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  1. how to test SMS for Gt863-py module
  2. Translating my script from perl to python
  3. Split a single file into multiple files
  4. monitor grid jobs from python via SAGA
  5. scrape info from web:the .text problem
  6. python tcp stack
  7. converting date
  8. Global Variables Over Multiple Source Files
  9. How can I sort 2 parallel lists in the same way?
  10. Dictionary value remains unchanged in "for" loop
  11. Which data type do i use to model a GA algorithm in Python?
  12. List Index out of range in Recurrent Nural Network
  13. Why is the randint func in my code not generating all values within it's ranges?
  14. How to flush pexpect spawn class buffer for subsequent expect calls??
  15. ValueError: shape mismatch: objects cannot be broadcast to a single shape
  16. Numpy and Image error
  17. how to creat an instance of a foreign object with ctypes in python
  18. Python invalid syntax error
  19. How do I make a python list with 7 (or any number) empty elements?
  20. how to download and execute vnc by bash command
  21. ImportError: No module named Numeric
  22. ypeError: this constructor takes no arguments
  23. Pygame TypeError: python.surface object unsubscriptable
  24. why the SOAPPY for client is only using http 1.0
  25. Subtracting units in an array from themselves
  26. Ways to "reset" raw_input
  27. Multiplication of matrices consisting of arrays
  28. Why doesn't urllib show the right source
  29. Inserting the contents of csv file using python mysqldb
  30. numbering sequence
  31. Why do my Python scripts sometimes not run?
  32. eclipse for python
  33. Why doesn't Python recognize list element equal to input string?
  34. Calling a matlab gui from python using pymatlab without allowing python to close it
  35. TypeError: 'module' object is not callable
  36. Python 'NoneType' Error
  37. Import .csv to numpy instead of list to numpy
  38. How to define condition class in Python?
  39. just want to open a simple window keep getting this error
  40. continue "not properly in loop"
  41. User-Agent browser info
  42. good book for python programming (intermediate)
  43. exploring quiver function
  44. Number to binary string
  45. adding 2 matrices
  46. How to save the value of a global variable in a file
  47. Ending string assignment with "\".....
  48. Python 2.5 long
  49. Return value of Thread
  50. question about [0] in os module
  51. Python calling C functions Segment Fault
  52. customize xticks
  53. Understanding __call__ in Python 3
  54. How to get data between two values in a set?
  55. .txt file to excel .csv
  56. wxMessageBox with an auto-close timer in wxPython
  57. python class problem
  58. How to use filter() and map()
  59. CATIA V5-API and Python programming language
  60. How to use python to add a column to a csv file?
  61. Reorder dictionary in pyrhon according to a list of values!!!
  62. How to uninstall wxpython 2.8 from Mac OSX 10.6
  63. How to bypass exceptions/errors
  64. Automating capture of Extent from multiple mxds with multiple dataframes
  65. Writing a simple address book in python
  66. Plot words from reading a file.
  67. normal vector?
  68. zope and mysql
  69. Problems with redrawing tables
  70. subclassing an extension class in c++ (python 3)
  71. Pyserial transposing characters
  72. how do i split a joining multiple file
  73. Translation from Python to CIL(C Intermediate Language)
  74. how to run matlab command on matlab command prompt using Python...?
  75. [pyinstaller] how to compile Python script importing module
  76. Python unicode conversion to UTF-8
  77. Assigning multiple variables in an input statement
  78. wx Python problem; attribute error
  79. How to break up an sql query?
  80. understanding the '?' reg exp
  81. how to run through a loop consisting of os.system
  82. Problem in adding data to hash of hash
  83. Last SQL Update query is lost when table is copied to new database
  84. Convert file with information into dictionary
  85. Duplicate Delete Program
  86. How to construct this function
  87. I need to sort a Class!
  88. I'm having trouble formatting text from a .txt file, into a grid.
  89. Find the offset between two graphs. how is this done?
  90. python web programming
  91. How to compare two tuples and return values.
  92. How to check if a file exists?
  93. Python if statements with strings.
  94. How to parse csv using DictReader?
  95. how to find a time between the two given time
  96. Help with Tkinter Windows
  97. speed up data extraction from large arrays
  98. How to handle or skip end‐of‐line characters
  99. what is difference between list and tuple?
  100. need help regarding creating a .py file and executing it using the shell(GUI).
  101. setup Pmw for programming GUI
  102. How to send data to specific line in text file
  103. psycopg2 array of composite
  104. GUI programming in python
  105. Is it possible to return variables to the main function?
  106. How do I populate array from an string output of a bash string.
  107. Python file copy and rename.
  108. working with strings returned by Sqllite
  109. Remove first line of 100 files in a folder using python script
  110. How do I increase the resolution of a 640X480 jpeg image?
  111. Python 3 Tkinter Frame interaction
  112. [Prob]Sending AT commands through COM PORT
  113. using links vs changing bash
  114. How to launch Handbrake via python?
  115. Why is python program running the wrong part of if else statement?
  116. System Error when running PyQt4's loadUi()
  117. Problem in converting list to string
  118. Calculating Distance From Start Node - Dijkstra's Algorithm
  119. urllib.urlencode wrongly encoding ő character
  120. Strange issue with normal operations
  121. PATH env var precedences for module load on windows
  122. Lambda as a variable, not a Python keyword
  123. How to fix Can't convert 'int' object error for checkerboard cipher?
  124. Error in running IDLE
  125. Deploying django websites in apache2 server
  126. error in an example of oop
  127. How to fix socket and connection errors running Python Module?
  128. How to convert a list of tuples to a list of lists?
  129. listdir returning no values for folder beginning with number
  130. How to merge[Append] many Excel files in to one using Python
  131. How to convert string to long?
  132. accessing dll from python using ctypes...
  133. Python XML-RPC localhost problem
  134. How to split a string and keep the delimiter
  135. python cgi webpage won't redirect before background children processes finish
  136. How Can I Set First Number on Each Text File Line to be Initial Node in Dijkstra?
  137. GM862-GPS Help
  138. List of string to float
  139. duplicate and rename a folder and its contents
  140. Get the current language of the machine
  141. I want a program to repeat itself multiple times before stopping, how do i do this?
  142. Can the window size of tfFileDialog be changed?
  143. stopping .listen command
  144. Telit GM862 GPS/GMS
  145. How to check remote server crash/hang/freeze/BSOD using wmi class?
  146. I am not able to open IDLE in python on Vista.
  147. How do i convert a number to an integer float and string
  148. How to split a list file
  149. how to configure notepad++ to run python script
  150. How to group data read from a file?
  151. Why does print 038 produce an invalid token error.
  152. Is it possible to Export an excel data sheet in to Arcmap Framework?
  153. How to fix if-elif-else syntax error?
  154. Can I import an excel file to Arcmap10 using Arcpy?
  155. Is there any way that i can sort a List like this?
  156. How to access a global object in another function?
  157. How to fix "Object not iterable" error?
  158. Why does if else statement always return if code even when failed?
  159. Is there any control in wx.python which is equivalent to FileUpload?
  160. Is E-Commerce on Zope a good idea?
  161. How to use python to write to a specific cell in a csv file?
  162. How to write and save image from data?
  163. How to correct attribute error?
  164. How to fix invalid syntax else error?
  165. How to write a program in python 2.6 that decodes DNA codons?
  166. How to fix "list index out of range" error?
  167. How to run a python program through a website?
  168. How to write data from a .txt file into an array?
  169. How to write an array to a file in python?
  170. How to Ignore \n when reading in strings?
  171. How to parse command line arguments separated by ':' instead of spacing?
  172. In both IDLE and command line, the print statement is not working. What do I need to
  173. How to "tail" a file using file objects ?
  174. How to execute a .exe file from with Python?
  175. Why doesn't py2exe work?
  176. How to collect data via wireless connection in python?
  177. Is there any module or method available to get the sun position?
  178. What is a good editor for Python coding with content assistance?
  179. How to convert string to date object?
  180. How to fix error "'NoneType' object has no attribute 'split'"?
  181. How to add "select all" and "select none" buttons to MultiChoiceDialog in wxPython?
  182. Not able to print the variable in which popen result of a remote m/c is stored.
  183. How to plot simple graph?
  184. How to set a cookie and then redirect using Python?
  185. How to fix syntax error message?
  186. How to connect to remote server using putty and display disks available in python?
  187. manipulating string question
  188. Python error: GC object already tracked
  189. How to plot graph?
  190. win32com and numpy
  191. There 's an invalid syntax error but i don't know what's wrong with it.
  192. How to append array:mass=2e30*N.ones((100,1)) to have 3 more bodies with mass 2e32?
  193. How to fix "not a directory" error when installing Python 2.7?
  194. How to solve the shared error problem in swig for ld -shared command ?
  195. How to compare 2 files and generate a list of matches, get value error?
  196. There is an indentation error that says expected an indented block
  197. How to insert data where it's missing?
  198. Req: Python 2.x incompatibility with MatPlotlab & SciTools
  199. problems using javaclass.classhook, HELP!
  200. How to loop to make many .csv files?
  201. How to modify font size when print out to screen?
  202. How to prompt the user for a directory location?
  203. I got runtime error R6002 while performing a python script (under python 2.7.1)
  204. Selenium Python Script Issue
  205. How to create an algorithm to evaluate a string?
  206. How to check value in a column?
  207. Req: Calculating Preferred Values ("E Series") for electronic components
  208. How to install PIL on Mac OS 10.5.8?
  209. How to count letters in a text file?
  210. question about multithread in python
  211. How to account for missing data when reading txt files?
  212. How to pass an argument to a javascript script tag in html from a python file?
  213. How to create progress bar?
  214. basic python question about lists and matrices
  215. How to launch another program from GUI button?
  216. How can I write (put) a character in a specific spot on a dos console?
  217. How to convert string with letters to float?
  218. Cannot run any multiprocessing script in PythonWin
  219. Tk, OSX, PYTHON application menu override
  220. What computer specs are nessessary to use python 3.1
  221. Double Click Python Script Launches CMD Window
  222. Average hourly rate for Python developers?
  223. automatic python variables
  224. PyGTk - Drawing onto an Image - not using deprecated functions what is best method?
  225. Keep getting MemoryError while calling copy.deepcopy()
  226. How to import win32com.client though it's installed?
  227. Paramiko and ftp upload
  228. In a dictionary, sum values if similar keys
  229. How do I rerun a progrom outside the shell?
  230. Is Python like C# in respect to chaining?
  231. Linked list questions
  232. Regex for replacing missing value period
  233. problem with mysql 'insert'; not working.
  234. Dict of dicts object to a graphical tree
  235. IDLE GUI in activepython 2.7 is not opening
  236. Why does my code to find primes stop working after prime 300?
  237. Get python to continue if process hangs
  238. Win32Com LDAP Enumerate Users
  239. How do I import a list or array from a text file, manipulate it, then output it?
  240. How to average column data in txt files?
  241. Help installing pywin32 - Can't find a version in Windows.h
  242. Tkinter : how to make an action before closing the window ?
  243. How do I save a series of strings to a text file?
  244. Web Development additions for Python
  245. Netbeans, Jython, mssql module
  246. Remote management software
  247. AttributeError while running ssh (from windows) paramiko need help
  248. How to install pycrypto mode in windows ?!
  249. How to save the video of user in server or other folder of mine?
  250. stuck with Pexpect script need help!!
  251. raw_input encoding diferent from code encoding problem
  252. need help with substring alignment
  253. how to read o/p of telenet (python) ?!
  254. how to Start a script on a remote machine through ssh with python?
  255. How to delete lines between two words from text file?
  256. os.path and manipulating the records within the list
  257. Keylogger in Python
  258. How to use Environment Variables to set location of file in Python?
  259. How to get rid of a character from a password
  260. How to down load web page with script(JAVA) in it?
  261. How do you simulate a dice roll in python?
  262. Compare elements in a matrix
  263. What is the the best and easiest way to remove elements from a list?
  264. Threading Or Multiprocessing???
  265. How to add data into exisitng Excel file at next open row?
  266. [Python] Read .txt file and analayze
  267. Search for 2 words in a file and print out all the lines between these 2 words
  268. How to create my own exception for brackets?
  269. Python circular linked list
  270. how do i fix load library (pythondll) failed?
  271. How to send negative value arguments for command line application?
  272. What is the fastest way to replace elements in list?
  273. Determine multiple indices within a list
  274. How to download web page using python code?
  275. package elementtree doesn't work
  276. how to display the process running on the machine into cmd prompt using pythonstaf
  277. can't assign to literal ERROR, looping through list
  278. Cannot import a Python module
  279. Need help with execfile()
  280. Why won't this write to an outfile?
  281. how do I sort a list of names?
  282. python print statement adds new line and 0
  283. fail to install FreeImagepy in windows 7 64bits
  284. Is there something similar to GOTO in python?
  285. How to write a program to decode a message?
  286. How to fix error: python cannot open cross compiled shared object file?
  287. image download problem (python)
  288. Split words and creating new files with different names
  289. Using classes-TypeError: Unbound must be called as body instance...
  290. PECL python installation problem
  291. Function to determinate whether a number is prime or not
  292. How to break down a python list
  293. How to divide file into separate lists?
  294. Reading data from a txt file and making a graph with the given data
  295. How do I use png files that have a transparent bg in a wx.bitmapbutton control?
  296. Req: Error Trapping / Data Validation
  297. How to run an EXE with input arg, capture output?
  298. help with tkinter/sql global error.
  299. How to get the number of A's in each column?
  300. How do I add a code in so it will put out a Tip Amount on a Bill??
  301. Parsing tag names and values from XML files
  302. How do I strip a new line?
  303. How to work with sets and dicts in Python?
  304. opening a file on a remote host
  305. TypeError: 'file' object is not subscriptable python
  306. Sqlite3 trouble
  307. Multiple conditions in a single IF
  308. How do i work with infiles and outfiles
  309. How to get a value from another python script
  310. IndentationError: expected an indented block
  311. using tkinter from the command prompt window
  312. Create variable for each iteration of a for loop
  313. How reliable is Python and is python safe based on security
  314. Using python code in command line with arguments
  315. How do I make a wx.BitmapButton outside transparent or use my png's alpha?
  316. How to read data from a closed file and use that data?
  317. Combined event handling on Tkinkter
  318. How to copy files named with unicode characters?
  319. How to call a function within a class from another class
  320. How to create different application windows in Tkinter?
  321. Print column numbers that are 100% conserved
  322. help making a tk/msql user login
  323. Easier method to reverse a given pattern?
  324. how to genarate a Linux password
  325. NameError: x
  326. Python Editor Shortcut
  327. How to encrypt data input into fields?
  328. Python overwrites list while changing a copy. How can I keep the original list stored
  329. How to make Python identify GUI buttons by their label
  330. how can i shorten this program??
  331. How to create a sum?
  332. How to list the ip address of the computers connected to my computer
  333. Why am I getting a syntax error
  334. name error global name 'x' is not
  335. How to use .split
  336. Creating a menu based program based on a list
  337. I'm having trouble with a very simple while loop in 1 program, but not another.
  338. How can I determine the closest point to a given latitude or longitude?
  339. How to fix error: SyntaxError: invalid syntax
  340. How do I split a text file without stripping the character I'm splitting at?
  341. How to add " | " to a mutliplication table?
  342. help combining tkinter & mysql
  343. How to remove words from text file?
  344. Function raw_input usage
  345. "extern variable" in PYTHON:
  346. Can not get struct to read the entire binary file.
  347. How to create a pension calculator?
  348. How to replace an attribute with empty string using regex?
  349. How to setup a gene blast
  350. How to fix: "expected indented block" error
  351. How to split a text to words and then filter it in Python?
  352. How to read the text from file and check for repeated words
  353. How to seperate a list and have it continue onto a different line?
  354. Undefined symbol errors upon import of an extension I made.
  355. How do I get the ASCII values for a word
  356. Printing each item of a list on a separate line?
  357. How to create a dictionary from a sentence
  358. Split a date string on a variable character
  359. How to compare two txt files to see if they are the same?
  360. How to do real time plotting in python
  361. How to keep ado.AddNew() from causing a select *
  362. How to limit the amount of inputs(guesses)
  363. How to change part of a variable (string)?
  364. Video capture works with 1 and 2 web cam but not with 3
  365. how can i search xml file by user input string using DOM in Python ?
  366. Given a string how do you create a list containing sublists?
  367. Creating a list of Exponents
  368. How do I convert the sequential day of the year to a date?
  369. How to make a language dictionary in python?
  370. In str.replace(old, new[, count],what is the use of count?,how to use count
  371. Help on simple input output thing in python.
  372. Is there any way in which the execution of python statements can be made out of order
  373. How to access the middle value of a list separated by commas
  374. How to translate matlab to python
  375. wx.ProgressDialog is not returning a Tuple
  376. Parsing attributes from adf.txt files
  377. A request is sent over,param) but the param hasnt reached the server
  378. How to use a for loop to print a list of salespeople with their individual sales
  379. How do I execute another program within a python program?
  380. How do you do binary addition on python?
  381. Please help me translate matlab to python
  382. How to check if a string is equal to a string in a list
  383. Can't find urllib2 or urlretrieve in Pythin 3.1.2
  384. Writting a function
  385. How to separate data into individual columns.
  386. How to loop through previous lines
  387. How to print from a csv file
  388. how to get the column index of m-n dimensional array/list?
  389. Problems in Decimal Package
  390. Plotting problem in python
  391. does Popen.communicate() close all parent-side file descriptors?
  392. motion-notify with DrawingArea response problem.
  393. run another *.py under a python script
  394. Parsing tab separated .txt files with common and distinct attributes
  395. Error message: scons: warning: Ignoring missing SConscript
  396. Why do i get a syntax error when i try to run this code?
  397. Print python code for \t escape character?
  398. Why am I getting this error?
  399. Concerning pyXLWirter: Is it possible to make comment boxes autosize ?
  400. python vlc bindings - is unable to open a file.
  401. How do I make tkinter text entry to all uppercase?
  402. Help working Beautifulsoup into Python script
  403. How to create a dictionary using 2 lists?
  404. How to Real time plotting using matplotlib
  405. I have an HP laptop and at startup I get this code which i don't understan.
  406. Should I go with web apps or other languages?
  407. how to display text entered in a textbox?
  408. pySerial getting writeTimeout when sending an sms
  409. How to find on which platform is a remote machine running using python code
  410. Array/List: how to find in which column the minimum value is?
  411. SyntaxError: invalid syntax
  412. Increment of array/list element
  413. ImportError: cannot open shared object file: Permission denied
  414. Using other .py scipts within a script?
  415. How to select an item in a comboBox?
  416. removing a letter from a sentence
  417. How to use findall to find keywords in file
  418. How do you add an entry into a 'raw_input' string?
  419. How to get image height using Python
  420. Tkinter button placement help
  421. Loop of a text file showing first 20 lines?
  422. how do i install the turtle module on python?
  423. I am getting error message displayed when I try to write to/read from an excel file
  424. Get an error message when launching Idle to use python? What to do?
  425. how to create an unlimited size array in python?
  426. How can I get python to enumarate through an array instead of through a string
  427. Post method in python
  428. how to extract data from Pmw EntryField to usable variables to be passed to a script
  429. Can't run python from CMD window in Windows XP
  430. How to get an approx sum of an infinite series in python.
  431. derivative of Newton-raphson
  432. werid python troubles...
  433. How to listen to serial port
  434. How to return a matrix of checkbox from client to server side?
  435. How to run a Python script.
  436. Example usage of subprocess()
  437. calling different python scripts from a main script
  438. How to launch cmd window, and excute command within the cmd window with Python script
  439. TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects
  440. Subtract value from column
  441. Ignoring similar entries in a column of many rows
  442. Req: ? Python command to append data to file
  443. How to get the program to quit after user enters 12 or more credits.
  444. How to access only the key at the 0th or 1st position of the dictionary in python
  445. How to remove directory from file name
  446. RS232 data transfers OK with Hyperterminal, but not with PySerial
  447. How do I isolate individual digits of numbers in python?
  448. Complement to DNA in output
  449. What is the largest range for a 2-D list?
  450. Getting a certain output from a file
  451. How to round up/down integer number?
  452. How do i Clone an object?
  453. dealing with datetime while parsing a csv
  454. Excel(xlsm) to PDF conversion failing,error "Save as method of Wroksheet class failed
  455. Extracting XML Tag Names
  456. how to control other application from python
  457. How to pass variable between forms?
  458. Using an accumulator instead of exponential(**) in python.
  459. Suggestions for a GUI data base
  460. How can time be compared
  461. cx_Oracle and python to get query results as XML?
  462. how to read a wav file and store it in a numpy array using scipy?
  463. How do you convert a hex representation into a string?
  464. Yet another UnicodeDecodeError problem
  465. How do you read up to a specific character in a line of text?
  466. alternative for pexpect for windows platform
  467. How do I covert height from Feet (ex: 5'8") to inches in a BMI Calculator?
  468. Determine if a number is divisble by 2
  469. System.DivideByZeroException, What does this error means?"
  470. Function to take input as string, input parameter to function
  471. What is the CK variable in OWA/Exchange messages
  472. problem with two-dimensional list/array
  473. 2 GUI Windows in Tkinter
  474. pyang chokes on UnboundLocalError
  475. how do i write to files and open with notepad?
  476. switch back and forth from root to a user
  477. mmap on a 0-sized file in /proc
  478. COnverting integer hex format into strings
  479. Whenever I try to run a program it tells me that it is not a valid win 32 program
  480. TkInter displays extra windows after winfo is called.
  481. Game won't Save
  482. python os.popen, os.system, subprocess.popen,
  483. How do I import nltk in python?
  484. How to hyperlink a variable
  485. cx_Oracle.DatabaseError: ORA-24315: illegal attribute type
  486. Help with creating Python Session Files
  487. My game has an error
  488. Is there any preprocessor step available in Python?
  489. Python help making vectors!
  490. Reading content of file into variable and splitting into an array
  491. Error - list index out of range
  492. how to select a radio button in python?
  493. Python code in Abaqus 6.9 always crashes after one hour.
  494. sending pickled dictionary over a socket
  495. Selecting from MySQL then making the correct loop in python
  496. Average of numbers defined by user
  497. String, variable ?
  498. Problems using ZSI libraries (wsdl2py) and Python
  499. How can I schedule a task to run every 10 seconds in Python?
  500. Matplotlib is not installed on fedora12
  501. COM MX Session Instance to XML?
  502. Constrained optimization of cubic polynomial
  503. update of elements in GUI (TKinter)
  504. Can I get help importing an excel document into mysql using python please?
  505. Python - Per pixel alpha - UpdateLayeredWindow
  506. How do I check if win32com is working?
  507. "object is unsubscriptable" What does it means?
  508. Large lists in python
  509. cancellable timed loop
  510. how to add each element of list by 1?
  511. Python DLL load failed
  512. How to append a varaible value depending upon how it comes in sql columns
  513. How to convert python script to the text?
  514. I need help to write a small program using python programming language
  515. I am having a problem with shelve......
  516. Python to csharp conversion of OSM parsing
  517. how to release memory?
  518. Writing into a csv file
  519. SDS/2 custom member
  520. After PyRun_File the Thread stops
  521. best way to match values in two tables...
  522. Why am I getting a 'KeyError: 0' error?
  523. problem loading DLL
  524. Linking certain filenames in a directory and a dictonary?
  525. Any idea why Tkinter scrollbar scrolls but contents on canvas didn't move together?
  526. Passing a socket to another process under Windows
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