll on .Net 2.0 framework
  324. REOPT ALWAYS for v 8.2 SQL procedures: does it work?
  325. Problem in DB2 provider for .NET Fixpack 10
  326. function sequence error on aix5.2
  327. Put database in single user mode
  330. Ports for DB2 behind firewall / ssh port forward
  331. Escaping in db2 load
  332. Problem batching stored procedure calls using JDBC
  333. Exclamation point in password irritates DB2 CC?
  334. SQL6031N after /etc/services was changed.
  336. SLOB in Table
  337. Converting a correlated subquery to a non-correlated one
  338. Nested Stored Procedure returning result sets in DB2 on AS/400
  339. Question on space for a reorg
  340. IDUG 2005 Europe Conference (Early Registration Deadline Approaching)
  341. DB2 7.1-7.2 where can I download trial ?
  342. db2diaglog errors
  343. visual explain
  344. How do I code this complex select statement
  345. Problem with prepared statements of DB2 using OLEDB
  346. JDBC - getColumnName for stored procedure not returning the column name
  347. Package codepage different from database codepage
  348. how to force a disconnect pending application which seems hang?
  349. DB2 error on AIX
  350. SQL0501N error in simple procedure
  351. Unique Vs. Non-Unique Indexes
  352. test
  353. 2 Phase Commit for JDBC Universal Driver Type 4 connectivity
  354. How to get Db2 admin Level DB2 v8.1.5.449
  355. Some questions on Declared Global Temp. Tables
  356. Bind abends with 0C4 when DEGREE(ANY) option is used
  357. Health Center Email Notifications Stopped
  358. DB2 UDB and Cobol on ZOS
  359. Modify db cfg
  360. Stoping a runnaway task in the Task Center
  361. Downloading 64-bit UDB PE
  362. DBConnect
  363. Scheduler stops for no reason
  364. Strange behaviour when using LIKE with %
  365. Federated problems 1100N
  366. time measurement with snapshots
  367. SQL on DB2 - restrict number of rows returned
  368. Urgent - OS scripts fails in Task Center with fixpack 10
  369. DB2 UDB 8.2 for Linux and the ODBC-driver
  370. Change format US-1252 to UTF-8
  371. Can I put DB2 into maintenance mode for --
  372. Warning Message: High-water mark has moved for pool
  373. Wrong edition installed - reinstall needed?
  374. DB2 authentication using padl
  375. poor query performance
  376. SQL 1224 error
  377. SNAPSHOT_FILEW stored procedure
  378. DB2 Connect db2cli.ini file changes
  379. Fetch rows faster with JDBC v2.
  380. What is this process - db2dascln
  381. DataPropagator for z/OS New Version?
  382. database offline
  383. configuration parameters
  384. not in subselect
  385. lock wait for Capture service in replication
  386. which udb 8.2.2 processes really need to run as root?
  387. Replication differential
  388. Replication question
  389. Does Visual Explain work on a GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE?
  390. After reboot primary and standby starts up and then they turn into catch up pending
  391. How upgrade WSE to ESE without uninstall/install?(+)
  392. help me out
  393. Db2 procedure error
  394. strange problem
  395. db2cc hangs on win2k with "C0000005 Access Violation&qu
  396. Is this query possible ?
  397. error of dynamic SQL
  398. Tivoli System Automation for HADR
  399. DB2 UDB LUW: query, cursor types and optimization
  401. function usage in dynamic SQL
  402. TCPIP port number
  403. Configuration Assistant problem
  404. News group problem?
  405. To change password for DB2 user
  406. question about dynamic SQL
  407. SNAPSHOT_BP function problem
  408. Photo Ipods
  409. Error while exporting clob
  410. DB2 MIGRATION: SYBASE Functions list
  411. DB2 Net Search Extender help!
  412. Strangeness with CASE stmts and ATOMIC keyword
  413. DB2 Net search extender problem!
  414. Alter table ADD COLUMN using UDF problem
  415. Connect Using db2cc and db2ce
  416. FP10 fun
  417. How to convert a string to integer?
  418. Attach Databasefiles
  420. ORDER BY and case DB2 8.1.5 LINUX
  421. agents -recommendation
  422. How to Update multiple tables in a single SQL update Statement?
  423. Alternate fixpacks and DB2 Connect
  424. Are LOB's replciated using HADR ?
  425. unload data on DB2 Z/OS to DB2 UDB on Windows
  426. SQL PL question: Get Diagnostics
  427. Attach Database
  428. bufferpool heap taking 4 GB when it is only specified as 750 MB total
  429. hmz... what's going on???
  430. FP10 - ooops!
  431. active users
  432. FP10 Now available
  433. where to find pricing?
  434. Error while compiling view
  435. SQL0351 when acccessing V7 from V8 client
  436. Extensions of DB2 engine
  437. Win2k Memory Allocation - BP v Sortheap
  438. PRUNE HISTORY question
  439. share tablespace
  440. Faster Runstats?
  441. UDB 8.2.2 specify statement-delimiter inside script?
  442. failover with HADR
  443. Run db2updv8 after installing fixpack 9a?
  444. Backup fails with SQL2059
  445. db2cc/db2ce on Linux
  446. Problem with a UDF
  447. CLI trace and DBD::DB2
  448. Bufferpools
  449. Delay a trigger
  450. How to replace Procedures/Functions?
  451. PROCEDURE with one-character name, not returning RESULT SET
  452. Convert Current Time to Dec
  453. Strange message in db2diag.log
  454. L2/3 Cache
  455. No select privilege on sysibm.sysdummy1
  456. SQL0374N on METHOD for structured-type (V8.1. fixpak 8)
  457. Hmz.. what's this then.
  458. db2start fails on Solaris 8.2 (SQL1042C)
  459. UDB V8 FP8 - Tablespace Filesystem caching enabled for DMS Raw?
  460. DB2 UDB ULW: Replacing an SQL procedure language based function used in object definitions?
  461. No start database manager command was issued. SQLSTATE=57019
  462. Questions re WITH RETURN TO CLIENT
  463. FYI: developerWorks/DB2: Tracing Procedures
  464. DB2 V8.2 install on Redhat 3.0 - AMD 64 bit
  465. Health Monitor Crash
  466. Change column name in replication environment
  467. Information Integrator with Oracle
  468. How to avoid Tran Fail Log error with update statements
  469. Applications hang in a "Commit Active" state
  470. db2 transactions per second
  471. db2plug and Control Centre
  472. Triggers-Replication-unique key
  473. Db2 Net Search Extender help!
  474. Zugriff auf DB2
  475. DB2 Program to connect to 2 databases
  476. What is JDK_PATH used for?
  477. db2dasdiag.log is filling up the filesystem
  478. Before insert Trigger
  479. db2 Redhat 3.0 AMD 64 bit - db2cc problems
  480. db2 v8.2 reorg
  481. javaw.exe
  482. Any Replication Gurus?
  483. Do I miss anything?
  484. Current library on AS/400
  485. Encrypting Data in DB2 Connect
  486. DB2 Connect - PE v8.1 - problem
  487. Use Of NULL Keyword In DB2
  488. How to send Mails out of a DB2 database on SuSE
  489. locks_held_top - Maximum Number of Locks Held monitor element
  490. i want to rename the table schema
  491. Java Type 4 Coonection in V8.x
  492. "Devices"
  493. fetch first in full select
  494. how to select source of procedures and functions
  495. Trigger and Call results in the 57053 problem but why?
  496. BIZZARE MQT-BASE Table Locking Behaviour
  497. Managing users under DB2
  498. increase write speed to UDB
  499. Will splitting up a table improve our select performance?
  500. Focused DB2 Education at IDUG 2005 - Europe
  501. Focused DB2 Education at IDUG 2005 - Europe
  502. sqluexpr - external routine problem
  503. Solaris client suddenly hangs
  504. A snapshot of the database market and DB2 by Philip Howard
  505. DB2 Hosting
  506. Licensing
  507. Multi RDBMS Support
  509. Advantages of "MERGE INTO"
  510. memory usage
  511. AS/400: generate unique numbers
  512. Dumb IBM Marketing?
  513. db2 8.2.2 error when creating database
  514. EXPORT DATA without quotes"
  515. Examples wanted
  516. passing parms to query in DB2 Unload
  517. DB2 Audit Trigger Generator [long]
  518. Upcoming DB2/XML webcast: Aug 16
  519. Making stored procedures resident in memory
  520. one performance question...
  521. one performance question...
  522. Long Varchar - when will it no longer be supported?
  523. migration toolkit (from oracle 9.x to udb 8.2.2)
  524. V8 FP 8 : Restore error messages.
  525. db2 8.2 fixpaks
  526. Db2 full text search help!
  527. reading DB2 with isolation CS - why is the lock blocking?
  528. Moving to AS/400
  529. Extentsize/Containers/Tablespace
  530. data access across instances
  531. DB2 SQLJ.Install_jar(file:///user/shared/java/javamail.jar', 'MAIL') Error 58004
  532. equivalent of oracle's dbms_output.put_line in db2
  533. Odd Security Need
  534. Euro Symbol and ASCII-Tablespace
  535. How switch db into read-only mode?
  536. DB2 version 7 JDBC drivers
  538. pass an recordset to a procedure
  539. New features for the next version of IDS
  540. Bug in DB2 8.2
  541. Finding DB2 instances and databases
  542. Year, Month, Day functions
  543. db2_all
  544. Named Pipes Problem
  545. Setting nulls in Development Center for SQL Functions
  546. DB2 V8 Client / DB2 for z/OS Upgrade Path
  547. Running the same script across multiple DB2 databases, instances and servers
  548. can't create database cause access failure in db2spcat
  549. MS-DTC and .Net client doesn't work with Transaction Required
  550. Unable to select from temporary tables