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  1. New to python
  2. Dynamic objects
  3. Subprocess confusion: how file-like must stdin be?
  4. where can i get older version of python?
  5. Python for arcgis
  6. Python2.5 RC1 vs sgmlop.c
  7. modify element of a list.
  8. sqlite3 or mysqldb?
  9. py2exe and COM problem
  10. RELEASED Python 2.5 (release candidate 1)
  11. 2.4.3, unittest and socket logging
  12. iTunes Search Algorithm/Data Structure?
  13. List match
  14. The Semicolon Wars as a software industry and human condition
  15. Read Picasa metadata using Python?
  16. PythonCard question
  17. [廣告]徵人~*暐黎u作全職收入(可在家工作)
  18. wxPython GUI update with data from a MySQL database
  19. drawingarea problem
  20. wxPython Grid Question
  21. MySQLdb installation error
  22. Curried class methods?
  23. Help with async xmlrpc design
  24. Python and SAFEARRAY
  25. no longer can set breakpoint on 'pass' statement?
  26. How do I catch ExpatError exception?
  27. Anyone have a link handy to an RFC 821 compliant email address regex for Python?
  28. Calling a python script, and getting the returned result in C
  29. Inheritting Built In Types
  30. getting database column names from query
  31. PySequence_SetItem
  32. Documentation Question About Depricated String Functions
  33. Problems with Sizers
  34. trouble understanding inheritance...
  35. It is __del__ calling twice for some instances?
  36. Segmentation Fault using MySQLdb and twisted
  37. QListView and text
  38. python-dev and setting up setting up f2py on Windows XP
  39. QListView and text
  40. How to delete a directory tree in FTP
  41. Question on extracting doc strings from .py files
  42. Adding a char inside path string
  43. Optimization of __len__() in
  44. classes on GladeGen
  45. Defining our own types?
  46. wxPython Install
  47. debugger in eclipse
  48. round not rounding to 0 places
  49. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  50. Python form Unix to Windows
  51. Very weird behavior that's driving me crazy
  52. Memory usage of an 'empty' python interpreter
  53. "wxmsw26uh_vc.dll not found" when using wxAgg backend
  54. inheritance?
  55. Global Objects...
  56. Instantiate all objects in a module?
  57. Printing n elements per line in a list
  58. proc A def/calls proc B: variable scoping rules.
  59. MySQLdb installation error
  60. Clean way to not get object back from instantiation attempt gonebad
  61. Multi-threaded service
  62. include a python class in another python script.
  63. programming with Python 3000 in mind
  64. trying to reach kevin smith, author of plastex
  65. Error with: pickle.dumps(numpy.float32)
  66. yEnc
  67. Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Aug 15)
  68. X windows and Python?
  69. Creating Charts in Excel with pyExcelerator.ExcelMagic
  70. idea on how to get/set nested python dictionary values
  71. How to tell machines endianism.
  72. data types
  73. file object and eof
  74. STAF(Software Testing Automation Framework) with STAX for running python test suites/cases
  75. Reference Variables In Python Like Those In PHP
  76. IDLE system wide settings
  77. Beginner Textbook
  78. How to implement linked list in Python??
  79. pickling or xml or other?
  80. dictionary update
  81. Making a multithread app that runs several instances of whatever the app did before
  82. how to deepcopy a slice object?
  83. ReStructuredText
  84. What would be the best way to run python client in the background
  85. what is the keyword "is" for?
  86. Python class objects as plugins?
  87. How to fill a form
  88. Crunchy version 0.7 is here!
  89. modifying __new__ of list subclass
  90. Finding if Python Is Running In Console (python.exe) or Window (pythonw.exe)
  91. Basic Boost.Python Question
  92. Memory problem
  93. Memory problem
  94. Boost Build Warning
  95. TypeError: 'module' object is not callable (newby question)
  96. tkinter: Button color Solaris/Linux
  97. why the method get() of python Queue is hang on there?
  98. A little assistance with os.walk please.
  99. sending mailing list with smtplib
  100. NRIEvents - Independence Day Contest :
  101. help parsing this
  102. Best IDE for Python
  103. Strange problem with Tkinter... photos don't show on first iteration.
  104. PIL and solaris
  105. Drawing a grid on a picture
  106. recommended general-purpose string template packages?
  107. Easy to use distributed system?
  108. Nested if and expected an indent block
  109. outputting a command to the terminal?
  110. selecting base class from user input
  111. Compiling wxPython app for Windows; Single EXE
  112. looking for a simple way to load a program from another python program..
  113. Py_Initialize crashes with winpdb
  115. open() and Arabic language
  116. yet another noob question
  117. Installed correctly
  118. ERROR "no mem to add parser accelerator"
  119. __LINE__ and __FILE__ functionality in Python?
  120. keep a list of read and unread items
  121. proxy for xmlrpc calls
  122. _PyLong_FromByteArray
  123. trouble with replace
  124. Recurse Directories and process files in directory
  125. xtopdf: PDF creation / conversion toolkit: alpha release of v1.3
  126. self=pickle.load(file)? (Object loads itself)
  127. start a multi-sockets server (a socket/per thread) with different ports but same host
  128. Looking for a text file based wiki system written in Python
  129. matplotlib, wxPanel inside a wxPanel
  130. wxPython ListBook Class, Label Position w/ ImageList
  131. unbound methods
  132. Kill process based on window name (win32)
  133. Python/Tk not working in Linux
  134. long(Decimal) performance
  135. iterator wrapper
  136. help with c <-> python buffer transfer
  137. Learning Python
  138. Using a dictionary to pass data to/from embedded python functions
  139. Help with cx_freeze module
  140. seeking the "Hello World" of Packages
  141. Including python and wxPython in distutils
  142. having issues Installing Python 2.5b3 on Windows XP
  143. Inconsistency producing constant for float "infinity"
  144. Boost Install
  145. some n00b question
  146. Unit Testing Python
  147. datetime to timestamp
  148. schedule at specific hours
  149. Adding private tags to a tiff file.
  150. Reading unformatted big-endian files
  151. Rendering Vector Graphics
  152. Reading unformatted big-endian files
  153. Python checking for None/Null values
  154. Odd list behaviour
  155. Read a file with open command
  156. Reading unformatted big-endian files
  157. Component framework
  158. kerberos under windows
  159. Python script setup
  160. Warlord *this*
  161. Generator-based microthreads and games
  162. python/mysql/list question...
  163. Packages
  164. Switching a Dataprobe iP-415/815 (basic) using TCP
  165. error handling
  166. hide python code !
  167. FTP HANGS on very slow connection
  168. How to write a Installer for a Python App in Linux
  169. "running" code on client side with cherrypy?
  170. add jpg app3 marker to jpg/jpeg file
  171. seaching a list...
  172. easy string formating question
  173. using python to edit a word file?
  174. win32 load icon not from file, but from <something>
  175. reading from sockets
  176. Compiling extensions
  177. draw an image in wx.BufferedDC onto the page created by AddPage of wx.Notebook
  178. Password authentication systems
  179. fuzzy search technology in python
  180. Absolute beginner - is this feasible?
  181. String Formatting
  182. Make Object Oriented?
  183. How to execute a file outside module's namespace?
  184. Advice on a TCP passthru daemon for HTTP proxy rotation
  185. How to change the path for python binary?
  186. sys.platform documentation?
  187. IP address
  188. excel in unix?
  189. def __init__(self, link, *arg, **key):
  190. state of SOAP and python?
  191. loop until keypress (Windows XP)
  192. Cpickle/Data file need program to retain information
  193. imputil + pyparsing -> Python-based DSL
  194. Easy image rendering?
  195. Image concatenation in PIL
  196. The decentralized nature of the Python community is driving me crazy
  197. why does getpass() show the input?
  198. MergeSort
  199. Two Classes In Two Files
  200. Announcing Switch, the CSS Preprocessor!
  201. converting a nested try/except statement into try/except/else
  202. os.path.normpath
  203. What's the cleanest way to compare 2 dictionary?
  204. Python share CPU time?
  205. Status of Epydoc
  206. Escape sequences (colour) and padding with "%8s"%
  207. __contains__ vs. __getitem__
  208. knowing when file is flushed to disk
  209. ChiPy Chicago Python User Group Meeting Tomorrow
  210. Embedding Python in C/C++
  211. using python with tar files and compressed files
  212. need hint for refactoring
  213. Session implementation for Python
  214. when you can't write to site-packages?
  215. how to figure it out
  216. Best way to construct an email - attach a html file and send
  217. ALLAH
  218. Satan and the evil
  219. Accessing digital camera
  220. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  221. import logging fails on MacPython 2.4.3
  222. PIL Image transform
  223. Regd:Video Converter Programming
  224. How to reverse tuples in a list?
  225. (Boost.Python) How to load header files?
  226. technique to enter text using a mobile phone keypad (T9dictionary-based disambiguation)
  227. Open file handles?
  228. how to save a screenshot in pygame?
  229. threading.Event usage causing intermitent exception
  230. New to Python-- Help
  231. (easy question) Find and replace multiple items
  232. Native Win32 text entry dialog?
  233. matplotlib not plotting dates
  234. newb question: file searching
  235. Class data being zapped by method
  236. #!/usr/bin/python or #!/usr/bin/env python?
  237. ImportError: undefined symbol PyFPE_jbuf
  238. Unicode/utf-8 data in SQL Server
  239. binary conversion issues
  240. Urllib2/Pycurl/HTTP Speeds?
  241. Accessing Yahoo Mail withtout POP
  242. Tkinter module not found
  243. Dallas One wire tempreture measurement.
  244. Missing MSVCR71.dll
  245. Info on continuations?
  246. beginner questions on embedding/extending python with C++
  247. Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Aug 8)
  248. variable creation
  249. Looking for an intellisense with good help IDE for Python
  250. urllib and urllib2, with proxies
  251. import help
  252. Question on try/except
  253. Changing UNIX tty driver keys -- Suggested changes to "termios" module
  254. Import module with non-standard file name
  255. using python at the bash shell?
  256. python - HTML processing - need tips
  257. singleton decorator
  258. Class attributes, instances and metaclass __getattribute__
  259. do people really complain about significant whitespace?
  260. Getting previous file name
  261. distutils
  262. ST_CTIME convert to yyyymmdd
  263. Installing a Windows Printer
  264. Resource temporarily unavailable launching idle under cygwin
  265. A problem from a Vim user
  266. Python 2.5b2 and excepthook problem
  267. ANNOUNCE: Mod_python 3.2.10
  268. timeout calling local se
  269. screensaver in Python
  270. format a number for output
  271. need an alternative to getattr()
  272. PyGTK TreeView segmentation fault on expand_all()
  273. is it possible to dividing up a class in multiple files?
  274. regex for replacing \r\n
  275. NNTPlib::xover problem
  276. How to get hours and minutes from 'datetime.timedelta' object?
  277. bind invalid when execute oracle sql statement.
  278. Nice unicode -> ascii translation?
  279. easy question about join method
  280. Question about using python as a scripting language
  281. pycrust xmlrpclib problem
  282. Open letter to BDFL begging forgiveness.
  283. embedding console in wxpython app
  284. Initializing the number of slots in a dictionary
  285. where can I find Python acceptance test suite?
  286. How to suppress UnicodeError exception when enabling httplib debug?
  287. why did wxpython MakeActiveXclass stopped working?!?!!?!?
  288. Proposal: [... for ... while cond(x)]
  289. subprocesses and deadlocks
  290. strftime replacement which supports Unicode format strings?
  291. Trouble displaying image with tkinter
  292. string.translate with unicode
  293. Subtyping a non-builtin type in C/C++
  294. Something for PyPy developers?
  295. Backup GMAIL Messages with Python
  296. access abook addressbook with curses
  297. email client like mutt
  298. More int and float attributes
  299. python scripting for eggdrop?
  300. the perens in lisp dilects is there for a reson... macros.
  301. Pywin32 Excel question
  302. Design Patterns in Python
  303. MVC for wxWidgets or Tkinter?
  304. super quick question
  305. Programming Games with python, I know this subject was disccused need help
  306. paramter passing question
  307. Which Python API for PostgreSQL?
  308. passing python variables into shell commands as argv
  309. Extending/Embedding Confusion
  310. using an already running COM object with Dispatch
  311. An interesting way to implement an abstract base class
  312. Why do I require an "elif" statement here?
  313. Need help building boost python on mac os x.
  314. web searching scripts
  315. new Python release date (Sept. 12)
  316. wxPython font color
  317. Newby looking for file obj code
  318. Pydev with Eclipse on OSX Q
  319. Web Crawling/Threading and Things That Go Bump in the Night
  320. Which KDE IDE for Python?
  321. platform independent process check
  322. PyWeek #3 in September!
  323. RELEASED Python 2.5 (beta 3)
  324. Problem reading/writing files
  325. current recursion level
  326. md5 question
  327. threads, file access and stuff
  328. Enhanced Listbox
  329. [Linux] What toolkit for a good grid/spreadsheet widget?
  330. E' possibile integrare ironpython con visual studio 2005?
  331. Python open a named pipe == hanging?
  332. help - iter & dict
  333. OS independent files
  334. Negative division bug?
  335. distutils is not found
  336. What is the best way to print the usage string ?
  337. programming is hard
  338. Datetime question
  339. opposite of import
  340. Python for arcgis
  341. using globals
  342. Grammar parsing
  343. karrigell and multi-threading
  344. can this b done
  345. Can Your Programming Language Do This? Joel on functional programming and briefly on anonymous functions!
  346. exception handling; python program that interacts with postgresql db
  347. The most powerful question to ask A.I is:
  348. Are there any AOP project in python community?
  349. serial ports, threads and windows
  350. Running queries on large data structure
  351. Hiding Console Output
  352. Simple HTML display of a select query
  353. Is there an obvious way to do this in python?
  354. need help of regular expression genius
  355. ElementTree and Unicode
  356. VisualStudio2005 supported in distutils
  357. upgrading python...
  358. Class definition within function
  359. Datetime objects
  360. Attribute protection the 2nd
  361. Behavior on non definded name in Cheetah
  362. Problems with py2exe and pylab!
  363. DLL search path, IDLE versus command line
  364. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  365. Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Aug 2)
  366. wxPython - Event processing order arbitrary across platforms?
  367. Zipping files/zipfile module
  368. Convert string to mathematical function
  369. Get age of a file/dir
  370. Coloring tkinter dialogs
  371. xml.sax problem, help needed.
  372. Hierarchical unit tests
  373. wxPython Linux Compatibility question
  374. Network Game in Python
  375. cleaner way to write this try/except statement?
  376. list comprehension syntax..?
  377. after an image is moved to a new location, how to delete the image at the old location?
  378. Railroad track syntax diagrams
  379. Jumping over in the class hierarchy
  380. Finding the name of a class
  381. fast pythonic algorithm question
  382. Best way to read, and analyze a log file?
  383. looking for a regular expression
  384. Can't get LCHARVAR's with InformixDB
  385. Strange Tkinter Grid behaviour Problem
  386. PyGreSQL, DLL search path, IDLE versus python command line
  387. Any gotchas in returning a subclass instance from __new__?
  388. SOAP/WSDL Introspection
  389. how to get size of unicode string/string in bytes ?
  390. python under earthlink hosting?
  391. suppressing the console in a GUI program
  392. FOR LOOPS
  393. code to retrieve web mail?
  394. Help with arrays of strings
  395. realine not found error
  396. Pickle vs XML for file I/O
  397. PIL issues
  398. under naming
  399. Decorator for use with cgilib
  400. ImportError raised in script, not interactive session.
  401. Borg vs. Module
  402. Static Variables in Python?
  403. Python help for Access database
  404. import error
  405. Megawidget Syntax (Tix)
  406. Working with Widget after Instance loses the reference
  407. Python Docs Fix
  408. Problem with using unittest module
  409. running an app as user "foo"
  410. Abstract the storage of an app
  411. Using Python for my web site
  412. FTP (ftplib) output capture
  413. trouble understanding super()
  414. poll() on OSX 10.3.9
  415. getting debug from urllib2
  416. Multiple Telnet sessions through one script
  417. Another problem with 'Dive Into Python'
  418. gaierror: (8, 'hostname nor servname provided, or not known')
  419. Nuther problem with 'dive into Python'
  420. to automate an interactive shell
  421. how to safely extract dict values
  422. import a user created python file as module
  423. pass parameters in SPYCE
  424. Windows vs. Linux
  425. Small problem with print and comma
  426. Execution timeout
  427. BCD List to HEX List
  428. Mouse LED Control in Python
  429. how to make python socket server work with the app.MainLoop() in wxpython?
  430. Html character entity conversion
  431. PIL on MacOS
  432. python and JMS
  433. Pygame Help
  434. Math package
  435. Proposal for new option -U extending -u
  436. Smaple of recursive directory walker
  437. install python on cdrom
  438. system programign
  439. Partial Classes - Aspects
  440. Python-Extending with C in Windows(VC++ 6)
  441. simple dbus python problem ... please help
  442. sending bytes to parallel port
  443. replacing single line of text
  444. mx.DateTime to datetime.datetime
  445. Accessing USGS Web Service Using Python
  446. Looking for a regular expression for this...
  447. Client/Server Question
  448. XML parsing and writing
  449. list of lists of lists ....
  450. python and dbus - beginner seeking some help
  451. python and dbus - beginner seeking some help
  452. Tkinter questions
  453. md5 usage with directories
  454. Unicode question
  455. metaclass : parse all class once before doing anything else ?
  456. SWIG, Python and C structures
  457. Possible error in 'dive into Python' book, help!
  458. Possible error in 'dive into Python' book, help!
  459. problem with regex
  460. Suppressing banner on interactive startup?
  461. Python Projects Continuous Integration
  462. Comma is not always OK in the argument list?!
  463. WSAStartup failed: error code 10107
  464. Py2exe for packaging installers?
  465. War chest for writing web apps in Python?
  466. non-blocking PIPE read on Windows
  467. Why XP can not run Python after being setting the PATH?
  468. SocketServer and timers
  469. Zipping Files to user defined Directory
  471. Fastest Way To Loop Through Every Pixel
  472. can anybody explain this range() speedup (with psyco)
  473. Urllib.encode() - How does it Treat a List?
  474. how best to check a value? (if/else or try/except?)
  475. Process files in order
  476. Python Path
  477. Simulate input to another program
  478. help: output arrays into file as column
  479. iter(callable, sentinel)
  480. Protection levels in Python
  481. How do you implement this Python idiom in C++
  482. How do you implement this Python idiom in C++ ?
  483. import question on wx ?
  484. Functions and code objects
  485. pysqlite2 fetching from select different than pysqlite?
  486. Python with DyBase
  487. Thread Question
  488. Automatic email checking - best procedures/suggestions
  489. coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found
  490. locked file
  491. MySql
  492. write()
  493. function to convert degree (hour), minute, seconds string to integer
  494. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  495. subprocess module
  496. SDL doesn't cope well with FreeSans
  497. removing duplicates, or, converting Set() to string
  498. File Copy Script?
  499. Using PyQT and OpenGL
  500. Worarrounding hardcoded Option class in optparse in Python 2.3
  501. Intermittent "permission denied" errors when using os.rename and a recently deleted path??
  502. doctest + swig example
  503. splitting words with brackets
  504. why is this not working? (nested scope question)
  505. binding more than one attribute in a facntion
  506. Splitting a float into bytes:
  507. Threads vs Processes
  508. PDbSeed Tool!
  509. builtin function compile exceptions thrown?
  510. extender method
  511. Using iterators to write in the structure being iterated through?
  512. import from containing folder
  513. wxpython: Timer object not working, or just me?
  514. Changing a value for each folder while traversing a file system
  515. .dll and .pyd
  516. subprocess problem on WinXP
  517. a print bug?
  518. pyOpenGL tom demo segmentation fault
  519. Tkinter pack Problem
  520. How to find difference in years between two dates?
  521. Problem with readlines() and uml
  522. pasting numpy array into bigger array
  523. webbrowser open failing
  524. Tkinter and exceptions
  525. list problem
  526. xmlrpclib and methods declared at runtime
  527. xmlrpc: hostname nor servname provided ?
  528. can wxpython checkbox use the "fill in" marker instead of the "check"?
  529. Python stack trace on blocked running script.
  530. Accessing files on a PocketPC device
  531. cStringIO.StringIO has no write method?
  532. Python and C++
  533. self question
  534. simple question
  535. Python audio output switch
  536. smtplib timeout
  537. 2 timers, doesnt work?
  538. Python and Boost.
  539. M2Crypto and general HTTPS help needed
  540. Paste text across multiple text boxes
  541. local moduile acess from cgi-bin
  542. Tkinter optimization
  543. How do I pass a list to a __init__ value/definition?
  544. Missing rotor module
  545. Stack trace in C
  546. upload a file
  547. When is Django going to...
  548. csv file or sqlite ?
  549. dicts vs classes
  550. Any tips/comments on my code sample