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  1. pylint style convention
  2. IRC bot problem
  3. sys.ps1 with formatting (linux)
  4. code indentation
  5. inet_addr() in Python
  6. link between python and the windows command prompt
  7. Where do they tech Python officialy ?
  8. Reading data from an ISA port
  9. How Can Connect Mysql Database From Server
  10. Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Jul 23)
  11. Need Help with base64
  12. set_proxy in urllib2 is driving my crazy
  13. install twill in python under windows
  14. Get file owner in Windows
  15. Catching a key press
  16. wgetting the crawled links only
  17. Configure apache to run python scripts
  18. Python in Command Prompt?
  19. Re-running unittest
  20. Where is the collections module?
  21. Compiling PythonD using DJGPP
  22. URL parsing for the hard cases
  23. split on NO-BREAK SPACE
  24. Advice on sending images to clients over network
  25. Sort lines in a text file
  26. simpleJSON pack binary data
  27. [2.5] Regex doesn't support MULTILINE?
  28. UnicodeDecodeError
  29. pyodbc on linux
  30. urllib and urlleb2 modules in Python
  31. Python Packet Filter - Pcapy?
  32. problem with exec
  33. process..SOS
  34. h grup
  35. Spam filter?
  36. Permutations with generators
  37. Python in Nashville
  38. converting 64-bit fixed-point to float
  39. Sorting dict keys
  40. Pythonic way for missing dict keys
  41. path error
  42. Weird errors when trying to access a dictionary key
  43. Python MAPI
  44. Images in Tkinter
  45. NTLM APS python version 0.98
  46. Need Help
  47. Need Help
  48. code packaging
  49. read multi files from a folder and creat a new one
  50. Array into a TXT file without [[ ]]
  51. Monitoring/intercepting http traffic for a particular site
  52. getting source for a .pyc file
  53. Using eggs or py2exe to distribute apps
  54. how to use the form submit..
  55. subprocess (spawned by os.system) inherits open TCP/UDP/IP port
  56. 404 whenever i try to access wikipedia via python
  57. [2.5] Script to POST to web page with cookies?
  58. Download several files at once using FTP
  59. Converting between objects
  60. Pure Python equivalent of unix "file" command?
  61. Python version changes, sys.executable does not
  62. Itertools question: how to call a function n times?
  63. A way to re-organize a list
  64. search and replace
  65. edit a text file with Python.
  66. UDP broadcast over a specific interface
  67. i18n
  68. Direct Client -Sr.Software Engineer Python-San Jose CA -Locals only
  69. Python related activities at OSCon 2007 next week
  70. A new Classifieds Website has been Launched.
  71. CSV Issues
  72. odbc module for python
  73. Interprocess communication woes
  74. Issue with CSV
  75. Interprocess communication
  76. Python BlackJack
  77. Running Python with XAMPP
  78. Question about how to use cog as a preprocessor :-(
  79. Exiting from python shell
  80. type conversions for comparison operators
  81. for loop vs while loop question.
  82. wxPython, searching, and threads
  83. Deleting files and folders used by other processes on Windows
  84. "The basics" difficulties
  85. help with create menu in wxpython
  86. Export ArcMap tables to csv
  87. wxPython, searching, and threads
  88. Property Descriptor - Public Getter, Private Setter
  89. Mouse/keyboard watcher?
  90. Charlotte Python Group
  91. best SOAP module
  92. New guy question - user form
  93. XL-RPC Recipe
  94. XRange
  95. Compatibility of python2.5 with pytohn2.3
  96. Real-time Update
  97. Invoking dialog box on file selection
  98. Posted messages not appearing in this group
  99. Open HTML file in IE
  100. dejagnu equivalent
  101. Summing into a Dictionary
  102. wxPython and threads
  103. wxPython, threads, and search engine
  104. accessing javascript variables within psp code
  105. Re-developing the Application using Python is slower
  106. A new Classifieds Website has been Launched.
  107. Lookup encoding aliases in Python 2.4
  108. Single-stepping through a python script
  109. really small values
  110. sqlite tuples
  111. PDF2ODT
  112. Design question regarding exceptions.
  113. Interpreting non-ascii characters.
  114. directpython simple texture
  115. Deleting files and folders used by other processes on Windows
  116. install python to custom prefix with custom library directories
  117. merge two ranges
  118. Relative Imports
  119. merge two ranges
  120. Function Names on a function call
  121. building static python with Numeric
  122. chmod directories recursively
  123. a=0100; print a ; 64 how to reverse this?
  124. Paste a image into another
  125. Programming Jokes
  126. Is it possible to run two "while 1:" loops in two threadings respectively?
  127. how to compile python to have gtk and Tkinter modules in Linux environment.
  128. how to compile python to have gtk and Tkinter modules in Linux environment.
  129. Using API Calls
  130. In a dynamic language, why % operator asks user for type info?
  131. "term not defined" or "invalid syntax"
  132. how to find available classes in a file ?
  133. Break up list into groups
  134. How to organize control access to source code ?
  135. sqlite3 db update extremely slow
  136. Bug with make altinstall ?
  137. Binary blobs to jpeg
  138. testing with problem
  139. My function to recursively list all files in directory tree..
  140. shutil.copyfile problem for GIS data
  141. Discover instance variables
  142. Best method for inter process communications
  143. how to read python-doc in ubuntu?
  144. win32com ppt saveas, not allowing spaces?
  145. Private functions and inheritance
  146. Embedding/Extending Python in/with C++: non-static members?
  147. Trouble with email package
  148. [Pmw] Showing a Dialog to while main window in working
  149. BeautifulSoup prettify help
  150. questions about functions inside a function
  151. Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Jul 16)
  152. Compiling python2.5 on IBM AIX
  153. how good does PyGTK work on windows?
  154. running a Delphi part from Python ?
  155. reading an xml file
  156. embedded python in dll with C
  157. Fetching a clean copy of a changing web page
  158. determining the source code and module based on the class
  159. How to determine which method was used in an inheritance heirarchy?
  160. Accessing Python variables in an extension module
  161. Simple question on Python augumented assignment operators
  162. ascii codex, ordinal not in range(128)
  163. Making Forms
  164. Python and Tkinter Primer/Tutorial?
  165. building directpython application with py2exe
  166. Python For WinCE, Tkinter bug??
  167. zipfile 2GB problems?
  168. Importing other scripts?
  169. CSV without first line?
  170. Marshalling big objects
  171. Access Denied while trying to delete file from python script
  172. TurboGears on Summer Madness
  173. installation problems on mac powerpc
  174. Some problem installing pygame
  175. Can I change one line in a file without rewriting the whole thing?
  176. Python Subprocess module
  177. help reading cookie values
  178. hidden files
  179. Pass by reference or by value?
  180. NoneType object not iterable
  181. CTypes FAQs - buffer memmove offsetof uchar ((void *) -1) etc.
  182. renaming an open file in nt like unix?
  183. how to implementation latent semantic indexing in python..
  184. Reading Python code from text files
  185. Can a low-level programmer learn OOP?
  186. Dictionary comparison?
  187. permission denied in shutil.copyfile
  188. i want to scrap some data from some sites
  189. scripts into wxPython
  190. pytz giving incorrect offset and timezone
  191. recursiveness using bool...
  192. how to call bluebit...
  193. looping through a big file containing a set of files.
  194. how to install pygame package?
  195. deleting the spaces in a line while reading a text file
  196. Most efficient way to evaluate the contents of a variable.
  197. How to get a list of properties for an event object in wxPython?
  198. access to the namespace of a function from within its invocation
  199. Crunchy release 0.9.1
  200. Getting values out of a CSV
  201. Circular import problem
  202. Client-side cookies on Python in Mac OSX
  203. Understanding python functions - Instant Python tutorial
  204. diferent answers with isalpha()
  205. Fastest way to convert a byte of integer into a list
  206. Function parameter type safety?
  207. New guy help with setup
  208. How to create new files?
  209. wx.App console window [Windows]
  210. Best way to add values from keys
  211. inspite of proper package structure, no module named xyz error.
  212. Class decorators do not inherit properly
  213. Creating an RPG
  214. Creating a save function
  215. Beginner's Help
  216. Lists in classes
  217. variable naming query
  218. Samodzielny program pod linuksem
  219. pytz giving incorrect offset and timezone
  220. web page text extractor
  221. how to insert a string into a string of random letters in a for loop
  222. How to integrate Python 2.5 with the JNI used Jpype?
  223. Running Python in Browser
  225. Anonymous Classes
  226. socket programming related.
  227. testing scapy installation
  228. interactive graphical script builder
  229. Where does str class represent its data?
  230. Accessing OpenLink ODBC driver
  231. atexit, sys.exit, sys.exitfunc, reaching end of source code
  232. Direct Client - Sr.Soft Engineer-Python and Linux
  233. Direct Client - Sr.Soft Engineer-Python and Linux
  234. lists and dictionaries
  235. deleting system files
  236. Encode Bytes
  237. Tuple vs List: Whats the difference?
  238. condor_compiled python interpreter
  239. Problem with Python's "robots.txt" file parser in module robotparser
  240. wxPython vs. Tkinter event loops
  241. Screen Scraping Question
  242. How to get and show the first frame of a *.mov file
  243. Visualizing a wav file?
  244. nested functions in python
  245. Changing font style/size for overall wx.python GUI look
  246. pattern match !
  247. bools in python
  248. PyCon Organizers' Meeting
  249. Simple search and Display system, no need for db?
  250. spin button problem
  251. concatenate file-like objects -> file-like object
  252. profiling a C++ python extension
  253. os.wait() losing child?
  254. storing pickles in sql data base
  255. SafeConfigParser can set unsafe values
  256. Python and MSSQL connectivity
  257. synchronize audio and video captured using VideoCapture
  258. Abort trap - Fatal Python error: GC object already tracked
  259. bool behavior in Python 3000?
  260. Need Help
  261. How to check if file is in use?
  262. Trouble with strptime
  263. Getting the arrow keys to work properly in Python
  264. stripping the first byte from a binary file
  265. Your message to Pyro-users awaits moderator approval
  266. Can I Redirect debug output from HTTPConnection to a file?
  267. Get a filename list of a web site
  268. A couple of questions on OGL
  269. 2**2**2**2**2 wrong? Bug?
  270. Should I use Python for these programs?
  271. Pythonic cats (and dogs?)
  272. Weighted randomness
  273. path backslash escaping trouble
  274. highly einteractive editor for python
  275. Passing a CookieJar instead of a cookieproc to urllib2.build_opener
  276. Purpose of delayload in cookielib.FileCookieJar?
  277. New release: Crunchy 0.9
  278. Error when trying to write unicode xml to zipfile
  279. PSP crashes when my python program
  280. Choosing Tkinter over wxPython...
  281. PyXML not installing?
  282. dealing with nested xml within nested xml within......
  283. Distributing python apps
  284. Comparing modified elements in Sets
  285. ImportError: MemoryLoadLibrary failed loading
  286. Class file location
  287. Python ghost compile
  288. Python ghost compile
  289. Calculate access time to a wireless device
  290. execute script in certain directory
  291. no python install
  292. compressing consecutive spaces
  293. catching empty strings (I guess that's what they are)
  294. patching pylint.el
  295. TypeError: can't multiply sequence to non-int
  296. Per thread data
  297. Looking for a Scholarship for your studies?)
  298. wx DatePicker (set blank values)
  299. trouble controlling vim with subprocess on windows machine
  300. Decorating instance methods
  301. How to override PyGridTableBase.SetColLabelValue()?
  302. How to Machine A python script execute Machine B python script?
  303. Tool for finding external dependencies
  304. Is there a way to program a robot with python (ex, an electric motor, control it's speed, etc)
  305. Is there a way to program a robot with python (ex, an electric motor)
  306. What is the most efficient way to test for False in a list?
  307. "Empty" text
  308. passing an int/float via f.write()
  309. In search of python idiom for accessing arbitrary fields at run time
  310. accessing an object instance by only having one of its attribute values
  311. python extra
  312. Learning Basics
  313. Validating XML in Windows
  314. socket.makefile() buggy?
  315. When is a directly used file object closed?
  316. optparse commandline
  317. timestamp
  318. httplib module
  319. Tests for Python Database API
  320. Phoenix, AZ PIGgie (User Group)?
  321. Timing a python program run
  322. Creating logged functions using decorators
  323. Pretty Printing Like Tidy for HTML
  324. __unicode__ method for exception object
  325. problem with pickle
  326. Unicode problem
  327. FreeBSD/Linux X11 determine which window manager is active
  328. socket: connection reset by server before client gets response
  329. having problems in changing directories doing ftp in python
  330. Empty string namespace on XP in minidom
  331. Combining two lists [python union operators]
  332. Repeating Thread Error
  333. Making windows login accessible to physically disabled
  334. ImportError: "No Module named xxx"
  335. How would I write this C code in Python?
  336. file reading anomaly
  337. Maria Sharapova Angelina joli
  338. how to insert a new line at the end of a file (logfile)
  339. Learn Oracle Database Administration in 10 Minutes
  340. Auto-response for your message to the "marketing-python" mailing list
  341. Writing a read only attribute
  342. import
  343. Writing a read only attribute
  344. VB frontend to Python COM backend
  345. urllib to cache 301 redirections?
  346. Interfacing python program to C++ program instance
  347. Question about Making a Diskless Python Enviroment
  348. A different debugger
  349. None returned?
  350. Htmllib help
  351. Embedded For Loop With No Data
  352. XQuery module for Python
  353. Extracting arbitrary amounts of data from a dictionary.
  354. Callback scoping
  355. SMTP server w/o using Twisted framework
  356. deliberate versus os socket timeout
  357. Re-raising exceptions with modified message
  358. IOError: file() constructor not accessible in restricted mode
  359. Chat programs
  360. WebPage Using Python
  361. (EMBEDDING) Can't get python error message
  362. how to access the individual elements of a matrix in python
  363. Get the latest wxPython release
  364. Python daemon in Linux
  365. wxpython: handling URL event
  366. WXPYTHON push button call a frame
  367. Problem with building extension in Python
  368. ['a', 'b'][True] results 'b' But how?
  369. flash parsing
  370. extracting lists from a sequence
  371. IDEs for COM scripting: C# v. Python v. Iron Python v. JPython
  372. debug(read source code and test) pypy in pydev
  373. need a variation algorithm for Lists in Dictionaries
  374. PyRun_String using my module in a def
  375. MethodType/FunctionType and decorators
  376. deleated bios?
  377. AIML, Python, Java
  378. Find This Module
  379. ReSTedit ported to Linux?
  380. Does Python work with QuickBooks SDK?
  381. Application window has to be closed for every application execution
  382. reading email using django
  383. [mostly OT] mod_python & doc file system layout
  384. Proposal: s1.intersects(s2)
  385. CGI vs WSGI
  386. using subprocess for non-terminating command
  387. issues with htmlparser.getpos
  388. Cutting in a circle/ellipse (PIL)
  389. windows cetificates
  390. ignoring a part of returned tuples
  391. Questions about input lines (maximum length and continuation)
  392. UTF-8 Support of Curses in Python 2.5
  393. ActivePython
  394. How can i change an Object type ?
  395. Plugging a pseudo-memory leak
  396. converting datetime object in UTC to local time
  397. Ask for a password with OptParse
  398. Restarting a Python Application
  399. Help building GUI with Tix
  400. python app to emulate terminal to dialup bulletin board
  401. PyObjC and Xcode
  402. wxPython Cannot convert from the charset 'latin-1'
  403. Matplotlib twinx with wx
  404. error return without exception set
  405. allow scripts to use .pth files?
  406. Fwd: Infotech Enterprises Limited
  407. MySQL -->Python-->XML for JSviz
  408. mysteries of urllib/urllib2
  409. connecting to serial port + python
  410. what is wrong with that r"\"
  411. communicating with Nokia 6610
  412. Debugging "broken pipe" (in telnetlib)
  413. Architecture of python
  414. Freeze and problem with shared libraries
  415. 15 Exercises to Know A Programming Language
  416. Python 2.5 from source without tcl/tk
  417. try/finally in threads
  418. The file executing
  419. How to change directorys inside a python script/batch file (DOS)
  420. How to FTP a ASCII file
  421. asyncore/asynchat IRC client
  422. Correct abstraction for TK
  423. Python's logical operators "sort circuit" execute
  424. subprocess -- broken pipe error
  425. need help with win32com
  426. wxPython: self.Bind vs. self.button.Bind
  427. Reading stdout and stderr of an external program
  428. unify els database
  429. Interest in a one-day business conference for Python, Zope and Plonecompanies ?
  430. python svn pre-commit hook
  431. freeze: standard modules unknown
  432. Passing Data from PHP to python script
  433. Bug in Python class static variable?
  434. Fatal python error: can't initialise module trayicon
  435. xmpppy & gtalk
  436. Probably simple syntax error
  437. 0.2.5: Patch to solve the 401 issue
  438. Gmail without TLS
  439. Tiny/small/minimalist Python?
  440. what is the PythonWin
  441. pos to blepeis
  442. ctype and functions that return a pointer to a structure
  443. The best platform and editor for Python
  444. How does py2exe work?
  445. eGenix Partner Network (Pre-Announcement)
  446. how to send files via bluetooth with python to a mobile
  447. How to make a window always-on-top?
  448. os.path.isfile()
  449. howto resend args and kwargs to other func?
  450. unicode
  451. How to uninstall packages
  452. Problem with PEXPECT in Python
  453. Python + Google Calendar API issue
  454. trouble with sqlite under debian etch
  455. linecache and comparison with input
  456. shelve crashing under Win ME
  457. Passing Tuples to Methods?
  458. 3d python imaging tool?
  459. Python/C API sig - New Mailing List
  460. overriding base class
  461. Building a Python app with Mozilla
  462. How do I remotely access Scheduled Tasks from Windows XP to Windows Server 2003?
  463. ANNOUNCE: Exscript 0.9 (Initial Release)
  464. appending file
  465. Voluntary Abstract Base Classes
  466. How to close a program I execute with subprocess.Popen?
  467. What happens to a thread with an unhandled exception?
  468. How to print raw string data from a variable
  469. It is not possible to create a recursive function over a pyGTK treeStore
  470. if - Jython - Windows
  471. Python & MySQL problem with input to table..!
  472. Locking tables with SQLAlchemy
  473. keyboard and mouse event
  474. using proxy settings
  475. Python & cgi on win98--tinyweb problems, etc
  476. error: initializer element is not constant in demobox.c GTK
  477. HTML Page Rendering Support in WxPython Frame
  478. exception from a thread
  479. Need Help Moving Numbers, Getline command failing
  480. writing files in python
  481. Vista 64 + Python2.5 + wxpython 28 issue
  482. try/except/else/finally problem
  483. Memory leak in PyQt application
  484. noob question How do I run a Python script.
  485. Excuse me!!
  486. Segfault due to threads created by external modules
  487. using urllib, urllib2 ,mechanize to access password protected site
  488. list.remove() inside for item in aList:
  489. Can IronPython work as Windows Scripting Host (WSH) language?
  490. urllib2 : https and proxy
  491. list control
  492. Tkinter pack_forget() and destroy()
  493. nested list comprehension and if clauses
  494. Help Summing Rows and Columns In A Matrix
  495. How can I 'compound' streams?
  496. glob.glob standardization
  497. Passing variables between functions
  498. log caller
  499. listing the type of an object
  500. Searching for more than one word in multiple files
  501. Capturing stdout from a class method
  502. Reversing a string
  503. 16bit hash
  504. sort pygtk gtktreeview column containing dates
  505. Parsing text in Python
  506. Getting importError: No module named _md5
  507. Organizing Python Representation at OSCON 2007
  508. Too many 'self' in python.That's a big flaw in this language.
  509. Rappresenting infinite
  510. import using massive amounts of memory
  511. Searching for Python Talent !!
  512. String formatting for complex writing systems
  513. Set builtin lookups
  514. PyKQueue
  515. p & br using ElementTree?
  516. guidance needed: best practice for script packaging
  517. Can Readlines() go to next line after a Tab
  518. subprocess.Popen() problem
  519. ironpython exception line number
  520. problem mixing gettext and properties
  521. Return name of caller function?
  522. popen and a long running process in a wx.python application
  523. Help needed with translating perl to python
  524. logging anomaly
  525. Leo 4.4.3 final released
  526. _hashlib portability issue
  527. Change Geany Syntax Highlighting
  528. copy.deepcopy( ) vs copy.copy( )
  529. Reading Binary Image Data
  530. text-mode tree viewer?
  531. Dispatching a method using PyobjC Selectors/Methods
  532. csv reader
  533. Mirror Urls
  534. Python Info.
  535. can't start Apache on Mac OS X--no listening sockets available?
  536. Looking for an interpreter that does not request internet access
  537. distutils/setuptools de-installation?
  538. simplifying algebraic expressions
  539. Face Recognition
  540. Python string.endcode not replacing/ignoreing 0x8
  541. Loops and Lists problem
  542. Output XML buffer?
  543. Creating a database browing window
  544. Python SVN down?
  545. Why is my standalone wxPython program closing when it starts up?
  546. Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (Jun 25)
  547. How to change default behavior
  548. Iterator problem - 'Decimal' object is unindexable
  549. listing all property variables of a class instance
  550. Talks & presentations online