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  1. keypressed() function
  2. embedded python : can't get or set a variable
  3. Formatting a string to be a columned block of text
  4. Splitting lines from a database query
  5. TkInter installation help
  6. How to depress the output of an external module ?
  7. Can Python help?
  8. BeautifulSoup vs. loose & chars
  9. ANNOUNCE: Mod_python 3.3.0b (Beta)
  10. Website Capture
  11. How to stop program when threads is sleeping
  12. Unescaping URLs in Python
  13. Why does Python never add itself to the Windows path?
  14. method names in __slots__ ??
  15. How to save all search engine results urls in a text file
  16. midi programming -how to use one midi file as the rhythm for other midi file?
  17. thread and command-line communicating
  18. terminology question - "foreign function library"
  19. turbogears app deployment
  20. file/directory format/size help
  21. Saw a possibly interesting Python PDF library - pyPDF
  22. Help with small program
  23. problem with PIPE
  24. [pyOpenGL]Demo cannot run on Python2.5
  25. Changing Colour with a Button
  26. Connection python with C
  27. split string with hieroglyphs
  28. Help please using telnetlib module
  29. Killing a task
  30. Getting the name of an assignment
  31. Add/Remove Channels in Asyncore?
  32. Elliptic Curve Library
  33. Question on regex
  34. Multi-line docstrings
  35. httplib and socket.getaddrinfo
  36. Python and AltiVec
  37. Python timing
  38. how do i run a zope web application in web browser?
  39. Can I learn Python on this forum
  40. pyparsing announcement?
  41. Xah's Edu Corner: Introduction to 3D Graphics Programing
  42. let me simplify my question on scope of vars
  43. Wireless USB hub python programming
  44. let me simplify my question about scope of vars
  45. Spyce vs mod_python PSP
  46. scopes of local and global variable
  47. Using Tools/ on AIX -- having problems
  48. Use a Thread to reload a Module?
  49. module to implement Abstract Base Class
  50. attribute decorators
  51. Retrieve Tkinter listbox item by string, not by index
  52. stoppable child thread
  53. PyExcelerator: how to set colours?
  54. Generating all permutations from a regexp
  55. add encoding to standard encodings works different in python 2.5?
  56. Confusion over calling a nested function inside a parent function
  57. optparser question
  58. pygtk statusicon (tray icon)
  59. Confusion with calling function of a subclass
  60. Python Daily News
  61. Which one is best tkinter or wx python?
  62. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  63. Problem in using Pulp
  64. I am taking a programming performance match!
  65. Why can't you use varargs and keyword arguments together?
  66. Building python C++ extension modules using MS VC++ 2005?
  67. 13 second delay using select() with Popen3()
  68. How to distribute an additional DLL to site-packages?
  69. removing the header from a gzip'd string
  70. GNUmed - new version released
  71. Decorator for Enforcing Argument Types
  72. Need a quick rundown on pyGTK
  73. query
  74. PythonCard Auto Placement
  75. pygtk and custom widgets
  76. Windows upgrade incomplete
  77. are there Tomboy and F-Spot equivalents?
  78. How a script can know if it has been called with the -i command line option?
  79. boost::python and automatic conversion for const std::string&
  80. treating MIME messages
  81. Displaying contents of a file using PyWin
  82. an hex number problem
  83. FYA: python cell phone is ruby-less
  84. rsync for python?
  85. a question on python dict
  86. list1.append(list2) returns None
  87. pickle fun
  88. TypeError: unbound method must be called with class instance 1st argument
  89. calling a class instance of function
  90. Tkinter, StringVar and dict
  91. what is wrong with my code?
  92. new Python-Ideas mailing list
  93. TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects
  94. Boost Python tutorial needs MSVC?
  95. error with IDLE on debian
  96. PIL broken on win32?
  97. Does any one know of any good folder/directory modules
  98. tkFileDialog closes main application
  99. your opinion about psycopg vs pygresql
  100. perl better than python for users with disabilities?
  101. Support of IPv6 extension headers
  102. Stani's Python Editor - questions
  103. Regexp Neg. set of chars HowTo?
  104. Can a Python script be invoked like a exe?
  105. wxGrid: Problem with unicode mathematical symbols
  106. array, a better shell
  107. IPython 0.7.3 upgrade notes
  108. IPython 0.7.3 is out
  109. IPython 0.7.3 upgrade notes
  110. cross-compiling python: reviewers needed
  111. Python Forum News: kudos hits the half century mark
  112. Any easy-to-use email send module?
  113. How to disable a entry field when a button is clicked.
  114. using methods base64 module in conjunction with Crypto.Hash.SHA256
  115. Working with unsigned/signed types
  116. Simplest way to do Python/Ajax with server and client on same machine?
  117. tricky(?) win32com question - Mark Hammond or other experts please.
  118. MySQLdb, lots of columns and newb-ness
  119. Page layouts in mod_python?
  120. Who's working on mobile devices?
  121. What am I supposed to do with an egg?!
  122. Http server
  123. regexp
  124. Star-P Anyone?
  125. Translate in 3D
  126. wxPython and activex problem.
  127. Portable apps
  128. Cpoying a PyList to a C string array
  129. Reduced invective
  130. SQLALCHEMY - Method to have the last word, by Michael Bayer
  131. Need Help on IDLE start up
  132. Using difflib to compare text ignoring whitespace differences
  133. FW: [Jython-users] ERROR : parsing xml in jython
  134. permutations - fast & with low memory consumption?
  135. Infinite loop in python
  136. on PySol's popularity
  137. Returned mail: Data format error
  138. how to create web application using zope 2.9.6
  139. python indentation
  140. Class constant for extension
  141. python poetry?
  142. ElementTree and utf-16 encoding
  143. Adding an instance to a data tree
  144. wrapping problem with old-style class
  145. Apache 2.2.3 and mod_python 3.2.10
  146. should I distribute .pyc files?
  147. trouble getting google through urllib
  148. How would I create an class with a "Person.Address.City" property?
  149. Script Error
  150. Class property with value and class
  151. Lightweight embedding of Firefox Gecko into application whose toplevel is Python--possible?
  152. regular expression
  153. SQLAlchemy, py2exe and Python 2.5 problem?
  154. urllib.unquote and unicode
  155. Is there any python-twisted tutorial or texts?
  156. Using DCOP from Python
  157. Tkdnd--does anyone use it?
  158. write integers to txt file with .write() func in Python?
  159. System Tray Icon
  160. pyExcelerator question
  161. Is htmlGen still alive?
  162. When Closure get external variable's value?
  163. def index(self):
  164. SQLObject 0.8.0b1
  165. Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Dec 18)
  166. REPORT
  167. Windows Authetication vs seperate process
  168. Strange error with getattr() function
  169. Script to upload Files via http/cgi
  170. Shed Skin - Does it break any Python assumptions?
  171. How to get a substring with variable indices
  172. How to replace a comma
  173. Can a Tkinter GUI check for abort script:
  174. undefined symbol: libxml_xmlDocPtrWrap
  175. dealing with special characters in Python and MySQL
  176. Python Performance Tips
  177. writing serial port data to the gzip file
  178. New os.path.exists() behavior - bug or feature?
  179. import
  180. Problem using Py2exe
  181. trees
  182. url filtering
  183. first and last index as in matlab
  184. length of multidimensional table
  185. Why there isn't a sort method for array ?
  186. Class and instance question
  187. Changing variable to integer
  188. Core dump revisited
  189. Control-C alternative in Windows
  190. OT : Bug/Issue tracking systems
  191. Smarter way to do this? Unicode + stdin, stdout
  192. How to test if two strings point to the same file or directory?
  193. wxPython help please
  194. inquiry about installing Python 2.5
  195. Dictionary, iterate & update objects
  196. Is there a way to push data into Ical from Python ?
  197. Is there a way to push data into Microsoft Oulook from Python ?
  198. textwrap.dedent replaces tabs?
  199. Is there a way to push data into Microsoft Excel & Word from Python ?
  200. Good Looking UI for a stand alone application
  201. Kinda lonely here, folks...
  202. sha, PyCrypto, SHA-256
  203. module wide metaclass for new style classes
  204. win32 service
  205. A new text templating system for python!
  206. catching exceptions
  207. Need ideas and insights on a project...
  208. Diffs class vars vs. instance vars?
  209. Designing a cancellable function
  210. Python Interactive Interpreter Breakage
  211. convert from date string to epoch
  212. Metaclass uses?
  213. distutils - rpm
  214. arrayType vs. typedArrayType?
  215. converting mysql db into sqlite3.
  216. How Micro-pump will change the future of computer/ mobile chips.
  217. Pychecker
  218. Language differences: Python, Java, C, C++
  219. Serial port failure
  220. re pattern for matching JS/CSS
  221. Has comparison of instancemethods changed between python 2.5 and 2.4?
  222. I'm looking for an intelligent date conversion module
  223. parsing a dictionary from a string
  224. re pattern for matching JS/CSS
  225. Restrictive APIs for Python
  226. Problem comparing object graphs and trees
  227. how to search if a file is present in a folder or not
  228. cxfrozen linux binaries run on FreeBSD?
  229. AI library
  230. Book for Python
  231. Missing __length_hint__ in __getitem__ iterator
  232. how to run a python script
  233. concatenating strings
  234. Roundtrip SQL data especially datetime
  235. Mail System Error - Returned Mail
  236. OT - Looking for DrPython project help
  237. connect from windows to linux using ssh
  238. skip last line in loops
  239. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  240. How does python handle VBS "Nothing" keyword
  241. Is it good to create a thread in a non gui thread?
  242. active directory
  243. I'm looking for a pythonic red-black tree...
  244. Pipe problem with Python
  245. Subprocess: Need Help Sending Errors, and Output to the Log File
  246. Python Unpickler for Java
  247. Python Forum News: Newest Member Tops 50 Posts
  248. Property error
  249. Strange return value from SOAP call
  250. Wrapping classes with pure virtual functions
  251. Need Simple Way To Determine If File Is Executable
  252. need clarification with import statements
  253. beginner, thread & else
  254. FYI: Pythons Were the Oldest Gods
  255. Over my head with descriptors
  256. automatically grading small programming assignments
  257. SPE website down?
  258. run a script and supply commands from a python cgi script
  259. aggdraw for 2.5 on WinXP?
  260. Writing and reading variables to/from flat file
  261. Non greedy regex
  262. Multiple inheritance and __slots__
  263. PyThreadState_SetAsyncExc (nThreadId ??????, exc);
  264. Routine for prefixing '>' before every line of a string
  265. tuple.index()
  266. remove matching pairs
  267. Client side COM and Python Problem
  268. variables with dynamicly generated names
  269. Survey environment for Python?
  270. Pythonic style involves lots of lightweight classes (for me)
  271. job posting: Sr Systems Programmer needed
  272. how to determine Operating System in Use?
  273. speed of python vs matlab.
  274. is garbled is garbled
  275. Defining classes
  276. Windows SetLocalTime
  277. trouble running a python function
  278. WooHoo! py2exe Works!
  279. win32ui vs wxPy screen capture multi monitor
  280. before I forget it...Tkinter XMas Graphics
  281. Tkinter XMas Graphics
  282. pycrypto 3DES keysize
  283. help: setup Python Imaging Library (PIL) for linux server
  284. Please donate to the Python Software Foundation
  285. Logging module: problem with some mapping keys
  286. Conditional iteration
  287. How to manage two (different) sockets without using threads?
  288. Iterating over several lists at once
  289. ObjFrame + 'delete'
  290. slices - handy summary
  291. [unicode] inconvenient unicode conversion of non-string arguments
  292. call of __del__ non-deterministic in python 2.4 (cpython)?
  293. not a big deal or anything, but, curiously:
  294. Setting application-wide global datetime format
  295. OO names/references from perspective of code
  296. how can i write a hello world in chinese with python
  297. I find a good shop online!
  298. binary input and memory address passing
  299. How to subclass sets.Set() to change intersection() behavior?
  300. How to turn of the monitor by python?
  301. Python Exception How
  302. -W: Python bug? Documentation bug?
  303. YouTube written in Python
  304. And now for something completely different...
  305. Frame hacking
  306. moinmoin advocacy?
  307. Problem understanding how closures work
  308. Forking in windows. Possible?
  309. Boa TextCtrl Props
  310. Large files uploading
  311. Inconsistency in dictionary behaviour: dict(dict) not calling __setitem__
  312. Is anyone using Python for embedded applications?
  313. how to bind a command to the open button
  314. Validate XML against a set of XSD files, with Python
  315. Embedding a shell / editor in a wxPython application
  316. Reference to base namespace in a class.
  317. Sybase module 0.38pre1 released
  318. py-ldap question
  319. How to upload a file
  320. Emulate @classmethod using decorator and descriptor
  321. Python and MQ
  322. how can I block a thread until some other thread finished?
  323. One module per class, bad idea?
  324. wx formating with grid sizers
  325. Error
  326. wxPython, dynamically modify window
  327. namespace question
  328. How to know when a folder is copied in Cygwin using Sendkeys
  329. paramiko public key
  330. Password, trust and user notification
  331. problem while going through a tutorial
  332. AttributeError: Logger instance has no attribute 'setFormatter'
  333. Can't register to CheeseShop at command line...only on web?!..
  334. newb: Creating Exception
  335. newb: SENDING os.system(encode_cmd) output to a logging file
  336. newb: logging.getLogger('') and logging.getLogger("something")
  337. Tarfile .bz2
  338. How to do a Http HEAD requests
  339. No output from popen in Tkinter text widget
  340. issues with making a package. where do classes link?
  341. Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Dec 11)
  342. free, python XML merger?
  343. can I download Python Imaging Library (PIL) for linux.
  344. os.popen3 hangs in Windows XP SP1, SP2. Python 2.5 & 2.4. Consistent test case.
  345. How can I get involved
  346. Help with install python-mysql lib on OS X
  347. Help with weave.blitz()
  348. Rinning Excel macro's with Jython?
  349. ElementTree, XML and Unicode -- C0 Controls
  350. SSH File Transfer Protocol or SFTP
  351. Encapsulating conditional execution based on list membership - how do you do it?
  352. Pb ReportLab (
  353. How do I edit a PythonWin path to import custom built modules???
  354. Avoiding "invalid literal for int()" exception
  355. sovrascrivere
  356. wxPython: Icon aus base64 decoded Image
  357. sovrascrivere
  358. text file to excel(*.txt to *.xls)
  359. sys.stdin.encoding
  360. hiding the window object shown by curses module
  361. play video file
  362. alternate language
  363. Quake 3 and the Python interpreter
  364. Tkinter button doesn't appear in OS X
  365. Defending Computer Math in USA Public Schools
  366. Defending Computer Math in USA Public Schools
  367. distutils: trouble with data_files + RPM
  368. Python and Eclipse
  369. Python Operating System
  370. Barry Warsaw Python Webcast at GSFC
  371. GA/optimizer frameworks with automatic adjustment of mut/cross extent?
  372. zeros()
  373. multidimentional tables with different types
  374. object data member dumper?
  375. object data member dumper?
  376. need guidance on sending emails with attachment with python.
  377. TreeWidget and ftputil question
  378. problem using lambdas for deferred callbacks
  379. New York City Python Users Group meeting is planned for Dec. 12th @6pm - please RSVP!
  380. possible php convert
  381. oo problem
  382. ATTRIBUTE ERROR: 'module' object has no attribute 'ssl'
  383. Lookup caching
  384. Is there a memory leakage in this embedded python code?
  385. Pyparsing troubles
  386. Default Values and Config File Class using wxPyton and dictionaries
  387. Best Open Source Project?
  388. Search & Replace in MS Word Puzzle
  389. finalization signal for an object with ZODB involved?
  390. Python Programmers...
  391. Error: unbound method in Tkinter class
  392. py2exe Problem with cairo
  393. py2exe Problem with cairo
  394. Python Forum News: Expert Becomes Member and Gets an Avatar
  395. Shed Skin 0.0.15
  396. _winreg users take note. wxPython make registry access easy
  397. What is your OS and Python Version
  398. Automatic debugging of copy by reference errors?
  399. Interacting with keyboard LEDs
  400. Driver selection
  401. Python on mac - can't extend interpreter with "catch_exception_raise"wrapper.
  402. how does random.sample work
  403. Syntax error problem: please help
  404. including array in structured module
  405. wx.Font.GetPointSize returning bogus value?
  406. making local variable work???? Help
  407. Anyone use GD with pyhton?
  408. ERROR CLOSING CONNECTION: mysql connection close
  409. Bug in pybwidgets, or my code?
  410. Snake references just as ok as Monty Python jokes/references in python community? :)
  411. mySql and multiple connection for threads
  412. Using Py_InitModule3 -> [Linker Error] Unresolved external '_Py_InitModule4TraceRefs'
  413. is there a tutorial for creating packages in python?
  414. MySQL-python-1.2.1_p2, Python 2.5 and OS X Tiger
  415. Problem in reading a URL
  416. py2exe install script problem
  417. shell command needs whitespace characters escaped
  418. Text Encoding - Like Wrestling Oiled Pigs
  419. IMAP4 SEARCH question
  420. Python's email module - problem with umlauts in some email clients
  421. IPython 0.7.3 beta 2 is out!
  422. Embeded Python in Apache2 not doing its job
  423. merits of Lisp vs Python
  424. apache & mod_python
  425. why is this different?
  426. autoadd class properties
  427. I think Python is a OO and lite version of matlab
  428. raw strings in regexps
  429. New to scripting
  430. Logging output from python
  431. subversion revision number string within an application packaged with distutils?
  432. problems caused by very large for-loop
  433. Underlining print message
  434. deriving classes from object extensions
  435. How to import array from a file
  436. Why does wx.Window.CaptureMouse() send EVT_PAINT
  437. code for clear screen
  438. How to limit digits after decimal point?
  439. SOAP Server with WSDL?
  440. Multithreaded python script calls the COMMAND LINE
  441. write an update manager in python/wxPython
  442. Can't 'register' to Cheese Shop from command line..only web + egg dependency question
  443. unsupported operand type(s)
  444. makeactivexclass stopped giving me events when i upgraded to wxpython2.7 =(
  445. feed-forward neural network for python
  446. how to delete matplotlib data between ploting
  447. Anyone using wx.lib.printout?
  448. comtypes
  449. A Call to Arms for Python Advocacy
  450. funcs without () like print
  451. Initializing with the correct type
  452. trouble stealing wx.splitter code
  453. How to create a global hotkey?
  454. Embedded python adding variables linking to C++-Variables / callbacks
  455. Window, Windows, Linux, client and server...
  456. Use of factory pattern in Python?
  457. differences between ubuntu and fedora python
  458. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  459. Python: how to activate second IE window?
  460. Need Help Parsing From File
  461. newb: What is the purpose of if __name__ == "__main__":
  462. per instance descriptors
  463. how to convert a function into generator?
  464. newb: How to call one modue from other
  465. Problem of understanding inheritance
  466. True Division in Python
  467. SOAPpy - Getting info about the __init__ method
  468. Module Indexing
  469. How to output highest and lowest number from all the entries??
  470. Windows installer for Scientific Python for Python 2.4?
  471. Where does a class closure live?
  472. using While Loop
  473. [Python] SMTP server based on Python?
  474. advice on stripped down python
  475. Mirror imaging binary numbers
  476. I'm looking to learn pyqt
  477. newb: Can I use PYRO
  478. Checking an object type
  479. Getting started with the Python source
  480. how to get all the "variables" of a string formating?
  481. problem with closures
  482. PHP calls python: process vs threads
  483. Best memory analyzer?
  484. PyRun_SimpleString no sys.argv[0]
  485. Am I stupid or is 'assert' broken in Python 2.5??
  486. Windows: get owner and group of a file
  487. dict.has_key(x) versus 'x in dict'
  488. len() and PEP 3000
  489. Book recommendations
  490. reloading modules
  491. No latin9 in Python?
  492. PyMedia - some questions
  493. Novice: replacing strings with unicode variables in a list
  494. How to use MySQL without MySQLdb module
  495. Program failing after converting global variables/ to local
  496. Python Plugin for Web Browser
  497. CVXOPT
  498. PyQt, designer, and directional flow
  499. This program should be perfect by syntax errors BUT having trouble
  500. Learning to think differently...
  501. Redirecting based on Requested URL
  502. Looking for a decent HTML parser for Python...
  503. Inheritance problem. Creating an instance.
  504. X11 bitmap image conversion problem
  505. Tkinter on Silicon Graphics machine?
  506. Parsing data from pyserial (final resolution)
  507. List of Events in wxPython
  508. keep getting Strange syntax error Help!!!!
  509. Mod_python vs. application server like CherryPy?
  510. newb: Join two string variables
  511. pyopengl glShaderSourceARB error
  512. My main does not call any modules / functions
  513. coding exponent
  514. Subprocess with a Python Session?
  515. Variable error??? Need Help
  516. About the 79 character line recommendation
  517. Linear regression in NumPy
  518. PyPy Leysin Winter Sports Sprint (8-14th January 2007)
  519. py2exe / Tkinter problem
  520. suppresing error pop-ups in Win32 app
  521. PythonTidy
  522. memory error with matplot
  523. Coding standards without control?
  524. numarray installation problems
  525. win32 com problem
  526. Python regular expression
  527. Fw: [wxPython-users] 1>make_buildinfo.obj : error LNK2019: unresolvedexternal symbol __imp__RegQueryValueExA@24 referenced infunction _make_buildinfo2
  528. The del statement
  529. how to invoke the shell command and then get the result in python
  530. how to set environment variables for using python
  531. No module named _db2
  532. Cross-platform issue with wxRadioBox
  533. Async callback in python
  534. Filename too long error
  535. How to compile omniORBpy on Windows?
  536. Monitoring number of smtp bytes sent through python e-mail socket
  537. sending string or list to a function
  538. MySQL from python - dropping a database IF EXISTS
  539. Opening colour BMPs with PIL
  540. Convert PNG files to BMP files using PIL
  541. Flip coin problem
  542. Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Dec 4)
  543. Flip a coin 100 times and get result for both sides
  544. Python bindings for RCS apps
  545. ISAPI filter
  546. decorators question
  547. SQLObject release 0.7.2
  548. Best way for inter-process communication in Python
  549. Ensure a variable is divisible by 4
  550. python Noob - basic setup question / problem