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  1. Is there any python lib for calling CVS api?
  2. Learning Python
  3. Timer Usage
  4. adding python scripting to my application
  5. Python Distilled
  6. SPE editor slow?
  7. Projecting MUD maps
  8. simple way to un-nest (flatten?) list
  9. RAW network programming under Windows
  10. question about loading variables from a file...
  11. sneak peak: pythonic math in the silicon forest
  12. How to get/read Hard disk label / drive label
  13. maybe this is a print odds
  14. python bindings
  15. socket.error.__bases__ = (EnvironmentError,) ?
  16. Wait for a system command executed in the background
  17. forwarding *arg parameter
  18. finding the list of the matched strings
  19. Is there a commas-in-between idiom?
  20. string to list of numbers conversion
  21. tips requested for a log-processing script
  22. SQL Helper Functions
  23. Pyro stability
  24. WebScraping
  25. program written to model population evolving over time
  26. ANNOUNCE: Scribes 0.3 Released
  27. Functions (organizing inline code)
  28. win32file.DeviceIoControl(FSCTL_GET_RETRIEVAL_POIN TERS)
  29. Trouble compiling win32all on Windows
  30. python to sharepoint ?
  31. disabledforeground or similar for Entry (in Tkinter)
  32. elementtree terminology + tangential questions
  33. Python crushing on kinterbasdb connect @ FreeBSD
  34. Really strange behavior
  35. small python cgi webserver
  36. Processing a comma-delimited text file. [solved]
  37. Timing a function object versus timeit
  38. Python Classes and dynamic class members
  39. PySchool - Online Python Web Framework Workshop.
  40. numpy help
  41. how do I pass values between classes?
  42. WSDL?
  43. Programming Language that is Spreadsheet/Table Based
  44. getattrfunc vs. tp_methods
  45. Having trouble with file modes
  46. Sorted and reversed on huge dict ?
  47. Delivery reports about your e-mail
  48. py2exe questions
  49. setting up wxPython on a Mac
  50. convert lists into dict.
  51. Tools for Java/Python scripting
  52. Is there a way to define a true global across modules?
  53. Converting Microsoft Works databases.... *shudder*
  54. Defaultdict and speed
  55. problems with matplotlib on mac os x
  56. Javascript is turning into Python?!
  57. Using Python scripts in Windows Explorer (.bat and directories)
  58. Best way to have intermediate object description format
  59. a newbi problem: can't find complete python curses library
  60. Concentric Colored Circles
  61. How to test python extension modules during 'make check' / 'make distcheck'?
  62. emacs shell hangs on W32 with python
  63. "EOL while scanning single-quoted string", what is the meaning?
  64. Keyboard interrupts, Idle vs. SciTE
  65. problem controlling/displaying video thru "pexpect"
  66. __doc__ in compiled script
  67. what's the difference between these two methods? (aka, why doesn't one of them work?)
  68. Creating db front end or middleware.
  69. Exploiting Dual Core's with Py_NewInterpreter's separated GIL ?
  70. refcounting errors???
  71. Converting a .dbf file to a CSV file
  72. Forum written in Python?
  73. what is SOAPpy and how to use it
  74. Help on writing P2P Streaming client
  75. string formatter for tuple
  76. is mod_python borked?
  77. creating new objects with references to them
  78. Python in sci/tech applications
  79. Sanity check on use of dictionaries
  80. Using Python within a Python application.
  81. SE 2.3 temporarily unavailable. Cheese shop defeats upload witherratic behavior. Urgently requesting help.
  82. idle with ipython
  83. urllib2: HTTP Version not supported
  84. Image creation
  85. __div__ not recognized automatically
  86. other ways to check for <type 'function'>?
  87. where the hell is the run command of PyPe editor?
  88. module for calculations involving radioactive decay?
  89. splitter control
  90. from WWW through urllib2 to MySQL --> encoding fuss
  91. Thread priority or keeping a (wx)GUI responsive
  92. trouble using a file dialog to call a main function with two args [solved]
  93. need to find out all modules from site-packages
  94. can I import the module twice (under differnet names)
  95. Python images processing -recap
  96. The Python Journal
  97. Regular Expression for a string
  98. re question
  99. trying to call main function with execfile with two arguments
  100. Win32 COM
  101. Computing FFT with Python NumPy 1.0
  102. jyton usage in a python program
  103. RELEASED Python 2.3.6, FINAL
  104. uninstall and Windows file associations
  105. CSV module, DictReader problem (bug?)
  106. Hooking file open
  107. MySQLdb windows binaries for Python 2.5??
  108. 'cat' in windows (quick question)
  109. Beginning setup problem
  110. Style for modules with lots of constants
  111. Remote Objects via CGI?
  112. authenticated https post
  113. Comunicate with external programs via popen
  114. RELEASED Python 2.3.6, FINAL
  115. Make all files extension lower by a given directory name
  116. SWIG, C++ and extension modules problem
  117. High level csv reader
  118. Updating XML using XPath
  119. .pyc's
  120. .pycs
  121. report progress from C function
  122. zellers congrunence
  123. converting??? [Inline code to function with loop]
  124. Integrating Python with Fortran
  125. best way to check if a file exists?
  126. Why can't you assign to a list in a loop without enumerate?
  127. Overriding traceback print_exc()?
  128. Missing _init_types in MS VisualStudio 2005 (PCBuild8)
  129. "best" rational number library for Python?
  130. PIL on Python 2.4 - ImportError: No module named _imagingft
  131. Python tools for managing static websites?
  132. concatenating numpy arrays
  133. Help me understand this iterator
  134. cant' connect to remote machine using wmi [solved]
  135. Tkinter Listbox string formatting question - how to kill a dancingsnake ?
  136. 3d programming without opengl
  137. create global variables?
  138. make a simple search function for homepage
  139. Cann't connect zope server
  140. Adding a comment to an image using PIL
  141. python, threading and a radio timer
  142. Error importing .pyd python extension
  143. simple oop question (I think) [solved]
  144. Serious wxPython Error while executing..
  145. string Module Deprecated !! Take Note !!
  146. Python windows interactive.
  147. Odd build errors
  148. wxPython TextCtrl - weird scrolling behavior
  149. scared about refrences...
  150. Search for letters in a String [solved]
  151. How to convert "&nbsp;" in a string to blank space?
  152. create global variables?
  153. checking if a sqlite connection and/or cursor is still open?
  154. urllib and saving pictures? [solved]
  155. Backup Mailman?
  156. Compile Python With SSL On Solaris 10
  157. Calling GNU/make from a Python Script
  158. How can I import a script with an arbitrary name ?
  159. import in threads: crashes & strange exceptions on dual core machines
  160. IE7 skulduggery?
  161. CHM help file for Python 2.5
  162. ZODB: single database, multiple connections
  163. Easy PIL Question?
  164. Python 123 introduction
  165. slice's indices() method
  166. codecs - where are those on windows?
  167. wxPython - which is the better sizer to use with notebook
  168. Lookuperror : unknown encoding : utf-8
  169. Is there a way to get utf-8 out of a Unicode string?
  170. [wxPython] wxFrame don't have Bind attribute ??
  171. I want to work on Python
  172. wxPython for web development?
  173. How to access file last modified dates on each file in a directory
  174. wxPython changed ??
  175. Very simple request about argument setting.
  176. simple oop question (hopefully)
  177. beginner's refcount questions
  178. looping through two list simultenously
  179. "from module import *" and modifying module's top-level vars
  180. Reverse function python? How to use?
  181. lossless transformation of jpeg images
  183. Printing out the objects stack
  184. Observation on "Core Python Programming"
  185. How to make a String an Int [solved]
  186. PyCon: proposals due by Tuesday 10/31
  187. enumerate improvement proposal
  188. Event driven server that wastes CPU when threaded doesn't
  189. Providing full interaction with the run time
  190. Get pexpect to work
  191. Parallel OO programming in Python.
  192. logo design
  193. This is a Challenge [Don't do this, thanks.]
  194. Cards in python (classes PlayingCard & DeckOfCards) [solved]
  195. Problem Loading (python blocked by firewall) [solved]
  196. Metaclasses are not called in subclasses. What did I wrong?
  197. Metaclasses are not called in subclasses. What did I wrong?
  198. Name bindings for inner functions.
  199. Regular Expression help for parsing html tables
  200. asfd
  201. unescape HTML entities
  202. what is "@param" in docstrings?
  203. stripping parts of elements in a list
  204. Where is __builtin__
  205. latest numpy & scipy - incompatible ?
  207. Reading standard input
  208. Mass-Renaming folders win32
  209. subprocess decoding?
  210. Problem using post in urllb [solved]
  211. Import if condition is correct
  212. Safely renaming a file without overwriting
  213. Sending mouse events on Windows
  214. Python crashed when importing SOAPpy,printing out 'usage:copy source destination'
  215. correct parameter usage for "select * where id in ..."
  216. Need help (Basic python)...what did I do wrong?
  217. gettext on Windows
  218. Where do nested functions live?
  219. what are the most frequently used functions?
  220. What is the cleanest way to for a module to access objects from the script that imports it?
  221. Import Error
  222. Optional Parameter Requirements
  223. Import Error
  224. Import Error
  225. "Music Theory Programming" Google Group
  226. Beautiful women, aged clones, and Ultimate Fighting Championship
  227. Using xtopdf, a PDF creation toolkit - Creating PDF Output from Plain Text, DBF, CSV, TDV, and XLS Data
  228. importing class
  229. Telnetlib to twisted
  230. Accessing ClarifyCRM with Python
  231. Configfile
  232. To Kill a Process that is Accepting Connection on Socket
  233. [Fwd: Using cElementTree and elementtree.ElementInclude]
  234. PyQt-x11-gpl-3.16 compile error
  235. change keybindings for pygtk treeview
  236. How set the source IP adress
  237. struct.pack bug?
  238. Simple problem with GUI!!
  239. Matching Pure Numeric and '' with Python re
  240. Assertion failure on hotshot.stats.load()
  241. Slurping All Content of a File into a Variable
  242. To Stop a Process that is Waiting on socket.accept()
  243. Fwd: How to Split Chinese Character with backslash representation?
  244. How to Split Chinese Character with backslash representation?
  245. Tracing the execution of scripts?
  246. Insert Content of a File into a Variable
  247. Sentinel values for special cases
  248. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  249. read dat file into python and convert it to xcel format?
  250. subprocess cwd keyword.
  251. Search & Replace
  252. compiling on AIX 5.3 with vacpp
  253. numpy numbers converted wrong
  254. conditional computation
  255. Windows GDBM module for Python 2.4, 2.5 [compile extention or use ctypes]
  256. which one of these is better?
  257. Debugging/Networking ?s.
  258. Text doc lists [solved]
  259. Split() [solved with re.split]
  260. doesnt seems to work can any help be provided
  261. my first software
  262. PythonMagic - has any body played with it recently
  263. support
  264. displaying \n-less prompts in a pythonic way
  265. subprocess-how to suppress the stdout
  266. problem using
  267. Error to be resolved
  268. Cards deck problem
  269. Get coordinates of a cell
  270. Make alternative like NAnt, rake, ... written in python?
  271. Printing Hidden Character in Python
  272. Problem Commenting within Filehandle Iteration
  273. iterator idea
  274. Can any one help with solving this program it just doesnt take probability of the second team
  275. How the event list be sent to EventManager?
  276. Embedded python loading .so files?
  277. basic questions on cmp, < and sort
  278. Fatal Python error: deallocating None
  279. Computer locks up when running valid stand alone Tkinter file.
  280. Dealing with multiple sets
  281. Converting Pascal syntax to Python
  282. What's the best IDE?
  283. FAQ - How do I declare that a CTypes function returns void?
  284. FAQ - How do I declare that a CTypes function returns unsigned char?
  285. Tortoise, Hare, Hell, None
  286. Is there a python development site for putting up python librariesthat people might be interest in working on?
  287. How to identify generator/iterator objects?
  288. Any way of adding methods/accessors to built-in classes?
  289. with statements and exceptions
  290. new-style classes, __hash__. is the documentation wrong?
  291. question about True values
  292. cleaner way to write this?
  293. passing data between python -> java? [solved]
  294. Printing file with printer dialog
  295. Python's CRT licensing on Windows
  296. class method question
  297. batteries included
  298. py and Dabo class in chi
  299. status update
  300. 255 argument limit?
  301. To remove some lines from a file
  302. web-based SSH
  303. pygtk and threading
  304. dict problem
  305. unsigned 32 bit arithmetic type?
  306. problem with fft periodogram
  307. dict problem
  308. python html 2 image (png)
  309. numbers to string
  310. win32com problem
  311. Want to reduce steps of an operation with dictionaries
  312. How to find out the directory that the py file is in?
  313. Make PythonWin default editor on XP [solved]
  314. Stylesheet not respected
  315. Sending Dictionary via Network
  316. return tuple from C to python (extending python)
  317. strange problem
  318. Simple python + html + from --> to python script
  319. displaying a raster geotif file in python
  320. The status of Python and SOAP?
  321. default python when multiple python installation on the box
  322. Ctypes Error: Why can't it find the DLL.
  323. Python and SSL enabled
  324. Visibility against an unknown background
  325. Arrays and Structures (or User Types) [solved]
  326. The format of filename
  327. FTP over TLS
  328. return same type of object
  329. Tutorial on setuptools
  330. A py2exe like tool for Linux
  331. Change on file
  332. Python Crytographic Toolkit, AES and OpenPGP
  333. forcing a definition to be called on attribute change
  334. Protecting against SQL injection
  335. can't open word document after string replacements
  336. http call.
  337. Execution Error (importing packages, setting sys.path) [solved]
  338. Talks at PyCon that Teach How to Be Better Programmers
  339. SSL follow up
  340. python GUIs comparison (want)
  341. Sorting by item_in_another_list
  342. Obtaining SSL certificate info from SSL object - BUG?
  343. RELEASED Python 2.3.6, release candidate 1
  344. Network Simulator in Python
  345. Negative integers and string formating
  346. pytho servlet engine
  347. https client certificate validation
  348. Python segmentation fault?
  349. How to change settings directory to run gnuplot on linux [solved?]
  350. pretty basic instantiation question
  351. Trouble with property
  352. using mmap on large (> 2 Gig) files
  353. mean ans std dev of an array?
  354. Opening a word file in Python [not quite solved]
  355. How to get each pixel value from a picture file!
  356. python class instantiation
  357. Rabbit Modules - Dynamic C - Python
  358. import time sleep [solved]
  359. _winreg.saveKey question
  360. python2.5 importerror on md5
  361. numpy error
  362. Introduction article on Ruby on Rail published
  363. ZODB for inverted index?
  364. encoding of sys.argv ?
  365. sharing persisten cache between modules
  366. FreeImagePy creating thumbnails from TIFF
  367. HTML Templates (Sitemesh/Tiles concept) in Python
  368. Python 2.5 ; Effbot console ; thank ; pb release.
  369. Set operations in Numeric
  370. File and directory permissions in windows
  371. Using cElementTree and elementtree.ElementInclude
  372. Auto Completion for Python in VIM editor
  373. python thread state
  374. Script to count files in a folder
  375. Collate Module
  376. python module configuration in apache
  377. The Mythical Man-month's pdf file
  378. Handling emails
  379. webbrowser controls, javascript, Python [could use win32com]
  380. is it a bug ?
  381. question about xmlrpc server: returning a list of lists to a Java client?
  382. Arrays? (Or lists if you prefer)
  383. Current stackdepth outside PyEval_EvalFrameEx
  384. Scrolling On IDLE
  385. multythreading app memory consumption
  386. sending vim text through Python filter
  387. ElementSOAP tutorial / HTTPClient
  388. Problems trying to override __str__ on path class
  389. pylint: What's wrong with the builtin map()
  390. Altering the way exceptions print themselves
  391. Socket module bug on OpenVMS
  392. Why I cannot Exit python shell ??
  393. PSF Infrastructure has chosen Roundup as the issue tracker for Python development [repost]
  394. Loops (and the in operator) [solved]
  395. implementation of "in" that returns the object.
  396. How to print a file in binary mode
  397. Python and CMS
  398. Py 2.5: Bug in sgmllib
  399. a question about MS Windows Clipboard to decrease cpu usage.
  400. question: script to input data into a webpage and then retrieve the result?
  401. Speed comparison of Numeric, numarray, numpy
  402. question: script to input data into a webpage and then retrieve the result?
  403. Create a list of playing card specs and store in a file [solved]
  404. Using class to hold playing card data [solved]
  405. Creating VolleyBall game in python [solved]
  406. Attempting to parse free-form ANSI text.
  407. print dos format file into unix format
  408. What About Next Laptop Computers?
  409. A Comparison Of Dynamic and Static Languiges
  410. silent processing with python+modpython+cheetah
  411. Screen capture on Linux
  412. Why doesn't this work?
  413. Global vs.Local [solved]
  414. Is x.f() <==>MyClass.f(x) a kind of algebraic structure?
  415. The fastest search
  416. Debugging
  417. Good Form
  418. Python Source
  419. About different delimiter in CSV file
  420. SQLAlchemy and py2exe
  421. Customize the effect of enumerate()?
  422. Detect Unused Modules
  423. Inheriting property functions
  424. Selecting sub-images with wxPython
  425. Using cElementTree and elementtree.ElementInclude
  426. Why can't you pickle instancemethods?
  427. curious paramstyle qmark behavior
  428. Steve Holden on running sprints
  429. Releasing weakrefed objects immediately?
  430. doctest and exposing internals.
  431. why does this unpacking work
  432. Pygtk but no gtk?
  433. ZODB and Python 2.5
  434. cross-linked version of the python documentation
  435. Python decorator article
  436. Using Python scripts in Windows Explorer
  437. FOR statement
  438. Use I the classes?
  439. User Access to the docstring of a property
  440. FTP over SSL
  441. list comprehension (searching for onliners)
  442. Logging with Logger hierarchies
  443. python under the hood
  444. list2str and performance
  445. Webprogr: Link with automatic submit
  446. Why the result
  447. Unicode support in python
  448. new multiplayer game (made with pygame) platform
  449. I like python.
  450. BeautifulSoup problem
  451. Downloading images with python
  452. ANN compiler2 : Produce bytecode from Python 2.5 Abstract Syntax Trees
  453. How to upgrade python from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4 ?
  454. help with my first use of a class
  455. is it possible to send raw data through ftp?
  456. Need help in Py2exe
  457. Default location while open an Excel file
  458. python module for finite element program
  459. ignore cstylecomment issues
  460. Lead Software Engineer
  461. Restricting import file lookup for pyd, dll, ...
  462. Rapid desktop application development
  463. Need Help with code strucure [solved]
  464. proper format for this database table
  465. Tkinter--does anyone use it for sophisticated GUI development?
  466. Calling a definition
  467. Integration of globalization data in Python web frameworks
  468. Decorators and how they relate to Python - A little insight please!
  469. Compile for 64bit RHEL
  470. advice for web-based image annotation
  471. pywin32 COM sort in Excel (late binding fails, early binding works) (+py2exe)
  472. httplib problems -- bug, or am I missing something?
  473. invert or reverse a string... warning this is a rant
  474. Komodo
  475. Python SPAM FILTER [solved]
  476. Dictionaries again - where do I make a mistake?
  477. wxPython and PIL
  478. Bad Magic Number with only .py deployed
  479. A suggestion/request for IDEs
  480. wxPython help wxSashWindow
  481. Python with MPI enable C-module
  482. Can I use decorators to manipulate return type or create methods?
  483. MySQLdb for Python / Windwos XP [solved]
  484. Python Memory Leak Detector
  485. Type discrepancy using struct.unpack
  486. libraries options not split in setup.cfg
  487. UTF-8 to unicode or latin-1 (and yes, I read the FAQ)
  488. __delitem__ affecting performance
  489. RELEASED Python 2.4.4, Final.
  490. passing values to a program
  491. How to use python in TestMaker
  492. Converting existing module/objects to threads
  493. call Mac gcc -framework from CTypes how
  494. ?Incorrect Configure script?
  495. bicycle repair man and idle
  496. callback cashing python
  497. Getting method name from within the class method
  498. Reading a Microsoft access file.
  499. Flushing standard input
  500. Determining if a file is locked in Windows
  501. Classes and Functions - General Questions
  502. unloading extension library
  503. tkinter won't play
  504. characters in python
  505. More Noob Questions
  506. Help: Python2.3 & Python2.4 on RHEL4 x86_64
  507. Install from source on a x86_64 machine
  508. Dictionaries
  509. Python RPM package arch compatability
  510. Win32 python and excel macros
  511. PIL: Image.draft -- what are the modes that I can use?
  512. MemoryError - IMAP retrieve self._sock.recv(recv_size)
  513. codecs.EncodedFile
  514. matrix Multiplication
  515. portable extensions options for external libraries
  516. Wax: problem subclassing TextBox
  517. How to convert this list to string?
  518. What happened to RuleDispatch
  519. Flexable Collating (feedback please)
  520. I would like write some data recovery software
  521. pexpect with apache
  522. Restart a Python COM Server
  523. creating many similar properties
  524. Boa Constructor error: "No section:editor"
  525. OSDC 2006's fabulous keynotes
  526. Python wrapper for C++ core
  527. Python Web Site?
  528. block devices
  529. Using pexpect with 'sudo'
  530. why should dict not be callable?
  531. HTML Encoded Translation
  532. what are XLRDError and CompDocError?
  533. external file closed
  534. loop iterators?
  535. where to I find:
  536. A question about list
  537. making a valid file name...
  538. Save/Store whole class (or another object) in a file
  539. stdout not flushed before os.execvp()
  540. Faulty encoding settings
  541. Problem creating animated gif
  542. How to invoke ipython in Mac OS X?
  543. Looking for assignement operator
  544. Tertiary Operation
  545. We're recruiting Python programmers
  546. Numpy-f2py troubles
  547. Any idea how to do this in Python?
  548. Scope of decorator argument
  549. a question about s[i:j] when i is negative
  550. How to program in python. [stock answer]