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  1. PyOpenGL
  2. python and MOV or MPEG
  3. Class list of a module
  4. Help with CGI functions on python.
  5. on which site or Usenet group should this question be posted?
  6. How naive is Python?
  7. Python web app. (advice sought)
  8. Noob question regarding sys.argv[]
  9. python - process id
  10. Conflicting needs for __init__ method
  11. help with recursion on GP project
  12. Announcing: Spiff Guard (Generic Access Lists for Python)
  13. for web content analysis: python or other case?
  14. threads - was:Is there a way to protect a piece of criticalcode?
  15. Know a good pickle howto?
  16. speech recognition linux and python
  17. Tkinter code (with pmw) executing to soon please help
  18. Draft Pycon Keynote (a simulation)
  19. indentation in python
  20. Comparing a matrix (list[][]) ?
  21. Decorators inside of class and decorator parameters
  22. Threaded for loop
  23. template engine
  24. HTML Calendar code
  25. difflib.HtmlDiff
  26. sqlobject 0.8.0b1 and python 2.5
  27. mod_python and Content-Type
  28. module file
  29. Barcode recognition in Python
  30. Boilerplate in rich comparison methods
  31. How can I integrate RPC with WSGI ???
  32. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  33. AlphaBeta Search
  34. More M2Crypto issues. Not big ones, though.
  35. Is it possible to get whole commandline include redirection.., etc
  36. WMI Python, writing remotely and retrieving env variables values
  37. How to respond to a confirmation prompt automatically
  38. I need to consume a .NET web service in a Python client
  39. What is a perl hash in python
  40. parsing a file name
  41. 'LoadFile' not found when invoking Acrobat via wx.lib.pdfwin
  42. modules...n methods
  43. module file
  44. ArchGenXML please help
  45. getting the name of hyperlinks in a file
  46. Any python based "Live Web Chat Support"
  47. Command line arguments on Vista
  48. context managers and co-routines
  49. Hint :Easy_Install Documentation
  50. python vs TCL
  51. How to run external program?
  52. pygame and python 2.5
  53. Explanation about for loop
  54. Tools Designing large/complicated applications
  55. Embedding Python with Tkinter
  56. How much slower is dict indexing vs. list indexing?
  57. Intellectual Property Talk at PyCon
  58. Matching Directory Names and Grouping Them
  59. Best FCGI handler
  60. How to modify object attribute by python C API
  61. Python nuube needs Unicode help
  62. Python nuube needs Unicode help
  63. Pythonic A*-Algorithm
  64. Need better run/edit method. I have to restart the shell after every script change.
  65. py2exe: zipfile=None raised ImportError
  66. passing a variable to an external program
  67. Is there a good example on instantiating, calling, using, an API from Python on Windows?
  68. how to convert gpr file to csv format: using python
  69. Frequency spectrum with fft of a real valued array...?
  70. Fixed keys() mapping
  71. COM compatibility
  72. Problem with byte-compiled code
  73. What happened to SPE?
  74. ValueError from dict - some detail would be helpful
  75. Learning Python book, new edition?
  76. os.mkfifo
  77. What about this?
  78. __init__ vs __new__
  79. String handling
  80. Progress count in terminal (Mac OS X)
  81. Reloading the already imported module
  82. Type casting a base class to a derived one?
  83. Ref count oddness with embedded Python... memory leak?
  84. Copying TIFF tags with PIL
  85. sleep in asyncore
  86. dot operations
  87. How to remove the carriage returns from XML data.
  88. os.popen() not executing command on windows xp
  89. Print message with Colors
  90. Joining threads but allowing signals to main thread?
  91. The Python Papers: Submit your Quotes
  92. Seattle Python Interest Group Thursday at 7:00 PM
  93. globals accros modules
  94. IDLE Python and Environment Variables
  95. IDLE Python and Environment Variables
  96. How to use Mercurial for local source code management with a public Subversion server
  97. Legally correct way of copying stdlib module?
  98. what is the idiom for copy lots of params into self?
  99. Python 2.5 install on Gentoo Linux: failed dmb and _tkinter
  100. Read from database, write to another database, simultaneously
  101. Upcoming Experts List in the Python Forum
  102. Problem installing cElementTree on Python 2.5
  103. where to find the spec of format in PyObject_CallMethod
  104. Seattle Python Interest Group Thursday at 7:00 PM
  105. Universal Feed Parser - How do I keep attributes?
  106. obfuscating python
  107. Regex Question
  108. SubProcess _make_inheritable
  109. call graph using python and cscope
  110. Building Python 2.5.0 on AIX 5.3 - Undefined symbol: .__floor
  111. Using Excel With Python
  112. Using Excel With Python
  113. Using Excel With Python
  114. Need startup suggestions for writing a MSA viewer GUI in python
  115. An iterator with look-ahead
  116. Working with named groups in re module
  117. add re module to a embeded device phyton interpreter
  118. Is there a way to protect a piece of critical code?
  119. convert binary data to int
  120. Establishing if an Object is Defined
  121. Question about compiling.
  122. maximum number of threads
  123. Wierd M2Crypto bug - phony "peer did not return certificate" error
  124. Announcement -- ZestyParser
  125. pgen2 use questions.
  126. "tkinter module not found" please help
  127. Read CSV file into an array
  128. Question: Best Practice? (module 'shelve')
  129. tkinter Ignoring Certain Key Presses?
  130. dynamic library loading, missing symbols
  131. maildir->mbox conversion script review
  132. The trouble with sockets.... (fixing inheritance, etc.)
  133. find.find
  134. injecting functions into a python sandbox within a python program
  135. What does the -O flag do?
  136. A question about IDLE and environment variables
  137. Python - C# interoperability
  138. Summarizing data by week
  139. A simple lexer
  140. distutils and ctypes
  141. Question about using "with"
  142. how to clean sys.path
  143. Internet Survey
  144. Internet Survey
  145. Determine an object is a subclass of another
  146. Survey respondents needed for masters thesis
  147. mxODBC problems
  148. pyExcelerator big integer values
  149. PyCFunction_New requires a pointer to a static PyMethodDef?
  150. A simple array in Python
  151. formattazione cifra con decimali
  152. line duplication using logging to file
  153. how to find encoding of a file in linux?
  154. class unbound method and
  155. Colons, indentation and reformatting. (2)
  156. Colons, indentation and reformatting.
  157. private variables
  158. re.sub and re.MULTILINE
  159. re.sub and re.MULTILINE
  160. How to write temporary data to file?
  161. Evolving doctests for changing output format
  162. Non-blocking pipes during subprocess handling
  163. Adding functions to classes after definition
  164. tkinter with wck
  165. error with "import md5"
  166. Getting started with Crystal Reports...little help in the far court.
  167. Maths error
  168. Network failure when using urllib2
  169. Bitwise expression
  170. Execute binary code
  171. More Efficient fnmatch.fnmatch for multiple patterns?
  172. A Good Intro to wxpython/PostgreSQL Applications?
  173. xmlrpc and auth-digest
  174. xmlrpc an auth-diget
  175. sys.exit versus raise SystemExit
  176. creating simple Python scripting interfaces via C++
  177. popen, Pipes with programs that expect user input
  178. Books,resources..
  179. Maybe a little bug of ipython 0.7.3 ?
  180. help: code formatter?
  181. recursive function
  182. Bizarre floating-point output
  183. Proper way of handling "plug-in" methods
  184. General Question About Python
  185. Stackless Python 2.5 for Nintendo DS
  186. Walking The Right Path
  187. another SQL implement
  188. multi-threaded webcam with
  189. regex question
  190. Module to read svg
  191. Recommendations (or best practices) to define functions (or methods)
  192. Table
  193. lxml namespaces problem
  194. Additional pyparsing examples in latest release (1.4.5)
  195. Working with Excel inside Python
  196. how to find the longst element list of lists
  197. Python cheatsheets
  198. audio video streaming communications
  199. Capturing stderr and stdout of a subprocess as a single stream
  200. OpenBSD, Apache and Python
  201. urlib.quote gives KeyError in Python 2.4.4 but workin 2.3.5
  202. low level python read's
  203. Got questions to pose to the Python-Dev panel at PyCon?
  204. Manually installing PIL
  205. I want to learn
  206. where is python on linux?
  207. How to write code to get focuse the application which is open from server
  208. How to invoke parent's method?
  209. AES256 in PyCrypto
  210. Why less emphasis on private data?
  211. Parallel Python
  212. Traceback of hanged process
  213. sheeps be carefull of Python
  214. Crash on
  215. WoC - A web of code
  216. search mail by date with imaplib
  217. nntplib downloads content with extra linebreaks
  218. still struggling, howto use a list-element as a name ?
  219. A problem in embedding Python in a plug-in
  220. c# application calling Scipy
  221. C++/Python programmers for a MUD's gamedriver wanted.
  222. Python re expr from Perl to Python
  223. howto overload with a NOP (empty statement)
  224. Pausing for Python Interpreter error messages...
  225. attribute decorators
  226. File Closing Problem in 2.3 and 2.4, Not in 2.5
  227. Doing date/time + TZ math in python
  228. PyGreSQL Install
  229. PDF rendering toolkit?
  230. strange for loop construct
  231. Learning to program in Python
  232. Formatting text files
  233. Piskworky - "five-in-row" over jabber network
  234. Adding a directory to the Python System Path - Edit the registry?
  235. Dividing integers...Convert to float first?
  236. Just Getting Started with Python on MS XP Pro
  237. importing / loading a module / class dynamically
  238. find a .py path
  239. elementtree.SimpleXMLWriter and xmlcharrefreplace
  240. how to open a directory and i should read the files and need a particular line
  241. How to get file name on a remote server with ftplib?
  242. where is Microsoft Speech Object Library 5.1 option in PythonWin 2.5?
  243. Change coords of a canvas.line item
  244. Encoding / decoding strings
  245. program deployment
  246. Calculating Download Rate
  247. Using sax libxml2 html parser
  248. wxWindows off-screen?
  249. sysdate - 5 days
  250. where to find wx package
  251. Memoization in Python
  252. PyType_IsSubtype ()
  253. checking one's type
  254. Problem installing MySQLdb/1.2.1_p2 with Python/2.4.1 and MySQL/5.0.18
  255. Diffrences: Python 2.3 and Python 2.4
  256. Undefined symbol __pure_virtual when importing MySQLdb
  257. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  258. What is proper way to require a method to be overridden?
  259. clarification on open file modes
  260. Turn off line wrap for lists?
  261. cache line length of a machine
  262. Problem Running Working Code on Mac
  263. subclassing a module: misleading(?) error message
  264. bug in copy.deepcopy or in getattr or in my understanding?
  265. py2exe setup strange error
  266. Set type?
  267. what is this?
  268. Using External Libraries with python?
  269. Packaging up a Python/Twisted Matrix application...
  270. connection hangs
  271. Best way to implement a timed queue?
  272. Extending Embedded Python and execute external script
  273. NYC Python User Group Meeting
  274. pow() works but sqrt() not!?
  275. question on creating class
  276. where to ask questions related to comtypes?
  277. new office formats, REs and Python
  278. minidom utf-8 encoding
  279. Dumping objects into spreadsheet readable text (design question)
  280. static object
  281. Py_BuildValue or PyList_SetItem()
  282. M. Hammonds python panel
  283. class encapsulates monomials and polynomials
  284. Cannot build 2.5 on FC6 x86
  285. Sorting on multiple values, some ascending, some descending
  286. A python library to convert RTF into PDF ?
  287. type classobj not defined?
  288. When argparse will be in the python standard installation
  289. C/C++, Perl, etc. to Python converter
  290. code optimization (calc PI)
  291. function without brackets ?
  292. Anybody Knows PyGreSQL User name Password
  293. convert frames from mpeg to array
  294. [Half-off] How to get textboxes (text blocks) from ps/pdf files?
  295. Using codecs.EncodedFile() with Python 2.5
  296. import order or cross import
  297. Synchronization methodology
  298. Parallel Python
  299. Iterate through list two items at a time
  300. Filename encoding on XP
  301. Need old pywin32/win32all for Win95
  302. list/dictionary as case statement ?
  303. Remote askopenfilename()
  304. How to format a number?
  305. wsdl2py question
  306. array of class
  307. Python Guru needed in San Jose!
  308. how to use execfile with argument under windows
  309. python2.5 frameobject - how to upgrade?
  310. How to execute a Shell Script in python Codes
  311. Unsubscribing from the list
  312. How to get BOOST working on XP and Visual C++ 2005
  313. draw over image
  314. Difference between __init__ (again) and nothing ...
  315. [Off] WXP Fingerprint + Python...
  316. doctesting
  317. how to move files based on file-ending from dirs and subdirs tospecific dir?
  318. Special Characters (Unicode, Ascii) in Python and MySQL
  319. mutable numeric type
  320. Happy New Year and Congrats to Latest Senior Member!
  321. Online Books
  322. How do I add users using Python scripts on a Linux machine
  323. Writing more efficient code
  324. BOOST confuses me: a few assumptions: true or false.....
  325. BOOST again: how to proceed from here....
  326. copy an iterable class object
  327. Collecting list of module dependencies
  328. OO question
  329. Q: a simple(?) raw-utf-8 conversion to internal type unicode "\304\246\311\231\316\257\316\271\303\222"
  330. Missing erf()
  331. simple ftputil ssl client
  332. trees, iterations and adding leaves
  333. C app and Python
  334. request for code : Py Tic Tac Toe in action
  335. Python embedded interpreter: how to initialize the interpreter ?
  336. py2exe 0.6.6 released
  337. A question about unicode() function
  338. Are all classes new-style classes in 2.4+?
  339. looking for a better way to call a file.
  340. Question concerning this list
  341. Progress Box or Bar in Windows
  342. find login name of user?
  343. can't find a suitable application server
  344. python , Boost and straight (but complex) C code
  345. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  346. Managing a queue of subprocesses?
  347. mmmmmmmmmmm
  348. PEP 3107 Function Annotations for review and comment
  349. Easiest way to print from XP/DOS.
  350. Wow, Python much faster than MatLab
  351. No way to set a timeout in "urllib".
  352. Help on installing Easy_Install
  353. bad marshal data in in fresh 2.5 install win
  354. Getting VideoCapture to work with Python 2.5
  355. Can I beat perl at grep-like processing speed?
  356. probably a stupid question: MatLab equivalent of "diff" ?
  357. Question about the "new" module
  358. list looping error
  359. I want to see all the variables
  360. INSERT statements not INSERTING when using mysql from python
  361. Kurukshetra Online Programming Contest
  362. Convert Perl to Python
  363. replacing \ in python
  364. Problems with \t and \b characters
  365. RotatingFileHandler Error
  366. Starting a child process and getting its stdout?
  367. A stupid question
  368. Comparing files in a zip to files on drive
  369. Minor problem with configure (2.4.4)
  370. how to serve image files without disk use?
  371. xml bug?
  372. Python 2.4/2.5 hang on bad reference?
  373. Reverse of SendKeys??
  374. New IRC Channel: #moderncalcs
  375. dictionary containing instances of classes behaving oddly
  376. (PyGTK) Disabling ToolButton when no TreeView item is selected?
  377. Anyone persuaded by "merits of Lisp vs Python"?
  378. Slowdown in Jython
  379. db access
  380. per interpreter storage for C extensions
  381. __getattr__ possible loop
  382. search for any number of files and extract their names
  383. v0.0.1 - source
  384. Scaling pictures
  385. Unexpected output while walking dirs
  386. Python Wrapper for C# Com Object
  387. I'm having trouble understanding scope of a variable in a subclass
  388. socket.gaierror: (-2, 'Name or service not known')
  389. Hooking any/all 'calls'
  390. Python 2.4.4 vs. 2.3.6
  391. can't instantiate following inner class
  392. failing to instantiate an inner class because of its order
  393. failing to instantiate an inner class because of order of inner classes
  394. dbm
  395. Getting unicode escape sequence from unicode character?
  396. Feasible in Python ? list of object , with two exeptional objects
  397. urllib.urlopen unwanted password prompts - documentation problem
  398. Superclass for Errors?
  399. Passing variable number of named arguments
  400. DOS, UNIX and tabs
  401. DOS, UNIX and tabs
  402. popen on windows
  403. getting a process's PID
  404. M2Crypto running error
  405. Combining C and Python
  406. how can I modify an imported variable ?
  407. USB Missile.
  408. Stani's Python Editor is looking for a new webhost
  409. File write() problem
  410. module with a threading-like api that uses processes?
  411. loose methods : Smalltalk asPython
  412. Noobie: Open file -> read characters & multiply
  413. Persistent variables in python
  414. BeautifulSoup bug when ">>>" found in attribute value
  415. Mod_python
  416. Q: How to generate code object from bytecode?
  417. Google Custom Search Engine
  418. Fuzzy string comparison
  419. PySchool Phase II
  420. keypressed() function
  421. embedded python : can't get or set a variable
  422. Formatting a string to be a columned block of text
  423. Splitting lines from a database query
  424. TkInter installation help
  425. How to depress the output of an external module ?
  426. Can Python help?
  427. BeautifulSoup vs. loose & chars
  428. ANNOUNCE: Mod_python 3.3.0b (Beta)
  429. Website Capture
  430. How to stop program when threads is sleeping
  431. Unescaping URLs in Python
  432. Why does Python never add itself to the Windows path?
  433. method names in __slots__ ??
  434. How to save all search engine results urls in a text file
  435. midi programming -how to use one midi file as the rhythm for other midi file?
  436. thread and command-line communicating
  437. terminology question - "foreign function library"
  438. turbogears app deployment
  439. file/directory format/size help
  440. Saw a possibly interesting Python PDF library - pyPDF
  441. Help with small program
  442. problem with PIPE
  443. [pyOpenGL]Demo cannot run on Python2.5
  444. Changing Colour with a Button
  445. Connection python with C
  446. split string with hieroglyphs
  447. Help please using telnetlib module
  448. Killing a task
  449. Getting the name of an assignment
  450. Add/Remove Channels in Asyncore?
  451. Elliptic Curve Library
  452. Question on regex
  453. Multi-line docstrings
  454. httplib and socket.getaddrinfo
  455. Python and AltiVec
  456. Python timing
  457. how do i run a zope web application in web browser?
  458. Can I learn Python on this forum
  459. pyparsing announcement?
  460. Xah's Edu Corner: Introduction to 3D Graphics Programing
  461. let me simplify my question on scope of vars
  462. Wireless USB hub python programming
  463. let me simplify my question about scope of vars
  464. Spyce vs mod_python PSP
  465. scopes of local and global variable
  466. Using Tools/ on AIX -- having problems
  467. Use a Thread to reload a Module?
  468. module to implement Abstract Base Class
  469. attribute decorators
  470. Retrieve Tkinter listbox item by string, not by index
  471. stoppable child thread
  472. PyExcelerator: how to set colours?
  473. Generating all permutations from a regexp
  474. add encoding to standard encodings works different in python 2.5?
  475. Confusion over calling a nested function inside a parent function
  476. optparser question
  477. pygtk statusicon (tray icon)
  478. Confusion with calling function of a subclass
  479. Python Daily News
  480. Which one is best tkinter or wx python?
  481. Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary
  482. Problem in using Pulp
  483. I am taking a programming performance match!
  484. Why can't you use varargs and keyword arguments together?
  485. Building python C++ extension modules using MS VC++ 2005?
  486. 13 second delay using select() with Popen3()
  487. How to distribute an additional DLL to site-packages?
  488. removing the header from a gzip'd string
  489. GNUmed - new version released
  490. Decorator for Enforcing Argument Types
  491. Need a quick rundown on pyGTK
  492. query
  493. PythonCard Auto Placement
  494. pygtk and custom widgets
  495. Windows upgrade incomplete
  496. are there Tomboy and F-Spot equivalents?
  497. How a script can know if it has been called with the -i command line option?
  498. boost::python and automatic conversion for const std::string&
  499. treating MIME messages
  500. Displaying contents of a file using PyWin
  501. an hex number problem
  502. FYA: python cell phone is ruby-less
  503. rsync for python?
  504. a question on python dict
  505. list1.append(list2) returns None
  506. pickle fun
  507. TypeError: unbound method must be called with class instance 1st argument
  508. calling a class instance of function
  509. Tkinter, StringVar and dict
  510. what is wrong with my code?
  511. new Python-Ideas mailing list
  512. TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects
  513. Boost Python tutorial needs MSVC?
  514. error with IDLE on debian
  515. PIL broken on win32?
  516. Does any one know of any good folder/directory modules
  517. tkFileDialog closes main application
  518. your opinion about psycopg vs pygresql
  519. perl better than python for users with disabilities?
  520. Support of IPv6 extension headers
  521. Stani's Python Editor - questions
  522. Regexp Neg. set of chars HowTo?
  523. Can a Python script be invoked like a exe?
  524. wxGrid: Problem with unicode mathematical symbols
  525. array, a better shell
  526. IPython 0.7.3 upgrade notes
  527. IPython 0.7.3 is out
  528. IPython 0.7.3 upgrade notes
  529. cross-compiling python: reviewers needed
  530. Python Forum News: kudos hits the half century mark
  531. Any easy-to-use email send module?
  532. How to disable a entry field when a button is clicked.
  533. using methods base64 module in conjunction with Crypto.Hash.SHA256
  534. Working with unsigned/signed types
  535. Simplest way to do Python/Ajax with server and client on same machine?
  536. tricky(?) win32com question - Mark Hammond or other experts please.
  537. MySQLdb, lots of columns and newb-ness
  538. Page layouts in mod_python?
  539. Who's working on mobile devices?
  540. What am I supposed to do with an egg?!
  541. Http server
  542. regexp
  543. Star-P Anyone?
  544. Translate in 3D
  545. wxPython and activex problem.
  546. Portable apps
  547. Cpoying a PyList to a C string array
  548. Reduced invective
  549. SQLALCHEMY - Method to have the last word, by Michael Bayer
  550. Need Help on IDLE start up