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  1. Unicode string handling problem
  2. Removing from a List in Place
  3. Looking for CGI program to browse/manage/process files thru the web
  4. Getting text into the copy-paste buffer...
  5. a Pywin Outlook adress Book Question
  6. New 2.5 release date: September 19
  7. Programming isn't dangerous...
  8. accepting cStringIO in an extension
  9. Testing a website with HTTPS login and cookies
  10. HTTP Server Root Folder
  11. Mastering Python
  12. Higher-level OpenGL modules
  13. Check XML Without any DTD or schema.
  14. how to convert exe to python source code
  15. Minidom XML output - attributes in wrong order ?
  16. Add NTLM proxy authentication to urllib2
  17. How to allow special character's like ,,acute e etc...
  18. pyPgSQL / trac issues
  19. why have to "from compiler import *"
  20. asyncore.dispatcher stops listening
  21. Dice gen and analyser script for RPGs: comments sought
  22. Is it just me, or is Sqlite3 goofy?
  23. python web framework for straight sql (no ORM)?
  24. OS X and Python - wxPython has forced a rehash of my approach
  25. Question about urllib and posting to an external script
  26. Need help with SOAPpy -- how to supply user credentials?
  27. testing for valid reference: obj vs. None!=obs vs. obj is not None
  28. Access elements from nested tuples
  29. Tkinter window focusing or selecting
  30. inaccuracy in the time module
  31. building helper executables with distutils
  32. Web queries in Python
  33. Test for number?
  34. Where to find fpconst?
  35. Using "Content-Disposition" in HTTP download
  36. Prevent self being passed to a function stored as a member variable?
  37. py2exe and libxml
  38. Manipulating GIF image frames w/ PIL - where'd my palette go?
  39. Import a textfile to SQL
  40. threading support in python
  41. replace deepest level of nested list
  42. Unicode characters
  43. methods and functions, instances and classes
  44. This seems to crash my program and gives me errors on the #include statements
  45. are there any lib for receive hotmail ?
  46. modbus
  47. Reading config.ini in PythonWin.
  48. Better way to replace/remove characters in a list of strings.
  49. What are super()'s semantics?
  50. Reading config.ini in PythonWin.
  51. fcntl() and packing structs with unions.
  52. upgrade 2.4 -> 2.5 HowTo
  53. python-database
  54. What does mod_python.publisher handler do?
  55. how to get a filename's extension
  56. Exception EOFError.
  57. sqlite 'ownership' problems
  58. data structure
  59. Setting custom folder icon in OS X?
  60. str.isspace()
  61. pdf to hhp for boa-constructor help
  62. regex matching rst code block?
  63. Python GUI/tk
  64. Pmw installation problem
  65. Building Python with non-traditional paths
  66. ftputil protection
  67. User defined functions through Automation in Excel 2003
  68. auto fill out web form
  69. overriding character escapes during file input
  70. Setting "value" of an int-derived class
  71. Client-side TCP socket receiving "Address already in use" upon connect
  72. Program to backtrack function calls in source code?
  73. NetBeans and Jython
  75. How to run Python file?
  76. thread join() not stopping
  77. thread join() not stopping
  78. how to remove n bytes in a file?
  79. inheritance needed in program configuration - config module or python oo?
  80. Netstat Speed
  81. Linear regression in 3 dimensions
  82. Libraries in python
  83. IndentationError: expected an indented block
  84. simpleparse parsing problem
  85. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  86. tp_members and T_ULONGLONG ("C" Python modules)
  87. pictures as characters in a Tk text box?
  88. $HOSTNAME not in os.environ?
  89. Incremental Progress Report object/closure?
  90. disgrating a list
  91. Strange import behavior
  92. Problem loading true-type font with PIL
  93. under Win32
  94. Tkinter listbox and ftputil
  95. working with ldap files
  96. OO on python real life tutorial?
  97. Help with autotools
  98. Question about import and namespace
  99. Django website
  100. Threads and Progress Bar
  101. Jython: single step / pause / debug ...
  102. Adding sender name to email
  103. Jython: PyException toString() is empty
  104. Classes referencing each other
  105. a new object definition
  106. Parsing form input in a BaseHTTPServer
  107. pysqlite - simple problem
  108. Embedding a close button in a WxNoteBook
  109. Table of Python Packages
  110. raw audio in windows
  111. when i select a 26 digits ,the sql doesn't work ,why?
  112. introspection
  113. Trouble finding references that are keeping objects alive
  114. AttributeError: 'Attributes' object has no attribute 'saveFile'
  115. Python style: to check or not to check args and data members
  116. Boost Python Issue
  117. python loops
  118. SQLObject or SQLAlchemy?
  119. Assignment-in-conditional
  120. problem with appending to a list, possibly mysqldb related
  121. tkSimpleDialog fails
  122. Subclassing Tkinter Buttons
  123. How to Interpret Hotshot Stats
  124. Basic import Questions (with bonus profiling question)
  125. HTTPS Login
  126. Searching a string and extract all occurancies of a substring
  127. Open file in a frame
  128. genetic algorithms package for python ?
  129. Timeline for Python?
  130. Problem when try to run a Python embedding documentation example
  131. simultaneous copy to multiple media
  132. Tkinter listbox question
  133. Newby:How to catch standard output of os.system() call in python string variable.
  134. Using eval with substitutions
  135. wxNotebook color change
  136. Broadcast server
  137. Any relational database design tool written in Python
  138. urllib2 ftp mirror
  139. Deploying an app with Embedded Python
  140. Possible problem in compiler/ of Python2.4...
  141. python equivalent for fputc
  142. Egg problem (~/.python-eggs)
  143. Large LCD/Plasma TV Output
  144. GC and security
  145. unit testing failure makes no sense
  146. Debugging reference counts in python/C
  147. inet_aton and struct issue
  148. Name of the file associated with sys.std*
  149. Managing database tables through web-forms (automatically)
  150. csv module strangeness.
  151. Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Aug 30)
  152. Callbacks
  153. win32com.client & OS X
  154. audio with graphics
  155. py2exe for programs with excel COM objects
  156. active python windows
  157. code for the graphics window?
  158. Syntax suggestion.
  159. windows pagfile utilization
  160. What make a great community
  161. dictionary with object's method as thier items
  162. xml.sax.writer
  163. basename with extensions
  164. From xml data to python code to run
  165. where or filter on list
  166. models & editors in PyQt4
  167. Odd unicode() behavior
  168. how can i change the text delimiter
  169. psycopg2 features
  170. Releasing GIL in unknown state
  171. Need to create a simple commandline box that sits on the desktop
  172. Allowing ref counting to close file items bad style?
  173. Variables in nested functions
  174. question about SOAPpy
  175. Python for Windows
  176. block a network port
  177. python for flash drives
  178. Split with python
  179. Issues with Installer written in Python for Linux
  180. sys.argv[0] doesn't always contain the full path of running script.
  181. SWIG wrapper/Python2.5c1 problem
  182. distributing modules to machines
  183. refering to base classes
  184. absolute imports (python-2.5)
  185. subprocess woes
  186. Python and Prolog
  187. Extending the dict class
  188. ntp in python
  189. The lib email parse problem...
  190. Candygram
  191. prob with tkinter
  192. prob with tkinter
  193. __str__ for large objects, would not c++ iostream be more efficient
  194. How ahead are you guys in the (Python) real world?
  195. NEED HELP
  196. Searching for text
  197. Analysing Log files
  198. Coding style and else statements
  199. how to varify if a URL is valid in python?
  200. Max OSX and Excel
  201. looking for data on csv files
  202. Twisted server and protocol question
  203. How to store ASCII encoded python string?
  204. How to let a loop run for a while before checking for break condition?
  205. updating text field with date
  206. class problem
  207. How to let a loop run for a while before checking for break condition?
  208. Detecting window focus events in PyGTK
  209. Desktop Notification/Alerts In Python
  210. unit test for a printing method
  211. rollover effect
  212. TNEF decoder
  213. when is a != foo.a?
  214. Starting up the server
  215. close event handling for ScrollView
  216. DirectPython
  217. how to get the os file icon for a given content-type?
  218. Misleading error message when opening a file (on Windows XP SP 2)
  219. Truly platform-independent DB access in Python?
  220. Improve memory for success
  221. Segmentation Fault
  222. eval() woes
  223. Mahogany mail
  224. Middle matching - any Python library functions (besides re)?
  225. naive misuse?
  226. A Sort Optimization Technique: decorate-sort-dedecorate
  227. import function from user defined modules
  228. import function from user defined modules
  229. Persistent Session in CGI
  230. newbe question about removing items from one file to another file
  231. IDLE on Mac OS X
  232. Pros/Cons of Turbogears/Rails?
  233. Conway's Life Implementation
  234. multi-thread tutor
  235. Firewire comms using Python?
  236. Defining constant strings
  237. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  238. creating multiply arguments for a method.
  239. How to let a loop run for a while before checking for break condition?
  240. unpaking sequences of unknown length
  241. avoiding file corruption
  242. MapReduce, Distributed Computing, and Ruby
  243. about daemons and IPC
  244. Learning Python - Have Question.
  245. Dive into Python question
  246. marshal and unmarshal
  247. rollover effect
  248. Out-dated compiled modules (*.pyc)?
  249. Live Coding in pygame
  250. Learning Python
  251. Python daemon process
  252. Python web service ...
  253. mechanize, how send forms?
  254. question about class, functions and scope
  255. Problem with List of List
  256. wxGlade and __init__
  257. Avoiding if..elsif statements
  258. Interrupting a running python thread
  259. ASN.1 encoder & decoder
  260. Drag and Drop with PyQt4
  261. Duck typing alows true polymorfisim
  262. wxPython and Py2exe crashes in "window" mode but not in "console" mode
  263. [Q] About an Installer Script for PyWin
  264. namespace problems
  265. get a line of text from a socket...
  266. time.clock() going backwards??
  267. Creating an executable installer on Windows
  268. How to handle wrong input in getopt package in Python?
  269. random writing access to a file in Python
  270. django's as class not just methods
  271. Open Office and Python
  272. Is this a bug of module struct?
  273. Fw: Is this a good idea or a waste of time?
  274. Consistency in Python
  275. IVI-COM (Interchangeable Virtual Instrument)
  276. smtpd and custom MAIL_FROM/RCPT_TO validation
  277. M$ windows python libs installed in arbitrary directories for customizedpython distributions
  278. how to form an XML file for the data obtained using python
  279. RE Module
  280. lazy arithmetic
  281. Best Practices for Python Script Development?
  282. and file extensions like ".c++"
  283. OS X and Python - what is your install strategy?
  284. Python editor
  285. List problem
  286. wxPython default radiobox choice
  287. signal - no update 'til I move the mouse
  288. Is this a good idea or a waste of time?
  289. Why can't I subclass off of "date" ?
  290. can't destroy a wxMiniFrame
  291. Python & chess
  292. lambda
  293. array tofile to a socket?
  294. Matrice Multiplication Problem
  295. String formatting with nested dictionaries
  296. telnetlib thread-safe?
  297. & installing Python 2.4.3
  298. Leo 4.4.1 beta 4 released
  299. Is there an elegant way to dir() module from inside?
  300. setuid root
  301. Pygame, mouse events and threads
  302. python
  303. Best Editor
  304. Concatenating arrays
  305. datetime problems select from MySQL
  306. Record Audio Analysis
  307. what is the data from loads()
  308. all ip addresses of machines in the local network
  309. Can Python do Perl's print <<EOF; notation? - popen, subprocess works?
  310. Taking data from a text file to parse html page
  311. smtplib needs me to put from/to headers in the message?
  312. how to get file name of the running .py file
  313. in-memory-only file object from string
  314. Problem with tokenize module and indents
  315. range of int() type.
  316. setting a breakpoint in the module
  317. setting a breakpoint in the function of my module
  318. Class instantiation
  319. Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Aug 23)
  320. Regex help...pretty please?
  321. running windows 'start' cmd using spawnl
  322. Accessing application data portably
  323. Python + Java Integration
  324. callable to disappear?
  325. How to download a web page just like a web browser do ?
  326. Python-like C++ library
  327. find, replace and save string in ascii file
  328. Creating a subpackage of a built-in module?
  329. Finding the type of indexing supported by an object?
  330. Python bindings for picasaweb ...
  331. Can I do this with list comprehension?
  332. Has anyone used py-xmlrpc?
  333. swapping numeric items in a list
  334. Can, and if yes how could this be done elegant?
  335. What are decorated functions?
  336. key not found in dictionary
  337. Job Jar
  338. Two Newbie questions.
  339. Translating Javascript programs to python.
  340. bit-torrent client code open source in Python written
  341. CONSTRUCT - Module Attributes and Execution Environment
  342. unicode "table of character" implementation in python
  343. How to get database metadata information (i.e. existing tables and columns in tables)
  344. Configure python2.5 on Gentoo
  345. wxWindow GetPosition() bug???
  346. How can I enumerate all windows services and disable some of them?
  347. idutils and Python
  348. https on ActiveState Python 2.4?
  349. Unclear on argument passing to "sendmail'
  350. List Splitting
  351. Add users to directory/folder and set permissions in Windows
  352. More List Comparison Help
  353. Mailman - Sendmail problem
  354. f2py on windows XP - "Unknown Switch"??
  355. wxPython getPosition() limit
  356. wxPython getPosition() limit
  357. Python Syntax Highlighting Module
  358. How to decode a string
  359. Dynamic RadioButton creation with Python + Qt
  360. Problem of function calls from map()
  361. Need help in converting unicode to a proper bytestream
  362. IDLE with python 2.5
  363. Regular Expression question
  364. Py_BuildValue("I", ...) does not work
  365. Detect current virtual desktop
  366. Loading module via full path
  367. with named groups
  368. Python Editor with Autocorrection
  369. Questions on exceptions
  370. permanent tempfile?
  371. Python and STL efficiency
  372. tkinter prob
  373. Is there a python system to admin MySQL database online?
  374. string validation/ form validation
  375. looking for help with dex tracker
  376. List comparison help please
  377. Python Expert
  378. uploading files to file system/zipping/downloading problems
  379. Help a newb with a "global name 'interactions' is not defined" problem
  380. What do you want in a new web framework?
  381. What do you want in a new web framework?
  382. radio buttons in curses
  383. Access to sys.argv when python interpreter is invoked in some modes like 'python -c "command"'
  384. Input from the same file as the script
  385. Send to all clients using UDP in Twisted
  386. import
  387. Help in using introspection to simplify repetitive code
  388. time.localtime() Format Question
  389. Need advice on how to improve this function
  390. Text parsing
  391. convert a long string in binary
  392. Create a Multilanguage PDF in Python
  393. Easy Validators
  394. PIL problem: IOError: cannot identify image file
  395. [NEWB]: List with random numbers
  396. Permission Denied
  397. sequel to the topic "install patch on windows".....
  398. cloning generator iterators
  399. trouble using "\" as a string
  400. streaming audio with standard modules?
  401. Embedding python: Segmentation Fault
  402. Python complaining about CherryPY?
  403. Stopping all threads from other thread
  404. Google groups api
  405. install patch on windows
  406. Embedding python: GCC gives errors of "undefined reference" to Py_* functions.
  407. How to catch these kind of bugs in Python?
  408. how to use python com server in c++?
  409. Packt published an article about xtopdf - creating PDF from PlainText, DBF, CSV, TDV, and XLS Data
  410. tkinter btn visual state with tkMessageBox
  411. Zope hosting
  412. write eof without closing
  413. How to get the ascii code of Chinese characters?
  414. Small Troll on notation of variables over time
  415. sending values over classes
  416. sending automated emails in python
  417. py2exe: cannot identify image file
  418. Questions on unittest behaviour
  419. text editor suggestion?
  420. Using Beautiful Soup
  421. urllib2, proxies and https
  422. PyThreadState_Swap(NULL)
  423. Python for EXIF-info-additions ?
  424. Search or compai problem
  425. Safearray question
  426. efficient memoize decorator?
  427. timezones and time_t
  428. Disable close button in management window.(KDE- pyQT)
  429. how do you get the name of a dictionary?
  430. a bug in list.remove?
  431. couple more questions about sqlite
  432. Calling C-Sharp from Python?
  433. amd64
  434. Simple Python App Server
  435. Type conversion?
  436. How to draw line on Image?
  437. Documenting a package with Pydoc
  438. Subprocess quote problem
  439. who needs python when u have happs?
  440. MS SQL Server: NT Authentication. Possible?
  441. crash in wx.TreeListCtrl SelectItem()
  442. find item in wx.TreeListCtrl by pydata code snippet
  443. sorted
  444. sum and strings
  445. os.path.normpath
  446. Http client to POST using multipart/form-data
  447. Which field is Python suitable to do some tasks?
  448. python and poplib
  449. Interactive display of output?
  450. plpython and pickle
  451. Optimizing Inner Loop Copy
  452. where can I find source codes of word games...
  453. re.sub() backreference bug?
  454. Interactive display of output?
  455. Problem installing Python 2.4.3 on FreeBSD 5.3-RELEASE-p31
  456. CGI script running not completely in HTML
  457. FrontPage COM Object Model
  458. Py2Exe and sys.argv : The Lost Arguments
  459. New to python
  460. Dynamic objects
  461. Subprocess confusion: how file-like must stdin be?
  462. where can i get older version of python?
  463. Python for arcgis
  464. Python2.5 RC1 vs sgmlop.c
  465. modify element of a list.
  466. sqlite3 or mysqldb?
  467. py2exe and COM problem
  468. RELEASED Python 2.5 (release candidate 1)
  469. 2.4.3, unittest and socket logging
  470. iTunes Search Algorithm/Data Structure?
  471. List match
  472. The Semicolon Wars as a software industry and human condition
  473. Read Picasa metadata using Python?
  474. PythonCard question
  475. [si]xH~*¾u@¾J(ibau@)
  476. wxPython GUI update with data from a MySQL database
  477. drawingarea problem
  478. wxPython Grid Question
  479. MySQLdb installation error
  480. Curried class methods?
  481. Help with async xmlrpc design
  482. Python and SAFEARRAY
  483. no longer can set breakpoint on 'pass' statement?
  484. How do I catch ExpatError exception?
  485. Anyone have a link handy to an RFC 821 compliant email address regex for Python?
  486. Calling a python script, and getting the returned result in C
  487. Inheritting Built In Types
  488. getting database column names from query
  489. PySequence_SetItem
  490. Documentation Question About Depricated String Functions
  491. Problems with Sizers
  492. trouble understanding inheritance...
  493. It is __del__ calling twice for some instances?
  494. Segmentation Fault using MySQLdb and twisted
  495. QListView and text
  496. python-dev and setting up setting up f2py on Windows XP
  497. QListView and text
  498. How to delete a directory tree in FTP
  499. Question on extracting doc strings from .py files
  500. Adding a char inside path string
  501. Optimization of __len__() in
  502. classes on GladeGen
  503. Defining our own types?
  504. wxPython Install
  505. debugger in eclipse
  506. round not rounding to 0 places
  507. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  508. Python form Unix to Windows
  509. Very weird behavior that's driving me crazy
  510. Memory usage of an 'empty' python interpreter
  511. "wxmsw26uh_vc.dll not found" when using wxAgg backend
  512. inheritance?
  513. Global Objects...
  514. Instantiate all objects in a module?
  515. Printing n elements per line in a list
  516. proc A def/calls proc B: variable scoping rules.
  517. MySQLdb installation error
  518. Clean way to not get object back from instantiation attempt gonebad
  519. Multi-threaded service
  520. include a python class in another python script.
  521. programming with Python 3000 in mind
  522. trying to reach kevin smith, author of plastex
  523. Error with: pickle.dumps(numpy.float32)
  524. yEnc
  525. Dr. Dobb's Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Aug 15)
  526. X windows and Python?
  527. Creating Charts in Excel with pyExcelerator.ExcelMagic
  528. idea on how to get/set nested python dictionary values
  529. How to tell machines endianism.
  530. data types
  531. file object and eof
  532. STAF(Software Testing Automation Framework) with STAX for running python test suites/cases
  533. Reference Variables In Python Like Those In PHP
  534. IDLE system wide settings
  535. Beginner Textbook
  536. How to implement linked list in Python??
  537. pickling or xml or other?
  538. dictionary update
  539. Making a multithread app that runs several instances of whatever the app did before
  540. how to deepcopy a slice object?
  541. ReStructuredText
  542. What would be the best way to run python client in the background
  543. what is the keyword "is" for?
  544. Python class objects as plugins?
  545. How to fill a form
  546. Crunchy version 0.7 is here!
  547. modifying __new__ of list subclass
  548. Finding if Python Is Running In Console (python.exe) or Window (pythonw.exe)
  549. Basic Boost.Python Question
  550. Memory problem