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  1. How to append a varaible value depending upon how it comes in sql columns
  2. How to convert python script to the text?
  3. I need help to write a small program using python programming language
  4. I am having a problem with shelve......
  5. Python to csharp conversion of OSM parsing
  6. how to release memory?
  7. Writing into a csv file
  8. SDS/2 custom member
  9. After PyRun_File the Thread stops
  10. best way to match values in two tables...
  11. Why am I getting a 'KeyError: 0' error?
  12. problem loading DLL
  13. Linking certain filenames in a directory and a dictonary?
  14. Any idea why Tkinter scrollbar scrolls but contents on canvas didn't move together?
  15. Passing a socket to another process under Windows
  16. Python Using Py2exe (IndexError: list index out of range)
  17. Any idea why execfile() call in Tkinter button cause "python.exe has stopped working"
  18. am getting error "com_error: (-2147467262, 'No such interface supported', None, None)
  19. How I can use the command correctly in checkbutton?
  20. How can a single line of user input be converted into multiple variables ?
  21. Batch file does not run as required from Python.
  22. An ideas why I am getting an error about files not existing when running this code?
  23. looping through values error....
  24. obtaining pid of child process
  25. How to write a python program to tranfer file using FTP?
  26. Wxpython auto refresh every five minutes?
  27. Subprocess not working with stdin/stdout set to PIPE
  28. Can't restart Tkinter after a quit
  29. How to control other program (TCPDUMP !)
  30. Parsing XML File selected by user
  31. [matplotlib]colorbar scale problem
  32. For "find" 'ascii' unicodedecodeerror codec can't decode byte
  33. OperationalError: (2005, "Unknown MySQL server host 'host' (11004)")
  34. Help on Py2exe with matplotlib
  35. Python object instance inheriting changes to parent class by another instance
  36. Need of python decompiler or command to decompile pyc files
  37. IndexError. How do I fix it?
  38. Trying to install cx_Oracle
  39. find repetitions in text file and delete repeated lines
  40. how to match this text?
  41. socket.connect | gaierror: [Errno 11004] getaddrinfo failed
  42. how can I change what a script does while it is running, by pressing a key
  43. Can't Assign to literal Error Message
  44. Tkinter Frame won't destroy() correctly
  45. update cursor to update csv data by loop iteration error
  46. DOM method to go to the tag with particular attribute value ..with example
  47. blt2.4 INSTALL ERROR
  48. algorithm in python
  49. how to convert a html file into DOM and saving it to a file using python
  50. Re-name files within folder
  51. MemoryError when using imaplib fetch
  52. question about cx_freeze
  53. How do I find the total in an object?
  54. How to print python cgi results into html frames?
  55. Convert Python to C# help.
  56. Avoid this out of index error?
  57. Selecting a single form amongst many with mechanize
  58. How do you find multiple, identical strings and list them?
  59. Problem with function
  60. How to remove words from a text file using re
  61. import py2exe Error
  62. How to retrieve URLs and text from web pages
  63. disutils.dir_util.copy_tree permission denied Error no IO 13
  64. Circles help please
  65. IndentationError: expected an indented block
  66. circle loop?
  67. urllib2 - pass current windows credentials
  68. Order of pytho objects list
  69. Image to matrix?
  70. circle loop?
  71. In Python how to know microsoft document save progerss (I am saving doc using win32c)
  72. mlabwrap error "Subscript indices must be either real positive integers or logicals"
  73. can this code be further optimizzed??
  74. How to attach a line to a moving object?
  75. extracting part of a text in a file
  76. Realtime Graphing in with variable number of Gnuplot.Data() objects
  77. M2Crypto and SWIG failure to build
  78. How can I dial GPRS/EDGE in Win CE?
  79. Problem with Python CGI Script Output
  80. sequence and merge jpeg images using python?
  81. Running exe at system start up
  82. Pythonic Infinite Lists
  83. python hooks navigation logger paths
  84. accented characters to unaccented
  85. RE exact match
  86. SWIG Python gives segfault on char * argument
  87. pexpect output
  88. Check if a tuple contains a string
  89. Using python to create a web crawler/ spider
  90. Problems developing a python asynchronous interface
  91. Validate user input
  92. Why can't I destroy Py_Decref() the pointer?
  93. Where to download Telit Python libraries from?
  94. Can someone provide some help with unicode please.
  95. Using data from csv file several times
  96. How to convert string into an object
  97. MemoryError in python
  98. How to create a menu using pyqt?
  99. Programming a rubik's cube
  100. "list indices must be integers, not str"
  101. How to compare filenames in directory against a textfile list
  102. how to execute self.eval(xxx)
  103. List indices must be integers, not str
  104. Trouble adding blank space to a list
  105. Assigning a number that starts with 0
  106. How to install Pyserial
  107. WxPython: Disable Application Loading With Console
  108. How to run Python code from MAtlab
  109. how to parse a S expression and build an binary decision tree?
  110. string and set help dealing with .txt files
  111. TypeError in Application
  112. How to print the incorrect words and line number from text file?
  113. how to get x coordinate of image
  114. How to compare and change contents of text files
  115. Class object creation on the fly
  116. How to count line number of incorrect words in a set using a dictionary
  117. load and display image
  118. socket.inet_aton () in python
  119. Remove blank lines from the bottom of a file when using while loop to check each line
  120. How to save a web page in python
  121. How to declare a LIST as GLOBAL in python
  122. problem i am experiencing with Python "send" command.
  123. return from the GUI?
  124. How to find a file within the same folder of a .py
  125. spell checker for python
  126. How to draw a sudoku line in the canvas(GUI)
  127. How to clean up string in to list of tuples of floats
  128. How to remove duplicates
  129. Beginner string formatting question
  130. python wmi to configuration xp wireless client?
  131. HTML in Python
  132. How to submit webform using ClientForm
  133. keyboard Interaction
  134. write a code for undo button(GUI) in Sudoku
  135. How Do You Change This Code to Python?!?
  136. python help
  137. python ,MySQl and http
  138. Simple Videogame Console Class Conversion from Java
  139. Greek chars on PyQt pushButton
  140. Syntax error when using 'global' keyword in eval
  141. How to parse specific numeric data from csv file using python
  142. How to sort a multi-dimensional list in python 2.3
  143. Help with regular expressions
  144. how to compare value fields in different shapes
  145. How to select a checkbox on an HTML page
  146. How to search text on an html page
  147. How to draw the grid line to an image
  148. MOD,MDM and GPIO?
  149. How to parse a list of decimal numbers in python...
  150. where I find the TuxMathScrabble ?
  151. How to check value fields in different shapes files
  152. help solve error
  153. Plotting a matrix
  154. How to extract data from a txt file
  155. How to simulate clicking a link
  156. Spelling Correction Python Program
  157. Have you any methods on how to dell with mfc dll and class in swig?
  158. How to run a abaqus job in Python
  159. How to extract script from a non-python directory
  160. Text in a canvas
  161. Forward Euler method for N-dimensional ODE
  162. How to delete strings from a list
  163. How to add add hits matches with python
  164. List index out of range
  165. SysLogHandler doesn't like strings?
  166. How to compare elements in two separate lists
  167. Problem trying to append data.
  168. a function to suspend execution, sleep() uses cpu
  169. checkbuttons
  170. smtplib dropping subset of emails
  171. using python visual editor
  172. pyhook won't instal due to missing msvcr71.dll reason
  173. How to create a loop based on time (a.k.a "Heartbeat")
  174. Is there three in a row?
  175. CVS file problem.
  176. Using Java classes with javaclass_0.1
  177. How do I read file attributes?
  178. svg in python(fractal systems)
  179. Extracting a javascript var from an html page?
  180. parsing tab-delimited text file into arrays
  181. 'Reactivating' a previous while statement
  182. in-built functions
  183. How to get possible words from the given letters?
  184. How to check if the element is contained in list or not?
  185. help needed
  186. String
  187. How to get possible words from the given letters?
  188. Text file manipulation
  189. How to read in txt file in python 2.6 with Windows op sys
  190. A Multiples question
  191. Array problem - trying to remove a value from each array and getting an answer
  192. object is unsubscriptable
  193. Help with exercise!!!
  194. statistical analysis with decimal data retrieved from MySQL DB
  195. Tomatoes
  196. parsing a file
  197. Coding problems
  198. Installing PyHDF
  199. Sudoku Checking
  200. Create an EXE file with PyInstaller
  201. How to trigger a script located on one domain from a machine on another domain
  202. multiple object tracking
  203. How to convert a string into list of strings
  204. Tkinter button command question
  205. Pylon loop
  206. Python - csv
  207. Language Tutorial
  208. remove blocks from a text
  209. Removal of Unicode (u) from a list
  210. unsupported operand types??
  211. What am I doing wrong?
  212. Blackjack game error
  213. python and hadoop
  214. Morphological Analyser
  215. initializing class with certain names causes runtime errors
  216. Please Help, Appending into list problem!
  217. HELP - Manipulating csv data to create a table in Python. Thanks!
  218. how can I create python global hotkey in ubuntu?
  219. svg in python
  220. can you open .doc or .fa in python? or how do i transfer this data to python?
  221. dont know whats wrong?
  222. Go to do with a List
  223. unbound local error: local variable: referenced before assignment
  224. Hidden error in my program? and are there any easy-to-use Debuggers?
  225. Twisted - do post
  226. How do you replace a character in a string?
  227. Adding data on the fly to a graph
  228. how to capture variables and and store them in an array?
  229. > and < mixed up in my code?
  230. Questions about classes in Python.
  231. Adding List Elements into dictionary
  232. What is wrong with this code?
  233. csv.reader in abaqus PDE
  234. GUI freezes when executing def function. Use threads?
  235. Sudoku in python
  236. Telit Python and HTML view/download over GPRS
  237. html in python
  238. cx_freeze and glade themes when compiling.
  239. Ceasar Cipher help
  240. Multiplying a list object with a negative integer.
  241. What do I need to change about my program?
  242. Splitting lists?
  243. UTMs to DD
  244. How to input a Huffman code
  245. install own module
  246. decryption
  247. Python RSA implementation with PKCS1
  248. Syntax error on filename
  249. RSA encryption with PKCS1 in Python
  250. primes in python
  251. New to Python, can you please help with a question??
  252. how to send python list to C
  253. How to plot data [x,y,z] with z changing the color.
  254. List function
  255. How to run a script from another python script
  256. Start (multiple) parallel processes
  257. ValueError: too many values to unpack...
  258. tkinter button disappears after execution of execfile.
  259. how to create a button that is connected with many frames
  260. how do you use python
  261. creating a target
  262. How do i set the file creation date?
  263. sorting list?
  264. running an exe file from a python script
  265. Make a scatter plot of a list of ordered pairs
  266. Convert Tuple to String
  267. Arrays python
  268. arrays in python
  269. Plot in Tkinter
  270. Advice/Criticism on Python App
  271. Assign return-value to unnamed, clicked button
  272. Basic programming question on find() function
  273. How to replace multiple integers at once
  274. AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'write'
  275. repeated delimiters with cvs.DictReader
  276. Getting a string from a list in a list
  277. CSV Problem using Python 2.6
  278. Assertion Error from creating RDF form using triple store
  279. Python Uniform Random Variable function
  280. Flash ADC in Python
  281. Py2exe complier Shell
  282. Creating a GUI for image manipulation application
  283. Determine existence of a substring in a string
  284. use of boa constructor to develop a soft keyboard
  285. How to use brackets in Python?
  286. Go to a specific line in python?
  287. Character string wind up as a object?
  288. ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack
  289. store results varibles in python
  290. TypeError: 'function' object is not iterable
  291. Converting a string into integers
  292. Why pack_into doesn't write correctly some bytes?
  293. Removal of whitespaces
  294. Can't debug in NB 6.8 with Python 3.1.1 plugin
  295. how to find the next available column in an excel spreadsheet.
  296. Help with pure functions
  297. How to check whether a variable is defined earlier in a program?
  298. turn a dictionnary into a 2 dimensional list
  299. Inserting in multidimension dictionary.
  300. a second program - I cannot get the exe to run
  301. i created a .exe from a running pygame file and its missing a mixer module
  302. If a game written with python requires 1280 x 1024 can it be changed to 800 x 600?
  303. binary trees
  304. Remove line breaks from a BIG text file
  305. TypeError: 'str' object is not callable
  306. python program to solve calculus problem
  307. Tkinter open and close over time...
  308. How to find the process name and owner
  309. Remove line breaks from a text file
  310. opening a file from textwrangler
  311. Calculator Explanation
  312. problem with pyparsing - suppress
  313. Capture the UDP packets
  314. Problem with precompiled cython on windows
  315. parse log file to obtain IP's with failed attempts
  316. counting the occurrences of specific terms in a text file, in python
  317. Calculation of median with even number
  318. UnboundLocalError - Please help
  319. Read the Packet header Information
  320. Regarding replace
  321. Grid View (Table list) in tkinter
  322. How can a program check if several numbers are in the same line?
  323. Open a program with python minimized or hidden.
  324. Help with a sytax error please
  325. Getting access point information using Scapy
  326. Console in Tkinter GUI
  327. xml.dom.minidom nodeValue returns none
  328. Python:Query on Conditional Loops and the setdefault method
  329. Strange .grid sectioning? Tkinter?
  330. renaming a file based on it's content, then moving it to a new directory
  331. New to python, help with my program?
  332. A problem that I am facing on Python Dictionaries
  333. I have an example and need its solution!
  334. Problem establishing ssl connection between server and client
  335. reading files in python
  336. creating a loading bar?
  337. using a string to call a method
  338. Real World: A Contact List..
  339. how to implement "fold" function in python?
  340. Please help me with blackjack program!!
  341. How CAN i draw the symbol "om" in python
  342. Destroy Toplevel
  343. XOR Encryption?
  344. File Watching
  345. Get Strings from Entry Boxes
  346. PyQt4: How to select ListView item programmatically?
  347. How do I get my program so it can be used online?
  348. How to return multiple #s in same line after split()
  349. How do I convert a string of length four into a decimal value?
  350. How can i access logical drives in Python?
  351. xmpp
  352. view data in python class
  353. .grid problem is freezing my GUI
  354. How to change label from "any" function or outside from class
  355. Coordinates of curves with turtle module in python
  356. how does a real world program work ?
  357. Takes 2 arguments? I gave one???!!!
  358. finding missing integer in an unsorted list
  359. Getting rid of module naming
  360. mapping fasta files into dictionary (to create non-redundant fasta file)
  361. How do I get my search to return more then one word or number in a sentences
  362. calling a function from a module in a class
  363. how to prevent exceptions from stopping file execution
  364. Perfect numbers is printing for each dividen...
  365. Python function for reading and manipulate sqlite table
  366. running python from makefile under cygwin
  367. Needed help on python, easy (about taking turns)
  368. Enter morse, exit ascii value?
  369. Tkinter/PIL, How to Drag and Drop the image with mouse?
  370. missing collections module
  371. why no result from temprature function
  372. Steganography algorithm in python?
  373. convert static to dynamic pages
  374. Comparing somewhat irregular data, counting and printing!
  375. No such file or directory:
  376. Confusion from executing multiple loops:
  377. Windows automatic Updates
  378. How to import a C# DLL using the ctypes module?
  379. OOPS Concepts Implementation & Performance
  380. Need help with paint program
  381. Comparing words with the words in dictionary and getting the corresponding values?
  382. merging excel files - but a bit trickier than usual
  383. What's my errors?
  384. Creating excel masterfile
  385. Why Doesn't This Code Work, Python 3.0
  386. Why does this relatively simple code keep giving me errors?!?!?
  387. BMI calculator
  388. Mindstorm nxt question
  389. Firefox Accessibility with Python
  390. how do I extract data from html file ? - web scraping
  391. second run of my program
  392. Telit GPS:sending the location data to the mobile through GSM
  393. pickle
  394. Loops and checking for string starts
  395. How to handle output window minimize/movement in interactive mode of matplotlib
  396. What's wrong with this code, part 2.
  397. out of memory error on python 2.5.4 XP
  398. limit Python CGI's frequency of calls to an external database?
  399. What's wrong with this code?
  400. Graphics color library
  401. plotting
  402. Different search categories in a list
  403. Cross-Compile Python for Windriver
  404. I have two numpy arrays
  405. difference: repr(a) and str(a)
  406. Writing to Excel in Python 2.2
  407. Copy name of folder/subfolder
  408. Using Buttons with ScrolledWindows in wxPython
  409. what is wrong with this line
  410. numpy and python array index question
  411. optimization problem
  412. how to read .pyd file
  413. working with forms
  414. What should i use for a Remote Desktop Control
  415. two simple questions about arrays
  416. first field criteria to new file
  417. maintain lines and space after sort
  418. Click to display
  419. Need help coding?
  420. Beginner: String into Integer
  421. ImportError: No module named svn
  422. Error msg "NameError: global name 'atomName' is not defined" when calling class fnct.
  423. Issue reading data lines multiple times from a file
  424. Circle loop
  425. Loop Question
  426. Search function not working.
  427. How do i write the code for this
  428. Fetch log message from cvs using python scripts
  429. Wildcard Strings in Path
  430. send the gps data to pc through gprs
  431. Memory Error that ocures only in the windows server 2003 operating system.
  432. sudoku solver problem
  433. I'm having problems with py2exe
  434. Python dictionaries from .txt
  435. GUI2exe "error 2" (apparently). Anyone know how to avoid this???
  436. Send a text
  437. xlwt (Borders: Type)
  438. Removing substring from string
  439. Scipy - How do you do a 'weighted' least squares fit to data?
  440. making a pie chart question
  441. Changing my text to list of coordinates
  442. Python: SMS listener and generator
  443. Evaluation of a comparison in combination with the in operator
  444. Need help with FindWindow()
  445. "Value Error" in Python
  446. Python run times
  447. Parsing huge data
  448. Need a hint with problem
  449. Finding duplicates in an array
  450. Read polyline data from postgres/postgis database
  451. pygtk + py2exe + inno -> icon for shortcut
  452. catching stdout in realtime from subprocess
  453. command line arguments
  454. Form Value Won't Post/Submit
  455. How TO Show : or index.yaml or or indexer.cgi On My Server ?
  456. How do I set up a while loop to test for more than 1 variable
  457. Help me in the following code
  458. Selection, picking with PyOpenGL?
  459. Counting Files in Directory
  460. Number to string
  461. Make SQLite/MySQL database using text
  462. how many days each month
  463. simple help!
  464. turning a string into an equation
  465. Python ssl client authentication
  466. Beginner need help!
  467. how can i login to an active directory account?
  468. ValueError: too many values to unpack
  469. How to implement telephony?
  470. Comparing values in loops
  471. Inserting arrows in matplotlib
  472. tabbing between textctrl's
  473. classes and wx python
  474. best python book for 3d/ vfx artist
  475. Off topic: Inno Setup & wxPython
  476. How can I read a data file into a 2xN matrix using NumPy arrays?
  477. Python running on ARM9 and Linux
  478. simple XML question
  479. GPIO line act as interrupt process on telit 862-gps
  480. what is the python script?
  481. Printing with wxpython
  482. Removing subdomains from a string
  483. Write with first argument as an int.
  484. NameError: global name 'x' is not defined
  485. home variable?
  486. ctypes WindowsError:access violation
  487. how to click "close window" don't close GTK window?
  488. QuickSort Algorithm Problem
  489. How To Delete Line(s)
  490. About Tkinter Gui
  491. find an element in a split of string
  492. undefined symbol : X509_NAME_entry_count
  493. drop 0 from hour/minute
  494. how to make a code for simple columnar random arrangement encryption?
  495. [Python+glade] why need two arguments?
  496. about the .pyd file
  497. variable in python..
  498. : simulate cron
  499. display memory usage in process
  500. How to delete unique items in an array
  501. wxPython: How to Save/Store/Capture/Return user input text.
  502. Problem: Python printing one line on two lines!
  503. about array
  504. working with .xlsm
  505. setting font using wx.
  506. have to wrte a code for the below program
  507. hi i have got a problem writing the code for this program
  508. extracting data from tuples
  509. about html tags
  510. Bittorrent module for python?
  511. open file with non-ascii path
  512. Retrieve files based on links in a html which is generated by a cgi script
  513. Access violation writing error
  514. Load Runner compatibility with Python
  515. No module named zlib
  516. Reading in a UTF-8 file but causing a UnicodeDecodeError exception
  517. Creating a background in python and outputting it to an html page
  518. need to replace the digits with "+" sign inthe file
  519. How To Skip In Python (Similar to GOTO in batch)
  520. How To Split
  521. create a web service for python application
  522. Form checking in PSP(Python Server Pages)
  523. How to pass a Python List to C
  524. Outputting my python code to a webpage
  525. numpy subclassing
  526. trying to find path/directory of currently open window
  527. mysql and dictionary
  528. Running a Python Script via PuTTY
  529. Using in Jython
  530. Python beginner, global variables, pointers
  531. Closing an excel application
  532. Combobox get() not returning selected value
  533. Repeating question with a loop
  534. Appending N/A to blank strings
  535. Help with calcuations using imported numbers.
  536. importing a list of numbers from excel
  537. Help with removing sequences from list
  538. Accessing class attribute
  539. Help with nested list
  540. parser for math expressions
  541. wxGrid
  542. Python Connecting to ORACLE problem*** Help me plsss
  543. Problem installing Pylons on OS X
  544. DLL load error of fortran module imported to python
  545. UnicodeDecodeError: problem when path contain folder start with character 'u'
  546. socket module and wxpython
  547. python class inheritance
  548. remove whitespace from directory path
  549. UnboundLocalError
  550. Python to search text file string and replace it