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  1. Segmenting a pickle stream without unpickling
  2. Getting URL's
  3. who can give me the detailed introduction of re modle?
  4. import woe
  5. how could I get all email address in a html page?
  6. Programming language productivity
  7. Script to make Windows XP-readable ZIP file
  8. Opensource vs Microsoft, Wat do you think about opensource?
  9. realization: no assignments inside expressions
  10. newb: comapring two strings
  11. Subprocess or Process or OMG!!
  12. Reminder: call for proposals "Python Language and Libraries Track"for Europython 2006
  13. number of different lines in a file
  14. Python trig precision problem
  15. WTF? Printing unicode strings
  16. Python, Mysql, insert NULL
  17. Sorting of list containing tuples
  18. Feature request: sorting a list slice
  19. SPE output
  20. Complex evaluation bug
  21. Windows Registry Dump
  22. Python Install
  23. Strange error
  24. module webbrowser - open link in same window - osx
  25. If you were given a mall would you take it?
  26. Conversion of perl unpack code to python - something odd
  27. Which is More Efficient?
  28. Tkinter Dialog Management problems:
  29. Europython 2006 call for proposals
  30. Best active community website
  31. Python - Web Display Technology
  32. Reference Counts
  33. how to make the program notify me explicitly
  34. getting the value of an attribute from pdb
  35. MySQLdb - parameterised SQL - how to see resulting SQL ?
  36. excel centering columns
  37. Pyparsing: Specify grammar at run time
  38. Proposal for new operators to python that add syntactic sugar for hierarcical data.
  39. How to tell if function was passed a list or a string?
  40. I'm just not cut out for web programming, I guess :)
  41. gettext errors with wxPython in linux
  42. creating a new database with mysqldb
  43. Any pointers/advice to help learn CPython source?
  44. How to customize getattr(obj, prop) function ?
  45. \t not working
  46. How to add columns to python arrays
  47. Point-feature labeling in matplotlib
  48. Question about exausted iterators
  49. Process forking on Windows
  50. How to couple pyunit with GUI?
  51. Pyparsing: Grammar Suggestion
  52. List behaviour
  53. using wxPython events inside a loop
  54. SWIG: name 'new_doubleArray' is not defined
  55. index in for loops
  56. Strange IO Error when extracting zips to a network location
  57. how to traverse network devices in our system?
  58. questions on python script compiling for embedding
  59. CFLAGS are not taken into account properly
  60. formEncode and validation depended on forms field
  61. cross-compile PIL
  62. assignment in a for loop
  63. A better way of making subsclassing of built-in types stick for attributes?
  64. help with a function
  65. python vs perl lines of code
  66. help with this simple DB script
  67. Is the only way to connect Python and Lua through a C interface?
  68. Python and GLSL
  69. arrays, even, roundup, odd round down ?
  70. Beautiful parse joy - Oh what fun
  71. still don't get unicode and xml - help!
  72. calling upper() on a string, not working?
  73. Subclassing types in C
  74. round numbers in an array without importing Numeric or Math?
  75. How to log only one level to a FileHandler using python logging module.
  76. Did anyone get audio/video from PyCon 2006?
  77. Option parser question - reading options from file as well as commandline
  78. Wrong args and issuing a SIGUSR1 signal
  79. spawnv throws exception under Windows XP
  80. Help System For Python Applications
  81. simultaneous reading and writing a textfile
  82. Unable to extract Python source code using Windows
  83. Unable to extract Python source code using Windows
  84. regex help
  85. Windows & Apache 1.3 & mod_python.dll
  86. what is the difference between tuple and list?
  87. constucting a lookup table
  88. build now requires Python exist before the build starts
  89. Questions about the event loop
  90. which one?
  91. Python script for remotely shutting down Windows PC from Linux ?
  92. Unicode digit to unicode string
  93. Google-API Bad-Gateway-Error
  94. Python script windows servcie
  95. [silly] Does the python mascot have a name ?
  96. problem with namespaces using eval and exec
  97. IDLE confusion
  98. Python using http proxies
  99. Python and Combinatorics
  100. Using python for a CAD program
  101. Far from complete
  102. Argument Decorators Enhancement?
  103. Multiple inheritance : waht does this error mean ?
  104. C API: getting sys.argv
  105. Why does stack.inspect take so long?
  106. using target words from arrays in regex, pythons version of perls'map'
  107. How to guess the language of a given textstring?
  108. HTTPServer and ThreadingMixIn
  109. regular expression error ?
  110. OOP and Tkinter
  111. common practice for creating utility functions?
  112. Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (May 15)
  113. help with perl2python regular expressions
  114. py on windows Mobile 5.0?
  115. Finding yesterday's date with datetime
  116. saving file permission denied on windows
  117. Embedding python in package using autoconf
  118. keyword help in Pythonwin interpreter
  119. pythoncom and IDispatch
  120. Decrypt DES by password
  121. Web development with python.
  122. Large Dictionaries
  123. Two ZSI questions
  124. How to organise classes and modules
  125. please help me is sms with python
  126. List and order
  127. Making all string literals Unicode
  128. Unicode to DOS filenames (to call FSUM.exe)
  129. Compile Python
  130. Web framework to recommend
  131. Problem with Tkinter on Mac OS X
  132. Tabs versus Spaces in Source Code
  133. Windows Copy Gui
  134. comparing values in two sets
  135. help using smptd
  136. continue out of a loop in pdb
  137. Starting/launching eric3
  138. SQl to HTML report generator
  139. send an email with picture/rich text format in the body
  140. Python API, Initialization, Path and classes
  141. do/while structure needed
  142. count items in generator
  143. copying files into one
  144. any plans to make pprint() a builtin?
  145. Aggregate funuctions broken in MySQLdb?
  146. Question regarding checksuming of a file
  147. distutils and binding a script to a file extension on windows
  148. Cellular automata and image manipulation
  149. cx_freeze and matplotlib
  150. retain values between fun calls
  151. LocaWapp 09 - localhost web applications
  152. Iterating generator from C
  153. Setting up InformixDb
  154. PyX on Windows
  155. Unicode & ZSI interaction ??
  156. Package that imports with name of dependent package
  157. SystemError: ... cellobject.c:22: bad argument to internal ?
  158. Named regexp variables, an extension proposal.
  159. Is it possible to set the date/time of a directory in windows with Python? If so how?
  160. Sending mail with attachment...
  161. plot data from Excel sheet by Matplotlib, how?
  162. Slovenian Python User Group
  163. getting rid of pass
  164. distributing a app frozen by cx_freeze
  165. How to install pyTrix?
  166. LocaWapp 09 - localhost web applications (add thread, add "Request" object, new "locawapp_main" function, fixed," ...)
  167. unzip zip files
  168. having trouble importing a module from local directory
  169. Tkinter: ability to delete widgets from Text and then re-add them
  170. Wrong args when issuing a SIGUSR1 signal
  171. Discussion: Python and OpenMP
  172. TkTable for info gathering
  173. listener program in Python
  174. where do you run database scripts/where are DBs 'located'?
  175. nix logon in Python
  176. Creating an Active Desktop Window
  177. State of the "Vaults of Parnassus"
  178. Is there any pure python webserver that can use FCGI
  179. index of an element in a numarray array
  180. compiling module from string and put into namespace
  181. Python Translation of C# DES Encryption
  182. New blog
  183. deleting texts between patterns
  184. Decorator
  185. matplotlib
  186. A Unicode problem -HELP
  187. python soap web services
  188. Threads
  189. Time to bundle PythonWin
  190. calling perl modules from python
  191. SSL support in SOAPpy to build a SOAP server
  192. FTP filename escaping
  193. websphere6 ND soap access
  194. Reg Ex help
  195. linking with
  196. find all index positions
  197. which windows python to use?
  198. String concatenation performance
  199. _PyList_Extend advice
  200. scientific libraries for python
  201. python equivalent of the following program
  202. redirecting print to a a file
  203. pythoncode in matlab
  204. Python memory deallocate
  205. Install libraries only without the program itself
  206. releasing interpreter lock in custom code?
  207. 2 books for me
  208. Python and windows bandwidth statistics?
  209. problem with array and for loop
  210. Nested loops confusion
  211. Slow network reading?
  212. glob() that traverses a folder tree
  213. Best form when using matrices and arrays in scipy...
  214. create a c++ wrapper for python class?
  215. Calling C/C++ functions in a python script
  216. segmentation fault in scipy?
  217. design a Condition class
  218. can distutils windows installer invoke another distutils windows installer
  219. PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc, PyErr_Clear and boost::python
  220. syntax for -c cmd
  221. python sqlite3 api question
  222. unittest: How to fail if environment does not allow execution?
  223. Python module generation (in C) from XML spec
  224. Decoupling fields from forms in Django
  225. PIL ImageFont getmask bug?
  226. PIL thumbnails unreasonably large
  227. Chicago Python Users Group Thurs May 11 at 7pm
  228. reusing parts of a string in RE matches?
  229. Delivery failure notification@
  230. wx.ListCtrl.EditLabel
  231. Proposal: Base variables
  232. Use subprocesses in simple way...
  233. MySQLdb trouble
  234. Redirecting unittest output to a Text widget
  235. New tail recursion decorator
  236. SciPy - I need an example of use of linalg.lstsq()
  237. optparse and counting arguments (not options)
  238. Reading Soap struct type
  239. Matplotlib in Python vs. Matlab, which one has much better graphicalpressentation?
  240. problemi con POST
  241. elementtidy, \0 chars and parsing from a string
  242. Shadow Detection?
  243. Can Python installation be as clean as PHP?
  244. How to recast integer to a string
  245. Is Welfare Part of Capitalism?
  246. Progress bar in web-based ftp?
  247. Upgrading Class Instances Automatically on Reload
  248. multiline strings and proper indentation/alignment
  249. Calling python functions from C
  250. lines of code per functional point
  251. distutils
  252. Finding defining class in a decorator
  253. Accessing std::wstring in Python using SWIG
  254. import in execv after fork
  255. Deferred Evaluation in Recursive Expressions?
  256. eval and exec in an own namespace
  257. What to use for adding syntax for hierarcical trees, metaclasses, or PLY?
  258. Python editor recommendation.
  259. installing numpy
  260. wxPython IEHtmlWindow mystery - dependencies?
  261. wxPython IEHtmlWindow mystery - dependencies?
  262. two of
  263. Embedding Python in C++ Problem
  264. Embedding Python
  265. clear memory? how?
  266. Why 3.0/5.0 = 0.59999...
  267. PythonWin's Check (any other Lint tool) ?
  268. do "some action" once a minute
  269. Import data from Excel
  270. Delivery failure notification@
  271. Problem - Serving web pages on the desktop (SimpleHTTPServer)
  272. Problem - Serving web pages on the desktop (SimpleHTTPServer)
  273. Problem - Serving web pages on the desktop (SimpleHTTPServer)
  274. Problem - Serving web pages on the desktop (SimpleHTTPServer)
  275. Is there any plan to port python to ACCESS Palm Linux Platform?
  276. Enumerating Regular Expressions
  277. Memory leak in Python
  278. __dict__ in class inherited from C extension module
  279. Multi-line lambda proposal.
  280. ascii to latin1
  281. group for pure startups...
  282. Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (May 8)
  283. Help on a find Next Statement
  284. Global utility module/package
  285. Econometrics in Panel data?
  286. logging module: add client_addr to all log records
  287. i don't understand this RE example from the documentation
  288. PyX custom x-labels
  289. Using StopIteration
  290. advanced number recognition in strings?
  291. Problem with iterators and inheritance
  292. List Ctrl
  293. converting to scgi
  294. connect file object to standard output?
  295. Python Graphics Library
  296. regular expressions, substituting and adding in one step?
  297. Retrieving event descriptors in Tkinter
  298. hyperthreading locks up sleeping threads
  300. A better way to split up a list
  301. get Windows file type
  302. Web framework comparison video
  303. List of lists of lists of lists...
  304. How to get a part of string which follows a particular pattern using shell script
  305. Modifying PyObject.ob_type
  306. data entry tool
  307. printing out elements in list
  308. Python's regular expression?
  309. Tkfont.families does not list all installed fonts
  310. Why list.sort() don't return the list reference instead of None?
  311. Python CGI: Hidden fields don't show up in submitted keys!
  312. New pyparsing wiki
  313. reading a column from a file
  314. dial-up from python script
  315. which is better, string concatentation or substitution?
  316. How can I do this with python ?
  317. Getting HTTP responses - a python linkchecking script.
  318. evaluation of >
  319. utility functions within a class?
  320. why _import__ only works from interactive interpreter?
  321. released: RPyC 2.55
  322. the tostring and XML methods in ElementTree
  323. Python CHM Doc Contains Broken Links on Linux in xCHM.
  324. Passing options around your program
  325. Numerical Python Tutorial errors
  326. printing list
  327. NumTut view of greece
  328. algorithmic mathematical art
  329. md5 from python different then md5 from command line
  330. Integrate docs of site-packages with Python doc index?
  331. python rounding problem.
  332. MySQLdb problem
  333. Splice two lists
  334. os.isfile() error
  335. the print statement
  336. GladeGen and initializing widgets at startup
  337. sort a list of files
  338. Python Eggs Just install in *ONE* place? Easy to uninstall?
  339. Class Library for Numbers now available for Windows
  340. python 2.5a2, gcc 4.1 and memory problems
  341. Your email "Server Report" has been Quarantined
  342. combined files together
  343. Designing Plug-in Systems in Python
  344. how to construct a binary-tree using python?
  345. A critic of Guido's blog on Python's lambda
  346. Elegent solution to replacing ' and " ?
  347. MakeBot - IDE for learning Python
  348. How to doctest if __name__ already used?
  349. How to get the target of a Windows shortcut file
  350. How to get client's IP address in the threaded case ofSimpleXMLRPCServer?
  351. print formate
  352. easy way to dump a class instance?
  353. to thine own SELF be true...
  354. ConfigParser: values with ";" and the value blank
  355. python script help...
  356. MQSeries based file transfers using the pymqi module
  357. [ConfigParser] value with ; and the value blank
  358. Drop Down Menus...
  359. Best IDE for Python?
  360. PUDGE - Colored Code Blocks / Mailing List Access
  361. Is this a legal / acceptable statement ?
  362. PUDGE - Colored Code Blocks / Mailing List Access
  363. how to remove 50000 elements from a 100000 list?
  364. Tkinter Canvas Pre-Buffer
  365. Active Directory Authentication
  366. Method acting on arguements passed
  367. (question) How to use python get access to google search without query quota limit
  368. unittest.main-workalike that runs doctests too?
  369. Is this a good use of __metaclass__?
  370. ISSPR2006_School_etc.:NEW_EXTENDED_Deadline
  371. SIGTERM handling
  372. Embedding Python: How to run compiled(*.pyc/*.pyo) files using Python C API?
  373. whois info from Python?
  374. Unable to use py2app
  375. using urllib with ftp?
  376. Why does built-in set not take keyword arguments?
  377. Python 2.4.2 to 2.4.3 transition issue
  378. CRC calculation
  379. Can I use python for this .. ??
  380. regex to exctract informations
  381. [HOST] - Flexible Project Hosting with Python (similar to Assembla Breakout)
  382. pyuno and PDF output
  383. cross platform libraries
  384. Python for Perl programmers
  385. Calling superclass
  386. Progamming python without a keyboard
  387. pyuno and oootools with OpenOffice 2.0
  388. Tuple assignment and generators?
  389. Unicode code has no method float() ?
  390. Shed Skin Python-to-C++ Compiler - Summer of Code?
  391. Python sample code for PLSQL REF CURSORS
  392. Subclassing array
  393. Multiple Version Install?
  394. HTMLParseError: EOF in middle of construct error
  395. refactoring question
  396. Python function returns:
  397. __getattr__ for global namespace?
  398. about the implement of the PyString_InternFromString
  399. about the implement of the PyString_InternFromString
  400. RegEx with multiple occurrences
  401. Pythoncard question
  402. pleac
  403. Problem building extension under Cygwin (ImportError: Bad address)
  404. ZSI usage
  405. Usage of single click or double click in Tix programming
  406. pythonic way to sort
  407. stripping unwanted chars from string
  408. Any useful benefit to a tiny OS written in Python?
  409. Fastest quoting
  410. Defining class methods outside of classes
  411. scope of variables
  412. This coding style bad practise?
  413., __path__ and packaging
  414. Because of multithreading semantics, this is not reliable.
  415. Possibly dumb question about dicts and __hash__()
  416. python strings
  417. python modules for openAFS client functionalities
  418. Gettings subdirectories
  419. Using time.sleep() in 2 threads causes lockup when hyper-threading is enabled
  420. Mutable String
  421. problem with reload(sys) (doing reload on the sys module)
  422. A python problem about int to long promotion just see the idle session
  423. NaN handling
  424. I have problem with the qt-module333.dll
  425. Strange Threads Behaviour...
  426. Update Tix ExFileSelectBox
  427. IPython team needs a student for a google "Summer of Code" project.
  428. __getattr__ on non-instantiated class
  429. Numeric Python
  430. May I know Which is the best programming guide for using Tix in python
  431. Need Plone Information
  432. Customize IE to make a toolbar visible
  433. We finally have a complete Python project
  434. Sorting a list of dictionaries by dictionary key
  435. Running compiled Python files
  436. Playability of a file in windows media player
  437. how to install multiple pythons on window
  438. Calling a Postgres Function using CGI written in Python
  439. How to encode html and xml tag datas with standard python modules?
  440. Zope Guru...
  441. audio on os x using python, mad, ao
  442. Seeking students for the Summer of Code
  443. ImportError: No module named HTMLParser
  444. NewB question on text manipulation
  445. UPGMA algorithm ???
  446. Types-SIG Archives.
  447. what is the 'host' for SMTP?
  448. Anaglyph 3D Stereo Imaging with PIL and numpy
  449. Binary File Reading : Metastock
  450. detect video length in seconds
  451. Can subprocess point to file descriptor 5?
  452. assignment in if
  453. search file for tabs
  454. Dispatching operations to user-defined methods
  455. clearerr called on NULL FILE* ?
  456. urllib2 not support proxy on SSL connection?
  457. data regex match
  458. What is wrong with the Python home page?
  459. with Tkinter
  460. Check IE toolbar visible
  461. Python & SSL
  462. Wake on LAN and Shutdown for Windows and Linux
  463. Polling from keyboard
  464. xml-rpc and 64-bit ints?
  465. simultaneous assignment
  466. RFC 822 continuations
  467. milliseconds are not stored in the timestamp KInterbasDB + Firebird
  468. Python and Windows new Powershell
  469. ConfigParser and multiple option names
  470. Pamie and Python - new browser focus
  471. py2app, pythoncard build problems
  472. produce xml documents with python, and display it with xsl in a internet browser
  473. --version?
  474. Strange result with math.atan2()
  475. pyqt v3.* and v4.*
  476. change a text file to a dictionary
  477. string.find first before location
  478. blank lines representation in python
  479. strip newlines and blanks
  480. stripping blanks
  481. stripping
  482. SGML parsing tags and leeping track
  483. Python distutil: build libraries before modules
  484. request help with Pipe class in
  485. Using elementtree: replacing nodes
  486. Can Python kill a child process that keeps on running?
  487. Packet finding and clicking...
  488. Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (May 1)
  489. set partitioning
  490. SciTE: Printing in Black & White
  491. Difference between threading.local and protecting data with locks
  492. Could not find platform independent libraries
  493. using ftplib
  494. How do I take a directory name from a given dir?
  495. how to do with the multi-frame GIF
  496. how to do with the multi-frame GIF
  497. how to do with the multi-frame GIF
  498. Numeric, vectorization
  499. Multi-Monitor Support
  500. list*list
  501. Setting a module package to use new-style classes
  502. regd efficient methods to manipulate *large* files
  503. noob question: "TypeError" wrong number of args
  504. An Atlas of Graphs with Python
  505. Converting floating point to string in non-scientific format
  506. SPE / winpdb problem
  507. returning none when it should be returning a list?
  508. How to prevent this from happening?
  509. How can I implement a timeout with subprocess.Popen()?
  510. python colorfinding
  511. file open "no such file"
  512. python and xulrunner
  513. ending a string with a backslash
  514. How to efficiently read binary files?
  515. From the Tutorial Wiki: suggested restructure
  516. Measure memory usage in Python
  517. Hierarchy - how?
  518. Converting tuple to String
  519. Can I collapse a Panel in wxPython?
  520. unable to resize mmap object
  521. bonobo bindings?
  522. basic python programing
  523. setting file permissions on a web server
  524. OpenOffice UNO export PDF help needed
  525. wxpython - new line in radiobutton's label?
  526. how not use memmove when insert a object in the list
  527. resume picking items from a previous list
  528. Why does bufsize=1 not work in subprocess.Popen ?
  529. Inserting in to a list.
  530. Can we create an_object = object() and add attribute like for a class?
  531. opposite function to split?
  532. Lists and such
  533. self modifying code
  534. How to get computer name
  535. Need help removing list elements.
  536. midi input
  537. Python "member of" function
  538. PyQt 4.0beta1 Released
  539. Recommendations for a PostgreSQL db adapter, please?
  540. Using a browser as a GUI: which Python package
  541. Using a browser as a GUI: which Python package
  542. iputils module
  543. Popping from the middle of a deque + deque rotation speed
  544. GUI slider control
  545. popen3 on windows
  546. convert a int to a list
  547. an error in commented code?
  548. How to align a text of a Listbox to the right
  549. Possible constant assignment operators ":=" and "::=" for Python
  550. Undocumented alternate form for %#f ?