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  1. how to read .pyd file
  2. working with forms
  3. What should i use for a Remote Desktop Control
  4. two simple questions about arrays
  5. first field criteria to new file
  6. maintain lines and space after sort
  7. Click to display
  8. Need help coding?
  9. Beginner: String into Integer
  10. ImportError: No module named svn
  11. Error msg "NameError: global name 'atomName' is not defined" when calling class fnct.
  12. Issue reading data lines multiple times from a file
  13. Circle loop
  14. Loop Question
  15. Search function not working.
  16. How do i write the code for this
  17. Fetch log message from cvs using python scripts
  18. Wildcard Strings in Path
  19. send the gps data to pc through gprs
  20. Memory Error that ocures only in the windows server 2003 operating system.
  21. sudoku solver problem
  22. I'm having problems with py2exe
  23. Python dictionaries from .txt
  24. GUI2exe "error 2" (apparently). Anyone know how to avoid this???
  25. Send a text
  26. xlwt (Borders: Type)
  27. Removing substring from string
  28. Scipy - How do you do a 'weighted' least squares fit to data?
  29. making a pie chart question
  30. Changing my text to list of coordinates
  31. Python: SMS listener and generator
  32. Evaluation of a comparison in combination with the in operator
  33. Need help with FindWindow()
  34. "Value Error" in Python
  35. Python run times
  36. Parsing huge data
  37. Need a hint with problem
  38. Finding duplicates in an array
  39. Read polyline data from postgres/postgis database
  40. pygtk + py2exe + inno -> icon for shortcut
  41. catching stdout in realtime from subprocess
  42. command line arguments
  43. Form Value Won't Post/Submit
  44. How TO Show : or index.yaml or or indexer.cgi On My Server ?
  45. How do I set up a while loop to test for more than 1 variable
  46. Help me in the following code
  47. Selection, picking with PyOpenGL?
  48. Counting Files in Directory
  49. Number to string
  50. Make SQLite/MySQL database using text
  51. how many days each month
  52. simple help!
  53. turning a string into an equation
  54. Python ssl client authentication
  55. Beginner need help!
  56. how can i login to an active directory account?
  57. ValueError: too many values to unpack
  58. How to implement telephony?
  59. Comparing values in loops
  60. Inserting arrows in matplotlib
  61. tabbing between textctrl's
  62. classes and wx python
  63. best python book for 3d/ vfx artist
  64. Off topic: Inno Setup & wxPython
  65. How can I read a data file into a 2xN matrix using NumPy arrays?
  66. Python running on ARM9 and Linux
  67. simple XML question
  68. GPIO line act as interrupt process on telit 862-gps
  69. what is the python script?
  70. Printing with wxpython
  71. Removing subdomains from a string
  72. Write with first argument as an int.
  73. NameError: global name 'x' is not defined
  74. home variable?
  75. ctypes WindowsError:access violation
  76. how to click "close window" don't close GTK window?
  77. QuickSort Algorithm Problem
  78. How To Delete Line(s)
  79. About Tkinter Gui
  80. find an element in a split of string
  81. undefined symbol : X509_NAME_entry_count
  82. drop 0 from hour/minute
  83. how to make a code for simple columnar random arrangement encryption?
  84. [Python+glade] why need two arguments?
  85. about the .pyd file
  86. variable in python..
  87. : simulate cron
  88. display memory usage in process
  89. How to delete unique items in an array
  90. wxPython: How to Save/Store/Capture/Return user input text.
  91. Problem: Python printing one line on two lines!
  92. about array
  93. working with .xlsm
  94. setting font using wx.
  95. have to wrte a code for the below program
  96. hi i have got a problem writing the code for this program
  97. extracting data from tuples
  98. about html tags
  99. Bittorrent module for python?
  100. open file with non-ascii path
  101. Retrieve files based on links in a html which is generated by a cgi script
  102. Access violation writing error
  103. Load Runner compatibility with Python
  104. No module named zlib
  105. Reading in a UTF-8 file but causing a UnicodeDecodeError exception
  106. Creating a background in python and outputting it to an html page
  107. need to replace the digits with "+" sign inthe file
  108. How To Skip In Python (Similar to GOTO in batch)
  109. How To Split
  110. create a web service for python application
  111. Form checking in PSP(Python Server Pages)
  112. How to pass a Python List to C
  113. Outputting my python code to a webpage
  114. numpy subclassing
  115. trying to find path/directory of currently open window
  116. mysql and dictionary
  117. Running a Python Script via PuTTY
  118. Using in Jython
  119. Python beginner, global variables, pointers
  120. Closing an excel application
  121. Combobox get() not returning selected value
  122. Repeating question with a loop
  123. Appending N/A to blank strings
  124. Help with calcuations using imported numbers.
  125. importing a list of numbers from excel
  126. Help with removing sequences from list
  127. Accessing class attribute
  128. Help with nested list
  129. parser for math expressions
  130. wxGrid
  131. Python Connecting to ORACLE problem*** Help me plsss
  132. Problem installing Pylons on OS X
  133. DLL load error of fortran module imported to python
  134. UnicodeDecodeError: problem when path contain folder start with character 'u'
  135. socket module and wxpython
  136. python class inheritance
  137. remove whitespace from directory path
  138. UnboundLocalError
  139. Python to search text file string and replace it
  140. Telit GM682-GPS #SEMAIL returns ERRO
  141. Tkinter and commands
  142. XML-RPC file transfer limitation...
  143. Help with Barcode
  144. help with loop of upper & lower letters
  145. Help writing a loop
  146. Using PAMIE with Python25, it tells me it can't find the Google search box
  147. PyObjC, XCode 3, QTKit - accessing QT Timecode Track info
  148. Split binary file...
  149. Is anyone know how to program with telit GM862 GPS in python
  150. Python - Pamie "onclick" how to handle
  151. Tkinter, and calling other classes
  152. How to locate a pixels position?
  153. Pickle problem : Can't pickle 'SRE_Match' object:
  154. Reading a specific line in a text file
  155. VB ActiveX EXE & Python
  156. difference between two times in seconds
  157. change textfile to a matrix format
  158. Encrypt the password
  159. help index error
  160. What's the easiest way to call a C/C++ function involving arrays from Python?
  161. Generating a list of tuples
  162. segmentation fault while using ctypes
  163. Input and output files using Swig
  164. 'int' object has no attribute 'delete'
  165. Getting text into list?
  166. Importing file names, etc., etc.
  167. numpy or Numeric
  168. results from query to textbox in GUI
  169. characters & events
  170. quick regex question
  171. To remove items from a list?
  172. GUI text entry tkinter
  173. PIL question for pixel count
  174. FTP to SFTP using pyftpdlib
  175. unicode problem
  176. "Magic method" in python
  177. Using methods of other classes in a class
  178. Pygtk: dynamic menu
  179. Array Problem
  180. Connecting to a Mysql database using Active Python (Windows Vista)
  181. How to make a sort function?
  182. How to update a GUI dynamically?
  183. Creating MS Word documents
  184. very simple string to list function
  185. file to nested list
  186. how to Running a particular funtion at a regular interval of time
  187. parse command output in variable with loop
  188. merging dictionaries
  189. Need a help on list....
  190. file to dictionary
  191. insert the values into the database using python.
  192. Moving an object by user input
  193. anyone
  194. searching for character in file
  195. A problem with my text based game
  196. Multiple file selection in Qfiledailoug
  197. urllib.urlencode multidimensional dictionary
  198. Runtime error when starting a game.
  199. How to extract a Payload data and IP addresses from a captured packet
  200. urllib2 gets 404 error cannot display after a while
  201. notification on a event
  202. pygtk closing popup - destroy function doesn't work for button
  203. How to convert a String to a Dictionary?
  204. If statement trouble
  205. intermediate python csv reader/writer question from a beginner
  206. http post and get the parameter from url
  207. pysqlite smart search
  208. debugging a while loop
  209. sum of squares of consecutive numbers
  210. random numbers in a matrix in python
  211. multiplying indeces
  212. Program freezes
  213. Invalid Syntax
  214. Copying values from one spreadsheet to another
  215. Call Java Methods from Python Script
  216. a matrix as a grid
  217. Getting a memory address
  218. how to insert images in python using mac os x
  219. Wait for Excel to calculate
  220. python and matrices
  221. make lines and circle with python
  222. How to bounce a ball within a square?
  223. Floating Point to Integer?
  224. Problem appending new class to a list of classes
  225. retrieveing data in pysqlite by user input
  226. Reading time field from excell sheet by python?
  227. GUI form Builders
  228. Square Root function
  229. Proc_open() a python script
  230. debugging a simple code.
  231. returning the 2nd value of a sublist.
  232. How to write a function to remove digits from a str
  233. installing mysqldb module in python
  234. Error Connection in MySQLdb and Python in MAC OS X.
  235. Automated form submission
  236. Using pyserial to control synchronous serial device.
  237. adding numbers together in a string
  238. How extract data from a file xml parsed with pyrxp
  239. How to execute a program in python script directory
  240. removing numbers from string
  241. access file from desktop
  242. SendKeys automation
  243. Whether Python can be used for Geograpical Information System (GIS)?
  244. button to execute debian package silent
  245. Finding text in a string
  246. Getting information from website
  247. shutil module (directory input from terminal)
  248. make a function for plotting
  249. Why does this cause KeyError: 0?
  250. Copies of Code
  251. color in python programming
  252. Error Message that I can't explain.
  253. Run python script in Firefox browser
  254. Why? UnboundLocalError: local variable 'red' referenced before assignment
  255. Pickling Unicode
  256. a command I can't find.
  257. blackjack
  258. XMLRPC binary file transfer
  259. Making a money managing program with python
  260. telit script run number
  261. Blackjack Code Help!!
  262. email attachment in python
  263. "UnicodeError: UTF-16 stream does not start with BOM"
  264. isdigit( ) not supported in PythonWin?
  265. __import__ Query
  266. Import speeds
  267. Similar programming languages?
  268. The future scope of the Python ?
  269. Happy Christmas & Happy New Year from kudos
  270. BLT Graphics
  271. Why is my wxPython code skipping steps
  272. Unknown errors, RSS feed
  273. trouble calling OpenCV cvFitLine
  274. RSS Feed Generator help
  275. Problem connecting telit gm862 module with Python
  276. list code
  277. mylist code
  278. gallons code
  279. how to convert ACString to ctypes.c_char_p
  280. Forking? Calling unix commands from python
  281. How can i generate a schema inferred from an xml document using xml.dom.minidom
  282. sqlite3/python dumb question
  283. Help with this code
  284. Questions about the import ordering
  285. Creating folder browse dialogue gui
  286. Convert String Name to a variable name
  287. blackjack game
  288. name
  289. gallons
  290. Calculation of hours worked
  291. A question about "Intra-package References"
  292. Cipher/decipher program
  293. Noobie Question reg Delimited Text
  294. thumbnails in Qfilediloug using pyqt
  295. Can someone describe what these functions do?
  296. Counting pixels in image
  297. Detect song is over - wxpython
  298. Pygtk, treeview problem in the layout
  299. help- run EXE from my program
  300. Socket timeout in IronPython
  301. Deleting item of list while visting list...
  302. Problem loading dll in Python
  303. open browser using cpamie - how to maximize?
  304. PythonCard
  305. PythonCard
  306. Help with a heartbeat program
  307. python code
  308. Help me to understand and run the code
  309. Import dll
  310. need help converting decimal numbers to binary and vice versa
  311. need help converting a list into a string or vice versa
  312. Help with lists
  313. help with python code
  314. Pysqlite text data importing problem
  315. Help with tic tac toe game
  316. Some help with strings
  317. bluetooth discover
  318. Read from TXT file - Please Help
  319. File log
  320. Help! Python scripting PythonWin 2.4.1
  321. Re: Re: how to get all repeated group with regular expression
  322. Re: RELEASED Python 3.0rc3
  323. Re: RELEASED Python 3.0rc3
  324. Re: RELEASED Python 3.0rc3
  325. how to dynamically instantiate an object inheriting from severalclasses?
  326. matching exactly a 4 digit number in python
  327. __new__ woes with list
  328. initialization in argument definitions
  329. Please Help! need help creating a matrix!
  330. Re: how to get all repeated group with regular expression
  331. Re: how to get all repeated group with regular expression
  332. Building Python 2.5.2 for Itanium
  333. Re: how to get all repeated group with regular expression
  334. Custom Formatting The Output Of subprocess.Popen
  335. Need help converting text to csv format
  336. Best strategy for finding a pattern in a sequence of integers
  337. RELEASED Python 3.0rc3
  338. Re: how to get all repeated group with regular expression
  339. how to get all repeated group with regular expression
  340. Re: call an exturnal program in python
  341. call an exturnal program in python
  342. Re: Can't find Python Library packages in Ubuntu (Debian)
  343. WSDL and SSL certification
  344. strange pythoncom.com_error - it only happens once
  345. Dynamic features used
  346. How to read space separated file in python?
  347. A little comments of ctypes and construct.
  348. capacitor
  349. Re: GzipFile as a Context manager
  350. Re: F2PY: Access Fortran module data from multiple python module
  351. Re: Problem with writing fast UDP server
  352. Sending username password to a webpage
  353. Re: Python / Debian package dependencies
  354. Searching for Regular Expressions in a string WITH overlap
  355. Batch photo renaming with FTP interaction
  356. How to run a python app in the background?
  357. Re: How to get the class instance of a passed method ?
  358. Re: How to get the class instance of a passed method ?
  359. function parameter scope python 2.5.2
  360. How to get the class instance of a passed method ?
  361. How to get the class instance of a passed method ?
  362. Tools for using virtual environments and PEP 370
  363. Re: Fwd: Problem with writing a long line in a text file
  364. Python 3 __cmp__ semantic change?
  365. Re: Fwd: Problem with writing a long line in a text file
  366. SOAPpy SyntaxError
  367. C extension type gives type error in power operator
  368. Get XML tag values with Python
  369. Problem with writing fast UDP server
  370. imported method from module evaluates to None in some cases
  371. strange permission issue with nosetests
  372. Ip format
  373. Hooking windowsmessages with python
  374. Re: Two functionaly identical functions -> different results ??!
  375. RE: Why is try...except in my code not working (gzip/text files) ?
  376. [ANN] logilab-astng 0.17.4
  377. Re: Getting fractional part from a float without using stringoperations
  378. Re: Getting fractional part from a float without using stringoperations
  379. Moving file on remote server: How?
  380. Question about "global" statement
  381. Module Structure/Import Design Problem
  382. [ANN]: circuits-1.0a2 released!
  383. help with comparison
  384. Re: Exception difference 2.4 ==> 2.5
  385. Re: Quick nested loop syntax?
  386. Python / Debian package dependencies
  387. Using eval, or something like it...
  388. Re: Why is try...except in my code not working (gzip/text files) ?
  389. how to attach execute commands to button?
  390. distance between multiple locations
  391. Re: Building musical chords starting from (a lot of) rules
  392. Write a conditional branching script
  393. Re: Problem with writing a long line in a text file
  394. Re: Exception difference 2.4 ==> 2.5
  395. Designing superclasses so inherited methods return objects with sametype as the instance.
  396. Re: Exception difference 2.4 ==> 2.5
  397. Re: spam update
  398. Re: Exception difference 2.4 ==> 2.5
  399. Re: Programming exercises/challenges
  400. GzipFile as a Context manager
  401. calling python scripts as a sub-process
  402. Re: Quick nested loop syntax?
  403. Re: Quick nested loop syntax?
  404. Re: PEP 324 error
  405. Re: Inheriting frozenset gives bug if i overwrite __repr__ method
  406. broken setuptools dependencies
  407. Re: Exception difference 2.4 ==> 2.5
  408. Re: XML -> Tab-delimited text file (using lxml)
  409. Re: redirecting stdout/err to mysql table
  410. Python image library issue: domain users cannot save files?
  411. Confusing
  412. wxPython BoxSizer
  413. More elegant way to try running a function X times?
  414. Getting fractional part from a float without using string operations
  415. Inheriting frozenset gives bug if i overwrite __repr__ method
  416. Non blocking socket server and storage engine
  417. Possible bug in Tkinter for Python 2.6
  418. Python bytecode STORE_NAME
  419. python vs smalltalk 80
  420. zope vs openACS
  421. ImportError: No module named server
  422. Re: Exception difference 2.4 ==> 2.5
  423. Exception difference 2.4 ==> 2.5
  424. PEP 324 error
  425. Re: Programming exercises/challenges
  426. Re: Programming exercises/challenges
  427. Programming exercises/challenges
  428. How to deal with globals during refactoring classes into separatefiles.
  429. Re: Do a Gnuplot of a file in python
  430. file tell in a for-loop
  431. how to acces the block inside of a context manager as sourcecode
  432. Re: Class instantiation fails when passed in a file but work via lineby line interpreter
  433. Re: Class instantiation fails when passed in a file but work vialine by line interpreter
  434. redirecting stdout to mysql table
  435. Re: Class instantiation fails when passed in a file but work vialine by line interpreter
  436. Class instantiation fails when passed in a file but work via line byline interpreter
  437. spam update
  438. Cython Installation on Windows
  439. Re: setting permissions to a file from linux.
  440. setting permissions to a file from linux.
  441. [ANN] Tyrton ERP 1.0 released
  442. Need help creating the union of two lists (help a noob)
  443. Re: SHA1withRSA in python
  444. who to thank for the new RST doc format?
  445. Design By Contract in Python
  446. Re: PP3E error
  447. Re: subprocess with shared environment?
  448. subprocess with shared environment?
  449. segfault matplotlib with Python2.6
  450. Re: possible newline problems
  451. possible newline problems
  452. Re: Retrieve Custom 404 page.
  453. Retrieve Custom 404 page.
  454. regular expressions ... slow
  455. external program crashes when run through subprocess.popen on XP
  456. Re: parsing grub's menu.lst
  457. Re: Socket Programming and Data transer 'advice'
  458. Multiple equates
  459. parsing grub's menu.lst
  460. Suggestions for an education programming project
  461. compressed serialization module
  462. Will MySQLdb, the Python shim, be supported for Python 2.6 or 3.x?
  463. Re: Problems Writing =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=A3?= (pound sterling) To MSSQL Server using pymssql
  464. Installing Python2.6 on Mac Os (Leopard)
  465. Re: Problems Writing =?UTF-8?B?wqMgKHBvdW5kIHN0ZXJsaW5nKSBUbyBNUw==?==?UTF-8?B?IFNRTCBTZXJ2ZXIgdXNpbmcgcHltc3NxbA==?=
  466. Re: PP3E error
  467. Pythonwin not loading DLL, should I change extensions by .pyo or pyd?
  468. Problems Writing =?ISO-8859-1?Q?=A3?= (pound sterling) To MS SQLServer using pymssql
  469. install wxPython on windows without admin?
  470. Re: How to read fonts in python
  471. Best practise hierarchy for user-defined exceptions
  472. os.pipe and subprocess under Windows
  473. Sorting lists
  474. Uninstall one of two Python's
  475. Python3 - it's awesome
  476. svg and html
  477. Re: PP3E error
  478. Re: end child process when parent dies (on Unix)
  479. PP3E error
  480. RE: [Py2exe-users] py2exe 0.6.9 released
  481. Python and Its Libraries--Who's on First?
  482. Win 98 with Python 2.5--matplotlib and Numpy problem
  483. C:\Python\Scripts\ [*.file]s what are they, why
  484. Dictionary value is property()
  485. Solving Python guessing number game
  486. Re: [Py2exe-users] py2exe 0.6.9 released
  487. document/image viewer
  488. Very simple WSGI question
  489. ANN: PySmell 0.7.2 released, many TextMate improvements
  490. C extension - new and init functions
  491. Midi manipulation
  492. Re: Customizing sequence types
  493. Re: Customizing sequence types
  494. Newbie code review of parsing program Please
  495. python script to act as list server
  496. Does python is suitable for enterprise cluster management?
  497. re.match and non-alphanumeric characters
  498. Have you ever used pydiction?
  499. Customizing sequence types
  500. Win 98 --Is 2.4.x The last version of Python for It?
  501. best gcc version for Python
  502. Is this optparse object abuse?
  503. [urllib2] No time-out?
  504. python 2.6, MS manifest and distutils
  505. Beginner Python-er !!!Need help urgently !!!
  506. py2exe 0.6.9 released
  507. about escape string store in mysql
  508. Palette-mode PNG images
  509. pyspread 0.0.10 released
  510. Need help in understanding a python code
  511. PP3E error
  512. Re: Two instances share an attribute
  513. Two instances share an attribute
  514. Fasta file
  515. New python user need help
  516. Generators and their next() and send() methods
  517. [ANN] TZMud 0.7
  518. Regular expression and exception
  519. Comparing value in two dictionaries?
  520. Efficient custom checksum of one-dim numpy arrays of uint16
  521. Suggest a Labs feature
  522. english
  523. Re: Redirect Graphical output
  524. Optional parameter object re-used when instantiating multiple objects
  525. don't get JPE (Java Python Extension) compiled.
  526. Good practice when writing modules...
  527. AttributeError
  528. How to eliminate quotes around string field written to a file.
  529. Re: web site feedback page using python for sending email
  530. How To Split A Sentence Into Words And Display Each Word Separately
  531. Split function to split sentence into words
  532. Re: Unsubscriptable object when using Exec
  533. ANN: ActivePython is now available
  534. C Function Pointer Wrapping Example not working
  535. object creation
  536. ElementTree XML Namspace
  537. Re: special editor support for indentation needed.
  538. Limiting output for loop
  539. Re: Multiprocessing vs. [Pyro, RPyC]
  540. Re: Multiprocessing vs. [Pyro, RPyC]
  541. Multiprocessing vs. [Pyro, RPyC]
  542. web site feedback page using python for sending email
  543. Question: what to do, my Python is getting crazy
  544. Re: special editor support for indentation needed.
  545. special editor support for indentation needed.
  546. Tkinter event binding
  547. find() a larger string within a smaller string
  548. Fw: automatic reload
  549. Re: Building musical chords starting from (a lot of) rules
  550. Re: Building musical chords starting from (a lot of) rules