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  1. Creating Scalar UDF
  2. Connect to IBM DB2 database without installing the DB2 client.
  3. Multiple DB2 Client Versions
  4. Multiple Application Group possible ?
  5. DB2 - OleDb - Unable to use Catalog Library List
  6. list applications only show one connection (catalog/uncatalog database)
  7. Can you tell if a REORG is in 'paused' state?
  8. getting comm errors in db2diag.log instead of sql errors
  9. Can you tell if a REORG is in 'paused' state?
  11. which data type to select
  12. DB2-Mystery with Multithreading and new compiler
  13. adding constraints to a view?
  14. Version 9 and .NET
  15. restore tablespace backup onto another system
  16. Storing some Japanese data.
  17. Traversing Relationship Tree
  18. db2 jdbc
  19. Cascading delete
  20. cursor as OUT parameter of a stored procedure
  21. cursor as OUT parameter of a stored procedure
  22. Path where database is created
  23. Error while connecting to a database
  24. SQL explain plan
  25. DB2 Development Center & COBOL for Z/OS
  26. String matching in LIKE predicate...
  27. Difference between DB2 Client and DB2 Connect
  28. DB2 Backup strange Problem
  29. Calculating percentage in sql db2 with decmial precision
  30. crash when trying to get snapshot size
  31. JDBC error
  32. DB2 Instance Crash
  33. Finding the 'Client login ID' aka 'Execution ID': DB2 AIX
  34. trigger happy
  35. db2 database online copy help?
  36. DB2 Trigger To Track Table Changes
  37. INSERT but ignore duplicates
  38. Sample table structure to store pics in DB2
  39. Thema: DB2 + XML-Funktionen
  40. SQL7962 Error When Selecting From AS400 DB2 Database
  41. Formatting a Timestamp
  42. How to upload a sql file as a member of a data set in db2
  43. How to upload a sql file as a member of a data set in db2
  44. user authentication
  45. Java / JDBC DB2 export
  46. DB2cca problems.
  47. software services
  48. EMC and DB2 on Z/OS
  49. Raw I/O on Linux
  50. DB2 Client run time for linux
  51. DB2 via REXX on Z/OS
  52. DB2 via REXX on Z/OS
  53. how to do DB2 RTCL upgrade on Linux
  54. SQL Tools for AS400/DB2?? What are you using?
  55. SET CURRENT LOCK TIMEOUT has no effect
  56. Regarding install_jar functioning
  57. Convert rows to column
  58. Convert rows to column
  59. GSS security plugin issues
  60. db2 connect required for accessing db2 on z/os?
  62. db2 connect required for accessing db2 on z/os?
  63. Naming conventions for datamart columns
  64. MQT
  65. SQLCODE -204 using a jdbc-driver to UDB DB2 v8.2
  66. Regarding install_jar ... Urgent
  68. SQL2038N A database system error "-5130" occurred during processing.
  69. Load Utility
  70. db2advis with stored procedures
  71. Error while running cron job with DB2 in RedhatLinux
  72. Moving tables to new schema
  73. DB2 Content Manager: Is it J2EE Compliant?
  75. Query Tools
  76. Utilizing db2mtrk..
  77. Trranslating ORACLE functions to DB2
  78. Help! inserting records and functions
  79. db2 connection error while running script
  80. CSV file with Headers
  81. How to do a sql update based on a join?
  82. Priming the Package Cache ?
  83. Slow stored procedure after upgrade to 8.2
  84. SQL error
  85. How to join those 2 char columns?
  86. Performance of load from a cursor .... federated cursor?
  87. DB2CODEPAGE Variable
  88. Moving cursor in Command Editor results screen results in update of table
  89. Data Conversion in DB2
  90. Parsing arrays parameters in DB2
  91. Multiple Instances and their corresponding entries in the services file
  92. calculation percentages using sql command
  93. DateFirst in SQL Server
  94. very interesting - why two equal calls is different?
  95. changed machine name - unable to work in DB2
  96. Mother Celko's Monday SQL Puzzle #3
  97. createin privilege
  98. Bad magic number for shared library:
  99. Bad magic number for shared library:
  100. db2pd -activestatements
  101. UnsatisfiedLinkError in Java UDF
  102. Datatype for creating a range value in db2
  103. -2 option in SQL table function for snapshot does not get global snapshot
  104. About Encrypted Data In DB2 UDB
  105. staring and stoping a database in DB2
  106. Can the notification log (.nfy) be deleted?
  107. Inserting Data using a Stored Procedure
  108. SQL1247
  109. SUM(double_value) is not deterministic?
  110. Query Tuning Help
  111. Index creation status
  112. DB2 Instance Crashing
  113. running utility task on all tables
  114. DB2 v8.1 (UNIX) on tape
  115. Performance problem in db2
  116. Third pary tool for db2 backup and recovery
  117. Using a cursor for Update
  118. Tempspace UDB V8 FP 10
  119. Tempspace UDB V8 FP 10
  120. How do we execute this command through java?
  121. Geographical clustering for DB2
  122. Searching for strings and replacing them
  123. multiple result sets
  124. Create DB2 USERS and Connect
  125. DB2 Instance Status
  126. Execution plans and temporary tables
  127. monitor lockwait
  128. Accessing the data from DB2 servers using C# Application
  129. DotNetNuke help Needed!
  130. FOR READ ONLY cursor a named statement
  131. DB2 performance variables
  132. import utility
  133. how to analyze db2expln results
  134. Obtaining parameter MAX_CONNECTIONS through the API
  135. DB2 Access Slow With MISys Application
  136. multiple outer join
  137. Server Security Plugin Error
  138. Cloudscape - usage of?
  139. DB2 Daily Check Lists
  140. Comments in SELECT via PHP/ODBC DB2 UDB v8.1.9 Linux, PHP 4.4.0
  141. Stored procedure slower than an ad-hoc query ?!
  142. Utilization Statistics during data load
  143. Tool to determine Hardware needs for a DB2 server
  144. Creating and using a Cursor
  145. Passing parms to a C Stored Proc
  146. Deadlocks even with SELECT FOR UPDATE
  147. An error on search table.
  148. TIps on Delete Cascade performance
  149. Table definition for Storing a PDF page
  150. Call for speakers: IBM Information On Demand 2006
  151. Error on adding DISTINCT to a SELECT DB2 UDB v8.1.9 Linux
  152. Sort memory
  153. Sort memory
  154. Errors in stored procedure in db2
  155. Problems with performing db2updv8 on database in db2
  156. automated-access-plan comparisons on LUW (db2 v8.2.2)
  157. SET integrity fails despite of for exception...
  158. DB2CMD in XP - DOS batch file
  159. Overflows in tablesnapshot
  160. SQL0954C -- Not enough storage is available in the application heap to process the statement.
  161. Creating a simple UDF
  162. set variables to be used in creation of result set.
  163. DB2 forum???
  164. Slow execution of Delete Statements
  165. Controlbreak flag in result?
  166. DB2 UDB Stored Procedure help
  167. creating pivot tables
  168. Index Naming Standards
  169. optimize DB2 query
  170. database backup -linux to windows
  171. Retrieving most current entry?
  172. EEE - Nodes utilization question
  173. Two tempspaces on database
  174. PLZ help me out
  175. Perl and DB2
  176. DB2 Queries
  177. Installation mess
  178. Create a table with a structured UDT (user-defined type) as a column
  179. Tasks not found in version 8.2
  180. can i use load terminate with cursor for select * from table name?
  181. Passed DB2 UDB 701 test, how can I prepare for 704 test (Advanced DBA)?
  182. Problem with DBD::DB2 and UTF8.
  183. FYI: FP11 and error -925
  184. Running multiple SQL scripts in the background ... no longer possible?
  185. column "generated always as" generated from multiple columns
  186. How to locate the static SQL fired by an application in DB2
  187. The HighValues plague returns....
  188. problem with procedure call
  189. View DB2 Table definitions in QMF
  190. backup question
  191. partioned table or partioned index
  192. DB2 Experts To Contribute To 85K Newsletter
  193. identity-alteration RESTART option
  194. DB2 version 8 DBA (Houston, TX.)
  195. DB2 Connect returning data in HEX?
  196. SQL Cross join
  197. Language Issues
  198. redistribute nodegroup
  199. Rename a database?
  200. Install IBM DB2 on Fedora Core 5 (Bordeaux)
  201. Sudden excessive access time to DB2 via ODBC?
  202. Accessing DB2 on an AIX server via ODBC from MS Excel
  203. SQL stmt to find if table is in load pending state?
  204. IGNORE NULLS possible fro CREATE INDEX? DB2 UDB v8.1.9 Linux
  205. Syntax question DB2 UDB v8.1.9 Linux
  206. Storing Japanese characters in UTF-8 database
  207. Naming ...
  208. Naming ...
  209. GENERAL SQL Question
  210. Help performace question DB2 UDB v 8.1.9 Linux
  211. Truncate Table
  212. column functions
  213. How to recover db2 instance user's privilege?
  214. remove spaces from field contents in DB2 database...
  215. DB2 Backup
  216. Privileges on SP??
  217. I need help
  218. HADR and failed tablespace creation
  219. Multiple SQL SPs accessed from one SP
  220. how to create a DB2 system dsn in linux fedora core 4
  221. Writing file from procedure
  222. Replication using asnload
  223. can someone help me figure out what caused the rollback?
  224. DB2e_Shadow
  225. DB2 Version 8 - libeay32.dll problem
  226. SQL0298N Bad container path Error
  227. Log Full
  228. Duplicate rows from a SELECT DISTINCT DB2 UDB v8.1.9 Linux
  229. Open LDAP Plug-In Anyone?
  230. Multiple Temp Tablespaces
  231. z/OS to AIX connection - authentication/authorization
  232. Viper and VisualBasic
  233. Calling SYSPROC.DB2LOAD within SQL stored procedure
  234. Moving db2 to a dedicated partion
  235. Should db2 summarize or home grow a build app in C
  236. problem with long object name
  238. plz help me out
  239. delete from table where in, problem
  240. top-down-top query approach
  241. MERGE in V8.2 FP4 (on condition returns multiple rows from target)
  242. Differences between UDB V7.2 and V8.2 for federated connections?
  243. Uninstalling v7.1 on Solaris
  244. re-configuring db2 server for client operation? [comparison to oracle]
  245. Compiling stored UDFs
  246. Parameter Markers in SQL queries and ADO.NET
  247. Lock escalation in SYSCOLDIST
  248. help me out
  249. How do I do this in DB2
  250. DB2 Viper Testdrive
  251. SQL0902C - SQLSTATE=58005 - Reason Code = "14"
  252. Seek newbee Java UDF installation tip
  253. Blocking Agent ID for Locks in SNAPSHOT_*
  254. Multiple temp tablespaces with same page size
  255. Multiple temp tablespaces with same page size
  256. ADO.NET - strange behavior
  257. About automatic database maintenance
  258. db2pfchr processes and high CPU
  259. Catalog Database
  260. Problem with Global Temporary Table
  261. About Multiple Cursor from Stored Procedure
  262. db2cmd.....
  263. SQL issue? Can this be done?
  264. Reading an explain Plan
  265. Functionally equivalent exception Join
  266. Command Editor problem?
  267. Extended optimization messages
  268. Is "One view per table in DW" really a good practice?
  269. locks and related
  270. Confused on how to get a percentage of total using OLAP functions
  271. slow download-insconsistent latency
  273. db2diag.log error
  274. Need ROLLUP expert advice!
  275. Is there a way to find the record causing SET INTEGRITY command to fail?
  276. Problem inserting spanish characters in DB2 UDB
  277. Problem with Backup/Restore with Vendore Products
  278. How to Drop data from table quickly
  279. db2_evaluncommitted
  280. Parameter.Add need help - not understanding
  281. DB2_FMP_COMM_HEAPSZ - need help!
  282. Sequences in db2
  283. Grouping SQL statements
  284. SQL6024E Table or index "tab_name" is not defined on node "0".
  285. SQL Server co-existance
  286. how to rollforward without userexit - SQL1268N
  287. db2 File system caching ..DIO or CIO??
  288. db2 File system caching ..DIO or CIO??
  289. db2 File system caching ..
  290. Control Center Error
  291. Alter Column
  292. Illegal Immigration, the Non-Issue of the Week??????????????
  293. How to obtain the schema from a JDBC Connection ?
  294. 2-nd edition of Celko Puzzle book in the works
  295. Truss output - semget analysis
  296. Inserting data into a DBCLOB column
  297. Passing a parameter to IN predicate of DB2 udf
  298. LOWER() and UPPER() functions not found.
  299. limiting number of rows returned by resultset
  300. Control Center doesn't find backup files
  301. Issues with loading 124 million records
  302. Set level acestor report; DB2 UDB 8.1.9 Linux
  303. Restore not finished
  304. Query performance
  305. jdbc and list of all databases
  306. Is db2uext2 archiving directly to tape?
  307. DB2 Application Development Client
  308. creating a database using DB2
  309. Mixed Case in table and column names.
  310. T-SQL to DB2 UDB SQL-PL conversion...
  311. SQL construct conversion...
  312. Can't get table out of check pending state after load.
  313. Group Authentication
  314. DB2 V8 z/OS
  315. What's wrong: SQLCODE -30082 password missing (on windows)
  316. SQLCODE -1024
  317. Computing the product of a column groupped by...
  318. Triggers crashing database ?
  319. Migrate DB2
  320. SQL1224N - A database agent could not be started to service a request
  321. jpg file to mainframe
  322. Mixing SQL and traditional I-O in an ILE COBOL program
  323. Query Performance
  324. DB2 Control Center crashes
  325. insert data into graphic column
  326. Shell Script eroor while using db2 export
  327. Locking issue
  328. regd data migration from DB2 v7.2 to SQL server 2000
  329. i can not create db2 sample
  330. Transaction Log full.
  331. # of Agents -> db2 list applications
  332. Tablespace on NFS (Netapp filers)
  333. deadlock related
  334. [IBM][JDBC Driver] CLI0622E Error accessing JDBC administration service extensions.
  335. Authorization/Privilege Issue
  336. SQL/PL Stored Procedures and SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1
  337. Case Sensitivity in DB2 on linux
  338. alter query
  339. DB2 Query problem
  340. DB2 UDB Detective - Ace Ventura
  341. NULLID.SYSSN300
  342. Logging
  343. odbc connect string and library list
  344. SQL help
  345. Is LOAD really this brain damaged?
  346. Sequence number for a Batch
  347. Help me to Create Database
  348. DB2 Redirected Restore
  349. About Encryption Function in Db2
  350. iSeries: JDBC problem v5r3
  351. multi-file multi-table import
  352. table identifier for db2ReadLog
  353. Simple Query
  354. to fetch first record
  355. DB2 exception handling in triggers
  356. DB2 error handling in triggers
  357. How to get generated key back in php/db2 v8.1.9 Linux
  358. How to do more things in DB2
  359. Is this the right way to go about ranking things?
  360. Backup a suspended database with SMS tablespaces possible
  361. nonrecoverable load during backup
  362. User Defined Function in DB2 Urgent Help please
  363. Exporting current system timestamp to unix server
  364. Timestamp equivalent in DB2
  365. SQL0818N after V7 -> V8 migration.
  366. IXF LOADing w/ different column orders
  367. Sql help
  368. DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -805, NULLID.SYSLH20A 0X5359534C564C3031
  369. DB2 CF and Visual Studio 2005
  370. How to load a cursor from a stored procedure in DB2
  371. Strange error:An unexpected token ")" was found...Expected tokens may include: ")"
  372. 2 version of admin client on same PC?
  373. about high security field
  374. DB2 Incremental BackUP / Restore problem from one machine to another
  375. Checksum for Duplicacy check
  376. Catalog-view to get tablespace-state?
  377. Places to schedule database backup in DB2 UDB V7
  378. Cursor Load fails with SQL0964C error
  379. Merge Alternative
  380. Upgrade my db2 8.1 fixpak 6 to last release
  381. V8.2 Express Edition XP Home
  382. task center error 22207
  383. size of db2 udb database
  384. Ink
  385. Just for laughs..
  386. Migrating DB2 UDB 8.2 dbs from windows platform to Linux
  387. Building Simple SQL Stored Procedure
  388. Ink
  389. HELP! reading syscat from php in db2 udb v8.1.9 Linux
  390. Recover IBM DB2 Data (Urgent)
  391. Senior Mainframe Cobol CICS DB2 Programmer Needed in Alabama
  392. Stored Proc Performance Improvement
  393. Stored Procedures / UDF
  394. DB2 program to read log files ... incorrect function identifier
  395. Data Replication DB2 VM to UDB with DPROP
  396. Data Replication DB2 VM to UDB with DPROP
  397. DB2 Backup into 3590 tape drives
  398. Difference between Collection ID and qualifier
  399. problem with Group By
  400. Comparing dollar amounts stored in a varchar
  401. Adding user data to the system metadata tables Db2 UDB v8.1.9 Linux
  402. DB2 and embedded SQL
  403. Expected Impact of Changing Logging Type
  404. get a list of all users in db2
  405. Query performance - Please help
  406. extracting db2 table records to csv
  407. How can i connect to tables created in a schema with a username different from the schema name?
  408. Drop Table
  409. Optimizer not using MQT ?
  410. load data into varchar column
  411. Relocate DB2 databases part 2
  412. How to convert DB2 data type P to SQL
  413. What is the connected database?
  414. How do i ensure 'insensitive' (ie static) cursors that are only forward readable (in DB2 for mainframe)??
  415. Select the 2nd of a sequence of rows in a table
  416. SQL to get the max or min record which one is better?!
  417. What's incorrect with this function?
  418. Relocate DB2 databases
  419. DB2 Rollforward DB query status
  420. DB2 + shell script
  421. Is there a way to import tab delimited files into a db2 table?
  422. DB2 Table Editor Search Conditions
  423. load from cursor
  424. load from cursor
  425. UNIX shell script and DB2 Queries
  426. Sort after index scan
  427. OS/2 (yes) backup to XP Excel
  428. Inserting into temp table using Cursor
  429. Changing an index controlled partitioned table to table controlled.
  430. Alert notification time
  431. MDC + Partitioning Key
  432. SQL Query to concatenate columns
  433. Statement Isolation Level
  434. Concatenating rows ?
  435. generated columns for z/os
  436. Uregent finding difference between count of two coulumns
  437. How to get instance's server port?
  438. Selecting only letter and number characters
  439. SQL1031N error help
  440. UDB sort sequence problem
  441. report issue
  442. How do I prune db2rhist.bak and db2rhist.asc?
  443. Generating SQL Scripts from SPUFI
  444. How to find out the Java Version in DB2 personal edition 8
  445. select count(*) - Full table scan
  446. Convert DECIMAL to DATE
  447. Restore to new node using TSM fails
  448. Error while running sdl scripts
  449. Parallel Database
  450. WPAI on iSeries DB - Problem
  451. CLI Wrapper for .NET Platform
  452. DB2 UDB Error Handling
  453. Bulk Load BLOB using DB2 CLI
  454. Easy Group By Question (I think/hope)
  455. Puzzled
  456. How to DB2 SQL
  457. DB2 - Decode Compiled SQL Statements
  458. Exception Handling in DB2 UDB
  459. Exception Handling in DB2 UDB
  460. Restore into DB2 replication database
  461. Isolation Level inside C++ routines / Slow performance.
  462. Database metrics
  464. db2exfmt - client
  465. Product license ? Run time client ?
  466. Preserving comments when creating SP's from Command Editor
  467. Comments in Selects DB2 v8,1.9 UDB Lunix
  468. Lookig for a copy of "The ABCs of Plans and Packages" by Nicola Nur
  469. Trouble connecting to DB2 in Visual Studio 2003
  470. DBA cert
  471. Urgett !! redirected restore of a tablespace
  472. How to kill idle connections or sessions
  473. Max Connections
  474. Packages, Bind, Prepare and Execute
  475. Max Connections
  476. How to get my current connection id in SQL
  477. benefits of 64-bit db2 apart from addressability
  478. creating a Report
  479. have some fun and forget the problems
  480. CLP Execution
  481. db2 and the strip function
  482. DB2/COBOL Store Procedure Parmeter List (Reply)
  483. CPU Time (User / System) & Actual Elapsed Time for SQL
  484. DB2 8.2 32bit to 64 bit conversion
  485. Running a batch of sql queries?
  486. Running a batch of sql queries?
  487. DB2/COBOL Stored Procedure Parameter list
  488. Multiplatforms?
  489. Could you clarify IY63894 ?
  490. More than one CURRENT TIMESTAMP in a PROCEDURE
  491. Is it possible to move the ICMNLSDB database from one drive to another?
  492. how ADM1822W could happen?
  493. DB2 RT Client silent install
  494. refresh view ?
  495. federation
  496. Import Problem Urgent
  497. JDBC Type 4 Universal Driver SQL Error Code = -99999
  498. Data Warehouse Cube View Control Center
  499. Package cache hit ratio
  500. DB2 Connect Ver. 7.2 Client Assistant Export problem in Windows 2000
  501. DB2 Connect Ver. 7.2 Client Assistant Export problem in Windows 2000
  502. delete statement after a RETURN CURSOR in SP ?
  503. Convert TimeStamp
  504. give me idea for this problem
  505. give me idea for this procedure
  506. Federated database and host privileges on SYSIBM tables
  507. Query regarding Index
  508. Debugging SQL stored procedure using developement center
  509. Debugging SQL stored procedure using developement center
  510. DB design
  511. DB2 Sample Test Question? Which is the correct answer?
  512. Basic SQL prcoedure question
  513. Problem using db2sql92 on host db2 (Langlevel or missing package)
  514. DB2 Altering an integer to character type
  515. How to connect to the DB2 on a REMOTE machine from a C++ application on Linux?
  516. Connectting to as400 from DB2 ESE running on Windows XP
  517. Online Tablespace restore from incremental backups
  518. SQL0901N Error.
  519. Export af Tasks from Task Center
  520. DB2 ESE add Partition fail
  521. estimated execution plan
  522. FW: SR 603066805 : FW - Firewall in transparent mode with excessive packet drops
  523. Hast Du das schon gewußt?
  524. Special considerations to backup using ntbackup
  525. Report formating
  526. websphere vs sharepoint
  527. Aggregating strings
  528. Test database connection using C++
  529. memeory usage
  530. Licensing Issue
  531. my db2 routine deleting records with commit count ,any advice ?
  532. DB2 Replication Centre Issue
  533. online monitoring of sql statements
  534. Cannot Execute Create Server
  535. modelling tool
  536. Strange Errors in db2diag.log
  537. DB2 Certification exam 700 and 701 Question papers
  538. UDB: Backup Image Size & Used Pages Size
  539. problem with ibm db2 8.1 fixpak11
  540. urgent - Formating issue
  541. "SQL1024N A database connection does not exist" when using db2GetSnapshotSizeData and db2gGetSnapshot
  542. Import invoked from stored procedure
  543. external table function in DB2 LUW
  544. DB2/400
  545. Is DB2 8.2 ESE compatible with W2K3 Terminal Services?
  546. Problem with MERGE statement: SQL0969N Error Code: -788
  547. DB2 Environment Setup
  548. Provider cannot be found - Using current MDAC and Jet
  549. Restore DB2 System Tray
  550. DB2 Image Extenders